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“Mistress, I think you need to see this.” Sameal looked upon the flame haired beauty that was Kiara Sullivan, the once blue blooded hero who now ruled over all the realms of Hell. She had come a long way from the person she had been born to be. Not one person was sure of why fate had led her so far astray from the path she had been set upon. Perhaps it was the corruption of her Demon’s blood. Perhaps she was tired of not getting the gratitude she felt she deserved. Or perhaps it was something that was a lot less sinister. It was no secret that the corruption had started just after her first encounter with Final Arrow. Could it be that he had implanted some dark thoughts in her head and they were the cause of her current station? After all he was the sole reason that she now held the reins to this dark and foreboding place.

Sameal was pulled from his ruminations as Kiara spoke impatiently. “What is it Sameal?” He had no idea of the times she had said his name. But he knew that this Dark Demoness was growing impatient, “Mistress, forgive me. But the Heavenly host is upon us. It seems God has called war down upon us.”

A sinister smile spread across Kiara’s porcelain skin. She stood up straight, abandoning the map that she had been looking over. She had waited for this day for many weeks and knew it was coming. She was sure in her victory. God would be hard pressed to gain any ground against the army of Tenebrasque In. Kiara’s army of demons and the dead was an impressive force itself. But combined with the other armies of Tenebrasque no one stood a chance. Kiara’s sole goal was to bring God down a few notches. She had bowed beneath that Heavenly entity for far too long now. It was time to show Heaven as well as the world that Tenebrasque feared no one. It had been a long time coming and Kiara grinned with wicked glee as she thought back on the events that had started this war.

Three Weeks Earlier

“It’s good to look upon your face Kiara. How long has it been since we last have spoken my dear child?” The voice boomed into the bright whiteness of the place. It’s very power almost causing Kiara to bow beneath its force. But Kiara was no longer the bleeding heart she had once been. She fought off the effects the voice had once had upon her. Soon she was standing straight and pure malice seeped from her every pore.

“You know how long it’s been, God. Not since I was thrown into that battle with Talon and her father’s. Yet another cruel joke played upon me at your own amusement.”

That infuriating voice spoke again. Its force trying to rip away at Kiara’s resolve and make her see light once more, “If I do remember correctly it was you who wanted that path, Kiara. You were through with the evil that has obviously festered too deeply into your soul now. Your true heart was pulled from the darkness as you witnessed what young Talon was experiencing. It also helped that you felt a strong attachment to Emile Chabot.”

Flames licked across Kiara’s skin at the mention of the man she had loved unabashed…. The man she still loved. “Do not speak to me of that man. Do not mention his name in my presence.”

A chuckle erupted from the whiteness, the sound so pure that for a moment Kiara could remember days when her own voice sounded just the same. “My dear, do not try and fool me. I can see into your heart. I know how he still illicit feelings from that dark heart of yours. I see the way you look upon your young son. The most precious thing that can be brought into the world by a love as strong as yours was for Emile Chabot.”

Kiara could see the truth forming in God’s words and she could see what God was doing. She was trying to use Dominic to peel away the layers of darkness that had surrounded Kiara’s heart. A flash of hope spread through her body. Warming her cold heart and almost doing exactly what God wished.

“ENOUGH OF YOUR GAMES!” In an instant the darkness had reasserted it’s self over the small void that God had created. But the damage was done and the seed already planted, a seed that would prove to be the pivotal point in this war.

Her rage flared and the flames licking across her skin seemed to reflect the anger now coursing through her. “I am here per your request, against my will, but here none the less. Tell me what it is you want so I can be on my way and continue my rule of Hell.”

“Ah but, Kiara, don’t you see? That is why you have been brought here. Do not for one seconded think I do not know what it is your doing. Your reapers go out and collect the souls of the dead. But they are collecting more than they should be. Tenebrasque In is killing more than should be killed. Your reapers are collecting souls that should be bound for Heaven are instead redirected to Hell. You are upsetting the balance. It’s time that stops. The balance of this world has been precariously sitting upon a precipice for millennia. You yourself was charged with keeping the balance. And now because of you it is tipped. The world will be overrun with darkness soon and I cannot allow that to happen. You see if it gets any worse I will have to do to the world what I did to Sodom and Gomorra all those many millennia’s ago. Wipe it clean. Purge the world of evil and start again. As it is the world is far too corrupt to save. I give you the chance to save it. Relinquish your power, reinstate Lucifer upon the throne, and turn back to the life you lived so many years ago. Your son’s life depends on it.”

At the mention of Dominic Kiara’s anger flared with such violence that the flames leapt from her skin and a shockwave of power rippled through the whiteness of the place she was in, “You do not threaten my son, God. I see nothing wrong with this world as it is. I believe our council is done. I’ll think about what you have said. But I am pretty sure that your hold on humanity as well as the world is long gone.”

“Eve would be displeased with your course Kiara. She still watches.” It was a card God knew would have some effect on the Queen of Hell. It was no secret that Kiara thought of Eve as a mother. She practically had raised an already grown Kiara in the ways of humanity. She was the one who had entrusted its survival to the woman who was now destroying it.

A pang of guilt weaved its way into that dark heart but again was washed away, “Eve was a naïve woman.” With that Kiara showed just how powerful she was an erected a gate to her home right there in the whiteness that was created by God. With a malicious laugh she disappeared through the gate and never looked back.

Upon her arrival back into her realm of existence the wheels of change were already moving. She called upon Sameal and in an instant the Fallen was before her. His perfection almost sending a wave of longing through Kiara. It was no secret that since the end of her torrid love affair with Emile Chabot she had shared a bed with her right hand man. It was something born more of lust then anything. A woman and man had urges. And Kiara found hers flaring all too frequently lately. Her insatiable appetite for sex was notorious now among her people. What better way to get in good with the Queen? Or at least the demons and tangible souls thought. In truth Kiara only shared her bed with Sameal. For it was only he who could satisfy her thirst as of late.

The Fallen looked upon his enraged Mistress and lust flared between the two. In a matter of moments they were unclothed and bound in a violent dance of bodies. It was never a beautiful thing anymore for either person. It was more a primal act that both enjoyed immensely.

As the two laid there side by side a plan seemed to erupt from Kiara’s black thoughts. She sat up and told the story of what happened to Sameal. A sinister smile spread across his face as she spoke of what she would do next. “Strike the gate and let the war be brought to us? I believe that this is a very good idea, Mistress. Shall I send out messengers to each of the members of Tenebrasque? To prepare their own armies?”

Kiara smiled as she stood and stretched her sinewy body. Whatever tension she had when she returned was long gone, “Yes. That is a good idea. Inform them that the war is coming and they should be prepared for whatever it is that is coming. This will be no easy feat but we can do it. I shall go prepare for my assault. Gabriel shall fall tonight.”

Several Hours Later

Kiara watched the golden haired Angelic that guarded the gates of Heaven. He was so like his brother. Tall, golden skinned, muscled in all the right places, and of course quite the looker. A grin spread across her face as she wondered if anymore of him matched Sameal. Could his love making be just a violent? IT was no secret that the Angelic were not allowed to satisfy any of their primal needs. And it was obvious they had them because Kiara was the product of this. Her whole plan was based on this fact. But could she seduce a man who had never even endured the touch of a woman.

That wicked smile crept across her face once more as she stepped from her hiding place. Her barely clad body weaved itself into a seductive dance. The leather she wore enhanced each of her womanly attributes. Giving away her curves and showing off her sinewy form. Her eyes filled with the lust for conquest she was not surprised when Gabriel turned to her with a sneer, “Come to accept our God’s generous offer?”

“Actually my dear Gabriel. I came to seek your council. Perhaps you can help me work out my…thoughts?” The seductive grace of her body had entranced Gabriel long before even he had finished speaking. Allowing Kiara to come close and press herself close to him. She stayed that way for a long moment. Just weaving her spell with the promises in her eyes. It wasn’t long before she could feel his response to her proximity. Her hand softly brushed his skin and a smile crossed her face as she felt him tremble slightly beneath her touch. Her plan was working beautifully. In a matter of moments and for the second time that day she was wrapped in the arms of a man. But this time it was her expertise guiding his hands and his body.

When the act was done Kiara left the scene with some guilt. Not because of what she had done. But because her sole purpose in seducing Gabriel was to kill him. It was a shame to loose such a magnificent lover. The only evidence of her guilt was the perfectly shaped lips left upon Gabriel’s cooling forehead. It was the first sign that Kiara’s heart was changing once more.

Present Day

A score of Angel’s and Demons stood facing each other. Desert sand’s blew all around them and beat against their skins. It was a stare down as each army waited for the order’s to attack. The Angel’s stoic perfection was vastly different from the rowdy Demons they faced.

Overlooking the armies assembled on the Sahara desert from High in the sky was Kiara and her second in command Sameal. They both measured the forces and dark laughter erupted from the perfectly colored lips of the Hellfire Queen, “Pass the news on to my colleagues. Send the messenger’s right away. Tell them that the war is about to start. I wait patiently for their arrival.”

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Adam's quarters, 2:03 am

The message was a grim one...Kiara's right hand man, if he could be called a man, had informed Adam the war was coming. Although he had never feared a battle previously, and only a couple of times experienced fear of individuals, a war against heaven truly sent a chill up his spine. Although he was hard to kill, he doubted that the angels of God would have too much trouble doing so. Calmly, he composed himself, controlling his breathing, willing his hammering heartbeat to slow. With his new found determination, he exited his room, a bright fire burning in his pale eyes.

Crimson Legion Barracks 2:17 am

"The time has come!" Adam shouted over the roar of his soldiers, replacements who had heard of their commanding officer's brutal battle against the invader Dacnomania, but only a few survivors of that battle were present. "Sameal has brought me word from the Queen of Hell!" The roar grew in intensity, and weapons were raised. "The message tells me - and you - that we shall be ready! The forces we shall face this day will not tire, they will not falter, they are perfect! However, they suffer one thing! Underestimation of me, of you, and of the Tenebrasque In!" The speech truly inspired his men, and he knew that this would be one remembered for decades, even if he would die in this battle, the name Adam Mercer would be honoured for years to come. "We will be victorious! And it will send a clear message to all those who dare oppose us! You do not - DO NOT - cross Tenebrasque In!" There was a concerted battle roar from all the men amassed before him. "I know I am not the most powerful officer in the army, and many of you may consider perhaps you drew the short straw, that you do not serve Eternal Chaos or Lady Death, or Azrael perhaps." A hush fell over his men. "But power is not all that is important! Skill, too, defines every man among you! We will be outnumbered, and overpowered on the battlefield, but remember this! Not only will I, your commander be among you, killing and maiming on the front line, but we, just as every man with a cause does, will fight to our last breath!" The roaring took on more vigour, and Adam grabbed a large sword and rose it above his head. "DARKNESS WITHIN!" He yelled.


Replied his troops in unison. They looked upon their officer, and took note of his appearance. His eyes burned with the fires of determination, his large frame was set into a battle ready stance already, and he sheathed the sword, placing the sword at his hip. As he exited the room, the men cheered and roared.

Adam's quarters 9:32 am

A messenger entered the quarters of Adam Mercer. Without even looking at him, Adam grinned. "What news from Kiara Sullivan, messenger?" He asked, his eyes slid open to reveal his pale grey irises, contrasting with the darker sclera.

"How did you-" The messenger started to ask, before Adam cut him off. "Only Kiara's servants are brave or foolish enough to burst into my quarters." Adam pointed at the corner, where a decapitated demon which was still alive attempted to reattach it's head. "Like that guy. Now, you have a message, or nein?" The messenger thought for a moment, "Oh-oh, yes, I do! Lady Sullivan says that the war is about to start, and she awaits your arrival." Adam smiled and gestured for the message carrier to leave.

Crimson Legion Barracks 9:54 am

Adam growled at his men, dressed in a battle suit, an indestructible adamantium helmet hiding his features, and a vibranium "mattersuit" undercoating that. "The war is about to start, loyal warriors!" He shouted. "At this moment, the army of demons, led by our own Hellfire Queen faces an army of angels on the plains of the Sahara Desert!" The roar was deafening, the men ready for battle and bloodshed, as was their right. "WE SHALL JOIN THEM! BLOOD SHALL STAIN THE GROUND RED FOR A HUNDRED YEARS, AND FIRE WILL CONSUME THE CORPSES OF THOSE DESPISED HOLY BEINGS!" Adam had to yell to be heard. He drew his sword and raised it, and then charged from the barracks, followed by his men, as if they were going to run all the way to the battle.

Sahara Desert 10:21 am

Adam observed his men join with Kiara's forces, and felt a twinge of guilt that many wouldn't survive this fight. Himself, he joined Kiara and Samael overlooking the battle. He wasn't happy. He wanted to fight, to dig his claws into angelic flesh, feel what constituted as blood for them bathe his body, he wanted to take their heads as trophies, to tear out their spines and hang them around Iceland, to prove his superiority. He scowled that he was simply observing, and not fighting. "Greetings Kiara, and Samael." Adam said as he reached them. "My troops are ready for the order. I wish to join them. To fight, and kill and die." He said, scowling even deeper. "Allow me to bring you angel's skulls. I shall decimate that foolish army that dares to stand against the might of Tenebrasque In." It was not a question, but a statement. He was eager for bloodshed. He refused to let men shed blood in his name were he not expecting to kill as well.

