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The battle with Warsman taught Darkchild one single thing, preparation always proves to be your undoing or your triumph. Preparing for his torture of the seductive Dark Huntress was months in planning. From the moment he was brought back mentally he plotted two things her downfall and the creation of something new in the world of evil. The world was fraught with peace and serenity, very little caused imbalance within the new world order of heroics and valor. Daggerklutz was something new to this new disgusting world, his motives were their but the after effects were subpar. With the Shadowland brought something new to the order, it brought chaos but they did very little to show the world they were anything but bluffs and implied terror. What Gambler planned would have flourished if they were given time, but time is never on anyone’s side let alone Gamblers. They fell swiftly and quietly, but two men knew something must be done. Their dream would not wither in the ether of the Vine City and the world, it would continue.   With the ashes of the former team Darkchild began to bring something to life, it burned with something primal, something draped within darkness with his fellow members.

Five hours Before Mission (outskirts of Prague)

Within a building built of darkness and fire, two men sit next to each other around a table surrounded by those draped in darkness. Each within their lives have tapped into something dark and primal, something fueled by rage and terror. Within each they house darkness true to its core; they are the Tenebrasque In and just like their named there is Darkness Within all of them. One of the members smiles in the darkness hiding his face, leaning forward he shows his face his name is Asesnio “So you two going to give each other happy time under the table or you going to tell me something worth my wild. This team is something else, but if I get nothing out of this little supposed mission I am gone.” The two at the head of the table are Darkchild and ReEnforcer, DC snaps his fingers and the lights come on. His cabal shown in the light, he looks to each remembering how he brought them together and created the Tenebrasque In.

His true soldier ReEnforcer, sat beside him waiting with a mad grin upon his face. He was one of the simplest to recruit. He wanted exactly what DC wanted, to purify this world of the weak and meager nothing more nothing less he would tell DC when he was confronted by his former Shadowland team-mate, but DC knew beneath he wanted nothing more to purge the good from his body. To become true, the Fire Oni within wanted to be free of the one known as Remy. Smiling something fierce across the table was the second recruited Azrael, she was recruited not by Darkchild but by ReEnforcer himself. Promising her bloodshed and nothing more, because that little imp wanted nothing more.   To the right of her was Final Arrow the man who caused so much strife within Darkchilds life and many more wanted to watch Darkchild fall, he knew that having the best seat in the house to watch him fall would be right next to him. Being the ruler of Hell gave many entertaining things, but nothing compared to watching Darkchild fail.

Across the room entirely stood Eternal Chaos, the man DC hadn’t seen in almost two years arrived from his world of nightmares and shadows. Their for two years he went into reclusion, but he ventured back into this world only to find Darkchild by accident. The reunion sparked something held inside both men for two years their fight brought to a stalemate they joined together brothers. HE kept guard of the door, he never trusted Darkchilds methods of occupying places before he won’t stop now. He said “Brother you tend to overlook the smallest details, and from the smallest places the enemy will strike.” He stood listening but looking out the window next to the door. To Darkchilds left sat his creation Child of Darkness, the thing he plotted against Dark Huntress and Donnie for with the blood of Huntress and his own he cloned the perfection killing machine…and the perfect slave. She did all that was asked but also had a mind of her own, and in some ways only did what was asked of her to see how far he would push her. Pushing his limits to see what she could do to him, she joined following her “father” anywhere deemed necessary. The table rocked as Somniac shifted in his chair, he was the prize of the group the man was mortal who could channel dreams. Something that caused him to be slightly unbalanced this peeked Darkchilds interests as he seemed to want to see where the man’s madness led him. Then finally there was Asesnio, who DC had found by accident. The boy was the son of Darkchilds apprentice Drifter, he held no powers but was something Darkchild wanted within the group, neutrality. The boy held no allegiance to anyone specially those who knew his father, he would be the neutral ground of the group. Everyone was recruited for their specific abilities and ways of thinking, each did things according to them. But as a team they would all think as one, this was what he wanted to test he wanted to see how each reacted with one another.

Finally the silence broke within the room after Asesnio spoke with the sound of a device sliding across the table.   It reached the middle of the table then lit up with schematics to something large a building. “Within this building the leaders of every single branch of the French Government including the now acting president of France will be meeting, in homage to our departed former leader…” Justice opened her mouth to say something but DC snapped his fingers shushing her “We will show the world with bloodshed what we are, that we will purify everything with complete darkness.” Pointing to Somniac and EC “You two will take the front door. Simple as that, get to it dispose of the guards and keep anyone or anything from interrupting us from achieving our goal. That means getting inside and keeping them out.” Placing his hand on Justice “Azrael and Child will enter through the back finding and taking control of their communication with the outside world. You will need to be swift, once the boys take the front door walkie's will be buzzing and people will try to warn the officials.” Darkchild looked to Arrow who smirked then scoffed “Yeah….your with me along with Reen. We will be going for the officials directly, our powers will work off each other.” Asesnio looked slightly pissed off and raised his hand to which DC snickered “Were not at school boy, speak your mind.” The boy scoffed then spoke “What am I going to be doing?” DC smiled looking to ReEn the two grinned wide trying very hard not to laugh. “While were all inside you will be outside keeping those who arrive to help at bay.” The boy looked at DC glaring “So…I’m….going to be….?” Arrow groaned loudly “You're going to be the one running round in circles outside getting shot at while we do all the work…..moron.” Asesnio glared once more “And if they get through?” DC nodded “That means you’re dead, EC and Somniac will take care of everything if they get through no worries.” Ignoring the now infuriated child DC stood up “Now get yourselves prepared, we have five hours then we will leave for France.” Asesnio once again raised his hand “How are we all getting their? Some of us don’t fly you know?” DC smiled teleporting the boy in and out of darkness “I got that covered don’t worry. Once we get their though, the rest is all up to your own abilities.” Darkchild was testing everyone, but everything counted on each of their tasks to work.

