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Nobody knows the pain she's been through. Nobody knows the things she's seen. Instead they judge as if they know. Not at all aware of how moronic they seem. So before the judgement and before the stares, do her the favor of listening before the jeers. Because long ago before her brash ambivalence there lingered innocence in a soul so deceiving.

Entry #00428

Father was wrong I am not some hideous monstrosity whom shall never be loved. No, he was so foolishly wrong because you see my dearest diary I've met a real man just twenty-four hours ago. A man so real that he solemnly promised to take me away from this abysmal life style. Now don't get me wrong I love my father immensely. Oh yes I do but his latest endeavors to keep me locked away have only proven my previous theories. He intends to keep me his captive. And as penance my only outlet, my only friend...is you my comforting book of secrets. I mean no offense, but even you should realize this manner of speaking is surely borderline psychotic. Mother once suggested therapy, but only received a disgruntled glare. Nevertheless I fear that after yesterday's escape father will punish me most brutally. God almighty, I do hope that man told me no lies. That his love was undoubtedly true. Oh Jayden! Oh Jayden! Where art thou Jayden?

Entry #00429

Father awoke this morning in a manner of distress. All of our belongings had disappeared, yet he wasn't at all pestered by this strange anomaly. Instead he peered out our windows, whispering some strange sayings about an Addams family. Which is odd considering it's an old black and white television program. And before I could even ask a question or two the behemoth of a man took me by the collar and dragged me downstairs. Thrown into a vehicle I was...which by the way had a minty smell to it. Who knew the outside world had some many wonders? I should of been petrified but I wasn't. I was only certain of three things. Amaranth meant death, going outside was dangerous, and nobody will ever love---scratch that Jayden Knightfall really loved me or at least I think so....


Today I can only think about my mother. I am concerned for her health. Father says she'll be visiting a therapist soon. I don't think his version of therapy is the same as those infomercials I often sees around 2:00 a.m. My fears only fester because my love was but a lie. Should of known he was a liar. Father was right nobody loves me and if they do...they'll only die. I think I just answered my aforementioned inquiry about mother. Sh!t diary....why can't you talk back?

Entry #00480

It's been a month or so since my initial escape from the previous prison estate. However, my verbalized grammar is improving, yet father believes my writing technique as well as punctuation is truly horrendous. Father even tells me that knowing every word in the thesaurus will assist me for what comes next. Which by the way he's failed to even elaborate on. Quantum physics, various thesis's applying to the human condition, and some gigantic textbook about earthly history. Not to mention some golden book father says I'll one day be allowed to open. It once belonged to Jonathan Addams. A man I believe my father fears. Why does he have this book...I am unaware of the answer. I am aware that all of this intellectual food is stored in the so called family library. Which reminds me....can a library be called a "family library" without a mother being present? I feel that's quite disrespectful seeing as how mother's current condition is incurable.


It happened. Oh my god it happened. My savior arrived in the dead of night. He shattered the defenses and stopped the hounds. He defeated my father and whisked me away. My knight, my love, the man of my dreams. Jayden Knightfall rescued me from unhappiness. He saved me. Oh yes he did, but one peculiar thing occurred during this chain of events. I was told to grab the golden book. Commanded with a tone I had never once heard before. And in doing so it caused a reaction of sorts. An aura of crimson spout from my fingertips, teleporting me and my protector into a museum. Not quite sure why, but I'm actually thankful to even be alive. Am I selfish for feeling that way? Thankful for being taken away from a father who so strongly loved his only daughter. Maybe he was right. Maybe I am a monster. Maybe I'm not. I don't even know. I don't even think Jayden loves me. I think I'm just a pawn. Who am I dearest diary? Surely you have the answer....only if you could talk.

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Curiouser and curiouser.

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Quirky , i like it

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It is curious,

It involved a Knightfall and they didn't die

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@armistice: Well this takes place years ago. Death will find its way soon enough :O

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Nice :-)

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That was really good

*takes notes*

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