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Blair finds herself looking into a welcoming face. To all but her it's a bad omen a sign of the end to come. For her though its the polar opposite, this being helped bring about her life. In the god like image she carried it was only made possible from this man. Sure much of her life was forged by her hands but without this figure she would have no existence. There was a sence of irony in this fact. For the man before her was someone known by some on earth and many who no longer walked earth. He was father of time from the dawn to the end of eternity he would exist. Even if his title was claimed even if he served no perpose he would rome the passage ways of the spiritual domain. His name was Death, he was an angel who for obvious reasons never exactly resided in heaven. He and the goddess Helena Troy sired a child. To this day Alezra Blair knows not of her half sister Angeni. For this was a tale fate chose not to weave. From the very begining however the woman known as Alezra Blair Roxom did know who her father was. And long before this day the child of Death adopted her fathers angelic name. She walks this world known to most as Azrael.

She is the Duchessa of Tenebrasque In, a seamingly ever growing empire of darkness and despair. The military race of Symarrian culture has a group of female marines, possesd demonic women who follow her like a cult a group of aliens joined these ranks and they are known as the Wings of Death. In her ventures through hell, space and upon this world she has staked a name for herself as a cruel idealist. A snake in a bountiful garden, a monster that resides in the shadows. Even a god has fallen before her and as his thick blood stained her blade she claimed that chaotic thrown in the corner of the warp. In this moment though she is not the terrorist, nor is she the Duchessa, she is not the queen of Rigor Mortis, nor the mother of two hellions. She is but a child being gazed upon by her father.His eyes are hollow yet seem to run deep seaping into the abyss. All ones sees in them is black, the cobalt darkness. Yet there also seams to be a glow some dark light that catches the eye. The hands and skull is all one can see of the shady figure his clothing course and ragged from eons of use. Yet the magesty of the atire seams to still cling to this cloak. The skeletal bones exposed are polished to an almost porcelin white. The few lights of the church they are in cause the bones to shine. The setting is ambient almost as if nonexistant the figure before her makes the suroundings fade away. The sight of this figure is transfixing all other movement and events seam lost. It is only after being washed over with this presence that bridges between light and dark does the child notice she is not the only one before her father. Beside her is a face familiar, it was this woman who aided In Clara Mass killing her. In some regards the demonic goddess owes her life to this woman who made Azrael's godhood possible.

Her name is Destiny Salvat Ion. Some ironic little name that when looked at says two words that her kin feed on. Destiny is an angel, condemned to earth she has sought to nolonger be amongst the fallen. The woman of supernatural beauty is a Champion of Peace, a guardian of the people. On the battlefield to save humans worthless souls she goes by the name Requiem. It screams out to both women to fight. Furious motions to end the other and yet the Grim Reaper is in control. No blood cursed or blessed is shed within these walls. Looking down on the woman he speeks. A finger of marrow brushes a strand of blood red hair from Azra's face before lifting her chin. The touch is cold, the words come with a faint clack of bone "my child oh how proud you make me. It was not purposefull you started on Earth and so fragile none the less I am gratefull that was the way things came to be. You have forced me to walk by your side as you climb to unimaginable heights. The bath has forged a river of blood that seams like it will stretch far beyond what people see now. The lining of this river is forged of the dead corpses of those who fell before you. It's not your job to syfer the souls to one domain or the next. But know that I have and allways will be with you. Truely you are Azrael the daughter to the fallen angel before you."He turns and faces the snow white haired angel. "So long have you sought redemption. Soon it will be offered in the most unexpected of ways. You hold power over both light and dark know that you do carry purpose you will see the gates with head high again."

Rigor Mortis Dead of Night

Alezra awakes from her sleep blinking to clear her vision from the grogginess. Candles light the room made of blood the candles fill the air with the beautiful smell. The black velvet sheets cover her otherwise bare skin. Three familiar women stand in the room and just like her own their eyes are fixed on something. Serenity her first child leans in the corner her gray skin and black lingerire almost making her invisible. Her eyes almost as black as Azrael's fathers stare. At the side of her bed in a black nightgown is her second daughter her pink hair hangs losely and horns erecting from her skull. The ruby colored eyes of Salem Hex look upon what is in Azra's lap. Sitting on the bed her violet hair the only thing to cover her is Zulu. A woman who despite her insanity is loved like a sister. Added to these violet, ruby, and onyx colored eyes are also the emerald ones of Death's child. Before her is a sythe made of a mystic metal and bone. The silver blade glistening like the luminous moon.

For a time it seamed such a passive day Alezra went to the new claimed Russia. Hopeing to stake her land on this bland day. Nothing major was going on a kill here a test of  this new sythe there. Then came the moment so longed for during these weeks, Kiara had lashed out at the gods or to be more percise the one so many worshiped these days God. The guardian of Heaven was slain Gabriel dead, it was a shame Az wished to kill him. His daughter Gabriella was slain in one of her first endevours. Whatever the case heaven now had no guardian the growing inbalanced had sky rocketed. Kiara had duties that robbed Az of spending the kind of time with her she sought. None the less she was a close friend and in one of her few acts with the team she had torn one of the biggest scars. Over the sands of the Sahara was a light so bright it killed some of the weak imps that ran through the lines. The skies seamed to be shining down like the rays of light that part the clouds of a storm. Except this light had no stormy origin. It was simply divinity.

Azrael was sickend by this sight so purified and rightious it made her want to gag. The child of Death was exstatic to rip the armies apart. Wings would be clipped halos collected like charm bracelets. An internal wrath that couldn't be avoided was awakened in her. That profound hate that drove the sides against eachother. This bright brilliant hope would perrish beneath her heal. This was Kiara's game, Azra sat simply waiting for the trumpets blow. Till that time she could explode into an act of violence that would make angels cry for what they failed to contain. She did not stand with the many others around Kiara. She did not wait in hiding with an unseen force. No behind her was an army meant to be on the frontlines. Collosal demons stood with massive weapons in hands. Sisters of battle known as the Wings of Death were behind her. These sisters had survived the dark hours on Feravius where it seamed the Symarrian culture would die. They had seen more blood then even some of the oldest of chapters. And the demons behind them were starving to feast on flesh. The crimson guard outfited with the best a Duchessa who had an army of space marines could find. They needed no speech only the all clear to begin.

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The razor split the flesh like butter to a heated knife, after the incision was made, another was made parallel to it and a third connected them. Pulling the blade back into its sleeve, the hand proceeded to slip underneath the flap of skin and probe deep into it. Grunting, the man pulled his hand free and began to tear at the skin, apparently losing the interest for precision-work. Widening the gaping hole, he re-submerged his hands when suddenly he was interrupted as the door behind him opened.


Russell entered the maternity ward with an anxious expression on his face, his wife had been hospitalized for (as of yet) unknown complications in her pregnancy and he dropped everything at the factory to come and make sure she was okay. She always chided him for being too worrisome but now he just prayed he was wrong to worry. Walking briskly down the cold, dank hallway (or at least these were adjectives that he felt described it in a moment like this) he counted down the numbers on the doors as if counting down to a nuclear explosion. 407. He clasped the doorknob and after a sharp inhale, turned it and stepped inside, what he saw caused him to freeze in shock.


Aztek glanced up from his work and turned his head around to look at the man behind him, locking eyes, he mentally suggested the man to become paralyzed from the neck down and was pleased to see his message has been received. "Now then, what makes you think it's your place to so rudely interrupt me while I'm working?" Finding the man to not really be worth his attention, Aztek returned to his activites, turning his back to the man.


Tears welled in Russell's eyes but he couldn't unsee the horrors before him. Weakly he cried out, "What are you doing to my wife? My child..."


"Your child? Are you sure? Damn, I knew I didn't recognize the face, but you know how it is. Women. I received a message the other day, or should I say one of my abandoned aliases did, and learned that apparently he was going to be a father and if there's one thing I've learned in life, it's that children will always disappoint. But I'm rambling, I apologize, this is a special moment for you and your beloved I'm sure. I assure you I'm usually a lot more careful and these sort of mix-ups rarely happen. I guess I just got so excited!" Withdrawing his hands from the woman's womb for a final time, the man got to his feet and licked his hands clean before grabbing his suit jacket from the bedside and re-dressing himself. As he approached the door he paused to place his hand on the man's shoulder and say, "Congratulations on the new baby. It's a girl...I think." And with a final grin, he walked out into the hall to take care of his personal business after apologizing for his slight inconveniencing of the young widower. What a gentlemen.


'Hmm, now what was that room number again?' The enigmatic man mused silently to himself as he paced the hallways of the hospital. He suddenly stopped dead in his tracks, "Wait a minute...what city am I in?" After a brief pause he shrugged and continued on his way, eyes staring at the floor tiles ahead of him until he rounded a corner and almost ran into the man in front of him, if it could be called a man, what was a man after all? Had he not been referred to a man himself over the centuries? "So...I assume you have a message for me? Or is this an assassination? I don't know which would make my day right now but regardless I'm game. Not one to pass up an opportunity."

"Hell's Queen is waging her war on Heaven and seeks out her allies from Tenebrasque In, she also requests you pick a side from more then just the shadows this time."

Brief flashes of his time spent enjoying the delights Hell had to offer flooded his head, "Another battle for the ages, eh? How could I turn down such a thing, especially after the gracious hospitality she showed me when I needed a domain to stay where my...needs...could be met. Besides, I think my boss..." He fleetingly glanced in several directions like a paranoid getting a glimpse of the perimeter. "...is on your God's side. And there's nothing I like better then telling my employer where he can stick it."

"Assure your Mistress I will be there, I might even bring along a few friends." With that Aztek and the messenger parted ways, Aztek continuing on his walk, mumbling to himself, not even noticing that he was no longer in the hospital, or on a solid surface for that matter. High in the clouds he meandered, it's funny the things you don't notice when you need only believe the shadows will hold up their hands and make sure you do not slip and fall on a single stone. Shadows were always more reliable then angels.

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Three weeks earlier…

The tides of war were raging. Lyn could feel her own heart stir at its’ command. The summons was near. She could almost taste the war upon them. It had felt like eons ago when this sensation struck through her. Then the world was at risk of total obliteration and destruction. This day had no excuse for this feeling that Lyn was aware of. Little did she know the balance between Heaven and Hell would shift to one side begging to balance once more. Lyn wondered if her beloved felt the call of War as she felt the summons of Death. The urge to get upon the horse and become the right hands of the Apocalypse was growing, but why. She walked over to the balcony and then looked down to see the lesser demons in a frenzy scurrying about like rats spooked by a cat. They moved in every which way they could.

Lyn tilted her head curiously as she watched them move about. She stood laying her hands upon the structure separating her from falling off the balcony as her thoughts drift onto the sensation within her. The very land that belonged to Tenebrasque In erupted in chaos for no apparent reason. Lyn watched closely. Even the higher class of demons appeared abuzz. Something was going to happen and soon. And from where she did not know. A knock at the door behind her echoed within the room, Lyn turned to face the door as she beckoned whoever was there to enter.

The door opened to reveal Samael, Kiara’s second. Lyn did not care for the fallen one nor did she care to speak with him on a leisurely basis. Samael stepped in with his head held high as if he were proud of what he had to say. “M’lady my Mistress requires your aid in a battle of the regions.”

Lyn raised an eyebrow as she contemplated what he was referring to. “To what end?”, she spoke with a cold tone. Lyn would not deny helping a dear friend like Kiara, but she took the opportunity to give him a hard time. Samael looked at Lyn with a smug look. She only replied by smiling seeing that she got under his skin in few words. “Allow her to know we shall be by her side; just give the word as to where we need to be.

Samael refused to comment, he wanted to be near his own mistress. He merely bowed in what respect he could give as he left the room. Lyn looked back over the balcony and sighed. A war was indeed rising and Kiara was at the forefront.

A few minutes later…

Lyn walked down the stairway to see more demons running for armor and battlements. She was looking for Kain. A demon bowed before her, “M’lady. We await your orders, but the lesser of us all are already preparing for battle.

Prepare for War. We ride to follow Kiara into battle as allies. Find where she is and send word.”

The demon warrior bowed further as he spun around to go into the opposing direction to do what he was intended. Lyn orders were followed down to the letter. The demon warrior barked orders to prepare for battle. His cries of War echoed throughout Tenebrasque In.

Present Day…

Sahara desert…Lyn was trailed by numerous demons and warrior’s alike who have pledged their lives to her. Undead armed and ready to fall once more rose to the occasion. Lyn was battle ready as well. She sat upon her steed Vantago. A white horse of demonic appearance as his great horns curved upward toward the skies. Lyn was in armor from head to toe in a black obsidian metal. Dragon ore created it and it would be hard pressed to break or crack under pressure. Looking to the sky, Lyn learned what this War would involve. Demons of the Earth and angels of the Heavens awaited the battle cry to plunge into battle. Kain must be salivating at the bit for this moment, she thought to herself as also wondered where he was. Vantago pawed at the ground with the growing anxiety around them.

Inform Kiara we are here, so that she may know she is not alone.” A demon bowed and then took to the skies to find Kiara.

Vantago spoke into her mind directly, “Do we deny our own call to lead an army for a friend?”

Yes Vantago we do. Ignore the call at all costs.” Lyn took a deep breath as her voice was sturdy and firm. “Kiara is one of us and those who oppose her oppose Tenebrasque In. For that we stand to fight.”

There may be consequences that will face together, but I will follow you to the end.”

You seem unsure of our cause. Have I ever lead you into something that would end us?”

You have come close m’lady.” He snickered.

Pray Ruin does not hear you speak such nonsense. He would call you coward.”