Darkchild left the room finding a open skylight within the building, Justice with him she spoke “So this is going to be our home?” Darkchild smiled shaking his head “No my child…why do you think we’re going to France? Once we dispose of the leaders it will be ours, in honor of my Lord Magneto and   Gambler   I will take France with force.” Justice looked oddly at DC “We really going to live in France?” He looked to her in confusion “Then where else would you like to live my child?” She created a map out of Darkness pointing to Vine City “I want that father..I want it all.” He smiled wide “Soon my child, but first we show the world that Tenebrasque In will purify the world.” Then the shadows covered both

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 Not too Long Ago

She held her hand to a man’s mouth plunging a blade into his abdomen and slowly pulling upwards. Her hand was coated in blood as the victim coughed up gore. His eyes were wide with fear. It was delicious and calming to the demon known as Azrael. She still felt anger from what occurred with Shadowland. She had grown more hostile as she grew closer to full demon hood in her events with Warsman. She now sought war and malice on an overwhelming level. What had been a want had grown into an actual need. The teams fall out had left her deprived of the promise of violence. The act of murder as senseless as this kill was helped calm her nerves. The massacre she committed in India with Donnie helped cut off her anger and frustration however she still desired a team that could give her the conflict she so desperately desired. As the man gave off his last breath Blair removed her hand and licked off the blood staining her hand.

“Ever the violent one aren’t you Azrael.” She perked up at the sound of the familiar voice. ReEnforcer a fellow member from the disbanded team walked out of the shadows. “I have a proposition for you Dark Child and I have formed a new team we could always use a good instrument of death like yourself.” She wasn’t hard to convince if she could hold to anyone’s word on acts of darkness she knew it was DC and ReEn and so she joined. No questions or hesitation only lust to put herself into the fray where she belonged.

Five Hours Ago

The team was a bit scattered hovering about the room. The one in basically the center of it all was Dark Child himself. She had a mixture of respect and distaste for the man. He was a beacon for the retched a true figure of darkness. Under his control it was truly plausible that this team could in fact purge the world of light and all those who were week. However he had also defiled her sister Cass and had struck a rivalry with her lover. For that she wanted to watch him drown in his own life fluid. It was curious that she could maintain both burning admiration and ice cold hatred for the man.  

To his right was ReEnforcer ever vigilant, it would be an honor to actually work beside the demon rather than simply sit in the shadows and call him a partner like they were forced to do prior to this alignment. Beside her sat Final Arrow known as the ruler of hell. There was more to the realms of darkness but such a high rank as what he held was admirable none the less. She didn’t seek power over others simply the sweet taste of blood in the mist of combat she didn’t care much if he had hell as his domain what she wanted was to see him in action how disastrous would his effects be to those who opposed them. Across the room stood Eternal Chaos he was on guard and while an enigma to the emerald eyed demon she could none the less tell he would live up to his name. What could he do and what part he played in this she didn’t know but she didn’t doubt his use. Somniac sat seemingly uneasy as he lightly rocked the table in his unease. He could manipulate dreams a useful ability she was sure. Off to the side was the child of Drifter Asesino. She respected Drifter for his allegiance to Warsman his child however hated Drift and thus Azra found herself in question of the mortal assassin. He was however good at what he did and that was useful stealth wasn’t something she favored but she knew its value and this man could likely get in and out of places or provide sniper cover without much difficulty whatever his task he would hopefully be as beneficial as he seemed.

Lastly was the woman to Dark Childs right. The most intriguing figure of the group while also the most insulting. She was a clone of Dark Huntress supposedly stronger even then her predecessor. The b****** child made from cells of DC himself and her sister. It was a fascinating creation that also mocked her bloodline. Beautiful and absolutely lethal she was every strong aspect Cass held with the addition of being more than willing to kill. What was the strangest thing for Blair to watch was the dedication to the leader her ‘father’ in essence. She was his slave his plaything his mistress and thus everything he wanted of Cass but in a way that seemed even more foul and bizarre. She wondered what the Child of Darkness also known as Justice was thinking. Was she truly just the f***ed up toy of DC or did she have a true mind of her own. It was intriguing to say the least.

Finally as Asesino spoke the tasks were assigned and the mission was detailed. The layout was fitting and the target was a good one. What better way to reveal themselves then to officially bring down what Shadowland had taken over just to lose? Parliament would fall in the wake of darkness born by the hands of Tenebrasque In.   The name stood for Darkness Within and made the actions about to take place almost seem poetic to Azra. As they were dispatched to prepare she grew restless and got ready far too quickly for her own good. She spent the next four hours impatient and eager taping her bolter pistol against her leg waiting. Her partner would be Justice there task to disable the communications equipment. Shutting down the power was nothing major she predicted in ten minutes or less her and the clone would be done and she would get to play, spilling blood upon the earth as she was meant to do. She paced back and forth waiting on Child so they could begin.    

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A Somewhat Hazy Past

The café smelled of coffee and cologne, stale pastries and the winter wind. The wallpaper was muted, long faded. Perhaps each set of eyes upon it drained it of its color. People spoke in muted voices, mugs of coffee or hot chocolate clutched in their hands. In the background, jazz muzak played, notes plinked out on an out-of-tune piano. Outside the frosted windows, the wind howled. The sun had set long ago, and the moon glared ominously through bare-branched trees. This was the borderlands of Canada, the last refuge of civilization. Here, the Dreaming was always close: Ethereal forests, and golden sunsets.  
Ashton Miles stared at the cold coffee in front of him. His head rested on the grainy wooden table, and his heavily lidded eyes were somewhere else. A towering figure appeared in the door, and with that logic that only works in dreams, Ashton stood up and followed him…a sleepwalker in the night. Darkchild lead the dreamer onwards into a new tomorrow. 

