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The Guild wars have ended, but before anyone can move on, before the rebuilding can began, they must bury one of there own, they must bury a friend. The legendary Darkchild fought for and gave his live for his friends. Now it is time to repay the favor. Many of those involved have not spoken or even seen each other since the war and many questions remain unanswered.

What is to become of thee Assassins Guild? Where is the missing Last Arrow? Is Jean Luc LeBeau Sr. really dead? And in the midst of all these, something sinister brews down in the bayous. With the Assassin Guilds future in limbo, and the Thieves Guilds leader miles away, the Arcadians see an opportunity to make there move. The once believed dead Poppa Voodoo has unleashed a terrible evil upon the citizens of New Orleans.

But first things first. A Funereal for a Friend.


This is a cannon rpg.

Standard rpg rules apply: No Auto Hits, and No God Mode

This rpg takes place after the Guild Wars. The opening scene is at a massive cemetery were we are laying Darkchild to rest. The Funeral is only the beginning of a larger event.

Any questions, ask in the Ooc: coming soon.

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The rain pelted against the black tarp situated above the hole the coffin would be laid to rest eternally. Streaks of water washed down against the metallic pole and the plastic covering. The air was chilly causing fog to form with each breath taken. Nature mourned the loss of one of it's children. Another life cut short after all the good done, and before any more good could be done. The scene was somber. No one barely spoke a word, perhaps friend and foe alike knew when to act and when to remain silent.

A man wearing all black spoke happily of a past battle he'd done with DC. Of the intensity of it and of the respect granted between the two regardless of the winner. It seemed DC touched many people in his own way. No doubt everyone was reliving their own experiences with the fallen hero. She sat amongst them. Skin as cold as ice, not so much from the weather but from the realization that she would no longer see a good friend. That in a few months his corpse would be nothing more than dust and a distant memory

Her emerald eyes focused to the speaker and his words. She remembered her own meeting with the charismatic and a little too flirty, DC. He had a good heart regardless of what anyone said. And he always seemed to garner a smile even in the most hopeless situations. her head drop in respect. It had been at least a month since everything occured. Thankfully, magics had kept DC's body from rotting or then it would have been useless to have this memorial service. The orange female drew in a deep breath as she looked forward. The speaker was about to sit down and another was asked to come up and speak.

Quickly her eyes darted towards Jean, a solemn and sad smile playing across her features. Tears staining her orange cheeks. She faced forward and raised her hand. The man in the front beckoned her forward and she hurried to her feet. She strode softly against the ground the hems of her black dress barely touching the ground as she took center stage. She was never much of a public speaker, but this was different. This was the funeral of a friend and she would pay im respects as justly as she could.

"We all know why we're here. DC meant something to all of us. He was a friend to most of all. But also a brother to a select few. I had the pleasure of meeting him thanks to his friendship with Jean. I don't think many of the words I say today can do him justice. I did not know him as long as many of you, but evenso, it does not take away from the impact that he had in my life. In my husband's life, and in the life of all of you. He was a rare breed. A true warrior who did not know the meaning of "quitting". A person with honor and respect. Someone who fought regardless of what dangers he faced. He valued his friendships above all else. His friends were his family and you could see it everyday when he fought with them and at the next second was wiling to sacrifice himself for their safety...." She hesitated for a moment.

"....Regardless of what manner we came to know our fallen friend, we're all united here to both mourn and celebrate the person that he was.... He may be gone but he will never be forgotten. Our memories will always keep him alive. His laughter, his fighting spirit, and even his somewhat corny jokes..." She laughed a tiny bit at that. "I hope that for today.... we can all set our differences aside and mourn together with mother nature. For she too weeps for her child's death.... DC. May Shere'gan guide you to your ancestors lands. May you be reunited with your loved ones. May you know the peace that you deserve. And one day, may we all come face with you again in the serenity of our deaths...."

And the alien female moved somberly back towards her seat with no other words, just a sad stare that penetrated only the eyes of her beloved Jean, with the sounds of the thunder crackling high above them.

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Chameleone's head was down as a tear ran down his eye. Darkchild was the only person at that point in his life who had meant anything to him. He sat in his chair, and wiped the tear away. It was not supposed to be a time of sorrow, but a time of joy that such a man that made a difference in his life had lived. Darkchild may have been the brother of many, but he was Danny's father. Someone who was tough and mean and hateful, but also someone who was capable of compassion and love. He had been at times an evil man, but he had managed to turn everything around during the last months of his life. Danny liked to think that he had something to do with that. He remembered the last time he ever saw him, the duel that they had, and Darkchild handing his powers over to Danny, so that he might carry on his legacy. Danny heard thunder far away, and a drop of rain landed on his shoulder. It soon picked up into a downpour. Danny smiled, he knew that this was Darkchild's form of black humor, it was a way of showing that he was still there, living in his memories as his friend, brother, and father.

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Gray skies,rain,a funeral.So cliche

Akira had worn his sunglasses in a day like this to hid his tears,his suit was drenched for he didnt want to join the rest off the people,ut of course he didnt even know them.An Outsider,something he felt he had shared with Darkchild,such a sad day could never go away.All he could think about was how such a man like this die without saying goodbye,thats when he clenched his fist as tight as he could and shed more tears wich blended in with the rain and wind.

Whoever did this.....i wish them....a good life,its want he wouldve wanted

As Akira spoke those words he put his shades back on covering his milky white eyes,he turned around to leave but paused and threw a white rose to the ground for his friend.

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Jean sat and listened to the preacher ramble on. His talk of god and heaven making him turn in his seat. “What did he know of death, or god.” Thought Jean. The cemetery was packed with people, DC had touched many lives, and saved many more. Jean could feel them whispering, it was after all, his fault DC was dead. No doubt they all blamed him, some perhaps wanting revenge, but they all failed in comparison to the pain Jean was inflecting upon himself. Racked with grief, he handy seen his family in months, choosing instead to sleep in a seedy motel. Welcoming each morning with a heavy dose of drinking and self pity. The stubble on his face told the story, there was no point in hiding it.

As Maelstrom made her way to the front, her eyes fixed on him, perhaps judging him, perhaps simply wanting him to come home, he pulled a small silver flask from his suit and tried to kill the pain. Her words captivated the audience, bringing some to break down. Once she was finished, she made her way back to her seat, her eyes never leaving Jean. Barely able to look at her, or stand for that matter, Jean walked towards the front and faced the crowd.

“Dc……Dc was like a brother. Dc was…….” He paused for a moment, looking at the casket before erupting. “YOU DUMB SON OF A BITCH!! NO ONE ASKED YOU TO SACRIFICE YOURSELF FOR ME!! DON’T EXPECT ME TO MOURN YOU, CAUSE I DON’T. YOU HEAR ME!!!! I DON’T!!!” Whipping his flask at the casket, he fell over, taking the podium with him. Several guests helped him to his feet, Namor being one of them.

Get it togther Gambler. You don’t want your kids to see you like this.

Jean nodded his head and allowed Namor to help him back to his seat. “Why” he kept sobbing over and over. “Why”

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After the events of Guild Wars, Kain and his current love interest Jill split up from the family of Gambler, Sariaf’ca and Caleb. During the Guild Wars, one of Kain’s closest friends, Darkchild was murdered, one of the billions in the group of those K.I.A (Killed In Action). He still remembered what happened that day. He thought everything was normal aside from his transformation into the Scion until he discovered his dead best friend. It was a gruesome, saddening sight. His life would never be the same after his friend’s death. He was with Jill, trying to live a normal life but he failed miserably due to the pain of having to accept his friend was dead.

Kain was unable to even seek revenge because Darkchild’s killers were also dead. The warrior was in a constant battle with himself. His mind was constantly warping between darkness and light. His nights haunted with remembrance of that day, hearing and seeing Darkchild’s mangled body across the floor. The vampire was unable to eat some days, and other times incapable of speaking due to plain rage. The list of tragedies that ensnared his life, and tortured his mind was incredible, more than most beings can handle. Re-called the death his mother, the slaughter of his father, and his sister’s murder; even the slaughter of his kingdom. The evil laughter of the satanic warlord still rang through his ears. After those nightmares attacked his psyche, fresher ones attacked him. The ‘death’ of Sariaf’ca; his beloved sister, the death of Gambler and first death of Darkchild, the kidnapping of his godson, and finally… the death of Darkchild which triggered a chain of insanity within Kain’s mind.

