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The night was sleepless and Victor laid on the chair beside Clara’s bed. Something had kept him up the entire night, tugging at his mind it wasn’t clear but he knew it was a message. Distorted by something it simply rang in his mind, he had moved into Clara’s room for a moment of peace. She was sound asleep on her sheets, her body bare he took a sheet an covered her as his mind was tearing him apart. Groaning slightly he sat down quietly into the chair beside her bed, looking to her he thought of lustful thoughts and many other things. Finally the white noise that had filled his mind all night had subsided and he breathed a sigh of relief. He sat back in the chair and looked into the midnight sky, closing his eyes he was able to rest for just a brief moment.

Suddenly his mind exploded and a guttural scream erupted from his throat. The instant the pain began he heard her voice, an angelic one inside such a demonic creature. Her name was Stephanie, he couldn’t tell her why he named her that but it fit so very well. Memories of watching her run around the Arena turning into a dragon and unleashing holy hell onto her opponents filled his mind. She was only three when she began fighting and she was just as bad as a hellion when it came to fighting. She hadn’t been hatched long when she was sent to hell, simply because of her species. She was a miracle in many demons minds, her species had been long dead yet she came to be on a lust filled sex night. Born in gore and sinew as she burst from her mothers rib cage. Feasting on her remains Victor found her shortly after her decent into Hel. In his time in Hel Victor raised her from an infant into a grown woman in only a year’s time. Hel fluctuated in a different way when it came to time, thus she grew to adulthood very quickly.

When he had escaped Hel, Stephanie was to guard his escape then once the time proved proper join him, but that wench Hela closed the portal before she could leave with him. Her message was short but very vivid, in the time that he had been gone Hela took her anger out on Stephanie. And because of that his little Stephanie was near death, her skin almost gone she was nothing like the beautiful girl he left in Hel. She tried to reach him for sometime, only now succeeding and she came with a simple message “Victor...no...Dad. I wanted to tell you, I do not feel anger towards you. I stood by you until the very end, which will be soon. As that bitch closed the portal I had nothing but happy thoughts because you were free. An if that meant I had to stay then so be it, good bye Dad.” Then the message ended, and Victor’s nose and ears were bleeding. She had gone through alot of trouble to send him that message, had to please alot of telepaths to get them to agree to helping her. As he reeled from the experience Clara had awoken from her sleep, he stood up wiping his nose and dug into her dresser tossing her a shirt “Get dressed we are leaving...NOW!” With that he stormed from the room and in a very loud telepathic message woke everyone within the Plateau. “Meet me in the conference room in five minutes, gear up because we are leaving soon.” A voice spoke up, and Victor angrily replied “We are going to Hel! Seems I didn’t bitch slap that wench enough when I was down there, she has broken something of mine.”

Five minutes later everyone was gathered around the conference table, all looking groggy and confused as to why they were woken so early. Victor stepped into the light from the shadows adorned with his battle armor and his ebony blade at his side. “While I was in Hel, I raised a half demon half dragon child. Her name is Stephanie, and I thought she died in the fight that got me here. I was proven wrong not ten minutes ago, she came to me to say goodbye. But I will not let that happen, if she is close to death than I will be there for her. An immediately after she dies, I am going to plunge this blade down that f%cking bitches throat. An leave her there still alive to be raped by every demon she has wronged in her stint as its ruler. Everyone needs to know that Hel is a vicious and brutal place, simply standing in Hel is a difficult thing. As all the minds of every soul ever punished in it cycle through your minds. Thus they will try to show you and do things to you that will seem real. They are not, fight through them.” Victor turned his back and began to walk out stopping only for a moment “Velik and the Demon Five are gathering their energies to open a portal, be there in ten minutes if you are ready for this. If not, move your stuff from the Plateau and the Underground into one of the towns below.” Victor was serious he knew Clara and Flucks would follow. But the devotion of the others has yet to be shown, and tonight it will be.

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"How is it that my mother scored a reign in hell?" The black ember like eyes narrowing as Serenity closed her hand into a fist around a demons fist. A demon of the warp brought here by Ren and not part of the society. That meant he was of the loop hole of the culture and expendable even in these peaceful walls. For as tranquil as Paradise was it was also a bit of ruse. Demons were the ones with reign the walls guarded more by the corrupt and possessed then by great heroes to be. "This place you know is a parody, a oxymoron, a simile, to the pending catastrophe that is me." The demon crowned spoke like she were singing a ballad. The sound enchanting yet all the while like nails on a chock board. Eret the demon in her hands was in her domain and as such in the presence of the goddess. Not a goddess but The, for her power was best described as the avatar of hell itself. The chosen of the Warp, an epitome of terror.