T-Minus 5 Hours

The room was vast, or maybe it was terribly small. Shadow and light mixed and fought, making perspective change wildly. Somniac was slumped in his chair, eyes closed, yet perceiving all that was happening in his twisted way. The one who had lead him here was prominently in the center of the room…menacing and brooding. Then there was a demon girl, whose eyes held a flickering flame. One of the other men looked almost familiar….one known as Eternal Chaos. Somniac suspected that he spent much time in the Dreaming. The devil himself was by the door. Or was he? Somniac wasn't sure, but Final Arrow instilled a feeling of dread in him. The burning man…every time Somniac closed his eyes, he burst into a vortex of fire. ReEnforcer. The small one…the child. Two-in-one. And Asesino, the balance…This simplification into basic archetypes was how Somniac viewed the world. A tarat deck of humanity. 
Somniac jolted to consciousness, shifting his chair slightly. He looked blearily across the table, to where holographic schematics were flickering. "  Within this building the leaders of every single branch of the French Government including the now acting president of France will be meeting, in homage to our departed former leader…" The words washed over Somniac like a wave, the meaning embedding itself into his subconscious…Darkchild snapped his fingers, and Somniac tried once more to focus. "  We will show the world with bloodshed what we are, that we will purify everything with complete darkness". Darkness….a locked coffin, dead not sleeping. Darkness. The world far beneath the waves, where creatures beyond imagining lurked. Darkness…the- "  You two will take the front door. Simple as that, get to it dispose of the guards and keep anyone or anything from interrupting us from achieving our goal. That means getting inside and keeping them out." Yes, Somniac could do that. Easily. Too easily. Was it a trap? But no, people just counted on their dreams being separate from their realities. When they weren't…no mortal laws could keep them. 
Azrael and Child will enter through the back finding and taking control of their communication with the outside world. You will need to be swift, once the boys take the front door walkie's will be buzzing and people will try to warn the officials." Ring, ring….ring, ring…telephone for one Mr. Miles…your dinosaur is outside…please remove it….the rest of the missions were lost on the slumbering portal to dark dimensions unseen. 
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 Darkness. It surrounded Kain like the eternal blackness of space surrounds a star. This world of darkness belonged to Kain and only Kain. Here, he was sovereign, the supreme power. None could challenge him for he was the guardian, the balance keeper for the darkness and light. Kain had been walking for ages between these worlds, searching for something. Creatures from one's greatest nightmares roamed freely. One could debate on what was a more terrifying thought; these monsters being free or the knowledge that they were under Kain's control when he called for them. This was his own private army, an army that should it ever be freed could mean the end of all things. This dark army however, was only half of portable death he held.
The vampire was not alone in his world however, he had with him his beloved Death. She stood next to him with his arm coiled around her. Her snow white skin was cool to the touch, a factor that Kain truly enjoyed. Despite wearing black leather gloves, his fingers were still cool. Since his departure from the vine and discovery of LD, Kain's power had increased dramatically along with his list of skills. She taught him some of the dark gifts that her kind, the dragons had. Assuming different forms was certainly a favorite. Kain was also shown the secrets of the dragons, such as enchanted ore caches and in fact, how to become a dragon himself.
Oddly enough however, the two were not alone. Kain sensed a third entity in their escape.  Turning around, Kain's eyes met the eyes of a memory; Darkchild. Darkchild had been a friend of the obsessive vampire and then an enemy only to become his friend once more. Despite their past, Darkchild's appearance was not desired nor was it expected. This was no social call, this was business.
Kain told LD to stay back while he spoke to this former ally. While approaching Darkchild however, the destroyer of worlds was prepared to take down Darkchild at a second's notice. The two spoke not as friends, not as brothers not as warriors. The spoke like businessmen. The proposition Darkchild brought to Kain was not one that easily recieved a thumbs up. Especially not Lady Death being away from Kain. He knew of far too many people that would love nothing more than to kill her because of the horrible things they did. She couldn't be killed, but the possibility of her being captured was not something he wanted to chance.
After arguing for what seemed like hours, Kain agreed to work with Darkchild and let Lady Death go on the recon mission. He would've preferred she not do it, but things needed to be done. All three of them went to France. Kain and Darkchild went to a base while Lady Death began her infiltration mission in New York. If she got hurt, not only would her attacker suffer, but Darkchild would be torn in half. A promise made extremely clear.

Darkchild's group of death dealing dark destroyers were all gathered in  a dimly lit room. Constructs created of darkness or fire was everywhere. There was no furniture in the building; everything was just an extention of the building itself because it was made of darkness and fire. The walls had tribal embroidery along the bottom, the windows on the other hand were kind of bland despite maintaining an elegant look to them. The darkness forged floors mimicked hardwood when they were walked on despite resembling black water due to their endless shimmering. The pale moonlight shined in through the windows, specifically where Kain stood. Kain wore white slacks and white shoes. A black dress shirt was tucked into his pants. The satin shirt had darker embroidery down the middle where the buttons were. White leather gloves were on his hands and a silver watch with black background was on his left wrist. His platinum blond hair was combed backwards. His white glasses covered his eyes, completely, the energy that leaked from them could not be hidden. A recent issue he's had with hiding his identity.