Coward!?! No. Cautious, most definitely.” His eyes widened at the thought.

Lyn smiled and chuckled softly. “Come Vantago let us ride together and another battle will be ours. I will not die on my knees begging for mercy. We will not run, because of the multitude of the enemy.”

Vantago moved further into the Sahara desert. It was not that he was afraid, but he has lived long enough to see many of the Rider’s of Death rise and fall in battles like this. He did not want to lose Lyn, because he had come to care for her unlike the others. They had forged a deep friendship.

The soft sand moved away from his hooves as Vantago stepped with his massive weight. A wind swirled around them as they moved to the front line. A winged messenger arrived before Lyn saying the War was almost upon them and to be ready. Lyn nodded as she created a field of cold around her. The heat of the desert might not fair well against black armor.

They moved closer to the front to come into view Kiara, Samael, and Mattersuit. They had arrived moments before she did. Lyn could feel the undead beneath the sands and smiled as she knew now an army lies in waiting for the command to rise. A herald of angels hovered the sky in the distance. The enemy was multiplying in numbers just as the forces who were behind Kiara.

The call of the horsemen of the Apocalypse resonated once more. Lyn pushed the feeling aside as she strategized in her head how to bring the army ahead down.

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The dream came at diffrent entervals for the two women who witnessed it. For Requiem it had been two weeks before this god forsaken day. And in those two past weeks as the feeling of dread seamed to grow more and more she turned even more to the church. Each days prayer longer than the last as she sought guidance and council on what to do. Her faith had been tested and reinstated again and again as she entered this room and aproached the podium. Finally she received orders of divine favor rather than simply looking into herself. The higharchy finally saw a need for her again. In the pressing hours before the horrors fell upon the world a desperate plea was made. A plea that by nature no angel could really turn aside.

Destiny made her way to the roof her fingers runing across the church walls. Exiting from the thick chapel doors she stood on the roof. A fairly decent vantage point of Champion City bringing a smile to her serene face. There was still a glimer of hope for a better tomarow. She would be more than willing to die to keep it so. And she would let herself be banished into damnation if it served only to brighten such a glimer.  Aproaching the large cross that looked to the horizon she placesd a kiss to the base and said a prayer. With that there was a flash of light. Blinding and all the while majestic. A small bed of white roses sprouting around the cross.

At the Gates

Before her stood a trinity of some of the most cherished angels. Each a diffrent and unparallel beauty.  Michael the angel known as a warior for god was one of the generals that would be on the coming battle field to come.  Then there was Moroni who at one point was the prophet warrior in death he became an angel. Again he would serve as a soldier on the fields of combat. The hope to quell the pending darkness before it could grow any further. Then in the center of these two cherished wariors dawned in golden armor stood the fallen that had visited her. Death, the true Azrael the one who ferried souls and led spirits to their judgment. The three stood before her behind them was a life like statue in hounor of the angel that had died recently. Gabriel one of the most beloved of the chosen had been seduced and slain. Excuted not by a monster or some fiend of hell. It was not a mortal seaking glory just the spitefull half breed. Kiara, it was sadening to know that someone so strong in heart and will had turned.

Voice caried like song with an unseen but grand ballad behind it the trinity spoke. A well prepared speach perfectly excuted. The devotion behind each words making her heart soar her faith fortified. As a young girl she dreamed of a moment like this. The circumstances could have been better but being only a little over a century old she had no place to judge. "In your desire to do more for your kin and humans you rushed into a fray. You wished to give even more meaning to those who died along side you long ago. Though we may have had to banish you know that all of us were inspired by you. The way of the rightious truely does reside with in you." Michael spoke that part his chizled features seamed to catch the light he locked eyes with the crstalin ones of Ion sharing a strong willed look one only to be shared by the combatants of the lord of lords.  "From birth you had abilities of both light and dark. It is time we make those more profound for you will need them in the fight to come. The one who forsakes her kin being born of both the damned and rightious children can not technically be claimed by just the light or just the dark. To do so we need both to be used against this traitor." Moroni spoke wisdom as clear as glass and strong as any steel. Last was Death his polished bone carassing the angels face. Her white hair seamed to almost fade into his marow the coloring so similar.

"I am no longer a Horseman of Apocalypse and it goes without saying many have escaped my touch. Found loop holes confronted me and so on. Forces have played hands in making sure people I ought to save are sent to the inferno. As darkness grows and the small few are forced to confront it I find need of another Angel of Death. One who can aid in these troubling times. So as I stand as the angel of death you my dear show be bestowed with the role of archangel of death. I trust you are willing to except the task being asked of you? That you know what you are embracing and welcome the glory being offered to someone so young?" Destiny Salvat Ion nodded in compliance. "Then go forth as Gods Archangel of Death, as a general of these pearl and golden gates." A cross was drawn on her forhead by the skeletal hand and the three said a long divine sermon in a variety of languages. Then she was gone the light of such and the gate behind that reflected it made the flash seam more like a solar flare. Like a star to those preparing for battle. Leading the way much like the Northern star had long before Destiny's time.

A Hym Before Battle

Destiny when coming back to the world from the flash of light found herself in the bright sky above the Sahara Dessert. Behind her she saw angels in mass the largest force she had ever witnessed. The way the light shined off the reflective surfaces made the sky seam like a sea of candles or some other majestic simaly she simply lacked the ability to state. Among the sea of glittering light in the front were generals of old. Some she knew personaly others only through legend. Herself in armor pearl in color. It matched her hair and stood out amongst the others. In a way she loathed that fact, she questioned if she deserved this hounor placed on her shoulders. The youngest of the angels on this field being promoted so highly was not something God would do on acident though. Her faith had to stand unhindered, it was not just for her, it was for the friends, family, and comrades before her. This fight was not for her it was for the Champions of Peace back home. It was for the people of the world plagued by darkness. Destiny had to be strong, had to be brave and had to believe.

Her colar was removed now a crstalin necklace matching her eyes. She would wear it as a halo but she liked the colar before, it showed what she had been through. There was no shame in it or the cross tatoo below her eye. The powers now bestowed upon her was a blessing she could not fail to take pride in. She could heal the wounded and bring death with a touch. She could raise the dead and purify the darkness of ones soul. She could bend light and dark, lightning could be casted like a tempest. And finally was the sythe Death had given her, it rested on her back as cylinder nobody could predict she caried. It was tied to the abilities of its user and ofcourse had a special touch for each wielder. Azrael that red haired b!tch below was given Luna. It was a void generating black holes and disipating energy as its negative couter part. Syth Nova which rested on her back did the opisite calling in strikes of solar energy that could incinerate some of the most enduring armor. Fighting her urge to swoop down and smite the woman she looked to the more important red head.

Her snow colored wings caried her to the center of the field high above the ground. Almost directly in front and below was the roar of demons and their followers. Above and behind her the faint songs of angels could be heard. Each side prepared for or preparing for a war in their own way. The two women one seaming a blaze of fire and dressed in shades of hell the other having lightning dancing around them adorned in the purest of colors stared at eachother. "Kiara while I think I know your answer I must give the chance. Our god is merciful and kind. Surender unto her now and you will be pardoned. Undoubtably there will be punishment but it will be far less greivous." Forefather the sword she used was unsheathed and held at the ready. "Should you turn your back on me now though then you have done so to God and her children. Your sisters and brothers will have no choice to fight you and we will not cease untill you if not your entire miserable clan has fallen." The silver blade was raised to aim towards Kiara's throat though it was out of reach. Part of her thought it may be a cliche gesture, she needed to show she was ready though. This task was hers "I will see you come to an end if you chose porely I swear to you."

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New York City bustled on as usual. Even at this time of night, the streets were as alive as ever. The streets, and the backstreets. The city was so busy, in fact, that no one heard the cries of one helpless individual hidden amongst the labyrinth of alleyways.

No one, that is, except one.

“Please.” The young girl whispered, “Please don’t hurt me.” Her voice shook, fighting to get past the muscled arm pinning her by the neck to the brick wall. Her small, petite form contrasted with the rough, brolic thug looming over her.

“I saw you in yer show, sweetie.” The man’s gravelly voice rasped. “I couldn’t take my eyes off ya.” His grin hinted at more than mere admiration. He licked his lips and narrowed his eyes, flexing the muscles tearing at his jacket. The man moved in closer, pocketing the confiscated money and jewelry beside the straining zipper on his jeans.

Without warning, the air dropped in temperature and a young voice called out to the man.“Y’know,” The man turned quickly and, seeing nothing behind him in the alleyway, he looked above to the fire escape. The girl looked up hopefully, nails gripping in vain at the man’s forearm at her chin. Above them, a figure loomed, crouched on the fire escape railing. He balanced on his haunches, bare, furred feet leading to worn pants torn off below the knee. The form fitting sweat shirt he wore was a vibrant blue with markings drawn over it, the most significant of which was the small ‘L’ over the heart, three claw marks slashed through it. Like the pants, the sleeves were ripped off at the elbow, a furred forearm leading to blue fingerless gloves. The hood was up, brown hair of an even darker shade poking out from beneath it. White eyes glared down from the blue mask the boy wore, canine teeth grinning beneath a lupine nose. Blue tattoos ran over the furred body, and a wolfish tail wagged rhythmically behind him.

“I don’t really know which is worse.” The boy smiled, gazing down at the scene. “The fact that you’re assaulting this woman or the fact that a guy like you went to a Broadway show.”

The man made an annoyed grunt almost like a growl, baring his free hand into a fist. The boy flipped down, landing lithely on the asphalt. He stood tall, slightly shorter than the man, and placed his hands on his hips. “C’mon, big guy. You call that a growl?”

The man, deciding that the boy was a bigger threat than the helpless girl, spun around and threw a punch to the boy. In a blur, the boy leaned to the side and caught the man’s fist in his own hand. The man’s anger grew, but the boy just found it even more amusing. “I’ll show you a growl.” The boy pushed the man away with one hand, causing him to stumble backwards.

The boy only breathed in quickly, but let loose a roar so powerful that the attacker was thrown into the brick wall behind him. Dazed, the man staggered forward, trying to see straight. He found the boy still in front of him, and ran forward. He brandished his fist and sent it flying forward a second time. The boy sidestepped, spinning and sending a roundhouse kick to the man’s head. The man hit the ground hard, bouncing up from the recoil.

When he didn’t move to get up, the boy relaxed and wiped the dirt from his fingers. He turned to the woman, who had hid herself behind a nearby dumpster. She cautiously looked out at the boy, evidently scared of him as well. The boy noticed her fear and spread out his hands. “Oh…sorry.” Like the flick of a switch, the fur and tail disappeared, leaving behind a simple teenager.

The boy scampered over to the girl, who stared blankly at the boy. “I’m actually a really big fan.” He whipped out a pen and small booklet, the same as the show she was a dancer in. “Could I get an autograph?”

The girl looked from the booklet to the boy and grabbed it from his hands, shakily signing her name and shoving it back into his hand. As she turned and fled, the boy jumped up and down, excited that he got an autograph. “Sweet!”

The boy was so excited that he leaped back onto the fire escape and up onto the building rooftop, dancing around all the while. “And it’s ok that I was following her since I saved her life in the end!” He told himself in sing-song as he retrieved a messenger bag from behind a chimney. Within a minute or so, his costume was swapped for a simple t-shirt and jeans. He put on his glasses as he made his way to the rooftop edge, swinging nimbly down to the ground.

Seamlessly, the boy blended into the background of NYC as he made his way to Penn Station, catching a train onto Long Island. In an hour or so, he was back at his rural university, keying his way into his dorm room. He made no noise, making sure he wouldn’t wake his roommate, Wayne.

He let out a breath of relief, as he placed his bag beneath his bed. Quietly, he unzipped his jeans and dropped them to the ground, changing smoothly into plaid pajama pants. The boy walked over to his desk and grabbed a book covered in Ancient Greek. As he turned to his bed by the window, he heard a sharp rapping against it. A pure white owl perched itself on the window sill, cocking its head.

The boy shot a quick glance to Wayne, who merely shifted slightly in his sleep. The boy sighed. Walking over to the window he rolled his eyes, opening the window enough to see the owl. “Yes?” He asked the owl, as if talking to an owl was completely normal behavior.

As an answer, the owl flew past him into his room. Before he could protest, the owl landed and there was a quick flash of light. Standing in the owl’s place was a beautiful woman dark brown hair and pale skin, the same color as the owl’s feathers. An elegant Grecian toga hung from her frame, and her bright, owlish eyes studied everything they looked upon.

The boy made to speak but was silenced by the woman’s refrain. “Scott Wolfensohn. The Gods have need of you.”

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Two Weeks Ago

Figaro watches as Kiara a woman he until today had never met before in his life, an never heard about her even. But today something inside his head screams for her embrace, a voice smashes against the confines of his mind. Figaro shakes his head trying to rid himself of the images the voices brings with his rant. It was a mistake to visit that reality, he knew that his other self had died their in the Great Culling. What he never knew was that the woman he met today, was the very same woman his other self Ward had been married to for almost ten years. With that fact it seemed that the essense of Ward hadn't been absorbed into the Nexus an begun to process of being reborn. He lingered inside Edwards mind, screaming to him to allow for him to embrace his "Kasee" one more time.

