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By Grandma! John screams. By boys have a good time at College!. Grandma screams. I called shotgun! John runs to the car and gets in the passenger seat. Seth your car smells funny, GOSH! he says in a girly way. He winds the window down and starts to cough.

He looks at his hot wheels watch and gasp. Oh my gosh the plane leaves at 3:45 am. We better get driving its 2:30!. Garison puts on his seat belt and waits for the others.

He gets out his nail buffer and buff his nails. And if where lucky we could all be in the same dorm! he reaches a high five to everyone in the car saying Yeah! to every hand.

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Seth reaches for a high-five and draws his hand back, cursing silently as his hand stings from the slap.

"Hey, shut up man, I got this bus for only ten grand and it works fine. I drove it to Wal-Mart to get some snacks, they're in the cupboards."

Seth pointed to the cupboards above John's head. Putting the key in the ignition, he instantly sees a problem.

"Where are the CDs? Rob, did you pack those CDs I asked for?"
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Rob hurries up and wears his Tank top with his Kaki shorts and wears his Puka Shells around his neck. Rob ran up to the car and opened the door and stuffed his lugage in the trunk.

He sat down on Seth's Car, A couple minutes later Rob forgot to bring Beary. Rob jumped out and ran.

John yellingCome on lets go. Rob grabbed Beary and tried to jump inside the Car but instead his face slammed onto the door and lost a tooth.

Rob yellingOMFG!!!, John What the F, What the F. Rob got inside the car and waited for Katt. Rob gave Seth the Cd's

*Rob *You thought I forgot Mariah Carey, Christine Dunce, and Britney Spears. I dont think sssoooooooo
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Money Mike left his friend John’s house in a pink suit and got in the bus with his bags with most of his stuff in it. “College…hs, b!tches, b!tches and hs. More girls to make money off of. This is going to be a fun semester.” Mike heard John say it was 2:30 and the plane left at 3:45am. “Sh!t we gotta go hurry up.” Mike took out his Ipod and listened to some music.

He got up and said “On this trip yall can call me Money Mike or Katt I really don’t give a f*ck just don’t call me out of my name then you’ll have a cap in your @$$.” He sat down and waited for them to leave.
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He stops buffing his nails and looks around and see's Rob with his cd's he got up and ran to Rob and took a Miriah Carey cd. He runs to the cd player and pushes it in gently then he sings no one.

Touch my body!!!!!

The music was really loud, Come on guys He bobs his head and starts to get up and dance. Whooo!

Touch my body - Mariah Carey

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Seth shakes his head in embarrassment as his friend tries to dance.

"Good thing I got these," he says, holding up a giant book full of CDs.

Turning the key, he looks around the bus.

"Close the door, John while you're up."

Pressing against the gas, he turns to steering wheel to evade his friend's grandparent's trashcans, but purposely rams into a kid's bike. Laughing, he recalls the little kid who owned that bike, the one that cussed him out and threw rocks at him every afternoon when he came out of school. Seth relished in the moment that the kid was speechless when he showed him a certain bird as the kid looked at the passing bus that crushed his bike.
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Rob turned the music off and turned on some gangster Sh!+, He pulled out a Lil Wayne CD. Rob turned it to A Milli

Knowing that Katt was about to get his H03Z and get Crunk, Rob drank some Korona's and started to breakdance, Rob fliped onto his head and started spinning. A couple of seconds later, He got drunk and puked all over the bus

"Mah Bad!"

Everybody laughed and started to dance once again, Rob took a Mop and sweeped the Bus until it was clean

Rob opened the Small Frige that the Bus had and pulled out some Pizza's and Buffalo Wings, Rob jumped on top off the Bus with a grill. Rob started to cook the Pizza and Buffalo Wings. Rob got down onto the bus

“Anybody wants some”
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Katt then took out the gun that was in his bag and aimed it out the window at some houses on the way to the airport. He unloaded the clip firing bullets at the houses. He was going to load another clip but stopped when he heard some screaming. "Sh!t. Seth hurry up and drive faster. The cops are coming I know it. I am not going to be in a cell next to a dude named Damon who says don't fight this sh!t."

Mike went to Seth and threw him to the back of the bus as he started to drive faster. "We'll be at the air port faster this way. Wipe up all your puke back there and don't throw up on me." Mike changed the song to I'm Me by Lil Wayne. "I know that ain't fair but I don't care I'm a muthaf*ckin Cash Money millionaire."

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John stopped dancing and went to go close the door Seph hit some bikes and John fell out the bus. The kids were throwing stones at him and the bus. He ran faster. It hit him in the head and back and leg he finally caught up to the bus and closed the door. Why didn't you guys save me! Everyone ignored him. GOSH!!! He sat down and Rob turned off his song. Hey man what's this! He started to plug his ears and ran over to turn the music off.