Looking back at the rest of his "team", Kain observed them, gathering as much information as he could. The first one he noticed was Asesino. A mortal human who did what Kain used to do; assassinate. Respectable, but of how much use would he be? On the bright side if he proved useless as an ally, he would be a good snack. Secondly was Somniac. Somniac was a blond, apparently human. Kain couldn't put a finger on what exactly this narcaleptic kid could do but the power he was giving off was interesting.  Then there was Azrael. An interesting red head to say the least. This woman obviously had some severe mental issues, not that Kain had any right to talk because he was like her at one point; craving bloodshed for no apparent reason. Azrael had long blood red hair. It curled down a little lower than her butt. Some of it drooped in front of her face but it failed at hiding the flaming emerald orbs she had for eyes. Her fair skin exensuated the colors of her hair and eyes bring more attention to them. Azrael had an athletic build, something her black leather costume showed off well. On her hip, Azrael had a dual bolter pistol, something Kain rarely saw. It fired explosive 75 millimeter shells and weighed a decent amount. She also had twin chainblades attached to her arms. Azrael's weapons were heavy and may have been part of the reason for her build. In order to weild those things effectively, she would require a significant amount of strength. Next to her was ReEnforcer. This was Darkchild's second. What interested Kain was that he seemed to be with the redhead, but he was eyeballing the other female in the group, Child of Darkness. She smelled just like Darkchild, it was absolutely repulsive to Kain. Was this is daughter or his sister? What was she? She even gave off the same power signature as Darkchild. A female Darkchild was the last thing Kain needed to deal with. At least he knew that if push came to shove, who to go after first. Then there was Arrow. Arrow was being Arrow. Smart-mouthing his team. He sat there with his read tophat and white shirt. His power signature appeared to have changed as well. Not something Kain took nicely. Lastly was Darkchild.

Shortly after having activated the lights, a three dimensional schematic appeared in the center of the table where everybody was at. It gave details; scale measurements, expected security and even officer placements and weapon caches. This was impressive, even to Kain. While Darkchild was giving out orders, Kain walked over to the table with his eyes fixated on the map. After pulling out a cigarette then sticking it in his mouth, Kain studied the schematic. He memorized what he saw in a few seconds. Already plans ran through his head as to what to take and what to do. Kain also knew who his partner was for this. It was Somniac. Looking down at Somniac, Kain pondered what his partner could do. He had five hours to prepare. After analysing everything, Kain set up a time limit for himself. One minute, thirty seven seconds. That's all he needed to have fun and do what needed to be done. Just doing the task would take a few seconds, but having fun was the hard part.
Shortly afterwards while every one else left, Kain dropped into his realm where all of his equipment was. It was a silver vault. The vault's locks would only undo themselves after a very particular process was completed. A process that none but Kain knew. After a few minutes of getting through the locks, the vault opened itself up, revealing thousands of pieces of equipment. Ranging from greatest tech, to the ancient and arcane. This was the vampire's realm and his tools for divinity lay before him.

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  Waking up, Justice let out a yawn and stretched, feeling the silk sheets slide over her bare skin. It was a luxurious feeling and she reveled in it. Dumping the blood red sheets on the floor, she stood up stretching her arms over her head as she looked around the opulent bedroom. The plush carpet was burgundy red and she could feel her feet sinking into it as she walked over to the curtains and pulled them wide open, looking out at the skyline of the city. Darkness was starting to fall, her favorite time of the day. It seemed that she had slept away the day once again, but that was what happened when somebody kept you up all hours of the night. She felt a small smile grace her face at the thought of him. She, like Darkchild, had darkness manipulation amongst a host of other powers and abilities. It was quite likely that it was her favorite. The way that she used it, she bent the darkness to her will and was able to form tangible constructs out of it, among other things. Wrapping it around herself, she formed a skintight outfit that left nothing to the imagination. Bored with the inky blackness that the outfit appeared, she used a tiny bit of concentration to change the color to silver, loving the way that it gleamed and offset her deep red hair and bright green eyes. She loved the cold feeling of the darkness wrapped around her, loved knowing that she could bend it to her will at any time. Justice loved power of any sort and having dominion over something as prevalent, as common as the very darkness itself excited her. Wrapping the shadows around herself, she stepped into them, reappearing nearly instantaneously at the meeting in Prague.  
They were to take over France for all intents and purposes. The country that Gambler, the King of Assassins called his own. She smiled to herself at the thought. She did not know as much of the man as she would like to. But she did know that Cassidy had been his student, his apt pupil until she found out the truth: that Gambler had killed her entire adopted family. It was then that she had revolted against him. What a little fool. If it had been her, she would have stayed by his side, keeping the knowledge to herself and learning absolutely everything that she could about him. All of his secrets, all of his weaknesses. She would have struck at him hard and fast, getting him when he least expected it and as the coup de gras, she would have taken over his empire. She would have positioned herself as the new Master of Assassins, would have taken over all of his operations. She would have made her name a feared one. Cassidy was an idiot, a naive fool who did not seem to fully understand the way that Gambler and other beings of pure evil thought things through. Grinning maliciously to herself at the thought of her "mothers" downfall and shortcomings, Justice couldn't help but feel a twinge of jealousy run through her veins. Justice did everything she could to measure up to and surpass the person that she had been cloned from and she was well on her way.  

