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The night was cold and windy. Zeus waited in an old temple. In came Zool and the rest of Ancient Ones . "Why have you summoned us here brother?" said Xavian. "You see my brothers, the Roman Empire has gained great strength" said Zeus. Xavian spoke softly "Are you bragging how powerful your subjects have become?" Diriam laughed at Xavian's statements. Zeus floated towards a podium in the temple and the other Ancient Ones followed. On the podium an image appeared. The Earth appeared as if it were hell and a shadowy figure was in the background.

"Is that the Betrayer?!" said Yen, Tin, and Cie. "What do you think?" said Zeus. There was silence for a few minutes; the fear of the Ancient Ones was so strong it could be felt. "Is this what is to come Zeus?" said Zool in a voice devoid of emotion. "Luckily, yes. This was Athena's vision of what is to come" said Zeus. "How do we stop this, Zeus?!" asked Yen, Tin, and Cie. "We destroy the Roman empire..." whispered Zeus.

The tension rose between the brothers. Xavian threw his fist onto the table "How can we make sure your whore daughter's vision is true?!" "How dare you call my favorite daughter a-" Zeus yelled. "Stop brothers!!" yelled Diriam. The anger can be seen in the eyes of Zeus. "Let's just calm down, brothers" said Diriam. "Sorry Zeus, I just can not believe that He could return" Xavian said apologetically.

"So the Roman people will bring the Betrayer back to Earth?" asked Zool. "That is what the vision makes me believe" said Zeus. A lightning strike could be heard in the background. "Genocide of a whole civilization is a horrible act Zeus" said Zool. "But, is it worth the countless that will die because of Roman's actions?" said Zeus. "The end justifies the means...." muttered Xavian. "So we put this to a vote?" asked Yen, Tin, and Cie.

"All in favor of the destruction of the Roman empire say I" said Zeus. All of the Ancient Ones agreed. Despite it being an immoral deed, it would be better than Him returning. "So what shall we do?" asked Zeus. "There is a warrior named Attila the Hun, we shall mystically guide him to the Roman empire and help him destroy the kingdom" said Zool. "What if Attila continues his bloodshed elsewhere?" asked Yen, Tin, and Cie. "We shall have him die after the empires fall, by a bloody nose" answered Zool. "Meeting adjourned" said Zeus.

Present day: Zool appeared in the temple and looked around at the old relic. He placed some flowers in the middle of the ruin. He walked away and slowly, while muttering "The end justifies the means....."