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"Please Creed, for the love of god your running the customers away.." The bar tender, Frank said while placing his distressed face in his sweaty palms. Creed tossed another bottle of Jack across the room and belched. "Fankie! Relax! Im your highest paying customer!" He pointed out to the rest of the now empty bar, people left hours ago from the lunatic's non stop banter and antics. Frank cussed him out under his breath while handing him another bottle of Jack, going to the back room to see what he had left. However after a few minutes on his lonesome, the door swung open, light shining onto the dusty floor of Frank's bar. The footsteps were without a doubt military, fine shoes, stocky build, Creed knew who it was by the sound of his throat clearing as he took a seat beside the costumed gun for hire. It was his former U.N commander, Dan Mathews. "Danny boy, Danny Danny, army manny.." Creed said while popping the cap off the bottle and started to glug it down, knowing the commander was going to speak. "Nat-" Dan didn't get a full word in before Creed pulled out his pistol and pressed it against Dan's temple, removing his disfigured mouth from the bottle and rolled his mask the rest of the way down. "You call me that name, and I will see if you bleed red white and blue Mathews, it will be the forth of July on the walls.." Creed said with a seriousness that was foreign to his natural comedic tone. Mathews didn't flinch, he had a gun pointed at him enough times that it was trivial. The commander cleared his throat, and continued. "Creed..I am here personally, there is no U.N agents around, I swear it...So lets just try and act sane alright?". The merc sighed and holstered his weapon, gesturing him to continue. "Creed, im so sorry for what happened, that day...We didn't expect the results to be...Well so extreme..". Creed chuckled harshly and looked over to his old friend. "DID YOU THINK IT WAS JUST GOING TO BE LIKE LEBEAU!? OR THAT CLONE!? You rushed it and you know it you star spangled douche canoe! I will never be the same, Nathan died that day, the archer died that day..So if you are here to ask for me to come back..You sooo have another thing coming Dan, cause I will rather be dipped in acid again like you did THE FIRST TIME instead of being a U.N patsy again!" Creed got up from his seat and leaned against the window, looking outside. "You know it's protocol to kill failed experiments Nathan, even you have kil-" That was Dan's last words before Creed was over in front of him in a flash, and sliced his head clean off with his katana. With rage filled breathes, he grabbed the head and screamed "DON'T CALL ME NATHAN!" And threw the head out the window.

After yelling at nothing, he paused, and started to chuckle. "Man! I would be a GREAT actor!" He said while straightening the tie of the headless bodies suit and sighed. "Looking sharp Dan..Looking sharp.." He patted it on the shoulder while grabbing his medal of honor, as a sign the contract was complete, the first taste of his paid revenge against the U.N.

"Frank, buddy! Clean up on isle...Bar counter?" Creed chuckled while leaving the bar.

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Great stuff!

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Lean mean, RPG Machine. Thats what I'm calling you from now on. XD