Five Hours Ago   

She sat at the table, by her lover's side. Slightly removed and bathed in the shadows, Justice observed everybody carefully. She trusted nobody fully, she never would. Not even Darchild. She would stand by his side through thick and thin, she would place her life in his hands and she would stand toe to toe with him. But the very nature of her creation bred distrust. She knew what her origin was, she knew that she was brought to life because he would never be able to have Cass as his own, not in the way that he wanted to. Hence the creation of Justice. She was to be his little sex slave and what a surprise he had gotten when she had not only been agreeable to that, but had actually started forming opinions on her own. She was very much her own person with her own motivations and agendas and she was capable of standing toe to toe with her lover in nearly all aspects.  She was nearly a match for his power wise, the only thing that she was lacking was experience. And her mind was just as depraved and devious as his.   
Staying enveloped in the shadows, Justice looked around the table, taking the measure of each team member, musing over them. Her eyes first landed on ReEnforcer. She knew very little about him, only that he had been somehow involved in Shadowland, that he was powerful, quite intelligent and sneaky as hell. Those were all qualities that she appreciated in others because they were ones that she saw in herself.  He would be a most useful ally in this endeavor. Next, her gaze landed on the assassin Asesino. He was the odd man out in this group. He had no powers, only skills and did not seem like he was here entirely by his own choice. She planned to keep her eye on him and as much as she didn't entirely trust the others, she most certainly didn't trust him. He had no true allegiance to the team in her eyes and seemed to be more of an opportunist than anything. Justice was nearly positive that he would turn on them were he offered something better. She would be more than happy to kill him if that were to ever happen. Continuing to look around the table, her gaze landed on Final Arrow. His name instilled fear in the very bones of any person clinging onto any semblance of sanity. He was insanely powerful, literally and he was the thing that little children had nightmares of. He was the very essence of evil, the devil himself embodied. Looking across the room, she took note of Kain, Eternal Chaos. He lived up to both of his names. He was nearly as much a threat as Final Arrow. His power nearly unquantifiable and his age numbering in the hundreds of thousands. He was another she would be keeping her eye on. Continuing on, she saw Somniac next. She knew absolutely nothing about this person, only that his powers originated from the Dream World. The rest was a mystery. Justice looked Azra straight in the eyes as she moved her attention to her, a knowing grin gracing her face. This woman hated Justice with every fiber of her being. She was the friend of Cassidy, the wife of the creature who had adopted her as a sister. She despised Justice not because of her being a clone, but because she sprang from the horrific incident of Cassidy's rape. By merely existing, Justice was able to piss this woman off and it was a feeling that she gloried in. But she couldn't help but feel if the circumstances were different, the two of them would be great friends. Azra's bloodlust was undeniable, she was a killing maching, she wouldn't stop until she was made to and she would bathe in blood if given the choice. Actually...now that she thought about it, Justice wouldn't be surprised is she learned that she did bathe in blood.  
Yawning as Asesino started whining about something and Arrow started jumping in with the usual threats, Justice started playing with the shadows, making them dance and whirl around the table as she tuned out the words of others. It was the scratching noise that the device made as it slid across the table that caught her attention. Listening intently as the mission specs were given out her eyes narrowed in displeasure when she heard who she was working with. This would either turn out to be a very smart tactical move on her lover's part or will digress into a fight between her and Azra. She was kind of looking forward to it being the second, she hadn't gotten the chance to whoop anybody in a while. That would come after they had secured France, though. They were taking Gambler's home and they were taking it by force and in style. It was going to be amazingly fin.  

After the Meeting 

Standing with Darkchild she couldn't contain her curiosity.  “So this is going to be our home?” Her eye lit up at the thought of it, at the thought of what Cassidy's reaction would be.  "No  my child...why do you think we're going to France?  Once we dispose of the leaders it will be ours, in honor of my Lord Magneto and Gambler I will take France with Force." Tilting her head to the side, she looked at him.  "We really going to live in France?"  Darchild wore a somewhat baffled look as he responded to her.  "Then where else would you like to live my child?"  Justice created a 3d map out of darkness and manipulated it, "zooming" it in to Vine City, home to most of the heroes and in close proximity to Champion City, where Cassidy was stationed.  "I want that father...I want it all."  Justice wanted the complete and utter destruction of everything that Cassidy held dear. She wanted to ruin her life, leave her with absolutely no hope. And after that, she wanted to kill her and play with her entrails.  "Soon my child, but first we show the world that Tenebrasque In will purify the world."  When he finished speaking, shadows surrounded the two of them, engulfing them. It was time to get to work.   
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Seven Hours Ago

ReEnforcer's eyes blazed from the shadows where he watched as the demoness played with her prey. She grasped the man by the neck with her left hand, while she gutted him using the dagger in her right hand. The woman's name was Azrael, she was one of Lucifer's offspring. A demon wings and all, however she had yet to reach her full maturity. With everyday that passed her blood lust increased, soon she would either succumb to it and become a mindless killing machine or she would master it and evolve into something much more then a mere demon. This potential was one of the reasons Remy had decided to recruit Azrael once Shadowland had burned, scattering in the wind. Darkchild had seen fit to confide in ReEn that he intended to found a new villain team from its ashes. Though Azrael showed great promise, ReEnforcer had some ulterior motives when deciding to recruit her. After discovering Azrael's intimate relationship with Warsman, Remy began plotting. The power house called Warsman had recently dealt Darkchild quite the blow, Remy would give Azrael to Darkchild as a gift, then together they would strike a series of blows to Warsman, the first would be an emotional wound.

Azrael's eyes were a light as she reveled in the pain she was causing her prey. As her victim left this world Azrael ran her silky tongue over the fingers of her right hand licking it clean. “Ever the violent one aren't you Azrael.” ReEnforcer said revealing himself to her. “I have a proposition for you, Dark Child and I have formed a new team, we could always use a good instrument of death like yourself.” Remy stated. A fire burned in her at the mention of a team which would give her the blood shed Shadowland had promised and failed to deliver. She quickly accepted ReEnforcer's proposition.

With the fish on the hook Remy put his plan into motion “Now to seal this agreement, in blood.” As he said this ReEnforcer cut his lower lip with the tip of one of his canines, blood dripped down his chin. He quickly closed the distance between himself and Azrael, placing his right hand on her lower back Remy pulled her close. Tilting his head forward ReEnforcer bit Azrael's upper lip breaking her delicate skin, releasing the crimson gold that ran through her veins. ReEnforcer ran his tongue along the surface of her cherry lips letting the blood slide down his tongue and into his throat. Remy then proceeded to kiss the wife of Warsman. She tried to resist at first pushing him away, but then his blood trickled down her throat. He could feel her blood lust taking control as she kissed him more deeply. Before ReEnforcer's could be taken over by his own blood lust he ran his right hand through Azrael's crimson locks, taking hold of a large chunk of her hair. Remy pulled Azrael off of him, breaking her ravenous kiss.

