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"I can't stand her. Yeah she's a real creep.... Get out of my home! And never comeback... Hand it over and nobody gets hurt... A life for a life my dear... Assassins? Kill them... Hahahahahaha, the fools." The widespread hate, older than the Earth itself, was never ending. Suffering was built into the genetic makeup of sentient beings at the dawn of time, and while few fought against it, the masses reveled in their self created hate, the true basis behind the many wars and the casualties caused in such engagements. Today the epitome of all mankind's sins would rise from the sandy ashes of the land, and this world will burn.

"Amanda Hugginkiss reporting to you live from the Sahara. Currently we are approaching the latest object to have risen from the sands. The sixth in number this piece is said to be the answer to the mystery. Now that it has arrived the electrical disturbances emanating from the original objects have stopped. Footage has been widespread across every facet of media and a multitude of speculations about what we are encountering have filled blog sites worldwide. Will it spell the end of civilization as we know it? Stay tuned to find out."

The site was covered by a large group of armed forces. No doubt dispatched to keep civilians at a safe distance. The United Nations response to development was quick an efficient, within twenty four hours each location was swarmed by military units of the respective governments. Each desert, the Sahara, Mojave, Arabian, Great Victoria, Gobi, and the Antarctic housed an object. Tourists flocked to these locations and the Militia's perimeter kept these viewers at least 200 yards away. Yet Amanda and her news crew were determined to get a closer look.

"We'll be infringing military air space if we get any closer," said the pilot of the news chopper to Amanda, who urged for him to move in for a better shot. "Hey, whose payroll are you on Mateo?" The pilot sighed before maneveuring the aircraft to Amanda's suggested location. "That's better. Now lets get those cameras rolling." With one hand grasping the safety latch and the other gripped firmly on the microphone Amanda prepped herself for what may be the biggest story in recent history. "Make sure the object is in the back drop." The cameraman gave her a thumbs up followed by a countdown. As the last finger curled into the fist Amanda adopted a lively grin.

"Here we are, at the site of the latest object. Just behind me the structure, surrounded by military sits. Only our news team can bring you such a view..." Before Amanda could continue the object began to rise. "It seems that we've got some new developments. Wait, is that a head?" Freed from the sand the object could now be taken into full view. Sphere shaped the object held a face, with eyes a mouth and a nose. It rose fifty feet into the air, then the eyes opened with xanthic illumination. Each of the other pieces followed in suit, then fled the areas they had been contained in. Within the next second the other five pieces formed around the head, construction a body for which the head attached itself two with slimey tentacles. "I don't believe it," she said, flabberghasted by the spectacle. Fully composed, the entity dropped to the ground, the sheer force of the impact sent a concussive wave of energy that pushed all surrounding it back. Amanda's chopper went spiraling away. The pilot struggled to regain control as the newscaster was nearly launched from aircraft.

The entity glanced about its surroundings, smiling malevolently. As the chopper re-positioned itself and camera reclaimed its view the entity spoke on cue, well aware of the audience it now held. "People of Earth. I am Calrax Endor. In the beginning I was placed in the once fertile soils of this land. For years I have watched as you perpetuate hate and suffering throughout the lands. You humans have become a blight upon these lands with your crude constructions and malicious ways. The good in you died centuries ago, and I, the manifestation of all your crimes against all that is righteous have become your judge, jury, and executioner. Those you cast out, as "mutants," these metahumans are your successors. They are the next step in evolution and the true inheritor of the lands which you wreak havoc on for your own sustenance. To them I ask that you do not deter me from my task, and if you will not aid me you will suffer the same fate as those sinful beings that you wish to protect. Destroy your predecessors, or accept their fate as your own. The choice is yours."

With that said the vile monstrosity fled the desert, in search of those he would anoint with the power to aid him in his campaign. A war was coming and he would need generals.

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"This your first talk show kid?"The incomparable talk show host Gillian Goodwin sat arranging her schedule on her smart phone, "Wait a sec, kid! how do you know I'm a kid?", Angel replied, She looks at him raising her brow, "I talk to people for a living, I know voices and you don't sound grizzled enough to be some decorated war hero caught in a lab explosion."She turned back to her phone, "and another thing, you yelling 'come at me bro' every time you fight a villain kinda gives it away.".

Angel sits back in his chair, taking deep breaths and holding his hands to his face, "Don't be nervous, I'll go easy on you.", Angel turns his head, "Thanks and yeah it is my first talk show, trying to get the brand going, pay the bills and such.", She applies additional makeup, "You have bills to pay, I thought you'd live in some crystal fortress in the north pole.", Angel looked over "No I don't really..." he stopped as he noticed commotion in the wings, they both did, news reports of strange happenings in the desert had them all frozen in place, Gillian turned around to Angel, "Hey Angel Boy, I think we're gonna need to reschedu..." but Angel had seemingly vanished, "Yeah vanishing on someone mid sentence, thats original."

