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“Let my dad help you!” the little blond screamed tugging at her leg. “Listen, your dad has no idea what’s going on with you” she responded, running her hands through the child’s golden locks. “He couldn’t possibly tell you how you managed to create me” The older Maya walked to the edge of the window sill slowly lifting.

“Well then talk to Jean, or Alexandra; they can help you, but you can’t keep leaving out the window…one night someone will see you!” little Maya warned, now a resident of the Hellfire Academy.

“I keep telling you, no one can read your mind unless you allow them too…its immunity” she said, getting ready to take off. “Alexandra is a nice lady…she can help us.” She didn’t reply she simply shot off into the air clearing the school without anyone so much as glancing at her.

Her goldenrod hair wavered in her own sonic boom; “She’s so young, no one will ever be able to understand what we go through” she said, to herself getting lost in Maya’s latent thoughts. As the city begin to cut through the cumulonimbus clouds; she descended towards the river.

The water broke away as she sped over it; her mind being plagued by thoughts of an overlord taking over her home world. “I was so young…” she said, having a flashback of her mother fleeing the authorities.

“LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOK OUTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!” Someone screamed, snapping the blonde from her vision. “Jesus!” she screamed, slamming face first into an 18 wheeler and resurfacing through the trailer.

Hitting the ground hard, she rolled to a stop before rising to a single knee. Wincing in pain, she glanced around the area to see all types of eyes on her. A brave news reporter rushed to her side, sticking the microphone in front of her face; Maya jerked her head back a bit surprised.

“Excuse me Sha, did you arrive to help the mayor?” the small framed woman asked, once again giving her the microphone.

“Wait...Sha? I haven’t actually thought of a…” she tilted her head to the huge jumbo-tron around them; all of them called her Sha.

“…sha’s fine I guess”

She whispered somewhat disappointed. “What the mayor needs my help?” she backtracked. “Yes he summoned you this morning, but this is the first we’ve seen of you all night” the woman said, again shifting the microphone on her face.

“I didn’t know, I guess I should get on that” without warning Maya’s shot up into the air, sending a fury of wind and debris spiraling in the aftermath.

“Hey! You’re going the wrong way!” she screamed.

“Crap…” she said, making a swift U-turn before heading the opposite way. Guliani hadn’t been the biggest fan of hers since her debut, but what she was doing in Hell’s Kitchen was impressive.

Landing on the balcony of his home, she folded her hands, after knocking on the door. “Oh you finally decided to show up…” he said, gesturing for her to come in.

The young teen walked in to see the mayor’s assistant holding something that made her head hurt. Slowly clutching her head, she tried her best to suppress a latent memory; one that even her mind had forgotten.

“This device, will take you far away from here; I pray that one day we will meet again my daughter”

“Are you ok…” he asked, jarring her from her vision. “?My daughter was sucked into some type of wormhole” he said, pressing a button.

A huge hole opened and a forceful wind pushed through the building knocking various items on the floor. “It’s a wormhole generator…it’s actually mine” Maya said, taking the device in hand. “It seems the coordinates have been changed.”

She explained, looking back at both the mayor and his wife; she couldn’t figure out what all this had to do with her.

“I hope you don’t expect me to go through this wormhole looking for a child…lost IN SPACE” her eyebrow instinctively rose, she knew this was exactly what they were asking. “The reward would be substantial, besides you wouldn’t be going alone” He said, pressing the button making the portal appear.

“Who else is going with me?” she asked, picking up the movement of another person in the vicinity.

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"SPACE!?" The teenage hero blurted out, her eyes widen as if terrified of what was just told to her.

"Yes, space, you know, outer-space." The hero's mentor, Heather, sat behind her desk as Zoe stood jaw dropped on the other side.

"But... I can't BREATH in space!" Stating the obvious the hero looked around, almost terrified of her next mission. "What if my face get's sucked inside out!"

"Zoe, calm down, I've made an altered suit for you, which is basically like your ... original, only for space."