It took a moment for Az to regain herself, ReEnforcer smiled they were both breathing heavier; winded from the moment of passion. Remy kept his deep crimson eyes locked with Azrael's emerald eyes, without looking away ReEn held his right hand out to his side. A moment later flames emanating from Remy's palm began to take shape, the flames soon subsided revealing a black motorcycle. The chopper had a long front end and sat low to the ground, equipped with a two person seat, the fenders and tank were black with flames that looked to be alive. The mostly black bike was accented with a few pieces of chrome her and there including the rims and grips.This was the second part to Remy's plan, a gift.

Lifting a leg ReEnforcer took the back seat offering Azrael the opportunity to drive. A large smile filled her face as she hurried to take control of her new toy. An evil grin touch Remy's face as his plan was beginning to take shape. He slid his right hand onto Azrael's upper thigh caressing it fiercely. He wrapped his left arm around her cupping her right breast with his left hand. As he caressed her Remy leaned in close to Az's left ear, “Rev that throttle.” He whispered as his hand slipped further between her legs. Kick starting the bike Azrael quickly launched the motorcycle forward and then up into the air. Remy had planned on spending the night with Azrael, but he received a message from Darkchild not long after the two had began their little joy ride. Apparently Darkchild didn't have any plan to have Tenebrasque In sitting around for long periods of time without taking action as was the case with Shadowland.


Azrael and ReEnforcer were the first two to arrive in Prague besides Darkchild. Darkchild stood in the middle of a large field, he wore a pitch black cloak which draped over his feet, there were no signs of civilization for miles in any direction. As the pair glided in for a landing The cloak Genesis wore began to expand, darkness crawled across the ground until a massive black square covered the field. Dismounting from the bike ReEnforcer walked over to join DC, leaving Azrael to enjoy her new toy. Unlike the rest of Remy's creations this chopper would not dissipate until Az grew tired of it. The amount of power it took for ReEn to maintain the construct wasn't even noticeable compared with the vast amounts of energy which were his to command.

Taking up a position behind Darkchild's right side Remy placed his left hand on the Dark Lord's shoulder. With the touch he immediately felt a telepathic link form between them, in his mind Remy saw what Darkchild was creating. Adding his power to the construction ReEnforcer sent hell fire through Genesis and out into the darkness which was now rising up on all four sides to form the walls of the building. The hell fire would strengthen the construct in case of an attack or a disagreement between two team members, which Remy knew from experience seemed to be a common occurrence when villains tried to operate together.

The walls of darkness and hell fire to the east and west turned inward to a forty five degree angle forming a pointed roof. With the building formed it was time for the details, the first additions were two large double doors under an archway. Next they formed various windows, they were tall and arched up curving to form a point. Darkchild added a wall blocking off a portion of the building, there was a door which opened to a long hallway which lead to several rooms. ReEnforcer noticed that Genesis had added a large bed to the room furthest back on the right. The last addition was a large table chairs surrounding it. Now they would wait for the others to arrive.

Five Hours Ago

ReEnforcer sat behind the large table to Darkchild's right, figures cloaked in darkness stood around the room before the table. ReEn had backgrounds on all the players in the room, but the only two he'd encountered before today were Darkchild and Azrael. Although if he had his way Remy would soon indulge in the fruits of Genesis's latest creation. Justice sat to Darkchild's left, her appearance was enticing; to say the least. ReEnforcer saw Darkchild taking note of his interest and smiled at the Dark Lord.

Two rows of white teeth lit the darkness, it appeared to be the Cheshire cat from Alice in Wonderland, then the human spoke and ruined the 'pleasant' thought. “So you two going to give each other happy time under the table or you going to tell me something worth my wild. This team is something else, but if I get nothing out of this little supposed mission I am gone.” Asesnio, according to Darkchild he was the son of The Drifter, a man who Remy had recently encountered and didn't wish a repeat performance. Although his father gained his abilities through sorcery Asesnio had no super human abilities. He was a mouse in a lions den and would have to prove damn useful to stick around.

With a snap of his fingers Darkchild lit the darkness revealing the remaining guests in the room. Although there were enough chairs around the table for everyone, less then half of the gathered members were seated. Using his technopathy Darkchild formed a holographic layout of their target on the table before them. As Darkchild began explaining the mission objectives he had discussed with Remy earlier to the team, ReEnforcer continued to survey the room.

Somniac lounged in his chair on the opposite side of the table, struggling to stay awake. “The Living Dream” Darkchild had called him, “The Living Nightmare is more like it” Remy thought. When asleep Somniac could roam freely throughout the world of dreams and while he was in that world, something from there would come here. “This mortal is very interesting.” The Fire Oni thought. “He really is.” Remy agreed. Somniac finally succumb to his urge to sleep, his head falling to the table with a loud thump. Remy grinned, ignoring the interruption Darkchild continued addressing the team.

ReEnforcer's gaze fell on Final Arrow next, it didn't matter how old you were, where you lived or which god you worshiped everyone knew of Final Arrow. Final Arrow has gone by many names during his vast life span, children call him the boogieman, some believe him to be the devil himself. And while he did fight in the great war between heaven and hell Final Arrow is not the Morningstar. Once more a ruler of hell, Arrow is a force to be reckoned with and although the only reason he agreed to join the team was in order to see Genesis fail, he would become an asset. And whats more fitting on a team who wishes to install fear then the being who is quite possibly the reason the word exists.