Impure! Impure Impure!! John sat back down and Rob started throwing up near him. Ew Rob god! control yourself we just got on the highway and your drunk! He balled up in the window and daydreamed looking out. Then he saw people being shot and gun shots and John eye's got wider. He turned around and saw Mike shooting at people. He heard someone screaming then the cops were after them.

Oh my god! the cops were going to FREAKIN jail! John started walking around the bus freaking out. Mike ran up to the wheel and knocked John over on some uncleaned puke. John started to gag. Ew! dude! He slid to the floor and Seph was pushed by Mike and fell on John's back and it too the breathe out of him for a second.

Get your fat butt off of my Seph, GOSH!!. The cops were behind us and everyone was panicking. Then he heard more Lil' Wayne music. God this music is ear thrashing were is the freakin Danity Kane at! Argh!. John face started turning red. You know what I'm sick and tired of this, of this! of this! puke and rap sh!t.

John gets up and is dripping with Rob's puke. He runs to the CD player and punches it and breaks it and sparks fly and the CD breaks. Yeah!.........Ow!!! Ahhhh! My hand!. John started prancing around with his hand hurt. The bus was moving to fast he had just finished his chicken wings. He runs to Mike and grabs the wheel to the woods.

I have to freakin poo Mike pull over!

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Seth landed on Mike's stomach after John pushed him over. Everything was confusing and Rob was asleep with a bucket of ice cream in his lap. Seth just curled up on the couch as Mike and John battled over the wheel, hearing something about poo.

"Happy place, happy place, happy place!" Seth kept telling himself, watching his two friends struggle and hearing the police behind them and Rob's snoring. Reaching for the wheel, he tried turning it right while John tried turning it left and Mike tried to keep it steady as to get away from the cops.

"Stop talking about poo, John!" Seth yelled over the commotion.

He suddenly saw that they were headed into a dense forest.

"My mom is going to kill me for paying for a bus that gets totaled on the first day I get to drive it!" Seth screamed as the bus careened toward the forest.

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Rob woke up with a bucket full of icecream, He sees all of them trying to battle for the Steering Wheel. Rob turned around and saw cops calling for back up, Rob rolled down the window and unzipped his pants and started to pee at the cops

"Drink My Pee B!+ch3Z!"

The cops started to throw up at the Odor of the pee, The Cop car then drifted to the other Police car and they all crashed. Rob and John then saw Hellicopters hovering around, Rob and John screamed


Rob pulled down his pants and mooned the Hellicopters while they were on the News, Mike then pulled his middle finger up at the Camera. Rob sees that the Bus was about to go to a Forest


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"Get off of the wheel b!tches." Katt then pulled out the gun that was in his pocket. "My other gun is in my bag and I need to reload it I guess this will do." Katt aimed the gun at John's head to get him off the wheel. During this long struggle the bus went into the woods and somehow hit a thick tree that was knocked down. The tree had thorns and managed to poke holes in the tires and bring the bus to a complete stop.

Katt didn't have on his seatbelt and he went through the windshield into a lake that was in front of the bus in the dense forest. Seth and John also went through the windshield and landed on the ground. Rob just hit the driver seat. Mike's gun fell on the ground a few inches from the lake. Katt got out the lake soaked with water and picked up the gun. "This is some bullsh!t." With the police chasing them and helicopters above Katt started to shoot at them.

He killed one of the police in the chopper and he fell out. He landed infront of Mike. Mike took the police officers Assault Rifle and took the strap of bullets he had and out it on himself. He then started to yell at everyone in the bus. "Get off the f*cking bus...NOW! Run for it. Follow me into the river. From now on we're pimps in distress. DONNA where are you when I need you."

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"Find! GOSH!" John let go of the wheel and the bus drove into the forest and it a thick tree and knocked it over. John fell out the window and got his clothes wet. "I'm filthy, this is a new Aquaberry jacket". He was in the lake with Katt but he didn't know how to swim. He looked up in the sky and saw the police shooting at Katt. John barely made it on shore by paddling on a tree trunk in the water.

He looked at his watch and it was 3:50. He saw Katt run back on the bus and yell at everyone to get out. *"Um.. Katt my mom dosn't want me to be a pimp" All this commotion made John to panic. "Oh My Gosh! Freakin Rap, Then changing my Touch My Body, Then Puke!, Then This! He looks at Katt having all them guns.

"It's all your fault!" John runs to Katt and kept slapping his arms. Then runs away and looks at Seph on how blown he is for not having a ride anymore. So how we gonna get to Florida now...I have no money we have no car. Hey check that out!

John spots a trashed and busted up rusty ford in the road and points to it. It was some lady stopping to yell at her children. "Guy's we need that ride, but we need a plan". He rubs his chin as he ponders. "Any ideas? we could stay here and wait till' the police find us or high-jack that car and drive to Florida"