The blond hero had a worried look on her face, she had never been to space before... nor did she ever want to. "Why do I have to go?"

"The mayor of New York specifically asked for you. I don't know why... but apparently he thinks you and another girl can get the job done."

Arching her brow she show curiosity. "Oh? Who's going with me?"

"A new hero that recently popped up in New York, pretty powerful, calls herself 'Sha'."

"...Sha?" Zoe repeated with a smirk. "I swear, how do these people come up with their names..."

Heather chuckled as she leaned forward. "Don't you remember how we got our name?"

The due looked at each other for a moment. "The media." they both said at the same time as Zoe shook her head.

"I swear, those people come up with the worst names. I mean, have you tried explaining to group of elementary kids that all because you have 'feral' in your name doesn't mean you're evil?"

"Yes I have and it was one of the most horrible experiences ever." Heather smirked, shaking her head remembering of the times when she was Feral Nova. "Now go get your space suit on, you leave in five."

Few hours later

Zoe flew through the air of New York city, her Nova pack activated as flames followed closely behind her as she flew towards the mayors Home. New's stations were surrounded at the home, reporters and their camera crew doing work as the hero landed just outside his home gates as the flames died down. Dozens of reporters then rushed the young teenage hero like a fat kid to cake, shoving their mics in her face.

"Feral Nova are you nervous about going to space?" "Feral Nova why has the mayor chosen you and Sha for this mission?" "Feral Nova is it true that WAL is now disassembled " "Nova, do you have a boyfriend?" Hundreds of questions being thrown at her left and right. The young hero smiled to the media as she held her hands in the air.

"I'm good friends with the Mayor Guliani, he's asked for my assistance many times before and I was more than happy to help him out again." she spoke loudly as the cameras began focusing on her. "Sha and I will do whatever needs to be done to get the job done."

"Have you met Sha before?" "Are you two friends?" "What kind of toothpaste do you use?"

"I've never had the chance to meet Sha, but I'm a fan of her work that she's been putting into this city. Oh, and I use Colgate." she flashed one more smile as the reporters began pointing at the air shouting at their camera crew to get the shot of Sha coming to the home.

The young blonde hero came flying from the skies and going towards the balcony, Zoe realized, she had to get up there... fast.

'I can't believe you actually told them you use Colgate' Heather's voice was heard through her com-link. 'You know that you just upped their sales right?'

Zoe shrugged her shoulders as the doors to the mayor's home were opened by workers. "Maybe I'll get free toothpaste for life." the young hero joked as she began rushing up the stairs. Finally reaching the Mayors doors Nova pushed them open as a gust of wind almost forced her back.

"Feral Nova." Mayor Giuliani gave a weary grin to the hero as if he was not only greeting the hero, but speaking to Sha at the same time.

"Mayor, Ms. Giuliani, Sorry I'm late," Zoe walked up to the trio in the room, only to stop just about two feet from Sha. Looking over to her now partner, Nova turned over to her and stuck out her hand. "Sha, it's great to finally meet you, I'm Feral Nova." Sha grasped her hands into hers, her grip was strong, VERY strong, Zoe clenched her jaw a bit as she pulled her hand away, slightly rubbing it. Looking over at the wormhole the hero tilt her head. "Sooo... I'm guessing we're going to have to jump?"

"It should take us wherever the Mayor's daughter was teleported to." Sha was holding onto a device, probably the one that opened up the worm hole.

"Alright, sounds like fun." Zoe leaned over towards the glowing, whirlwind of a wormhole.

'Don't forget to activate your space suit, you jump in that thing beforehand, and you're dead.' Heather kindly reminded Zoe.

"We'll get you're daughter back Mayor." the hero backed away from the wormhole as she pressed a button on her Hearth Helmet, the portion of her face that once was exposed was now fully covered into a space helmet. "I've always wanted to go to space." She jokenly lied, a nervous grin behind her helmet as she turned her head towards Sha. It seemed like something was bothering her, but she couldn't tell what... and she wasn't sure if asking was the right thing to do right now. "Ready?"

