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Basically, it's the Wild West, but with powers. Like, you can be a sherriff, be a bandit, or even be a Native American that's caght up in all the hubub. And, you're faction doesn't count. Like, you can be a good guy and still be a bandit. But, like, you're not always cowboys. You could be bar owners, (for the ladies, no offense, really) Saloon girls, Gold Diggers(as in traveling to California), settlers, all that jazz. And you act normally, do what you wish, team up to hunt down bandits or to rob a bank.

Face the natural terrors of this era. You could be in your teams if you wish. Now, as for the powers, you have them, but they are outlawed. The President has banned them due to the sudden outbreak of them. 3 out of 5 people now have super powers. The only ones allowed to use their powers, are Government officials such as sherriffs and what not, but only if they really need to. You use your powers, your wanted by the law.

Official RPG Rules:


OoC Thread:


Banned: Akwa,Sylux,Quadraxis,Sturm

Load your Gun, saddle up, and ride.
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Erik walked out of his room and down stairs it was opening time and Erik was always on time. Eriks Bar was one of the nicest and lagest in the town. His Bartenders have already arrived and the girls where getting dressed and ready for the day. He had owed the bar for a few years and won it in a bet. He was a bit of a card player and always enjoyed playing. Many days he would just set back and play some cards with the locals. To day was one of those days.

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Tex Wolfman's horse neaighed as he rode into the sleepy town of Vine Ville. Well, not sleepy for long. It was a rather large town, out in The Wild West.

As Tex rode in, people looked away, closed their windows, or entered their houses. Guess people didn't like strangers. Especially those whose face you couldn't see. Tex always kept it like that. His Collar was up, covering his neck, and his hat's brim was down to his eyes. He kept his head rather low. The reason wasn't for Privacy, It was for protection.

The year was 1895, and ever since President Cleveland outlawed Powers, Tex had to live like this. His appearance wasn't exactly "normal". He had been bitten by some wolf, and then gained these weird powers. Both ice powers, and the fact that he looked like a walking wolf. Tex jumped off his horse and tied him to a post in front of a bar. "Stay put, FrostBite." His horses name was FrostBite.

Tex turned to the bar. Looked good enough. With his hands in his pockets, and his hat over his eyes, Tex walked into the bar, sitting down. "One Whiskey, bartender."

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Magneto watched the man walk in there was something different about this man. The Bartender looked over at Erik after the man requested his drink and Erik nodded. He then walked over towards the man seating down beside him.

"This ones on the house stranger, Names Erik i owe this bar might i ask who you are."

Erik eyed the man then looked down to see his side arms.

"There will be no need for those here alright"

Erik pointed towards the mans side arms.

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Tex smirked under his hat. "Don't worry. Haven't used those things in ages. Name's Tex." He reached out for his drink, luckily he was wearin gloves, otherwise people would've seen his furry hands.

He turned to Erik and said,"So, anything to do in this town?"

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"Depends friend what type of thing you are looking for Tex"

Erik could sense the man was different and holding something back.

Telepathiclly Erik sent Tex a Message

-----I know, don't be afraid it matters not to me but i may have some work for you. Meet me back here 2 days from now.------

"Well the drinks are on the house for the rest of your stay Tex"

Erik walked away then turned towards a back room. the dancers and singers enter the main room and began entertaining. The man at the piano began playin and the bar came to life.

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Tex heard the message. He knew he Erik had powers, now. Tex turned in his chair and surveyed the scene. There was a drunk in the corner, dancers on a stage to the right, and some people playing poker. "Bingo."

Tex walked over to the men and said,"Mind if I join?"

A few hours later, mounds of coins and money were crowded around Tex. "Well, if no one else has anything else to bet, I'll be leaving now." Tex gathered up his money and walked outside, dumping it in FrostBite's saddle bag.

"Hey!" A man said. He walked from the bar over to Tex. "I want my money back, A$$hole."

"You lost it fair and square."

"Nah, you cheated somehow. I know you did!"

"I did no such thing."

"Don't lie to me!" The man grabbed Tex by the collar and reached his fist back for a punch. "You don't wanna do that." Tex said. He looked up from under his hat, revealing his fangs and fur. The man let go of Tex's collar and fell to the ground, shocked.