All these years of pain and suffering, tragedy after tragedy hurting him was too much for him to bear. But the one thing that brought him joy was her, Jill. Though he had just met her within a few months, she played a key part in his life. She assisted him maintain his sanity and gave him his first taste of the emotion, ‘love’. Theirs was an unnatural love, an accident almost. It was not supposed to happen; however they were in love.

The time had come for Darkchild to be buried after all these years. Kain woke up that morning, his eyes looking out the window of his penthouse in New York City as the rain pounded the windows. He each raindrop reminded him of Darkchild’s punches from all the times the two of them fought. Their first fight was in the rain, in weather like this. Kain always said that when it rained, God was crying. He knew why God was crying on this day; he was crying for the death of a great warrior, and an even better man. Kain was fully dressed that day; he was all in black like Jill. His black Armani suit with a white handkerchief in the pocket and a white tie tucked neatly beneath his jacket. Black leather gloves covered his hands and his black shoes were shined to perfection. Jill wore a long black dress with black high heels and a black veil. The two of them left their Manhattan abode, and went on their way to New Orleans on a jet plane. They would burry Darkchild, once and for all.

They spoke not two words on the trip, merely embracing each other to deal with it. They pondered different things that were drawn from Kain’s friend’s death. She wondered if Kain would ever snap out of it, and would he ever be the same, while Kain questioned his life without Darkchild. He didn’t have many friends to talk to. He had almost no friends. He hadn’t spoken to Gambler who was like his brother or another who was close to him, his near sister Sariaf’ca. He wondered what was going on between her and Gambler, questioning whether or not they were still together, whether they were still in love and if they were ok. Question ran through Kain’s mind faster than he can kill. He had lost most of his nerve after Darkchild’s death and was torn apart. He had no idea what to do. Sorrow and pain drained him of his joy for life, but at least he still had Jill who was all that kept him together.

The couple finally arrived at the Gravesite. Their presence was known and all though they were the last to arrive, they were the most attached to Darkchild. Kain lost more than a friend, he lost a brother. He walked in and stood up, staring at Darkchild’s grave. He noticed Gambler and Sariaf’ca. He had so much he wanted to say, but didn’t want to break the silence. He walked up to the grave, remaining silent until he opened his lips for the first time in almost a week.

“Darkchild. You were my brother, my best friend. You were one of the few people I was able to trust. I love you my friend, now and forever. No matter what, I know you can hear me, I want you to know that I love you DC, and when I crossover, we’ll have a lot of catching up to do.”

The vampire tossed a white rose into the hole, onto Darkchild’s casket. This was the end.

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There was a small figure hidding on the shadows, this man was far enough to be undetected, but close enough to hear everything on the funeral.

It finally happened, he died, Darkchild died. I knew he was going to, but I didn't think it would be so soon. Rest in peace, Darkchild. More than anyone...you earned it

After hearing Gambler's speech he left the funeral in seach for someone....someone who could help him
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Sariaf'ca sat in silence. A few tears escaped her eyes as she turned to watch the next speaker. She could see Jean rise and move forward, his steps a little sloppy. She watched with concern wondering if he was alright. It was a long, hard month. Even when she brought him home and made sure his wound had healed properly, he left.

Perhaps it was guilt that guided him. Perhaps the long silences between them. Many times during his short stay back home, did she want to hug him, kiss him, tell him how much she loved him, but fear. She couldn't bare being away from her children and her anger was still brimming close to the surface. But now, all her resentment and animosity faded away. She could barely look as Jean stumbled onto the floor. She quickly moved to help him up, but others were already by his side. She eyed Namor gratefully as he went to help him as well.

"Sue..." She whispered her tone melancholic. Her friend squeezed her shoulder and Sariaf'ca looked with no idea on how to act. She couldn't bare to see Jean like this, it broke her heart, her very soul cried out. She wanted nothing more than to kiss him and tell him how much she loved him. He managed back to his seat and she looked down with tears in her eyes. Shameful. They were no longer for DC, but for her husband. She sighed, trying her best to keep her composure but it was difficult.

She looked up and for a moment caught Kain's eyes who was walking into the small gathering with Jill at his side. She gave him a single nod. She hoped he was happy. He deserved it more than any she'd ever met. And she had to admit to liking Jill. She wanted the best for him. A family, marriage, the life he never though he'd have, but was now all within his reach. For a brief moment she flashed him a smile and then turned to stare fully at Jean.

"DC loved you like a brother... you know that... Jean..." She whispered, her emeralds orbs softening with each word she spoke to hr beloved Gambler. "Please.... come back home. Vessa and Caleb miss you. They need their father... I need my husband... my best friend.... I-I... miss you....I love you, Jean-Luc LeBeau..." She whispered with a bit of desperation. Tears rolled down her eyes and she grasped his hand for only a moment before pulling away. She stood and moved towards the casket. She dropped a red rose and then moved out towards the stormy weather. The rain pounded against her, drenching her coat and gown as she mourned... not only her friends passing.... but what was becoming of the man she loved more than her own life.

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Jean glanced at Maelstrom as she rested her hand on his. For a moment there eyes connected before she pulled away. The rain was letting up a little but the chill in the air remained. One by one Dc’s friends said there final goodbyes, and placed certain objects on his casket, things they viewed as sacred or sentimental.

As the casket began to lower, it signaled the end of the service. Those closet to Dc remained and talked. All huddled under there black umbrella’s, all except Jean. With his head hung low, and his hands in his pockets, he approached Maelstrom.

“I…..I don’t have the words. I…..I……I just wanna come home.”

As he spoke, something caught his attention. In a flash he pulled out a small silver dagger and flung it to the side. As it logged in a tee, a hooded figure stood just inches away, eying the blade. Removing it, and adding it to his collection on the inside of his cloak, he approached Maelstrom and Gambler.

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The funeral began to clear out. At the back, leaned against a tree, stood Paragon. He was dressed in a black variation of his coat over his armor, to mourn the loss of a friend. News of DC's death had only recently gotten to him, as he had gone undercover during the Guild Wars, working behind the scenes to smooth things over for his allies.

As the mourner cleared out, Paragon approached the gravesite and stood with his head bowed in front to show his respect. After a moment of silence, Paragon reached into his pocket and pulled out a hand full of white cherry blossom pedals, and let them fall to the earth. Rain continued to bounce off of him as continued to stand there, lost in thought.

Could I have prevented this by being there? Is this my fault?

The words echoed through his thoughts, as he held back emotion. He never was good at showing them, and he had been to his fair share of funerals. Paragon turned to leave, but stopped and slammed his fist into the trunk in frustration.

"I should have been there for him..." he whispered.

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A small black rose fell from the sky just as it waslanding next to the grave stone, An arrow split from between two trees pinning the rose to the now cracking head stone.

The figure pulled up his hood and walked away into the shadows, It seemed as if he just vanished into the air around him, the whispers of an old enemy came from the wind.

It was a simple message but would strike a cord in all the guilds , If Arrow was still alive could Jean Sr be as well, Or was a new guild making a play, It would not belong before they emerged from the shadows and brought blood shed into the light.
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Kiara stood with her back against the trunk of a weeping willow. The perfect spot for her to observe the interactions of the mourners and not be seen. She watched as person after person stood and spoke of some fond memory they had of Darkchild. Some laughed, while others faces were stained with already shed tears, while still others mourned in the more heart wrenching way. It was these people who she felt the saddest for. Those who had been so strong, but who's resolve had crumpled by the death of a loved one. She could feel the burning itch of her own unshed tears, but she denyed herself that luxury. She had forgone tears many years ago.

