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Two thousand years ago marked the first encounter between the vampiric and wizarding communities. It was a moment that should have seen greatness when both these great and proud races sought to become allies against the growing populations of non-magical people and Lycanthrops. Unfortunately tragedy would strike the first meeting of these races, when the eldest of the Vampiric family, the Kings, refused to take part in such an occasion. They claimed that it was beneath them and condemned any Vampiric families who went through with the debacle. After a strategized and carefully calculated plan a group of hooded beings, attack the gathering of wizards and vampires. The attack was swift and costly. A wizard from the house of Derthbane accidentally killed a vampire. And that one action in the midst of battle garnered a fierce and deadly accusation from the King Family, who accused the Wizards of a double-cross because their true allegiance lay with the hooded murderers. A blood feud against the whole of the wizarding community was created and the Vampires would feast on their magical brethren with every chance they could.

Centuries later, the relations between the Vampires and Wizards remain as dangerous as it did those many years ago. Both realms have lived and prospered away from the knowledge of their enemies. But every so often a stray member of either clan comes within enemy territory, or a chance encounter with the other clan and the most grizzly of punishments are performed against them. A sadistic ritual of revenge against their ancestors and family members crimes becomes reality. The most notable, the King family, branched off and exiled one of their own who foolishly (by King standards) fell in love with a magical person and thus created a new (albeit forbidden) lineage of wizard and vampiric blood.

Over the years, both societies have seen prosperity and tragedy strike. The wizards fell victim to the greed, madness, and lust for power of one of their own in the name of Lord Voldemort. For years they feared him and what he could do. Until the prophesied hero, Harry Potter, destroyed the Dark Lord once and for all. The Wizarding community was allowed to live free of terror for the first time in many decades and for years nothing but good fortune smiled down upon them. Now as we stand today a new generation of wizards take reigns up in the schools known as Hogwarts, Durmstrung, Madame Beauxbatons, and various other magical institutions to continue their studies and the steady growth of their magical abilities, enduring similar trials as their parents and family members before them. But terror will once again strike the Wizarding community, however, this time they will not be the only victims. A millenia old conspiracy will finally be given fruition. The destruction of one race is imminent. But neither the Vampiric and the Wizarding clans know of such a grand deception as they live their lives carelessly. But time has begun to run out and eventually death and destruction await.


You can be of either Vampiric or Wizarding blood (some Lycans will be allowed but not many). The RPG will start off in the Wizarding World, more specifically in, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry then progress with the story.

For those who choose to be of Wizarding blood, it's your choice of whether your character is a Student, Professor, Qualified, or Ministry Worker. For those who choose to be either Professors or Minister/ Ministry Workers of a particular department, please post in the OOC telling us what class you are interesting in teaching or what Department you're interested in working in. For Professors, if you'd like to be head of a particular house also post which one you're interested in.

As for the houses for the students, you can pick which one you'd like to be in or if you'd like you can play it like the book and have a "sorting hat" pick for you. Just take this quiz and find out which house you belong in:

Sorting Hat Quiz!

For those who choose to be of Vampiric Blood you will have the standard superhuman strength, agility, senses, etc. As well as your own brand of magic. There are two types of Vampires those who are created and those who are born. The created Vampires are those who were once human and sired by one of the Vampiric Families, because of that, they will have the normal weaknesses shown in Vampire folklore, IE. Sunlight, Wooden stake, and Holy Water. The Vampires who are born, are immune to everything of a created vampire for the exception of a wooden stake, but they hold their own weaknesses. They can be killed with the use of pure silver. The Vampiric magic is one that only the Pure Vampires can perform. Not everyone can be from an Ancient Family (that too will be limited. So far there are the Kings and the Lees. If you're interested in having your own ancient line just post a brief history of that family and you will be approved or disapproved.)

Please stay within the powers of your chosen clan. And keep it realistic to the world they're in.

This RPG is open to all but PLEASE watch your grammar and spelling and try to post more than 3 lines. Effort will make or break this RPG.

Normal RPG rules apply. (IE, no auto-hitting, no puppetry, no god-moding, et cetera.)

Any questions or concerns take it to the OOC thread.

~Taken Positions~

Professors/ Staff:

-Headmistress- Alyssea Harrowood

-Professor of Care of Magical Creatures (CoMC)

Ministry of Magic:

-Minister of Magic


-Head Girl- Leandra Snape

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The corridors were lit with the usual Halloween decorations and the annoying little First Years running around like chickens with their heads cut off. High above, there were trimmings of orange and black to really give the place that festive feel. But there was nothing festive about the last few days. For Leandra, anyway. They'd been hard. It'd been her father's birthday not too long ago and she always became melancholic. She had not known her father in the way she would have liked. All she knew were stories of his deeds some good, others not so good. To her both were such great contradictions that she wondered which face of her father was the real one. She zoomed pass a small congregation of Second Years who were happily speaking about the weekend's Quidditch game between their houses and who would win. She missed those days.

The black clad witch moved about the grounds heading for the tree just beside the lake. The sky was marred with hues of orange and pink as the night skies began to push it's way into it's due spot. There was a soft chirping sound about with the noticeable growls of wildlife in the forbidden forest. She came closer and closer to her chosen tree and threw herself against it's trunk. Beside her the lake's water was shining with the bit of stars that were appearing in the skyline giving the lake an even deeper beauty. Her eyes moved along the blackening waters, an illusion given with the darkness that was high above. She tied her scarf tightly around her neck and picked up a few rocks chucking them into the water.

"Great day, isn't it, Andra?" She spoke to herself silently. She wanted out. She wanted to do something constructive, or in the least, constructive to her. Her eyes darted to her side. No one was around but her. Good. She got up quickly and moved behind the tree she was just sat against and started walking in the direction of the Groundskeepers hut and with each step her body was beginning it's transformation. As she came within feet, her body completely its transformation and wings flapped wildly. A beautiful black hawk took to the skies, it's defining squawk sounding off through the night skies as it disappeared into the forming darkness high above.

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The train bumped over the rails David was a late entry into Hogwarts, his family had just moved back to Britain, snow fell gentle on the window outside, placing his fore head against the cold glass, Letting the shivers flow down his back, He smiled as it seemed to numb his mind, It was kind of the new headmaster to send the train for him, His family had no time to take him at the moment.

David placed his feet on the chair across from him, He was a tall young man and according to his mother he was a looker, took that of his father, But he was shy and had a gentle nature, But like all McGonagall’s he was powerful in his own right.

Each bump was one step closer to Hogwarts, the school of such stories and history, The sotry of Harry Potter and Ron Wesley , How he loved that story and whised he could be as brave as them, But he was sure he did not have the same barvery in his heart as theirs.

David still after all this time dared not say that name, It chilled him to his very soul, The pictures that he had seen of the man, Those eyes so snake like and that smile, It was pure evil, Nothing scared him more then that thing, How did Harry Potter find the strength he wondered looking out onto the night sky.

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The fading rays of the afternoon sun creeped across the marble floor of the Headmasters office. Only now the person to occupy it was no man at all. But a woman. Alyssea was a recent arrival in the community of Hogsmeade. She had came here for the specific reason that she would take on the position of Headmistress of Hogwarts. It was a great honor for her to receive this position, one she had never expected to receive so early on in life. Actually it was one she had never expected at all. But now that she received the chance to take on this position she would not fail.

Alyssea sat over her desk, the many papers from different departments were strewn over her desk. The paintings on the wall of previous headmasters and Headmistresses began to whisper her advice and she cast her glance upon them, "I know how to run this school." The Portraits continued to voice their opinions and she just sighed and ignored them. Only one painting was silent. HE was an old man, his gray hair and beard cascading around him in his picture frame. He looked down at her through half moon spectacles, his blue eyes sparkling with a smile. She couldn't help but smile up into the face of Albus Dumbledore. The man was a legend and it was the fact that he used to sit in this very chair that made taking on the position of Headmistress of Hogwarts such an honor.

Looking back at the paperwork before her she decided to let it rest for the night. It was time to great the students in the Great hall. She stood slowly, her slender figured cloaked in a billowing rob of black and green. She smoothed out the wrinkles and left her office. Moving down the corridors of the school she prepared herself for greeting the students. Her speech was playing back in her mind, but she knew that the moment she stepped in front of the crowded Great Hall the speech would change but the words would remain the same. With that thought she entered the Great Hall and took her seat.

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Dusk began it's complete domination over the skylines and nothing but eternal darkness began to surround her. Lights became scarce except one that caught her attention. Down below she saw lights that reminded her of the Hogwarts express and it made her wonder if it was the actual train or quite a trickery. She began to lose altitude, her wings gliding across the gentle breezes. She could see much clearer now as the image began to define itself and smoke billowed upward with deep gray rivets. She squawked again but this time it was just for the hell of it. How many people could say they could do that? As she came closer she heard the squawking of another another bird nearby. Quickly she turned her head to see a brownish owl coming up beside her with a note in it's beak.

"What the Bloody Hell...*" She thought to herself. Why would an owl come with a note on it's beak so close to her. Someone knew she's escaped but the question was who. She groaned inwardly and all at once something zoomed clear beside her. She turned her head again and saw a broomstick inches from her. This was interesting. Who knew she was out and who had sent her this owl and this broomstick. She knew why the broom was sent to her so she quickly began her transformation back to her human form. Her body began to drop like a penny towards the ground, but the broom was quick to join under her and catch her before she became a witch pancake. She grasped onto the handle the owl coming closer and she quickly took the note from it's beak. He squawked and flew away leaving her in the darkness, on a broomstick.

"Wonderful. What is it now..." She grumbled moodily and opened the note. The envelope was completely torn by the time she got to the parchment inside. She unfolded it and read the contents. She looked down below and took a sigh. "No firewhiskey for me tonight.." Leandra spoke disappointed but there wasn't anything she could do now. She grasped onto the handle of the broom and manuevered it down. She sped down, with a gush of wind temporarily freezing her to the bone. She came closer and closer to the train area until she was within inches of it and her dangling feet could actually touch the ground. She dismounted and looked around as the train came closer into view. She took off the hood that was on her head and revealed her long black hair. And now stood silently awaiting this new student.

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The train came to a sudden stop, David stood and ran his hand into his short black hair, Pulling out his unicorn hair wand , he gave it a wave, the chest began to float behind him as he walked down the corridor of the train, There was someone standing on the platform waiting for him.

As he opened the door a gust of cold hit him in the face like a shovel, It took awhile for him to come back to himself, His deep blue eyes looked over at the figure, Placing his wand back in his cloak he smiled to her, Holding out a hand he introduced himself.

“Sorry to spoil your night, My name is David McGonagall”.

She was about the same age as him, Maybe abit older, The cold wind began to bite at his ears, A small smile creeked onto his face, Hogwarts seemed to be a welcoming place after the halls of Durmstrung, David had a bit of a name as a push over there, But when he was backed into a Conner he had shocked enough of them that they knew to leave him alone, But it had not made him any friends.

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As the train to a stop, she looked about with her arms crossed and a look of slight irritation on her face. She was going through withdrawals of more than one kind. In her mind, she saw herself enter the Hogs Head and being greeted by a nice bottle of Vodka and Fire whiskey. Both perfectly aligned and awaiting to be drunk by her. She sighed internally and then daydreamed. There was always tomorrow and maybe if she was lucky she would.... She quickly let the thought dissipate. It was a very foolish one and she was a very foolish girl for thinking otherwise.

The doors came to an open and she changed her entire outlook. Might as well try to make the best of this. Soon the visage of someone came into a view and she noticed a boy with black hair and a nice smile, a few chests following behind him. She gave him a nod and a very brief smile. "Pleasure, David." She gave him a sudden look of intrigue. McGonagall, that name was familiar but why. She thought on it for a bit before it dawned on her. That was the name of the former Gryffindor house. "Any relation to Minerva McGonagall?" She studied him silently. He seemed to be around her age, definitely seemed of English descent. Question was from what school he came from.