"Stay outta my way, and I promise, I'll stay outta yours." Tex got up on FrostBite and rode to the town's Inn. He paid with some of the money he;d won and walked up to his room, lying down on the bed and tipping his hat over his eyes.

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A mysterious stranger rode into town. His horse appeared dehydrated and it looked as if there was some sort of aura about the stranger. He was clad in a tattered black poncho over a strange cowboy vest and slacks. His dark appearance was completed by a black cowboy hat.

As the stranger made his entrance into the bar all eyes made their way to him. They stared at him, an unknown man clad in black, it was a bad omen.The man took a seat directly in front of the bartender. He removed his hat from his head, revealed a face covered in scars and a mouth covered by black bandages. His face was the epiphany of death and evil.

"Where is Eric?" he asked.

"He's in his room." someone said frightened.

The stranger made his way to Erik's room.
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Surveying the scene from a nearby mountain, the half born native named Sparda watched the town. He was clad in black, wearing a hat that covered his face......mostly. Eventually seeing all the lights turn off, he rode down to town. Leaving his horse, Sparda hopped into the town bank by a open window. What a prospect, he thought, robbing a bank. He pulled down his bandana over his mouth. He quickly went through the lobby to the vault. Pulling out some dynamite, he placed it gingerly in front of the vault door, lit it with a match, and dives behind the counter.


Bits of debris went flying overhead of Sparda. Dusting himself off, he walked to the entrance to the vault.

"What in tarnation!?" said a guard from behind. "Don't you move, son", he commanded. Hand inching towards the his six-shooter, Sparda's adrenaline started pumping.

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Corissa Winter checked her watch. 12:15. The train was running right on time. She was the most dangerous woman this side of the Rockies, and she was a notorious bandit, with a criminal record a mile long.

As she sat on top of her horse at the top of the hill overlooking the tracks, she went over her plan again. Get on the train, get the wallets, get the gold. Guns are loaded, mask on. Ready, here we go, girl. She spured her horse, reared back, neighing loudly. They took off down the hill, and came up parallel to the last car. Carefully balancing herself on the horse, she leapt onto the back of the car. Easy enough. Now, step two. she smiled to herself under her bandana.

She walked casually to the passenger car, opened the door, and drew her guns. The silver guns shone in the light, and made the purple gem embedded in the hilt, held by an engraved phoenix, sparkle.

She fired a shot into the air. "Nobody try anything stupid, or you'll be buzzard food. Just give me all your valuables and nobody's going to die today."

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{alvin the indian would come in the bar in his regular indian close cut open in the chest area no shoes and for some odd reason he was holding a shovel he used hsi long haird to wipe his sweat up as he walked up to the bar and sat down}

i need some to drink kind sir some natrual please.

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Dead Man Walkin


My son, do you have any last words?

Gambler could barley speak the noose was so tight. He looked out over the towns people who couldn't wait to see him hang and spoke. "I'm going to hell, who's comin with me."

Gambler charged the ropes holding his hands just enough to break free. He whirled around and grabbed the deputy's gun out of his holster and never blinked as he blew the top of his head off, he then turned to the priest and grinned.

Please no, I'm a man of GOD.

"Tell him I sent ya."

Gambler jumped off the platform and ghosted two more deputies before stealing a horse and escaping the town. The daring outlaw had once again cheated death and the devil, but he knew sooner of later the house always wins.

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The sheriff surveyed the small town of Vine-Ville nodding his head.

Anyone watching might've thought that their sheriff was searching for crinimals.

They couldn't be more wrong.

In his disguise of the sheriff, Dopple grinned with glee. The sheriff had been so surprised when Doppel came to his house last night it had been almost comical. The sheriff had put up a good defence with his lightning powers but in the end, it hadn't stopped Doppler putting his katana through him and his wife.

And now, he was walking downtown in the sheriff's shape. An added bonus was that, if everyone thought he was the sheriff he would be able to use the the lightning powers his doppelganger form had given him.

Giggling an extremely high-pitched inhuman gigle, Dopple walked towards the local bar. The sheriff had been rather lenient to Doppler. [I]In the next few weeks while I'm in charge[/I], thought Doppler. [I] It's going to be a lot different.[/I]

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SlingShot snatched some root from his satchel to chew on as he walked in the sun.He had been tracking south for two days now, and knew it would be another two days before he exacted his justice.