Sha nod her head, tucking the device away as she glanced at Zoe.

Taking a few steps forward she stood at the edge of the wormhole. "One small step for man." she whispered before leaping into the wormhole followed by Sha.

A bright light engulfed the two heroes as Zoe became blinded by it, her body felt like it was being microwaved from the inside out. Her body burning inside as her skin felt cold as ice. All this happened in a split second as the light faded, leaving the hero a bit disoriented. "Where... are we?" Zoe's eyes widen as she looked up at the place the wormhole brought the two heroes to.

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“You can call me Maya” she said telepathically, landing on the ground of a foreign crimson planet. “Looks like some sort of parallel world, we could be light years away” Maya said, taking a knee to examine the soil.

“Hey look here” she said, pointing to a very small weed growing out of the ground. “Looks like there enough oxygen here, you can take off your mask” she said, finally exhaling.

Zoe seemed pretty knowledgeable, which meant Maya wouldn’t have to dumb down everything; she also seemed very capable of defending herself; which meant she also didn’t have to carry the team.

“How are we supposed to find ONE girl in another galaxy?” Maya asked, placing her hands on her hips trying to assess the situation.

“Well, we know for sure she’s on this planet…at least for now” Zoe said, taking a look at what appeared to be blemishes from some sort of struggle in the red sand.

“We do?” Maya asked, bending down to examine what Zoe saw.

“Well yeah, you said the coordinates on your wormhole generator were changed, which meant someone deliberately set them to come here; I’m just going off intuition, but I don’t think a Thirteen year old girl would know how to operate something like that”

“You’re right” Maya said, thinking about how the box worked. “Someone must’ve gone there for a reason, that box was attached to the outside of my ship when I entered Earth’s space; which means they found it and purposely went to Earth” Maya explained, taking the time to look around the area.

“We got ourselves an intergalactic kidnapping” Maya said, running her hands through her locks. “That’s not something I ever expected to say” she said, chuckling a bit.

“Looks like we’re headed this way” Zoe pointed, in the direction of the drag marks.

“That brings up the question…what could a thirteen year old girl have that would cause someone from a different galaxy to kidnap her.” Maya said, walking shoulder to shoulder with Zoe.

“So…I was going to ask you about yourself, but it seems there’s a welcoming party” Zoe said, pointing towards her rear.

“It’s a good thing too, we must’ve been walking in the wrong direction…” Maya said, with a chuckle.

A small squad, maybe 6 or 7 monkey-like aliens came flying towards them with spears in hand; these spears were energized firing an acid-like solution.

“Don’t die” Maya said, taking to the sky to handle the aerial enemies; charging her photon energy with her hands, she let them fly. The burning bright energy slammed into the energy from the spear and exploded on impact.

The eruption sent a shockwave which knocked the Golden Goddess from the air; tumbling across the ground, she rolled into a crouched position.

“That was... something else.” She said, channeling the same photon energy through her body this time. The aerial enemy dived down ready to fire its energy again, this time Maya was ready.

The photon energy surged through her body before manifesting in her eyes, pushing her neck forward, Maya fired a devastating optic blast; completely vaporizing the first of the attackers.

“ZOE ALLEY OOP!!” Maya screamed, pushing her hands towards the sky; she generated a very small heat current, one that was followed by a small stream of fire.

“Hey if we get captured, we can at least let them take us to where the girl is.” She messaged telepathically.

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"Don't die." Sha spoke before flying off.

"Thank you for those words of encouragement " Zoe yelled out, rolling her eyes as a Monkey literally came flying at her. "Crap!" The hero tuck-rolled to the left as the enemy flew at ground level at her, dodging out of the way at the last minute while another one shot one of their weapons at her. Throwing her fists forward the hero made a smirk. A burst of fire pushed forth from her gauntlets as it collided with the blast, only to create a larger explosion upon impact, forcing the hero flat on her back. "UMPH!" A small cloud of red dust surrounded her as she landed, knocking the wind out o f her. "Why can't they be like normal monkeys and throw poo?"