Edward walked into his bathroom an slowly closed the fogged up mirror, wiping away the fog he saw two it seemed as both of the selves were out. Edward argued with Ward "I am not going to embrace that woman...she is not mine and her body speaks in volumes. Volumes who belong to another, drop the subject. Dont worry soon you will be reabsorbed an reborn, an maybe even your Kasee will as well. Every moment in which one of us dies, a new reality is created for it to be born into." Ward stopped him "Will the new love of my life know me from then?" Edward sighed deep an held his head low "Most likely not, but weirder things have happened in our lives." Ward tried to say something else but Figaro slammed the door to his mind shutting Ward somewhere deep inside his subconscious. "Wish he was gone already..." As he spoke to himself Myst passed by him. She was a woman of great elegance it seemed, the way her body moved it was something different than he had known before.

Erasing the past moments from his mind he started anew, a member of the great Tenebrasque In he was on the low end of the pool. But he prayed that soon he would climb the ranks, given something happen that he could show his powers and his abilities....


Inside Tenebrasque In the corridors echoed with the grunts an war cries of demons, many MANY demons to be correct. Figaro hadn't seen so many in such a small area before. Each would bump into him as they walked by, a few knowing he was one of the Elite to be given a position within Tb In would pray his apology. While others simply grunted to him as they bumped into him, knowing that he still held a low position on the team. His only company was that of Myst who soon showed up next to him in the mission room, they were given orders to do everything in their powers to keep Kiara from losing. Soon a portal opened an Figaro hesitated for a moment before stepping through, watching Myst follow those not going to the direct aid of LadyDeath an Kiara. She smiled to him as she leaped through, without another moment of hesitation he stepped through coming out in the sweltering heat of the Sahara Desert. A large wide smile came to his face as the sand filled his shoes, kicking them off quickly his hands twitched with anticipation not for the battle, but for what surrounded them. As he stood smile from ear to ear the sand began to tremble beneath his feet, with a sudden burst all around him the sand exploded an formed into hundreds of sand Golems. Each faceless but each showing the anticipation for battle in someway.

Looking off into the distance as he closed in on Lady Death an her partner the Golems followed Figaro, an he looked up following the gaze of all those around him. In the skies...Angels, Myst stood near him an he spoke out loud "I got the ones on the right..." His gauntlets wrapping around his arms as they whirred into life, electricity cracked as the gauntlets filled with power. His fingers cracked as he prepared for the coming battle, an had to admit to himself "I'm actually kind of nervous..." he said to Ward who watched inside his mind as if he was watching a movie. "Of what?" Edward couldn't help but chuckle as he spoke his reply "That were going to run out of things to hit."

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A lot of things in Scott’s life were normal to him. His grades. His friends. His health. Even the random run-ins with Gods. But the fact that one of them decided to barge in on him in the middle of the night wasn’t.

“Lady Athena!” Scott whispered, stealing glances over at his roommate, Wayne, sleeping peacefully in his bed. “What are you doing here so late?”

Athena cocked her head, just like the owl had at the window. “I told you. The Gods require your service.”

Scott made a hurried quieting motion with his finger up in front of his mouth. “Are you sure this couldn’t wait until the morning?”

“No,” Athena shook her head, making her way over to Scott’s desk, fingers grazing over his textbooks, each written in ancient languages. “This is of the utmost importance.” As an afterthought, she added, “I did now know you were a Classical Studies major. I approve.”

Scott rolled his eyes, dropping the book he was holding onto his bed. “It’s useful considering the Gods use you as a chess piece from time to time.” Scott conceded, walking over to the goddess. “Athena, my friend is sleeping. Could we at least move this outside?”

Athena finally seemed to notice that Wayne was sleeping. She looked between Scott and his roommate. “Oh. Apologies. Is he your...” She cleared her throat, gesturing for Scott to fill in the void.

Scott slammed his face into his palm as he grabbed his sweatshirt. “No, he is not, but thank you for having such an interest in that part of my life, Athena. Shouldn’t Aphrodite be on my case about that, not you?” Scott slipped on his jacket and opened the door, waiting for Athena to take the hint.

Athena shrugged, ignoring or unable to detect the sarcasm in Scott’s voice. “I never forget a service done in my name, Scott, especially the time you helped me raid Alexandria to reclaim its knowledge. I was merely inquiring.” She walked regally out of the room, leaving Scott to close the door to his room in a cloud of embarrassment.

Of course, Athena didn’t wait for him in the hallway outside. She was a goddess. She was probably waiting for him outside already. Scott made his way out of his residence and onto the quad, following the celestial glow of Athena beneath a nearby tree.

He approached the tree, adjusting his glasses in the night, and waited for Athena to begin what he knew was a carefully prepared argument.

“There is a great danger in the foreseeable future, Scott.” Athena said, standing tall and imposingly.

Scott crossed his arms and leaned against the tree trunk. “With all due respect, Lady Athena,” He said, brow skeptical, “There is always great danger with the Gods.”

“This is different,” Athena argued, keeping her patience and composure, “It is outside of the Gods’ domain.”

Scott’s brow creased. “Come again? What could be outside the Gods’ control?” Though he wouldn’t let on, something inside him started to worry.

“We are not the only Gods in this world.” Athena looked down in concession. “You know of this, with your dealings with the Egyptians and the Norse.” Scott nodded, letting her continue. “But there are more. There are as many Gods as stars in the night sky. And this time, it is the moon we must worry about.”

Scott kept quiet for a few seconds, finally speaking up cautiously. “What did Artemis do that’s so bad?”

Athena actually laughed. She held her hand over her mouth, trying to hide her amusement. “No, my Sister is not to blame. I am talking about the Christian God.”

Scott caught his breath a bit. “As in the big head honcho?”

Athena did not nod, nor shake her head, but a strange amalgamation of both. “Not exactly. It is not the God. What I speak of is the progenitor of being.”

“Sounds big…” Scott prompted.

“We all came from somewhere. We Gods’ emerged from the Titans’ reign, and they from the Earth and Sky, but something began it all. This is what the Christians call God, singular. In other words, it is Heaven.” Athena paused, and Scott could see from the torment on her face that whatever was happening pained her. “Heaven and Hell are going to war.”

Scott couldn’t help but sigh. “Then can’t Hades do something about it?”

Athena clicked her tongue, perturbed. “I have told you. This has nothing to do with the Gods. Heaven and Hell lie outside Hades or Olympus. They do not concern us.”

“Then why is it such a big deal?” Scott countered, wanting nothing more than to go back to his dorm and sleep.

“Because a war between Heaven and Hell is a war between Creation itself!” Athena cried out, quickly trying to regain her composure. Scott had to stand back from her anxiety. “Heaven and Hell are unlike anything of other…what you call Mythologies.” Athena began. “Heaven and Hell are pure creation. Heaven is the source of good and Hell the source of evil. A balance between them is what keeps the universe at ease, for the most part.” Athena turned, looking out into the distance. The night wind whipped her robes around her, just slightly. It looked as if she were an owl in flight. “A war of that magnitude could spill over and affect the Gods. All of us, not just the Greeks.” Athena looked back at Scott, commanding his attention with her shining grey eyes. “We need to make sure that does not happen.”

Scott snorted, shaking his head. “You want me to stop a war?”

Athena shook her head. “That would be the ideal, but We know that is not possible.” She turned and stepped closer to Scott. “We want you to keep an eye on it. Make sure it does not lose control. In short, you are Our piece in the master plan.”

Scott nodded, if only a bit cynical. “Sounds like the usual.” Scott stepped away from the tree and gestured back to his dorm. “Lady Athena, you of all gods should know why I’m here. Sure I did a few odd jobs for the gods in high school, but I’m trying to learn here.”

Athena crossed her arms. “And by learning, I assume you mean vigilante tactics in the middle of New York City?”

Scott looked away from embarrassment. “That’s different.”

Athena shook her head. “You and I both know it is not. You are a hero, Scott. That is why the Gods have need of you. There are not many like you in this modern age.” She paused, and Scott could tell she was about to come from a different angle. “Do not forget, your ancestor did us a great injustice, Wolfenson.” Scott discretely rubbed his hand over the slashed L shaped mark at the back of his neck. “Besides. We do not trust many to oppose this Kiara Sullivan, the current Queen of Hell.”

Scott’s eyes widened as images flashed through his mind. He was in most of them, but at the same time it wasn’t him. There were differences that he couldn’t place. By his side was a tall woman, with pale skin and dark hair. The two of them were the subjects of a flood of images. The two of them standing amongst a group of heroes, NAO written across their uniforms. He and this woman were battles together, sometimes against villains, sometimes against heroes, which Scott couldn’t believe. A lifetime of memories that were not his own, but his all at once, he had shared with this woman. It was not his life he had just seen, but he was the person living it.

He stood breathless, his claws clutching the tree bark for life. He had not realized, but he had transformed in his confusion, Quickly his reverted back to his human form, in case anyone had seen. Scott looked back up at Athena. “Kiara.” The words gave him chills to say. “Who is she? I know her. Why do I know her!?”

Athena quickly shook her head.

Scott stepped closer to the goddess, suddenly serious. “I’ve never met this person, but we have somehow saved each other’s lives the past,” He motioned to his temple. “If they are not my memories of her, then whose are they? The Gods must know why.”

Athena narrowed her eyes. “If you complete the Gods’ quest, you may find the answers you seek. Until then, follow our orders and be our emissary in the war. Have we reached an accord?” She held out her hand.

As much as Scott wished to walk away right then, to leave Athena and go back to sleep for his classes tomorrow, he couldn’t.

He grasped the goddess’ hand in agreement. “Good. It is settled, demi-nephele. Seek out the war and contain it. Make sure the Gods are not harmed. You will be rewarded.” Athena took one last look into his eyes before turning on the spot. Her robes swirled around her, morphing into a beautiful owl and flying off into the night. She hooted an almost mocking laugh as she disappeared above the trees.

Scott stood, in disbelief of what he had just done. He thought he had escaped the Gods’ grasp. Rage took hold in a single moment, and he spun towards the tree. With a roar, he flung his arm as if he were throwing a baseball. The foot long shard of ice embedded itself in the tree.

Seething, Scott stormed back to his dorm room, mentally making a list of everything he would need to run away to war.

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Two Weeks Before

Her eyes roved over the immaculate manor in which Tenebrasque In resided in. Everything exuded grandeur. From the marbled floors to the various high priced Paintings that hung along its walls. They all screamed of wealth and high society. The only thing that threw it all off kilter was the various beings who roamed the corridors. From the deathly white Lyn and her gruesome lover Kain to the deranged ramblings of Aztek the mad man. They were all a group of seedy Villains that Myst could very well be at home with. TO bad the only reason she was even there was because Edward had made her tag along.

The pair was an unlikely couple. Figaro being a man who liked to hit things while Myst was an Enigma all together. She never shared her past or let people in to. Edward was special though. He had saved her life on various occasions which had sealed the bond between the two. Unfortunately this bond had drawbacks, at least for Myst. Lately she had discovered that she would spend hours upon hours thinking of Edward and what adventure he would send them on next. Eventually she realized that the adventures were just an excuse. She thought of Edward because she had fallen in love with him. The very thought frightened her to no end. But she would never let on to her dearest friend that she was indeed in love with him.

As she walked the halls and studied the architecture of the home she noticed a Flame haired woman walking her way. Jade green eyes seemingly bored into Myst as she walked past and darkness seemed to ooze from her every pore. Kiara, immediately popped into her head. It was a name she had heard only a bit during her time out in the world, but she knew exactly who the woman was.

Myst watched her pass her by and couldn’t help but marvel at how quickly the woman’s persona had changed since the day Myst and Edward had arrived. In all actuality when Myst had first laid eyes upon the Hell Queen she could hardly believe that is what she even was. For Kiara had a weakness, a young boy with golden blonde hair named Dominic, the Queen of Hell’s five year old son. This young boy seemed to be the only thing keeping Kiara going. The Queen’s eyes lit up whenever he was around; she smiled, laughed, played, and was everything a mother should be. A very stark comparison to the dark eyed woman who walked the halls of the TI manor.

Present Day

Myst found herself preparing for battle. Her silky white hair fell over bare shoulders as she slowly pulled on her boots. Carefully she latched each buckle on the white leather boots and then covered them with her pants leg. Standing slowly she ran her hands down her sides, smoothing her clothes in the process. She was dressed in all white. From her white tank top to the boots she had just put on. Her battle attire was all purity. A complete opposition to her frame of mind, but that was a story for another day.

Exiting the room she was kindly given, with some resistance from the group’s Male figurehead, she moved to where she was to meet Edward. They went through a brief debriefing and then a portal was summoned. She followed Edward through and came out upon a desert crowded with beings. She took in the massive armies before her and then looked at Edward.

"I got the ones on the right...” He yelled over the roar of what seemed like a million voices. She nodded and spoke. Her voice was soft but strong enough to carry over the noise, “You make sure that you’re safe out there.” She blew him her trade mark kiss and then disappeared into the crowd as a wisp of smoke.

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Deep within the confines of his laboratory, Kain sat in his office with a cigarette bobbing up and down between his lips. His long white lab coat hung below his knees with the sleeves rolled up to his elbows and his black gloves holding a pen. Kain's blond hair was slicked back and his black glasses were hiding his glowing orange and yellow eyes. After finally acquiring his specimen from Iceland, the Horseman's ultimate weapon was finally operational and his army was fully developed. The creatures he developed through gene manipulation were powerful bio organic weapons. Each had different functions; some were meant to exist as dead weight and distractions while others were tanks. The same could be said of the beasts he obtained his sample from in Iceland. He had the master viruses in his system and had full control over his B.O.Ws and his Icelandic beasts. The creatures roamed around his laboratory freely hissing, clicking and roaring by one another. Kain's Soul Feeders acted as guards in the metal corridors, callously standing around like statues halfway in and halfway out of the walls with their blade-claws fully erect.