The room reeked of death and decadence, the taste of blood seamed to linger in the very air. The walls seamed to literally whisper and skitter of soft desperate pleas of help, and insects wishing to worm their way into skin. There was no place on earth as ominous as the room of the Everchosen, no room compared to the amount of dread and approaching agony being in her throne room gave off. Eret voice raspy fear in his voice spoke "she and a partner of hers were given the title. Kiara died in the assault of Kain on his own. It was Kiara's wish that such regime be crowned to Alezra and her lover fitting such a place." The question of who was instantly barked, when Serenity yelled it was like the voice of many, echoing from it was cries of anguish. A mortal man would have bashed his head into a wall to drown out the voices that seamed to echo in the mind. "Shadow Thief is what he is known as he died as well. Leaving Sullivan's throne in Earth's hell belonging to your mother."

"That wh*re she always fought for her power I thought. Now I find she has obtained through the sheets as well. Swear I'll choke the life from her eyes one day soon. I will breath in every last ragged breath that escapes her betraying tongue. Malal deserved his death to her, she really is the true traitor a f*cking snake." Eret had been doing so well then he let his tongue slip.

"Why do you hate her? Sounds like a perfect demon to me. Sins to obtain an objective, not some terror but someone who simply dose whats needed to obtain." He said it and instantly regretted it, should of known better, should have thought. There was no words that echoed from Serinity's lips, only a look that made every terrifying element of the room come to full reality. Demonic arms seamed to ensnare limbs coming from seemingly nowhere, faces lined up to his ear. They seamed to have no face but their empty sockets seamed to speak of more pain then any eye could. They didn't appear to really have a working mouth and yet countless cries and tails seamed to exit the hole where it was. Even the demon baring the message felt panic and dimensia. Adding new smells to the room before Serenity took his life. Hooks ripped into every vital artery and Ren kneeled beside the bleeding vixen calling on the warp as she spoke. Her words formulating into reality "Until every drop of blood escapes your body you will not leave this world. When you enter the next, you will bleed until you reach oblivion.

Soon a message was sent out to the lead members of F.E.A.R a loud yell "Meet me in the conference room in five minutes, gear up because we are leaving soon." That was simple enough she was awake anyway and her 'gear' was always on her. Leathery fabric likely to be infect black painted skin covered what needed covering. Hooks dragged along the floor along like her skirts tail did. The sounds from it almost a dark gothic tune just faintly audible as if the cape like fabric was alive. "Where we going?" The everchosen asked as she teleported to the room her clothes shifting into a more skintight black and white attire. Wrists and ankles a little bit more armored do to a web of spikes. The skirt seaming to shift into a cape, chains still clinging to her skin as they always did, a crown of horns still worn. She really didn't need to show up armored it was just a nice touch. "We are going to Hel!" Great I can totally cut loose should things hit the fan, she thought to herself not caring if heard by all through the telepathic link. "Seems I didn't bitch slap that wench enough when I was down there," learn a lesson? The demonic Symaarian remarked mockingly this time meant to be heard. "She has broken something of mine." Whats in this for me, Ren thought with a role of her eyes.

The group gathered around the table, some awake some not so much, it hadn't been a very hard life for the city. Victor was flashy armored blade in hand, if she were a less refined demon Ren might of drooled at such a good promise of war.“While I was in Hel, I raised a half demon half dragon child." I want a dragon, I would name her Siferen, she thought. "Her name is Stephanie" lame "and I thought she died in the fight that got me here" ow its like Old Yellar the demon laughed to herself trying to keep her thoughts quiet. It was not that she was unloyal she would die for VIctor. She was just cold to the very core. "I was proven wrong not ten minutes ago, she came to me to say goodbye." Lets go rescue the hopeless! "But I will not let that happen, if she is close to death than I will be there for her." How cute mom, sorry Victor, her thoughts bitter and spiteful. "An immediately after she dies, I am going to plunge this blade down that f*cking bitches throat." Could be harsher. "An leave her there still alive to be raped by every demon she has wronged in her stint as its ruler" thats more like it. "Everyone needs to know that Hel is a vicious and brutal place, simply standing in Hel is a difficult thing." Own these places in a way, the simple games already won. "As all the minds of every soul ever punished in it cycle through your minds" I give souls nightmares. "Thus they will try to show you and do things to you that will seem real. They are not, fight through them" bla bla.

Vic readied to leave before pausing a moment informing them a little more. Telling them that they would lose their place to being just a commoner if they refused to carry on. She didn't seam to walk and yet she didn't seam to fly it was spectral at best as Ren moved to his side. "You shouldn't knock one from homes to get followers, threat loss of privileges for not helping you get your sh*t. They think you someone self centered. Reward appeals to greed, makes them comfortable and like putty in your hands. And rewards make them stronger as well, giving you a better support. We go with you, to get you something and what your holding is a bunch or razors." Her words were like a drug, euphoria and perversion beaconing one to take solace in her arms. As a friend, Ren knew she could be the unpenetrable one watching another's back. As a lover she was peace brought by terror, in her greedy, deceitful and yet also honest eyes she saw herself as capable of being more then the creepy one lurking around. "Avar do me a favor, souls are like currency in any demon realm try and sway them when they approach your mind. Make the hollow whisper something to fill our hollow pockets. Perhaps it will help later on, I would do it my self but elements of my mind would drastically dampen the value of any I got." Smart preparation rather then rash decision, at least in her opinion.

