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OBSIDIAN CITADEL: The time for praise was upon them. The line of the faithful stretched from the internal hall, outside for about one miles' length. As they waited, songs of praise for their leader were sang with joy, for they knew soon enough absolution was theirs once more. Inside of the citadel praise went on without interruption. Women and men in the throws of spirited worship.... To anyone, this would look as if these people had Ben possessed with some sort of spirit. Each day they rose, confessed their sins knowing full well they would not be judged. Atonement was just doing what was right. For months now they'd been groomed for charity, each believer putting forth the effort to help their fellow man. As so was the teachings of Atticus Blaire, politician turned messiah. It was what they had come to call him, adorning the man with such a powerful nomanclature, when they still did not truly know why they had come to believe what they believed. It seemed like overnight, a shift had managed to strike down conventional religions, and in its place, the word that became new doctrine was those of Candidate Blaire. And they were simple, confess your sins and he would absorb them, giving you in return the promise of salvation. Immediately the world was taken in by the sheer strength of Atticus' own belief in himself. They watched him be beaten and nearly killed by demons, and his triumphant victory over them. His words became somewhat cemented, they had by his actions, become truth. And those who beleived became swallowed by the need to do good, to become selfless heroes. It didn't matter if they possessed powers beyond human constraints, after all they were blessed, adorned with the Wings of Salvation that allows them to access the powers of their leader.

Truly, a clergy had arose, constructing monumental altars for followers to kneel at, entire biblical texts detailing the lifestyle of a Sojourner, and some even taking it upon themselves to model a commandment system and punishment ladder as well. Not by Atticus' doing, they erected this caste system, bring a order to perfect chaos. These men and women, persecuters, had given themselves power.

Until now, Atticus hadnt heard of these few wrongly self endowed ministers. His movement was not a church, it most certainly was no cult or religion. And yet, they became judged by others as such. Devotion to Christ was respected, admired. Devotion to a black man, who claimed to be salvation, and who claimed that his darkness was pure and sacred, that was cultist. The thought never crossed his mind to resolve the issue for he beloved that those who wrongly practices the keepers way would eventually work themselves out. What he would never expect was that someone else attempt the very same.

The Obsodian Citadel, located in Alexandria Virginia, formerly the Masonic Temple, had been coated in a black vanear was now made to be the church. And today something would occur that would initiate an old relationships tragic end. In the bowels of the citadel, one hundred followers were gathered. Lined up twenty five by tenth five, each corner embellished with a cloaked figure while all others knelt and were head bagged. "The heretics have forsaken the edict. And h

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(See this is what happens when you type on your phone) cont...

"And heretics must be extinguished." And without further word, fire was set upon them, their screams and wails muffled by cradling flame. The cloaked figures removed themselves from sight and disappeared into the shadows.

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“All this for Atticus?” she asked, standing behind Debra, wiping the wrinkles from her Hijab. “Yeah looks like we have another “Black Cardinal, on our hands” she said, pulling up the information the SONS OF LIBERTY had obtained on the ‘Sojourners”.

“It actually works out that their based somewhere in Virginia; we have tons of SOL members from Tidewater all the way out to Piedmont.” Debra said, surfing through the files. “Great…I really didn’t want to go back to the states anytime soon” Maya griped, with her hands folded across her breast.

“So do we think he’ll win?” Well I hope so…he’s got almost 1 million followers….” Debra answered pulling up files on the most notorious of members. “Survivors of this cult have reported, sacrifices and what not…things could get ugly…” Debra said, handing Maya a badge of the famed Powhatan Indians. “You should be able to use that, to gain accessories from the SOL cache’s there.” Debra explained.

The Powhatan Indians were the Indians that Pocahontas was native too; they had been pivotal in the SOL affairs since the Civil Rights Movements of the 1960’. “What kind of man allows this cult to do things like this?” Maya said, pinching the bridge of her nose. “How’s Bishop?” Debra asked, knowing it was on Maya’s mind.

