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Five years have passed since the last Mortal Kombat, I have been exiled from the earth realm because i had won the last tournament. It made me a God, but one, that wasn't accepted by the other deiteys. They sent their deadly assassins in masses and wouldn't let me rest. I had to escape my beloved realm from which i was the new born protector. I opened a portal through my new godly powers, i wanted to go somewhere, where they would leave me be, where i could be alone, i wanted to go... to the netherrealm.

Arriving there i already was welcomed by two of scorpions pawns, the battle commenced. One of them tried to crosschop me, while the other was holding my arms behind my back, little did they know, who i was or what i had become. I was a Warrior of Ice, and became an Ice God! I froze the hands that held me and broke them off, ripped his arms from his torso and struck the remaining one down with frozen club. By the way the shape of his head looked like, and the other one was bleeding, they would surely be dead in the matter of minutes. But there was more to them than i thought, i smelled a stench in the air, the stench of the dead. It was the specture who sought after Vengence, Scorpion. Even though he found out that it was Quan-Chi who had his clan assassinated, he still had an Honorrole to hold, i had won the last tournamt and now he wanted to best me. It's strange that when i try to flee to peace i get into even more trouble, but what am i saying.... I am a god now, and i shouldn't have too much of a problem fighting this sole dark soul.

The spectre attacks, Scorpion shoots his snake like creature hensforth from his palm, i grab it, freeze it, break it off and throw it back at him. Usually i try to evade it, so i could get near enough to attack, but somehow through my godhood my standards may have changed. Scorpion was suprised by my act, he fought me for the longest time, and therefor new my strategies and this wasn't one of them. He smirks, turns around, and disappears into the hellfire he came from. And this was just the beginning...

I had to keep on moving before something else showed up, who knows, the assassins the god had sent may be still after me afterall.... as i stride through the netherrealm i find a portal, i didnt know to where it had led, and i wasnt sure it would be much better than there, but it would definitly be somewhere else.... I arrive at my destiny, i've been here before, It's new york, but not the one i knew, it's darker, i look up and see a huge skyscraper that oversees the others, theres someone kneeling on it's ledge, and he is wearing a black cape... I find it amusing, want to see who he is or what hes doing up there... and than, an idea strikes my mind, The best thing to show the gods im worthy, would to favour them, in their own game, i will play a game, here and now. with the best that this realm has to offer, and the best my realm has to offer, i will give up my godly powers for the Tournament time being and hereby announce.... MORTAL KOMBAT!