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@Death_Harbinger: @Warsman: "Egoes like the sun block out the horizon even to the blind." The Sith Lord remarked in annoyance, as the towering giant moved towards the towering machine. Lady Coven found herself loathing both equally, one was so confident in himself and his powers he blocked out all rationality. One was so filled with rage and anger it was hard for her senses to locate anything else. The hate was almost overwhelming anything else being detectable. This however was very beneficial. "Im removing this building off the map, wont leave untill its done or im forced. Your boasting gets you nowhere." Her covered eyes then looked to the titanic fiend of rage.

"Hate consumes you, binds you, owns you. It is all you are, all you know. It poors from your being like water from a river casscades down a cliff. So tell me what are you without it?" She reached out to the pressense of hate and anger, rage and wrath. All of the essence of that which stood before her. Then she tried to bring a generation of aggression all into the maw, the mouth a soft spot for any being. And one look at this raging beast showed he was also not so well armored there. The Sith Lord was going to attempt to channel all of it into a singular explosive and psychic attack. It was an ability that could remove and decimate anything in the blast radius both in the material world and the spirit. It then absormed the fragmented souls remaining into a swiling vortex that became a silver glowing orb.

(for more on Thought Bomb go here. Its a powerful force ability, that Coven has shown able to do by focusing on the hate around her in place of other Sith. Being that Harbinger is so consumed by hate this force(note not magic :3) ability seamed a good call http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Thought_bomb )

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"Proceed as you will. Warsman has no further use of this place,"

He holds up a strange purple gem into the sky, proclaiming his superiority over all he sees.

"I have what I have looked for all this time."

With an accelerated thought, Warsman disappears from the battlefield, the powerful Space Gem now added to his collection.

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like a boss

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The crude but effective method of unnerving her surrounding U-men allowed the perfect opening for Abigail to make her way to the facility. A straight shot ahead and she could blow the place apart. The only matter left would be to get through whatever remained inside, namely Charlemagne, and then managing to keep from killing them when the place went up. At least, it seemed that was the only obstacle. Life should be so easy. Instead of allowing the easy route, someone decided to make things difficult. As if lifting the base off the ground wasn't enough, this was compounded by the fact that it was now surrounded by a barrier of sorts. A few attempts were made by allies at breaching it, all to no avail. Struck with an idea, Abby rushed over to the U-man whom she had crashed into the ground moments ago, attempting to wake him. Out cold for the initial moments, it seemed as if he would never respond, but seemingly out of nowhere a new wave of energy rushed over him and he bolted upright; he likely would've taken her head off with the momentum of his body had she not managed to move.

"Oh, good. You're awake." Praying he remembered and still believed the lie she told them, attempts were made to coerce his aid further. "I need your help." She managed to maintain the same sense of urgency she had when she first thought up the lie, still hoping to rush their decisions so they couldn't think too clearly. The less, the better. Explaining the situation with a few stretches and omissions, she informed him of the force field, admitting ignorance of the cause, and it was agreed he'd try and help her break in and he set her atop the barrier so he could begin his attempt. But despite his best efforts, smashing away at it for a few minutes with all of his might, he was unable to breach the barrier unknowingly erected by the one responsible for his newfound strength.

"I don't...I can't do it...I think my powers are acting up again," he explained apologetically. And no sooner had he spoken than Abby caught a glimpse of a lone figure on the west-facing side of the building. She recognized it as Charlemagne LeBeau, but he was different than before; it was clearly visible. Enhanced in much the same way as the rest of the U-men. And yet still, she could tell he was weakened. He had made a momentary lapse in the barrier, small, to be used for the disposal of the bombs planted by another member of their small squad. "I'll take it from here," she said to him. "You...just try not to die or do anything that will make your eyes explode. Wait for my signal." And with his departure, she set off. Though the pain in her heart and head persisted, so did she. Over the top and down the side where Charles was, she drew her bow and arrow with a special attachment, and leapt off the side, praying the whole time for guidance. If she missed or timed incorrectly, the fall would mean death.

