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A city in turmoil more and more each decade. It is constantly on the verge of being opening like a cesarian cut womb, birthing a new era of evil whether those who fathered it desire them or not. Welcome to Grimm City.

The heated air tastes of old oil and rusted metal. The city of Grimm is known as the blender to outsiders,the place where all things mesh into a grey. The art on the walls help you see it, incredible art tainted yet accented by the graffiti tags, the buildings help you smell it, the sweetst smells of food and women you wish you could partake in, yet the foulest of things you may never scrub from the back of your nose. The soudns of country music swirl together with the beat of hardcore hip-hop, making something the world just might not even be ready for.

Grimm City, named after it's founder, Cassius Grimm, is the first area in the once newly founded united states to be integrated with trade purpose into the British Empire. Zoning was shady and often overlapping, often combining residential areas with buisness. Houses are scattered inbetwen what then were the tallest buildings the world had ever seen. Grimm, near the end of his life, suffered from dementia, at the time a little known mental illness. His architecture began to shift from a city of glass and light, to bricks mortar and insane designs that would boggle even the greatest abstract artists. Starways seemed to be endless, one wrong step could take you into an apartment instead of a street, windows in places they need not be, squashed against the opposing building haphazardly.

From above it appeared to be a bed of needles, all buildings capped with daggered spiral tops reminiscent of Russian design, though more gothic and urbanized.

This obviously has a negative effect on morale. The people scuffle around aimlessly when not enraged on engorged. The only way to cope in this world was to keep your head down and your hands moving. To move here was adeath sentence, to hope here was writing your own file for the Asylum.

There is no welcome sign, there is no now leaving...simply a sign that hangs half dissolved ands tagged

Grimm City: Enjoy!DOA

Grimm city 200 years ago

Mutant Town

Even in such a dark place as Grimm City, mutants are a rejected part of the society on the streets. It is even more of a problem due to the intense gang activity that strangles the city, whole gangs dedicated to hunting down mutants trying to live a normal life. After an area of gang territory was opened up it was instantly a flocking zone for mutants looking for a safe haven of sorts. After a month, mutant gangs formed and a new district formed very quickly, frequently titled as "The mutant district". Almost all of the residents in this area have the mutant gene whether it be dominant or minor, most gangs do not harm their mutant brothers but mostly homo-sapien visitors to thedistrict.

(Product of Creed_)

Creed is owns a private detectives office within Mutant Town Here

(This is now where SCI used to be)

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Grimm City bitch, Grimm Grimm City bitch.

Legit stuff brotherman.

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@_Knightwing: thanks

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A man stood upon the highest building in the city, his words swept away by the wind. "This city is truly grim. Soon it shall be torn asunder from within. Dark forces inhabit these streets. But surely...there is something I can do..."

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@Flucks: (Im confused, is it open to anyeon?)

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@.Mistress Redhead.: *anyone
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@.Mistress Redhead.: (for now, I don't expect anybody to setup camp here in the time of when I set the rules and my character as the guy who runs it. So yeah, for now it's open to everybody.)

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@_Punk_: (Fast typing)

@Flucks: (I was more meaning to come and play around in lol)

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@.Mistress Redhead.: (Go head, treat it like a sandbox :P)

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The sun trickles through black smog clouds into the top floor, floor-to-ceiling windows as a Tan white male steps in, his green eyes meeting the receptionists with a pearly smile and a nod. He closes the doors behind him and lets out a sigh of relief, pressing on his collar to turn the false image projection off. "And they say white folks have it easy.." He sighs and leans on the glass window with his arm cushioning his forhead, staring out at the fruitful yet dark city.

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@Flucks: "They were saying that centuries ago..." Said the Puzzler, leaning against a counter, lighting his cigarette. "Mmm" He mumbles while taking a drag, "Dont bother asking how I let myself in"

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@The_Puzzler: He scoffs, "I think it's moroe than likely we run in different social circles, captain britian." He presses the button on his collar, forming a randomly configured face that met no registered identity in the data banks if ran, "No need, you passed six cameras and a divination detection ring. Sloppy actually. What can I do for you?"

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@Flucks: "Oh thats good I love running a show! Im glad your cameras got me good side" He stuck his tongue out and browsed his alcohol collection.

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@The_Puzzler: An irradiated hand grabs a customized hand gun out of the ebony marble desk, aimed at the back of the mysterious intruders skull, "I don't play games boy, you better be here to make me an offer or ask for something... other wise leave now with your life. This isn't a damn bar."

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@Flucks: "...Alright..." Puzzler puts his finger up and takes another long drag of his cigarette. "I request this place become a bar and I ask you get that pea shooter's sights off my face.." After a quick pause, he grinned. As the gunman readied to fire at Puzzler, he mumbled an old mantra under his breath and pressed on the palm of his hand with his middle finger and pinkie.

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@The_Puzzler: (I have NO clue what your doing lol)

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@Flucks: (Not supposed to! The second half was just to point out, react to the first bit lol)

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@The_Puzzler: (lol aigtht I'll play but so you know, this is like Grimm city else worlds/ alternate until I officially explain the situation.)

"You touch my scotch you better be worth more than the 16 k I payed for it." He keeps the pistol trained on him "Speak for yourself, last chance"

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@Flucks: Puzzler puts the tip of his finger on his scotch, then pulls out a disk. "I stopped by to give you this little tidbit"

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@The_Puzzler: "And that is...?" The gun remains trained on him, but slightly lower

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@Flucks: "A puzzle..." He tosses it on the table across the room and pops his trench coat. "Hang onto that for me, hell maybe even try to solve it, amuse me" He started to make his way out of the room.