"Ahh, rude of me. I'm Leandra. Leandra Snape. Welcome to Hogwarts and yadda yadda yadda. Sorry but I hate this memorized crap. A simple welcome is all anyone really needs. That and some Brandy..." She spoke barely audible as she gazed at him. "Got all your stuff? If you don't, don't worry about it, they'll have someone fetch it for you later." She came closer to him and held her hand out to him. It was something she'd grown accostumed to when she ran away to the muggle parts of Athens. "Where are you from?"

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Josh stared deeply at the cold lake, and laughed to himself. He was glad to be of the Weasley family, a great achievement that his aunt, and two uncles, defeated the dark lord. It felt like an honor to be apart of this family and when being told of the story's of his relatives to know their blood runs in his veins.

Josh was a bit of a joker, his father Bill said he got it from his younger brothers Fred and George, Josh loved playing jokes, in his first year, on the second week of school he blew up a toilet seat and sent it to his younger brother and sister, both of them were now here at Hogwarts. All successfully keeping the tradition of being in Gryffindor.

He looked at a firework in his hand, one of the old Weasley Wizard Wheezes his uncle George gave him. Josh put it in his leather across-the-body bag, along with other personal possessions such as books, Weasley Wizard Wheezes and some magical products of his own and head up to the front Hall.

He zoomed past the groundskeepers hut and up the stone path, into the hall of merrily chatting people and over to the Gryffindor table, he could here some people talking about the upcoming match of Gryffindor vs. Slytherin on Saturday before collecting a seat at the table and sitting down...

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The night sky beat down upon the cloak enshrouded figure as it moved across the grounds of Hogwarts. The darkness hiding the face of the beautiful creature that was so lost from reality. The moon came out from behind the clouds and at the moment that it hit the figure an errie glow seemed to eminate through out its body. Slowly the cloak was drawn away from the face and a woman was revealed. Her eyes searched the grounds as her heart weighed heavily upon her. A soft icy wind blew, picking up the loose tendrils of her hair and sending them flying around her. Her eyes shown with sadness. A deep sadness that would never leave her soft carmel colored eyes.

Her name was Jessica Black. She was the last living of the Black family. But she was not a pure blood like the rest of them. There was something else burried deep inside of her. Something that no one knew about. Only one person knew of her true origins and that person was now dead. Which seemed to happen to everyone she had loved. Even the father she barely had known was now dead. It was this fact, this traumatic event, that had caused her to become the young woman she was today. So mysterious, so kind, and yet so ruthless.

Silently she moved up the steps of the castle. Her cloak and robes rustling. A soft jingling sound could be heard as she moved. It was the many crosses that hung around her neck. Each one blessed by a different preist, each one meaning something to her, each one she had gained with the death of someone she loved. These crosses contradicted the little known fact about her. Deep down she knew they would not offer her protection from that side of her, but still she carried them. Perhaps they were there as comfort, but she knew they were there to remind her of the lives taken from her, and of the Vampirism that coursed through her veins.

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David gave her a kind smile and picked up her hand and gentle kissed the back of it, As he stood back up, He looked at her, “That was a lot of questions at once”. His mother had always told him to be polite to women.

“I’m originally from Edinburgh but my family decided to move round, I have just come from Durmstrung, A terrible place” he reached into his other pocket next to his wand, Pulling out a silver hit flask with the Gryffindor crest on it.

Passing it to her he answered the rest of her questions “Minerva McGonagall is my Grandmother” he said with pride stepping onto the platform , something in him was different from noraml, He was acting rather cool, he thought to himself.

The cases landed behind him neatly stacked, “It is an honor to meet Leandra “ It has been along time since he had spoken to the girl, Drumstrung was full of men , with the brains of boys, It was intresting to talk to someone on the same level.

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The moment his lips touched her hand she raised an eyebrow. What was he trying to play at? Maybe she was a tad too cynical for her own good but guys didn't just do that out of the blue. Maybe he was one of the last true gentlemen in the United Kingdom or maybe just a wolf in sheep's clothing who was getting at something. Or just plain stupid. She laughed inwardly. She was being too cruel at the moment and decided to just take it easy. There was really no point in thinking too much of it, might as well just enjoy the ride. "You do that to all the ladies? I'd be careful with which ones I did that too. Some of us....." She moved her head forward, opened her mouth and shut it quickly making a very loud "clack" noise. "...bite." She sneered at him and then gave him a genuine smile.

She looked at his belongings and then motioned to the castle, hoping he caught her drift and followed her as she headed up to the ancient building. He spoke and she listened thoroughly surprised at the revelation that just came out of his mouth. "You went to Durmstrung?" She turned and took a quick look at him. "No offense, David but you don't look tough or evil for that matter. How'd a bloke like you end up in a school like that? Blimey. Voldemort is dead but people still follow him..." She turned once more and took a deep sigh. Everytime she thought about Voldemort she thought of her father and once again her thoughts went back to that same place. Was her father truly good or truly evil?

The more she walked the more her thoughts began to grab a hold of her. She fought valiantly to get her mind off of the subject but she only headed deeper down the road of curiosity. She looked down and the ground and now more than ever wished for a bottle of liquor. She sensed his footsteps not far off and just decided to walk beside him. She slowed down and came to his side eyeing him for a few seconds as he brought out the flask, just as he answered her other question. "So you' really are related to McGonagall. Must be great to have that surname attached to you. In whichcase, you're in the house you belong in. Welcome to Gryffindor. I'm also in it, so I guess we're house mates."

To his next statement she couldn't help the laughter that erupted in her. "No honor, trust me. You'll regret meeting me soon enough. You'll hear the tales of some of my achievements no doubt. Anyway, what do you like to do for fun, mate? And if you say something cheesy like talking to pretty girls I will knee you in the groin. How's that for a first impression!" She smiled sheepishly at him.

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He stopped at the end of the stairs , The words played on his mind No offense, David but you don't look tough or evil for that matter. How'd a bloke like you end up in a school like that? Blimey. Voldemort is dead but people still follow him...", She said his name, But does she think me weak as well, He let out a sigh and smiled at her.

“No offense taken, I may not be tough as you say, But strength come from other place and I do know how to handle myself”, He caught up with her and walked side by side till they came to a stop, Her next question made him laugh a little, “The threat of a kick in the groin is always a welcome”, Tell her the truth , what do you have to lose.

“In truth I have no idea what I do for kicks”, Well done you’ve gone from cool to loser in one sentence, Well done dippy he thought to himself.

“My Dad is an auror and we have moved round a lot, I have seen dragons, Sun set that last for hours and giant’s, I have never really had time to find out what I really enjoy, Im pretty good on a broom, But while in that school I never made any friends, I made more eneimes then anything else.”

A large sigh came from his lips, “So no I am no ladys man and am not much of a dare devil, But I have done a few things that very few have, Sorry I seem to have dimmed the mood.”

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William walked the halls slowly, his hands shoved deep in his pockets. Rather that the customary robe that all wizards wore he was dressed like a muggle, admittedly a muggle who didn't take pride in his appearance but a muggle nonetheless. It was unlikely that he would be allowed into the great hall dressed as he was and the excuse that it was a Halloween costume was unlikely to work but he felt that he should make the effort. Head down he strolled into the hall as the feast was beginning, managing to get under the radar of the teachers by not making eye contact.

"Hey! Darkstone! Over here!" a thin, nasally voice called from the Slytherin table.

William grinned to himself and turned towards a group of Ravenclaw sixth years. Without needing to talk they slid apart and let him sit down with them. He was in their year and after six years the whole school had come to realise that he sat wherever he felt like and only a teacher stood a chance of stopping him. Most of the heads of houses actively encouraged inter house mingling, although they probably didn't have Slytherin in mind when they said so. There was a new Headmaster at the school and William gave her a glance, noting mentally that she was very young, only a few years older than himself.

"William, did you manage that transfiguration spell then?" A Ravenclaw asked.

He was the center of attention as he drew his wand and transformed a plate of chicken drumsticks into an identical number of white mice. Several of the girls squealed as the small rodents tumbled off the edge of the table and into their laps. With another flick of his wand the mice changed back into drumsticks. For a few moments there was silence, then half the table started talking at once. William smiled warmly and reached for the pumpkin juice.

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"True. Always better to have a quick wit than acting tough. All that'd do is get you into scuffles where you run the risk of getting your magical butt handed to you. But to be quick of mind, ah so much you could do. A nice taunt can easily get someone off their game. Or maybe an unusual riddle. Or perhaps a nicely placed item." She kept walking and quickly put an end to her mini rant. What in the world caused he to go off on a tangent like that? It was the lack of alcohol she just knew it. Damn delicious, intoxicating concoction of doom!

"Sounds cool. Bout your dad being an Auror. Not knowing what you like to do for kicks, sucks. Sounds like the curse of moving around a lot. Mebbe you'll stay here long enough to discover things about yourself. Or get the snot kicked out of ya, whichever one." She laughed for a bit before she decided to bestow upon him some words of wisdom. "Word to the wise, watch out for the Slytherin's bad tempered people they are. Hate Gryffindors as much as they hate their own skin. So you're already hated from the get-go."

"Good, no one likes a ladies man." She said quickly shaking her hand as she distracted. She came to a stop just inches from the stairway that took everyone inside to the castle. "Look. Up those stairs is the castle. No doubt they're already serving dinners and all that good stuff. You can go up now if you'd like, or if not you want, you can tag along with me. You said you don't know what to do for kicks, now's a good a time as ever to find out. I'm heading to Hogsmeade to have some fun. We're not supposed to but, if we don't get caught we're fine." Leandra gave a very brief, almost innocent smile.

"You seem like the good kid type, and let's be honest. Good kids gets stuck with some boring situations and an even more boring life. So the choice is up to you, David, my good man."

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A cheeky smile came on his face, His father had always taught him to obey the rules, But David had a wild streak in him, He dared not tell her he was undefeated in magical combat, No sense in blowing ones own trumpet.

Looking up the stairs and back at her, “Can you Transfigure”, Looking at the window, he took a run, Flicking out his wand he undone the latch with out saying the spell, He dove out the window into a swan dive and placed both hands behind his back, As the ground raced closer, A flash of light filled the air.

The ground was running below him as he flapped his two wings, The wind blew over him, like it belonged to David, sweeping in and out of the currents gaining more air , If he could smile he would, David had been able to transfigure at a very young age, His Grandmother had seen him do it and was most surprised as sprouted wings and took to the skies as a falcon!

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"Can I transfigure?" She repeated with a smirk slowly forming across her lips. She watched him as he quickly dashed away into the night skies as free as a bird, which was exactly what he transformed too. She couldn't help the amusement in it. No doubt his dear ol' granny taught him how to do it, when she was the best there was at Transfigurations. Her body began it's transformations. Limbs become smaller until it reached the size needed to occupy her transformed state. Her arms became wings and her legs became very small feet. Soft, elegant black feathers covered her body and she took to the skies like a rocket.

He had covered a lot of ground. But she was quickly gaining ground as her winds outstretched and she soared into the night skies. She smiled inwardly and squawked loudly as she came closer to him, hoping that he'd get the hint that it was her. Her golden colored eyes studied the air and the land below. Hundreds of trees lined the are beneath them, they were flying above the Forbidden Forest and several beastly sounds escaped the darkened prison of nature. She veered to the left, her body moving as light as a feather in the wind. The trip of Hogsmeade was never a long one if you knew where to go.

The foliage below began to disappear and in the distance lights began to sprout up everywhere. They were very close now. A few more feet and they were right ontop of the Hogsmeade and she began her descent towards the wizard-clad streets. A little further down and her small Hawk feet hit the cold streets of the small Wizarding Community. She braced herself for her transformation back to normality and soon found herself at her full height. Lustrous black hair billowed behind her and dark, ebon colored eyes looked at the surroundings. With a hurry she darted towards the direction of the Hogs Head, entering the place like she owned. Almost immediately the bartender looked up at her and gave her a nod, holding out two bottles for her. One was Fire whiskey and the other was Vodka. She took them both and went for the nearest table, kicking back and relaxing as she awaited David to join her or get lost, whichever one.

