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Time: Dusk

Place: Abandoned Cathedral

Weather Conditions: Rain Storm

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The noise of the rain drops hitting the metallic roof of the cathedral was harmonic and beautiful "God that sh!t is irritating" DC says. He looks around the inside of the cathedral where he was sent to for his fight at this tournament, his wounds from his previous fight all healed. He balls his right arm the one that had been injured and no pain can be felt...yet. He knows his opponent all too well, been both friend and enemy often at the same time. Brothers in arms and enemies of war. Their paths have crossed many times. Darkchilds body swells and contorts to the emotions he is about to go through, he is preparing himself already even before the fight begins. His body is bigger not huge but enough, he resembles his old self in this appearance. But his body pale as death and his skin almost armor like he had his metallic skin already coated around him.

He waited for his old friend and ally, his metallic skin shining as the lightning from out side shows through the windows. Shadows of his body against the walls, he knows one thing about this fight....he is going to go all out.

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Kain stood in the massive Cathedral. It was a marvelous structure that seemed to stretch onwards forever. The stained glass windows portrayed ancient images of biblical times as the rain from the heavens pounded against the awe-inspiring building. The souls of so many innocent resided here and the blood of the innocent ran freely in this building, they were damned to haunt this place. Well, that’s what was said in the legends. But then again, whoever said legends weren’t real? The vampire’s footsteps echoed through the Cathedral, his heels clicking against the marble flooring. He stood before an alter that had a crimson velvet cloth draped over it. Small torches illuminated the vampire’s pathway. His hands rested on the alter as he gazed up at the statue of the cross that bore the flesh and blood of Jesus Christ. The Son of God.

“It’s been a while since I’ve stepped foot in a building like this. It’s beautiful. I’ve never seen such an entrancing darkness before. It’s odd… I should never feel so relaxed in this place because well, let’s be honest, I’m not the ‘holiest’ being on Earth. Some things are just better left unknown I guess. I remember when these halls were filled with your followers. But they left you didn’t they? They all died because of the plans you set in motion didn’t they? They came to you and asked for forgiveness for their sins and you merely shunned them and let them suffer didn’t you? DIDN’T YOU! You treated your ‘children’ like expendable garbage, like trash that can be thrown out. A true father never let’s his children feel such pain. No matter what. But ‘father’ is a title you don’t deserve. You will feel my wrath and you will feel the burning rage in my heart. My hatred for you goes unrivaled! You’ll fall to your knees before and feel my pain. The object of your destruction is the object of your creation. You created me to be the gatekeeper of the darkness and light, however you created your imminent doom. I will not die, and you cannot defeat me. DO YOU HEAR ME GOD!? I WILL KILL YOU!”

Kain slammed his hands on the alter however that’s when he smelled it. The smell of an ancient friend with whom he shared the battlefield with many a time, whether they were on the same side or if they were on opposing sides, they were still friends. Kain listened to his friend’s footsteps, he listened as every single noise that was made. The vampire sighed and realized that in order to attain ultimate power, he’d have to slaughter his friend as well; he’d have to kill Darkchild. Kain began to speak to his ‘brother’ although he still faced the cross, his back towards Darkchild.

“Darkchild… brother. How long has it been since we’ve felt the joy of battle? The joy of a true battle that would mean the life and death of us. It’s been too long, however I regret to inform you brother that… I may have to kill you. I know I’ll have to kill you, or you’ll have to kill me. Neither one of us is willing to give up and neither one of us will stay still. This is the battle to end all battles Darkchild, this is our final battle brother. No matter what happens, may nothing change how we look at each other. One of us will die, and I refuse to let it be me. Goodbye Darkchild…”

Kain ripped his cloak off, the black cloak landed on the ground, the sleeves ruffled against the cold floor. Kain turned around instantly, his glowing blades drawn as dark and light energy covered his body in an electric flurry. Kain’s eyes began to emanate powerful flames as he charged towards his brother. The vampire’s blades slashing at Darkchild’s legs, then his chest as his tails aimed upwards in a diagonal angle. Kain’s body began set off small explosive particles of light energy that would explode on contact. Hundreds of them erupted from Kain’s wings in his attack on Darkchild. This was the beginning of the end, Darkchild must die.

