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Alrighties! Its all said and done and overwith. NYC Invasion has been completed, and a lock on that thread requested.

This is where I look for feedback from those who took part, or who observed, or who have any thoughts on the matter. So pontificate away!

I'm not looking for a bunch of 'it was great good job' stuff, I'm looking for your honest thoughts about what you liked and didn't like. If you hated it and thought it sucked from top to bottom, there's no need for a sugar coat, just tell the truth.

Basically I'd like to know two things

A: WHAT you thought. In your own words what did you think about everything?

B: WHY you thought it. However you felt, why did you feel that way?

Both of those things could prove very valuable to me in creating the next event. Without them I'm shooting in the dark, just trying to guess what my target is.

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A: I enjoyed it. Not just from a participation aspect but from a canon/establishing some CVnU context as it pertains to the overall atmosphere. I wont lie and say I read every single post cause I didnt, but I believe I read enough to get the feel for the story. Having said that I think the most important thing that happened in this story was the creation of possibility. K briefly mentioned this to me in passing and I was of the same mind, that someone could easily use events that happened in NYC to push for a Registration angle. I for one plan on using it (as Mr. LeBeau) to help push the anti-mutant agenda.

True heroes could use it as a reason to form a Superhero team (kind of like how the Avengers formed after fighting a great threat as individuals pulled together against a common foe). It also gave/gives, characters a reason to know of other characters despite never having met. Now you can say you witnessed them doing (insert whatever here) either through the media or from a builiding etc.

We briefly saw some WAL members jump in

New York will now be modified accordingly in regards to destruction, population, perception, etc, in the OP.

This mini event has the potential to be something we look back on after several rpgs and say, "Thats where it started."

B: I dont know why I feel how I feel lmao Its just the feeling I got during, and looking back, on the event ;P

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Was great nice starting point for cvnu characters. Allowed me to launch two new alts in an intresting way and set the new canon rolling.

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A. Active. Active is what comes to my mind.
B. It was active. lol.
Plus, it let me go a new way with my character.

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I thought the RP was fantastic. The setup was great: it was an open-world environment that had a specific situation attached to it, so it gave participants tremendous freedom while still being more structured than your typical "playground" thread. A very good way for characters to make their mark in the CVnU, and I can easily see this RP serving to seed future ones. Bravo to all the participants and a standing ovation to the creator!

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Missed some of the end-game as I needed the internet to be down to do some housework, but otherwise it was fun!

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I really enjoyed the fact that it still had the canon RPG feel, but with quicker responses. You could go the short or long post route and either way you were contributing.

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@_Enchantress_: Sh!t I forgot to add the part about u taking out the Umen in the recap. I'll re-edit the NYC OP when I get back.

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@Gambler: No worries :)