Waiting until what she thought was the exact moment where she would be in front of the lapse, Abigail fired off the arrow, a fine, durable fibre wire still connecting it to her making sure she wouldn't fall. The arrow struck and stuck to Charlemagne's chest, and soon after, the pressurized head burst, propelling the man backwards, connected by yet another wire which had been stored inside the head, and as Charles fell back, Abby was jerked to the inside as well, landing right on top of him. Quickly pushing herself up, being ready for anything, she fell back out of fatigue. She eyed him silently, half disgusted, half pitying the man. She let out a deep sigh and a groan and stood again after a moment's contemplation. Confused and seemingly weakened, she hoped it was just enough that he wouldn't attack, but that he could still understand the jist of what she was about to say.

"You are a despicable human being," she hissed. "You set these events in motion out of some misguided, unreasonable hate for a people with no probable cause. You're even more like one of them than a human now." Taking special care in using the word "them" and not "us" when referring to mutants. Calming herself and lowering her voice, she spoke with an air of solemnity. "What did you even hope to gain from all this? I guess it doesn't even matter now. It's all backfired. You've been beaten, and they're saying I have to kill you to ensure all of this comes to an end. I'm sure with five arrows left, I could find a way." Taking another two arrows from the quiver, she snapped the shafts in half and dismantled the special heads, revealing more of the wire. "But I won't, because, put simply, it's wrong. Maybe I just don't have it in me. To be honest I'm not sure what should be done with you. I don't even know if these will hold you once you're back to full strength," she mused, using the wire to tie his hands behind his back, the other to bind his feet together at he ankles. "But right now I'm probably the only one who thinks you should still be living. So I'll take you until then. Make no mistake. We're still going to destroy the place, and you're still going to be punished," she continued, setting down her own explosive charges in place of the ones Charles had removed. "I just don't know how without killing you, yet." The last bit serving as more of a contemplation to herself.

After setting the charges once more, Abby grabbed up Charles and dragged him to the exit from which she had entered, struggling under her own fatigue and his weight. Laying him down, she peeked her head out and whistled. Just as she expected, the superior hearing of her accidental companion led him right to her. She placed Charles in his arms, had him turn around, and wrapped her arms around his neck in preparation for departure. She'd have to remind herself to hex him once they were done, just in case anything might grow awry; can't get too attached to what may still be an enemy. Not now, though. Now she was too tired and only held tight.
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@Arquitenens: That was pretty badass Zauby. Loved the speech :)

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@Impero: Thanks habibi! ^_^ It's all out of care.
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@Arquitenens: You're welcome <3

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"I wish I was somewhere anywhere else but here, Somewhere where my life isn't in danger, where I'm not cast out for doing what I know is right, Where soulless killers are regarded as heroes and I though my job couldn't get any tougher." Amazing Angel draped in a long overcoat and ten gallon hat passes through the metal detector without fault, purposefully walking to the entrance.

"I have meeting with a certain senator who flip flops like a fish out of water on the topic of registration and I'm here to convince him, too bad I don't have an appointment" The stage was still being prepared for his speech hours in advance red, white and blue banners draped along every in of this insult to the world's intelligence, "Tonight is the setting of a pro registration rally, People too blinded by the tales of the big bad boogeyman to see whats really going on, idiots giving their ideas on things they can't even begin to understand and mankind spitting in the face of God by denying equality to those born equal" After admiring the lavish furnishing he slips through an open door and proceeds on his way to the Senator's office, He pushes through the crowd too focused to look back, "This is a maze, maybe I should have researched more or bought the map that kid in the red vest was selling".