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His brother had changed but so had he sending a telepathic message into EC's mind while he evaded the attacks "Brother for years we have been always faithful in one thing" DC lets the blades slide along his own blades sparking as they collided but neither of them right now were releasing thier fullest "Our power against each other, we give our all most of the time alongside you in battle i have given my life for you and the others. And at some points regretted it for you did change." DC let the blade of EC slide down his blade then swung upwards making EC move back and then he charged him letting loose a flurry of swings "All your life as this self appointed guardian you did the one thing you hated, you betrayed not me but yourself. " DC slams his foot into the ground creating a shockwave and riding it towards EC again going into his swings slashing away ECs attempts to rid him from the world with his light attacks, DC creates many swords and all are attacking at once showing off his skills of darkness manipulation "You gave into the heart and let your powers fall, still you are strong but brother i am and always will be stronger." DC swings all of his blades at once each firing a blast mixed of magnetic, darkness, and fire. Each heading towards EC with speed, DC did a back flip landing in a split his hand resting on the floor in front of him and this time he speaks to EC outloud.

"That was not your best brother nor close to it at all, Give me your all in strength and i shall do the same." Waiting to see EC's full strength DC sits in that position getting ready to fully charge.

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Kain battled against Darkchild with unbridled fury, his rage consuming him with each word his worthy foe poured into his mind. The vampire saw to it that he reversed every blow sent at him by Darkchild. Their blades clashed creating sparks that fell all over the floor as the screech of metal cutting was heard. The vampire felt Darkchild wasn’t trying but he couldn’t blame him because he wasn’t trying himself. Kain had fought with Darkchild so many times; he already knew what his moves might be and was thusly prepared. Kain’s arms deflected the series of blows Darkchild sent out towards him with his own weapons, more and more sparks flew around. The battle seemed to be moving in graceful fluid motions. Each blow more mind-boggling than the next. The next thing he knew, Darkchild approached Kain on a shockwave that was easily avoided and amazingly enough, his brother was able to cut through the particles. Suddenly, Darkchild created dark swords that slashed at the vampire, however he looked around and grunted.

“Darkchild, you seem to forget something: Darkness doesn’t hurt me, it makes me stronger, and even though you can manipulate it, you can’t do it like I can because it’s part of MY realm!”

Kain grabbed the swords and combined them into a massive ball that transformed into a ball of light as opposed that immediately fired spears back at Darkchild at blurring speeds. The scion’s eyes grew with an intense rage that went after Darkchild mercilessly. At that moment, a series of magnetic, flaming dark spheres of energy came hurling at Kain, however, being the scion, he removed the darkness from the energy spheres and created a magnificent shield that protected him from flaming magnetic energy blasts.

“You want me to be more powerful, eh Darkchild? I guess you should’ve been able to tell when I’m holding back… I’m not very surprised that you knew either. You know the saying, be careful what you wish for, you just might get it, so guess what, you’re not stronger than me. I’m the stronger of us, you know it, that’s why you get to die by MY hand.”

Kain jumped towards Darkchild, his powerful left leg shooting out towards his foe’s chest, and right afterwards, Kain threw his swords towards Darkchild at a blinding speed while creating chains that became attached to his weapons for long distance fighting. The vampire crossed his hands at the same time to make the blades cut at Darkchild’s neck in hopes of severing his head; he needed a new trophy.

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DC sprawled on the floor took the hits each more powerful than the last Finally he is giving me his true strength EC had his blades at DC's neck but his trophy seeking would go unsatisfied. Their fluid motions each matching each others and DC was still at half of what he truly can do. His blades sparking against EC's "Brother its time to show you.....your darkness can no longer be the strongest."

DC jumps back and in one fluid motion his body contorts once more and for the final time. His body growing and he is pushing himself to the limits, and for this moment EC stands watching almost curious of what Darkchild is about to do. His appearance returning to what he once was, not the skinny strong man but the man from battles long forgotten. His screams were not of pain but from his tremendous powers finally rising to their fullest. His body would contort to his emotions because DC was not allowing his body to return to what it once was, this is not the case any longer. The ground beneath him collapses and a huge hole is created under him "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Time for some real fun" his voice changed finally he has complete control over his entire body, mind, and powers. The voice sound like a combination of the personalties his eyes black. The power around him cracks and he looks over at EC and smiles a toothy grin. He holds his hands out to his sides and in one hand a sword of darkness is created and in the other a sword of pure light "Thank Genesis for these powers." he says before darting towards EC no powers being used just his swords. He swings them at speeds higher than anything he has ever shown, he himself isnt moving fast but more the power within has taken control of his arms.

