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A thick haze, accompanied by a high humidity, made for a miserable summer day. This July 4th was not unlike any other. The aroma of freshly grilled hamburgers tickled the senses of pedestrians. Childish laughter rang out as the rascals sped through the sprinklers eagerly. Shayne glimpsed at the scene through the lens of his highly advanced pupils and couldn't help but smile as he was returned to his own childhood. He could taste the tangy barbecue sauce of the pulled pork sandwiches his father made around this time of year. He vividly recalled the day he'd scraped his knee on the ground in this same park and his mother wrapped her tightly in his arms as he cried from the minor pain. These days his mother could barely stand being in the same building as him for more than a moment and his father had little contact with him since college. He sighed, realizing for once how much he truly missed his life before the drugs.

After taking the last few puffs off of a well rolled joint Shayne tossed it into the gutter. A woman walked by and sneered at Shayne before letting an overly exaggerated cough escape her lungs. Shayne glared at her for a long moment before placing his helmet over his head. "I hate people like that. I mean, if I had walked up to her and let a cloud of smoke waft across her face that's one thing. But the damn thing was in the sewers! I swear if I see her again I'm shoving motor oil down her throat. Then she'll have something to cough up." Shayne shook his head and took a seat on the bench in front of the bus stop. Today was the day that Ronald Waring, Chief of Operations in the Trenton, New Jersey branch of Starks Enterprises would present the Mjolnir variant of the Carrondium Armor to the other Chief's. Shayne was asked to accompany Ronald to and from the meeting to ensure his safety as well as that of the suit. Since it was the only prototype created, losing it would set them back about a year in progression. Shayne refused to be an escort at first until an offer for compensation was brought about. Another seventy-five thousand dollars would be transferred to him upon completion of the transport. He was scheduled to meet Ronald at the bust stop by Chambersburg Park at 1:00. It was now 1:15 and Shayne began to grumble, his patience waning rapidly.

"Well where is he AVA?" AVA, the Artificial Intelligence created by Ethan Starks, began dialing the number to the Ronald's Limo phone. The loud rings echoed through the helmet as Shayne paced back and forth. Children stared in awe as Shayne stood in his navy blue suit of armor. Small surges of power coursed about the suit, giving it a subtle glow that was only intensified by the sun's reflective rays. The black visor was the darkest part of the suit, its edges sunk behind the carrondium plates on the helmet giving the visor a V-cut in shape. Small blue tubes lie where the Shayne's ribs were and they expanded like lungs with each breath he took. "Hello?" Ronald chimed in. Shayne groaned before speaking. "Where are you? We have to be there in fifteen and I still want my pay whether or not you make it to the conference." Shayne spoke with a calm demeanor, though aggravated, he could not bring himself to scold the man who had given him everything and pulled him out of the deep hole he'd dug himself into. "Not to worry, I'm pulling up as we speak." Before the Chief finished his sentence a white and black stretch limo pulled up on the scene. Its engine roared awkwardly, alluding to a more powerful engine than what was standard with such a vehicle. Twin mufflers sat on each side of the vehicle and the back of ride sat very low to the ground. The sun roof peeled back and Ronald Waring's head popped out like a mole.

"How long were you here?" Shayne asked nonchalantly. "Oh about twenty minutes. You know, weed is illegal. You can't just smoke it out in the open like that." Shayne stepped inside the vehicle and took a seat across from Ronald, who was no longer positioned in the sun roof but in a seat of his own. two bottles of champagne sat in a bucket full of ice. Beside the bucket a tray with exquisite chalices stood untouched. "People like you can't smoke it out in the open. I on the other hand represent no one." Ronald grinned, pouring a glass for himself. "Starks Enterprises is emblazoned on your chest." Ronald offered Shayne a chalice but he shook his head quickly. "A minor stipulation. Still I don't represent you guys, you guys represent me." The car pulled to a stop. Shayne exited the vehicle on alert. Just by his stance you could tell that his entire demeanor had changed. "AVA I want you running constant scans for any biological or technological signatures approaching this area. Keep me up to date on the amount of bodies within a five foot radius of this building. I want heart rates, bioelectricity readings, the whole nine yards." Shayne HUD was altered, a multitude of information scrolled down the side as he and Ronald entered the building. "Detecting fifty five humans in the building. Thirty five female, twenty male, no younger than 35." The moment they entered the small one room building they were greeted by a man dressed in a police uniform. "Mr. Waring your seat is the 35th chair. The meeting will commence in one moment." Ronald sat down at the large round table, shaking hands with a fair skinned, blonde who sat beside him. The two exchanged a few hushed words, a giggle, then quieted down promptly. As Shayne's HUD passed over the individuals information about them began to pop up in front of him. "Damn AVA, how the hell do you know that girl is a D cup?"