Angel finds himself getting closer and closer when. "HEY YOU" Two heavily guarded Umen approach him, he keeps his back turned and keeps walking, The first Uman reaches him and extends his hand to grab him."Showtime" Angel grabs his arm and twists it slamming the Uman's face into a wall, The narrow walls give him a combat ally, the second Uman reaches for his gun as Angel still holding the are of the first Uman kicks it out of his hand, he Judo throws the first Uman to the floor and throws his coat at the second Uman scrambling on the floor for his weapon. Angel pulls out his staff tripping the second Uman to the floor before grabbing his head and slamming it down, The first Uman approaches him from behind throwing fibre sire around Angel's neck, Angel walks back into the wall attempting to break free, He extend's The Staff of Solomon hitting the Uman in the jaw and Knocking him unconscious. He sits against the wall exhausted when he notices the second Uman stirring. "We can do this the easy way or the hard way your choice, where is the senator" Angel said pinning the Uman against the wall "We both know you'll never make it in there, Theirs a hundred of us guarding the senator and your just some jacka** in spandex who think he can change the world, well guess what we're the world now" Angel seems agitated "Hundreds huh then I guess they wouldn't miss one!" He raises Gabriel's Gun to the Uman's head "Wooah please don't kill me, I didn't know you had a gun, I'm sorry" The Uman said surprised he got it passed the metal detector. "I'll tell you where he is just please don't kill me, He's in the upper east corridor passed the bathroom's" A smile crosses Angel's face "I've got what I want your free to got" He releases him, "Really" Angel cuts him off with a quick knee to the stomach and a knockout elbow to the back of the head "No".

Angel moved both unconscious bodies to a supply closet and removed one of their helmet's "Oh I know how I'm getting in".

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@Arquitenens: That was pretty kick ass. Liked the trick arrow shot that dropped Charles while bringing you up. Cool stuff

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@The_Red_Cardinals: Aww, thanks. ^_^
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((To make up for my delay in responding, I'll try to add more to this than I usually would))


The beast's rage was never capable of defending it from the specific psychic probing process used to shut it down whenever it came time to send Pierre back to his cage. A unbridled sea of anger parted way to the warsman as he found the backdoor, one fragment of it's mind that was isolated and always kept calm, an island of contentment in a sea of unbridled rage. The island, perhaps the last part of the mind of the creature that could be considered "sane" by human standards, took the shape of a simple glowing white sphere in the middle of a raging torrent of images of bloody death, pure red anger, betrayal. and searing pain.

The sphere didn't seem connected to any other part of the gestalt mind of the death harbinger, or even anything tangientially human, instead radiating a soft glow of positive energy as it's tendrils started to respond to the commands of the Warsman, bobbing slightly in acknowledgement as it started to direct the killing rage of the beast elsewhere. Externally, the harbinger's raging expression and shrieks began to quiet as it's fire was being redirected. It began to turn away, but then a silver object lodged itself in his throat and exploded with titanic force.

@Coven_:@Rumble Man :

Within the mind of Pierre, a shriek of agony went through as the logic bomb went through it, the process of accessing it's mind opening up the island of sanity to the wave of force and emotive power. Like an atoll facing a Tsunami, the glowing Sphere began to be swept away by the blast, it's form being scattered as it received much of the power meant for it's hate and rage, though many of the embittered souls in it's psyche were swept aside by the logic bomb; their outrage snuffing out like candles in a hurricane. The shards of the sphere cracked apart with a massive psychic crash; the telepathic sound of breaking glass echoing across the planet.

Confused, wounded, and pissed the hell off, the remaining spirits in it's brain began to scream into Pierre's psyche with ever increasing volume. It stumbled backwards, clutching it's head as unspeakable pain went through it's mind like a white hot poker being shoved into it's cerebrum. It began to shriek and roar as it thrashed and flailed, trying to recover from the psychic assault as the island of contentment in it's brain desperately tried to reform as per it's "programming" so to speak, trying to reform the back door. But now the thing regained it's footing, it's anger and hate resurging like a nearly snuffed out fire being fed fresh oxygen.

Consumed by the tempest of emotion in it's mind, it's anger was lit anew when military forces began to open fire on it, many of the weapons being turned on ranging from classified to only those not in the military to black ops weapons one could be tried for treason for so much as seeing them in operation. Shells, bolts, bullets, missiles, beams, and blasts of all sorts began to impact it, it's hands going down from it's head and at chest level as it balled them up into fists.

