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Scarlet Spider, flew through the destroyed city in his regularly stylish fashion. He was in weird company this time. One being a powerful Sith Master named Vader. THis man villainy was only rivaled by his power and command of the force. The other was a Man of many talents. He had once been a Good guy but has now assumed the title of villain as of recently. He was a master of energy manipulation and his hand to hand skills were amazing. Yeah, this wasn't the type of company he liked to keep around but seeing how his opponents were. He would need all the help he could get. He Knew each one of there names and what they're powers were. But he had only seen one of them in action before. One of them, Marisol Montez, was the muscle of the team. If you could call her that. She was a great combatant and a master of many different weapon styles and plus she had the strength of a spider.. Wait thats not a good comparison. Lets say she had the strength of... 1,000 horses. Yeah that was better. Next was Prima Donna. She had speed and strength on her side. Plus she had control over fire and a few weapons herself. She was deadly and he hoped he was never at the receiving end of one of her blows. Ashanti Logan, He had watched this woman rip apart a group of body builder in no time flat. She had so many powers and abilities which made her unpredictable. and that was her advantage on the battlefield. He approached central Park and saw the women a mist the grass and trees, he turned to his partners. 

"Ok everyone pick a man... err... woman and then attack when your ready."
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ashanti the ninja with no history recieved word that her target was a man with spider like ablites, she had assinated many victims, but never one with spider-like ablilites. she jumped off a high destroyed building, and let her self free fall, she had her hands closly to her side,  with her feet paralel, the wind pushed against her face her hair was blowing wildy in the wind, she opened her eyes when she was 5 feet above the ground, and took of flying towards central park, the city was abismal, the buildings all look like they should've kncoked down, she grabbed her falcone claw, katana, and gribbed her HURSHA sword , she didnt know what she was up against, she just knew she wasnt alone, she was going to be working with, a girl named marisol monetz, she was sometype of alien, with powers like superman,

her next "ally" was prima donna she didnt know anything about her except the fact that she was a villian, and a good, one, ashanti, was undressing in the air taking off her regular clothes slipping into,her silver assassin uniform, she landed into the park, it was the only thing in the city that shown that life was still worth living for.

she summoned her chakra or her body energy, it was stationed in her cells, her
Sharingan began to flash a bright, her glanced at her opponent,s and enemies, and gave a nod with her hand on her katana and her spiked hursha.
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The park was engulfed in trees towering over lush geen grass. a large body of water sat still, rested by the soft touch of the air. Skyward reaching buildings surrounded the park making it seem that the combatants were caged like animals. Vader and his two "comrades" stood in a clearing the soft soil pressed beneath they're feet as a sudden but gentle gust made the Sith lord's black cape danced eastward as his breathing apperatice pulled the contaminated air through its system, clensing it before he inhaled deeply making a metallic almost sufficating sound before exhaled emitting the sound once more. His cybernetic hands grasped the handle of his standard lightsaber known as Liea, named after his only daughter, his strong fingers clad in a black gauntlett tightened around its hilt seemingly squeezing the life from it.

The wind stopped blowing and himetallic breathing started up again and went through its cycle once more. His unseen eyes gazed through the red optics reading the area as he stared down the clearing towards the assembling squad of women. His black helm mirrored the red optics as their outside were polarized and painted black. He had brung three other lightsabers with him all lining his belt, each weapon was different, each had different effects and powers that where soon to be unfolded.

"Ok everyone pick a man... err... woman and then attack when your ready." said the spider like human

Vader cared not for jokes or anything for that matter his mind was only focusing on the battle to come. He was a battle hardened titan of the force. He towered over his two comrades at 6'7 he was indeed a frightening figure to uphold. He watched as the women warriors finally assembled and then Vader stepped forward and activated Leia, its hilt emmited a crimson beam and he telepathically adjusted it to its full length of five feet and held the saber one handed as walked slowly towards the other company. The lightsabers beam scraped on the ground burning into the earth leaving a trail of charred earth on his side. Waiting and watching for a opponent to step forth.