“He’s ok, we offered him cybernetic implants, but I think all the drugs has him feeling a bit down” she said, glancing out the window. “I think he knows where she’s hiding; I heard it isn’t small either…” Maya said, still worried. “It’s not your fault, Ziccarra is like a cornered pig…dangerous…” she said, running her hand across Maya’s shoulders.

“I thought you would return someday so I took the liberty of keeping this” she said, leading Maya into a hangar bay. “ICEBIRD…” Maya whispered, with a smile on her face. “I knew that’d cheer you up” Debra said hugging against her young apprentice.

“I’m going to rally up the squad.” The red head woman said, exiting the hangar. “ALL TRINITY MEMBER REPORT TO THE HANGAR BAY” Deb’s commanding voice blared over the loud speaker. Using the down time Maya activated her ecosphere and fitted herself in her old black and white Trinity Foundation Uniform.

One by one the team began to slowly enter the hangar; Maya jumped down off the stage area to brief them on the mission. “Styke and Angeni should know what it means when the Black and White suit come on” she giggled winking at her long time companions.

“For you new guys…” she said, glancing at Ajax, Adapation and Acolyte; she didn’t really have the chance to speak with the newer people; so it was like she didn’t know them.

“This means we’re going hot, more specifically we’re going back to America” she said, turning to a hologram projector. “Alright, Atticus Blair you all should know is running for the President of the United States; however he has this ugly little cult growing that I personally think he knows about” she said, wiping a fragile piece of blonde hair from her face.

“Having already dealt with one religious cult; we’re not dealing with another…there is a temple the meet at in Alexandria Va; but we need to move tactfully we don’t want a conflict with American Forces got it?” she said, with her hands on hips.

“We’re moving out in a few hours you guys can go wrap up doing whatever you were doing…” she said, taking a seat on Icebird’s wing.

Hours Later.

“Maya it seems that Icebird’s signal was intercepted by American Intelligence; they know your there…” Deb warned. “Blair knows your there too” she warned again. As the craft landed Maya was already trying to come up with a contingency plan.

“Alright change of plans, I want to interrogate Atticus myself; so I’m taking Acolyte and Adaption with me. Stryke, Angeni and Ajax; I’m giving you guys the cult mission make sure you stay connected” she said, pointing to her ear piece.

As she and her two comrades walk off, she pauses for a moment to turn back towards Helena and Alex. “Remember…you guys this is a cult…there into some dark stuff over there watch out for each other…we’ll be there shortly”.

Getting an SOL escort to Blair’s office, Maya sat back in her seat with her hand on her nose; stressed early on. “Soo…tell me about yourself?” she said, glancing over at Acolyte.

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At the Trinity base

Darren curled a small weight. It was heavy. It worked not only on building his strength (and a lot faster than a human's would), but also his durability. He watched as Maya gave the team briefing. "She's confident, charismatic." He said, punctuating each word with a curl of the weight. "She's a classic team leader. She's got all the skills." He spoke to himself, but his intelligence was working at a strolling pace, analysing his surroundings, taking in the environs and the individuals. Olympian, altered humans and watever the hell else surrounded him. Not that he could tell through X-Ray Vision or anything, no he didn't have any of that. It was raw intelligence, back by an intelligence already boosted well into triple figures and exponentially increasing. He wore his suit, which shielded his eyes with tinted glass. The ruby glass, polished to a high shine, served as a one way mirror. His eyes were unreadable if they couldn't be seen. When she said they were moving out in a few hours, the dull thud of Adaptation's weight hitting the floor would have caused anyone to look around. It was only to see him walk out.

He didn't go to the gym as people would expect, but the library. Digging up everything he could on Atticus Blair, aka Sojourn, with a nifty bit of rewiring of one of the terminals and software hacking, he found a tidbit more information than could a regular person. Blair was not to be underestimated, and this cult...these Sojourners...would likely amp up his abilities some. No miraculous telepathic resistance or faster than light speed, but still...

