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He walked through the deep woods off Northern Washington state, holding his hands out taking in the sun as it passed in the shadows of the tall trees. Quite were the woods today only the little sounds that the winds and the animals made. There were Mountains off in the distance, with snow topped peaks. He could feel the cold sting of the air, that came down from them, against his skin. His mind wandered from tree to tree, reaching out to the birds and creators of the surrounding area. He could hear the timberwolves off in the distance making their presents known.

Hawk wore light armour, covering most of his body. He carried his usual weaponary, twin swords, bow and arrows, several throwing knives, and a large mace. He held only his battle helmet in his hands, showing respect for his former teammate.

A time before Hawk and Morte fought together with passion. They were teammates for a short period of time, but teammates non the less. Yet they fought, but this was not a battle for hatred or for power. This was a battle for respect and competion.

Stopping in a large clearing he sat and waited. His large wings were neatly tucked behind him, narrowing his size. There was a rustle in the trees as the birds all in one had one thought. DANGER Hawk waited........

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A dark figure was silently making his way through the wooded area listening to the various sounds of nature, not because he enjoyed it, nor because it was peaceful; instead he was exercising mental preparation by concentrating on the various elements of his environmental surroundings. The Ninjan Warrior took into account every aspect of his soon to be battleground scanning it for possible advantages and disadvantages. Staying 3 steps ahead of his opponent at all times became a ritualistic frame of mind which manifests itself by tactically analyzing the opposition to the point where awareness became routine.

The Living Weapon Morte Rapida took no joy in battling one he once fought alongside. Hawk was an admirable warrior with a heroic character who fought with honor. The Analytical Assassin had to consider the Iron Angel his enemy for the moment, and treat him as he would anyone who would stand against the dark hero in combat. Morte packed various battle kits and was prepared to engage an army if need be.

Tracking through the woodland the ninja could see the mountainous formations on the horizon deflecting the sun as if it were guiding him to his rival. The chilled air was almost a blessing; the cold breeze carried the scent of the angelic warrior as if it were purposely giving away his position. Morte made his way to a large clearing which lead him directly to Hawk. He could see his former teammate sitting with helmet in hand awaiting his challenger. The Master of all forms of combat obliged, eagerly.

Morte bowed slightly in a show of respect, and then drew his dual Junsado blades. The Junsado Blades he used were designed for a specific style of close quarter bladed combat derived from Thai Knife Fighting, this style was called Awud Mied. The Mobb Deep Affiliate had mastered this art, his form and technique was flawless. While engaging the onetime Z-Squad member, Morte led with his left hand holding the blade in a reverse grip, and followed with his right hand gripping the blade tip forward. He slowly stalked Hawk watching his movements and posture while focusing in on any weight distribution which would reveal any offensive intentions. Once he was in striking range Morte feinted a left thrust and quickly withdrew his blade while adjusting his balance enabling him to spin 360 degrees extending his right blade in a reverse slash toward Hawks upper abdomen. After the attack, Morte followed the inertia of his attack performing a corkscrew combat roll to create space so he could observe Hawks injury and reaction.

The Ninjan Assassin then formed a defensive Laijutsu stance awaiting his enemy to engage.

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Hawk slid on his helmet as Morte stalked around him carefully his feet landed with each step. Though Hawk was a master of many of the arts of war he was nothing compared to Morte. Morte handled his blade well and Hawk knew a strike would be coming soon. He prepared himself for a strike, he had not yet pulled a weapon when it came.

As the strike came he brought his wings in front of his body, they were a flash as they came at a great speed. The metal compound that Jinx had so well designed didn't so much as scratch. Morte rolled away following through with the strike. As he did, Hawk made good use of the split second he had. Morte turned to see the damage he had caused, but looking back he would see nothing. The speed at which his wings let him move made his take off a flash.