Obscene anger filled it's mind as pain anew was fed into it. It felt the fists and powers of no-name metahumans, the scorching beams and whirling blows of U-men still loyal to the Government, the thundering shells of heavy artillery and tanks, missiles and bombs from planes and soldiers, bullets and energy bolts from a parade of various kinds of guns.

An ear splitting roar came from it, shattering what windows remained and shaking the very earth as it's body began to burn red and orange with the power of spite. A shockwave of anger and loathing boomed out from his mind in all directions, and the sheer concentration of anger and hate began to push on reality, with ever so slight shifts in probability following in the wake of the disruption of time and space. It had entered burn-out mode.

If it knew that entering such a mode gave it a time limit to it's rampage, one that could be shortened by enemy attacks, it probably didn't care. A massive magnetic "repelling" pulse thundered out from it at the gathered troops that were attacking it, picking up and carrying anything magnetic they caught and hurling them away as Pierre let forth electric energy into it's hands, slamming them into the earth to create an incadescent blue, circular shockwave about ten feet tall to incinerate or ragdoll away the remaining ground based foes with lightning.

All around it, things began to burn, trees, people, gas lines, car fuel, telephone poles, and bathed in this blaze of anger, it let loose molten fury from it's eyes, maw, and outstretched hands. Blazing red energy once again slammed into the defiant shield as Glitch turned to note the rampaging Frankenstein, missiles arcing from it's back and spewing forth contrails that for a brief moment, resembled the wings of an angel and sought out the flying enemies assaulting it. And not too far away, four of the earthbound Frankensteins gathered to try and stop their rogue Alpha specimen.

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From experience you learn and develop, every passing second of 'living' through new things that make up for a lifetime. Part humanoid in body, part machine in flesh. Hazard's body is never his own, the him today differs vastly from the him yesterday. Solid metal hands, now glowing with expanded power from the armor warrior's attempts. Damaged fibres of muscles restitching to form stronger bonds, exposed, rejecting moving in chaotic pattern. Accepting. Pieces of super soldier balled up as chyme that passed the extraterrestrial gastrointestinal system. Peristalsis, body filtrating what was given. Changing, feeling warmer and more awake.

He was stabbed before, shot before, phased before and attacked from another plane of existence before. The past holds memories of pain, fleeting sensations of agony. The present holds change, at a fundamental level from the intake of arm. With a burst of laughter Hazard flew directly at the metal monster's general location. Brimming with newfound energy, a transference of boons from a conduit of power. Gaining mass for his body after, and anxious to meet this source of energy. Homing in at the massive disturbance that has turned the scenery into that of hell. Anger, met with more anger and in more ways than one it feels natural.

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@Rumble Man:

Caught up in fury beyond mortal imagining, the creature had no idea it was about to be blindsided by the Rumble-man, and his sudden assault threw the thing off balance; causing it to list to the left, each of it's steps shaking the very earth beneath the former French Man's unimaginable weight, the ground rumbling and groaning while the asphalt hissed and bubbled under it's tremendous heat as Henderson staged her own assault moments after Pierre directed a gust of flaming hatred from it's screaming maw at the Rumble man..

"Dornan, go for Pierre's legs, Carol; try to attack the arms; El Cid; go for the head, I'll take on the Torso." She commanded tersely, firing off a series of grenades to get the beast's attention as the rounds detonated across it's thick armor, making it shift slightly forward as Dornan tackled into it's legs and the blurringly quick Carol began to dart around it, pumping spiker rounds towards it's arms, and finally; El Cid began to hop across the time stream, gathering duplicates of himself from various points in the time stream to get some reinforcements.

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"I am a bullet, and the wind is my home!" as he flew back while arranging his trajectory so he would plunge arms first into the thing which resembled an eye on the giant monster's face. Seeking whatever source of its anger as a nourishing element, and since he heard that the eyes are the window to the soul he accelerated further. Unintentionally creating shockwaves as he body felt lighter and fresher by the passing time. The heat or the energy is not a problem however when the opponent realizes it is then that is a problem. To circumvent he sheds several layers of extra flesh and machinery while screaming in 'pain' as he dives through the caustic current of hate.

