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My third rpg attempt.

Standard rules apply.

The fuedal era Japan hs been taken over by evil Emperors,and the Samurai are obliged to follow.The ninja's rebel in order to bring back the old ways.Only few Samurai have joinded the rebellion!

We must fight our way to the Emperor's castle obtainig men to join our army.

There are Five eras that we must take back.

You and another fighter must team up and head to that specific area.

The nothern area is Mountains.

The southeren area is Swaps.

The eastern area is plains.

The western area is Bamboo Forest.

Ill be a Ninja,Powers are allowed,but no Guns!

Have fun

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Fith Kiwadda moved silently yet quickly through the forest. The wind hitting his face in a quick rythem, and his steps made no sound what so-ever. He was wearing dark green pants, and an old white shirt with several cuts on one of the sleeves. They had been caused by imperial officers who had been offended by the rebelliance of Kiwadda.

He knew they were coming he had to hide some where, but where? He had barely fought off three of them, and his sword was old and in bad shape. He saw a lake and he quickly jumped in, he took all the air he could before going in. And he waited until he heard no more talking from the officers. Two minutes passed, three, he couldn't hold it anymore after the fifth minute. He leaped out, fortunatley they had left. "Where now?"

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*Red stalked his samurai prey,the samurai was in the wrong place at the wrong time,The plains was Red's territory.

The tall grass made cover for Red,the samurai was so helpless.Red attacked with a leap in the air sending five shuriken at the Samurai,three of them were blocked but the other two were lodged into the samurai's armor.The samurai attacked furiously with a heavy strike,Red ducked then uppercuted with his small dagger.The samurai fell to the ground.Other ninja appeared from the grass,they waited for Red to give orders.

"Strip his armor and weapons,then take his money and give it to the poor vilagers,ill take his horse"Red's voice was rasp yet smooth.

*Red took the horse and headed to the village

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Red reached the village and was greeted with cheers from the locals,he loved it.

"This is the life,a modern day robin hood"He thought to himself

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Auron stood in the middle of the field, he listned to his surroundings, he thought about allt hat was happening

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Wind blew gently through the bamboo forest, whistling through the hollow inside of the bamboo. A river full of fish wound its way through the forest. The river trickled slowly, every now and then, a fish would jump out of the water.

A plump fish jumped out of the water, only to be snatched out of the air by a lightning fast hanf covered in fur. The beast crouched by the riverbank, feeding on the fish. The animal threw the fish aside and stood up. His fur blew over his eyes in the wind, as he looked through the forest. He was wearing raggedy clothes, and wore no sandals. But this animal was not to be judged by appearance alone. Though he looked like a commoner, he was a ninja. He had been trained as a ninja, but left to live in the forest as a hermit. He spent his days in the forest, protecting its wildlife from the humans that threatened it. His name was Sukotto Ookamijin, master thief. He occasionally wandered into town in disguise to gather supplies, but rarely left the forest.

Scukotto looked up, closing his eyes and listening. The wind carried the voices of the forest to him, serenading his ears with every wisp. He opened his eyes. "Something is on the horizon. I can feel it." Sukotto walked back to his shelter, a mangy old almost hut like construction, fairly small, but big enough. Sukotto had fastened a bed of leaves on top of a frame made from bamboo. He reached under the bed and pulled out a chest. Inside the chest lay his ninja gear: throwing stars, knives, his garments, and attachments to his bo staff. Sukotto's hand ran over the medal that lay in the chest. It bore the symbol of the wolf, a gift from his long departed sensei.

Scott turned and stood walking to the other end of his hut to his staff. Sukotto gripped it tightly and swirled it around. "I still got it."

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Red reached his hut,it was the biggest in the village he plumped on his lavish bed.

"Sir you might wanna see this"a fellow ninja came in to the hut with urgence.

"What?Is it?"

Red got up and left out the hut,only to be met by 5 samurai,he studied them and gripped his dagger.They signaled Red that they wanted peace only.One of them spoke softly.

"You took our Leaders life,we have no one to follow know"with that they bowed.

"Please except this token"

One samurai gave Red a preachos crimson bow,and another gave him a Medallion that had a hawk on in.

Red told them to stand up

"You are my people now,your qurters are up ahead,bathe,and unwind,and thank you for the gifts"