Soaring overhead he shot off three arrows, the first to the left of Morte's stomach hoping to stear him right. He shot the other to at his stomach and one just to the right. The speed of Hawk's flight added to his great strength pulling back against the bow, caused the arrows to come off his bow with enough power to knock over a elephant.

Hawk pick up his speed as he circled the battlefield, he knew that Morte would like to keep him close and he would not try and throw blows with the ninja.

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Once visual contact was made between the two warriors, Hawk slid on his helmet preparing for battle. The Living Weapon Morte Rapida quickly darted toward his opponent utilizing an Awud Mied Thai Fighting technique which centers on deceptive striking with Knives. The assassin's first bladed attack was a feint which was meant to lure his opponent into a defensive posture leaving them open for a follow up attack. After the feint, the elusive martial artist executed a reverse spinning reverse grip slash which was skillfully blocked by the metal based wings of the angelic Hawk.

He's faster than I remember. - thought Morte

Just as Morte finished his fluid combination, he used the inertia of his rotating attack to transition into a corkscrew combat roll to create space. As soon he turned to re-establish visual contact, Hawk had instantly rocketed upward using the powerful gusts created from his metallic wing span. He does not wish to engage in hand to hand, he is not playing to my strengths, intelligent decision. Hawk was now aerial and had the superior positioning. The aerial aspect of Hawks abilities was something that the deadly assassin factored into his offensive tactics.

The Bird of Prey known as Hawk was now soaring above the battleground. As he was quickly gaining altitude he fired a trio of arrows that traveled at an insane rate of speed toward Morte's midsection. This attack gave the agile ninja very little time for defensive evasion. Morte instantly leaped vertically, as he was elevating he positioned himself into a back flip, while in motion he spun his body and transitioned into a back full twist which enabled him to be facing his enemy once he landed. Before this acrobatic display could be completed an arrow tore into the ninjas shoulder as he was airborne. Once he landed the dark hero felt the warm trickle of blood run down his chest. The gash it produced was visible through the Former Death Angels Assassin's hooded gi. He tried to hide the pain created by the forceful razor tipped arrow.

Morte quickly regrouped, he had to get on the offensive immediately. He watched Hawk closely as he circled the clearing they were using as the battlefield. He noticed every twitch of the muscle, every mannerism, even the repetition of each single wing flap his flying enemy conducted. The silent killing machine's keen observations were meant to aid him in memorizing his opponents timing. As Hawk continued to circle the battlefield like an eagle stalking its prey Morte prepared his attack. The cunning ninja quickly drew 6 specific cerchi explosives located within his wrist sash. The first 2 were called acidic cerchi: they were a very potent dissolving mixture which was designed to breakdown elemental substances on the molecular level. The second set was called concussional imploding cerchi: these explosives explode causing a concussion blast wave and immediately sucks all the oxygen in a 4,000 sq ft radius when it implodes. The last 2 were disintegrating cerchi: this explosive type cerchi disc causes a powerful blast which carries a severe impact force. These cerchi discs were designed specifically for the assassin, and he was highly skilled with pin point accuracy when using them.

The Mobb Deep Affiliate grabbed both of the acidic cerchi in his left hand, and both the concussional imploding and disintegrating cerchi in his right. He then quickly tossed the two acidic discs toward Hawks wings as he passed over Morte's position. Using his left hand the merciless ninja tossed the 4 remaining imploding and concussional discs in a diamond formation surrounding the airborne warrior's position in an attempt to cut all angles of escape.

The Analytical Assassin then teleported behind Hawks position just before the specialized cerchi discs activated. Because of Morte's energy based compressional abilities, he perfected the skill of using existing energy when manipulating the compressional blast waves it created. He does this by utilizing himself as a medium to control it. The dark hero was going to use the exerting force from his explosives to attack his enemy. He had to time this without error; he was putting himself in danger by locating himself in the blast radius of his own weapons. If he didn’t capture the energy, he would be caught in the blast and dissolved by the acidic mixture.