“ZOE ALLEY OOP!!” Maya screamed, pushing her hands towards the sky; she generated a very small heat current, one that was followed by a small stream of fire.

Pushing herself up from the ground the hero extended both her hands forward as she manipulated the small flame into a raging inferno. The deadly attack engulfing at least three of the flying Monkeys, setting them on fire and forcing them to collapse on the ground, dead.

“Hey if we get captured, we can at least let them take us to where the girl is.” She messaged telepathically.

Zoe arched her brow behind her mask as she looked over at Maya. Being captured wouldn't be the WORST idea in the world... but it's still a horrible idea. "We don't even know if they'll capture us or kill us."She thought back through the telepathic connection Maya made for them.

"They won't kill us."Maya shot back in the air, her fist making contact with another Monkey.

"And you know this how?"Zoe grasped one of the spears from the fallen monkey, aiming it at one that was rushing towards her.

"Trust me, I'm a hero." She looked back at Zoe, flashing a small smile, there was just two Monkeys left, it was now or never.

Zoe watched as the Monkey came closer and closer with every second. "If I die, I'm coming back to haunt you're @ss." Nova thought as she aimed the spear off to the side, sending a blast that completely missed her attacker and instead was spear attacked into the ground. Letting out a grunt of pain she did a kick-up, dirt clung onto her costume as the monkey like warrior came up behind her, wrapping it's tail around her neck, with every struggle the tail tightened, forcing Feral Nova to her knees as she gasped for air, her world began growing dark.

Unknown amount of time later

Zoe sat up gasping for air, her blue eyes widen, darting around in a dark, grungy cell. It was cold, dark and worst of all, actually smelled like she was in a zoo. But she noticed she was in a cell alone. Her helmet, gauntlets, and gadgets all gone even her suit that was replaced with dirty, smelly, blood stained rags. "Sha?" The young hero whispered, her voice slightly horsed as she cleared her throat. "Maya? Are you here?" She thought, hoping the connection was still intact.

"Across from you." She heard her voice, Zoe looked to see Maya sitting directly across from her in her own cell.

"Well... I guess you were right... they didn't kill us." Nova joked as she wrapped her hands on the bars of her cell, actually tugging on them. "Yup, too strong for me to rip apart," She couldn't help but try and crack a joke, it was her way of coping with being a tad scared. "how about you?" She looked over at Maya who pointed at collar wrapped around her neck. "Oh... great... superpower suppressor?"

"Yup." The fellow hero sighed, tilting her head back on the wall.

"Perfect." Zoe huffed as she suddenly realized she had one on too. "I really hope these things don't explode..." she grumbled to herself before she began looking around the cell to try and find a way out. "Have you seen the girl?"

"No... I don't think she's in this room of cells, maybe in the next room over."

"Well, lets start finding a way out so we can get the hell out of here, I will be happy if I never see another monkey ever again."

"...So..." Maya began. "How old were you when you became Feral Nova?"

The pyrohero chuckled, she guessed right now was as good as time as any to get to know each other. "Seventeen is when I took up the Mantel." She spoke as she began running her hands along the walls of her cell, trying to find a weak spot. "What about you?"

"Erm... it's complicated."

Zoe arched her brow as she looked over at her partner for a second, what was that suppose to mean. "Uh-huh."

"How exactly does the mantel work?" The blond hero began looking around her cell as well.

"Um..." Nova paused for a moment, giving a sheepish grin. "...that's complicated."

"Uh-huh." she heard Maya respond back, Zoe couldn't help but let out a scoffing laugh.

Letting out a frustrating sigh the hero walked back to the bars. "I can't find anything... any luck on your end?"

"Yeah, I think I found the finger of the last guy that was in my cell." Maya gagged as she leaned against the bars.