As the funeral began to draw to a close she left her secluded spot under the willow and made her way towards where the casket was being lowered. She never took her eyes from the spot. Choosing to ignore the other mourners. A voice inside her told her to go home. To not even bother mourning this person she barely knew. But if she had learned anything in life, it was to mourn the dead and celebrate the living. She stood beside Darkchild's grave and tossed in a rose. "May you find happiness on the other side." She stood for a few moments, just staring, and then slowly she turned, and moved back to her spot under the willow.
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The suit itched under his skin. No longer purple. He had taken a shape shifter, tangey sort of like an orange. He hated it, the dull skin the brown hair and eyes, so ordinary, so unoriginal

He walked forward to pay his respects to some being he had never known, but his friends looked tasty.

The drunkard had come and gone, pathetic really, but his orange friend on the other hand...

The city was full of suprises. Now he could sense the powers, taste them. Sweet as honey, potent as alchohol. mmmm

He bowed down before the grave. He closed his eyes and opened his mouth. Kinetic control, empathy, cameleon, swrodmanship.

A full course meal.

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Jake appeared behind the grave of Darkchild, smiling.

"So you were the big energy i felt way back then. It felt as if a light was going out rather than darkness fleeing this world. Looks like you did a number on these people, even your once enemies are here. Your enemy/friend Gambler even shed a mournful cry for you."

Jake picked up a pile of dirt and scattered it across the grave. "Looks like everyone is able to have the release they search for but me."

Jake turned his back to the coffin and vanished reappearing a few yards away from the funeral. Looking on the crowd he had the slight feeling something evil something parasitic had entered the funeral. He was going to see what would happen and if it would show itself.

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After removing the dagger and adding it to his collection, lining the inside of his coat, Crow made his way towards Maelstrom and Gambler. He had watched the ceremony from the cover of the trees, having never met Darkchild personally, he would not disrespect the man’s funeral. He had aged considerably since the last time Maelstrom had first laid eyes on him. The time flux was responsible for that. No longer did he carry his bow and arrows, instead, three golden razor sharp boomerangs lined the left and right sides of his vest, with two dangling from each hip. His goatee had grown out and he had grown several inches.

As he approached the orange beauty, he flashed his trademark grin, and as her face lit up, he know she recognized him.

“Mon Chere. My deepest apologize. I’m truly sorry for your loss chere. But dee Thieves, day need dhere leader. Something sinister has been awakened. Dee Arcadians, its horrible chere, Nawlings and ALL dee Guilds are in great peril. You must come with me now, before it tis to late.”

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After tossing the white rose on Darkchild’s casket, Kain looked up in the sky as a message to his friend. He knew Darkchild would live on in heaven. If he knew anybody that deserved peace, it was he. The vampire felt the rain pelt him on the face as thunder roared and the winds were blowing on him. Apparently, if there was a God, Kain felt the same sorrow as he did. It was funny, all his centuries of life, all the pain he endured and caused, he was always alone until he came to earth where he became friends with Gambler, Darkchild and Sariaf’ca. These three people were his only family as much as he chose to stay in the darkness and the shadows. The saying that history repeats itself is true because Kain lost his family, the very few people that cared about him in war, and he lost another who was family. A small movie of all the good times he had with Darkchild ran through his mind as the casket lowered. He remembered when they first met, the hate they had, then their first battle and even when they became both friends and rivals. These memories were implanted in his mind, virtually set in stone.

Kain turned around saw Sariaf’ca. He hadn’t seen her before so he decided to walk over to her with Jill. Gambler was making a fool of himself. He was drunk and talking to Sariaf’ca. The fool’s words were slurred. This was the worst Kain has ever seen Gambler and it was atrocious. He walked towards the couple slowly, each step he took seemed to take forever. His feet getting sucked into the mud as his tails swayed behind him. Sariaf’ca hadn’t noticed him because she was too focused her drunken lover. The vampire finally arrived at the couple’s location. He looked at Gambler enraged and spoke as to not punch a hole through his heart.

“You disgust me Gambler. You are not a man. You are a mouse. All you do run is from your problems and never face them like a man. You don’t deserve Sariaf’ca, or your children. You can’t take care of yourself let alone them. Disgusting, pathetic rat, you ran out on your wife, twice. First you let her go out and fight Bahstein by herself minus my men and I. Than you go die on us like a coward and cause her to become Vengeance and make me become Nightmare. Than, right after your wedding, you kidnap your own son and now that Darkchild died for you, you run out on him by acting like a coward by drinking that garbage.” Kain pointed at the Flask that was sticking out of his pocket. “You are pathetic and quite frankly, I don’t think you deserve anything good that you’ve gotten. I don’t understand what my sister sees in a drunken fool like yourself or what Darkchild was thinking dying for you. You are not the warrior I came to respect and love like a brother. You’ve become no better than common garbage Gambler. GARBAGE.”

Kain stood there in the rain, awaiting Gambler’s response to see what he had to say, to see if he could even muster up the will to fight back like he should. Kain had to bring back the old Gambler, even if it meant his friend would hate him. He couldn’t allow his sister to be with this bumbling, drunken idiot. Gambler wouldn’t be doing any good for himself or his children. The vampire let go of Jill’s hand in case he would have to fight Gambler again. He didn’t have his swords with him; this was one instant that he wouldn’t need them. If what he said couldn’t bring Gambler back to who he was, nothing could.

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Post Deleted.

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Chameleone stayed away from the other funeral guests. To him, this funeral meant it was the end of the world. He was angry, at himself for not being able to say goodbye, but mostly at Gambler. After all the things the Child of Darkness had done for him, he was going to insult him at his funeral, the one place where Darkchild could have peace. Darkchild died with him in the Bhastein wars, fought with him, and saved his life on many occasions. He was the reason for his death. Gambler's past had caught up with him, almost losing his family in the process, and his brother as well. Anger burned inside of Danny, he saw EC scolding him. Danny marched to the two, splashing water all over his suit. He saw the flask hanging out of his pocket, and Gambler's unshaven face. Gambler tried to open his mouth and speak but before he could, Chameleone balled up his hand and threw a punch directly at his face

"Go to Hell," he said as his fist nearly reached his face

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Spectrum was his suit, very rare sight. He floated over the funeral, watching, he was security. While the others morned he watched. He didnt feel the anger the others did towards GAmbler, yes he was responsable, but he wasnt worth the ground he stood on.

He had lost all allegence, he was nothing now.

The rain was hard on his back.

Darckchild wasnt in heaven. HA, DC, in heaven, he wishes. spectrum laughed at the idea of his friend with a halo and wings. Well maybe it wasnt that hard to imagine.

He wnet out with a bang, which was more then anyone would have wanted, he went out fighting, like the old dog he was. Spectrum laughed.

He saw Danny, throwomg the punch.

His desision, not mine.

In a flash he was down on the ground. His suit wet, his haired stivking to his fore head.

He saw her, waiting for him.


He walked towards her, and hugged her deeply. She patted his back and softley kissed his lips.

"Lets go home" She said quietly.

They got into the blue seddan and drove from the alotment. The ceremony over.
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Switch sat in the second row of chairs, his head bowed. Both with sadness and pain from his still healing wounds. His thoughts wandered back to the last time he and Darkchild had got drunk together. Good times. A far cry for the fire filled swamps and the flitting dark shadows with their sharp blades. Switch shook his head, trying to dislodge the thought. Something stopped him from getting up with the rest of the mourners, a feeling deep down inside his gut which prevented him from saying his goodbyes. To voice what he felt would make it final, irrefutable ad he couldn't bring himself to do it.

"What can I say bro? You went out like you always knew you would, with plenty of company."

He stood and looked out across the cemetery. The rain was coming down in sheets. Soaking the mourners as they struggled back towards their cars. A small group was gathered around Gambler, it looked as though they were arguing. Despite all that had happened Switch didn't blame Gambler for Darkchilds death, he didn't blame anyone. Once again the night in the swamps filled his mind, the pain cut into him and he almost fell, clutching at the chair in front of him to stay upright. Darkchild had been brave, he had been strong, to fail to follow his example would be an insult.