After a couple of hours, Darren carefully undid the hacking, exiting the same way he'd entered, closing the door after him. Then he knelt by the console, wired it properly, closed and bolted the panel, and then straightened up, turned and walked out of the collective knowledge. As he reached the hangar, it hit him. He'd forgotten to replace the few books he'd retrieved from the shelves. They lay on and around the terminal in an untidy pile. He chewed his lower lip. He shouldn't have forgotten that. Were his powers dwindling already? Maybe he needed another juice off the virus.

After landing

Alright change of plans, I want to interrogate Atticus myself; so I’m taking Acolyte and Adaption with me.

He wondered why she didn't properly pronounce his supername. "It's Active Adaptation. I actively adapt to threats." He muttered, but followed her nonetheless. When they reached the office, Darren stood by the door, a small smile on his face. He slowly tightened his bladed forearm guards and ensured his gloves knuckles were placed properly over his own. Assured, he folded his arms.

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The white knight of Tritonia was enjoying a casual walk around the Trinity HQ for the first time, it appears that the crowd is a friendly one as last time his co-creator went here no distress messages were sent by the media. The guards in here and their customs officers have the courtesy to notify first, which Battler complied by going into the checkpoint. While in Tritonia it was the standard operation of three drones or heads off principle. With him being the guillotine, but sometimes bone vapor tend to get repetitive after a while. The 'feel' of the whole area reminded him of Tritonia's arcologies.

Battler's first day in the base his brain half focused and his other half set on training. He ran a combat simulator in his head while simultaneously solving various puzzles designed by erno rubik telekinetically to sharpen his precision, the solving half splits further into a quarter for recording constant data and puzzle solving.


He appeared on the Hangar bay within less than a second's notice, not wanting to be late and to create a good first impression to his peers. There was a lady clad in checkered colors of black and white, she gracefully leapt off the stage to give everyone the need-to-knows on this very mission. The costume must be symbolic checking from the reaction of some of the others, but for this individual knowledge will come in due time. It was a first time encounter and she adressed him as one of the new members although her eye contact was affixed on the rest.

America was one of the words that she uttered, which makes him sigh and the display exposed the targets. Big name of Atticus Blair, president runner against Orpheus Ziev. Though it appears that the facts revealed a more darker side to his open public persona. Something that made her changed her act for a very quick time, yet something that is to be expected for calling in so many members at once. Several he'd heard from Fowler and seen on the media, others are new faces to work with. Hominids shaped in different proportions and dimensions, not unlike tritonia. He does not know their personalities but he has a hunch that they will get along just fine.

It seems to be a problem of faith, something also quite common in Tritonia, unlike some of the priest Battler is a devout Energist that sends Tribute to Aleph at every required moment as it is an obligation yet there seems to be problems with this religion shown on the holo-screen. Misunderstanding or fanaticism? he will know soon enough. The location is a temple and discretion is mandatory, since the yankees tend to be paranoid every now and then.


No orders, so that implies a free reign, the silent member then decides to tag along with the Trio of Stryke, Angeni and Ajax seeing as one of them has been in Tritonia and is a friend of Fowler so he might find an easier interaction from there. In missions of this importance communication is important, in good terms it will result in success but in bad terms it will result in death.

The cyborg looked towards the athenian warrior "So I heard that you met my co-creator"

- Battler -

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Joe was running a bit late. After arriving at the Sons of Liberty home base a few days ago, he'd spent almost all of his time cooped up in his own quarters, either sleeping or brooding. He was a broken man. Now more than ever. Images of his flayed fiancé continuously plagued his consciousness, relentlessly hammering down on his sanity, mercilessly eviscerating any chance of mental well being.