As the discs are soaring toward their targets Morte teleports behind his enemy, and then raises his hands to capture the blast energy waves that the explosions create

In a split second the strategic attack the ninja set up was in action. Morte was able to seize the energy using his compressional abilities and formulated it into a centrifugal focused attack of incredible magnitude. He maneuvered the captured force from the cerchi explosives toward Hawk with insane velocity before teleporting back to the ground never taking his eyes from his opponent.

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Coming around the edge of the clearing Hawk focused on his target, Morte, who seemed to be pulling round discs out. Morte craftfully threw the two in his left hand at his wings, the others surrounded the area making escape near to impossible. Hawk dropped out of the sky avoiding the explosion of acid the was raining down, in the stop of his last trajectory. Once on the ground the others began to explode, as they exploded the blast knocked the air out of his lungs before the second wave of blast blew him back, ripping into his skin and exposing much of his metal based bone structure.

He wounds would start to heal instantly, and his charred skin would return to it's orignal state shortly. As for now though, the man standing behind him was his problem. The energy blast from the explosion had charged the air with enough sound that Morte could destroy him.

Hawk looking already like a corpse, struggled to retrieve his mace as he knelt on the ground head hanging low and blood running out of his mouth. He knew that a blast would be coming with much power and ferocity. Looking up to see Morte, Hawk threw his mace with all his might. Not at his adversy, he threw it at a huge tree at the edge of the clearing. The mace blasted through the bottom of the tree exploding the base of it. The tree came tumbling down as Morte let hi blast unlesh. The focus of the blast hit the center of the huge trees trunk. Splinters flew, as the tree came raining down.

Hawk still knelt on the ground, his body starting to recover from the explosive blast. His skin slowly starting to regenerate, as Hawk shifted his wings every feather started to move. The light started to bend and shape around him, then with a blink, he was gone. Using his wings to bend the light around him Hawk became invisible. He stood moving in silence not to give away his position to the ninja he was now facing, Hawk charged his body with a electric energy provided by the upgrades that Jinx had as a odd side effect. Hawk ran the energy through his bones and into his wings. The energy running through his body burned as it focused now into the tip of his wings. With a great flap, the light around him was released revealing Hawk's position but letting a bolt of electricty release. With a great BOOM and Crack, the bolt headed the few feet towards Morte. The force of it knock Hawk high into the sky, he quickly recovered in the air.

Hawk called out to the animals of the forrest, and the air filled with birds blacking out the sky. Wolves could be heard in the distance, and Hawk could see through their eyes as they ran towards the battle. The birds position themselves between Morte and their master. As they flew Hawk pulled a tree out of it's huge roots in the ground Hawk held the tree above his head and threw it at the ninja. Hawk pulled an explosive arrow back in his bow and aimed it at the tree now coming down towards the ninja. With a quick release the arrow caught up to the large tree hitting it square. With a great explosion the fire and large wooden pieces went flying at Morte. Hawk waited as his birds flew around him and his wolves made their way.

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The Silent Assassin had just released the acidic cerchi disc strategically tossing it toward his angelic enemy’s wings. Before the explosion of acidity could make contact with Hawk, he evasively dropped out of the sky removing himself from the blast radius. As the powerful sky bound warrior was defensively adjusting to the first cerchi attack, Morte launched two additional sets of explosives. The concussional imploding discs hit their mark as they activated and sucked the oxygen out of the air within Hawks immediate position. This left him vulnerable for the ninja’s tactical placement of his follow up assault. Soon after the O2 depleting implosion, the winged avenger was hit with the blast waves that Morte manipulated to use as a battering ram; this offensive onslaught sent his nemesis soaring backward feeling the effects of the powerful blunt force trauma. Much to the hooded hero’s surprise Hawk was able to take advantage of his surroundings by using his mace to collide with a large oak tree causing it to fall between himself and the impact of the focused blast wave. The tree wilted over just in time to absorb the energy based attack and exploded in to thousands of wooden projectiles.