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the golden goddest was flying to her destination, her ninjan sense told her this was no ordinary battle, there were power levels that she had never experienced before,  she flew like a black hawk stealth aircraft, towards her destination, she was no ordinary ninjan, unlike sha she was blessed with enhanced luck, so the chances of things, going her way were raised by 25%, as soon as marisol landed she used her psychic abilites to scan the area for her foes and enemies, her eyes shifted from it's usual blue gaze to a purple gaze, purple electricity, her eyes sent out a radar scan of the area and read it back ,in green,yellow and blue infared visions. from her readings she  saw that the man with all black's body was filled with midiclorians, she had only seen this high concentration of them when she was in a galaxy far far away, she knew that he had to be a jedi, she glanced at the human spider-like, person, he seemed to have great agility, she then glanced at her team, she saw a ninja like person, in silver clothing she was charging up some type of energy.

looking at the other members of her team, she looked to have great skill aswell,marisol, dispatched her bow, it was golden, with some type of native writings, on it. marisol just stood there glancing around at the other two members of her team and then at the three members of the other team. soon the green park was visited by a cooling gust of wind, it smacked marisol's face like a sheet of ice, blowing her hair wildly. she looked at dark vader, she could tell that something was keeping him alive, just the way he breathed seemed off to her.

finally she said I HOPE YOU DO COME AT EASE WITH YOUR SUFFERING, she said it sincerly as she reached on her quiver and pulled a golden arrow,  she aimed her bow at darth vader, and said  SAY AH! she pulled back on the bow and fired the bow in the air, missing everyone, now marisol had enhanced luck, so her bow flew through the air until it hit a powerline catching on that the power line flung it back towards vader, marisol extended her hand and called her ninjeta sword, suddenly a huge blue light flashed and her steel blade appeared, she awaited vader's move.

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     Walking in the park Prima Donna scanned her surrondings.  It seems as if they were to meet their opponents and battle in a park.  Smiling Donna looked to her sides at her teamates.  There was the silent assasin Ashanti, and the Lucky Marisol . Between the three of them alot could be achieved.  Undoubtdly, whoever was going againt them would be having a hell of a time.  Using logic though it make sense that their opponents would be most likely up to their par.  Donna's attire was simple and light.  It was made to move as one with her.  On her arms were non-permeable armor and a tight fitting kunoichi outfit.    
     The park looked to be empty, which was good the less disctractions the better.   Distantly she made out the figures they were most likely to be fighting.  As they came into view she spotted a man of tall stature in dark garb.   His weapon beemed out emitting a crimson light.  Another man was into view in red and blue and the way his body moved resembled arachne.  The last man was simply and quite reguarly dressed.  Donna knew who her target was immediatly.  Smiling she unsheathed her katanas as a pale white glow came over her body and weapons.  The glow around the Katanas was the most visable it hovered around the blade.  Those were the lost souls of her ancestors they gave her even more power and strength.  Looking him in the eye she awaited her opponents next move 

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Vader’s artificial lung sent out another metallic bone chilling exhale as he watched a seemly young women land and stand next to her team  of all female warriors. Apparently the blonde was his opponent, he could tell she was a warrior by glancing into her eyes, what he found somewhat baffled him, she was fearless and was not afraid of the once General of the Empire, the Dark Lord of the Sith, the monster inside the suit. No matter Vader thought as he watched her pull back her bow and said the following sentence.

“I hope you do come at ease with your suffering.” Said his foe

Launching an arrow she screamed “say Ah!”

The projectile barreled past Vader and struck some sort of energy source behind him. Electricity thought Vader? As the line snapped and was heading towards the Sith Lord, its raw end crackled with sparks as it came closer and closer. The surrounding area’s buildings, street lights and anything else powered by it flickered wildly but during this chaos Vader smiled under his helm. Unactivating his saber he allowed it to hover beside him dancing almost with the force as Vader lifted his right hand pointing directly forward as his left moved to the left but close to his body using telekinesis to guide the line away from his body as his right hand created a vortex in the force inches from his opened palm.The Force seemed to implode in his grasp and a strong suction accorded forming ripples in the air. The electricity arced from the cooper wire straight into the implosion, unseen in human eye Vader seen its dull white but almost translucent energy being sucked into the vortex. This was called Force Absorb, a power Vader knew all too well. The buildings and street lights blacked out creating an eerie darkness to blanket the park as Vader continued to absorb its energy into his body. Finally only seconds later the energy from the electricity dissipated and Vader flung the now dead wire back to dangle from the wooden beam.