He grunted dismissively, pushing the haunting thoughts to the very back of his scarred mind, sucking tentatively on a cheap cigarette. He was leaning against the wall in the broad corridor just outside the hangar, using his acute hearing to pick up everything that the team's spear-head had to say. He nodded quietly to himself, Atticus' name striking a note inside of his head. He'd always believed that politicians were no good, and was satisfied his superstitions had finally come to fruition. He ashed the cigarette calmly before taking another hit. He had decided that he would tag along with Maya's group. His absence was rude, but he was still trying to figure everything out. After having the Justice League disband, he'd trekked through numerous more country states, having to resort to working jobs to keep himself alive. Every night he would go out and do his vigilante business, cleaning up any of the towns he had eloped to, by way of thanks, and to keep his conscience clean. After all, that was the only reason he offered himself to the forces of justice.

His conscience.

He shoved the thoughts away again, dropping the cigarette into a nearby trash can before making his way back to his room to gear up. He doubted a pair of faded jeans and a plaid shirt would go well against politician worshipping zombies.


Metalcore sat by the window, keeping to himself. He had fallen asleep on the way to the target's location and had just managed to catch up with Maya's group as they met with the escort.

Now he sat, silently preparing himself for the possibly tumultuous affair awaiting them. He was characteristically excited for a chance to let loose. It had been a while since he'd been able to pop his near invulnerable claws and cut somebody up. He needed it. The beast inside of him needed it.

He shook his head again, reminding himself that Maya would want this resolved as quickly and painlessly as possible. The Trinity was a fearsome force, but they weren't terrorists. Nonetheless, he possessed an eagerness for battle.

Upon arriving at the office of Blair, Metalcore had lingered behind the group, instinctively keeping a lookout for any suspicious activity, of which there was much. Everything had a bad smell to it. It smelt vile to his nose. Darkness, everywhere. He snarled self-consciously, flexing his fingers repetitively, every muscle in his body coiled, poised for action. His masked face was contorted by a look of agitation, fairly common for him. They were nearing the office, and with that he broke the silence that had settled upon the team.

"Smells like night in 'ere."

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Dreya smiled at her customized uniform she had done her homework while here trying to learn of its past and such. The uniform to be given to the young Keresh was picked up early and modified. Carefuly crafted utility belt to avoid her electric abilities shuting anything down. Her brother and three sisters were mighty fine in the list of abilities she didn't have a strong aray just two. Born a grandaughter of Death she had the ability to tweek probability and fate forcing things to benefit her and harm others granting a sense of luck and fortitude to the young soldier. The other ability was what demanded her gear be a cautious construction. Electrokinesis was her one real power but it was extensive and on omega levels. Alot of her time in the warp was spent just trying to learn keeping it in check. Rather than saping energy like a sponge and causing ships to black out. Her suit was constructed to help prevent that and also was made to acomadate the Keresh stylization rather than that of Earth. The usual resistances to elements on some regaurds and of course general harm. Odds were the uniforms did this anyway but the daughter of the Kerva'dor preffered to make her own things particularly in a way that benefited her people.

Blades, hacking gear, med gel, grapling hooks other required esentials and wants were stored in belt gloves and boots. Two batons resting on her back and assassin blades in wrist and foot sheeths. This team wasn't killers so the cobalt haired soldier did her best not to pack much ment for the taking of life. Contrary to her family she preffered not to take lives if it could be avoided. Salem contested that all humanity was corupt self rightious bigots deserving of heart plucked from ones sternum. Dreya figured they might have some worth so she joined Trinity. It was also her attempt to lighten the calculated scheming of her mother. With her here she figured Azrael wouldn't come instantly looking for a fight. Order was better than destruction to find order. Dreya looked forward to this hoping to make changes to societies was her vision, she was a leader type working to make sure when her time came for the Keresh she was all they would ever need. Finishing the few cuts to make the outfit her own and not a one piece which she found disgusting the message rang out through the room.