"When its my time, I know I wont be able to meet it with that much courage. You were an inspiration."

The words seemed halting and false, but they were all he had. With a final lingering glance backwards Switch hobbled away from the graveside, leaving nothing but footprints behind.

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boken was lurking in the shadows. he didn't wish his enemy's to see him or even his allies. boken always was shrowded in mystery and decite, but what is the purpose of him hiding from the dead.

"wow DC never thought i'd be standin over your grave. i always thought that it would be you who saw me resting in peace, but hey i've seen things happen that can only be explained as miricles like me finding my son, my brothers and my sister. i thought they were all gone but there here. i know you didn't make the best decisions in your life but may your soul find eternal rest."

after boken said that he covered himself completly in shadows and went into the nega verse. if you saw him right before he lift a small tear trickeled down his face. boken was never good with having emotions. thats why he allowed the darkness to become emmotion for him but when someone that you have had the opertunity to call both an ally and an enemy dies thats something he jsut couldn't turn away from that. after leaving the negavers he entered the shambling remaings of what was once the greatest team of villians. The VV. he recalled all the goodtimes he had here. teaming with DC fighting DC when he left and joined the HFC. the rejoing of the VV and once again leaving to the HFC. it seemed that his destiny was intertwined with this building. not only his but nearly every villian around. there DC was being a black king i beleive was his title at the time. he then prayed for his soul to rest and then started flying off looking for his old boss gambler. its been years since he worked for him so his shadow is one that boken cannot remember.

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Deep in bayous of Nawlins, Poppa Voodoo had plotted and waited. The Guild Wars had left the Assassins weak and leaderless, and the Thieves Guild still settling in to there new position of power. During this time, the sinister voodoo priest and embarked on a fools quest. A story past down from generation to generation, a story of the last two true Pure Blooded Vampires, Cassander and Victoire. According to legend, the Vampire Clan’s of New Orleans had been hunted down to the brink of extinction. Cassander and Victoire went into self imposed exile, until the day the would rise and seek out there revenge.

With his mystic abilities, and the tales of old to guide him, Poppa Voodoo found and released the slumbering Vampires. But they were un controllable, soon seizing power from Poppa Voodoo and taking over the Arcadian Guild. Under the cover of darkness, the Pure Bloods descended upon an unsuspecting population. The French Quarter ran red with blood.

Now, with the Arcadian Guild and a small Vampire nation behind them, they look to wipe out thee Assassin and Thieves Guilds once and for all.

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Sariaf'ca found a small smile form across her lips as she felt her husban'ds presence so near. She turned to face him, her sadness and anticipation mingled in her deep stare. Hands moved forward to grasp his shoulder. Fingers squeezing across his flesh. She gave a nod, and tears slipped from her emerald eyes joining with the rain that pounded on her and drizzled across her skin. She could not contain the joy of hearing him say what he just did. Finally, they could try to be a family, just as they'd always planned.

"Of course, we want you home. We can go now if you want, Jean... And I'll take care you... the way a wife tends to a husband she loves dearly." She spoke. But the moment was tainted with a presence of another. She watched Jean's dagger fly close to where they stood and then a figure emerged. She stared unblinking for a few minutes, slowly coming to realization on who it was. The coat was enough to alert her. The style was similar to Phantom's and as he drew neared so was the grin.

"Crow." She bellowed, another small smile gracing her lips. She hadn't seen him for a few weeks, not since Phantom's funeral. That had been quite a spectacle, nothing bad occurred, but the amount of Thieves that came to pay respects to their fallen leader was astounding. No doubt Phantom's gentle and fierce nature touched many throughout his years in the Guild be it as a member or as it's leader. She too wept in that funeral, but her tears were truly a celebration. Phantom was a mentor and friend that she would never forget, and now with her role as the leader of the Thieves Guild it was her duty to make him, to make all the previous leaders proud.

The scene after the funeral played vividly across her mind. She was ready to pass the torch to another more worthy. Ready to end her time as Leader of the Infamous yet close Thieves Guild. But to her surprise a majority of the members disagreed and ignored her bid. They said it was Phantom's bidding, and that it should be respected. They spoke of the attack she led against the Assassin's Guild which led to the end of their persecution and a seeming "disbanded" Assassin's Guild, but she knew better. And she sensed something more as well.

Needless to say, the orange female who now stood drench in the rain between her husband and a friend... remained a leader to an extension of another family. A place that had accepted her completely. And she was proud to call herself a member of the Thieves Guild. Even if she knew one day, they would all have to accept that others deserved the leadership more than she did. She blinked and stepped forward towards Crow.

"It's good to see you, Crow..." She spoke softly to her friend. And as the words escaped her mouth Crow began to speak.

Mon Chere. My deepest apologize. I’m truly sorry for your loss chere. But dee Thieves, day need dhere leader. Something sinister has been awakened. Dee Arcadians, its horrible chere, Nawlings and ALL dee Guilds are in great peril. You must come with me now, before it tis to late.

"Peril? The Guilds... Crow what are you talking about...? What is endangering the Thieves Guild?" Sariaf'ca narrowed her eyes in worry and turned to Jean for a moment, perhaps he had the same thoughts she did, or perhaps he knew or felt of something she did not. Regardless, she stared intently at her husband. She trusted Crow, and if he spoke of danger and if he dared come to another's funeral to tell them this, then there was cause to worry. And for the first time, she felt an immense pull towards New Orleans. Perhaps the same pull that Jean felt months before.

"I will go.... only if my beloved joins us. It is his home and if we should fight any who dare endanger Nawlins..." She spoke the word in a subtle Cajun-like accent. "...then it's Native son should be there."

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LBV puts his head down and prays for Dark Child

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So much was happening at once, it was enough to make Gambler dizzy. Crow’s request barely had time to process before Kain had chested up and started berating Jean. He had known this was coming, he was actually surprised Kain had composed himself this long. Jean simply sneered at Kain and chuckled as he swayed back and forth.

“Dis truly make me laugh. A Vampire telling me about being human. Tis enough to make me throw up.” The cocky Cajun began to clap his hands, drawing more attention to there meeting,

“Every, every please. Kain here wants to play hero for big sis. Sssssssh, now listen up, cause he needs dee attention. Go ahead Kain, days all ears” he laughed.

Before Kain could react and before Jean knew what happened, he was on his ass. As he sat on the rained soaked ground he looked around in confusion. Then, looking up, he saw Chameleon standing over him.

Go to hell he yelled.

Jean simply began to laugh, before laying down in the rain and curling up in the fetal position . His laughter soon turned to tears. This was it, he had truly hit rock bottom, and still, through it all, there she was, his rock, his companion. As he rolled over on his back, he looked up at his goddess, his angel of mercy. Her beautiful orange hand extended down to him, like a live line. He took her hand, never wanting to let go. And as he got to his feet, he wrapped his arms around squeezing her tight.

“I shall never leave you again chere, never. Dat, I promise.”

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The scene looked like an amalgamation of several scenes in one. All in one go she saw Jean and Kain in a mini- confrontation. Jean's inebriation finally making him come to a head. She gasped softly. She couldn't take this scene for much longer. It pained her too much to see him in such a state. She edged closer only to see him on the floor. Chameleon stood over him and she glared at her friend.

She hurried to his side, anger apparent on her face. She turned to look at the scene. Several others concentrated on the scene, some with smirks on their faces and looks of satisfaction. She growled angrily and yelled. "If ANY of you cowards have ANYTHING negative to say about Jean, do so, and then feel pain far worse than you ever thought possible. Turn around you bastards and mind your business, mourn our friend. But don't you DARE laugh at my husband, or the only thing that will be remembered of this day, is YOUR deaths." And she turned her back on the cowards.

Sari leaned down as she saw Jean's reaction, and it tore her heart apart. He was as fragile as their children in this moment, and her wifely duties, coupled with a motherly instinct made her want to cradle him in her arms and whisper that everything would be alright. After all, in her heart of hearts it would be. She rubbed his back softly. "Jean... I will love you no matter what.... and we will go through everything together..." He soon turned and she stood once again, her arm out and ready to lift him to his feet.