He was gone with a trade convoy when the deputized "talents" raided the maroon. SlingShot was one of the rare individuals of african descent to enjoy the liberty of a african and native free community. The maroon, as the french called it. And now the government that tried to kill and enslave them had invaded and violated the sanctitiy of this community and he wanted revenge. But greater than that he wanted to make a statement to those who would hunt him and his people,and that statement was revolution.

He had earned his name when he was young armed with nothing more than five smooth river stones and a sling he had defended himself from a team of Pawnee slave hunters. They had guns, but everyone of those river rocks found purchase somewhere in their body.SlingShot had a knack for gunfighting, even without guns, and more often than not it seemed someone was begging him to use it to teach them a lesson.So teach he did.

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To the side of the town, a deep black swirling hole appeared, out came a werewolf creature with cybernetic attachments for arms. The beast saw the town and slowly searched into the town, not knowing what to expect.

"Hmmm, where can I find something to drink."

Sabrewolf finds a local bar and steps through the door, dozens of eyes turn to him.

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"Hold still, son", the guard said as he inched closer. Sparda had enough. He whirled around kicked the guards gun out of his hand, unholstered his pistol, and shot him in the shoulder.

"Sweet dreams", he said as the guard blacked out.

Not wasting any time, he went into the vault. Taking out three burlap sacks, he put the gold bars in gently. His abnormal strength lifted all the bags while they were full. Instead of hopping through the window, Sparda just walked through the front door. He quickly ran to his house as the town was going into an uproar. Strapping the on the bags, he got on and rodwe away as fast as he could.

About an hout later, he came to a pile of rocks on the plains. Looking around to make sure there were no followers, he hefted the biggest rock up, then dumped the bags under, along with dozens more bags full of gold.

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The morning light shone itself through Tex's window. He yawned and got up, pushing his hat away from his eyes. It had been two days, and now Tex had to meet Erik at his bar. He stood up from his bed, stretching and scratching behind his ear.

tex grabbed his coat and gloves and headed out the door. He walked into the lobby of the

inn in his usual covered up appearance. He placed some money on the counter for the room and walked out the door to his horse, Frostbite. Tex patted him and rode Frostbite to Erik's bar.

He walked through the doors with his hands in his coat's pocket, and his hat over his eyes. He sat and the bar and said,"Erik sent for me."

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Sparda re-entered the town the next day. Looking for some relaxation, he entered the local-pub. He walked to the counter and sat down beside a peculiar looking man with gloves.

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Welcome to Vine Ville


Gambler rode into thee up and coming silver town of Vine Ville. Dressed in all black he casual rode down the main street tipping his hat to the lady's hanging off the balcony of the bordello as they waived and giggled. He tied up his stolen horse outside of Erik's Pub and walked in with the swinging doors flapping behind him.

"Bartender, whiskey."

The bartender grabbed a glass and the bottle and headed over to the end of the bar, Gambler slid the glass away and snatched the bottle out of the man's hand and opened it with his teeth spitting the cork across the room. With his back leaning up against the bar he surveyed the room full of assorted characters.

He then walked over and took a seat reaching into his coat and pulling out a deck of cards he asked, "Do any of you gentlemen gamble?"

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Drinking his whiskey, Sparda watched a man sit down at a table of Gamblers. Sparda walked over and sat down. "I don't suppose any of you gentlemen are interested in a game of black-jack?", asked Sparda, keeping his eye's on the man with the cards.

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Tex's ears poked up under his hat. He turned to the sight of the man who said,"Do any of you gentlemen gamble?"

Tex smiled under his hat, the shadow covering his eyes and nose, only showing part of his teeth. Tex got up with his whiskey and walked over to the man. "Name's Tex, Stranger. My guess is you play a mean game o' cards. May I join?"

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"It seems we're in. How about you gentlemen", Sparda asked the men surrounding them. They all shook their heads.

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Gambler slid a chair over to Tex with his foot.

"Take a seat there fella."

Two more men came over and also took a seat along side Tex and Gambler and watched as Gambler shuffled with blazing speed.