Eternal Chaos stood at the door, he was a very 'cautious' individual, Remy had concluded. ReEnforcer didn't know much about the man but Darkchild knew him from many years ago and he had told ReEnforcer that Kain, had at one point been as strong or perhaps stronger than Genesis and would be an excellent addition to the team. They would soon see if years of solitude had weakened Eternal Chaos. The last figure in the room was a mystery, the only thing Darkchild had told Remy was his name, The Gray Fox. DC had recruited him just the night before and hadn't told anyone why or what he brought to the group. He simply said “You shall all find out in due time” with a devilish grin on his face.

Darkchild had explained that Tenebrasque In would strike at the leaders of France, eliminate them and take the country for themselves. In just a few hours time the leaders would be assembling for an urgent meeting to discuss the reconstruction. The reconstruction was necessary due to Gambler's last assault on his father's homeland. The team would strike while all the influential individuals were gathered in one location. As Darkchild paused Remy leaned over “I still think we should have divided into teams of two and hit them one by one. With all of them under one roof like this its almost too easy.” ReEnforcer whispered so only Genesis heard.

ReEnforcer and Darkchild both smiled as DC gave Asesino his assignment, the only member of the team without any super human abilities would need to hold off any reinforcements which might arrive. Which with all the country's leaders here, reinforcements meant the entirety of the French Armed Forces. It would seem the he would need to prove himself right out of the gate.

After Darkchild finished laying out the mission parameters and everyone's objectives ReEn walked over to where Azrael stood. She had already suited up for the mission which was still hours away and was tapping her foot impatiently. Standing before her Remy lifted his right hand two her chin, ever so slightly he titled her head back so their eyes met. “Be swift, so you might join the fray and satisfy your hunger for blood.” With that he left her.

ReEn searched the room for Darkchild but he wasn't there. Instead his eyes found the tantalizing Justice. She was walking down the hall toward the back of the building, ReEnforcer quickly decided to follow. Justice proceeded to the last door on the right and without a knock entered, she left the door ajar. Remy suspected she knew he was following and wanted to give him a show. Darkchild was inside, Justice gracefully walked up to the towering man placing her hands on his chest. After a brief discussion in which Justice had revealed her desire to conquer Vine City, they kissed. Remy watched as Justice's silver form fitting uniform dissolved into the darkness it was created from. Placing his hands on her now bare ass Genesis lifted her off the ground, Justice wrapped her legs around his waist and kissed his neck. Darkchild walked her over to the bed and threw her down. Turning his head slightly to the open door Remy was standing behind Darkchild met ReEnforcer's gaze. At that moment Remy felt a twisted connection to the man, he believed Darkchild felt it to because they both grinned menacingly. Genesis turned back to Justice, his cloak dissolving to reveal his blue skin. Darkchild gave a quick flick of his wrist and the door slammed in Remy's face. A fit of twisted laughter hit ReEnforcer. Still laughing Remy left the hallway deciding to find Azrael and see if they could find something to do before the mission began.

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The Past

It wasn't supposed to go down like this. This was supposed to be nothing more than a simple, silent murder but...considering all the stealth kills he has performed on Jasmine Roland's closest friends lately, perhaps he should have expected this or something like being thrown across her living room and into her fireplace by what could only be called a modern day variation of himself. "So...AVALON did continue working on Project: Conserve and Protect. I had...nnggh...heard rumors...but nothing concrete." The Gray Fox or 'Fox' as he liked to be called wheezed, watching as the massive, heavily-armed modern day Protector unit safeguarding the elderly Jasmine Roland bound towards him.
"I can't do this. This thing may have been based off of what I've become but we are nothing alike. He's...beyond me. Jasmine must die, she must pay for what she did to me, but as long as this thing exists...as long as there is some sort of power gap between us...her death at my hands is not possible. I have to retreat and regroup before that overpowered golem grinds me into dust."
Fox's thoughts were interrupted by the sound of the Protector's boots becoming alarmingly louder. "It's either now or never." Fox whispered to himself. Then, just as the Protector got within reaching distance, the air around Fox became distorted and started to shimmer as he vanished from the Protector's line of sight. Fox reappeared several miles away from Jasmine's current address and began sprinting across the rooftops of Vine City, making sure to leap whenever it was necessary. But when he reached the top of the Woolsworth, several proximity minds dropped their invisibility cloaks as per their master A.I.'s demand and ignited.
The explosion ripped through both Fox and the Woolsworth beneath him like a hot knife through cold butter. Burning shrapnel from the exploding building managed to pierce Fox's armor and drive itself deep into his flesh, there was nothing he could besides scream and scream he did. But the worst was yet to come, as he fell the Protector from earlier appeared out of thin air and descended upon him like a hawk, grabbed his head with his right hand and hammered him through the outer brick wall of a bakery, pulled him back and hammered him through another section of it.
"So this is it? This is how I die? At the hands of a mindless brute controlled from afar by a corrupt seventy-five year old NYC Red Light District prostitute turned world famous genetic engineer?! No. No! There must be some way of beating this bastard! Logic suggests that the power gap between us makes him too powerful for me to handle...#$%^ logic! I can beat him! But how? How? HOW?!"  Just as the Protector prepared to hammer him through the last third of the brick wall still standing, heavy streams of ice shards erupted forth from the openings on Fox's palms and consumed the Protector's head, shoulders and torso in thick layers of ice. For all the damage his nemesis had done, Fox had managed to unleash his most frightening, powerful and exhausting attack through both hands simultaneously on a foe far more powerful than he could have ever imagined.
Gently, Fox wiggled himself out of the frozen Protector's grasp and fell onto the side of the street. "I did it..."  Fox cheered inwardly. But had he really won the day? That 'Winter Blast' move of his was devastatingly powerful, of this there could be no doubt, but this modern age Protector...no, Fox couldn't afford to think like that. He had defeated the Protector, that's the story he was sticking with. As he lay there Fox could hear the sounds of sirens filling the air. The police and many more were coming. His teleportation systems on his armor had been damaged, making it impossible for him to flee from the scene the same way he had fled from Jasmine's house.
He had not the strength to walk nor crawl from the scene either, leaving him pretty much done for, so Fox did the next best thing...he blacked out.