Kain felt a powerful urge in his stomach and heart. It was a pressure imitating something he felt years ago, the calling of the apocalypse. A powerful burning sensation made itself known on the vampire's face as he felt the mark of apocalypse on his face. The vampire leaned into his hand and tore his glasses off his face. War rose to his feet, slowly taking off his lab coat and leisurely tossing it on his black leather chair which rolled a few inches from the force of his toss. Kain had been in his lab sealed off from the rest of the world for one month with his trusted darklings and lightlings informing him of the events going on outside in the world. After tossing his coat on his chair a darkling appeared on his coat crouching like a spider and spoke to Kain with a light British accent.

“'Ello monkey. Got some news for ya. It be in regards to that there marking on ya pretty face. Gots a fag by the way? Could certainly go for one since your queen doesn't smoke. Think of it as a bit of a thank you for all me work.”

Kain turned around to face his darkling. The darkling's name was Alduin. Kain had grown fairly fond of Alduin's colorful personality. They'd become good friends after a few centuries and he also became Kain's trusted confidant. Alduin didn't wear fancy clothes, only a pair of jean shorts, flip flops and a baggy black t-shirt with a picture of Spider-Man on it. There was also an orange beanie sitting loosely on his head. He had a grin from ear to ear on his face and glowing blue eyes. Some of his teeth stuck out of his mouth when he smiled and his skin was smooth as leather. He sat over the side of the chair swinging his feet back and forth.

“It explains the calling? Speak Alduin.”


War tossed the cigarette he was smoking to Alduin who caught it in his mouth and laughed joyfully for a moment before assuming a more urgent tone.

“That red guy, Samael went to see Lyn. Seems his mistress, that angel bird Kiara has got some trouble brewing. She's gots a few people who want to come after her and the rest of you blokes. Some nasty stuff all of you have to deal with. You know how it goes when those angels get their britches all in a bunch everybody has to pay.”

“Don't those pigeons understand when they bring me out of Horseman retirement they give me the materials for a new coat? I swear angels have nothing but a death wish. I intend on ending these bloody birds once and for all. Is there anything else?”

“Course there is monkey! The demons that aren't under the employ of your team will be joining the war to take all of you down as well and take down whatever is left of them angels. At least those are the rumors, I don't know for sure. But I know hows you work and you'd prefer to get the extra possibility then not have a clue!”

“Thank you Alduin. Now I need you to do me a favor. Since I will be up here preparing my lab for war, enter the dark realm and make contact with your light alter-ego, Fenrir. The two of you speak for me when I am preoccupied in your respective realms. Prepare for war. Spread the word. We have three weeks and I expect EVERYONE to be prepared for this. Release the high-level Soul Feeders as well. I'll need them as well.”

“Heh, sounds like one hell of a bash mate! I'll do as you've asked. Nightmare will sure be happy to get out and stretch his wings. Kassol will be as well but he's less enthusiastic 'bout fightin' then Nightmare. Well, I'll see you then boss, let's kill some 'pigeons'.”

Three weeks passed by and Kain stood in his laboratory with countless beasts around him. The beasts of his experimentation were prepped and ready for war as were the beasts from Iceland and his armies of darkness and light. Kain himself stood in the middle of all of them with a smile on his face. His dark and light alter-egos stood in command of their respective spectrums answering only to Kain. The horseman wore the same armor he wore when he first met Tiferia, the black armor her Moon-Elf friend made from the remnants of Rivot. It was black with horns and spikes everywhere. It glowed red to show the enchantments were fully active. Magic spells would do nothing and the inside of the armor would keep horseman cool when his body starts heating up. He spoke to his armies all at once the moment Ruin appeared beneath him and carried him.

“My allies, the calling of war has come again. We have not met defeat in the past nor will we meet it today. When we fight those who defy us, we will bathe in their blood and dine on their flesh. Their souls were provide us with nourishment and their shrieks of pain and agony will out last the greatest bard's songs of their bravery. Our skill in war is legendary and will continue to stand the test of time. Now with our forces more powerful than ever before, the stench of their fear will intoxicate the earth. Their blood will stain the earth and grow the grass red. Take their lives my soldiers and make them know true fear!”

Kain's armies roared with enthusiasm. Their blood-lust was thick enough to cut with a knife. Kain's monsters from experimentation were savage, but extremely intelligent as were the beasts from Iceland which Kain modified and made superior, to be on par with the beasts he created himself. The darkness and light armies were prepared to engage in battle with their master as they had centuries ago and now, they had more powerful beasts working with them, enhancing their forces further. Kain opened a massive portal and led his army through it to appear in the Sahara desert where the massive battle would begin. His portal opened up behind Lyn. With each step his army took the ground shook from the sheer numbers and once his forces were all out, they stood behind him awaiting orders. He pulled up next to Lyn, allowing his white locks to fall outside his armor. The vampire turned his head to face his queen and spoke quietly to her.

“Good day my Queen. My apologies for my absence, I've been preoccupied in the lab doing some work. Alduin told me of your meeting with Samael. So I brought some friends. Some old, some new.”

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The legions were gathering. One by one Tenebrasque In gathered and their armies joined Kiara’s. The forces swelled visibly as the start of war neared. Kiara looked down upon that swarming army of demons, undead, and henchmen as a smile formed across her red lips. Pride swelled with in her being at just the thought of what they would accomplish today. IT wouldn’t last long. But Kiara didn’t know that. She had closed off her inner eye long ago. Deeming it an unnecessary power and hating most of the things it showed her she just couldn’t handle it and had it silenced for good.

As the rankings swarmed beneath her the host became slightly nervous. She could feel it reverberate within their troops. It was a fleeting emotion that the entire host shared. At least until their own representative was stationed at the forefront of their ranks.

She was the epitome of purity. A beautiful Angel who out shone even the deceased Gabriel. The demons of the armies below booed and yelled for this woman of light to be slaughtered at that moment. But Kiara was curious. She wanted to hear what she had to say. In an instant fire cracked along the ground and with raised hands Kiara quieted the ranks of the armies. And then she spoke. A voice so soft and sweet yet boomed across the desert.

"Kiara while I think I know your answer I must give the chance. Our god is merciful and kind. Surrender unto her now and you will be pardoned. Undoubtedly there will be punishment but it will be far less grievous. Should you turn your back on me now though then you have done so to God and her children. Your sisters and brothers will have no choice to fight you and we will not cease until you if not your entire miserable clan has fallen."

Kiara raised her brow at the end of the speech. The sword that drew level to her throat made the young Angel’s intent perfectly clear. Kiara looked around and then a laugh bubbled out of her throat. The sound was deep and filled with the sounds of hell, souls screaming and waiting to be released.

“God? Merciful? Oh dear child. How false you know that statement to be. I know you young one. I know your past. Who cast you out in your time of need? Who only now takes you back in and promotes you to a high rank when she needs someone to go against me? Someone who is dispensable? Some God, my dear child. I’m not bending to her will any longer. She has tested my patience for the last time. Do what you must. But I won’t be an easy target.”

Kiara looked upon her enemy and felt pity for the woman. She had no idea what a manipulative game it was that God played. But she knew the girl would soon find out. God never waited long to let her true motives known.

With a dismissing wave Kiara looked down upon her troops and those of Tenebrasque In. The troops and her comrades looked upon her and Kiara smiled widely, “Today we fight. Today we cast aside our chains and our burdens to show God and her Holy Host that we no longer bow beneath her will. We are our own entity. We bow to no one. Go. Claim this victory for Hell, for Tenebrasque!”

As she spoke the last bit Kiara turned and threw her hand forward. Like a wall of water the troops moved. Demons clashed with Angels and sparks flew. It truly was a beautiful sight. Looking up into the eyes of the woman who had cast out her death sentence Kiara smiled. “As for you. I have a special place for you. Follow me if you dare.”

Without another word Kiara disappeared. She was not abandoning her fight. Only taking this one Angel far from the others. Leading her into a trap she had set long before this day had come. Little did Kiara know it was going to be yet another turning point in her life.

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Wheen it comes down to it Heaven and Hell are either excited or remorsefull at the pending war. It came time to bring hell down upon the birds and hell was boiling in anticipation. Of course when the birdies came to ravage hells forces they were not so alive with joy. Today they were in celebration the demons and servants of darkness screaming in excitement. Not alot of moments came where heaven and hell just went all out on eachother so the vast ranks were seeing this fight as one of those glorious moments that would go down as one of the best in history. When Kiara gave the order it was not a coordinated attack or strategic move just anarchy. They rushed in with ax and sword aimed to cleave angels in two. They leaped with tooth and nail riping apart flesh. They raised riffles and fired with pure unhindered rage aiming to grind chests with the sheer volley of rounds. Pure beautiful anarchy.

Azrael was one to plunge head first into the onslought. Her body danced a portrait of calamity as blades tore through bodies. As the Duchessa alot of those around her were being lead by example. Follow the crimson wave that weaved through the mass, deffend her fight beside her and when the war was done soak in the blood spilt together. The order was simple fire at will, seak and destroy. Savor every wing you cliped from the egotistic angels. The chainswords on her arms came to a rest and she slamed her fist through an angels skull tossing the bits of the remains to a demon "here think on your toes" she chuckled. This was her element at its core, bloody violence from the start. For the crimson daughter of death it was simply a game.  Nothing made the demonic goddess feel more alive then when she was taking other lives. The world would tremble in fear not of her ideals for they were some what ration but the way she brought them about. A violent wave of force meant to make the mass agree or die for objecting her vision. Tenebrasque In was her home, darkness the thick planket that kept her warm when the flames didn't burn and the blood didn't spill.

She outstretched her hand and from it came a blade of onyx and polished bone. The skull at its top was like that of a dragon or malevolent fiend. From its gaping maw spawned the blade of pure plack energy. The Lunas Sythe a tribute to her provided by her father seamed to speak of untold eons of conflict. A blade perfect for a violent harbinger of destruction. She twirls the blade in an artfull pattern as she swipes at a aproaching angel. The body is cleaved in two and then where the blood clots the air spawns a void. A deep black sphere that radiates of violet lightning. Forces are sucked into this abyss twisting and contorting in agony as the small black hole consumes them. Then comes the angel she so does long to slay, her wings make silk like feathers rain as she descends upon the blood soaked demon. For a moment they clash sythes used skillfully in a brutal confrontation.

A slash is aimed at the angels throat, skifully she duckes below the swing. That mystic sword of hers slices to go into the demons chest. Barely does the Duchessa perry the swipe with the shaft of the sythe in time. In response fire burst from the earth pulled from the planets core. The searing heat boils armor makes it glow white hot an angel is even engulfed by the flame as he tried to dive bomb a near by demon. The angel avoids it though the result little more than charred feathers. Azra spots her the angels breif look to where Kiara, that beautiful queen of ruin had been. Soon Requiem would vanish to confront the ruler of hell, best to seize this moment instead for a moral boost. Azra knows she will not get to kill the angel in this moment. Forefather lances forward Alezra moves only enough to avoid it puncturing her heart. Pain courses through her body if not for her moving it would of killed her. Of course she also could have blocked it and delivered a knee to the angel's breast plate. Blair wanted the wound.
The pain excited her made the woman giddy like a tickled child. She didn't bother to clutch the mending wound soon enough it would heal. Rather she wanted to use it as encouragment she enjoyed the pain as she kept up her murderous movements as she made way to the two younger members. Myst and Figaro were new and what better way to encourage them than what she had in mind? She reaked of blood by the time she got there her weapons driping of ichor. "What the hell? I'm taking hits and your over here picking off flies, get out there and show me why you were made part of this team. I want a general's head brought to me by you two got it?" She smiled upon them both as they butchered while discussing matters. She did not look at them with resntment but with pride like she did to her two children on other fields of war. Azrael wanted all of TI to show why they were the spreading empire of darkness. As two of the youngest and undoubtably the newest who better to show the ferocity they carried in the hearts of every member?

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The beautiful cross breed laughed, with it came screams of souls from the depths of the inferno. There would be no saving this woman regretfully “God? Merciful? Oh dear child. How false you know that statement to be. I know you young one. I know your past. Who cast you out in your time of need? Who only now takes you back in and promotes you to a high rank when she needs someone to go against me? Someone who is dispensable? Some God, my dear child. I’m not bending to her will any longer. She has tested my patience for the last time. Do what you must. But I won’t be an easy target.” In the same way Kiara looked upon Destiny with pity so did she. What a sad sight to witness someone so fair, so strong, and so enchanting fall so far.“Today we fight. Today we cast aside our chains and our burdens to show God and her Holy Host that we no longer bow beneath her will. We are our own entity. We bow to no one. Go. Claim this victory for Hell, for Tenebrasque!” How doomed was the girl who was so rash in her attack. “As for you. I have a special place for you. Follow me if you dare.” Requiem came just short of a smile her youth swaying her reason ever so slightly "I'll give you twenty minutes to plot your little scheme, then your life comes to its final chapter." With that she let Kiara go and entered the combat below.

Wheen it comes down to it Heaven and Hell are either excited or remorsefull at the coming conflict. It came time to bring fire pass the pearl gates and angels were dreading every second. Of course when the saints came to punish hells forces they were virtually in choir singing their hope and faith. Today they were moarning the soon to be deceased, no glory came of this it was just a bleak moment. Not alot of moments came where heaven and hell just went all out on eachother so the legion saw this as a necessary battle but a very dark apalling day. When Kiara gave the order it was a moment of holding stedfast. The angels would hold ready for the coming wave of attacks. Swords were held at the ready, percise swift attacks ready to be made. Shields raised and lightning would soon fall meant to burn the armada of impurity. Thes was a purge, penance for all the brutality they had chosen to unleash upon the world.

