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"Greetings, one and all," Orpheus said. He sat on the side of one of the Great Pyramids, its sides still covered in marble, its peak still tipped with gold. "You made the right choice siding with me. I can confirm that one of you will be the Champion...and I do not lie. I determine the future, after all." He rises, hovering in the light. "We are in an alternate timeline, where the ancient dynasties of Egypt never fell into decline. I hold power here. Here, in this time, you will be treated like royalty."

Strange creatures, half-man half animal, lurk in the shadows. They have their heads bowed before Orpheus.

"You will be lodged in the palace East of here. Physicians - the best you will ever meet - are roomed nearby. If you need anything, I will be in the Temple of Ra. Any of the demimen will show you the way. If they're not obedient, put them down."

A being with the head of a desert rat cries out and falls. The others merely sniff the air.

"Or I'll take care of it. One more thing...you will not be challenging my 'son' right away. It would be a disgrace if I let myself be represented by weaklings. So, naturally, you're going to try to kill each other before you try to kill anyone else. I'll be sending you into the past, or timelines that are nearly the past. Good luck!"