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Hell. It was where Avaritia was spawned, and now after hearing that the glorious leader was bringing them there, the red genie feared it would be where he finally died as well. The demon of greed was kin with the monsters in the dark pit, but there would always be bad blood between him and the majority of his kind. Like a rebellious child he refused to associate with them, and was always trying to escape his fiery birthplace to return to the world of man. He very much preferred it up here.
In Avaritia's evil home the other demons constantly hounded him; they hated him because of his "appreciation" of humanity and dislike of his own kind, but were also jealous that he was able to harvest so many souls during his time with the mortals while they rotted away in the darkness. In Hell Avaritia was a victim, always running and being bullied out of his hard-earned souls by demons more powerful than he...and for that reason he hated all of his kind.

Avaritia's life worked in cycles; he would be summoned from Hell by some greedy fool, free himself from their clutches and roam the world gaining his fortunes, then eventually get banished back to Hell and bide his time before being summoned again. On Earth he lived the life of a wandering king, becoming rich and powerful over the centuries and loving every minute of it, but once he was in Hell...it all meant almost nothing. 
Now the never-satisfied Avaritia would have to face that again...all for some creature named Stephanie that he cared nothing about, but he was determined to not give up his status. He began to ponder on ways to get out of the mission with his wealth and class intact when his thoughts were interrupted by one of his comrades.  

"Avar do me a favor, souls are like currency in any demon realm try and sway them when they approach your mind. Make the hollow whisper something to fill our hollow pockets. Perhaps it will help later on, I would do it my self but elements of my mind would drastically dampen the value of any I got." 

Serenity was an exquisite creature of darkness unlike any he had ever met, and as she spoke in her seductive siren's voice Avaritia began to appreciate demon-kind. He wanted her badly and hated her intensely at the same time...a very peculiar yet interesting feeling. Avaritia loosened his black tie and cleared his throat before addressing the room.

"I'm sorry to disappoint you my dear, as well as the rest of you, but I will be of very little help down there in the deep red pit." Avaritia smirked before swiveling his chair to face Victor, "You must understand, once I'm down there I'll have to entertain some old...friends. Once I deal with them my collection of souls will be at your disposal my lord, and I'll even lure some of my demon customers into fighting for us!"  He waved his hand to motion at the others that weren't at least partially demonic, "Where most of you must face a challenge of the mind and spirit, mine will most likely be a little more...physical to say the least." A glimmer of greed flickered in his eyes, "As long as I'm justly compensated for taking such a deadly risk, I'll gladly go back into the gates of Hell with you all!" 
He had just recently celebrated his first year anniversary of his most recent escape from Hell , but now it just meant he would have to host another party once they finished the mission!
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When I was just a little girl, I used to ask my mother what I might be.  She never did answer.  Probably cause she never really liked me.  Two failed marriages, two twisted children, and a reputation unworthy of publication.  My mother would be ashamed.  My mother would be mortified.  My mother would be embarrassed that I am the breathing reflection of the woman she once was.  A manipulative, intellectual, seductive sociopath who's unhappiness lead to climbing social ladders.  Even at this age I still dream of her arrogance and selfishness.  How she so willingly left my infant self inside a covenant.  How she was never the mother I always prayed for.   
Clarice awakens abruptly clouded by sin.  Disgruntled by Victor's presence, she won't say a word, at least not yet.  His growing infatuation however has been quite bothersome but a tad bit interesting.  Nevertheless she proceeds unwillingly, catching an off white tank top from instinctual reaction.  She can already feel his disruptive aura conflicting with her own.  His thoughts are shrouded but hold a consistent theme of hellish domains.  As he blindly charges away, prepping the others from what his visions entail, cunning Clarice simply gazes at the only remaining photo of her supposed childhood. And though her heart asks for tears the mind says otherwise.   
Five minutes later she sits disinterested by his sayings.  Regardless of the task Olympus' Queen would no doubt comply.  Dreams are often false memories or past experiences but as of late they've tugged at an already frigid soul.  Unable to concentrate on the task in front of her the mysterious redhead wishes to enthrall herself in another activity of some sort.  One single movement of the fingertip and the senses are alarmed by mentioning hell.  A concept that might as well be an alternate reality, not entirely truth, but a fairy tale meant to scare children.  If hell exists than heaven looms in the skies above.  A slight notion of disbelief can be seen on such a flawless face.   
"Mister Grey, I hold much respect for you as the leader of Paradise but if what you say is true....why would I risk my life for a mere creature?"  Clarice Michelle doesn't care for his emotions especially so when her existence is put at risk.  Regardless of the monstrosities that keep her company; Queen Zeraz is still a goddess among commoners.  It is apparent that she whom holds importance deserves transparent responses that hold no malicious intent.  Clara Mass leans back against an uncomfortable seat, unwilling to share her fears of what hell may bring forth.  She can already feel their eyes touching unblemished flesh.  She feels naked for all who see.  Distrust in open display   
"This isn't some cake walk.  I've never been trained for something like this.  I'm willing to go so long as I'm promised my survival", she doesn't invest care for their opinions or meaningless thoughts but she still withholds disdain for naysayers.  Remnants of innocence still lingers within a soul so conniving.  Her only sins be lies and murderess deceit.  As she pins back crimson colored hair the flirtatious miscreant licks her cherry flavored lips.    
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Far off in one of the more secluded areas of the prestigious Imperial Palace Compound in the empire of Iberia, was the enigmatic Emperor himself. Calmly seated on the soft cut grass of a lavish garden, cunning Impero found himself indulged in intense meditation. The night was perpetually silent and cold, moonlight targeting his exposed muscular back. Perfectly harmonized with his environment, the vaunted puppeteer calmly regulated his colossal inner chi reserves. Shirtless and unmasked, the deadly strategist was merely clad in personalized black karate during his less physically-oriented training practice. On the verge of achieving a state of mystical serenity and undeniable tranquility, the elegant Emperor's intricate mind alerted him of an incoming telepathic message from none other than his respected ally, Victor Frenzy.