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"Mr Darkstone, is that what you call school uniform?"

Professor Flitwick's reedy voice piped up right behind William, causing a few Ravenclaws to jump in surprise. William rolled his eyes and stood up to face the diminutive teacher. He had his arms crossed and was tapping one foot, every inch an annoyed teacher.

“Would you accept that it’s a Halloween costume?” William asked hopefully.

Flitwick’s face answered for him. With a sigh William raised his arm to cast a summoning charm only to be interrupted by the professor.

“For the audacity to turn up to the Halloween feast without your school uniform you can go and fetch it yourself.”

The elderly professors face softened somewhat as he continued.

“After the feast go with Professor Slughorn, he has a fresh batch of potion for you.”

William nodded and left, stuffing his wand into a special pocket he had on his belt. The castle corridors were deserted as he headed for the dungeon, his footsteps echoing on the stone floors. It was strange that he found himself heading for the Slytherin common room, both his parents had been in Hufflepuff and his older brother was a Griffindor. As he walked his mind drifted back to the day six years ago when he had placed the sorting hat on his head and heard its voice.

You’re a tricky one. Strange to find one of your kind here anyway, but if the headmaster approves. Now where to put you? Not in Hufflepuff, they wouldn’t survive you. Smart, hardworking, maybe a Ravenclaw, but something tells me no. You’re brave, no doubting that, although it may just be the blood that runs through your veins so I don’t think Griffindor.

William had realised what the Sorting Hat was going to do a moment before it had acted. Fear and shame mixed in equal measures as it bellowed hi house to the halls.


He could vividly remember the walk to the cheering table of his new housemates. His thoughts had been discordant and scattered with shock. What would his parents say? Would the headmaster reconsider his entrance to the school? Would everyone see through him as easily as the Sorting Hat had done? Fortunately his Parents had been supportive, distance but supportive and his entrance to Slytherin had not affected the Headmaster McGonagall the slightest, she’d just watched William with those eyes of hers and smiled slightly. As for the last question, William had avoided close contact with the other students all his life, only making tenuous friendships. Everyone knew and liked him, but they had no idea if he reciprocated the feelings.

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A loud squawk came from behind him, It was her she was just as beautiful in this form then in real life, He hovered back and followed behind, His blue tipped wings out stretched, Each flap was like freedom to him, He loved to fly it was as of he could escape the troubles below, Sometimes he loved having his Grandmothers name, But it got him a lot of attention and sometimes it was unwanted!

But she seemed not to care, Mind you her last name was one of great honour Snape, David grandmother told of his bravery, how he had mixed with the most evil of the death eaters to keep the Order informed, But I suppose that even her name had it’s draw backs, They seem to be forever in their shadows.

Circling above he watched her land and enter a pub, Trying not to sigh, he dove to the ground, changing at the last moment his legs hit the ground with a thud , slowly to small wings turned into arms, Fixing his cloak he looked at himself and pulled it off and cast a hiding spell, He now stood in suit trousers and a red shirt.

When he walked in everyone head turned to look at him, Wow welcoming crowd he thought to himself, Walking past them he saw her sitting with two bottles, Fire whiskey and Vodka, This was going to be a very long night, David’s father had warned him about drink.

It has been almost a year since he was on a real drinking session , Taking his seat in the stall he looked over at her, The chair was soft but had that lovely smell of damp, This was a real pub, People where still looking at him, Great been here two mins and I have made some enemies just for being different, he ordered a bottle of fire whiskey for him and a glass .

The bartender brought it over and slammed it on the table, Picking up the glass he rolled it in the palm of his hand, “So lets really get to know each other” he said as he poured a full glass and downed it.

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Her eyes darted to the bottle of Vodka. It looked so inviting to her after the day she'd had, she wouldn't even bother to use a glass. She unscrewed the top and brought the glass bottle to her lips letting the clear liquid wash down her esophagus with it's bitter and intoxicating taste. She drank merrily. Some wizards stared at her and she gave them a very condescending look. She put the bottle down and smiled sheepishly at them, opening her lips slowly in a deep drawl. "In case you're looking for a magical castration procedure I suggest your eyes go back into their sockets and you go on with your drinking. Never seen a gal like me drink before?" She gave a short pause. "Thought so. Off with you lot." And she took another swig of her vodka.

Just then the pub doos opened and David came into view, walking inside to the looks of of the various wizards who'd just been staring at her. Leandra couldn't help but roll her eyes. They certainly were an annoying lot weren't they. She let her hand go into her robe and began to fiddle with the wand hidden inside. She brought it out with some pretty good reflexes and muttered an incantation under her breath. "Wingardum Leviosa." The wizards began to float in air and waving their arms frantically, at the same time she spoke another spell, with a subtle flick of her wrist. "Immobilus." And the wizards became motionless in air. She quickly hid the wand again as David came to join her, amidst the commotion that was just caused.

Her hands quickly enveloped the round bottle of cool liquid and started to chug it down again. She was no lady when it came to drinking, she went gung-ho with it. Never caring how she was viewed for having a hearty appetite be it with food or liquor. She gave David a brief smile, taking up a nearby napkin to clean some of the excess liquid from the sides of her mouth. "Aye, sounds good. What do you want to know? Think you and me can guess quite a bit given our surname. You, grandson of McGonagall, so no doubt people oggled you like some kind of rare mystery or precious gift. And me daughter of Snape. Deatheater, Order member and who knows what else the old man had hidden."

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"The Daughter of Snape, My Grandmother Said he was a brave man" he lifted a glass to her and downed it, A few of the wizards behind him made a remark that did not reach his ears, But he knew it was not a kind one, “But we know about them, but what about you,”

He let the words cross over to her before pouring another glass, It had already gone to his head, It was strange to be talking to someone so openly, Maybe it was the past and her frankness, but he made him feel safe, But she was warm and kind in her own round about way.

“Im pretty much an open book, I was sent to a muggle school at the age of five and then my father came and decided I was not meant to be there and moved took me with him on his hunts until I ended up at Drum and then I was shipped here.”

Shipped what where you a package, then he began to look over his life and that’s what he had been, A package moved here and there, Never asked just sent and was expected to do what he was told, The only good thing was his Grandmother as soon as she found out where he had been sent, He got a letter from Hogwarts demanding that he be transferred.

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Joshes eyes flicked across the hall, loads of people chatting, eating and drinking merrily as they sat around their friends. Josh had many friends, but today he felt different, one of his friends was in the hospital wing, no one knows what happened, because Charlie was to afraid to actually say, he must visit him later. His eyes came a across to the teachers table, there up high in the middle, sitting on a gold, sort of throne chair, sat their new headmistress, Alyssea Harrowood, she was remarkably young and rather new this year. It surprised Josh, she must only be around five years older than himself, hey he still had a chance then. He laughed in his head as he took another swig of his Butterbeer. As josh put his cup down he saw across the table a first year Ravenclaw.

"Are you Josh Weasley?" She asked, "Some fifth year Ravenclaws told me"

"Yes" he replied dully, "And before you ask, yes I'm related to the great three who relinquished the world from dark lord Voldemort" she seemed shocked that he said his name.

I've read up on all the journeys your aunt and uncles had, you must be proud to be related to them......" blah blah blah, Josh had heard it a million times, so had his whole family, He felt sorry for his cousins, Lily, Albus and James Potter. whilst the presumably sweet, little first year babbled on about adventures of Harry Potter, Josh pulled his wand out of his new sleek, dark robes, he lifted it to his cup and muttered a spell which changed his butterbeer to some good old firewhisky, he was used to doing this spell more than a hundred times he must of used it and only being caught twice, even for a wizard theirs a age limit when you can start drinking and Josh was defiantly under it. He took a big long swig and looked up to the enchanted ceiling, any minute now his uncles fireworks would go off. Josh hadn't realized the young Ravenclaw stopped talking until he put his glass down.

"whats the matter?" he asked, not really bothered.

"Ummm....it's William Darkstone" she replied and surely enough when Josh turned round there he was, making Ravenclaws move so he can sit down, "pathetic" Josh whispered under his breath taking a sip from his half full glass.

"my older sister, she's in her sixth year, said to stay away from him," she sounded scared, "she said not to get on his bad side, because he's a nasty piece of work, does bad things to people...."

"Bullocks" Josh said loud enough for the young Ravenclaw to hear as downed his drink to a quarter full, "don't be afraid of him, he's no threat just scares people into doing stuff. Including the stories make him sound even more scary. So don't worry if he looks at you as if expecting you to move, just tell him to piss off" The young girl seemed to be making a mental note of what Josh said before asking another question.

"why is your hair brown? your Father is a Weasley and your mother a Delecour, so you should be either ginger or blond, surely" she seemed interested to hear his answer.

"Some people say it's because I'm a metamorphamagus, you know what that means don't you?" she nodded silently, "And others say it could come from old good grandfather, Arthur Weasleys side of the family" he looked at her and smiled she simply said "oh" Josh now had a question for her "What's your name?" the little girl blushed, "I'm Hermione Willet, i was named after your aunt. My older sis is Elizabeth Willet, you might know her..." josh did recognize the name. Then to his ears came the voice of a short, plumpy old wizard, Professor Flitwick. William was being told off.

"Dumb ass" Josh muttered into his cup, as William walked out of the Hall. As he downed the remaining firewhisky he looked up just in time to see his celebration gift...




All the Pumpkins had exploded spraying people with, parts of them. Whilst from inside the pumpkins emitted Fireworks, which went whizzing and wheezing all over the place, different coloured ones, ones that made strange noises, some that made no noise at all, the ones Josh laughed at where, tiny, little different coloured fireworks which chased people from Slytherin house, Joshes favorites where the ones which made more fireworks as they exploded, this to Josh was a beautiful sight......

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As Jess entered the Great Hall she moved towards the Gryffindor table, her eyes roamed over the many faces. Some gave her soft smiles, others looked away. It was no secret who she was. As a matter of fact she was proud of the fact that she could call her self the Daughter of the man that so many had found a monster. Only one other person understood why, and that was her best friend, Leandra.

Both of these girls were the daughters of men who were thought to be one way, but turned out to be totally different. Leandra's father had been Severus Snape, ex Headmaster of Hogwarts, Deatheater, Order of The Phoenix Member, and just a misunderstood man in all. While Jessica's father happened to be Sirius Black, accused murderer, prison escapee, Order member, and Godfather to one of the Wizarding worlds most famous Wizard.

Both girls came from very different backgrounds but had the same sort of sadness in their own ways. It was comical how they had become friends, considering their fathers had been enemies, even if they had worked for the same side. But that was the irony of it all. In the end it was their fathers, whom had hated each other so much, that had brought them together. If there was anyone who knew much about Jessica Black, it was Leandra Snape. But even then there were still some secrets.

As Jess looked over the Gryffindor tables she noted that LEandra was no where in sight. She sighed inwardly, and thought to herself, Some Head Girl you are Lea. You can't even come to the feast. Her impatience with her friends carelessness drove her insane sometimes. But in the end, she knew that if she had grown up without the deep scars on her heart, she'd possibly look at it all differently.

Instead of staying in the Great Hall with no on of real importance to talk too, she left. Left the School, left the grounds, and entered Hogsmeade. She knew where she'd find Leandra. Knew it because it was the place Leandra always visited when not in school. No Jess Not always. Your over exaggerating again. She just simply sighed and made her way into Hogsmeade.

Soon her destination came into view. The Hogs Head Pub stood where it had always been. It had once been owned by Aberforth Dumbledore, brother of Albus Dumbledore. That was a little known fact, but it seemed like there were secrets like that everywhere.