With an amused grin Zoe heard rustling from behind one of the doors, maybe it was one of the monkey dudes! "Hey, maybe we can grab one of those spear thingies and blast our way out here? Just a thought." she quickly spoke out as the doors opened, a duo of monkey men came strolling in, the spears clutched in their hands.

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The two monkeys walked down the hall presumably making their rounds, one of them stopped right in front of Maya’s cell and watched her, watch him. “Sheesh, sure is an ugly little thing” Maya said, turning her face up.

“Querta ses men dama ham” (Sure is an ugly little creature) the monkey said, to the other one; both of them started laughing before getting a devious look.

“He’s going to shock us! He’s gonna shock us…he’s gonna shock us…he’s going to shock US!” Maya screamed, before both she and Zoe’s body erupted into a convulsing fit. “That’s it” she screamed, grabbing the staff through the bars she pulled the monkey man into the cell; and then pushed him back into the other once she recoiled.

Using the powerful staff she vaporized both of the monkeys before blowing her cell door open. Unlocking her neck collar, she turned her attention to Zoe’s door and collar.

“We need to find our clothes” she said, finally getting a look at Zoe outside her uniform. “I know this sack is giving me the worse kind of butt itch” Zoe complained scratching the back of her sack.

“What if it’s monkey fur…ewww” Maya said, slowly glancing around the corner. “Well I can tell you one thing…if the monkeys don’t kill us this planet will” Maya said, pointing out towards the planet.

Huge eruptions of volcanic lava spout from the crust, gigantic praying mantis looking creatures littered the space around the small city.

“Welp, I guess the only thing that would make this worse is…-“a huge acidic blast landed on the threshold right above Zoe. “Nevermind this pretty much covers is” Maya finished, stepping in front of Zoe to handle the much larger monkey.

The huge Ape’s fist came screamed across Maya’s face causing her body to plow through a wall. “What-the hell” she said glancing at her blood now blue only this foreign planet.

“BLUE!?” she screamed, watching as Zoe did her best to distract the beast. “Zoe Right flank” Maya said, flying down the hall back into action.

“Over here Diddy Kong” Zoe screamed, causing the beast to switch its attention to her, this opened it up for Maya to come in with her punches. Flying into the air, she connected quickly and precise with a series of blows to the gut.

Pulling her fist back again, she punched the huge ape in its face knocking it through a wall, where Zoe’s armor rest. “Trick or treat” she screamed, positioning her hands on her hips with a gigantic smile on her face.

“Oh stop, you didn’t know they were behind here” Zoe said, playfully recollecting her gear. “Maya’s what the matter is” Zoe asked turning her face up a bit.

“What’re you talking about nothing is wrong with me” she said, slowly looking at her arms and legs; there were blue cracks forming in her skin followed by signs of fatigue. “What’s wrong…” she said, falling to her knees.

“It would appear I’ve found your weakness” a woman said, hidden in darkness surrounded by several other females.

“Kill them!” she commanded, the women rushed forward ready to pounce on Zoe and the injured hero. "NO!!!!!" Maya screamed, starting off with a powerful optic blast, to divide the furies; she would have to depend on her combat skills to take down these furies.

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“Nova!” Sha yelled out as the women began gathering together again for a fight.

“Ohcrapohcrapohcrapohcrap” Zoe repeated over and over as she stripped herself of her clothes right then and there, putting on her uniform as quickly as possible as she slipped her helmet back, jerked her gauntlets on and snapped her belt in place. “Maya, up and over!” The hero yelled out as she ran full speed towards the fellow blond hero.

“Gotcha!” Turning her body towards Zoe, Maya crouched down her hands interlocked together as Zoe leaped up, her right foot stepping on Maya’s hands as the power house hero launched her up and over her.