Granting entrance to the potentially important telepathic message into his complex mind, quickly Impero was told to make his way to Paradise and sadly, there was no further elaboration. "Hmm, this ought to be interesting", indeed, why else would Victor call for Impero's aid? He is a scientist, an emperor, an assassin, and in his own arrogant belief, he was a savior. The reason behind this abrupt request was most likely one of great importance. Perhaps a visit to Paradise was indeed in order. Calmly rising from the moist grass, the dashing Dorian returned to the extravagant interior of his colossal palace. Gracing Paradise with his presence was an uncommon practice, he rarely if ever sets foot on the unorthodox city. And due to his recent divorce with Clarice coupled with her knowledge of the strong, if not unbreakable love shared between Lady Liberty and Impero himself, his potential visits to the city have lessened greatly. But as a man of class and respect, he cares not for such things when a valuable ally is in need, perhaps whatever Victor was requesting would have the mysterious monarch emerge with unanticipated benefits.

Inside his exorbitantly decorated weapons room, Impero calmly covered his muscular neck in white bandages, concealing the gashes suffered during his recent battle with his rival and League of Shadows teammate, Jean LeBeau. Soon afterwards, the Witch-Hunter Grandmaster's sharp foreboding eyes focused themselves on his iconic expressionless mask hung proudly on one of the walls. It had been come a symbol of his, a treasured aspect of his very being. One of his most prized possessions. Silently approaching the mask, the poised assassin set it down on the nearest table along with flawlessly crafted twin Chinese Straight Swords (Jian). Admiring the beauty of the swords' blades, he would never allow his mind to forget the difficulties experienced in crafting the ebony Trion blades for the sword. Calmly sheathing the prized swords, the feared Emperor soon leaves, returning fully clad in a jet black version of his invisibly armored militaristic hooded attire. Adjusting his gloved gauntlets, cryptic Impero grabbed his symbolic mask, and after a final glance, put the iconic facial cover on his flawlessly handsome face. Attaching his now sheathed Jian swords to his back in an X-pattern, the charismatic Emperor left for Paradise.

Calmly entering the conference room, there was no surprise in The Genius' magnetic eyes that the majority of the attendants were still fatigued and tired. After all, Victor's request was given at quite the unusual hour. Confidently seating himself, enigmatic Impero listened to Victor as he spoke of a developed mission to Hell. Instantly, Impero's interest was undeniably caught. Listening with instinctive patience, he would certainly agree to travel to Hell. Indeed the risks were evident and quite high, but this opportunity could not be rendered fruitless, what he could obtain from this is truly invaluable. "Well, here's to things finally getting entertaining", he said, in response to Victor's elaboration. "Mr. Frenzy, Impero will accompany you", he assured with characteristic charisma and composure. Of course, it came as no surprise to him that Clarice voiced concerns over her own safety in such a mission. Impero remained silent as she spoke, he had no reason to address his ex-wife thus far.

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at a little pub a little ways down the street Leon sits in the dark corner of the bar thinking to himself. he found himself doing that alot lately. he looked up at claire's room sensing a presence he had not felt before there but figured she could handle herself there. Leon has hardly any emotion these days, he had lost it all after his parents died..he could not help but think of the memorie of his parents and sister as he drinks his beer. leon then sits back and gets up. walking outside he stares at the moon, thinking to himself. he always loved the moon, it calmed him and spoke to him in a way. he then walked to claras place and fazes through the door having sensed that he should b there. he sits in a chair in a dark corner away from most people.. leons not much of a social person.