Jess pushed open the door and stepped inside the bar. An icy wind entered with her but she shut the door and cut it off. She looked around the pub and found whom she was looking for. A smile flicked across her face and she stepped towards the table that Leandra and a young man occupied.

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"Hmmm. Never really know when it comes to people or your own kin." She said simply and stared at the contents of the bottle. She brought it close to her face and looked at the distorted view that it granted. All the wizards seemed to have longer bodies and neck, and looked special in their own way. Off a few feet the people were crowding around the wizards she cursed nonchlantly. She couldn't hide the grin that came over her. It seemed the others didn't much like them either because they just stared and laughed. She turned to David for a moment giving him a strange look before going back to the midst of their conversation.

"Sounds like a pretty exciting life." She said sarcastically. "How come he didn't just put you in one of the magical primary schools? Would have been better than being put in danger. Although it does sound exciting. Maybe duel an evil wizard. Fight some giants. Go and catch some Dragon thieves. Or be stuck in the Ministry doing paperwork for caught criminals." She took a sigh. "I can imagine how much you must have hated going to Durmstrang. I went there once, it was bloody cold and the wizards didn't seem to have any wits about them unless it dealt with the dark magic. How I took it anyway. But don't worry, mate. You'll be just fine 'round these parts. I'll help ya how I can. It's my duty after all as.... Head Girl. Biggest load title I've ever heard. Still don't get how I got it." She chuckled and took a long drink from the bottle emptying it's contents in a half second. She looked about and burped rather loudly.

"'Scuse me." She heard the door open again and saw Jess stride forward. She waved to her friend with a dopey smile. She knew exactly where to find her. But it wasn't too hard when she knew that she had a special penchant for expensive and very alcoholic liquors. Good thing she could hold her drinks, if not she would have entered the castle sloshed almost nightly. She knew Jess wasn't a big fan of the pub scene, but to her it was home. She pulled out her wand and flicked it so a chair pulled back for her. Lea turned her attention to a lone wizard on the corner. One who had a black cloak on that seemed to be weathered by age and travel. She could not see much of his face but he was older in age, grayish hair, but still he held quite a strength. She saw his shadow against the firelight and watched as his head turned towards her. Her eyes drifted there for a moment before she turned back with a start and looked somewhere else with a more melancholic stance to her.

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An engine roared up the drive to the castle, Led Zeppelin carried out of the mustangs windows, The car came to a screeching stop out side the two giant doors of Hogwarts, The blue door swung open followed by smoke and beer cans, A tall shaggy looking man stepped out wearing Jeans and a green t-shirt, His hair was long and greasy.

Throwing a large green bag over his arm, He dropped his luck strike to the ground and crushed it under a heavy black boot, His large hands where rough and seemed to tell a story of pain, Two dark green eyes hid behind an unshaven stubble, tilting his head back he looked up .

“Well big brae yae had it gud up until the end, Ya had it gud”, His iron like fist banged on the door, Before he could strike it again, the door began to open, A lady in a long green cloak stood in front of him, Her eyes where narrow and a look of disgust was on her face.

“Franklin Dumbledore, You could have at least dressed in the correct clothing, Look at you, Albus would be turning in his grave”, How he loved her accent reminded him of home, “I highly doubt that Lass, Now where are ma rooms, Ane you called me not the other way round”, She pointed to her left and a blue light flashed from her finger.

“Follow that, You have missed the sorting, you will have to meet your students in the class and Frank try not to be drunk”, He had already began walking down the hall, following the pulsing light, He gave a empty wave and left the headmistress behind him, Clicking his fingers the Mustang outside turned off and sat in silence.

Throwing his bag in his room, he unzipped it placing a photo of him and Albus sitting on motorbikes, Rummaging in his bag, he found a six pack and started to drink his problems away.

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The potions classroom was full of shadows, the only light source being the fire lit under the single cauldron at the head of the class. William entered warily, his eyes searching the darkness for any sign of professor Slughorn. With a sigh he drew his wand and pointed it at a barely visable candle, held in a bracket on the wall of the classroom.


A sudden burst of light erupted from the tip of his wand and a pulse of fire lit the candle. William repeated the spell several times, Lighting several candles around the room. Feeling better he approached the cauldron and peered suspiciously at the contents which were a dull yellow colour.

"Almost done my dear boy."

Professor Slughorn came waddling out of a back room, carrying a bunch of dried flowers in his meaty hands. William nodded and sat down on a desk to watch the potions master work his art.

"Just a pinch of foxglove to prevent the atrophying of the heart and its finished."

The large man threw in the whole bunch of flowers and stirred vigorously, changing the potion to a deep crimson. Using a large ladle he scooped up a measure and poured it into a goblet swiftly before handing the warm cup to William. With a grimace the boy drank deeply from the cup and put it down on the table, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand. The professor had worked fast and there were now over a dozen corked bottles of the potion on the table for William to take.

"There we go. Take those bottles to your dorm and then head back to the feast."

As William gathered up the bottles the large man left the room, no doubt returning to the hall for his share of food. William went to his dorm and dumped the bottles in the large chest he kept at the foot of his bed before grabbing up a rather crumpled looking robe and heading back to the hall.

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The contents of the vile drained into his mouth. Once the last drop was taken, he threw the vile to his bed. He clenched his teeth, trying to bare the potion's sickening taste. He took a quick glance at the label of the potion: Wolfsbane Potion. The figure sat on his Ravenclaw dormitory bed, the only light in the room was the moonlight streaming through the window. He dare not step foor in its silver light. The moonlight was the catalyst, and he was the beast.

His name was Lunick Greyback. Those who knew him would call him simply Nick. He sat in his school uniforms, although he barely ever followed the dress code. His shirt was untucked, his tie was loose, and his pants were baggy. He was the son of infamous Death Eater Fenrir Greyback. He hated the fact. It had been hard when he introduced himself to people. They would've been happy as he said hello and said his first name, but when they heard his last name, their faces changed to that of disgust. His father had perhaps given him one of the worst curses Lunick could think of: Lycanthropy. In the full moon light, when the wolfsbane blooms, he would transform. This potion kept his human mind intact when he did so, however. It was his only salvation from his curse.

Lunick turned and set his foot on the floor, opposite from where the moon was shining. He looked to his side to see his wand. It had helped him in many situations. Ash wood with a core of werewolf hair-his father's werewolf hair. He hated being so close to his father all the time, but the fact that his own father was the werewolf that gave his wand power made it a powerful wand. Lunick quickly grabbed it and walked out, not wanting to spend anymore time dweeling on the fact. He made his way through the common room, surviving the glares from students who knew his secret.

Lunick stepped out of the Common Room and headed for the school grounds.

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Frank sat in his room crushing the last can , the metal crumpled under his hand like paper, He sat up the blood rushed to his head, “Aye Albus I should ave been ere , It would ave been different”, He rubbed the his right fore arm as he stood, “Now lets go see what as changed in this dusty old place.”

The room span, But he steady himself, Checking that he had his dragon scales wand, He licked his lips the taste of whiskey was still on his lips, A small smile broke on his Scottish lips, Walking out he walked down the hall, A few portraits welcomed him, some bowed.

Each hall seemed to be getting smaller, till he found himself at a dead end, A gargoyle looked back at him, With out realising he found himself at the headmasters office, What a name he had made for himself here, Albus the great and had Franklin done with his life, It was something to have a big brother another with such power and the dark secrets they had kept.

After that dreadful night Franklin left the country and had never said a word to Albus, The two only spoke when he had to come back to place her in the ground, Of course a fight insured between the two, Albus was always more powerful, But Franklin never relied much on magic, He later went on to become an Auoror, Sent round the world he took many missions to stay away from the real world, Training with Moody he raised in the Ranks, Becoming one of the best they had.

Franklin was a fighter no doubt about it, But the news of Albus death had hit him hard, He thought he would live forever and maybe one day they could forgive each other, But now this was his burden, He could have saved Albus if only they had made peace, He could have been at his Brothers side protecting him, He did not even realise his wand was out shaking, The gargoyle exploded in a shower of green and red sparks, A small tear ran down Franklin’s face.

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The last of the fireworks were exploding as William made his way back into the hall, his rode sweeping behind him. A small, twinkling rocket sped towards a young girl on the Slytherin table who screamed shrilly. William whipped out his wand and repelled the firework, sending it spinning out of control before a second gesture destroyed it in a shower of multi colored sparks. William lent over to the nearest student and asked quietly,

"Who let off the fireworks?"

The fourth grade Hufflepuff shrugged and pointed in the general direction of the Gryfindor table, which was laughing uproariously. William nodded grimly and set off towards them. His wand grasped tightly in his hand. Muttering the word,


William created a bunch of flowers at the tip of his wand that fell into his outstretched hand. With a flourish he presented them to a girl at the table and sat down when her friend offered him a seat. A few of the boys looked slightly jealous of the attention William was getting but they stayed quiet, glaring forcefully across their food.

"The way I see it," William began loudly, "you Grifindors think that its funny to launch fireworks at young kids."

A slow silence spread over the table as every member of the house looked at William as if he was mad.

"I know that we Slytherins get a bad press for being evil but you've all really shown us up today. Not that I particularly like that bunch of sallow faced cowards over there but someones got to keep you lot on the straight and narrow."

He got up to leave and flashed a smile,

"That said, those fireworks were a nice piece of work. Congratulations to whoever thought of that one."

With that he was gone, walking out of the hall with his shoulders hunched and his hands in his pockets, heading for the dorms.

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Tom sat in the dark corner of the hogs head, his collar up brushing gently against the sides of his cheeks, as various bottles of different liquors found there way to his mouth, he stared toward three teenagers, which defiantly should not be there, from sight, his knowledge and his marvelous auror ears, Tom was able to pick up the facts that the dark haired girl, who was downing drinks quicker than even he was, was Leandra Snape, daughter of Severus Snape, a good man he was told and he kept by that, Snapes daughter head girl at Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry, well Tom hadn't seen her for over three years, the fact that he was twenty and three years ago was in his seventh year at Hogwarts whilst she was in her fourth was no secret, but allot has changed since then, fighting against trolls, vampires, werewolves, and finding yourself fighting off various dark magical creatures alongside an accidental friend Ronald Weasley, in a village that had no contact with anyone else for thirty miles, it really does change a man.

Now the young man, seventh year now as well is presumable, preferably just moved here, well that was in his teacher papers but oh well, dark hair, unmistakable features, Tom gathered that this must be the grandson of Minerva McGonagol, head teacher when Thomas started his school years, she wouldn't like to know that he was here, especially on his first day, tut tut, obviously under the influence of Leandra, as prefect he'd caught her many times sneaking off, or finding her in hogs head drinking away, surprised she didn't click on to why i was there or maybe she was being nice not to tell anyone, Thomas had changed since his prefect years, barely recognizable to few people, now many people he once knew couldn't figure out who he was today, but someone will click on. Now the third girl, that just entered, Thomas recognized her, but he hadn't yet heard a name, all that could be decided on where looks, but to tipsy to bother figuring out who she was Tom stood up, a flick off his hand and the bottles where gone and as he pulled his wand, phoenix feather, eleven inches, oak rather flexible a great wand, with a wave of that money appeared at the counter, just in front of the bartender.

he trudged over to the the table the three teenagers where, his heavy black boots pounding the floor, the new defense against dark arts teacher approached some of his new students, "you shouldn't be here," he said as the three stared up at him in shock, "a bit young to be drinking, you three should be up at school, especially you two, Mr. McGonagol, you think your grandmother would approve? as for you miss Snape, head girl and daughter of an honorable man, how do you think he'd feel? and you" it clicked, he knew who she was, the dark mysterious girl daughter of Sirius Black, "I know, your lips haven't touched the rim of a bottle, and lets keep it that way miss Black, your father, a great man, i learned that as i joined the new Order of the Phoenix, courtesy of one Mr. Harry Potter, his go-godson" the drinks were kicking in now, "from what i heard he was no different from me in high school, he wouldn't want you drinking, I know it's Halloween, whoo celebrate, but that is no reason, you know he wouldn't don't you?" he was starting to lose balance and held onto a chair to keep himself up, "and on that note, i leave" his soft voice was smoothing to mot and hopefully he'd done his best as a teacher to stop them drinking, now he had to make it to the door, holding most furniture to hold himself up, "bye Tom" the barman called, Tom gave a quick salute and walked into the door, before realizing it wasn't open, he pulled the handle, cold winds blowing in he stepped outside and closed the door......