Meetings didn't seem likely to come with that kind of message she gaged and as such dressed in the uniform before heading down. Keen copper colored eyes taking a moment to look over who all wished to orchestrate change. For her every individual in black and white or soon to be was a fellow soldier. Acolyte saw them as brothers and sisters in arms to look after and stand beside. Orders were then given mission made clear from the atractive leader of the team. Given a few hours to prepare Dreya simply headed for the jet while pulling out a small hand held computer. Electrical augmentations used to manage the machine and talk it into telling her as much as possible.

A few hours later and they landed the option of stealth lost to them as radars picked up on the jet. Maya a smart resourcful being quickly spliting team in two to her surprise she was going along with the blond and Adaptation. Part of Dreya expected to be put with Ajax and told to be smashed like an ant. On the contrary though in fact she seamed welcome. Adaptation said something Dreya failed to catch it however. Late for arival just slightly Metalcore broke the silence just briefly before Maya asked Dreya about herself as they boarded one of the Sons of Liberty vehicles. It would get them to Blair sooner for which Dreya gave a warm hearted thank you to the driver.

"Dreya Valchan daughter of Kerva'dor Ravek and Empress Alezra or as you probably know her Azrael, of the Keresh. I was actualy afraid you would have Ajax just go all meaner and greener and stomp on me. I was raised in what is essentially hell to be the best soldier and future Kerva'dor I could be. A good soldier though in my opinion seeks change and not necesarily violence. My hope was to use my skills and help keep this world intact. Seems like a person on every corner is a murderer hired gun or pupeteer." The copper eyed soldier waving her hand to pull up what video feed she could for the small team. Using her abilities she tapped into signals being sent around the city to try and bring up the cameras of the building Sojourn was in. Trying to optimize any need to plan before they went in.

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Alex looked upon the massive wall of books in the library. He counted each book as he read the titles, instantly remembering the names, the authors, and the exact placement of the books. The Rider's eyes soon wandered off to the floor as he slowly shut his eyes and recalled a memory.

He was sitting as Alex was polishing his cycle, making it gleam in the light. It was a normal day until his left arm began to receive an indescribable pain. A glowing blue symbol appeared as he clutched onto his arm, gritting his teeth, and a voice soon echoed in his head. A little girl spoke, "He's coming. There will be a fight. Beware the little mountain sight. Prevent his goal. You will know when he approaches." Her messages were like staccato notes, choppy. But it was soon tied together with the next three words, "You are warned." Alex rolled up his left sleeve and looked at his bare arm, the symbol always appeared randomly, only appearing twice in his known life.


The Swordsman's eyes shot open to Debra's voice. He turned to face the doorway walking towards the Hangar Bay as instructed. The Trinity had returned, giving hope to Alex as the possibilities of his past being discovered were once again evident. Entering the Bay, Maya was already there with her black and white Trinity uniform on. Various members were already there, but yet they all waited for more. Beside Maya, Angeni was the only other familiar member from an earlier incarnation of the team. There was Ajax, Adaptation, Alcolyte and more to come.

The Blond Beauty stepped off the platform and walked over to the team. She giggled as she referenced her leadership and when a mission was evident towards himself and Angeni, Alex looked on indifferently as usual.

This means we’re going hot, more specifically we’re going back to America. Alright, Atticus Blair you all should know is running for the President of the United States; however he has this ugly little cult growing that I personally think he knows about. Having already dealt with one religious cult; we’re not dealing with another…there is a temple the meet at in Alexandria, Virginia; but we need to move tactfully we don’t want a conflict with American Forces got it? We’re moving out in a few hours you guys can go wrap up doing whatever you were doing…”

Maya… the headstrong leader, just as Alex had remembered. He headed for his quarters, putting on the black uniform he had always worn. The black shirt with the one long sleeve covering his left arm and the left shoulder pad with the wolf on the edge. The Rider tied his black boots and wore his iconic black sunglasses; to mask his emotionless face. He calmly walked to the garage towards his cycle. "Withdraw Stryke." The vehicle complied and the side compartment opened, allowing Alex to draw Stryke like a sword in stone.