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Kain stood there and watched what happened. His eyes widened in amazement to what was happening to Darkchild. His brother was gaining more power and he was finally reaching his maximum. Darkchild’s power finally reached its peak. His body underwent an incredible transformation. His darkness was amazing; it reached levels that the vampire thought were impossible for him to reach. It truly was an awe-inspiring sight to see another being reach such an incredibly high level of darkness. Kain spotted something that truly called his attention, something that shouldn’t have happened because it wasn’t natural; it was an abomination that should’ve never occurred. Darkchild created Light, pure light that was similar to the light Kain was responsible for but not on the same level.

Before he could even attack, Darkchild launched himself at unexpected speeds towards Kain, swinging at him like a beast unleashed. Kain was hardly able to defend himself due to Darkchild’s speed, the blades possessed too much for Kain to absorb at that point in time, He flew back into the alter and fell onto one knee. He raised his head after placing his blades in the ground, his veins popped out of his neck and his eyes glowed.

“So you’ve finally done it eh Darkchild? You’ve reached the ultimate level of power. You’ve reached your maximum. Congratulations. But being that you’ve gone as high as you can and I know what you can do, I have no reason to hold back as much. I’ve been waiting for this moment. I’ve been waiting for a reason to go full power Darkchild. Too bad you failed to realize something… while your darkness has limits, mine is limitless! Fear your God Darkchild! Prepare for death!”

Kain’s blades began to spark, no longer glowing. Pure darkness and light flowed through his body, his body pulsated with each moment, he felt his power increase, at amazing speeds, he became more and more powerful. The vampire’s body became covered in black and white armor, blades emerging from his elbows and knees. He spread his wings and in an incredible show of power, Kain destroyed the Cathedral, spinning the debris in vortex of energy. His eyes were now on fire and his wings were spread out fully, he levitated in mid air, his power now tapped into the limitless depths of the darkness and light.

“Time to die.”

Kain flew in towards Darkchild his two swords sending off electricity, he swung out at Darkchild in uncharted speeds unleashing a flurry of slashes, his cold eyes prepared to kill, he was no longer Kain Echnida, Eternal Chaos. He was, The Scion.

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The Scion of darkness Darkchild had seen this form once as he looked up from hell when he died during their war so many years ago. And at that time it made him proud that his "brother" could reach such levels, but now all he felt was excitement. And the beast slammed into Darkchild with all of his force their blades colliding. DC pushed against ECs power and his sword of light almost making the beasts own darkness blades steam "Looks like your creations might not hold up brother huh?" DC pull one of the blades he was out from the stalemate and absorbed it but then had it appear on the back of his arm so that he could still use the blade but still have movement of his hands. DC placed his other hand above the ground "Dont you think this place is a little cramped?" he say before blasting the ground beneath him with energy forcing the fighters airborne and destroying the rest of the cathedral.

While airborne they were still locked in combat their blows slamming together creating a light show almost with the sparks. Finally growing bored of just Swordplay DC flies backwards a few feet and with a hand movement his hands were engulfed with light and darkness a mix that for anyone else they could not control he charges EC mid-air and sends a flurry of punches at the Scion.

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Kain’s blades interlocked with Darkchild’s and sparks erupted from the two of them. The two of them exchanged blows that were parried over and over again in this battle. Kain’s blades sizzled, however not because of Darkchild’s blades, but because of the power flowing through them. If they obtained more power, their cases would shatter and become pure energy. Darkchild blew up the ground below and sent them hurling into the air, their blades exchanging blows and getting locked every so often. The vampire smiled when he saw Darkchild’s power, it was beautiful to fight somebody on this level. Kain smiled evilly when he saw Darkchild put his blades away. This was the true battle now, hand to hand combat, something that could almost never be seen in reality.