As the Mobb Deep Affiliate was positioning to set up his next series of attacks he could see the visible damage that his enemy had taken. Hawk's skin was burnt and he was bleeding from his mouth. The once beautiful postcard worthy landscape they were fighting each other in was now a charred debris ridden war zone. Due to the elevation of where they were, you could hear the echoes created by the explosions for miles. The once illustrious wild life inhabited forest was now burning creating dark clouds of smoke which was beginning to blanket the area like a heavy winter fog.

Even though the air was filled with a dense layer of smoke and ash, the Living Weapon Morte Rapida was still able to clearly see his opponent. The Analytical Assassin began to engage his airborne adversary once again. He could see that Hawk was beginning to regenerate and heal from his wounds. Because of this he needed to keep the pressure on him. Before the ninja could reach him, the bird like creature began to shift his wings in preparation of some sort of attack. As Morte advanced closer, he could see that Hawk was using his technologically advanced wings to bend and manipulate the light rays in his surroundings to alter his physical presence making him visually untraceable. The dark hero immediately halted in his pursuit, and began to analyze the environment for any type of movements.

The smoke was getting thicker from the growing forest fire that the two warrior’s battle created. Morte was stuck in the middle of the clearing trying to catch a glimpse of his elusive counterpart. With so much distraction and activity around the area, it was hard to focus and utilize the augmented senses the ninja possessed. The former Death Angels Assassin was trained to adjust to the circumstances in any given situation; thinking on your feet was instinctive to him. The solution to any conflict is to have control, Morte needed to re-establish this and be the one to dictate the conditions of the battle.

The Silent Killing Machine began to take a cerebral approach to locating his undetectable mark. The basic principles to hunting and tracking ones prey are to learn their environment. In this case, Morte would expose the position of his enemy through the changes and affects his enemy’s presence had in their environment. As he was scanning, he noticed which direction the wind was carrying the smoke encompassed air. He spotted an area where the directional windflow was distorted. The smoke visually revealed the wind current’s pattern; it was as if it were being forced in another direction. Morte then realized it was Hawks physical presence blocking the current causing the smoke to flow around him. This was enough to give his position away to the trained eye. The Silent Assassin began to unsheathe his Diamente Katana and close the distance, when he noticed two small sparks originating from the area of the wind disturbance. The sparks began to move backward, which confused the ninja. Suddenly they bolted forward, Morte instantly teleported to a different position clearing him of the immense electrical force that bolted from the now visible wing tips of Hawk. The Bird of Prey quickly accelerated upward after the attack clearing himself from a possible counter attack.

After Morte teleported out of the path of the electrical bombardment, he noticed an abundance of birds circling up above. There were so many, it seemed as if they were eclipsing the sun. They quickly increased in number gathering around the clearing and circling below Hawks airborne position. "He's trying to shield himself from me" concluded Morte. The thick smoke and the addition of the thousands of flocking birds caused the assassin to lose track of his enemy. He heard the howling and barking of what seemed to be wolves closing in on the ninja's position. The dark hero began to use the camouflage of the surrounding black smoldering ash to conceal is position and hide his scent from the incoming 4 legged hunters that were now seeking him. He knew that Hawk had the ability to communicate with animals and figured the incoming wildlife was of his doing. "Animals usually run away from fires, not into them" he thought.

While the Master Martial Artist was blending in and beginning to plan his next series of attacks, he heard what seemed to be another tree snapping. He could tell that the sound was coming directly ahead. As he began to close in on the origin of the noise he could see the silhouette of a large tree trunk hurling toward him. Before Morte could react the tree exploded sending a huge chunk of wood sailing toward him. He had no time to react, the best tactical defensive maneuver he had the time to use was lifting his forearms up blocking his face and neck and tightening up is body to brace for an impact. The wooden projectile slammed into Morte's body launching him backward into the burning corpse of the forest. The explosions caused numerous splinters to penetrate the skin of the ninja's arms and legs. After being violently tossed from the impact, the hero landed in burnt tree branches, and had to quickly relocate before he sustained any burns to himself. With his body battered, he stood up and hid within the thick smoke and raging fires within the heavily populated forest to give his body a chance to rest.