“Alright change of plans, I want to interrogate Atticus myself; so I’m taking Acolyte and Adaption with me. Stryke, Angeni and Ajax; I’m giving you guys the cult mission make sure you stay connected”

Alex complied with his boss as he walked away with his group towards the vehicle, only to turn around once more at her voice.

"Remember…you guys this is a cult…there into some dark stuff over there watch out for each other…we’ll be there shortly”.

The Rider nodded as he rested his massive weapon on his shoulder, walking towards the mode of transport to Virginia. He was going to a place where followers of a former teammate were, stopping whatever they were doing. That was his mission and it wasn't his concern.

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There was a constant hum from thousands of parted lips confessing in the monastery. The only requirement for presence here was to confess, to expose that which soils the perfect darkness given to each Sojourner. Atticus stood in the center of the Obsidian Citadel monastery, formerly known as the Masonic Temple. The first floor all the way up to the bell tower supported hundreds of people come to pay homage. Atticus stood in the center of the room gazing upward to connect with his flock. "Once again we come to this place. Once again we revitalize our spirits and minds with the promise of salvation. Speak and give voice to damnation, exert it from your mind body and soul for it is not a birthright. Speak and release it into me." On cue Sojourners whales the sin, creating elongated tendrils of umbra energy connecting from them, directly to Atticus himself. Seemingly overwhelmed by it all, Messiah Omega fell to his knees, his robes billowing out like clouds only to once again settle to form on his slender physique.

The time for repentance was over and the man who was a lot of thing to a lot of people returned to his home. Only shortly after changing into a proper suit did he receive a call from one of his closest aids did he have to return to the Obsidian Citadel, now vacant. The dapper clad man ported himself back to the very spot he'd only left hours ago. He was informed of the arrival of the new incarnation of Trinity Foundation, now calling themselves Trinity Progression. Without a second though he scheduled in some time before a campaign event to meet up with the team. He was glad to show his support, he was even happier to have found out that Maya was head once again. There had been a quasi falling out between the two, after she abandoned the team went covert. But even with such a history, his admiration for her was unyielding.

He ported to the bell tower where he saw the craft from afar, and using his meta human abilities opened a siphon link between the ship and the grounds. Instantaneously the ship has appeared upon the expansive from lawn of the citadel. As it landed, Atticus smiled widely, anticipating a great reunion. He had hopes of a partnership between them. The plank lowered and Maya was the first to step out, he met her with his hand before him, a personal gesture to embrace an old friend. "I'm so glad you all decided to show. Although I haven't the slightest clue of why you're here. Come inside, we can talk there. He lead them inside where he hawkishly showed the surfeit of altars. "This is a glorious place isn't it... We've a been told that darkness was evil bad. But I know otherwise... I know that evil is action not color... It is what we do and say to the people we live with that determines who we are, and what good and evil is. Maya... everyone. I appreciate you all coming here, because I think it means there has been an exceptional lack of cohesiveness between political figures and the meta populace... If we can show that not only are we friend but that we rely on each other to progress, I think we can all live without evil. What do you think." Looking directly into Ms. Lopez's eyes, he smiles.

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The all terrain vehicle the small group traveled in to head towards the office of Aticus Blair was soon to be relocated. Metalcore had suggested the smell of darkness seemed to pervert the very air around the city. Dreya herself took it as a hint that perhaps it served as a foreshadowing of what was to come. For while evil could have a hand at making a promising future it was still a dangerous element. Wrong judge of action or character in a single moment could be the opening for everything to fall apart drastically. Dreya also didn't feel any better considering what she was able to bring up. A live video feed was made by the electric ace. Currents depicting imagery of all the possible places one could expect to find the man running for presidency. None of the cameras suggested many people not even that many guards.