Destiny cried for the brutal moment before her. Her blade sang as it florished in the fields but there was to be no joy. As Saint Ion she was known as a warrior for Heaven the  angels were willing to back her up. Follow the snow white hair of the angel, deffend all that was just and pure in this world. Then when the war had finally closed rejoice for the blight that had come to a close. The commands to be the shield of this world, protect it with every drop of love in your breast and faith in your soul. Do not be captivated by the slaying of the devils pray for their tormented souls to be free. Forefather lanced through the heart of a large beast, his tree truck sized talons diging into the dirt as he slumped to the ground.This was her duty to lead the angels and quite the growing shadows. For Requiem this was not a lovable thing but this was her duty, her designated task. Requiem almost shed tears for this fight, if not for her faith and devotion to the task she might have been broken under the horrors before her. The world would would be liberated of this darkness. This calamity had to come to an end now and forever if possible. A end to the madness was in order a divine entervention and Destiny would be the messanger of this. Tenebrasque In was evil and foul, and like all great terrors it must be silenced by the light.

She outstretched her hand and from it came a blade of crystal and polished bone. The skull at its top was feminin and mesmerising it seamed more like an angels beautiful face than grimm skull. From its forhead came a blade of briliant white light The Nova Sythe a tribute to her provided by the fallen angel of death spoke volumes of successfully following the rules and orders of the most devine.. A blade made for a hopefull angel having promissed to give the angel time to do as she wished she looks upon the other red head on the field. Her blade swipes through the air with a beautiful note. A wave of light and energy smashes into the hoard of demons. A flash of purification so rightious those not caught in the voley still burst into flame as purity touches tainted flesh. The angel dessends upon her a polar opposite of the demonic queen. For a moment they clash sythes used skillfully as the angel seeks to end this tyrany that blossoms.

A slash is aimed for her tatooed throat, skifully she avoids it ducking below the swing. She thrusts the blade and just barely fails to carve open the womans chest. The lunas is used to sheild the oncoming blade and with it comes a response. Flame erupts from the ground in a fisure of unrefined unparalel heat. Marcus Deraliar was the angels name and in an instant his attack passing by Requiem and this foul demon was what took his life. His body bursting into flames. Requiem barely managed to sheild herself in time a pocket of snow colored feathers fade to black. Time is up its Requiem's task to combat Kiara, her god told her to fight here and to even make a stand against Azrael the one finite role though was it had to be Destiny and Kiara they had to confront eachother in a dual that would seal ones fate. Forefather lances forward and the demon fails to move out of the way. Blood so poluted by other blood and iron stains her blade with a crimson pool so dark it is nearly black. Requiem knows it is not fatal but it is effective. The angel makes her departure in a flash of light shes gone ready for the more pressing dual that had been sertain to come.

Where Kiara has gone Requiem doesn't know, all she has is but her aura to trace. She follows it as she promised. Forefather in one hand and the Nova Sythe in the other she stands ready. Her piercing crystal eyes scan her suroundings for the ruler of hell, muscles tense ready for the slightest movement. Ready to react at the slightest noise. Destiny was a century old Kiara was sevral. Even when made something more Kiara seamed superior and though she didn't show it she was nervous. Particularly here where nobody had her back and yet in the process of a blink Kiara could open a rift for hell to crawl through. None the less the angel stood stedfast and brave. She would not waver in the presence of this fallen angel that turned to her darker half.

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Scott always found packing difficult. It was even more difficult when all he could really take with him was a small messenger bag. He knew that he couldn’t be weighed down by trivial things. Which is why, of course, along with a change of clothes, his costume, and provisions, he packed some comics for light reading.

Being a werewolf came with its perks, like being able to use heightened senses and agility to navigate your dorm room without waking your sleeping roommate. It was funny. For the entire year, Wayne knew nothing about what Scott really was: A werewolf. Half-nephele, a sky nymph. For all intents and purposes, the gods’ hired man and plaything.

He just slept peacefully, ignorant of the real goings on about the world. Scott’s face fell slightly. He felt bad for his best friend at school. Within a few minutes, Scott wrote out a letter to him, leaving it folded on his desk. He was taking a risk, and who knew whether Wayne would even believe him, but he came clean about everything, explaining to him why his roommate would be gone for a time…if he would even be back at all.

In normal jeans and t-shirt, Scott stepped outside into the coming morning light, still dark but brightening by the hour. He listened intently to make sure that no one was moving in the vicinity, then removed his sneakers. Simultaneously, Scott leaped into the air, letting his tail and fur grow while leaping up onto the rooftops of the university.

It felt good to stay transformed, moving freely and swiftly through the morning chill. He fled the campus grounds, moving through the surrounding suburban neighborhood silently, following the train tracks into the city. The city would hold the best promise for transportation, and the first thing Scott needed was to know where he was heading. Where does one even hold the war between Heaven and Hell?

Scott reached the city limits, beginning to weave his way across rooftops and up sides of buildings. When the sun rose in the east, it cast a blinding amber glow in the metal and glass of the New York skyline. The light blue of the sky began to descend upon the atmosphere, except, that is, around the sun itself.

In the east, an unnatural, blood red glow spread like dye through water into the sky. “I’m gonna take a stab in the dark, here,” Scott muttered to himself, “But I’m guessing that’s where the war is, and that the war’s already begun.”

A flapping, similar to wings but far louder and closer, sounded behind Scott. “You are correct, Scott Wolfenson.” Scott spun, claws springing from his fingertips. He bared his teeth and crouched, preparing himself against the sudden stranger.

What he saw, however, caught the air in his chest. He let his jaw fall slack, his limbs heavy. The boy standing before him on the rooftop was Scott’s height and age, but slightly bulkier. His skin was paler than Scott’s human form, the raven hair poking from beneath his bright blue beanie contrasting his complexion. His hoodie was a deeper shade of cerulean, with a spray-painted black bio-hazard sign on the front. The sleeves were cut off at the bicep, and it clung to his frame well. His black jeans hung at his waist, strapped there by a studded belt, leading down to thick skater sneakers. Around the boy’s neck hung a top-of-the-line pair of DJ headphones, connecting themselves to the ipod in his hoodie pocket. The tips of his hair that extended over his forehead were dyed neon blue. The boy showed no emotion as he spoke, “The war is upon us. The time to choose sides is nigh.”

Scott stood up, fighting the fluttering feeling in his chest at the sight of one his best friends. “…Bruce?” He narrowed his eyes. Bruce had been Scott’s best and longest friend, but something about him was off.

Bruce shook his head. “I am not Bruce Marx. I am simply acting through him at the moment. Your friend is an ideal vessel for my kind.”

The idea settled in Scott’s mind. Something was using his most beloved friend’s body against his will. A growl broke free from his lips as Scott held out his hand. The air grew colder, and a swift breeze picked up, swirling Scott’s fur and Bruce’s hoodie around in the gale. “Who are you and what do you want with Bruce?” He snarled.

Bruce held up his hand, another wind battling the gale Scott had summoned, cancelling it out. “Calm yourself, Wolfenson.” Scott could tell from the look on Bruce’s face that whatever it was inside him wasn’t happy. “I am not your enemy. I hope that you will become an ally of mine.” He took a step closer to Scott, standing tall against the rising sun. “I am an Angel of the Lord.” Scott glanced down and saw the shadow Bruce made. In the shadow, two massive bird-like wings extended from his shoulders. Scott couldn’t pretend that he wasn’t the slightest bit uneasy, maybe even scared. He’d never faced an angel before. Demons and Monsters, of course. But not Angels. The Angel continued. “I am on a mission from My Father. He has taken notice of you and your talents…Cryo-Wolf.” The Angel cocked Bruce’s head to the side, as if he was observing a strange creature.

“Listen Wings,” Scott said, “A lot of gods have noticed me. I’m already on loan to the Greeks. Mr. High-And-Mighty is a little late.”

The Angel twitched ever so slightly, obviously offended at the insult to his God. “He knows of your allegiance to those pagans. But he also wishes to offer you a deal.” The angel held his hands behind Bruce’s back, standing up tall, completely uncharacteristic of Bruce. “He knows your goal is to keep the war from affecting the other pantheons. He is simply offering you a way of doing that.” Scott narrowed his eyes and turned his head, trying to figure out what the Angel was getting at. “Join us. Pledge your services to Heaven. Prevent the war from exploding out of control by winning it for the side of eternal good.”

Scott crossed his arms, shifting his weight. “And why should I do that? Who says the war is a good thing at all? I have no stake in it.”

The angel shook Bruce’s head, an amused smirk playing on his playful lips. “Your ancestors have done terrible things. But you are different. You are good, at heart. We can see this. Serving in His Calvalry is the highest good of all.”

This time Scott was the one to smirk. “I don’t know, man. I’ve heard what your God is like. Wrathful. Smiting. And some of His followers are, pardon my French, Batshit crazy.”

Bruce’s muscles bulged, the Angel was getting annoyed. “Our Father is powerful. But he is also loving. He wants to win this war for his children. He does not want them to die. Listen,” The Angel extended his hand to the streets stories below. “They already begin to panic.”

Scott’s ears twitched as he listened closely to the streets below. From radio and newsstands he heard the broadcasts of a disaster in the Sahara desert, of two armies fighting and tearing the earth up at their feet. News spread by word of mouth, and Scott could feel the panic rising amongst the population.

“The war has already started. I myself would be fighting for the glory of the Lord, but he called me out of the fray to speak to you. He takes interest in you and hopes you will join our side.”

“And using Bruce as a meat-puppet is just to try and entice me over, right?” Scott snarled. He was still angry that the angel would do that.

The Angel shrugged. “A form that evokes strong feeling in you is the ideal form for bargaining, of course.”

Scott looked away to compose himself. “He won’t be harmed when you’re done with him, right?” He added quietly, almost as a condition of his agreement.

The Angel nodded. “He will not remember a thing. Does this mean you agree to take up our cause?”

“No.” Scott answered quickly, setting his gaze back on Bruce. “I’m not joining your side. I do, however, promise to fight for what I find right. Whether that agrees with you or not is not of import.” Scott said adamantly. “Deal?”

The angel shuffled uncomfortably. “It is a start.” He sighed. “But in that case, The Lord has a task he wishes you to undertake.”

“Not very likely,” Scott said, turning toward the building’s edge.

“He wants you to confront Kiara Sullivan.” Scott paused mid-step. “Yes, he thought that would catch your attention. The Queen of Hell has fled the front line. He wishes you to isolate Kiara and take her out. Can you manage this?”

“Will you take me to her?” Said asked suddenly, spinning around as he did so.

The Angel smirked. “That is a yes.” Bruce held out his arms, the flapping of wings dominating Scott’s ears, a bright light causing him to shut his eyes.

When he opened them, he stood amidst crowds of frantic civilians, all of them with dark skin and screaming a language Scott didn’t recognize. The Angel was nowhere to be seen, but he had miraculously changed Scott into his Cryo-Wolf costume, torn pants, hoodie, and all. Quickly, Scott put on his mask, effectively turning him into Cryo.

The sky had turned a foreboding red, and at times the ground shook. Cryo took that as a sign that the battle was not far away. He quickly climbed a nearby building, much at the fright of nearby civilians, to take a look around. To the east, the source of the evil rose. That’s where the battle was. As he looked around, Cryo saw the Pyramids and Sphinx in the distance. He was in Cairo, Egypt. He guessed the river surrounding the island he was on was the Nile. Kiara was around here somewhere, but where?

The answer came in the form of mortal peril.

Cryo heard the rumbles of architectural instability from a nearby bridge. He was off, racing through the crowds on all fours. They leapt out of the way, screaming at the sight of him, as if they already didn’t have enough to deal with in the possible end of the world.

He reached the bridge just as the ground trembled again. One of the pillars cracked and toppled, nearly falling onto a group of helpless people had Cryo not been there to catch the weight. The civilians fled, and Cryo tossed the pillar into the Nile. The bridge wouldn’t hold for long. And the reason was floating above them.

“Found you.” He muttered.With a strange feeling of nostalgia, Cryo-Wolf looked up at the battle-ready form of Kiara Sullivan.

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Sitting upon her horse Lyn’s armor of black obsidian glistened in the light. Her helmet covered her face, but her hair flowed down her back. Only a few areas of golden hues speckled on her armor on the joints that connected each piece, but the gold was not ordinary by any means. It was Dragon flake. Melted down scales from a golden dragon and stronger than most known metals. Lyn’s armor was made to take a beating without denting easily. She would have to be hit by extreme force to make even a single dent.

Lyn waited for the resounding cry for War to begin. Looking around the desert and there was armies as far as the eye could see. Even in the sky was an army waiting for battle. She then began to listen to herself.

The tension tugged at her heart as she sat high upon her pale white horse. The echo of becoming the Rider stirred within her. Urging her to take up the mantle and destroy all those nearby. Lyn could not help but feel tension surrounding her. The roar of the armies ready for battle raged, but went unheard by the pale beauty of death. Something else stirred within her. Something from her depths cried out for release. Screaming and clawing at her from the inside.

Lyn dazed off for what seemed like hours, but instead only moments to listen to her own soul roar. She came to reality when she heard the words of her lover, Kain.