Feral Nova soared through the air as she aimed her arms downward at the group of women. Golden flames escaped from her gauntlet as she manipulated the raging fire, again the woman scattered like roaches as the flames slammed into the ground, spreading outward like a wave as Zoe landed right in the middle of it. Her eyes quickly darted around as she activated her helmet, it began recording everything that was about to happen and the women they were up against.

She could spot all four women that stood all around her. The woman in front of her wore white, had blue eyes, blond hair and two nice long sword ready to jab into someone. The second woman to her right was… big, tall, very muscular, as if she could punch a hole through steel, her yellow cape flapping behind her as she stood taller than all the other woman. To her left was a woman with wild green hair, slouched as she stood with claw like weapons ready to dig into her flesh. Lastly the women at her back, she honestly looked like she belonged in a bad bondage porno, and her clenching onto two metal like whips didn't help either with her tight black, leather suit.

Zoe looked over at Maya, she didn't look good… she looked weak, tired, Zoe knew she was going to have to try and carry as much weight as she could in this fight. "Two against four? That's hardly fair, I can take out at least three of you myself." She spoke with a cocky smirk on her grin as she pulled out her duo escrima sticks.

"Nova, don't let them surround you!" The golden hero face-palmed

The four rushed in at once towards the hero, the first to reach her, the swordswoman, wielding both blades as she sliced downward one by one, Zoe following the flow of the attacks with the sticks, sparks flying with each strike as the pyro-hero stumbled back from the brute strength. She was a lot stronger than she thought, even with her suit on. Thrusting one of her sticks forward the blond woman parried her attack to the left, causing Zoe to stumble forward. 'Crap!' she was going to say before the giant like woman stepped forward, sending her fist slamming into her face, her head whipping back as she fell on her hands and knees. Her world felt like it was spinning as she looked up, watching Maya being double attacked by the crazed green haired woman and the swordswoman who moved over to her.

"NOVA BEHIND YOU!" Sha yelled out, flat on her back as she struggled to keep the claw like razored away from her own face.

Slowly turning her head she watched as the woman with the metallic whips snapped it towards her, the whip wrapping around her neck as a surge of electricity shot threw them. Zoe yelled out in pain as she collapsed on the ground face first, smoke emitting off her body as the group of women laughed, all four turning their attention to Maya.

"NO ZOE!" the hero yelled out looking at her partner who seemed to be unconscious.

"One down, one to go." The blond villain hissed as the deadly quartet began to surround the lone hero.

With her eyes glowing the hero the woman in orange was the first to attack, rushing at Maya at full speed she thrust her fist forward, the golden hero ducking under the punch and unleashing her own attack to the base of her chin, forcing her flat on her back as the wild green haired woman came launching herself back at Maya, claws first as the blond bombshell slid to the side, the blades of her claws grazing against the hero's cheek, drawing her blue blood. Without a second to spare the hero pushed herself forward, rushing towards the more muscular woman as she leaped up with both hands raised above her head, ready to slam her fists downward only to have her wrists be wrapped by metallic lash and being jerked back. Falling flat on her back, her hands above her head as the swords woman walked up to her with a smug grin on her face.

"And the heroes shall fall under our power." she spoke, the tip of the blade pointed at the base of Maya's neck.

Suddenly a thick white smoke covered the entire area as the deadly women began coughing.

"What is this?!" The woman holding Maya captive yelled out only to have a wave of fire slam into her body, letting go of the lashes she ran off screaming, her entire body engulfed in flames.

"IT'S THE FIRE HERO!" The swords woman yelled out as she swung her blades around in the smoke carelessly.

"What was your first hint?" A escarma stick slammed into one of her blades as the other slammed into face, followed by a knee to the gut, causing the woman to fall forward on her knees gasping for air.

"I thought you were dead!" Maya kicked up from the ground as she untied her wrists, grasping the metallic whips.

"Suit's insulated, I just had to wait for the right moment." Zoe laughed as she slammed her foot against the face of the swordswoman, knocking her out. Grasping one of her blades she tossed it towards Maya.