"Games five card stud. Ten dollar ante" he said sliding a stack of ones into the center of the table. Gambler never lost at cards mainly do to the fact that he always cheated. After an hour of playing one of the men jumped up and yelled, YOU GOD DAMN CHEATIN SON OF A BITCH

Gambler just sat back in his seat and smiled. "Make a move."

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Tex held his card in his gloved hands. He eyed the other people, though they didn't know he was eyeing them, they couldn't see his eyes.

Tex had lost a fair amount of money to this stranger, and Tex wondered why. "I raise five dollars." Tex threw in five ones.

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".........", Sparda was silent. Suddenly, he reached inside his coat, and pulled out a gold bar.

"I raise"

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Tex's eyes grew wide at the site of the gold bar. Those were only found in banks. He must've been the one that stole from Vine Ville's bank. Tex looked back at his cards, he had a straight.

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"Any takers?", Sparda asked with a smirk. He was smiling at his cards.

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Lews wiped the blood off of the long knife and slowly pushed it back into the sheath in his left boot. He looked down at the blood on his hands. He took the now cool pot of water and cleaned his hands in it. He was tired. He had walked all yesterday and had barely had any sleep last night and walked most of the morning. He yawned and tipped back his hat.

He looked over at the dead body. Those are nice boots, he thought. He tugged one off of the dead man’s foot and tried it on.

Damn. Too small

He looked up at the sun and figured he better get going. He knew he was near a town and someone was bound to stumble on the body soon enough. Better to be as far away from the body as possible. Maybe make some friends in the saloon. It would be nice to have an alibi in case some smart ass lawman tried to put two and two together.

He slipped on his own boots, old and dusty as they were. His clothes were ok and his guns were great, but he didn’t like his hat. He would have to get a new one of those. A smirk played across his lips. He would get one the way he always got everything he wanted. Everything in this world was his. Everyone else was just holding his stuff for him, temporarily. And they’d better give when he came to collect.

He saddled and climbed onto his stolen horse and rode slowly down the road. The town wasn’t too far ahead. He tipped his hat down over his eyes and settled in to the slow rocking motion of his horse. A shaft of light peered down through a whole in the brim.

Gotta get a new hat

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The man thought about reaching for his gun but simply walked away, broke and defeated. The gold bar now gleaming in the center of the table had caught everybody's attention.

"Well well, looks like somebody's been up to no good. I'm all in."

Gambler slowly switched his two of hearts for an ace of spades he had up his sleeve giving him a Royal Flush.

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Sparda looked suspiciously at the gambler. Narrowed his eyes.

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Verona awoke from her room in Erik's Bar. She got out of her in her nightgown and went to go change. She was a saloon girl at Erik's. So what if she had been a little late getting up?

She walked down the stairs in her dress, a purple feather in her hair and a beautiful dress, fishnet stockings and a corsette. She eyed the bar and found a few men playing poker. Men playing poker were usually drunk, the easiest to steal from.

She walked over to them. One, Verona couldn't tell whether he was so drunk he had fallen asleep, or whether he was just being mysterious. Her hands ran over the man's shoulders. "What's your name, cowboy?"

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A woman's smooth hands ran over Tex's shoulder. The sensation surprised him, hehadn't felt a woman's hand in a while. No woman would take you when you look like a mutt. He turned around to look in her eyes but soon remembered his appearance. He turned back around to his cards and said,"Why d'you want t'know?"

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"Nice to see you got someone backing ya", Sparda said, eyeing the woman, "But we're playing cards. Now, you men best be paying up, cause I never lose"

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Gambler gave a quick wink to the lady before saying. "I call." and laying down his hand.

"Royal Flush gentlemen." he said with a cocky grin as he eyed the gold bar.

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Sparda looked at the cards, then to the man in front of him.

"Well, sir, good game", he said with a grin. He extended his hand for a handshake.

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Tex threw down his cards. "Straight." The cards lay in the right order, a 10, Jack, Queen, King, and Ace. But all diferent houses, not a Royal flush.

"Damn. Good game, Stranger. I'll buy you a pint, on me."

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Gambler looked at the man trying to shake his hand, "Sorry fella I don't do hand shakes."

He started scrapping the money into his pocket taking special care of the gold bar. He quickly put it out of site, if the wrong person saw it it could mean trouble.