The sound barrier broke a while ago as he passed a series of rings, hands fusing together as his head went between his shoulder. Now at 9% of light-speed as he gazed at the eye of the beast and he said 'Welcome home" before collapsing. Everything leading up to this had been euphoric, from eating to flying. Now it is time to send himself into greater heights. Looking at a god in the eye, bore entering into the window to the soul and attempting to get inside so that he can ricochet all over the furniture before flying out the back door.

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@Arquitenens: @Rumble Man: @Death_Harbinger:

(This has probably been dead way to long to care. However Id set out to do somethin, even got told I could jack up Mr L. So even though it might not be read heres my closing post. Setting up a bit of a ending. Enjoy or dont :P)

War is primal and instinctive, from the very dawn of time man has shown a taste for violence. With the kindness and bravery to shape the world, comes the jelousy and wrath to end it. Of all the conflicts to ever be sturred however is the one sparked with ones own. When the enemy is your sister, when the soul you are to take is your brother, its cripling. When then battlefields are waged within your back yard, when the killzone is in every park its crushing. There is no war like a Civil War, nothing compares to the struggle it brings. From Callifornia to New York, from the local stores to the court house nothing remained just in this world when such war came. If it was not resolved the chance of genocide only escalated evermore. When the soldiers of the great nation fight the weapons of a moddern society the odds are only in the end of all things.

However one soldier for dawn was at ease in this raging war. These were not her friends and family, they were her sheep and her their shepard. This stage of a rapidly encompassing wave of callamity was not something to burden her heart. This world was not her own and because of this the calming demeanor was one of the stars upon the night that was the concreate and asphalt sky. Some stood for justice, some a nation, some for revenge. For the Sith Lord however it was all about playing the scene. Molding the chaos into faith, she was the saint of humanity by illusion and the heretic of the galaxy in spirit. And in this final act of the Registration she planned to leave a drastic opinion on many. At this very time a monstrously powerful creation named Deaths Harbinger was rampaging in the streets, locked in a battle that was boardering on cinematic beauty and real worlds horrors.

Warsman had left the scene, leaving the blind priestess to hold the floating structure up on her own. It was taxing, but esential it was crucial that the destruction brought was as minimal as possible to the rest of DC. For even in the raging cacophony of war a Sith Lord like her had to mold the outcome by some means. Reaching out mentaly with the force Lady Coven tried to commune with all possible. "I would recomend geting clear of this facility and that rogue project quickly. Should you falter please know it was in my hope not to harm you." A warning, along with a showing of chivalry. The later serving as a future tool in shaping the perspective of her, particularly the media. It was sent to everyone, or atleast tried to be sent to everyone. Meta, Umen, Vigilantte or Cape Killer, soldier or civilian.

Her fingers hurt, a strain that lingered from using the force to hold the building up. Her mind reached out focusing on every support beam of the facility to have made the Umen. Grasping for every weakspot to ensure the end. The ability she called Ruin, also often known as Destruction. This ability reached out with the force to find the weak points of that in the area. Then from those points would emit powerful waves designed to rip the compound apart on a atomic level. The leader of the Covenant had done this focusing on the building and the giant raging beast, yet evading herself and other living beings. Suddenly with a roar louder then most explosives the entire building was destroyed. Reduced to nothing in a ear rupturing explosion of force. Robes wipped about in the wind like the serpents of Medusa as she fell to the ground. It was allready exahusting to generate the attack and focus its blast so as to limit chance of hurting others. More was still needed though to try and stop this ongoing conflict.

She was down on one knee, having used atleast half of her energy to performe the attack. It would of required more but some of the planted explosives aided in generating the requirment. Regardless things proved a challenge when trying to avoid atomizing others. The force technique was typically a kill all style move not aimed to be selective. A testament to her abilities, despite the strain though she made the downed apearence look like it was but a prayer. Her hands drawing a cross in the air before pointing towards the giant. From behind him a rift began to form. A vortex unraveling from nothingness and starting to pluck anything it could into its confines. The swirling pull of gravity danced with sparks of electrical energy, as if the bolts of lightning were fingers attempting to claw things into its eviscrating embrace. With a snap of her finger the portal would close, the street a crater with a island in the center. Giving the appearence that only where she'd stood was safe from the void. Regardless wether she sent the giant away or not however the visage of the religious leader vanished. Without any trace.