Good day my Queen. My apologies for my absence, I've been preoccupied in the lab doing some work. Alduin told me of your meeting with Samael. So I brought some friends. Some old, some new.”

Lyn could feel he too was falling prey to the calling of the End of all things. She could not see his face beneath the helmet to see the marking he held while under the influence of the Rider’s calling. The tell tale sign of an omega symbol burning from his flesh on his face. This war would definitely bring out the best in her beloved, but it could also bring out the worst as well. Lyn had seen him turn into the rider of War and thrive nicely in battle, but when it came time for him to stop. Lyn had to step in to stop him.

G’day my love.” As she looks back to see the army he brought forth. “I dare say you surely have brought some friends. Some are more gruesome than others it appears. Let them be tested on this battlefield in hopes of stringing out the weak ones.”

Lyn was doing her best to keep the roar inside her as silent as possible. Kiara and some other being were in conversation as Lyn turned back to Kain, “Let us bring them War and Death together my sweet Kain. There shall be blood upon this sand before too long.

The armies clashed together like the winds of a tornado. Screams of pain and war echoed over the sands. Lyn motioned her army to rush in. They ran past her in a flurry of blades and rage. Some of the demons were leaping into the air to drag angels unlucky enough to get within reach. They suffered a fate of being ripped apart piece by piece. The angels on the ground were clashing with demons and undead.

Vantago rose up into his back legs just before charging into battle. Lyn drew out her Dragon’s Tail sword quickly flicking it into whip form. An angel happens to try to fly down to charge the Mistress of Death. Only to be met with the whip wrapping around his neck. With a quickly pull his head is severed as his body flails on the ground. Demons rush into devour its’ flesh. She looks back to see Kain is doing his part in the battle as well. The golden sand is turning crimson quickly. Azra was dancing to the tune of war as well. Killing and making every slice a deadly one. Lyn and Vantago together moved further into the front line.

Lyn stood up on Vantago’s back and waited patiently. Just as angel went by, Lyn took her moment to leap onto his back. The angel flailed madly trying to get her to release him. Lyn cut his throat wide open from ear to ear as he fell to the earth she leaped off his back. Lesser demons tried to grab ahold of her legs to try pulling her down. It did not fare well for the little maggots as her eyes glowed bright blue.

A pulse of the death wave released from her free hand in an explosion of power incinerating the scavengers. The pulse was much bigger than Lyn wanted it to be. She accidentally incinerated a very small portion of her own army. To her bewilderment her death powers had grown in strength by several bounds. It startled her not knowing if she could rely on the powers over death not killing everyone on the battlefield. Once again she felt something within her stir.

Stifling the noises inside her own body and regaining her composer in battle was far more important at the moment than finding out why it was happening. Vantago was bucking and kicking at angelic forces on the ground. Lyn quickly ran to him and leaped back into the saddle. Raising her hand to the heaven as she took a deep breath, she released another death wave into the sky. Shortly after feathers floated to the ground. She then knew for a fact her powers over death were indeed increased. Seeing it being a threat to her allies she decided to keep them under wraps and use her other abilities.

Just then an angel plummeted into Lyn knocking her clean off of Vantago. Lyn rolled onto the ground until she stopped several feet from Vantago who struggled trying to get back to her. He was being charged at by the ground forces of the angelic hosts. Someone landed in front of Lyn as she heard the gust of wind blow by her. She looked up to see a very large angel wielding a much larger axe. He had a smug grin on his face. Lyn’s whole body hurt from the impact he gave her moments before.

The angel drew up his hammer to strike again. As his hammer flew toward her, Lyn was able to roll out of the way. She slashed upward with her bladed whip, but all it did was dance up his armor. He gave a hefty laugh as he scoffed at her efforts. Lyn cursed to herself as she tried to think of a new plan. The angel drew up his hammer again. Lyn quickly leaped away in time to prevent his smack down.

As he went to spin the hammer around to swing at her again, Lyn turned her whip into a sword and then leaped toward the angel. Wrapping her legs around him and stabbing just above his collar bone. The angel yelled in agony as he grabbed and threw her off. Somehow the big brute did not fall. Lyn’s sword still protruded from his neck. She landed on her feet as she glared at the angel in front of her.

The massive angel charged at Lyn and grasped her throat. Her armor prevented him from choking her out, but he instead lifted her up and then slammed her into the ground. Lyn grunted in pain feeling the air rush out of her. Calling forth the energy around her, she blasted the angel with a jolt of lightening. The angel screamed in pain as the lightening seared his flesh. The feeling inside Lyn grew in strength clamoring to be released. He swung his hammer again toward Lyn with as much force as he could muster. The hammer sang as it flew through the air. Lyn narrowly dodged the weapon as she leaped upward and grabbed her sword. She pulled it free from his flesh as a splash of blood sprayed into the air. The angel appeared full of rage. Lyn lifted up her hand and released a much bigger and concentrated blast of energy toward the angel. She looked over to see bloody stumps of what was his legs fall to the ground.

"Idiot, no one faces me without heavy damage of some sort."

Lyn felt relief to see the huge angel dead, but she could not take a break just yet. More enemies came in waves toward Tenebrasque In and the allies that followed Kiara into battle. She lost sight of Kain, but sensed he was fine. Lyn looked around to see she was in amidst the enemy. Her allies were out of sight.

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The skies above were almost eclipsed by the sheer numbers of the angels that now let their eyes fall onto Figaro and Myst, with a wicked grin Figaro begins to rise the earth beneath his feet forming into a column. Looking to Myst he smiles "Don't worry my love, will be right back. You get to mend my wounds if I get any alright. Stay safe." With a charming smile he shoots off into the sky. Column after column forming an raising him higher an higher into the air closer an closer to the Angels. As he was within a few feet from a group of angels his feet twitched and two orbs of electricity formed beneath the balls of his feet keeping him aloft. With a smile that could swoon any woman he looked to the angels before him. Their wings themselves were longer than Figaro and they stood a good deal taller than he. One spoke up to him "My son Edward Touplin you have not done enough evil in your life like these you side with. Their is still time to repent and become one with her almighty power." Figaro eyed the one talking an his smile vanished as he digested what the angel was saying.

"You can live a long life with your beloved below, so help that you abolish those you now call family. If you do this one thing we will deem you worthy and shall never be touched by evil or harm ever again." Figaro looked down to Myst who stood watching him, then looking back to the Angel "Umm....Nah I'll take my chances flyboy." With a quick flick of his wrist his gloves transform his arms into large gauntlets "Lets see how these boys work on you lot." Holding his arms out in front of him his body charges with electricity an he launches a blast from each fist and the force behind the firing launches him backwards. Spinning he soon rights himself awestruck with the power inside the gloves thinking "Hmmm need to tinker with these a bit more." Looking to what remained of the angels they fell towards the earth their wings scorched. As the group hit the ground they shot their gazes up to Figaro. Suddenly he was enveloped in a bright white light and a bolt of light struck him sending him to the ground with a thunderous boom. as he slammed into the ground.

Myst cried out as he slammed into the ground, the smoke began to drift and a hand reached up to the craters edge and Figaro stood up. His cloths in shambles and his gauntlets sparking and on fire, he tosses the gauntlets to the ground anger in his eyes "Now you realize those were in place to control the output...now I have no choice but to give you everything." He wouldn't show it but that attack actually hurt him a great deal. Inside his body six ribs were broken and one completely shattered, he never showed an ounce of pain as he ran towards the first angel. Slamming a fist into its face and followed it by sending a massive surge of electricity into the angel, his eyes shined as the power took hold. Leaping over this angel he grabbed the next and screamed loud as he sent a wave of energy from his mouth,it covered the angel and in an instant a massive explosion rocked the earth. The angel fell to the ground smoldering, the third ran towards Figaro an slammed a hard fist into his gut. Breaking his remaining ribs the moment the fist connected and sent Figaro flying and bouncing off the sand.

Thinking to himself as he looked up after he finally stopped tumbling "Thank god for the sand" an he stood up wobbling slightly "Saw this once on a show Flyboy an thought Gotta give it a try." His hand shot out his palm facing the angel, his eyes shook slightly as the sand around the angel began to rise all around him. With a sick an twisted smile Figaro balled yhis fist fast and the sand began to hug the angel an bury him. Raising his fist up the angel rose with it,still inside a ball of sand an Figaro barked "Entomb!" and the sand caved in and spikes shot out from it an through it. Blood began to turn the sand a odd color as he relaxed, as he began to relax he heard the flapping of wings. Leaning back and looking up he saw even more Angels descending down upon him. Rolling his eyes he groaned as he stood up, Turning towards the Angels he brought his hands out beside him an then thrust them together clapping. A loud roar of thunder an electricity echoed from his clap, bolts of electricity began to slam down upon each angel that was coming down on him. Each grounded they began to stand up in the sand, their wings smoldering Figaro ran head first into the group roaring like a barbarian as he did.

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Kain stood still as stone awaiting the destruction of the seventh seal. Lyn's words fell on deaf ears. Kain saw nor heard anything but the battle. Armor clinked and clanked on the armies anxiously awaiting the signal to begin combat. Kain's bi-products of gene experimentation hissed and growled while the armies of darkness and light stood silently, patiently. Angelic hordes blacked out the sky. There weren't just angels, they brought with them swarms of Angelic beasts. The tension was thick enough to cut with a knife. Excitement built up in Kain's body similar to the excitement he felt during the passionate nights he shared with Lyn. Every muscle in the horseman's body tensed up and his salivary glands went into a hyper drive. Ruin stood beneath Kain just as anxious to engage in war as his master. The flaming glyphs along his sides glowed intensely. Until finally, Kain felt it, the final seal was destroyed and Kain could be unleashed.

Kain turned his head to face the armies behind him and roared orders to them. Ruin hopped on its rear hooves and immediately assumed its dragon form. Thick black armor-like scales replaced Ruin's black hair. Ruin's eyes were embers of hellfire while tremendous gusts of flame exploded from his wings with each incredible flap. As Ruin rose, other creatures did as well. Ruin led Kain's forces to the skies to tear apart angels. Before long blood, feathers and corpses rained down on the battlefield. Kain's forces fell as did the Angelic forces.

War on the other hand moved through soldiers swiftly and calculated. Blades came crashing down around him, over his head and under knees but each blow was carefully evaded and countered. The Horseman's retaliation was brutal; his fists were powerful enough to penetrate the Angelic armor with ease. With each impaling strike Kain pulled out a handful of a entrails and threw them on the floor. Crimson splattered on Kain's armor making him a moving target for the others. Kain continued to tear his foes apart without mercy spreading gore everywhere.

Soul Feeders took the fight straight to the Angels. Some fought on the ground while others battled in the sky. Soul Feeders were tall slender beings with black armored skin. They had six blue empy eyes like spiders and long knife-like fingers. Blue glyphs granting them immunity from magic covered their bodies. They had no legs and often had bodies resembling mist as they navigated the war zone. The angels would attack the Soul Feeders and were either slammed to the side or impaled while Soul Feeders would slice through their armor and flesh like butter. Some of the angels became food for Kain's monstrosities.

In the distance War saw Mistress Death taking the fight to a monstrous juggernaut of an angel. He was giving Lyn some trouble but the horseman knew she could handle herself and did not worry. He also saw Azrael artistically carving up pigeons into modern art masterpieces. Figaro was in the distance dancing with the angels in mid air and clearly having too much fun with them.

Kain still hadn't unsheathed his weapons and refused to, that was until he bludgeoned by crushing blow to his head. An angelic beast flew right above Kain and kicked him in the head hard enough to send him flying into a crowd of self-righteous pigeons wielding war hammers. One of them brought the hammer down on Kain followed by another, and another until all eight angels had beaten Kain with their hammers. One of them tore off his helmet and grabbed him by rim of his armor as blood trickled down his the side of his lip.

“That was far too easy Horseman. Your team of villains will fall, and your power will mean nothing. The heaven's will rain hell upon and holy justice will condemn you for all eternity.”

Kain smiled at the angel and retorted to him. “Foolish angel. Do you really think you've beaten me? You may be holy angels, but I'm a God!”

Kain spat on the angel's face with the death essence mixed in. War's saliva immediately began to dissolve the angel's armor followed by his flesh and bone killing him within seconds. He dropped Kain back to the ground who started dodging hammer blows. His body crashed into the bloodied sand with each evasive maneuver he performed. Thankfully, a few of Kain's lab creatures, the head hunters, charged into battle and provided him with sufficient support. While the head hunters jumped around, Kain used his brute strength to rip through the armor as if they were canned goods. He ripped open the giant angels' armor, and tore out their spines, one by one. Kain was on a killing spree and this was only the beginning.

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As the Queen of Hell vanished from above the battlefield, a skull-splitting howl shook the battlefield. Its source was a mass of smoky shadows that had suddenly coalesced in the midst of the demonic forces. It suddenly dissipated, revealing a powerfully built being whose ebon skin was accented by fiery crimson streaks. The newcomer’s face was bestial and skull-like in appearance, and a number of crooked horns swept back from his brow. It bore a heavy, two-handed sword, but aside from a leather kilt, was completely unarmored.

The rogue demon known as the Shadow Thief gazed with eyes burning with hellfire at the spot where Kiara had disappeared, and let loose another roar of agonized fury. He then spun and charged straight for the front lines, knocking aside several lesser demons that were not quick or bright enough to clear his path. He crashed into the first ranks of the Hosts of Heaven with meteoric force.