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Sir Paradigm takes his infinite time as his giant body motions itself by wandering along the large empty halls, every large footstep setting a beacon for return. Distancing himself ever further from the point of entry, both hands tucked comfortably within his baggy pants. The fur coat over his back which gave the impression of a wild beast, pelted from the hide of a formerly impervious animal. With every encompassing stride his eyes move to survey the architecture and the interior of the fortress, retinas veering on the corners of his sockets as they peer at both vertical and horizontal directions. So far everything is in place, every little detail is where they should be. It was not long ago that Fowler joined this concerto of evil, not because of petty conquest goals but rather at the chance of meeting something strong in battle. Because strength has the habit of attracting strength, the probability of that occurring within a group multiplies exponentially. Plus there is no harm in expanding his social network.

The initial mood of anticipation is now repainted with a blank 'mellow' feel after leaving the chambers of the respected mentor. Fowler had just got an affirmative sign of approval from the Knight Leader Klovis about the new Warmech prototypes, essentially machines that will be made to hunger for newer sources of energy. Energy at one of its purest forms given in the content of animate soul, war machines that will target the living to harvest sentient energies to further add to his mentor's already impressive array of power. To that end so far he has made amicable relations with his leader, exchanging various ideas and receiving constructive feedback which will help him in the present time. Now the ideas are being constructed within a program, this substitutes for a 'mind'. While science pervades his very creation, it is fighting that dictates his existence. On a strict fighter to fighter basis Klovis is truly one of the rare breeds of great warrior which Fowler holds at high respects, because in the boring moments of peace times those kind of people can re ignite the flames of war. Even as they converse on the chambers the very weapons taken from the mentor's experimental necro-creatures are designed to create the shadow of violent nightmares to impose on the psyche of the opponents and then present their selected victims multiple inevitable opportunities for gruesome deaths. Deaths that can be delivered once or repeated at over a thousand times, the kind of death that makes one wish to not exist at all. He was impressed also by the Blood Knight's philosophies, that presentation of force is as important as efficiency of killing.

As a student enrolled in the fear academy under the tutelage of Klovis, As a member of the Inner Circle of the order of Blood Knights he has an obligation to deliver this new batch of murder machines up to standards. Being given the rank of First Marshal who represents Knowledge through Persistence personally by Klovis further adds to that mount of responsibility. But to be truthful not much action had happened when he was in the team, minus a minor squabble with a third rank of the Blood Knights which ended very quickly. As a machine that was built to fight he wants to hit something really hard, hard enough that the object on the opposite end would be reduced to ash. He looks down to his gigantic hands and clenches them hard to make fists, charging them with seismic energy that slowly builds up toward a catastrophic scale on the richter. The hands that buzzed emanated a gentle vibration as it was controlled by Fowler, who was itching to fight. The gentle waves felt through the entire hall. Seeking to envelop the structures without damaging them, sending regulated vibrations in the form of bass. His tuns are suddenly intermingled with a silent shrill of torment (fowler cannot receive telepathic signal but he can 'detect' mental signature) can be felt echoing through the structure of the building itself, the message is subtle but Fowler's ears wiggled reflexively. He did not know where it came from but his sensors processes the apopenia, their results pointed out to a location at the conference room.

During the meeting almost half of them showed up 'exhausted', given the current setting of time it is not strange for other hominids to be tired because they necessarily require rest to function. Fowler on the other hand is as spry as Energizer Bunny. The nights spent on formulating designs and the days spent on scouting stronger opponents. Now there is the team leader enveloped in light, being the center of attention while positioning himself in the cleavage of shadows. As the leader shared his heart's content Fowler could not help but feel sympathy for this newly acquired friend, because if he had something as valuable as an 'offspring' he too would storm the gates of Hel and collapse the very foundations of the infernal loci even as so far as to storm upwards into the gates of heaven as well for allowing something like that to happen. About the journey into the very depths of fiery Hel Fowler is all game, as he fought a demon a while ago at Redemption park. More to the dealing type and less about the pitch fork and torture type. Putting some reasoning behind the entire feeling he has no worries because demons are just the lingering ghosts of fear left by the world ago by primitive human ancestors, at a time before man founded the electric light. Before the invention of fire they feared the dark, before the invention of weapons they feared the wolf and after that they fear on the nuclear bomb. It is just a passing notion in the wind, nothing more, everything less.

Fowler gets his kit packed up as he awaits for the portal to open.

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Paradise Plateau

As Victor is about to leave the room Serenity came up to him suggesting something else entirely. Deep down he did care that these men an women accompanied him to Hel. An he took her suggestion literally, turning back once more "For everyone who comes to Hel with me, they will be rewarded with 100 Demon Stones each. Each stone will give you almost limitless power, along with the stones I will make sure that each of you and any kin you wish to have here will live the entirety of their lives secured. They will never waver in life, and will find protection from Paradise wherever they go." With that he looked around watching as the groggy members eyes widened at the mention of endless riches forever. A smile came to his face, the first since the message from Stephanie. He paid attention to Impero and Clara more than any of the FEAR members. Their recent divorce had put a wall between them, something Victor enjoyed an entertained yet at the same time felt irritated by it. He hoped that it wouldn't interfere with the mission at hand.

