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Brace yourselves, justice is coming.

With the first of what im guessing will be a series of story arcs involving final arrow for the Knightfalls, what's next for them? Personally I would love to see a bit of recovery time before another big bad turns up, the lasting effect Arrow left on the crusader family. Something on my mind is, will we see a death occur? Will this be Arrow's first and last "show" before he dies of some crazy set of events? Or will one of the beloved Knightfalls fall to the knife of the madman, leaving the family in shambles, defeated even if the actually do pull of putting Arrow behind bars. As for what happens after that? I would actually love a team up of sorts...A supernatural team up..With yours truly..>_>..Anyway! Yeah something that isn't necessarily a "big bad guy" scenario but maybe a cult or a gang or a band of renegade metas. I can only imagine we will see a crossover into the registration arc for sure.

Declaration of inevitable chaos.

With the registration causing a nasty stir in the nU, what arc will we see sprout from it? Mike will finally be able to do what he loves most and hunt down straggling mutants. How will Amaranth take it? Im guessing not well, we could even see some heavy attacks on some major cities, important people dying, Mr.LeBeau grinning behind a political desk as he enjoys the fruits of his labor. Who will side with him? Who will side with the "free" mutants? I think that Ivan is going to be a renegade, being a magic user, the last thing he wants is to be on a bunch of paper. An even bigger question is what will happen over a course of time? Will the mutant's cause be all for naught as they found themselves sorrily outmatched, or will they actually pull off striking down the likes of Mike and LeBeau and take the white house for themselves? I suppose the only way to find out is by waiting.

The Arashikage that flew over the coocoo's nest

The lost Lebeau has resurfaced in the nU with mysterious intent, breaking the rather botanical Spross from the madhouse that is Sandsbury. Is she still affiliated with the LeBeau family, or is she something completely different? Why exactly did she break Spross out of the madhouse? Perhaps she is forming a female team, or rounding up villains for a whole different sinister agenda.

There's a full moon a' rising

The Hunter as well is back with unknown motives, currently trapped down in the vampiric tunnels under central park in Manhattan with the legendary dark Knight and yours truly. Why is Ivan keen on investigating the tunnels? What does the key that Quintus obtained for Ivan unlock? Was that the only reason why he brought him along? What will happen once the trio escapes the tunnels? Perhaps the Hunter will become aggressive with the ever elusive con man that is Ivan, but will Quintus allow it? What exactly will the dark Knight do now that he has discovered the existence of vampires? let alone a horde living under the big apple.

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Got mention in piece of mind!
Oh, wait. No I didn't.

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never know what may happen with arrow and the knightfalls. that's the beauty of it.

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I missed this one, but catching up on it it was a fun read. Probably cause its all about me :)

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I like these keep it up :D