Darkchild charged towards Kain, swinging wildly at the vampire, Kain matched his blows with his own punches, Kain parried them effortlessly, not even breaking a sweat, he sent his spiked knees up towards Darkchild’s stomach while sending his spiked elbow towards his chest and attempted to head butt him. The vampire’s tails also shot up to latch onto Darkchild’s neck and pull him away too.

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The spikes hit their marks but DC still smiled even when EC's tail wrapped around his throat and began to squeeze. DC spun his arm against the tail and wrapped it around his metallic arm. He grabbed the base of the tail and pulled, the tail ripped from EC's body and the Scion let out a scream. EC just smiled looking down at his chest and stomach the spikes embedded in "Mistake brother big mistake." and with that another layer of armor formed holding EC in place his spikes keeping him in that position for now.

DC unleashed a fury of punches and kicks, in these close quarters he knew most would connect with the Scion. Finishing the combination of punches and kicks with a open palmed blast of magnetic,light,dark, and fire energy.

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Kain’s blows landed and his tails were ripped out, the beastly things re-spawned instantaneously after he screamed in pain. The vampire was then locked into Darkchild’s body when armor locked him in place. He had a plan in motion, a plan that would grant him certain victory. Darkchild unleashed a series of attacks, some of which Kain was unable to deflect. His face was glowing as he grinned and he looked up at Darkchild.

“I was waiting for you to do that. You just set up your own demise. I could’ve escaped this brother, I could’ve broken out and I could’ve killed you if I desired, but now, I have more important business to tend to, business that does not concern you. Goodbye Darkchild.”

Kain’s eyes glowed as he covered Darkchild in a black casing that would keep him still without an escape, the vampire’s forehead glowed as an eye appeared. This was it, Kain was to fire his ultimate weapon, a weapon that destroyed Galaxies, it was time to fire the Celestial Eye. Kain fired the beam full force at point blank range, black and white energy came flowing from his eye, Kain had never blasted the eye from this close before, it had the ability to harm him when he fired it at such a close range. He saw to it that Darkchild was unable to let him go from his grasp. This was it, the moment of reckoning. This was where a victor would be determined.

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EC eyes glowed and DC thought to himself Oh shit the blast hit rocking his body inside and out. His body was shot backwards at unbelievable speeds he was ripped from EC's spikes and tossed to the ground and when he hit his body cracked all at once. He lay in the crater motionless for a few moments before standing and falling to one knee, a smile on his face still even though his body was torn and bloody. Climbing up from the two mile long crater he comes to the tip of the crater and looks at EC "Guess its time for me to be unstable huh" and as he said that his body began to tremble with power his insides were unstable from the last attack. The power within him tearing him apart from the inside.

Flying towards EC he came within an inch from the man and vanished appearing behind him with a ball of energy the size of a house and launched it at EC point blank, this energy was almost all of his light energies in one attack. Sits in the air hovering before falling to the ground exhausted he hits the ground hard and stands to one knee watching as the ball of energy envelopes EC hoping if it didnt kill the man that it did enough damage so that his last attacks will do more.

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Kain saw Darkchild fall to the ground but wasn’t done, he was gathering energy for his second Celestial Eye, though it wouldn’t be as powerful as the last one, it would be enough to kill him. His body absorbed more light and darkness from his blades when DC was in the crater. He was bracing himself for this final Celestial Eye. He was absorbing more energy, almost exploding with it; horns shot form his head in an almost unholy fashion. His body glowed with darkness and light, it was more powerful than a nuclear explosion in his body. He prepared to fire it when felt Darkchild right behind him and launch a ton of light energy at him. It was incredible, although this massive burst of energy came towards his body. Kain fired his final Celestial eye at the house of light energy, creating a massive explosion that though it hurt Kain, it didn’t kill him. The brunt of the explosion was sent out of the battle zone while part of it was absorbed and the rest of it knocked Kain down into the ground. The scion stood up cracking his neck, dust covering his body. He absorbed too much energy from that explosion and that energy was incredible. He converted the light energy into darkness to distribute it evenly, as was his job. He saw a broken Darkchild before, they were both tired, but it was obvious that Darkchild was the more damaged of the two.