He stepped into the Shadows and came out at the lowest part of the Underground. The very same room in which he came into this world, He hesitated for a few moments as he opened the door an was overcome by the intense amount of demon energy that washed over him. All five of his Demon Five were putting out every ounce of demon energy they could, they were preparing for the portal to be opened. Their powers would almost smooth over the area in which the portal would be opened, now all they needed was Victor to punch the hole. He stepped closer to Velik who eased with his touch, he put his hand on her shoulder and kissed her cheek. "You may relax my love, it is time." He put his finger into the area where the portal would be opened, it sliced at the finger as if fighting back. Cutting a slice of skin off he licked the wound, an spoke telepathically with his team "I am about to open our way in, for those coming be at the lowest part of the Underground. Jovik will lead you to me, now get ready." He knew each would be ready an rearing to go, so he closed his eyes and focused his energies into his right arm.

His arm coursed with pure energy, it bulged an pulsated as the energy built up. He could hear the first of his team coming into the cave, a smile came to his face once again. An with the first to follow he let loose, thrusting his fist forward and smashing a portal into existence The air around it shattered almost and a doorway began to break away and show itself, reality as it was began to crack and open. As the portal opened he could see the hordes of asgardians and demons below it, simply working among-st themselves. They knew nothing of the horror that was coming. With the portal opened Victor looked back, and then stepped through.

Hel-Hela's Throne Room

Hela sat at her throne, allowing a lowly demon to polish her boots. Suddenly she felt a wave of energy that nearly knocked her from her throne, she kicked the demon across the room and screamed at the power that washed over her. She licked her lips and smiled "About time he came, was wondering when that little dragon whore's screams would reach him." She pulled on a long leash and a squeal replied to the pull, in walked a naked Stephanie covered in scars and blood. She looked to Hela and spat at her newly shined boots. A mix of saliva and blood slid down the boot while Stephanie smiled "You know he's going to kill you right? But first hes going to torture you, you miserable excuse for a woman...." Stephanie stood proud and Hela pulled on the leash again and a surge of energy rocked her body. Hela sat amused an replied "Maybe, but I wont go so easily my dear. I wont be the little pet like you, I'm going to actually put up a fight..."

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Paradise Plateau

  • Hel (Noun): A place where the damned are sent to pay the eternal price for their actions. Often recorded to be inhabited by the devil and his armies of demons; those condemned to eternal suffering are said to be doomed forever as there is no escape.

Towards the front of the room Billow stood perfectly still, like a statue or a shadow as the leader of this team offered a vast reward. A hundred demon stones would be enough to make even the most saintly mortal skip a heartbeat for with them one could further their own power exponentially, but he found it only of passing interest. The wraith had come here to better himself, find new things and experience the world... the suggestion of the late wraith of sorrows had been to learn what the troubles of man truly were and find strength within them. Only then would he stop being a ghost and become something more.

Something more.

Those words seemed like gold, heavy and soft yet they stung his heart and shattered it into a million pieces. They were the words that had given him comfort in the darkest hours and the sounds that became his worst enemies on the brightest days, a human could only learn to shoulder a life of a ghost so quickly and Billow found himself a slow learner even after all these years. Hence how he found himself in this predicament, with a group of beings that he had little to no knowledge on, bound for Hel in a high-gear to save Victor's daughter a dragon and demon halfling. Was it the curiosity of this child that brought him along? Or maybe it was the chance to traverse in Hel again under a different circumstance. Both were vast learning opportunities but neither of them seemed to be the true reason. Billow could not grasp the motive behind his own decision but at the moment it did not matter. Destiny had an odd way of quieting the worst of fears and the most pressing questions; it was the one thing he had learned in his sleepless nights.

He looked at Victor with a pair of soulless green eyes as he finished the offer of protection, a barb nested in the past tore on the fringe of his mind. That sorrow melted into light inside of his heart when he watched the door to the land of fire and brimstone opened up before them, it was much different than the time he found himself dragged down kicking and screaming in pain. In fact it almost had a serene feel to it, a door from one place to another that was opened through pure power and need. Billow attached himself to Victor's heels and made sure he was the second one to enter through that portal, his heart felt alive once more and it clenched tightly as if to scream out in anguish from the past memories of this place. However, it was quieted by the growing darkness deep within him, a deep shadow that would rise above anything that came out of this evil place and introduce them to the sorrows of mortal men.

With only a few soundless steps he left the cave behind him and entered into hell for the first time in almost fifty years.

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Demon Stones wealth and so on that was the better play. Victor lead sadists, killers and overall scum in the eyes of the arrogant that knew no better. Each of those at his side fought for him but the entire time fought for themselves. Honor was among thieves but only so long as each got a share. Warriors were brothers in blood they wanted to know the blood was worth fighting for though. The promise made was much much wiser, it certainly appealed to her. Already the Avatar of the Warp which could equally be labeled hell and or chaos, being power hungry was in her nature. Stones amping her abilities would be almost over kill the horrors she could inevitably orchestrate after this were apocalyptic on their own scale. Of course that was never the case this was just the amplification she needed to ready something to get her revenge.