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The air was filled with a heavy scent of musk and blood. Everywhere she turned the ghastly faces of worn out witches and wizards came to greet her with morose expressions. They looked on lifeless. Their spirits had long since left their body and now they were left as nothing but empty shells paying for crimes committed from years pass. Her eyes darted through each cell and her mind spun with so many thoughts. How could any decent witch or wizard be enticed into the darkness in such a way? Was the price paid truly worth terrorizing their own kinds? Perhaps it was because she was a logical person but to her it didn't seem worth it, nor did it add up. Those who chose this way of life knew the risks they were taking, and walking further into the corridors of Azkaban she wondered how so many of her brethren had not taken their own lives by now.

Her mind drifted back to the present as they neared a large door made of magical steel and infused with many spells. She took a much needed breath as the Auror showed her forward. There was a very dark presence hidden deep within these walls. She could sense it through every fiber of her being. A creature that seemed not to be of their world but another. Perhaps a member of the other magical races that littered the world. Samara could not deny that this made her feel very unnerved but she trudged forward placing her hand against the cold steel of the door. It was now or never, and still deep inside she could not help the feeling of fate and destiny at work here.

"In 'ere ma'am. 'e won't bite lest 'e likes ye. Couldn't blame 'em if 'e does." The Auror chuckled and peaked very subtlely along the bare;y noticeable curves of Sam. He stared for a bit too long because soon he was only met with a reprimanding look from the cloaked witch at his side. "Sorry ma'am. I'll be'ave now." He said quickly and apologetically. He probably knew that while she had a fairly amiable and relaxed personality, that she was not to be crossed. Not after some of the rumours that were running rampant when she was announced as the new Minister of Magic. His hand moved to the door and he muttered a spell. The door took on a purplish hue of color. Sparkles of gold and white were spraying across the air around them and then one defining "CLANK!" He turned to look at the lovely witch and gave her a goofy smile.

"'ere we go ma'am. 'e's in 'ere. I'll be waiting 'round 'ere, just like ye requested." He stepped aside at once. Sam stood by the doorway, apprehension began to fill her mind. Why had this creature requested to see her. Something in her told her to be on her guard and she was to the best of her ability. She looked at Brynmaer and gave a nod as she pushed the doorway open. The steel was very thick and heavy but she managed to get through with a forceful push. Almost immediately, the stench of the cell made her body convulse with a want to wretch. She fought her body's impulses and kept steady and alert in this unending darkness. She pulled out her wand and in her mind muttered "Lumos." Causing a light on the tip of her wand. She looked around the room horrified at what she was seeing. Bodies were splattered across the wall along with blood everywhere. She made a quick turn but saw nothing still.

Sighing, she came to a halt when she heard footsteps come from behind her. Something attemped to make a grab for her and in an act of surprise she flipped over as agile as cat. She pointed the light forward and saw him. How long had this creature been inside the walls of Azkaban? He had brown hair that laid messily everywhere across his face. He had a surprisingly well-kept beard across his face, and dark brownish eyes with a tint of red. She looked on at him, trying to keep the upper-hand but she'd been startled.

"Put the wand away." His scratchy voice bade at her but she merely shook her head at him. "I don't that's a very wise action on my part." She quickly scoffed back as he came closer. His hand was just inches from her face but she kept her ground. Fright was forming in her but she wouldn't let him see it. She was amazed however that she was shaking with pure terror with who she was standing infront of. The stories of the massacres he's arranged and participated in were legendary in the Ministry. Heck, not just the English Ministry but the ones across the world. Acts of unspeakable horror and dark magic that would make anyone's skin crawl.

"*Fine, witch.*" He bellowed somewhat irritably. He was staring at her a little more than she would have liked but so be it. "Why have you called for me specifically, Cursed One?" She finally managed to muster the question that had been on her mind since a week ago when she got the owl asking for her to come and visit him. "You're the Minister, aren't you?" He gave her a jeering smile as he stood to his full height. And Sam was taken aback, he was quite a looker even for a Vampire. She gave a slow nod and he came ever closer.

"Good." He spoke in his raspy voice. "I can give you the information you need on the Durdenshire massacre. I'm sure your kind remembers that well." He gave her a fanged smile, a very dark delight playing across his features. Samara stood in thought, the Durdenshire Massacre had been the bloodiest of all murders in England that was not involved with Voldermorts rise to power. A group of vampires or a lone one, depending on the story, trespassed into the wizarding community and began a feast of blood and murders. It was ghastly, when Aurors went to investigate it was rumored that they held terrible Vampiric rituals. Blood, Flesh, Sex, you name it they did it. The torture that those poor wizards were forced to endure. She closed her eyes. She had seen pictures of it, and it was one sight that she wished she'd never seen. She clenched her teeth and got ready to hear this. No doubt it was a bargain, for his sentence to be revoked or to be given less years.

"What do you want, Vampire?" She asked watching as his lips curled into a terrible smile. "You should know what I want." He spoke and she closed her eyes momentarily. "It depends on the information given." Her words were to the point and seemed to find them amusing. There was a very long pause between them. It seemed eternal and it Sam's heart was beating so quick in her chest that she thought it would burst forth in a moments notice. "Fine, Witch. You should know though..." And before the words were out of his lips, she could hear footsteps run down the long corridor of cells. It was followed by the sounds of a scuffle and Brynmaer's screams. The sound of howls and hoots filled the air and she could hear a body drop on the floor. She turned her head for a mere second and it was all the Vampire needed. His hands came around her neck and he threw her against the wall with a force of a ten thousand dragons. Sam's body bounced against the wall and she slid to the floor still grasping her wand for dear life. Her head lolled forward and as she regained her bearings on reality. She looked upward, and quickly moved her wand hand frantically to see where he was but she could see nothing.

Eyes quickly darted across the darkness. There was nothing she could do. She had to count on her other senses. She steadied her breathing and let the entire area zoom into life. Her ears were now searching desperately for anything. She remained as calm as she could. She had to keep her cool if not she would die here tonight. She kept searching until finally she heard something come from her right. With as much speed she could muster she rose to her feet and flicked her wrist with talent and style.

"SECTUMSEMPRA!" She bellowed and heard the sounds of a thousand slashes across cloth and skin. She heard only a slight whimper from her target but nothing more. Still it was enough for her, she had his direction now or she hoped. She flicked her wrist once more, showing the same aptitude and skill worthy for the chosen Minister of Magic. This time however the words out of her lips were, "CONFRINGO!" The spell blast forward but found no live target only the gunk on the wall. However, it still blasted the area causing a temporary light through the dark cell. Damn. He'd moved too quick for her. In a frantic motion, she flicked her wrist and changed her bodies direction constantly going "Confringo" to every part she could. Explosions sounded through every part of the cell. Specks of debris hitting and wounding her body. Specks of fire began to settle on the floor and joining giving her light. But even then he was too fast for her. She could not see him and by now it was too late...

Something grasped at her neck. Fingers delving deep into her flesh from behind. Seconds later it was right infront of her. The bearded Vampire looked at her with crimson red eyes. His fangs bared completely to her. His body had several slashes across it. And there were bits of ash against his tattered clothing no doubt one of the blasts had gotten to him. Something was odd here though, he wasn't choking the life out of her, just merely staring at her. He moved his head forward and planted a rough kiss across her lips. "Remember me, Witch. The end has begun." With little effort, he threw her body back against the wall. Samara's body did several flips as she was hit full forced against the stone and magical layers of the wall. Her world was starting to fade into the darkness. She opened her eyes long enough to see the Vampire open the door, followed by the uncanny sound of several footsteps coming to greet him. Something serious just occurred. This was not a coincidence, something was planned and put into action tonight. What was going on? And why did the dread and anticipation only increase with each moment? But the thoughts of conspiracies and suspicions drifted from her mind as slumber's arms welcomed her into it's waiting darkness.

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It had rained for days, A tall man stood over to graves, the land had become like a swamp, The water bounced of the grave stones, As each droplet hit the ground like missiles , Brushing back his hair form his face to oak eyes filled with tears, Not of sadness but of Pride, “You did well little Brother Im so proud of you and you ladies man, Your wife is beautiful”, Placing white orchids on one of the graves , “It is nice to meet you Tonks, Please call me Seb, Don’t worry about Teddy I spoke to Harry and Im on my way to meet him, I will make sure he is looked after.”

Leaning down on one knee The man touched the head of his brothers grave, “I feel I must say sorry , I should have been here, For the wedding and so many other things, But my work took over my life, Finding Galomresy Stone was so important it blinded me from what was real, I know you will forgive me and I love you even more for it my brave little Brother, I will not make the same mistakes with Teddy that I did with the rest of my family”.

Twisting he stood, his long brown jacket covered in mud, The rain trying to keep him down, Pulling up the cuff of the old jacket he smiled placing a dark ten gallon hat on his head, Holding out a hand a Brown broom flew to his hand, “Tonks dear lady it was such a pleasure to meet you, Dear brother as always you have been very kind, Now to find my nephew and to introduce him to the Uncle he never knew about.”

His right foot sunk in the ground as he pushed off and took to the air, The wind had now teamed with the wind to start an unrelenting war with Seb and his flight, It would take a day or so to get to Hogwarts at this rate, But he had no other way , The new of his brothers death had taken a year to reach him in the mountains of Africa, As soon as he found out about it he set of, Flying non stop.

It was the Weasleys he had met first, They told him the full tale from start to end, Mrs Weasley held him when the tears broke free, Then the story continued, Telling him of Harry and Ginny and the pride in her eyes gave him new life, Then of Teddy and all he had been up to, Sending him off with a full stomach and a pack lunch he set off, Sorting out all of his brothers affairs and opening an account for teddy and a trust fund and now it was time for them to meet.

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Jess smiled as she drew closer to Leandra's table. She couldn't help but smile when her friend gave her that dopey grin. Even when it seemed like her life was in shambles Leandra seemed to be able to lift her spirits with one smile. She took the chair that Lea had pulled up for her. She sat with a rigid spine. She folded her arms in her lap and spoke, "I figured you'd be here. Missing the feast to come here. Your not starting out the year as Head Girl very well."

She turned her gaze to the young man and smiled half heartedly, "Hey. my name is Jessica Black. I dont think I've seen you before. You a transfer?" She let her eyes rest on his face waiting for an answer. It was more to keep her mind off of having to be in the pub. Leandra knew that she wasn't much of a drinker or a pub person. She had her days, but something bothered her about the scene. Perhaps it was her roots. The darkness that flowed through her veins, seemed to always become a bit more controling when she was in a pub. It stood out a little bit more, and if she drank, forget about nice Jess. That was why she tried to avoid the pubs at all costs, she didn't need the temptaion of alcohol to cloud her thoughts or her ability to control the evil that lay within her.

She drew her eyes from the young man as a young woman came to the table. She never waited for the woman to speak, she simply placed the order quickly. She was impatient. She made sure it was evident in her voice and in the way she sat. She let her eyes slide to Leandra and watched her silently. Soon she had turned to face the table once more and Jess smiled at her, "I received an owl from my dear grandmother. I hear there is talk of an uprising soon." It was no secret to her that Jess lived in dangerous territory. But it would take time for her to be able to tell her exactly of where she lived and what she really was. But she knew that if things kept going on teh way they did, Lea would soon find out.