She offered a kind smile, one of full of love and her nurturing nature. When she felt his hand against her own, she squeezed it, and soon felt his arms around her. Her head canted to it's side, touching the side of his and she took a deep sigh of relief. His words causing a joy that felt alien in this moment. Tears rolled down her cheeks and she squeezed back. Their bodies creating a warmth only two lovers could ever comprehend.

"We will defeat everything that comes across in our paths, Jean.... You're not alone anymore, you will never be alone. You have your children.... and you have me. I will stand by your side until Shere'gan passes judgment and takes me to the land of my ancestors. Know that my heart and soul will forever be yours, and regardless of what life plans for us... I will love you eternally.... Now my love.... will we face this danger.... will we face all of lifes obstacles... together?"

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Kain stood there watching his drunken friend acting like an idiot. Making an ass of himself and everybody around him. How this once valiant, leader be reduced to such a disgrace, such a waste of a human skin and matter was beyond Kain’s mind to grasp. With each sentence that Gambler spewed, more rage filled Kain’s mind. He was struggling to keep himself from knocking Gambler’s head off. He felt the lightening in his body act up, images of him knocking Gambler’s head off ran rampant through his mind’s eye. Sensing this, Jill squeezed Kain’s arm as a motion not to do anything because she knew Gambler wasn’t himself. The vampire held himself back from harming Gambler but chose to spread his wings to stop the others from laughing at Gambler, for Sariaf’ca.. He began questioning the Crow.

“Crow, what kind of danger is awakening you all? What exactly is happening? I’m one of the thieves myself I joined with her, and I happen to be her brother, so anywhere she goes, I go. Now, tell me everything you know. I must have this information Crow. Do you have even the slightest idea who’s responsible for this ‘thing’ that’s causing a disturbance?”

Kain’s eyes never leaving Crow’s face. He started thinking about the Guild Wars. How he became the Scion of Balance when his two alter egos Nightmare and Kassol went to war. He also remembered when Sariaf’ca became the leader and when he found Jean. But the one thing that stood in Kain’s mind aside from Darkchild’s death was that old bastard that stabbed Gambler. He remembered sending him into the Dark Realm with Nightmare and Vengeance. Could the new threat be the old man? No, it couldn’t. What if it was Nightmare and Vengeance? There were too many possibilities that were either unbelievable or just plain odd. He would have to listen to what Crow had to say about the issue as the rain started hitting harder. He was ready to listen.

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Crow watched the man he knew as Gambler, apparently has a nervous breakdown. As Maelstrom voiced her anger with the bystanders, Kain provided some semblance of privacy with his wings. Crow wasted no time in helping Mael get Gambler to his feet. The youngest chuckled as he patted the one time assassin on the back,

“Ah, ya act as if nobody’s ever gotten piss drunk at a funeral before.”

His smile though quickly disappeared as Kain began to question him. Nodded his head in acknowledgment, he spoke,

“Yes, I remember you Kain. And as always my lady.” He said, bowing his head to Jill. “Dee Thieves miss your bubbly presence Jill. I could tell you Kain, but I think its best if you come with me immediately. I’ll explain on the way. I’m actually ashamed to ask dis, but if there are any warriors here, now would be a good time to round dem up. We’re gonna need all the soldiers we can get. Dhere is a war on dee horizon.”

Crow raised his hood, and stepped back. He knew they would need a minute to consult and gather there friends. Soon they would be headed back to Nawlings, and a meeting with true evil.

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After several long moments she and Jean finally pulled away. The silent moments said everything they needed to know. They were together in everything that was thrown their way. And she could not hide her joy in having him back in her life fully. They would have to do so much. She would care for him as was befitting to her husband. But now, unfortunately they could not bask in their reconciliation. They had more urgent business to attend too, but no doubt at some point during this, she knew they would be able to truly verbalize their feelings.

Both Jean and Sariaf'ca turned to Crow and Kain. Sari placing an arm around Jean to keep him steady. No way was she going to let anything else happen to him. They listened intently to the words spoken and it only caused a tremor in her stomach. She had not verbalized it to any but for days she had had nightmares which were located in the heart of New Orleans. Images of the fog and the Thieves strung across the ground, eyes wide open in shock, death filling every inch of the air. She feared the worse for her fellow Thieves and now, she knew it was not a nightmare but a foreshadowing.

She shivered. A slither of cold which clung to her bones. Immediately, she felt Jean's arm around her, they stared at each other for a moment. And her husband's drunken eyes shifted to ones of concern. She managed a brief smile, and came forward towards Crow and Kain.

"Then let us go. We cannot let New Orleans fall to darkness. And I cannot allow any harm to come to my fellow thieves." Her eyes concentrated on the men and the only other woman to join them in their little gathering.

"My adopted home, calls me to it. Just as I know it calls to Jean.... and to Crow. Let's us go. Those whom wish to join us, will sense it, and will follow us. We can send words to the others we trust, to aid us. But if the situation is as dire as you speak, Crow, then it's best we go now." Her hand shifted and moved towards Jean's grasping onto it and squeezing it with her tenderness.

"My fellow Thief. My friend. Lead us back home.... lead us back to New Orleans."

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He listened intently to Crow’s words, hanging on to every word although it was difficult to understand everything through that thick New Orleans accent. His ears picked up every word in the thick accent. Kain folded his arms while maintaining the barrier of his wings. He had a deep love for his sister and as much as he hated Gambler right now for being such an idiot, he still loved him like a brother and would do anything to help his friend get his head on strait. Kain nodded when Crow was finished and turned around to face the others, firmness in his icy voice. He looked at Chameleone, Sariaf’ca, and Gambler all the while holding his love Jill in his massive arms, her face visible on Kain’s black Armani suit. He had to speak now, to get his family back together and hastily. He also listened to Sariaf’ca and agreed to what she had to say.

“Listen, all of you. We must work together. Fate calls us all back together for more than what we knew before. We were a family folks. A family and we split up right after all goes well? That’s not a family. A family always sticks together and works together to get through the thick and thin. We stopped being a family back when Darkchild died. Do you really think this is what he wanted? For us to stop being a family? No it’s not. I know him and he would’ve wanted us to continue being a family so I say we make a pact. To go from this day forward as a real family and I don’t mean just to finish this task and get rid of this threat. I mean after its all said and done, no matter what casualties may appear.”

Kain’s eyes watered a bit. He realized what he was missing out on by not having his family and sticking by them. He lost a month of his godchildren’s lives, his sister’s life and Gambler’s life. He couldn’t have this so now he would make up for lost time. Kain loved these people, ever since Jill came into his life, he gained emotions and feelings; he learned what love was. The vampire smiled for the first time in a while. He was getting over Darkchild’s death. Seeing his family helped him become himself again. The sorrow was leaving. He wasn’t entirely himself but he could smile again. He smiled one last time, waiting to see what the others thought of his proposal to bring them together again.

“So, what do you all say? If we all agree to come together, we can go together, and be a family again. I’m in.”

The vampire awaited the response of those in the protection of his wings. He wasn’t the scion of darkness and light for nothing.

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Chameleone listened to EC's words. He didn't want to admit it, but he was right they were a family, and they had to stick together. Darkchild wouldn't want them to break up after his death. He knew it was a test, in DC's own dark sense of humor, to see of they would keep together. He regretted what he had done to Gambler, and tears formed in his eyes. He wanted to apologize but he couldn't find the right words. His mouth opened but nothing came out. He couldn't blame Gambler, not after all the had been through. He extended a green hand and shook Gambler's and said

"I go wherever you go, i always have, always will." With that he waited to see where fate would lead them next.

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Crow stepped forward after hearing Kain’s speech. He admired Kain’s leadership skills. Always cool under pressure, or so he thought anyways.