Angel raced on his bike to the anomaly in the sahara, To find and confront this new menace.

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She was not the best assassin, just the best if you needed mass murder. She was not the most silent assassin just the one best at getting the drop on her prey. She was not the finest swordsman, only the finest living weapon. She was not the greatest of mutants, only the greatest at ending lives of all of them. No hero resided in her only ferocity no villainous monster just a life ender. Not the pen that writes the future or sword that leads a nation only the razor that cleans those ass holes so their shit is believable.

You were always a fighter, picking fights with any bully on the block. You broke the bones of every stuck up bitch around. Who were they to think themselves so high. You weren't a cruel child just a fierce one. A way to clean out the muck, put things in order. I know what you are, your a tool. Not because you were made to be but because it defines you gives you purpose. Your the sword that executes the sick and the high and mighty……

Scarlett leaped from the balcony using hight and finest tuned movement of the body to get where she desired. Gliding down in speed two claws extended from each hand all four being a foot in length and as such they made quick work of the guards at the door. Flashes of scarlet fluid splashing the walls as the two men fell decapitated. A pair of blades glistening silver came from both knees and elbows as the fem fatal leapt and stuck into the ceiling above the now dead guards. Soon enough more of the guards came predictable as they were. How dare someone have tried to enter their base they couldn't have that. They were stupid, and soon enough the killer dropped driving a knee or elbow into each skull. The blades popped out of the joints to be used as throwing blades, making the cameras dealt with before they could get a look at the killers face.

When you're powers manifested it just solidified even more what you are. A survivor a killer a force of nature. If a broken bone wasn't enough they died end of story. If they tried to contain you their life came to a abrupt end. If they chased you down they suffered. You fear nothing because there is nothing they can do to stop you. They can't touch you when you don't want them to, your reckless brutality and yet controlled lethality. the knife that slits any jugular that thinks they're untouchable.

Scarlet Rayne Oren was a mutant with the abilities of essentially all blade powers. Her skin was a blade literally in every cell. Though it could be turned off when wanted, this power made every move a lethal one. Her hair done up in a ponytail that alone could be used to inflict serious damage as if it were a whip made of razor wire. Her very skin able to cut most things not diamond hard meant her punches went through torso's, her kicks caved in skulls. She had the ability to generate marrow as well and manipulate it. This allowed her to grow armor when needed but more so additional weapons, a sliver of bone became just as good as the finest throwing knife, and with her abilities she could often tweak the throw just enough to even curve the projectile. It wasn't perfect but it had its uses and her aim usually made up for the faults. Last of course was the two claws in each hand and the claw in each foot. These weapons were all natural to her, they defined her throughout the base's entirety they made quick work of any who got in her way. Rayne's body having all these abilities also demanded a healing factor so the blades and bones felt natural not painful. As a result none of the bullets blades toxins or gasses slowed her down. This entire facility quickly was splashed in ichor from everything that got in her sights.

Many are trained to be a lethal force, raised as a warrior or soldier. You were trained to be more of a lethal creature then you were at the beginning. You were not raised to be a killer you were one and they made you better at the craft. Gave you the symbiotic metal so you could be stronger, so your body could absorb the damage to a degree and so you could cut through anything not made of such rare steel. They gave you more strength, made your prowless sharper. You were the cutting edge of lethality and so they made you into the finest razor of the craft.

Razor turned a corner as she saw a flash of green light, her violet and black hair ripping apart the last man in the building. He would bleed out soon enough, but that wasn't what attracted her. It was a man who though at the time seemed a average height felt like he was a towering figure. Aether was the first word that came to mind when she thought of describing him. The phrases that echoed in her mind of who she was came from him, somehow Rayne simply knew. And for some reason she felt they both knew the answer to his question. It was yes. Those who dared to question would die, and to face her one had to use a blade no guns would harm her though perhaps energy of another mutant might. She would control corpses and cut through anything that existed she would ride a horse of raven. A scythe would be the weapon when upon a mount for she she was to be


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Sawyer was a in visiting Casablanca and check on the situation there The last time he was here he had to face and defeated a creature of unknown origin. He looked around seeing that the buildings that were destroyed and the damaged the creature had done to the city remember the fight he had with the creature. He looked around and help out with anything that needed his help with.