Fallen was the first child of Azrael, when all that really mattered was to hold allies as virtuous she had lost it. Deeming her mother a failure to that very code she sought to end her life to strip her flesh and boil her insides. She envisioned pinning Hex to a cross and sticking needles in the brain just right to limit powers. Then killing her thousands of ways a new demise for every soul that made the witch seam immortal. The chaotic mind imagined sticking a demon in the small intestine of Ravek and letting the little creature just devour till belly full. Where then it would sleep as a new egg it laid did the same. The horn crowned chaos bringer imagined blazing all Symaarians and Keresh into oblivion. This power provided by Victor would allow it to come to pass.

Home Away From Home

Every religion was right and wrong, the highest truths a lie in itself. Stepping through the rift punched between dimensions the Queen of Chaos and Princess of Ruin entered just another homestead. This piece of the worlds of the damned had no recollection of her. Neither did it necessarily loath her, it was an estrange land but it still felt her presence. Arrogant was the ruler of Hel, he or she had to be. Instead of just tossing terrors to try and stop her the horrors clawed at her mind. Trying to play off her mental weakness, targeting mistakes and fears and turning them against her. It was a fruitless move on their behalf.

"You are a traitor. You have begun a crusade to slaughter your own people." A jab at her schemes. "Mind constantly swimming with ideas to kill those who love you. Monster." Try and demoralize her with the facts of how she saw her family. "No love is held for you, try as you might to impress you are seen as the beauty turned into a monster." Target being her overzealous pride. Whispers in the mind to demoralize to drive one insane, low tier antics of hell don't work well though on a higher up. Easily it was all pushed aside not lowering the performance of the Everchosen.

"I could be their savior or their executioner they chose it." Minds of the psychics trying to boil Serenity's brain began to race with pain. "I admit I am a monster, they allowed me to die however because they want death to have meaning. They killed me" minds began to physically boil, demons in her head dropping in pain screaming, just another cry of the millions in this place. "My beauty and monstrosity is the purest embodiment of this world, this existence." The psychic demons dropped blood poring from ears, eyes, nose and lips. The sounds of skulls cracking audible as they literally split apart. Eventually the seamed to almost pop, blown apart by psychic energies in gushes of blood. "Victor please tell me your old friend has better tricks then mind games." Her sick yet mesmerizing smile made as she looked to her leader. A smug pride in her stance as she easily overcame what to the others should require some work.

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Victor was quite the talented motivator. Opting to eliminate any thoughts of weakness and hesitance in his diverse set of allies, a promise assuring that unquestionable assistance will be awarded with powerful artifacts of immense mystical power. The claim of awarding those who accompany him into the unforgiving depths of Hel with these supposedly powerful 'Demon Stones' was quite the promise, and as anticipated by the meticulous manipulator himself, Victor's words instantly appealed to the delusions of grandeur and megalomania of the more power-hungry members. While it was indeed a compelling and seemingly valuable offer, mysterious Impero's mind responded to the statement with silent skepticism. The statement might inevitably reveal itself as false and utterly misleading, designed to manipulate the power-hungry tendencies of others, after all, why award expendable allies with such frightening power?

Or perhaps, Victor was a man of his word, one who's statements are carried by an undeniable sense of honor. However, should Victor's promises be revealed as truthful, the enigmatic Emperor would openly accept these terms, and while hardly a fan of the unrelenting acquisition of power, these stones would prove useful in certain aspects. But of course, a scheming manipulator by blood, Impero has his own secondary objectives that will govern his choices rather than his supposed allegiance to Victor. And throughout the entire situation, he could not help but wonder with brief curiosity if Clarice would be effortlessly swayed by Victor's carefully chosen words, after all, power was a painfully apparent desire that she has openly expressed in past situations. With a characteristically sly, smug smirk so cleverly concealed by his iconic alabaster mask, cunning Impero calmly nodded in response to Victor's statement, his uniquely colored, magnetic yet foreboding eyes meeting with Victor's as he offered a reply laced with instinctive composure and regal confidence. "That is an interesting proposition, Mr. Frenzy", his words cryptic and ambiguous as usual, a defining characteristic of his common speech pattern.

While other promises were made by Paradise's undisputed leader should he be willingly accompanied by his fellow kin, The Genius' focus remained solely on Victor's promise regarding the Demon Stones, but as always, this intention of his that has yet to be voiced, remained unquestionably unapparent. Calmly rising from his seat, enigmatic Impero exited the tension-filled conference room, having already formulated what course of action he will take should he be circumstantially forced to risk his well-being for his ex-wife, Clarice. He has no existent interest in her, she had outlived her usefulness to him and he does not plan to have any subsequent encounters with her as far as his meticulous plans dictate. However, this misadventure, its rewards and potential results were far too invaluable, not a man to be governed by pettiness, he would operate as he usually does, even around the redheaded manipulator who possibly harbors negative intentions. "Finally, things are taking a turn for the entertaining", he thought, with amused nonchalance.