“Perhaps it would be best, if those who can fly, grab hold of those less gifted. Would make dee trip a lot faster. When we arrive, for those of you who don’t know, Maelstrom shall lead us back to dee Thieves Guild.” He turned and smirked, “Tis your duty now chere. You shall stay as our guest, but I must warn you, dee Nawlins night is filled wit all sort of nasty critter’s, of the blood sucker varity.”

Crow put his arm around Gambler and whispered in his ear,

“You better get your $#@! right Jean. Poppa Voodoo is not one to suffer fools no. You above all else should know dat.”

Stepping back, he waited for transportation.

“I’m wit orange over here.”

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hmmph..hmmph..hmmph Akira let out a chuckle after the scene that had just occured,he bled from the trees in wich he hid among the others,the lighe refelcted over his jet black hood as he stood out to meet Gamler,and his party.He was delighted to see such a reunion going about,though he knew nothin of these two Guilds that had been discussed.All he kept hearing was Thieves and Assassains,which gave him a chance to introduce himself efore they all took flight.

The Names....Akira...most call me Doc

He was hoping to be accepted at such a critical moment,he stepped foward to Kain,and glanced at him as if he had never seen such a man or beast before,though astonished he didnt show it.

You seem to da big one here,mind if i join dis club of Thieves and Killers,not much of one myself...but im a good learner

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Kain looked at Crow and laughed, he also accepted this new man into the group. They needed as much muscle as possible. Apparently Kain's fellow guild member forgot about his power of darkness and light. Kain cracked his neck and knuckles before continuing. He closed his wings and when he did, the graveyard was empty, only a fog surrounded them. The group of people that were laughing at Gambler left since there was no longer nothing going on. The vampiric warrior walked forward and sent energy through his tails. His tails began glowing as slowly cut a hole in reality revealing the dark realm. The realm was an endless abyss of a horrible blackness created from the dark emotions, souls of the damned and the dark side of all beings whom ever existed. Kain tore the hole open more with his two tails. The combination of darkness and light becoming too powerful for the fabric of reality to maintain until he finally make the portal big enough for than just him. However this was unlike most other portals, for this dark realm portal would absorb not only those who were on the journey at hand, but the best warriors that were in the area. Kain opened up the portal and held it, putting an incredible amount of strain on his mind.

“Alright, listen folks, this is not your normal walk in the park. You’re going to see some things that you won’t normally see. You’ll see your dark side, the demon within you that you never want to see again. You’ll feel tempted to leave the path I’m creating but you won’t have time to. None of you are experienced enough to deal with the realm in its entirety due to the amount of pure darkness inside it. When I say now, grab on to my tails because it’s the only way we’ll get to the other side fast enough. This thing will leave us in the swamp near the Thieves Guild because something about the Guild is not letting my darkness through. Here we go!”

Kain used the light to grab everybody, including the mysterious woman near the tree towards the back. He didn’t notice her but he still held her and the others in his tails as he spread his wings to fly through the portal. Kain sped through as rapidly as possible. Every single person in his grasp saw his or her dark side come to life. Sariaf’ca even saw Vengeance, the monster she became when Gambler died long ago. Temptation was tearing them apart, their minds being warped by the pure darkness. Kain was breezing through it like nothing but to make it easier on them he absorbed some of their trouble as flew through.

“Almost there!”

The vampire began screaming as he started picking up more speed and charged himself up to punch a hole through the dark realm. His body was cackling when he finally flew through the realm, landing in the swamp with everybody in his tails. He released his grasp and saw his family, including some beautiful new woman. Who was she? She had to be skilled in combat in order for the light to take her. His body was anguished from the journey, almost torn apart from flying so fast and absorbing the majority of his comrades’ pain. Jill, his arm around her, helped up the vampire and his body was drooped against a tree, when he gained some energy back he would be able to stand by himself. Kain smiled as he felt the excitement of going on another journey.

“Here we are folks. Sariaf’ca, lead the way. Wait a second, you weren’t with us before, who are you?”

Kain was obviously referring to this new woman who was with them. He wanted to know and would not stand for her not responding.

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One moment Kiara was standing by the tree listening to the exchanges between the mourners. The next she was being pulled into some sort of Portal. Her time in the portal was not a pretty one. She saw something of herself she had not wanted to while in the Portal. Something that seemed slightly Inviting. But she ignored her urge to step from the path and let herself be pulled through. When finally she was on solid ground she looked around to see the Swamps of New Orleans. She blinked a moment then turned to stare at the people surrounding her.

She turned to the man who spoke to her. She debated on whether ignoring his question and finding her way out but instead spoke.

"I am Kiara Sullivan."

She raised her brow as she looked around, confused as to why she was here as well, "How is it that I was teleported with you all?"

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Akira was pulled through the darkness at such a fast pace,he could only see things he didnt want too,continuing on he stood up from the swamp half dizzy,and looked around as if he hadnt been awake in over a year.He dusted the contents of the nasty Nawlins swamp wich was filled with enough dead man,and whatnot to bring back the dead.

And here i was..hoping i was gonna fly on some pretty dames back..haha..funny stuff,ut enough with this comedy,where we headed now?

Just lookin around as he was waiting for a respond he spotted an amulet that was dressed in swamp,but looked as it had value not only was it gold but it mysticaly drew Akira to it.Akira picked it up without hesitation or knowing what it was,he grabbed quick enough that no one could see or e suspicous about his find.The instant he threw it on it gave him a weird feeling.

New Orleans aint the place for the kind hearted

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Post Deleted.

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Blood flowed in the streets, but not all of it was human. Switch swung back behind a crumbling wall as half a dozen round smacked into the brickwork. Sending fragments flashing off into the storm. The Vampire at his feet moved, blood spilling from its lips.

"Yes meat puppet, fight, fight and die. For that is all you shall do."

Switch squeezed the trigger and brains splattered over the cobbles of the street. The old sector was a warzone, Vampires and their human allies were sweeping through the city. Switch had joined in the fight after leaving the funeral, when his car was attacked by a bloodsucker. He grunted in pain as he savagely jerked the bandage around his mid section into place and sprayed another magazine down the crooked alley. Getting a satisfying scream for his troubles.

"So this is what fighting Kain would be like. Have to say I'm not impressed."

He fumbled with the last clip and slammed it home into the rifle, letting the working parts slide forward and hammer a round in place. Footsteps sounded on the cobbles and he swung into view, weapon raised. A tall man was running at him, with grace that could only come with undeath. The M4 bucked as he let out a burst towards his chest. But the Vampire was too fast, it twisted in the shadows, letting the bullets hit nothing but air and then was upon Switch. THe two struggling forms were slammed into the side of the alley, grappling furiously.


The Vampire smiled and pushed the dagger deeper into Switch's guts. Switch grinned back and pulled the trigger of his beretta, blowing away the monster jaw. It screamed, or at least tried to and staggered away. Switch slowly slid down the wall, firing all the way, each bullet punching into the beasts back. His gun kicked and locked back, the barrel smoking slightly. Switch coughed and felt warmth in his throat, blood dribbled down his chin.

"Now I'm impressed."

His thoughts slipped back to the night in the swamps and Darkchild. With a huge effort he managed to stand, feeling the blade move in his stomach. Something was howling at the other end of the alley, coming closer. Switch swung up his carbine and flicked to full auto. Shadows moved, forming human shapes, a dozen Vampire's advanced along the alleyway, death alight in their eyes. Switch flipped the safety cover on the detonator and pushed the button. Six city blocks erupted in fire and shrapnel as underground charges blew. Reducing an area bigger than a football field to a tangle of rubble.

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Kain had taken them to a place he didn't want to go. A place where he would see his true dark side. When they stepped through the portal, his mind was filled with visions of him commiting horrible acts of murder, rape, torture. He was taken to another world in his mind, but the one thing that bothered him most was... he liked it. The visions gave him a dark pleasure, and to be able to live a life where he could do whatever he wanted and there was nothing anyone could do about it. He looked at the sadistic version of himself. His scales were black as he licked the blood off his claws while on a pile of bodies. He smiled as if he were looking at the real Chameleone. He wanted to be that... he wanted it badly.