Well anyone trained in a militaristic fashion would probably deduct they were hiding, a trap. Dreya hated traps they always screwed things over and were such a nuisance. The other deduction was that the bulk of these threats would be at the other objective. Nothing made the young princess of the Keresh more disturbed then knowing her people might have a bigger risk and no back up. Trinity's people could likely resist a lot didn't mean Acolyte had to like it. Suddenly the readings of machines told the Keresh things were radically different. The moment of disorientation soon revealing they were at their destination or perhaps a new one. The ramp descending to reveal the man they were looking for.

"Well if nothing else at least he was nice enough to bring us to him." The Keresh remarked popping a stick of gum into her mouth and offering the others some as well. This included the man who had teleported them with questionable display of abilities and an even more questionable intention. Lack of intel was no excuse to be rude however, the cobalt blue warrior keeping her mouth shut until the man ended his monitored speech.

"Im afraid mister Blair I have to oppose what your saying on some level. Darkness is evil and bad, at its core it will destroy its a matter of how you use it. The bullet is a killing tool, that tool however can build a future however or destroy a nation. I see you have a talent over the darkness itself, realize though that the shadow casted by the moon and the shadow casted by greed are not the same. As for coming here its a deep honor tread lightly on how you approach the associations however. You see if we appear as your friend, one could question if one of us is manipulative. That only increases the more one of us seems in the others pocket. The goal is to suggest a chance of unity, without suggesting giving away to much. While also suggesting we are not just powered soldiers….." She paused eyes shifting around the group.

"Sorry Maya, spoke out of turn. Im a bit opinionated." The soldier popping a bubble before going back to a monitor in her hand. The electrical lights flickering as Acolyte sought to get a birds eye view of the other team. Hoping to keep in contact with their progress.

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Maya listened intently as the woman laid down her credentials, from the way she spoke Maya could tell she had years of laborious training in all types of tactical situations; skills that the Trinity will need. “I decided to have you two come with me because; I wanted to speak with you both” she said, moving fragile piece of hair from her face. “Both of you have commanding attitudes when in a room; qualities I’ll need for this” she said, with a smile accepting the piece of gum.

“Huh what?” she said, touching her intercom; Debra pin-pointed Atticus’s location to the citadel; the same place she sent Ajax and Alex. “I really wish you had told me that before we left” she sighed somewhat agitated.

Before she could say anything else, they were teleported; this was not Maya’s doing the blonde glance around a bit surprised before realizing this was the power of Atticus Blair. Maya leaned back a bit with her hands folded across her chest. This moment sort of made her smile; the efforts of the Trinity Foundation; herself, Adaptation and Dreya, in front of the assumed evil.

Atticus had changed, he wasn’t the same fragile mind that saved her in the desert from Y-Intercept; his mind was stronger; he had the same sense of Self Righteousness that she saw in the likes of Evil Nova or Sha.; it kind of scared her.

Before she could even reply to his statement, Dreya spoke up an action that Maya backed. “I’m with her; we only know darkness exist because it is without light” she said, pinning her hand behind her ear.

“We’re not interested in politics, Atticus; we’re interested in the people.” Maya said, stepping up repelling his smile with a terse stare.

“This is a religious cult, has history taught you nothing?” she asked; using her psychic energies account for the people in the building.

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Metalcore grunted by way of gratification, flicking the gum into his maw, chewing down on it brutally, giving the pink substance no mercy. Arms folded, he stood beside Debra, flexing his fingers slowly, every sense on high alert, ready to pop his claws out at any instant to shred some flesh. He attributed his jumpiness to the lack of personnel, suspicion lacing each of his silent thoughts. He observed the Vice President with both curiosity and caution, listening carefully to each of his words, and then the words of his team-mates. He cleared his throat awkwardly, barking out an opinion of his own.

"You ain't no messiah."

He clenched his jaw begrudgingly, not sure whether he should take the man's amiability kindly or whether he should look closer at his teeth and see if he could notice any lies slipping out. He was also aware that they'd just entered the building and the mission had barely begun. The chances of Blair attacking them suddenly were diminutive. Nonetheless, precautions never hurt.

"An' another thin'. Where is everybody?"