One man stood up first, his seat was at the helm of the table. Shayne focused on him, gathering his information and storing it for later use. This guy was Chief of Operation in California. Albert Brennerman, was honored last week constructing a defense system strong enough to withstand an atom bomb from a 20 meter distance. Though most of the research was done by the Texas Branch, he was credited for its development. Obvious resentment for the man was ever present as Shayne's eyes shifted to the buxom blonde, Penelope Russell, who was the Chief of the Texas Branch. "Today, we have gathered to discuss the latest armor variant Mr. Waring has been constructing..."

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It had been about four months worth of preparation for this job, long hours of researching her victim, their lives, who they work for, the type of security they keep around. Ronald Waring was no exception from this. He was a man who was the Starks Enterprises Chief of Operations. Someone was pissed off at him, she didn’t know who and she didn’t know why. Those were never questions she would ask, found out early in her career the less questions you ask the one paying you, the bigger pay and more clients you get.

Early research of her prey found that he was going to attend a Starks Enterprise conference that was held in Trenton, New Jersey on the 4th of July. More than enough time for her to prepare herself. Getting inside the building was easy, when she found out about the conference; Starks began hiring dozens of security personnel, of course not before doing a thorough background check on the person. Luckily for her, they were hiring a woman who was her own age, with the same body type and slightly similar facial features. Some minor adjustments with blonde hair die, blue color contacts and make up helped her become, the now deceased, ‘Wendy Bolton’, a single person of the many newest additions to Starks Enterprise security forces.

Training, learning protocols, the security system, each of her ‘teammates’, how they think, work, strength, weakness, everything she needed to know. But now today was the day, to put everything she had done for the past four months, pushed into motion. The entire day played in her mind over and over the night before, exactly how everything is to go down. Everything… was going to go according to plan.

Everyone got into position, making their rounds around the building in groups of two. But not ‘Wendy’ she was in charge of watching over the balcony that looked over where the conference was to be held. Dressed in her ‘Starks Enterprise’ black and navy blue security outfit she began to walk along the balcony, as if making sure everything was in order. Her contact covered eyes watched as one by one the area began to fill up, until her eyes narrowed on one person. Mr. Waring, the person she was to take out. The silent assassin watched carefully as she saw another person standing closely by him… a bodyguard of some sort with special armor, some she had never seen before. She gave a small grin, maybe things were going to be more interesting after all.

Everyone began to settle down, sitting down where they were suppose to be. The conference began, and it was time to strike. Slowly reaching under the balcony railing she pulled out a folded Diamond Deadeye Bow with three sarin laced arrow. Making sure she was out of view for just a split second she flicked her wrist as the bow took shape. Setting it down out of view she then slipped on her taser knuckle gloves. It was just seconds before she would begin her rain of terror she just had to wait for the exact last second.

"To-” It began and this is where she would end it. Slowly closing her eyes she suddenly vanished. In five seconds she managed to teleport behind the security guards and taser them along the balcony, front entrance of the room, and security room before appearing back to where she was originally standing. Reaching downward for her bow and arrow she quickly teleported to the north side of the balcony, pulling the arrow back and taking a deep breath. “-cting-“ she let the arrow fly towards downward to Mr. Waring. But she wasn’t done. Teleporting to the west side and releasing another arrow followed by another arrow to the east side.

Looking downward she watched to see if the body guard did his job, or if her arrows managed to plunge themselves into Mr. Waring.

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"Started with a hundred dollars, tried to make a hundred m's... One hunnit! One hunnit! One hunnit!" Music blared through the internal sound system in Shayne's helmet. The bass thundered as he manually adjusted the sound quality. The suit's noise cancelling feature allowed Shayne to listen to listen to music without any sound escaping the suit itself. After muting his mic and activating his visor tints Shayne sang along happily whilst his boss conversed with associates. A week before the meeting Shayne viewed the dossier on the Mjolnir variant. Nothing but a bulkier set of armor with an AI and some shields. When Shayne mentioned this too Derrick Forest, lead designer of the Mjolnir, he simply proclaimed that Shayne was jealous of his work and that his armor was obsolete. With a shrug the arrogant designer dismissed Shayne. To his surprise, the moment Forest turned around he was socked 12 times and hospitalized.