“Darkchild, you’ve put up a good fight. The best I’ve seen in years, decades actually. You’ve obviously had enough and you’ve grown tired. You used all the light energy you could muster in that last attack and for what? Your effort was in vain my friend. I deflected most of it; it hit me but not enough to have a damaging effect. Your punches didn’t do anything either or did you forget already? Those forms of attack do not damage me at all unless there’s too much energy being thrown at me. I am the Scion and I have access to limitless amounts of that energy and it’s opposite. I have NO limits unless I desire to lose. I refuse to lose to you Darkchild. I will not let it happen. Any attacks you plan on launching against will be in vain because I know your next move. The darkness in your heart will give me the information. I’ve blocked it out for the sake of fun it’s gone on for too long. I could’ve killed you sooner Darkchild, I know your weaknesses, but it’s time to end this. Goodbye.”

Kain opened a portal in the arena they were fighting in which a massive creature crawled out. The beast was black with red eyes; it had horns and was covered in spikes. The demonic creature crawled from the dark realm, its claws dug into the dirt as it bore its head from the realm and only allowed half of its body to come out. Chains held the beast down from losing control.


The creature screamed as loudly as possible, unleashing a sonic/psychic blast at the same time courtesy of it’s powers and imprisonment. This was nothing compared to the other demons in Kain’s arsenal of the dark and light realms. The blast was earth shattering and even caused Kain’s nose to bleed, he began to cry tears of blood while the beast screamed. The attack lasted all off 4 and half agonizing minutes.

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DC stands on both feet now staring EC in the eyes, he is not a man to die with out a fight. "You know how i work on the outside, you know i will not fall without giving my all and wasting everything i have." DC watched as the beast crawled forth from the depths of hell.

As the beast prepared to attack DC was doing the same, flood him with powers huh? he thought to himself. And as the beast launched its attack into the depths of Darkchilds mind his body took over and took total control he ran towards EC who was being occupied with controlling the creature. As he neared EC his body began to glow all of the energy within him would be enough to level the entire area plus more but he had a different idea....something he has never done before. Using the last of his skills he continues to teleport forward straining through the chaos in his mind. His mind was turning into mush but before he fell he would do one last thing. He finally got to where he wanted and he put his hand forward opening his fist setting his hand on his brothers shoulder "Good job....but if i go so do you" the gesture of pride for his brother was a trick and in that instant he instead of absorbing EC's power sent all the unstable powers he has within him coursing into EC in one fast move. A slow and steady transfer would be survivable but a one huge transfer would not..he hoped. The transfer created a explosion and sent DC flying backwards before his eyes closed he saw EC and smiled "Guess its too much for you" finally his brain exploded and his body went limp

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Kain’s mind was tired, he was using up all his energy to power-up the beast although the creature had power by itself, Kain required power to keep the beast’s chains in tact due to it’s immense power. The vampire was growing weak until Darkchild appeared next to him while the creature screamed its heart out to kill Darkchild and follow its masters’ orders subordinately. He felt Darkchild’s hand on his shoulder and send all of his darkness into him at one shot. Kain was able to absorb part of it, but was overloaded because his mind was preoccupied with maintaining control over Janos. Kain’s power levels skyrocketed because Darkchild’s darkness transmission and it caused an incredible explosion that closed the dark realm when the beast entered back and sent Kain flying a few hundred feet away. He had been given too much power at one shot when he was focused on something else and although he wasn’t dead, he was uncomfortably close enough. His body was wounded and his mind was hardly able to deal with what just happened. He needed help and only person could give it to him. He hardly turned some of the darkness into light, however when he did, he sent the powers back into their respective realms. The scion went back to his normal condition and crawled over to Darkchild for what seemed ages and looked at him in his dead body.

“Smart move Darkchild… it… it’s obvious you learned… a few things in your travels, that and maybe you learned from the best, your little brother… has grown all up and has surpassed you… I… I… I hope…. I hope your happy, you got what you wanted…”

Kain sat up, still gathering himself up, he needed blood and that’s when he leaned against his sword and screamed out her name.


The vampire awaited his love’s arrival, for she was always at his side and now, after his battle with Darkchild and being caught off guard, Kain would be helped by her and the two of the can go burry their close friend, Darkchild.