As they sat a man appeared at their table. Jess looked up with curiosity at the young man who looked somewhat familiar. She raised her brow as he began to reprimand them about drinking. To Jess's sensitive smell, she knew he should not speak to them about drinking. But the thing that had caught her off guard the most was the fact that the young man openly spoke of her father. It sent a pang of guilt through her but she never dropped her gaze from the man.

The man continued on for only a short period of time before stepping out of the pub. Jess just kept her brow raised and turned to look at Lea, "What a hypocrite! I dont think he had much room to talk. He was drunker then a skunk." Jess scoffed in disdain and took her butterbeer from the waitress when it arrived. She placed the rim to her lips and took a long draw from it. Her mind wandering about the man who had just casually spoke to them all about their families."
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Tom left the bar, hopefully the teenagers had taken in a little of what he said, but he really couldn't talk, no doubt he smelt of all the liquor he had just been drinking, but he did know, and hopefully all of them did, that their relatives wouldn't speak approvingly of it. Plus what did they have to deal with, a dead dad Tom was raised by death, he never met any of his grandparents, they all died before his birth, when he was six his twin sister died, he doesn't like to talk much about it though, then a year later his father died, at the same time killing a powerful follower of lord Voldemort, after that he and his mother moved to glasgow, three years later death struck his family once more, Toms mother tragically died in an accident he never talks of, he went to live with his aunt in London who raised him until he was in his fifth year, she was murdered by a man looking for Tom, he lived the rest of his school years with his best mates family, Johnny Manner, after school and on their first mission as auror at eighteen Johnny was killed, he's has seen death and felt pain allot more times and a hundred times worse then them.

He stood up tall his black jacket that usually traveled to the ground was sailing behind him, scraping on the pub door he stood outside of, he run a hand through his wavy black hair and before pocketing his wand he gave a quick flick and the stench of alchol coming from him and his clothes was gone, Tom then set off out of Hogsmeade toward the school, the cold winds wiping him, he crossed his arms and pressed on, there weren't many people out in the streets, but outside a shop sat in the freezing wind was an aging old woman, her hair flying frantically about her, she had both hands on a steaming cup of tea. Thats about all Tom was able to see, there was no one else out and the winds were so cold and strong he had to squint to see anything at all but his vision was still blurry.

When Thomas was successfully out of the gates, Hogsmeade getting smaller behind him, he made sure no one was looking and with a tap of his wand, his black coat turned to black fur, his legs and arms shortened, his nose grew, along with his teeth, whilst his eyes widened and a tail grew behind him, falling to the ground, he had turned into a large, scruffy, smooth haired, black Labrador dog, it felt great to be free like this. Tom or as he was known and called in dog form Ramax or Max, stretched his legs and sprinted off for the school, thw wind brushing past his fur and floppy, dog ears, he was there in no time, he got to an entrance at the back and pushed through, and when inside turned himself back to a human, he quickly opened the door at the back of the hall which straight in front lay the teachers table, he quickly took up his seat beside Prof. Neville Longbottom, who was engaging in a conversation with Prof. Slughorn.

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She was barely paying attention. Her eyes had drifted to an unstable chair not too far off. Her mind in another world as she thought of a day many years ago. Her mother and herself had gone off on vacation to Egypt and there they had encountered someone who seemed to know a little too much about them. In the least, of the Snape family. But how they knew that her mother had been married to Snape and that she was his progeny had always alluded her. However, that one encounter did much more than just make her weary, it also gave way to something very dark and sinister in her. It wasn't strong but it certainly made itself known to a once carefree little girl. With it came moments and situations that she nor her mother could ever fully explain. A dark magic was deep within her, a magic that gave reality to darkest desires.

Leandra came back to reality when she saw Jess come and join her. She gave a smile to her best friend and pushed the bottle of Fire Whiskey before her. Her eyes had once more drifted to the cloaked figure in the back. But her concentration was broken when the Professor of DADA decided to make himself known. He smelled of cheap whiskey and musk but he was kind of cute. She rolled her eyes and made pretend she was listening to him but in reality he could take his advice and shove it where the sun don't shine. She was tired of following everyone elses rules, in fact it was only a matter of time until she left. It was something she'd wanted to do for awhile do, and she would do as soon as she became of age which wasn't too far off.

That thought had always been her saving grace. She supposed she should have told Jess, and she would know in time. Perhaps not until she returned, maybe beforehand. Who knew. She gave both her and David a smile and a brief introduction. “Jess this is David. He’s a new transfer here. And David this it Jess, me best friend and partner in crime. She’s the ‘good’ one.” She spoke sheepishly. “Think you both will get on just fine.” She got to her feet. “Got some things to do, folks. I’ll see you both later.” She gave Jess an unreadable look and David a half smile before going in a hurry towards the door. Leandra gave one last look back towards the cloaked and shadowed figure. There was a look of intensity and uncertainty on her face before she turned and stepped into the nights chilly air.

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The feast had began. The tables groaned under the weight of the food they held. Students milled about. Coming and going as they pleased. Hogwart's had changed so much. There was still that seperation of the houses, the bitter rivalry between Slytherin and Gryffindor still waged on, but in the midst of it all there was still an unspoken unity. But even with the unity there were still those few students who were shunned. But that was in any school. And it wouldn't change.

Alyssea sat in her chair in the middle of the staff table. She ate slowly, waiting for the feast to be over so she could give her speech. She always hated giving speeches. They never turned out the way she wanted them too. But in the end as long as it was said, and the point got across, it would be fine. The food disappeared from the table and the dessert was served. Pumpking Pastey's and Pumpkin juice appeared, along with many other kinda of desserts. But Alyssea paid none of it any mind. Her eyes were searching the tables, looking at the students as the laughed and smiled. It was hard to believe that these students were born a generation after Voldemort's downfall. They weren't touched by the hand of evil like she had been. But it was much easier on them, it was just stories to some of them, but there were those few who had been marked.

Aly was shook from her reverie as a loud noise sounded through out the Great Hall. She looked up to see fire works flying around the room. She stood and raised her wand. Quickly she had disposed of the problem. Her eyes became hard as she looked out over the crowded hall. Many people had ducked under their tables, others had thrown themselves to the ground. The only table that seemed to be the same was the Gryffindor table. She stared at them all and spoke her voice soft but loud enough to carry out over to them, "50 points from Gryffindor. When will you learn that it is not a game to endanger peoples lives?" She turned to Minerva and noded to her and then left the hall.

She moved silently down the halls. Her thoughts elsewhere. She never did get to give her speech. And she was slightly relieved. She'd save it for another day. She moved closer to her office. Her senses telling her something was off. As she drew closer she soon realized what it was. HEr eyes glowed slightly as she looked upon the destroyed statue and the man standing before it. She recognized him instantly and smelt the Alcohol on him. She grit her teeth and spoke, not trying to hide the anger she felt, "Franklin Dumbledore! What have you done? If you needed to get into the office, you could have just said the password."

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David sat pondering over an empty glass wondering what to say , All of a sudden a new girl came over to the table, she was younger but very easy on the eyes, she ordered fast and spoke even faster, Jess seemed uneasy sting in a pub, It was not long before her drinks came and questions where asked , David sat and explained his past and how he had come to hogwarts, the night seemed never ending, as the three sat and talked, Dave told them of the time his father and him hunted Dragon thief’s over the mountains of Egypt and how one of the leader was a Dragon Rider.

It was very rare for David to talk so openly to others, But they had made him feel at home and for once he actually thought he had made some friends, See it is not easy when you travel round to make friends, You never stay around long enough to know anyone, Most people have friends they have known since childhood and David did not even have that, It had been a very lonely life, But his father was strict and taught him a lot, part of a Aurors job is to fit in , Make the right friends and cover your back and this was just one of the many teachings from his missing dad,

All David knew about his fathers disappearance was it had something to do with a Vampire crime in a small city in Europe, That was over nine months ago now and no one had heard a thing, It pained him to think of what had happened, but he knew his father, He would still be alive fighting with his last breathe or would be in hiding not able to contact the MOM.

Looking back up from his glass and at Jess he gave her a smile and looked at the clock behind her head, it was coming up for two in the morning, a bell rang at the bar for last orders , Dave bought one more round and gave another smile his mind still on his father, He needed to break his line of thought, “so have any of you met Harry Potters kids yet?”

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Touching down in the main court yard, Seb brushed his hair back, The rain had stopped over an hour ago, but he was still soaked to the bone, He pulled out his tatty wand and dryed himself up, Marching forward, a young man caught his eyes, It can not be he thought, still holding the wand in his hand the hand gripped it with rage, It was him the son of that werewolf they that plagued his brothers life with that curse, How dare they let that monster into this school, Forgetting his broom, Seb approached the Child his wand out in front of him in a threaten manor.

“I know what you are and no doubt like your father, you are an evil piece of sh!t , if I so much as get a smell of darkness from you, I will enjoy cursing you!” Slowly walking backwards not taking his eyes from the wolf boy he headed for the door, turning at the last moment “I will be watching”, Bursting into the school he headed for the heads office, It had been along time since he had walked these halls, Him Frank and the boys what trouble they had made, Passing on their secrets to James and Sirius, Showing their little group the hidden rooms of Hogwarts.

It was a life time ago now, Frank had become bitter and turned to drink , It was not long before the bitterness turned to guilt and the hole he had dug himself into only got deeper, A little bit of Frank came back when Sam appeared, The two of them where the perfect couple she was a great witch still to become the MOM and Frank was the Minister of law enforcement, The two where perfect and it was a love few rarely had, But it then he died and Frank died with him, pushing everyone away again.

It broke Sam in two and Seb knew it had only made Frank worse, But what amazed him was that Sam never gave up and till this day hopes that the old Frank will return and Seb had seen it in him every time she was around, the old Frank was still in there buried deep down, but he was there, Then his thoughts turned to Teddy as he got closer to the Office, What would the Young man think of his new God Father and the life he had lead.

But that would all come in time, Walking round the to see Frank storm off down the corridor he found himself standing behind the head, He almost laughed at the situation , It seemed as if the two of them had just been caught in time, Last time this had happened the two of them had set of fire works in the Girls dorms, Frank was running from the head as Seb came round running and bumped into the old man, But it was different now not the light hearted fun it use to be, Seb cleared his throat he did not want to startle the Head!

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Josh put his head in his hands, not because he had fifty points taken away for a great laugh, but because he was crying with laughter, most Gryffindor kids were laughing as well, mostly because the Slytherins were all running away from fireworks, eventually kids stood up, more and more leaving to go to bed, then into joshes view Albus came skidding into view, Albus Potter was one of Joshes best friends, he was also in his fifth year, the two had a great laugh, Josh remembered first arriving at school, Rose and himself nearly had to pull Albus from the train, he was kind of frightened, his dad being the great Harry Potter and all, but eventually the two got him off. Albus was kind of scruffy, his shirt un-tucked, and his tie hanging from his neck, he wasn't like what he was in the first year, he used to try and be neat, not get any points reduced, but that gradually changed, in there third year, the two almost got caught drinking a potion and using a spell to turn themselves into an animagus, because peeves walked in on them whilst they were in the girls toilet, along with moaning myrtle, Harry had told the two not to go in there but after a Christmas when they were young and harry told them about the chamber of secrets and them making polyjuice potion in moaning myrtles toilets, they figured it was OK, they just got away, Albus had became a gold evil, and Josh turned himself into a silver wolf.