Once he caught his breath, the deadly strategist formulated his next move. His body was badly injured; he knew he had to do something drastic. The elusive warrior reached down into his ankle sash and pulled out two small canisters. They were an enhanced form of CS gas. He then tightened his Lenzig face mask which was designed to filter out hazardous chemicals for air purification. This is why he was able to breathe in the smoke caused by the fires. He quickly tossed the first one toward the wolves that were still trying to pick up his scent, and the other toward the huge formation of birds in the sky shielding Hawk. Once the canister exploded it spread an agonizing mixture of the CS gas which once inhaled was so potent it would cause the retina and airways to bleed as well as make a living organism lose all control of their motor functions.

Once the gas hit, the birds instantly fell from the sky twitching and gawking, the wolves starting howling in pure agony from the pain the gas caused. The effects weren't permanent, but while they lasted it was hell. As the huge formation of birds dropped, it revealed Hawks position. "Your animals cannot hide you from me anymore"

Morte quickly teleported directly in front of Hawk. The hand to hand expert utilized his amazing speed and attempted to wrap his right arm around the back of his enemy’s neck to where his head would be under Mortes armpit and the ninjas forearm would be clinched tightly around Hawks trachea. He executed this maneuver with tremendous force in a position which mimicked a reverse headlock. Morte then brought his legs upward to wrap around the angelic warriors midsection gripping insanely tight while locking in the sinking choke submission called a reverse guillotine ensuring no escape.

The wind was carrying the CS mixture directly into the position where Morte and Hawk were now tied up in. With the powerful nerve agent polluting the oxygen and Morte cutting off the air supply it was shown the strategy of the Mobb Deep Affiliate was in effect. If a man can't breathe, he can't fight.

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Morte had plan his attack well. Not only was the gas the he had let fill the air coming towards the Winged Warrior, but the birds that had a mental link with Hawk screamed their pain into Hawk's mind. The pain pierced his mind deep and Hawk's hand covered his ears trying to bloke out the pain that they were being put through.

Hawk's eye were rolled to the back of his head and he couldn't hear anything but the birds falling from the sky. Now unaware of his surroundings Morte took the advantage to teleport behind him. The hand to hand master of combat, Morte took the advantage of applying a submission move that started to cut off the airway and blood supply to Hawk's brain. Though Morte was a master stratigest, he slipped in one area. He was close enough to be grabbed.

Morte was a great warrior, skilled in the blade and was a step ahead in most battles, but one thing where Hawk had the advantage, he was much stronger. Hawk feeling the pressure building in his head, was in range to grab the leg and arm of his advesary. This was all he needed. Make a move to pull hard enough to rip off the man's arms Hawk tried to pulled on him with strength enough to move a rhino, and quick as a lightning flash. Hawk had only one idea, drive him into the ground. He would have to regain himself if he were to survive.

Hawk's mind usually calm and quiet through out his battle, had turned. The screams in his head still remained, Hawk had no more desire to use his skill, his mind, all he wanted to do is pound on the ninja. As the toxic gas creeped towards the warriors Hawk stood his ground, and with a few great flaps of his wings Hawk blew the gas high into the air.

Hawk saw no good way for this fight to end, as smoke and a little fire filled the Hawk pulled a few exploding arrows out. He fired into the surrounding woods, in circling the area with great flames. Hawk knew the limitations of Morte's teleportation, and made a very hard choice. With one command all the animals of the forrest ran away. Hawk rose to the air letting fire rain from the sky. Hovering over the clearing, fire raging all around the was no escape for Morte. Teleporting would only put him in the middle of the fire, as the fire focused in on Morte closer and closer, Hawk could feel the intense heat on his face. Hawk would wait for his next move.

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