He look around and he was happy with the work that is going into the city he walk around the city checking out the rebuilding process. He looked and saw how people came together to help each other out. He smiled at the teamwork that is going here.He was watch over the work going on here and saw a flash of green light coming form the deserts."Well now what is going on over there." He said to himself watching the event go down. "You keep working here, I will check it out. "Telling the nearby people working on a wall. He activated his leg booster and started to fly over where the event is taken place.

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@amazingangel: @shadowswordmaster: ( Either of you wana fight me hop along?...)

An almighty crash was heard along the location as the Fallen King Pyro collided viciously with the ground, sparking a gigantic and thunderous orchestra of regimented lighting, thunder and a shock-wave which would surely announce his presence. He was here not as the royal, regal and noble Pyro, No. He was here in his alternate personality..the sinister and sadistic Pyro had been mysteriously asked to fulfill a role as the horseman of war. Without anybody or anything tying him down due to recent entering of earth he had agreed, maybe this was a way of getting rid of the pain in his heart by ruining other lives, maybe this was pure spite.

Getting to his feet while powerfully gripping his Xanthium hammer the Fallen King towered over any average man standing over 6 foot tall. He awaited challengers...

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The Spiel

The had been a new pandemic that spread across several areas, it gave off weird symptoms that have made people to dance uncontrollably as their bodies regress into excited delirium. In the most severe of cases people spontaneously combust and those within range of the blast began to conjure the same symptoms. A local superhero with enhanced healing came to the scene to examine, only for his enhanced immune system to molt away as he began waltzing with a charred corpse. Getting faster, harder and stronger before both eye began to seemingly glow with a plume of smoke as he detonates into a chain of explosions which spreads the dance floor further.

Behind this outbreak is a small child with a porcelain mask of a vaudeville dummy, seemingly relaxed on a chair as a child roasts before his eyes.

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@pyrogram: It seems the entity worked fast. Though the changes were subtle, the small echoes that traveled along the wind could be felt by the Air Apparent. The now innocuous Sahara, filled with investigatory journalists, armed forces and potential bystanders was invaded by a brutish figure whose force upon contact with the hot sand sent a maelstrom of energy out around. Taken aback by the raw power, which reeked of a sinister stench, the Air Apparent was forced to brace himself for the impact, which sent him reeling a couple of feet. After he reclaimed his footing the Keijijo Kaze slowly sauntered towards the man then withdrew a specialized kunai from the utility belt of his prototype cortosis carrondium armor. Placing himself between the mighty warrior and the onlookers Milo asked, "I fight for peace, what do you fight for?"

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Watching as the brave man stood in his way, the Mighty King scrunched up his face as he started to swirl his hammer "WAR!" Blitzing forwards parting the air in his single stride, his hammer in hand the Fallen King simultaneously harnessed the static in the air, bringing his hammer forwards using his momentum he attempted to devastatingly crush the mans face with a single blow enhanced with the electricity inside of his hammer strong enough to kill a normal man in a single blow.

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@pyrogram: "WAR!" The goliath bellowed with such ferocity that the ground shook. With incomparable speed Milo's foe surged forward, smashing the hammer into the dead center of the Tranquil face, his body flew 20 feet, tumbling along the ground for a short moment. Using the mechanical wings of his suit he was able to halt his momentum and with an artsy twirl he once again reclaimed his footing. Blood poured profusely from his nose, his upper echelon brain function determined he suffered a substantial fracture from the blow. With new found respect for the god like man's strength Milo rushed in tossing the kunai with fluidity as he dashed across the sand, constantly shifting his direction to keep his opponent guessing. With subtle manipulation of the air current following the kunai's trajectory Milo adjusted the flight plan. What would of been a shot towards the eye veered towards the left at the last moment. In this second the Keijijo Kaze disappeared, only to reappear two inches to the side of War with a ball of rotating chakra in hand and tried to connect with the attack for substantial damage of pure concussive force.

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@tranquil: @pyrogram:

"WAR!!!"The sound echoed through the desert, the same desert that Angel was racing towards, the streets were quiet, the people lay timidly in their houses waiting for impending death, it distracted him, he was easily distracted, "OH SH!T!" A parting in the wind came flying at Angel's bike like a giant invisible blade, he swerved out of the way as the road in front of him was ripped in half, he jumped off and rolled onto the sidewalk, "Never a dull moment huh?" He attaches his twin guns to his sides and blasts off to the source of the disturbance.

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Rayne waited on the highest point possible for a time to strike, her job ever the simple one. Find those who would oppose the family and bring them to their end. Humanity was inferior and deserved to be eradicated from this world and she would be the hands to make it so. Should those with power resist she would remove them as well. Death doesn't play favorites it doesn't go lenient on any soul it just comes. Her black and violet hair fluttered in the winds of the desert waiting on a foe worth ending. Things hadn't escalated yet into a bloody conflict. Perhaps they needed to be provoked this noble force riding in seemed ripe for the picking.