Vader turned around to face his opponent and telepathically activated his lightsaber, its crimson beam sprouted quickly and Vader used is telekinesis to spin the saber beam over hilt like a buzz-saw several times before summoning back to his left hand and clenched its hilt tightly.

Another metallic inhale “Do you think your primitive weapons can stop me?” a slow deep exhale.

He watched his foe summon a sword from nowhere creating a blue flash in her palm.  Vader would now show-off his power by raising his right hand to the sky with his palm opened and hand bent backwards.

“Flee while you can fool.”

 Vader exhaled and a strong rumble occurred in a hundred foot radius from the Sith Lord like a tremor from an earthquake it shook the ground violently but this was not the point of interest. The buildings surrounding the park outside the tremor shook softly but the glass cracked and spread like the webs of an arachnid before hundreds of the windows shattered simultaneously but did not fall to the ground they began to float towards him from every corner they came and began to swell in unison to create a whirlpool above the park centered above Vader’s palm but about ten feet from his metallic grasp. They hovered but spiraled together waiting as Vader thought to himself briefly.

Suffering he thought, my suffering will never cease. My heart was shattered long before this day and it has continued to break ever since that day on Mustafar. No one will be able to ease this, I died that day in the fiery pits but gave rise to this…this monster. If I can never love again and my life is filled with hate and sorrow forever more…he stopped thinking to himself and let out another exhale before screaming at the highest volume his helm could stand.

“Then all shall suffer with me!!!”

The park shook even more like a strong quake roared under them. He broke his concentration and the glass rained down on the clearing, like a shimmering solid rain it poured down atop of him. Shards bounced and ricocheted of his shoulders and helm as some fell on his saber’s beam and disintegrated.  His thick armor protected him but he sat still as it continued to fall. Once the pieces landed on the earth he let in a deep inhale once more and pointed his opened palm towards his blonde foe and formed a kinetic sphere that quickly spun inches from his hand absorbing and compressing the air causing more ripples before he launched it towards her. It was a Kinetite, a pure Sith force power. It barreled forward tearing the grass beneath it up from the soil and causing a trail of mangled soil bare from its stampeding path.

“Now beg for your life or suffer as I have.” Deep slow exhale.

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Acer sat aginst a nearby wall resting his head and back on the hard concrete one of his eyes was closed as he rested himself. Yet one of his eyes was open surveying his surroundings as he watched each combtant make there entrance. He only took this team fight on because he was bored and it would give him a chance to take the lives of three dangerous female warriors and when they were all down he would kill his own team. The first person Acer noticed was a man dressed in a red and blue costume who seemed to have spider related powers. Thinking to himself Acer thought is this a kids birthday party because that costume is just plain stupid. Next was one of the female warriors, a girl came that Acer had never seen before but she looked like a ninja or maybe a samurai signalling she would have great skill.

Next in view was a large dark figure standing roughly 6"6 or maybe 6"7 and looked like some kind of cyborg. Dressed in all black the figure seemed to be the most sinister so far but Acer couldnt help but wonder that he may have ssen that guy in a movie somewhere. Stopping to think of the movie he gave up as he could not remember it. Acer had the sun in his eyes as the wind brushed his face and glancing up he quickly saw a person he did know the ninjan Marisol Montez landed, Acer had met her around but had not talked much yet he knew she was a ninjan just like his good friend Sha. Acer only watched as a fight took place between Marisol and Vader while Spider boy and the ninja girl also looked set to square off.

Then the final competitor and Acer's opponent arrived, she was a person unkown to him yet he couldnt shake the feeling that this girl reminded him of someone very close and special to his heart. She then glanced at Acer as there fight was about to start and she expected Acer to make the first move. Acer stood up and walked from the shadows towards the woman, wearing a white suit one of his eyes bandaged up. The wind blew his suit making it sway at the back from side to side. His blonde hair ruffled as the soft breeze took control over each strand. Acer looked at the girl and waving his hand across the air a mysterious mist engulfed his body and then he was gone landing on the top of a nearby rooftop. The building was a large skyscraper. As Acer sat on the edege he whistled out to the girl. The air was colder and a gust was blowing.

You wanna fight me then take a risk and join me up here the weather is beautiful or maybe your afraid of heights you wanna fight COME ON!!