"Ahh, I be so high, and that bullsh!t don't bother me." Shayne bellowed with a wide smile. When he was high, music served as a boost to the euphoric feeling that flowed through his blood. The pulse of the beat energized him. With each thump his body was pressured by the urge to move his body. The fact that he was in a place where such movements would be frowned upon only strengthen the urge. At times a lapse of memory allowed an arm to twitch or his head to nod slowly. Each time this happened Shayne pulled himself away from the music and his eyes darted around, trying to catch any unwanted eyes that may have caught a glimpse of his seemingly awkward movement. Shayne eventually realized that because of his suit, time dilation occurred. Allowing him to be well ahead of everyone else trapped within real time. So when 12 security guards suddenly faded off the radar and massive fluctuations of energy were picked up on his sensors he was given more than enough to react to the next instance.

"That dope got me rich, that drop got me flexin..." Three arrows approached from three different angles. Their trajectory indicated they originated from different positions on the balcony. Had it not been for the fluctuations the illusion that there was more than one assailant present at the conference would've been successful. Shayne sprung into action promptly. The first arrow was headed straight for Ronald's crown. Shayne dashed passed Ronald in a flash. The arrow was gripped tightly between his thumb and index finger. Stopping on a dime Shayne launched the arrow back at the one approaching from the west with superb accuracy. The two collided and harmlessly fell to the ground. Ronald leaped out of his seat as the third projectile barreled towards him at high velocity. "What're you waiting for?!" Ronald cried out. Shayne stood there, amazed at the feat he just achieved. Reveling in the moment allowed for the third arrow to slip his mind. The arrow just missed Ronald's right lung. As he flew through the air, a yelp signified that the arrow had skinned him. After his body hit the ground the sudden blotch of blood on his white button up confirmed the suspicions.

"Stay keepin my cup full so I'm extra charged like a state tax. Me and Chainz go way back we don't talk sh!t we just state facts." Shayne rushed to the Chief's side, examining the wound. A small cut was embedded right below his rib cage, nothing to severe at first glance. "AVA you picking up any toxins?" Floods of people stormed the exit in panic and before long the only ones that remained in the room were Shayne, Ronald and the Assassin. "Trace amounts of sarin are entering the blood stream. Mr. Waring enhanced bio structure is delaying the effects but his body cannot deal with this level of intoxication. Time remaining before full spread infection: 75 minutes." Shayne glanced up at the assassin, a young female, fit, dressed in the Starks security uniform with a Diamond studded bow clutched in her hand. "Sit tight Mr. Waring, I'm going to get you out in one piece." Shayne's stomach churned. His first real opportunity to test out both his own and the suit's capabilities stood right before him. He could tell from the cold hard stare of the woman that she was a seasoned killer. From the beginning she'd had the upper hand and he couldn't help but feel outmatched as he stepped away from Mr. Waring. With a hard swallow Shayne mustered up courage and spoke out against his foe.

"I'm new at this, so here's how I'm going to do it. You get one chance to surrender, and I won't even bother turning you into the police. You can take your arrows, go home, polish your bow, and try to kill him when my 75,000 dollars isn't on the line... No? Fine." Shayne quickly grabbed the poison laced arrows that plunged into the back of Ronald's chair. He snapped the shaft in half, tossing the back end of the arrow to the ground. In his left hand he clutched the remainder of the arrow like a dagger, with the tip pointed down. In a flash Shayne vanished from the ground floor, reappearing in front of the armed assassin. Within one second seven quick slashes were sent from different angles to the assassin. Followed up by a powerful jump kick. Whilst still in the air Shayne vaulted over the woman. The moment his body passed the ledge Shayne teleported again, reappearing in his original spot directly above her. From this position Shayne tried to drive his foot into the woman's face with the intent of pounding her body through the balcony and down to the ground floor.

Ronald inhaled heavily, surprised at the amount of blood he lost from such an incision. He found himself clutching his chest whilst fluids suddenly flowed from his nose profusely. He fidgeted angrily, realizing that all he could do was sit by and hope that his comrade would prevail against his enemy.