"Well next time, don't wait so long!" Sha spoke as she was suddenly tackled by the hulkish woman.

"MAYA!" Nova yelled out ready to help until she felt a stabbing pain into both of her shoulders. "GRAAH!" She yelled out in pain as she could hear the wild green hair woman laugh like an animal behind her. Blood began tracing down her arms as the claws began digging deeper into her shoulders. "GET OFF OF ME!" Zoe screamed as she activated her jet pack, shooting the air a few feet up before turning it off, free falling down to the ground with a forceful 'THUD' landing on her back and forcing the wild woman to let go of her. Looking up she watched as Maya was being overpowered by the power house fury.

A knee slammed into her abdomen forced the blond hero to drop to one knee, her fatigue rushing over her. Looking up the powerful fury gave a wide grin as she grasped Sha by the neck, picking her up from the ground. "Punty Earth hero." she laughed until she suddenly dropped Maya, grasping a escrima stick that was pressed against her neck with Zoe behind her, pulling back forcefully as her legs were wrapped around the villain.

"Maya, the sword!" Zoe yelled as she was being jerked around side to side like a rag-doll.

Pushing herself up from the crimson dirt she grasped the blade, about to impale the woman only to suddenly stop. Zoe gritting her teeth as sweat ran down her cheek. "WOMAN I CAN'T KEEP THIS U-" Zoe suddenly was flung off, her body tumbling along the ground as she struggled to get back up, looking over at Maya who had slammed the hilt of the blade into the nose of the super strong woman followed by a round house kick to the face, knocking the woman out.

Getting back up Zoe let out a heavy sigh, walking back to her battle buddy, grasping the metallic whips as she did so. "You alright?"

Nodding her head Maya dug the tip of the blade into the dirt. "Yeah... just really tired." She sat down on one of the furies. "You're hurt." She eyed Nova's shoulder wounds.

"Ehhh I've had worse," Shrugging her shoulders she deactivated her helmet, turning the recording off. "It seems like whoever is in charge here, know's we're a threat, otherwise they wouldn't have sent these women after us."

"But it makes you wonder again... what exactly did a teenager do to get involved in an intergalactic kidnapping?"

Zoe shrugged her shoulders. "I just want to find her and get out of this... hell."

"You and me both." Maya grunt, slowly getting up from where she sat.

"So... I have to ask, it's been bugging me since I first heard of you, why 'Sha'?" Zoe asked partly joking and partly serious, a small pain filled grin on her face as she asked.

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Maya rested on the body of the huge woman, taking a moment to collect herself.“When I first got to Earth, the news called people with powers Super-Humans, or Meta-Humans depending on which part of the world you’re in, when I showed up in New York they started calling me SHA, or Super Human-Advanced; which honestly makes no sense to me because I’m not human at all”. Maya watched as the green lines embedded within her skin disappeared, whatever the mysterious woman was holding temporarily weakened her body.

“But it’s not like you’re one to talk, you’re Feral Nova sounds like a nickname for advanced crabs or weed” Maya said, rising to her feet to analyze the area.

“WAIT…YOU’RE AN ALIEN!?” Zoe screamed, loudly at that. “shh!” Maya hushed her, still cautious of the surrounding area.

“Of course, I’m an alien; I’m a blonde haired girl that can fly” Maya joked, looking to see if any of the furies were conscious enough to gain information from.

“How does being a blonde girl that can fly make you an alien?” Zoe asked confused. “I’m not entirely sure, but it said so in my comic” she said, using her light manipulation to transform the lighting to a giant “Black Light”

“Comic book” Zoe mouthed the words before inquiring about what exactly it was Maya was doing. Maya took the time to point towards the white marks all over the floor.

“Each of these little white paint marks, are where your feet landed while fighting” she explained, “These gigantic ones are from where someone landed on their stomach or backs; I’m looking for the prints that stand alone.”

“What about you? You seem a bit young to be a hero” Maya said, completely forgetting they were virtually the same age.