With a forceful kick off Death arrived with supernatural like speed. One moment the rolling brown sands of the land and smoke of conflict was all that was between the youthful saint and the man known as War. The next moment she stood in-between the gun and her brother. The bullets collided with her shoulder and throat they would have easily torn clean through her, it likely would have even been fatal, or at least placed her out of the fight. This however was not the traditional her, Death made her strong and death came up close and personal to Razor bullets were like pin pricks at most. Each round just leaving a small drop of blood before bouncing to the ground. Now it was her time, though she decided not to use all the speed she was granted with. Her normal swiftness would make the brawl more fun. Violence was just a game to Rayne a way of life, genocide a hobby.

First she thrusted her clawed right hand forward aiming for the gut, the highly evolved metal could cut through near anything not of the rarest and most presumed unbreakable metal. Truth was indestructible didn't exist in mortal fabrication close perhaps but even the rare stuff could be cut through. So the idea was to use the right claws first see if he was armored on a special level or just a basic stand point. This would tell her later if she needed to add in the powers of death. Her left claw would move in just a breath after the first. Combat experience told her he would go to block or counter likely which would leave her open to split his face in two. Lastly her suit would undo itself around the knee leaving the skin open to be exposed to the sun. Her skin was a natural weapon itself able to cut diamond, so the very explosion was dangerous. It got worse however by her moving into a jump aimed to drive a knee into the heroes throat. If successful it could lead to a torn open jugular and busted jaw. Naturally all her moves precise and fatally aimed for this was her purpose.

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@razors_edge: He was on his way to confront the colossal dreadnought, on his way to aid a fellow hero, a fellow human, when suddenly something obstructed his path, it was a girl, pale and sickly, she seemed to exude the essence of decay, of death, she looked up at him and in less then a second grew grotesque metal claws and charged like a wounded animal, she delivered a series of slashes a couple to the gut and a few at the head "This chick is brutal." Angel thought to himself as he used magic moment to avoid the shots, her speed was good but with magic moment Angel bent time itself, every shot could be studied and expertly avoided, of course he couldn't keep this up forever, his powers were already draining.

She flew up in the air ready to drive a knee into his throat, he threw his unbreakable staff in the way of the incoming kick, he knew that wouldn't damage the misdirected and misguided young girl, after the successful block Angel would use his ever adaptive gun to fire a taser shot at the human lightning rod.

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The man's superior speed easily was enough to dash across the sand leaving a trail of dust, before the dust has settled Milo vanished, then appeared once more hastily performing a concussive attack directed towards the side of Pyro, the force smashed into his side causing the King to instantly become winded followed by him being flown backwards in the form of a stagger, his mutated body protected him from any serious damage but the sheer force imparted into his side created a great pain to come about the War monger...Feeling this, he walked towards Milo with sharp words as he was too winded to fight, but never admitted this..."One chance, Leave or die" He clenched his hammer getting ready for a real fight while catching his breath.

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Much to her surprise the victim managed to avoid both attempted gutting motions of her claws. She couldn't tell if it was the manipulation of time, speed or entirely something else. And soon the staff was sent in her way to halt the kick, its indestructible properties shielding the religious knight from a brutal blow And as Razor fell back to her feet a taser round was fired. However the properties of being the Horsemen of Death led to the bullet simply falling to the ground. To hit her with a bullet was simply not going to happen. Thus it was her turn once again to unleash what salvo she could on the prey.

A brief moment her eye looked to Pyro admiring her newly appointed 'brother' War. His armor of silver and blue the flashes of the sands and cape a brilliant red along with it. The speed of conflict the light show of battle to Razor gave an almost rainbow like effect. To which she decided her adorable pet name for her brother would henceforth be Skittles. "Tell me you heard him scream his name War. So can you guess mine."

It was then that she made her next attack traveling in an abstract form of teleportation and speed. She simply would appear from one striking point to the next with no apparent transition in-between. It started with a lunge forward aimed to impale the angelic hero through both lungs. Following the action would come a flip where in she would aim to land on the opponents shoulders. Then with a single movement her body she'd propel herself off while thrusting her blades downwards. With knees exposed as they were the razor like skin would accommodate the neck breaking motion. If as successful as Death planed it would lead to a broken neck and ripped open throat. Meanwhile her blades had sought to drive into his skull. As the movement carried itself out, it would bring the head with it in a beautiful arch of blood and splintered bone. Of course there was never a surety that the attack would go through as planed.