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@The_Puzzler: Melts the puzzle with a plasma blast "I make the puzzles, I don't solv'em. get the hell out of here." Watches as the enigmatic stranger leaves before turning back to his desk and making several calls to interpol and Grimm City p.d. arrest records department

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@Flucks: "Whatever makes you sleep at night Sam f*cks was it?" With a cold chuckle his voice fades and he was gone.

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Cain sits, Leaning by a lamplight in Grimm city. The dark tone suited him, As he took in the night.

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@shadowknight666: After his little meeting with Flucks, Puzzler took a seat beside Cain nonchalantly and lit a cigarette. "We meet again"

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@The_Puzzler: Cain raised his eyebrow. "Aye, So are ya' gonna become Ivan Que Demon Hunter? Or Are Ya' going to become Puzzler, Master of Traps? Or are You Puzzler, The Adventurer of Time? Puzzler the Werewolf? Black Puzzler?"

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@shadowknight666: "Almost like a puzzle aint it?" He chuckled.

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@The_Puzzler: "A Motherf*cking fifty sided rubix cube..That's what it is! So what the hell are ya' now?"

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@shadowknight666:Puzzler raised a brow as he turned to him. "We talked yesterday...About how we are getting to damn old...?"

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@The_Puzzler: "Eh, Yeah...Your Que now arent'cha. Whenever you start smoking it's automatically a sign you are Que...Que was a d*ckhead..."

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@shadowknight666: "..Nope..Uhh just back on a habit and cranky...You alright? I was the one in the watchtower for like three weeks you should be dandy"

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@The_Puzzler: Cain looked at him. "Do ya' even remember Que?...I Tried to kill him every chance I Got, But he just wouldn't stay dead.."

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@shadowknight666: Puzzler almost slipped by the subject and pointed to another. "Noticed Gideon the other day, thought you said he was missing?"

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@The_Puzzler: "Haven't seen the fella in a whiles, Saw his gail the other day though."

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@shadowknight666: "His "Gail"?" Puzzler tossed up air quotes.

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@The_Puzzler: "...The Blond Chick? Ya' know the one who gave birth to one o' his kids? The one he lives with?" Cain asked to see if it rung a bell.

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@shadowknight666: "...Yeah not getting the receiving end on that" He shrugs.

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@The_Puzzler: "Hm? Well he's a lucky guy, Let's just leave it at that."

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@shadowknight666: "To lucky for his lifestyle, I will give him that much"

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The thundering sound of a chopper roaring through the night broke the silence. It kept going down the road before finally coming to a slow in Grimm City. Stopping in the middle of the street, the rider on it grinned. His skin was taut, and a cigarette hung from between two fingers. This looked like his kinda city.

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@The_Puzzler: "Yeah you'd Imagine he wouldn't be the type to have a family at his age right?"

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The classical melody of metal clips sliding into the bottom of their death dealing homes resonated throughout the small studio apartment. As an ecliptic collection of Grim City's Finest had perpetuated a small weapons depot within the room. AR10's and Chinese Dragunov's lay spread out atop the bed as Lincoln Mars, aka Flawless, slung a small black duffel bag over his shoulder, his ski mask positioned lackadaisically on his head. "You all ready? Then lets do this."

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@ Flawless: (niiiiice. Lincoln Mars, I dig)

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S.Soul stood on the corner of 8th and main french inhaling the hell out of a newport. Her reputation as a world class martial artist and an extortionist landed her a spot in the now infamous Ruin Kingdom. Her recent alignment with the COC gave her a bit more territory within the city.

"Now...we wait"

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Cain strolled through the city, This place was shady and dark. You never know what could hit you at the next turn.

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@Shayla Soul: (Newport? I think I'm in like :D) A stretched Limousine drives by her slowly, parking along the curb just ahead.

@shadowknight666: "You lost uh summum kid?" A large older italian man asks in a thick Grimm City, New Jersey accent. He wears a sleak blue suit with greasy brown hair. Two other men with visible holsters on either side

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@Flucks: Cain smirked. He felt like maybe getting into some trouble today. He needed something to do. "Maybe I Have, Maybe I Haven't. Depends on who's askin'."

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@shadowknight666: "I tink you might need ta refresh ya tone friend. Dis here is grimm, and you're strolling through my piece of it. The name is Tony Gaetano, and I suggest addressing me and my boys with the proper respect, should you...'accidently' take a fall into the Grimm Zoo shahk tank, after stepping in a wet sidewalk, ah capisce? " The high class thug pulls out a cigar and one of his goons immediately lights it for him, "Now, sir, what is it that brings you to my friendly neighbah hood?" A false smile of kindness on his gnarly toothed face while he waits for an answer

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@Flucks: Cain laughed. This would be an interesting trip.He said in his own brogue "Well there Fat Tony, Names Seamus. I'm just a fella' passin' through town....If you have a problem with it however, I'm sure we can settle it..My way." His first remark made him slowly have his hand crawl for his gun. If he shot this fat bastard, He could become the most wanted man in Grimm City.

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@shadowknight666: Tony lifts his hand in the air and flicks his wrist forward with two fingers up. In about 3 seconds gun and rifle barrels began to pop out of shop windows, apartments, and door ways, "As I said, ya standin' in my town I advise you to reconsiduh, you may actually hit me if you're lucky, but my boys will pop you clean between the eyes then keep shootin' till your a red paste on the walkway." He wals closer to the drifter, blowing the cigar smoke in his face. "You can ride out in a casket or a cab, your choice."

(Gotta fight to live in Grimm :P)