“I inherited this title and suit, the last Feral Nova died, the previous owner wasn’t in any condition to take the mantle; so it was either myself or my little sister” Zoe explained, which caused Maya to stand to full form and repel a look of understanding.

“You ever feel like…you know NOT being Feral Nova” Maya asked, locating the feet on the floor. “I have a lot actually, but I often think about the people who can’t defend themselves, or those who won’t until they meet me; I couldn’t let those people down.

Zoe’s words were almost exactly what her dad was trying to say to her just a few days prior; it seemed to hold weight, must’ve been a teenager rebel gene.

“I never really considered that, I always figured it wasn’t fair to me; that just because fate gave us these powers doesn’t mean we HAVE to dedicate them to saving a species that tries to destroy each other.”

Opening the door from which the mysterious woman came, Maya and Zoe saw a gigantic staircase with the stars literally in the backdrop. “I want one of these in my house” Maya said, looking up the staircase to what appeared like a magical plateau.

“I feel like whatever’s up there is going to f#ck us up” Maya said, walking side by side up the stairs; once they got to the top the gigantic woman stood in front of them. “She must be the one who brought us here” Zoe said, behind Maya.

“Are you chickening out?!” Maya screamed in a whisper. “No, but I mean, well she’s an alien you’re an alien, it’s more of your culture…”

“Right” Maya said, somewhat irritated, but Zoe was right; and she defeated the Furies basically by herself.

“I must admit, I did not expect to see you two here” the large woman said, pulling out one of those electric spears.

“Where is the girl?” Maya screamed, her cap smacking Zoe in the face because she stood to close. “Hey scoot over there, you’re messing up my awesome monologue” Zoe’s eyebrow rose a bit, as she scooted over to the side. Maya turned back towards the hulking woman with her fist balled, “Ok….I’m done” Maya said, turning back to Zoe with a smile on her face.

“Oh this will be grand” the woman said, speed blitzing Maya, the loud and perfuse sounds of her first smashing against the blonde’s face sent a shockwave through the room.

Maya slammed into the wall, causing a deep crater; shaking off her shock and pain, she could see the massive fist of the woman came streaming for her face again. Pressing her hands against the wall, it took both of Maya’s feet to stop the massive fist of the woman.

“Her fist is literally bigger than my body!” Maya said, straining to push the woman’s fist back.

Zoe wasted a little bit of time astonished by the sheer size of the woman, but saw the severity of the situation and jumped in quickly.

Tugging the cape of the behemoth size woman drew her attention.

“Human!” She screamed, half turning to squash Zoe with her other Hand, Maya pushed out quickly and responded with a speed blitz of her own.Charging her photon energy within her hands she struck hard enough to put a stadium size dent in the moon.

Though powerful it seemed the woman was just that stronger, her strikes only knocked the woman off balance.

“Keep her off balance!” Zoe said, running towards her legs with a rope.

“Gotcha covered” Maya said, firing consecutive optic blast down towards the feet of the woman. This was hazardous for Zoe as she was being pushed back by the forceful stomps.

“Maya Alley OOP!” Zoe shrieked as the woman brought her hand down to crush her, Maya pushed the small stream of fire forward; Zoe piggy backed off it and tried to use it as an offensive weapon.

This was to no avail, the giant’s hand slammed down upon Zoe knocking her deep within starlit floor.

“Heh…now it’s just us aliens!” the beast screamed taunting Maya. “Don’t be so sure!” Maya screamed, pushing her hand upward, Zoe inside a purple sphere surrounded by a flaming inferno slammed right into the eye of the beast.

The thunderous roar shook the temple, as she stumbled backwards; Maya fired a powerful Photon Ray right through her chest, just powerful enough to put her down.

She hit the ground with a powerful thud, one that caused both Maya and Zoe to pop into the air. The sun dial situated above the plateau began to spin so that the embedded planets aligned opening a new pathway.

“Jesus…” Maya sighed sensing an even more sinister force through the walk-through.