"Almost there" he he heard Kain say. It snapped him out of the trance he was in. He was still holding on to Kain's tail. T he portal that lead them back into the real world was nearing. They were thrown through it. Danny found himself on his back and on the ground.

"That could have gone better." said Danny as he got back up. He noticed this strange woman that he had never seen before talking to Kain. "How is it you teleported like that?" she asked.

"Kain here has a knack for making things as hard as possible, even when they're supposed to be easy." He walked over to Gambler and took the flask out of his pocket. "Thanks" he said as he took a swig. He wiped the alcohol off of his lip.

"Okay, Sari, you and Crow lead the way. I'll stay at the rear."

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New Orleans. They were finally home.

The formless mist surrounded the scenery of the land. Trees barely visible against the thick, dense, fog that covered each area around them. But it felt homey and welcoming to the orange alien. Eyes closed as she regaled in the sounds of life in such a dangerous place. The sounds of the leaves rustling against unseen wind. The sound of animals skulking for pray. And the sound of bugs as they crooned in their homes.

Sariaf'ca stepped forward and waved her arm. Like an obedient child, the fog played to her whims and circled them, giving them all a clear view of each other. She looked at the group that had gathered. Akira, Chameleon, Kain, Jill, Crow, Jean, Kiara and herself. She drew in a breath and played with the sounds at her disposal. She had missed this. And she was surprised at how much. She had not known this beautiful, Gothic city as long as Jean and Crow had, but she had accepted it as her home.

After a few minutes of silence she stepped forward towards the dark-haired female and offered her a smile. "Kiara. It's been too long. I had no idea you knew DC. I assume you do anyway, I doubt you could have been transported with us if you weren't at the funeral." She clasped her friend's shoulder. Kiara had been the first human she had come in contact with during her initial arrival to this planet. At least the only one who was not frightened by he orange skin and pupil less eyes. But they soon lost touch after a brief mission, when Sariaf'ca felt herself persecuted by countless others. To this day.... she always wondered why she was being followed and why none spoke when she confronted and did away with them.

No matter. She stared at her friend only briefly before she pulled away. A quick glance at Jean and then she just stood in the middle of the circle unmoving. For the first time since they're arrival she felt herself beckoned. The spirits of New Orleans, the ghosts of her fellow Thieves calling out to her to join them in what was once their home. Her eyes shadowed over, and became almost lifeless. As if another had grabbed hold of her. Jade orbs gleamed and she stepped forward with lightning quickness.

The fogs parted to her commandment and she moved with a knowledge of the surroundings that surprised even her. The lifeless gleamed had now left her eyes as she traveled towards the Thieves Guild. Her home, her brethren. And she hoped that the others were following suit.

The alien beauty cut across the marshlands. Leapt from branch to branch and ran deeper and deeper within the Nawlins bayou. It felt like an eternity of travel. The pull was so strong that she wished she were there already. But eventually her feet made up ground and she could see it. The beautiful mansion that was the home of the Thieves Guild. Centuries old architecture wrapped itself around the structure. Columns, and a dark Gothic feel. Large pillars stood tall to give it both beauty and balance. The area around it was large. Trees surrounding the beautiful enclosure. Training equipment hidden amongst the white mist. And all around it, she could hear he brethren talking. Her fellow brothers and sisters talking, planning, and living freely for the first time.

"Welcome home, chere." She heard a voice behind her, one whittled with a hoarseness and wisdom that comes from long years of life. She turned to find Byron not too far off, he one of the first people to accept her as leader. And a good friend by all rights. She smiled to him and then lost herself for awhile in the mist. She was "home".

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Kiara let her eyes move from one person tot he next studying them. Sensing what kind of creatures they were and what their powers might be. She hadnt noticed Sariaf'ca till now. She was unsure of why she hadnt noticed the orange skined alien until now but it didnt matter. It was a face she new. Her placid demeanor broke for only a breif moment, a small smile cracking along the thin line she had formed with her lips. She watched as she moved the mist with her power and then turned back towards the group.

She nodded to Sariaf'ca and flenched only slightly as her hand clasped her shoulder. It wasnt because she was scared of this Orange skined, emerald eyed beauty. It was because she hated personal contact. But this was an old friend who knew her before the change in herself. She looked up to Sariaf'ca, "It has been many years since we last spoke. I trust you have done well for yourself Sariaf'ca. As for Darkchild, I met him long ago." It was all the information that was needed since she didn;t know the others. Perhaps if Sariaf'ca requested more information she would give it but for now this was all. She let her eyes drift from Sariaf'ca and into the group once more.

After awhile the group moved and Kiara followed. She had nothing else better to do. And from what she understood there was some sort of battle that would be erupting. Something to do with Vampires. A malicious grin creeped upon her face. If there was anything she had in excess it was knowledge of the scum of the night. But being with this group might bring on a bit of problems. The once who addressed her before, he was a vampire. She could feel it seeping out his every open pore. She looke dat him and sneared slightly. For Sariaf'ca's sake she would keep peace.

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Meanwhile, far away from the bayou and mystic of the swamps, Cassander sat, perched on the outside ledge of the Hilton Hotel. The French Quarter of New Orleans had been completely over run with Vampires. Lafayette Square was now set in permanent darkness, routed in evil as Arcadians as well as Vampires roamed the streets. Any human lucky enough to be spared, was turned, other’s were housed in warehouses like cattle.

An Arcadian foot soldier knocked, and eventually entered Cassander and Victoire’s room. The Vampire goddess was laid across the bed, petting the head of some half dead teenage girl. Her blood still freshly dripping from her fangs. As she looked up and caught thee Arcadian’s eyes, she trapped him in her intoxicating stare. The twisted Vampire seductress giggled before winking, releasing her hold on the man.

Cassander sir. You told m…… the Arcadian was stopped in mid sentence when Cassander raised his arms.

“Isn’t it beautiful? The smell of fresh blood in the sweet night air of Nawlins. Now, you were about to tell me something. Let me save you the trouble, are guests have finally come. I smelled there presence the moment they arrived. Though, I did not expect this, they have among them one of our own, a Vampire has actually sided with this pathetic race. It sickens me to see how far our great race has fallen. But very well. Fetch me Seth and Bloodhound. We’re going hunting.”

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Innocent blood. The sweet taste of it as it dripped down her throat. It was like chocolate to her. And when it mingled with fright, it was a delicacy like none other. Victoire relished in this moment. Her tongue freeing itself from the conclave of her mouth and moved rhythmically across the girls cheek. Her breathing was shallow, she would die soon. But not before Victoire had fed more. Blue hues, stared at her meal before digging her fangs against the other side of the girl's neck.

Warm crimson lifeblood ran deep down into her body. The blood meeting in her stomach and mingling to ease the pain of a Vampiress' long life. The lifeblood rested for only mere seconds before it shot through her body and rejuvenated her cells. Eyes became white with joy, as blood dripped from the side of her soft palish skin. She hissed in excitement and bit harshly into the girl's skin. The teenager fidgeted but Victoire held steady, until the body became limp and useless to her.

The beautiful blonde Vampiress pulled away from the body and caressed it for a few moments. Eyes meeting one of Arcadian lapdogs as they entered. She toyed and then turned her attention to the now dead body at her side. She threw it towards the floor angrily, blue eyes flashing as she rose to her feet, fangs retracting.

Like an evil and dark goddess, her ivory colored dress dropped to the ground. The long tail sliding across with her seductive movements. Hips swayed ever so slightly and subtlety, but if Cassander was paying attention he would notice it. She grinned widely at the Arcadian. Finger moving across the side of her mouth to remove the blood, only to lick it off as she neared Cassander.

Eyes darted at their guest. Ears perked to listen to Cassander and she motioned to the door. "Leave now, Arcadian. We know of everything you wished to tell us. Return to your duties and leave us be." And the Arcadian left them alone. Gliding ever closer to the male vampire, her lips came close to his neck and she took in his scent. Slowly her fangs once again revealed themselves and she plunged them deep into her lover's neck. His blood tasted sweeter than any other. It was a gift she rarely indulged in but tonight she would give way to her carnal desires. There was a war on the horizon, and even they knew things not always went as planned. Slowly she pulled her head back and stared deeply into Cassander's eyes.