The Shadow was fighting fully berserk, giving no thought to precision or finesse and even less to defense. He hewed limbs, spilled entrails, and severed heads, seemingly oblivious to the score of wounds he was receiving. He took the spear of an angelic warrior in his side, and snapping the shaft in half, he bear-hugged his assailant, impaling him with the remnants of his own weapon. Tearing the broken spear from his side, he hurled it at another enemy who was charging at him, striking his open neck and severing his jugular. Shadow spun, cutting the legs from beneath another foe and then bringing his heel down with bone shattering force on his skull.

He planted his feet above the bloody, broken travesty that had been his opponent, and swung his sword in overhead arcs, daring the forces of Heaven to come after him…

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“Run humans. Run far, far away. Save yourselves. Or burn in hell with me. Your choice.” Kiara floated high above the bridge and laughed coldly at the fleeing forms below her. She’d let the majority of them go but this was her message to Requiem. She could try all she wished but never would she kill the Hell Fire Queen. Many had tried before her and many had failed.

The sand whipped at her skin and a malicious glee rippled through her. She’d decimate this place before moving on to the next. A path of destruction would lead Requiem to her. The final meeting spot Kiara didn’t know. She’d guessed that it would be that very day that the Angel caught up to her. But until then she was going to start her own apocalypse.

Fire erupted from her finger tips as she looked upon the poor souls who scattered across the already buckling bridge. With a hellish cackle she sent both of her hands forward and fire fell like liquid from them. The bridge turned into a raging inferno and as Kiara watched the wind picked up around her. She laughed as it swirled around her picking up her hair and whipping it around her face. Soon it too went towards the bridge. The fire caught the debris that floated along in the cyclone and soon it was a raging fiery tornado and it was running out of control.

Emerald eyes scanned the area once more and caught a glimpse of something. Kiara shifted and all but halted when she saw the figure trying to help the fleeing people. A werewolf grabbed a cracking pillar and threw it into the churning water. Her head cocked to the side and she studied him. The tattoos were different and perhaps even the stance but Kiara was more than sure of the identity of the figure below.

She descended slowly, her skin enveloped in flames. The people tripped over themselves to get away from her and some even jumped back into the fiery inferno. They would rather face death then face the flame haired Queen of Hell.

“Well, well, well. If it isn’t Scott Wolfenson. I haven’t seen you in what feels like a decade. What brings you to my party, Cryo-Wolf?”

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"Why do you all seak to end us? To rebuke her glory, all to fend for some mixed blood who ocasionly might try and be familiar with you." The broad shouldered angel sneared. He was the perfect specimen of the angelic breed. Figure looking chizeled by the finest sculptors and handsome features that could sweep most women off their feet. And in looking upon the creature in the battlefield Blair clenched her fists tightly. Her wounds had healed and she cleaved a bloody path now this angel stood before her giving her a rightious lecture. Mind a blaze of violence she stood in a crouched position ready to pounce the creature in any moment. "You are one of us every demon is just the angel or offspring of the angel that fell into the abyss. Why fight, you can seak forgivness and savor glory for an eternity." The charismatic spoke blade held at the ready as his teel blue eyes looked into her blazing emerald ones.

:She smiled "I preffer to reffer to you as one of us. The angel is annointed instant is the glory. Just by being an angel your beautiful. Just by having a halo you are deamed rightious. The very principle almost gives way to sloth as you work for none of what you have been given. And in this preordained greatness you fall victim to pride. Yes I am greed I will slay again and again to obtain power. Is that wrong though when the envy pushes others to persue power as well. Through this act we all become lustfull for sex for war we are gluttonous to be more." She licked her lips remembering the blood she spilled in her ever battle riddled life. "In that moment when you wittness my wrath and feel your own you are like me, like us and in that instant we again are bretheren and sisters like so long ago." Alezra's words rang over the battlefield and made her decision crystal clear.  There was no seperating either from the path they chose. And so blades began to clash in one of many dances of the plains of war.

A bolt of electricity shot over her head shooting off towards the distant sands of the dessert plains. Another followed and the Duchessa dodged to the side the bolt striking a hideous creature of Eternal Chaos new forces. The bolt seared flesh and made the beautiful science mutation enraged an angels head plucked from its torso as the creature gave into rage. The angel fired a third bolt and at this point distance was cleared the weapon hiting the sythe's blade and vanishing. "Poor variety" Az smiled weaving beneath a swing of the blade. Her weapon came up and took the arm off. Fresh blood pooled onto the quickly redening sands. "Fights my dear tend to be long or quick there is no midpoint. Hit fast and hard or outlast." The angel lashed out with his remaining hand aiming to send a jolt into the crimson haired womans chest. Leaping the daughter of Death fliped over the angelic general. The blade was spun in the process. The shaft of the sickle hiting the limb with bone breaking force. Kneeling in evident pain the angel was hers for the taking. Another kill for her ever growing body count. She spun and lashed outwards.

The glowing blade of Lunas pierced the fair mans skull. The force behind the spin pulled the skull from the more or less armless frame. Her gracefull motion brought the severed head coliding with that of a griffon like creature one of the angels rode upon. The head exploding along with the one she caried on her sythe. A playfull spin above her head and a vacume was created. Angels and a few demons cought in the updraft. A black vortex pulling anything but herself into it. Shutting it off leading to severed bodies falling to the grounds. Fresh blood raining down on her skin and armor. Just one of many bloody acts on the field. Figaro showed promise of being a lethal addition to the group. Eternal Chaos and LD weaved beautiful scenes of carnage. There was no real stoping the torrent so far it had seamed. Angels seamingly had numbers on their side but savagery was wining over. There was always that chance of tides changing however, No fight was ever set in stone untill one or the other had their name upon a marble stone.

The one concern that eventually really made way to Azrael's mind however was Kiara. The queen of hell had vanished to reak her own havoc upon the battle field. Somewhere in the distance she was causing turmoil. Az didn't like it, going alone got people killed. There was only so much in her power to do. Her rank made her feel obligated to get the backs of those she worked beside. Her ties to Tenebra made them family and had her looking to each soul as a family in some way. As such she wanted to get their backs. Who beter to safe guard someone then a women who who took blades just for the rush it gave. Of those that she could see fighting Lyn was the only one not considerably visible. Black wings sprouted from the demons back lifting her above the plains as her bolters shot towards anything that moved that looked hostile.The higher vantage point gave her sight of most the ongoing war. Lyn was even then barely spotable and so instinctively vanished in a puff of smoke and flame. Her bolters were holstered and her blades snapped into position. "Little far from the fun stuff sis lets say we paint our way back to the center where we belong."

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Adam grinned the smile of a mad man. The sword gripped tightly in his right hand flashed with each rapid slashing motion it made. It tasted flesh and divine blood no matter which way it turned. After a few moments, he faced a trio of angels, each clad in armour and holding an individual weapon, fire burning in their determined eyes. "Sterben." Adam said, an order for his troops to charge. After a second, he looked behind him. All of his soldiers were fighting. He turned back to the angels, just in time. Flicking his sword up, he clashed with an angel's blade. He felt the angels might cause him to lean back. "N...NEIN!" He yelled, digging his feet into the sand of the desert and pushing back with all the strength he could muster. He threw the angel off for a moment, and then began weaving an impressively elaborate defense. Anytime a divine blade approached him, it was slapped away with an echoing sound of steel on steel. Every movement the angels made left tiny openings, and they suffered cuts on those areas when Adam counter-attacked. He first eyed the angel wielding the twin hand-axes. He left the largest openings.

Near the edge of the battlefield, a Tenebra soldier saw his commander struggling with a trio of the disgusting pigeons. He hefted a slim spear which looked as though it had been crafted by an artisan. Pulling his body back, he threw it with all his strength. A slight change in air pressure would be all that signalled the spear's approach. It flew across the battlefield, its flight uninterrupted by Heaven or Hell.

Adam seemed to have created a web of steel, a single blurring blade that defended him from all attacks. Sweat soaked his brow and fatigue was already making his joints ache. Suddenly, the hairs on his neck stood up. His expression went blank as he used the angel in front of him as a wall, running straight up and turning over in midair, missing axe and hammer swipes by minute distances. Upside down, Adam grabbed the spear, spun it, and landed with his back to the angels. Turning swiftly, he dodged a sword thrust and impaled the hammer-wielding angel through the chest. Pulling back, the crimson-haired villain towed the angel with him and then slammed the angel who held the axes through the chest. Twisting the spear, he lifted the duo into the air and threw them a dozen feet. "Sterben." He whispered, then gasped as a cold steel blade slid between his ribs, and screamed as a white hot pain flared throughout his body, originating at the wound. He stared down at the sword buried into his torso, then back up at the angel.

"Sterben." The angel said in a cold voice. He was amazed when Adam lay one hand below the hilt of his sword, and clamped the other onto his divine wrist. The angel, known as Afriel, tried to release his grip but found he could not. Adam had manipulated the nerves in the angel's hand so that his hand was paralysed. Afriel watched as Adam slid further onto his sword, and used his now free hand to remove the angels helmet. "Why don't you DIE!" Afriel shouted.

Adam rammed his sword into the angels midriff. He watched as the angel, who looked like a boy of no more than fifteen years, died, the determined fire in his eyes dying as the green orbs glazed over. The angel slumped against the crimson haired villain, who stood still for a moment. "Sünde des Zorns."He said simply, beforesliding off the angel's blade and allowing the divine being to fall. Adam himself shuddered for a moment, and looked as though he would fall, however, he maintained his footing. His wound healed over and his suit repaired itself. Taking Afriel's sword, Adam spun his blades and charged further into the battle, slicing at the flanks of angels.

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Shadow fought with animalistic savagery, his mind a jumble of barely-coherent rage. How dare she?! She knew how he felt about their pact! She knew why he had come to this battle! Now she was gone to Hell knows where, and he was left with absolutely no control over the situation. This realization only fueled his fury, and he unleashed all of it on any unfortunate warrior of Heaven that came within reach of his blade. He wielded his sword as a butcher might a meat cleaver, leaving a trail of mangled flesh and ruined bone in his wake.

As he fought, the flames of his eyes began to take on a weird, greenish tint. A noxious mist of a similar color began to seemingly emanate from his very pores. Although mostly drowned out by the din of battle that surrounded him, a faint noise could be heard. Its source was not immediately identifiable, but it sounded as though a large crowd of voices were screaming and wailing in absolute agony and despair. Shadow’s wounds began to knit, even as he suffered new ones, and his strength seemed to increase tenfold as his blade clove through weapons, shields, and armor to savage the bodies beneath.

An archangel whose armor glinted as purest silver and whose sword blazed like the sun itself suddenly loomed before him. “Yield, demon!” the angelic boomed in a commanding voice.

“A demon is one.” Shadow responded, his voice now sounding as though a large group of mixed ages and genders was speaking in unison. “We are many. We are Legion!” With that, he flung himself at the archangel in a berserk fury.

Angel and demon were evenly matched in terms of strength and skill, but Shadow was fighting with a madness that transcended rage. Though he managed to parry and duck the wild strikes, the archangel was being inexorably forced backwards by the sheer force and speed of the attack. Finally, a pair of semi-transparent, clawed and twisted hands reached from the ground and caught the angle’s ankles. The angelic creature stumbled but briefly, its sword slashing downward to sever both of the hands at the wrist, but the momentary distraction proved to be a fatal one. With a howl of triumph, Shadow plunged his blade to the hilt in his enemy’s chest, then twisted the weapon and forced it upwards, splitting the archangel’s torso up the middle. The heavenly being fell, a look of shocked disbelief frozen on its gore-splattered face.

Shadow grinned insanely at the ruined travesty for a moment before moving on to slake his insatiable desire for destruction further.

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The battle raged around Lyn as an onslaught of angel after angel came to face off against Death itself. She moved quickly dispatching them from the realm of the living. She was not going to die by their hands anytime soon. Each meet a different demise, but none were pleasant. Lyn found herself being swarmed with angels trying to take her and her allies down. Vantago her trusty steed was nowhere to be seen, but Lyn could hear his neighs and the stomping of his hooves not far away. Lyn made up her mind to try to get to him quickly.

Just as she turned to make her way to him a powerful blast knocked her back making her feet slide as she blocked the energy with her hands. It was a very recognizable force equaling her own. She looked up to see the Grim Reaper starring back down at her.

Either you have enchanted armor or I have found the one who stole my Horseman abilities.” His voice was as cold as the grave itself. Lyn took a deep breath. She knew it would be a huge mistake to face off against him once again. She might actually kill him and then be sealed to his fate as soul collector.

The armor has a nice advantage against arcane energies.” She was bluffing as she spoke to him. She was immune to his abilities since she had a greater amount of them. Before either opponent could react a demon lunged at the Grim Reaper causing him to be distracted from Lyn. She knew Grim would not know what she looked like under the armor and took soleus in that thought.

Vantago broke free from the ones who tried to bring him down. He ran by Lyn and she took advantage by grabbing his saddle to leap upon his back once more. From his high vantage Lyn could finally see Azra a few feet away. Lyn looked back to see the front lines blurred. There was no definition where Tenebrasque In began and the Heavenly hosts stopped. It was a wash of blades and blood on the battle field. The golden sand was no longer golden in color. It became a puddle of crimson liquid running into the sand itself.

Lyn attacked those who came close enough for her blades reach. Inside her something cried out for a release, but Lyn kept a cool demeanor claiming her body as her own. Vantago galloped through the battlefield. She was looking for Kain who in the grips of the calling of Horsemen.