He then turned to Tex, "But I will take you up on that offer stranger."

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Sparda withdrew his hand. "Your mistake stranger", he said.

He kicked the table over, spilling the cards everywhere. Simultaneously, he drew his gun and pointed it at the man.

"I ain't leaving without it"
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Tex's timing was impeccable. He heard the man's heartbeat escalate, and knew he was about to do something by the tione of his voice. The table was kicked over and Tex spun around, dropping to one knee and pulling out his two pistols from their holsters.

"I wouldn't try it, pardner."

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It was a three way stand still as Sparda had the drop on Gambler and Cryo had the drop on Sparda.

"So, now what." said Gambler with a grin ear to ear. He stood looking at Sparda and laughed.

"Never pull a gun on a man son unless you intend to use it."

With that he flung his arms forward unleashing a flurry of kinetically charged cards at Sparda. It was illegal to use powers but the outlaw Gambler didn't care. He turned and dove through the glass window and out into the street drawing his guns.

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Dodging the cards just in time, Sparda's free hand whipped towards his pocket and threw something at the ground that exploded with smoke. He took opportunity to dive behind cover.
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The smoke made Tex cough, so he ran outside. In all the commotion, He didn't realize his hat had fallen off. Now he was out in front of the world for all to see. He quickly searched for his hat.

It had fallen off right on the porch of the Bar. He put it on and looked around for either of the two Strangers.

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Looking around for the varmit who stole his gold, a bullet flew by his head. "Aw jeez.....", he said as he turned around. An angry group of men from the bar was walking toward him.

"Look, fellas, I really don't have time for this-", he was cut off as one man swung his fist. Sparda dodged and grabbed it, throwing the man as the rest charged.

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Post Deleted.

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The sheriff was out on the main street when a stranger ran out of Erik's bar. There was something unusual about the stranger but he couldn't see what.

When he had a close look he giggled in a way that no normal human vocal cords could replicate.

'Very hairy for a person aren't you?' he said in a high-pitched squeal. 'I've been looking for someone with decent powers.'

The sheriff's body seemed to deflate and dissolve into darkness as Doppel stepped out of it. The comforting feel of his aura surrounded him once more as his katanas appeared in his hands.

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Tex turned his head. Someone had called him. He turned around, both guns still in his hand, aiming them at the person. "What d'you want?"

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Twirling his dual pearl handled Colt revolvers on his fingers Gambler holstered his weapons and mounted his horse.

"YA!" yelled Gambler as the horse reared up and dashed out of Vine Ville. Gambler was headed for Sculler's Creek, it was an up and coming mining town just north of Texas. There was plenty of gambling, liquor, and women there not to mention one of Gambler's old riding buddy's.

The sun was just starting to set and it would be at least a days ride to Sculler's Creek.

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Sparda was fighting the men off. He was surprised at how weak they were. Only two were left conscious. One pulled his gun on him.

Sparda was faster. He shot the man in the kneecap, the walked slowly up to him. The man was on his knees.

"Sweet dreams", he said, kicking the man straight in the face. The man was out cold. "And I suppose you want some too?", Sparda mockingly asked the last man. He turned and ran.

Deciding that it was no longer safe here, Sparda hopped on his horse. Cracking the reins, the horse galloped to Sparda's hidden cache. Heaving the biggest rock up, Sparda loaded all of his sacks of gold onto the horse. He had an idea.

He rode off to Scullers Creek.

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'What do I want? Nothing much.' Doppler stepped closer to the stranger.

'I just thought it was time for a new appearance, thats all' he said with another high pitched giggle.

Doppler stared at the stranger for a moment, taking him in. Then with a shimmer, his katanas dissapeared and his shadows disspated into thin air.

'Look at us now,' said the perfect double of the stranger. 'We're completely identical' Dopple said before breaking off into another spasmodic fit of laughter.

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Deacon power.

Deacon,just escaped from prison.Hes wrongly accused for a crime and had a bouty on his head."Man,i tell ya i need some new clothes,and i gotta get these shackles off meh".Deacon was Muscular African american,he was just lost in the west.

He could see a Town in the distance,he read the sign

"Vine-ville.I hope i wont have to deal with people who dont appreciate my skin color"

Sweat rolled dow his bald head,and headed into town