Albus sat down in front of Josh, he had a huge grin on his face, and had to slap josh to stop him laughing, by this time crowd were pouring out of the hall, "Did it work?" Albus asked, "yeah it was fantastic, you know I really like old uncle George" Josh was smiling too, "Fifty points? fifty points taken from the house, we have barely been here a week, news spreads fast I'll tell you that Joshy boy" Josh grinned, "What took you so long?" Josh asked, "I don't know, some Ravenclaw first year, talking about my dad and crap like that" josh was about to speak but as was about to speak he jerked forward, His older sister had punched him as she walked by, taking Gryffindor first years to there dorm, "and that was my dork brother who lost us the fifty points, because of the fireworks display" he heard her say, then he jolted the other way, his cousin Rose had punched him, "why didn't you hit Albus?" Josh called after her, "I couldn't reach" was her simple reply, then he jolted once more as his younger sis sat next to him, "why is everyone hitting me?" josh said in a sympathetic voice, "because you lost us fifty points....ALREADY, and you," she said lifting a fork and shaking at Albus, "I'll shove this were you don't want it mate" she stood up and left leaving Albus and Josh to laugh as she walked over to her Gryffindor friends.....eventually every student had piled out the great Hall.

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Lunick walked through the halls of Hogwarts until he came to the Great Hall. A look of fear came upon him. He couldn't go in there. He wasn't in the mood of getting whispers from the other kids. He had heard it all so many times. That's the monster kid, I can't believe they let him attend here, I just hope they keep him locked up in the dungeons at night.

Mustering up all the courage he could, he walked calmly past the Great Hall, not daring to look in. He sighed in relief once he had made it past. Lunick pushed open the doors to Hogwarts, walking out. As he left, he noticed a shape dart past the sky. He grip his wand in suspicion, but as it touched down, he noticed it was a man. Lunick loosened the grip on his wand and began walking past him, until te man stopped him. He could see the anger in his eyes, and hear the rage in his voice. Whenever this man was near, his wand would...tense up. There was no other way to describe it. His wand was different when this man came near it.

When the man mentioned his father, Lunick knew why. Lunick gripped his wand tightly as the man did to his. After he left, Lunick mused over his words as he walked across the grounds. Was the man just another person knowing of his secret? He knew he was a werewolf, but it seemed more than that. And why did his wand cringe in his presence? Lunick walked to the edge of the black lake. He stared a good long time into its opaque waters, deep in thought. Lunick held his wand up in front of him, and saw his reflection do the same. What could make his wand react like that. He thought about the wand hard, until he came to the conclusion.

Lunick's eyes widened and his head shot up in epiphany. His father's werewolf hair was in the wand. His father's. His father must've known this man somehow. Lunik remembered the disdain in his voice. Maybe his father had committed a wrong against that man? Lunick kicked a stone into the lake out of water. He saw how the impact of the rock had stirred the water as it hit. How the rock's bite and caused the surface's splash. Bite. Now Lunick knew. He remembered talk of someone his father had turned. What was his name....Lucas? Lynehan? Lunick thought more and more until he knew. He spoke the name silently to the Lake, and the Forest behind him, they his only audience.


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The feast was delicious, and more wine that was even better, he sat back awaiting a speech, but nothing came, instead all Aly did was leave the hall after stopping the fireworks someone had let off, Tom found that quite funny, then when heard the fact that fifty points was deducted from his house he wasn't so amused, and for the fact that they were sent after first years, even if they were in Slytherin house it wasn't kind, Toms eyes brushed over the tables and he spotted Joshua Weasley, laughing his head off, tom had heard of what he had got up too. Tom was engaging in a conversation with Neville, they were talking about dangerous, until they were on the subject of Tom just taking out an Abronkas Tree Haul, just before he was killed, Neville congratulated him and started talking of ways, spells and things that can kill, stun and injure it. Tom kept glancing over toward Josh, finally the only people in were Tom, Neville, Slughorn, Josh and Albus, eventually the other two scurried off, behind the teachers table were Tom had entered, whilst Josh, Albus and Tom leaving through the proper entrance, the two kids turned off for there dorms, but Tom carried on going a slow way to his study, pondering his thoughts. As Tom turned a corner he was surprised to see a messy man talking to the Fenrirs kid, he caught most words of what he said before he to departed, he stepped out and put out a hand to stop the man, "Excuse me, threatening students is not a good way to start here, may i ask why you are here?, any particular student or teacher you must see?, for if that be so i will be glad to accompany you....to make you get there. If you try anything I'm a fully qualified auror and have exceptions to kill you, if you are trying to harm me, or especially the school, and anyone within it for that matter", he didn't seem too harmful, but threatening a student, a good student, wasn't a good way to start. he stood there awaiting the mans answer.....

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It lay on the ground in marble pieces, “Aye I could ave “ with flick of his wand it began to rebuild, “It was nothing headmistress just a simple slip of ma wand is all”, Fanklin could feel the anger burning off her from where he was standing, There was no need to make someone else an enemy, not when you had just arrived, Making enemies would come later, She was powerful from what he had heard, Not just with a wand but with her wit, His heart gave a slight pang as he realised his Bothers portrait would be sitting in that room, Wondering around from picture to picture, Maybe just maybe he could speak to him once more, Ask him why he had sent the stone to him and make his peace.

“Ya must forgive me Headmistress it as been a heavy night and It seems I have misplaced ma manners, So befare I say anything to bold or brash I will take ma leave and Tomorrow I will start questing the staff”, With that he turned and walked down the halls, There a tiny threat in what he had said, nothing to scare her, but if someone at Hogwarts was using black Magic he would find them , This was his brothers school and he would be damned if anyone was going to tarnish it’s reputation .

Finding his room after two hours of looking, He landed on his bed with a bang, Reaching out his rough hands grabbed the golden picture frame, It had been a good day that sunny time in Wales , They had ridden their hogs for forty miles down dangerous road just to get to the beach and surf, Albus and Frankie, before it all happened, Before the fights and anger, A different age when they where brothers, he pulled the picture into his chest and began to fight his tears of guilt back!

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The pitter patter of feet tapped gently on the soft ground of a forest not too far from Glasgow, amidst the trees, weaving in and out, was a fox, its ginger hair bouncing happily up and down, it slowed down, gradually coming to a stop, what this fox had left behind him was a muggle house, full with at least ten dead bodies, not a mark on them to give away, except a single puddle of blood, which had come from the fox. That evidence would be of no use for cops, when there daily housemaid comes to clean only to find the Kempster family dead, she'll call the cops, they'll come, then they'll have to phone a specialist and even after a million muggles try to figure out the reason of death they still won't understand that it is indeed.......magic.

Finally they'll push it toward the mystery section, just like the murdering at the Riddle house all those years ago, the killing curse, invisible to the muggle eye, but to a wizard, they would know full well the cause of death, it was dark magic, the curse which was a sure one-way-ticket to Azkaban, but Charlie did not care, his master was stuck inside those cruel walls of the prison, Charlie, the fox, stood up, its hair shortening, legs growing, nose decreasing, the eyes turning back into the cold brown eyes of a heart less killer, the fox had turned into a man, the mans name in fact was Charlie Fox, he was a wizard, a dark wizard, but what was surprising o people, wizards and muggles alike, was the fact he was at school in Gryffindor.

Charlie was the murderer of the people in the house he'd just left, no one would no who it was him, all that could really be gathered was the sight of a fox, entering and exiting the old mansion. Charlie's eyes traveled from looking at his arm to his hand, it was bleeding furiously, from where a knife had been thrown threw it, this was simple magic to heal it, he pulled the wand from his beige coat, it was Dark Oak, a rare wood, werewolf hair, eight inches, rather bendy and flexible, in the hands of a wizarding master, extremely dangerous, that was what Charlie Fox was for. he tapped the wound which healed up immediately, but the wound was replaced with a scar. Charlie flicked his wand once more, and the blood, from his blood-drenched arm disappeared, leaving him blood free. A sick grin came across his face, he hadn't felt this good for ages, the will to kill had stopped for a while, whilst he was on the hunt to free his master, Bailey Derox, but his darkness had been feeding on him, he had to kill, Charlie was surprised he had gone even that long without a little flick of his wand and the death of an innocent person......

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The man was a beast he stood at a towering six foot eight, his skin was white as snow, to viscous snake like eyes peered out over Dover, The sight of the muggles sickened the man, He wore along black cloak and walked amongst them , They seemed oblivious to his presence, He did not need the attention right now, If he had his way he would have come back in a blaze of blood and guts, Fighting the Auror who killed his master with hate and rage, he smiled. Moody , Dumbledore, They may prove a problem he had heard much of their doings and that Dumbledore the Traitor he would die at the beast hands.

Five more black cloaked men came into sight and moved amongst the muggles just as invisible as their leader, The tall man with large features was Gragmore, a man of much power not magical but political, He was the one who set up the meeting with the vampires, behind him walked Dramore a vile man who killed on a whim, it was taking everything the small man had not to strike down the muggles in the street around them, Valtdrake was number three he was half werewolves, Loyal and willing to die for Jacob, the two had been close from their first days as Death Eaters, he was a tall skinny man as many werewolves where, The other two where new to Jacob, A skinny man he was a Malfoy, Is it the boy he wondered, Behind him a rather beefy young man walked with his chest pushed out pretending to be bigger then he was.

They did not greet each other as they all walked with each other down the streets of Dover, It had been along journey form the states, They had spent years planning Jacobs return, it was not a simple matter for a mass murdering wizard to come back to his home land, Especially with this MOM, she was a clever woman not like the last few ministers, she had picked her team well and it seemed knew a lot of the tricks that death eaters used, They moved towards a dead end and they circled a snarl came from Valtdrake as he looked behind him to make sure the area was clear.

When they where sure it was safe, the five hands reached out for a dustbin, the world began to swirl as they slipped into the port key, They landed in a grassy clearing miles from where they had been, in the distance sat a castle, It was Hogwarts, Dramore and Gragmore grabbed the other two, The thin white man screamed as Jacob pulled his wand and began cursing the fat one, his red eyes pulsing with pleasure, Valtdrake smiling behind his master, “We came to help , Why do this”, Jacobs hand steady, the wand flowing his index finger , “Draco, I am showing you what will happen if you lie to me”, With a shake of the wand a green flash hit the fat man and he fell to the ground now a fat corpse, “GOYLE”.

The white boy tried to struggle with his tormenters , But they had him held hard, Their laughs teased him , he had just lost a good friend , Jacobs voice was dark and snake like as he spoke again “Look at his face Draco , It will be your daughters if you dare cross me, Now tell me everything about Potters children

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The sounds were becoming more defined and louder with each second. A terrible headache throbbed in her head as she heard the mutterings of wizarding doctors tinkering with their objects and checking her health. She felt like she was hit by one of those muggle semi-trucks. Her chest was in immense pain. The Vampire had thrown her with more force than she realized at the moment but to her luck her adrenaline had kept her from feeling the sharp pain in that moment. Her eyes flickered open and the lights in the room hurt her eye causing a quick turn of the head. All at once she felt the pain on the sides of her neck, another show of the Vampires strength but he had not gone uninjured either even if they were minuscule in nature compared to her own injuries. She looked to a random patch on the floor until she grew accostumed to the bright light and turned once more. In an instance she was sitting up on the bed, wincing from the sharp pain but other than that generally fine.

"Nasty beating you'd gotten, ma'am. Scared to see ye if yer assailant attacked more than he did." Spoke a plump nurse who was staring at Samara very maternal-like. Sam merely smiled happy to be away from Azkaban, physically anyway. Mentally she was back in the darkness and musk of those walls. Her mind was already working full force at what'd happened. The Vampires escaped, Brynmaer had been injured and others had come to greet the escapee. No doubt whoever was involved with this had made sure to release some other prisoners to throw the entire place in disarray. She was dreading getting the confirming owl but, she knew it was something that had to be dealt with. She looked around the room to notice that she was by herself, being Minister had it's advantages she thought.