Making his way towards the cautiously prepared dimensional rift or portal as one would call it, Impero stepped into it with unwavering confidence and poise. Setting foot in Hel for what would be the first time in many thousands of years for the masked enigma, instantly, his mind was relentlessly bombarded by a barrage of mental assaults, targeting his supposed vulnerabilities. And while a merciless assault, the elegant Emperor who himself is a frighteningly powerful telepath with even further mental assistance from the futuristic technology of his expressionless mask, managed to easily ward off these mental assaults with characteristic apathy. A master of psychology who has witnessed and experienced countless horrors, he simply remained focused on the given task at hand. Calmly unsheathing his twin Jian swords, he directed his attention to Victor prior to smirking with interest at Serinity's words. "Lead the way Mr. Frenzy".

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Fowler readies his 'fun kit' in the form of an ox-sized duffel bag as the cyborg shakes his head while listening to Jay-Z's 99 problems (which Fowler thought was somewhat appropriate given the current context and events that took place). They are about to embark into the bowels of Hel,"I got 99 problems but a b!tch ain't one" the bioborg blurts out a chorus as he is readying his gadgets truly wonder about what kind opponents would await for him at the other side. The portal is a gateway to a boundless field of imagination, negative energy and various uncertainties that have not yet been explored by any of the Fridays. This gateway will be the first encounter with nether-realm experiences; it could prepare him for a nether takeover sometimes in the future. Fowler is optimistic in this endeavor as he relaxes his recently upgraded artificial muscles with the various thoughts of battle that was imbued within his mind. A bit of necessary chaos to dilute the rigid structure of order within the brain, carnage appeared as passing visions, such ideas that will immerse him within dream like euphoria once he made physical contact with the other realm.

The leader even mentioned a nice reward of a hundred ‘demon stones’ with a given promise of unlimited power (an energy source that shall be studied with a reductionist mindset to acquire empirical proof) and a secure life. “You can hold the ‘secure life ‘ part leader, I just want the stones” as he replied. The latter that Fowler does not even care about, the former which brings spark into his eyes. Stones that can be used to create a new generation of machines to mobilize the Tritonian war machines, an idea that Fowler has embedded deep within the mind. The special properties of the stones, should it lie with the material can be replicated at atomic correctness and mass produced to create weapons of mass destruction or even a new source of renewable energy. Machines need energy, unlimited energy is good but one hundred units that has that effect is exponentially better.

Which would not be a lie considering Sic's status and power scale, but for this battle cyborg all of those perks are merely side orders. It is because he takes the pleasure in the fight. Something to notice in this certain trip is that his friend, the Iberian Emperor is also present in this journey. Whatever plan is being concocted will finish, and this time Fowler would hope to see the hooded man in action. There is a certain thing that made Fowler interested in Hel besides the combat aspects, ulterior motives guided by the very existence of a set of spatial coordinates to plant a dimensional anchor. Essentially a beacon that will transmit a ‘bulls eye’ for wormhole access, the given logistics will provide further room for exploitation. Exploitation in the form of mining, as there are two certain metals that can be accessed through that linking plane, one is netheranium and the other is promethium. Metals that must be excavated and monopolized for his own use, two rare substances that only exist in the nether realms, substances that he will make a special composite alloy from. “I will hold the line and aid you in your quest to free the hostage Boss

It was very fortunate that the portal in question was large enough to accommodate his size; the cyborg is no stranger to dimensional travel. However upon arrival to the other side there was a surge of psychic energy that blasted through his body, a feeling of a living light that seep in and out in attempt to corrupt his ‘mind’. The creeping luminescence that tries to find something to corrupt and something to latch on, only to end up in failure, they are futile because his ‘mind’ was already occupied by another corruption. A darker entity that refuses to surrender its sovereign power over the realm of the ‘mind’ that was recently introduced upon the induction of the Blood Knights, “I was born into this world as a, I was made to destroy for destruction’s sake, this notion of fear does not make me run. It makes me fight!

The cyborg now awaits further instruction.

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Leon thinks about the offer carefully. he didn't truly trust people but this guy seemed to be genuine despite never really being able to talk to him very much. Leon speakers in a loud voice from the shadows in his chair, showing both that he is being dead serious and yet that he has no fear of victor in the slightest. "whats the catch victor... Shirley it cant be so simple as that. go to hel and we get all this? come on...whats the catch in this offer?" Leon looks at the man intensely. he had learned from past experiences never to trust another human being. Leon takes a swig of his wine bottle and it refills itself instantly although leon doesn't seem to be getting even the least bit drunk from all the wine he has consumed. the air around him however feels cold as winter.