FALLOUT: Location New York City Court Room 10 Hrs Later

"Its ashes to ashes again, as the nations rift of turmoil comes to a close. Ten hours ago roughly we bore witness to the benefits and byproducts of the laws that had been passed. Violence was the medium of the outlaws it had seamed. Its hard to simply let the public take the law into their hands. Granted it would also show over the past month that they embraced a greater sense of freedom. Those who swore to protect us only had that in mind, are security. Some of the actions carried out and the behavior of marshal law leaves the effects however skeptical. Good Morning America, this is Abigail Ayres of Chanel 5 News. Soon I'll be taking you into the court room to oversee the hearing." News feeds like this were on every channel they could manage to air it on. The whole world it fealt was either glued to the tv screen or computer monitor waiting the outcome. Those who weren't seamed to be in the streets outside the crowded court. As if perhaps they would gain the abilities or technology to witness the session in person.

Coven sat in the back of the court room as the best lawyers debating the sides. Politicians sat in the audiance and the jury one ear focused on the trial, the other on the words of colleagues. They were trying to assess what would happen to Mr Lebaue, while however also trying to deside the laws to come. Something was needed that said metas were free to live as they please as was their god given right. However the general public also had to feal that they were safe from these people, that the law could detain them. The Sith Lord listened to it all, using the force to alter how it came to her so she could process the noise fluidly.

As expected the politicians were going to point to someone as a scape goat. It was Mr L who made the notion to start this so why should anyone else take the blae they concluded. Everyone wanted justice and in the impure system the justice wanted the fall to all go to one more so then any other. So it was that Mr Lebeau was charged of a longlist of crimes and charges. Those in favor of the metahumans tried for attempted manslaughter as well, however that was seamingly the one charge dropped. America's greatest criminal in history books was disputably Mr L and the armored transport was taking him away soon. Lady Coven, simply got from her seat and made way to that very same car. She apeared to be the guard for the passenger seat. The illusion so prestine that the driver never questioned her pressence even in his head. "Check on our guest will you? Give him a right hook for me will ya? My bro was killed by a Ultra Nazi."

Coven chuckled at that remark, she might have to use it if she ever encoutered another suporter of the Umen or a Umen. The heavy door closes and the illusion fades as the religious leader pulls the bag away from Charlemagne. With her other hand she removed her blindfold as well. The empty sockets had a hollowness a deep black that was maddening to look into. "I had no quarrel with you, but then you took to the skies. And when the prey takes to the skies I believe in leaving no ground to come to. What will rise will fall, forcing my hand the way you did has encouraged me to guide your plummet into the deapest. With all the restraints trying to stop Lebeau's abilities she made sure to live up to the drivers request. Her fist encompassed in so much backing of the force it was capable of being seen, designed to dent pavement. Her clenched hand pummelling into the Ultrasapien's left eye. And then came the hiss, and flicker of light.

"I would like to be your executioner however thats not propper so I say an eye for an eye. Your hands brought war to the people, its only fair they get your hands. A flash of light and both arms were completely removed. "Don't worry I'll make it look acidental' a manic grin on the Lords face before the vehicle rolled into the prison. Metal grinded and twisted, one of the doors seamed to tear in half and slam into the walls of the apc. As if by some freak acident they had removed Charlemagne's limbs. Authorities concluded that when the guard Coven was disguised as went to check on the prisoner the driver attempted to kill Mr L in suicide. The acident 'killing' the guard allowing Coven to slip away without notice. Many praised the driver as a hero for the daring act. And Mr Lebeau he was now an amputee with power restraints in a prison filled with metas locked away.

(not my greatest work but I liked it. Thanks by the way amigo ^.^)