"Take this, it'll help with the broken ribs." She was handed a vile of nasty looking medicine. A bubble burst into the liquid and Sam found her face contorting in dread and a weary smile. "Ugh.... thanks, ma'am. Much appreciated." This was going to taste like feces, she just knew it. She held her breath opened the vile and just downed it's contents hoping to the Goddess that she wasn't forced to taste for more than a second. As soon as the nasty liquid had gone down she reached for a glass of water next to her bed and downed it like it was cheap whiskey. She took a sigh of relief no disgusting after taste, praise whoever. As she turned to place the glass down she noticed several owls had been left at her bed side. She went to grab them, some catching her eyes more than others. That was until she came one wrapped in a very old looking paper. She furrowed her brows in thought and then undid the small knot and undoing the wrapping paper.

"Odd...." She said as the wrapping fell to the floor. It was even written in some very old looking parchment. There was a strong sense of dark magic about it. Her entire body broke into a sweat. Something about it made her uneasy. She started to read it with some reserve, it was a rather detailed and in-depth and the further she got, the larger a knot grew in her stomach. She felt sick. The things that were being described were just too graphic and in detail. She'd seen many things in her lifetime but nothing had gotten her like this, and to think this was nothing but words on parchment. She finished the ghastly letter and stood in silence for a few moments. She was mulling over what she'd just read. It detailed the massacre of Durdenshire, along with other attacks to the Wizarding community. But what unnerved her was the details of crimes that had been committed by wizards themselves and it left a lot to the mind.

"Nurse..." She called out hoping that the plump nurse was nearby. Surely enough, a few minutes later she bounded back in holding a tray of food for her. "Here you go, young lass." She placed it near her bedside. Samara took the opportunity to ask for some ink and parchment and off was the nurse to get it. This was becoming odder to her. How could anyone know of incidents involving two different races but which held the same pattern unless they were involved in some form. What in the world was going on. After years of peace something nasty was in the air and she feared what that would mean for their people as a whole.

As her thought dashed through her mind the nurse came by with the supplies and then left again. With a quick dip of the pen into the ink bottle she began to write several letters. One for Franklin, the Minister of Magical Law Enforcement. And the others to the Aurors under his command, it was always best to send important messages yourself, and if nothing else she'd made sure to tell Frankin to send them letters himself. Nothing showed a more dire situation than two people in charge sending messages about the same thing. Their world was changing, slowly but surely and now it was up to them to figure out what was going on before the darkness she sensed came full force.

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Fraklin was awoken by a flap of wings and a hoot, As he sat up his head was pounding, His eyes where red looking over at the owl he knew it was a MOM owl, always the best for the MOM , He looked over at the bottle on the table and then back at the letter something was telling him to read it before having a drink, Opening the letter he sat, His face became pale, Not from the hang over but from what he was reading, “Sam” the mere mention of her name made him fill with guilt, He had let her down so much over the years.

Reaching out he found the bottle, Then read the heading on the paper, she was in hospital, Sam had been hurt and you sat on your ass getting drunk, The bottle flew into the wall, He should have been there to protect her, He had failed again and this time it could have been prevented only if he had left that stupid glass alone, He was standing pacing back and forth his mind racing with thoughts of losing her, Not her not like his brother, He loved her, he said it he actually said it, He began to laugh “I do and I ave been a bloody idiot”.

Reaching for a pen, he wrote to Moody and the rest, he ordered moody to take charge of his duties at Hogwarts until he returned, To make Seb and Auror and to prepare the school with out drawing to much attention and one last thing was ordered , To make a new order, One of the strongest pupils, An new order of the Phoenix in memory of his fallen brother, he would prepare the MOM and come back to them as soon as it was safe to do so.

Running round the room, he collected what he needed and went to the nearest fire, Standing in it he threw down flu powder, A bright green light flashed as he said the words he had read of the top of the letter, Arriving in the hospital he walked out into the recption and asked for her, they gave him direction and he walked for what seemed like ever , only stopping for some flowers and a large teddy, He waved his wand before entering the ward, cleaning himself up, He walked into the ward, her curtain was drawn, Pulling it back he saw her, all the confidence he had built up to this moment was gone as he seen her lying there!

He moved to her bedside they both said nothing he placed the flowers in water, She must have been shocked to she him, Sitting down giant teddy in his arms, “I am so sorry Lass, For everything” he hung his head low, “I should ave been there, not just for this but fae the last few years I should ave been there and not hiding behind some bottle,” His hand reached out for hers!

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Jacob listened his back to Draco, Looking over at the castle, Jacobs dangerous eyes cut into Hogwarts, It would not belong before they where picked up if they stood in the day light like this, turning round his cloak swayed behind him, “Enough”, He had grew tired of listening to this tale of Draco Vs Potter, Walking past the body of Goyle, not even giving it the time of day, Death was nothing to Jacob it was a day to day occurrence, “How did you get in the school last time” Draco explained of the cupboard , It was no use that way would be blocked now.

They began to move Draco was dragged behind the three men, “Master what shall we do”, “I am thinking on it Patrol ahead do not kill unless it is needed”, The tall werewolf headed into the trees and began scouting, They had set up a camp deep in the forbidden forest, but that did not mean that no one would find it, The wizard had more friends then enemies at the moment and it was not worth the risk of discovery, As much as he would enjoy killing the Auror’s that came after him , But now was the time for planning.

“ Gragmore” The pale monster called, the man came running to his masters side, “Is their any others loyal to our cause, If you think so go find them, I will need all of them when the time comes”, In a wisp of blackness Gragmore was gone, It was time to bring an army to Hogwarts, He would not fail in his revenge, The Dark Lord will be celebrated as Hogwarts walls covered in the blood of the innocent.

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Rain pounded outside as a storm washed through the town. The wind lashing violently against the window pane and the trees outside. It was a sign of things to come. She came from an old line of witches, witches who had gone further than just their own world of magic, and to other concentrations of it. From paganistic magic, to Wiccan, to even tales of some dark magic, her line was very well versed in many of the different aspects. And the one she always took to most was the magic of the Vestren peoples. People who believed that magic and nature were closely related. A magic that used mother nature itself to achieve it's greatest effects. And now it was nature who was confirming the horror welled deep inside her. She rarely believed in coincidence, always the thinkative kind, there were connections to everything that ran deeper than mundane thoughts. A sigh left her plump lips as she turned and grasped a book that was left to her bedside. For right now she would relax. She would let her conspiracy theories and everything else leave her mind.

The book was musty, and the spine was cracked but she opened it with care and started to read it. At once she groaned. It was one of the horrid romantic tales. She hated romance stories, perhaps because it gave her a look into something she did not have anymore. And with that thought always came Franklin's face. They'd known each other for years and for years he was battling that terrible addiction to the mighty bottle. So many times had she tried to help him but it was always in naught because he fell into his old temptations. Samara frowned and placed the book down. Here she was again, going down memory road and she loathed it. Frowning she wondered of what he was doing. Of what was going on in the world. Of the terrible feeling that was emanating through every inch of her being. Warning, no doubt.

"We just can't catch a break...." She said softly, hearing the door to the hospital room open. She did not turn, but just let her overwhelming thoughts get the better of her. Soon the curtains were pulled back and a drunkard friend came to light. He held a bouquet of flowers and giant teddy bear, and although she wished to crack the smallest smile she remained still her eyes as unreadable as ever, until he came ever closer. Still she hid the silent joy in her heart. He was a love that would not be.... that could be anymore. For reasons unknown. She looked away until to have him speak once more and all at once her resolve was broken.

"I know it was hard for you, Frankie. Your family dead, your life not in the place you wanted it to be." She sighed. "Better late than never, old friend." She turned slowly and gave him the smile that had ached to come out before. "Maybe this time...." Her arm stretched forward to grab his. "You can finally put a stop to that demon. Get yourself back together. You're going to need your wits about you. Something wicked this way comes." And silence fell between the lovely witch and the handsome wizard.

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Tom turned in his bed his nightmare, getting darker and darker, dragging him to hatred. BANG, Tom awoke in a cold sweat, sitting bolt up in his bed, he looked to the window, which he swore the awakening sound came from, seconds later two owls appeared who started to rake their claws on the glass, he got up and rubbed his eyes, the owls started to bang harder, "a'right, a'right" Tom said sleepily, he pulled open the window, allowing the owls in, one which looked like it belonged to MOM, the other he recognized as Franklin's, they swooped in dropping the letters on Toms bed and soared back off out of the open window into the night sky.

he read them one after the other as he read the one from Sam, the MOM, who he did not know to well, he was sickened, who would do that? he hoped she was alright, as he read the first line of Franks he knew that he left the school to be by her side. He had been put in charge and was ordered to make the man Seb an auror, who was living in the castle for the moment, the headmistress was very kind. He also was marveled that Frank wished for the New Order of the Phoenix to be formed within kids, in memory of Dumbledore. He knew the Real Order of the Phoenix would be interested in a sort of team up, he was not sure if Franklin knew of the New Order of the Phoenix, after all they did kind of work behind MOMs back. Tom dressed himself his black coat sweeping to the floor, he opened his door and stepped out, he walked the dark corridors to Sebs room, he knocked on the door, before stepping in Seb looked like he was having a nice sleep, "sorry to wake you, but Frank has left on urgent business, the MOm was attacked, i have orders to make you an official auror, so well gongrats" Tom clapped his hands and smiled "Frank thinks we should be ready, so were starting a mix of the real Order of the Phoenix with the New OTP, i need help gathering talented students, if you do, it would be much appreciated, any questions I'll be out in the corridors patrolling the corridors, i'll inform the head and teachers, if you wish, you may go back to sleep, once again sorry for intrusions" he saluted and stepped back through the door and closed it, moments later all teachers were out in corridors par Slughorn, patrolling the school, they did not judge the MOM, Tom put up notices that if anyone in fifth year and above wished to join the NOTP, they could, but he had noted some reasons they may not wish to join.

After that was done, he left the teachers patrolling and with Minerva, entered the heads room, the owls letters in each hand.....

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Seb listened to Moody he waited for him to leave before getting out of bed, having a wash and a quick change into jeans and a t-shirt he checked his wand and looked in the mirror “Frank what are you planning me an Auror and Sam is hurt, Well you better be at her side she needs you more then you know old friend, Why on earth am I talking to myself”, Seb gave of a cheeky smile and a wink at himself before walking into the corridor.

The teachers where on high alert patrolling the halls, It could not be him, He was dead the one who must not be named could not be back, but he had only seen Wizards and witch act this way when he was alive, everyone on edge , Or was something just as sinister on it’s way, He turned to Moody , “What is going on, Everyone seems about ready to burst”.

Before moody could answer MacGongall ran over a worried look on her face, “I cant find my grandson and Miss Black , A few of the students are still missing, Someone said that Miss black was going to the Hogs head, Could you please go get them, It is of the up most importance”, Seb let out a sigh , All this action before a bacon sandwich had even touched his lips, “We will look into it for you Assistant Head”, Nodding to Moody they set off down the corridors to the main entrance, “So what do you know about what going on ?”

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Holding her hand again, his heart took a leap, That smile would melt any death eaters heart , “My daemons will take time to go away, But Sam this time Im willing to try” That strand of hair had always fallen out of place no matter what she tried to do with it, He ran his free hand over it and placed it behind her ear like the old days, A small smile crossed his face as he smiled deeply at her, He recalled every detail , The way his nose would crease when she laughed and how she always bit her bottom lip when she was nervous.

“Sam tell me whats been going on, How did this all happen” He never once let go of her hand the whole time he sat, The teddy peering over from his lap, It was a huge grey and white rabbit with floppy ears that hung over his fore arm, He could not help but laugh at what he must look like the Head of the Aurors the Brother of Dumbledore and here he sat a giant teddy and him, Sam must think he is a right plonker.

He looked into her eyes and it hit him what he wanted to say but now was neither the time or place and she needed to trust him again before those words would be said, But it hurt none the less, She was all that he wanted and the mere thought of her in danger and the chance he might lose her with out asking , he had been an idiot and absolute idiot!