"My love..." Her voice dripped with lust. "Tonight for the first time in centuries.... we will celebrate the start of our plans. The start of our empire. The start of our reign... and but for now.... we partake in the pleasures of the flesh...." Victoire's head dove forward, her soft white-colored lips pressing harshly against Cassander's. And for the first time in centuries, the two Vampire lovers reveled in their forbidden love. Love before war.... for one cold Nawlins night.

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It had been a long journey, but finally they had made it. Crow watched with a gleaming sense of pride as he watched Maelstrom take command of the fog. It was a skill all Guild members possessed, though not easily mastered. As the mist parted, the beautiful large marble pillars came into view. It truly was a world onto itself, hidden away from the naked eye and protected by the land itself.

As the small band of travelers made there way threw the camp, Guild member after Guild member walked up and greeted Maelstrom with a bow. They smiled as if there savior had arrived, and in fact, she had. Crow turned to Gambler and smiled, the crafty Cajun was finally sobering up. His native land awaking a feeling he had lost so long ago.

“You may abandoned dee bayou Jean, but she never abandon you.”

After introducing some of the more important members to the group, Crow turned to face them,

“You are all our guests, no want shall go un-met, all you need do is ask. Tonight we shall dine and celebrate the return of our leader, dee beautiful creature dat she is no.” he said, flashing her his Cajun charm. “These men will show you to your rooms. We shall meet again in one hour in the Great Hall. Take dis time to settle in.”

Crow motioned for Maelstrom to follow him and a couple other Guild members before starting to walk away.

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Akira slipped back into the dark after greeting a few members of the Guild,he circled around the property as if he was searching for an unfounded item.He jumped from the moss trees,and listened to the swampy water as the crocdiles swam as sneaky as he searched.He found nothing though,no clues,it was if they were counting on someone to sneak around,of course he figured that but continued on and headed back to the mansion.

There has to e a church around here

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He saw Sariaf’ca approach this ‘Kiara’. Apparently the two had history so Kain would let this one live. He didn’t like taking people he didn’t know into the dark realm. His eyes never leaving her, as he moved his tails around in the air. Something about this Kiara wasn’t right. Could it be that Kain was merely overly suspicious, or were his suspicions well placed? Only time would tell with this new woman named Kiara. The vampire could tell she hated him and his kind, but he wasn’t very fond of humans himself. But she wasn’t a normal human. This bothered Kain but it reinforced his enjoyment of being around mutants and aliens that were just like him.

Kain followed Sariaf’ca through the misted forest. Hearing the insanity of the beasts in the forest. He remembered his first fight in the forest. It was against some massive worm-like beast. It wasn’t a difficult battle for the mighty warrior, just an interesting fight that let him have some fun. He saw Sariaf’ca waft away the mist and was somewhat impressed. A simple trick, but a difficult one it was to learn. When the sheet of fog was lifted, the Guild was visible. He remembered that training and initiation he had to go through. He also he recalled meeting Jill and the ‘things’ they did in that building. He couldn’t wait to see what has changed since he was last there. He still remembered Darkchild though. His best friend’s death still ran through the deepest corners of Kain’s mind.

The Vampire noticed the other Guild members surround Sariaf’ca and take her with them. Using his telepathic powers to communicate with Crow Kain gave Crow some strict orders. His orders were of the utmost importance.

“Crow, listen to me. I may not be the leader of this Guild and I may just be a member, but you listen to me, you need to meet me in the courtyard this evening, when the moon falls on the Guild, find me in the courtyard. Also, make sure nothing happens to my sister. I’ll kill anybody who dares harm her. I’ll speak to you later Crow. You can contact me in case of anything. I’ll be entering the Guild now.”

Kain waltzed into the Thieves Guild with his lovely wife Jill in his arms. He held the love of his life in his arms, embracing her tightly as he ran his warm hand up and down her leg. She raised her head and kissed her beloved vampire’s lips. The two of them went up the stairs to her old resting quarters. It was just as she left it; a solemn room with nothing other than a bed, a lamp, sheets and a stack of dusty stack of books ranging from black magic to summoning spells. He loved Jill and it was good to have some peace and quiet where he can talk with her and just be there with her. After dealing with him during the death of Darkchild.

“My love, I must apologize for all I’ve done. For not exactly being myself since Da-” she put her fingers to his mouth before he could finish his sentence to cut him off.

Kain, you have no reason to apologize. I understand why you were so different. You lost somebody who was like your family so it’s fine doing what you did. I’m not mad at you.

“Thank you. I’m glad you understand my sentiments. Now, on to another issue, something about that Kiara doesn’t seem right. I can’t tell what it is though. She’s not like a normal human. She’s not like any of the humans we’ve come across my love. She’s not… food. I can sense a disturbance in her blood stream. Her body moves differently, she smells differently. I know she’s killed Vampires before and absolutely despises my kind. I’ve come across hunters before, but never one such as her. Keep your eyes open Jill. Keep them as open as often as possible.”

Kain, you’re overreacting. Nothing is going on with Kiara. She’s just Sariaf’ca’s friend, that’s all there is to it. Relax before you go and kill some innocent woman for absolutely no cause.

“I’ll listen to you, just keep your eyes open Jill, better safe than sorry.”

The two lovebirds stood in bed, lost in each other’s gaze. They saw things in the other’s eyes that shouldn’t have been seen. Jill in particular was lost in the void of Kain’s eyes. She saw such a contrast in them. She saw both Nightmare and Kassol encased in his mind, shackled to the deepest confines of his psyche. It was amazing to see such an awe-inspiring sight. The beautiful woman began to kiss Kain and the two of them showed their love in a passionate light.

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The camp was alive with excitement. For the first time in a long time they had something to celebrate. There leader had returned, and with her, a new sense of hope. As many of the Guild members were running about, preparing for the Great Hall for the fest, Crow, Maelstrom, and two other high ranking official convened in the lower chambers of the Guild’s mansion.

Tis worse den before you left Bobby said one member . Lafayette Square is gone, dee French Quarter belongs to dem now.

All Crow could do was shake his head in disbelieve. Glancing over at Maelstrom he smiled, almost as if her mer presence was going to be enough to save the Guild.

“Do not worry brother. We have survived for many centuries, and we shall survive many more, no.”

As they sat around discussing various strategies, the sound of church bells soon broke up there meeting. It was a signal, the celebration was beginning. As they made there way back towards the Grand Hall, children and young men and women danced in the camp as old folklourish music chimed in the back ground. Ribbons had been strung along the trees and all the Guild members were dressed in there best attire. Crow could see the joy sweep over his people, as well as Maelstrom,

“Go chere. Find dat man of yours and dance, enjoy yourselves.”

As he sent her on her way, he received a telepathic message from the over protective Kain, asking him to meet in the courtyard,

“What now.” Crow thought, before departing to meet Kain.

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The crib was smaller then he had expected, The child giggled a little before the dark ruby eyes stared down into the comfort that surrounded the infant, He had his fathers eyes , A small window brought light into the room to the left and shone down on the child like a protective blanket.

His small cry filled the room , but no one came the room was filled with everything a child could want the boy was loved, Paintings , hih chair amoungst the array of toys lay to guards with a red smile was cut across their necks, in between them lay a nurse her head lay at the side with bursing round her neck, Those emarld eyes sat empty and souless.

The hooded fugire stared at the child "hush" it had been no easy task getting this close, Money had changed hands , people had died and it had taken all his skillz to be standing over the child, A long thin arm pulled a black Arrow from the quiver , it touched the string and pulled back, His crimson eyes Glowed as he fired, the arrow broke the light from the as it sank into the bedding with a thud, Alarms screamed all around him, The light as it turned out had been protection.

very clever he smiled to himself before jumping out the window and into the shadows a small cry came from the room behind him, the cry of the child , The hood fell as he ran showing the man behind the message , Arrow was not done with Gambler not by a long shot.