Sometime Later...

Fox knew not how he had escaped death, nor did he know how he came to be here, in this place constructed from darkness and fire. All he knew was that he was here and that there was a reason for his being here. On the desk before him were a set of dossiers containing pictures of Ricardo Avalon II, Jasmine Roland, Shaolin Kufang, Akira Arisawa, Jack Hammer and Pierre Cohen...AVALON Corporation's CEO and all five members of his Board of Directors. Behind the desk was a being so powerful that he could no doubt destroy Jasmine's Protector with a flick of his finger.
"After my fight with Jasmine Roland's Protector, I realized that I can no longer rely on my tech and power alone. The power gap between myself and the Protectors is sickeningly vast. If I am to finally get revenge on those who took my memories, my identity, my humanity, my very soul even...then I need to close that gap. Which is why I come before you today. If you grant me access to the tools and resources I require to destroy those Protectors and send my targets howling back to Hell..." 
Just as he had spoken without his mind's permission, so too did Fox kneel on the floor, but it wasn't as if someone else was making him do it, this situation was different. It was like a part of his consciousness was still stuck in the past, but the experience was only temporary. "...then I will forever pledge my undying loyalty to you and your cause...Darkchild." With his offer now out on the table, any and all confusion within Fox died and urged that small dislodged portion of his consciousness to return to the fold.
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 Middle East. Two Years Ago.

A single soldier runs across the bare sand of this wasteland. The war is just beginning to brew and he's caught in the middle of it.

Son of Drifter, grandson of Warsman. Having no powers...just a the shirt on his back and the dog tags around his neck.


Iraqi soldiers fall to their knees as he shot them. Headshots, all six of them. "F#ck!" He swears as he pauses on the battlefield for only a moment to reload. Its in this window of time that he's flanked from behind, He's made a mistake and he knows it... Jack did the only thing he knew to do at that instance..he surrendered.

Taken back to a arabian death camp, the enemy soldiers stood in a circle around a now tied up Jack.  They cursed at him, called him every derogatory name in the book and even going as far as to kick him in the rib cage. The leader of these savages finally kneels down to Jack's level and spits in Jack's face. The uproarious defeaning cheer of the war mongers sounds like music to his ears. "Let them torture me...let them make me angry..." He thinks to himself as he sits in agony.   

"We leave him here tonight. If he lives through the undoubtable snakes and harsh weather conditions...than we gut him for information"  The general orders his men in their native tongue.

The next day
Jack lets out a small cough as he positioned his jaw just perfectly for a hidden razorblade to pop out of his mouth as he leaned over. Catching it in his tied hands, he begins slicing at the rope around his feet.

A no handed kip took him to his feet, catching his breath and his balance as he landed with a thud on the sand.  Running inside, Jack can immediately hear footsteps in the distance. He darts down a hallway with no avail, only seeing more men but what would set the tone for battle was the general who came from behind.

"THE PRISONER HAS ESCAPED!!" The general shouted as he charged forward, machete in hand.

A backflip is perfectly executed at the just right time for Jack to get the rope tieing his hands sliced. Injuring his back in the process. Blood drips down his flesh exposed spine as he lands, knocking the other two soldiers heads in with his now free hands.

The soldiers fall to the ground but the general still remains standing. Ducking right for the generals office, he finds his trophy belt, among it hangs a single smoke grenade. "F#ck yes" Jack thinks to himself as he throws the grenade towards The General.

Cough cough


Hours later

Jack finds himself lost in the war base, before seeing that he's in the power room. A loose crowbar on the floor serves as an ample tool to pry open the breaker. Ripping out the wire with his bare teeth...

Stumbling backward, Jack lets out a puff of smoke from his mouth as electricity sizzles up his fried hair. Complete darkness engulfs the area as Jack escapes within an inch of his life.

Prague - Now

Asesino finds himself among the chairs of gods...

ReEnforcer, a fallen hero who supposedly knew his father. Darkchild, the leader and his daughter Justice. Eternal Chaos, a vampire by every sense of the word and his fathers former master, Final Arrow.

These were the people he found himself sitting among. Gods. Thats what he was around. Despite the cold hearted wit and vaccum black satire he'd become known for, the hired gun honestly respected these guys and was ready to go to hell or high water for em'.

"We ready?" He asks the table of men and women as his final remark.
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 Six Months ago.

Five figures sat in the shadows of a great stone room, between them stood a very old and very powerful stone table and six chairs to match. It was like no other in existence, it was carved from black rock a material long dead to the world and anything said before it was recorded in the fabric of time and most importantly to the five figures was it’s unique power, if you dared to sit before it you could not lie, nor bend the truth every word you dared utter would come straight from your soul, your own essence would vibrate into the stone and be turned into the truth for all to hear.  The room had no windows and only one light which sat in the centre of the table, a small piece of hell fire that would burn for eternity. Of the five figures it would only take one to start the dance, the whole reason they had decided to sit around the table, five of the lords of hell now sat at the black table. Hell was split into many different sectors, each believe has it’s own section, the stronger the believe the larger the section and souls captured. The five that sat owned the larger sections of hell or whatever you wish to call damnation, the first to speak was of course the Morning Star, perhaps the most famous of all the five, “we know why we are here” it was not a question that needed answered, “We have fought each other for control time and time again, as each of us grow another section of hell is lost. We can not continue this way.”  Some nodded in agreement, others stayed silent as Lucifer continued, “This is not the days of old, times are no longer simple, if we continue to fight and to grow then hell will fall and so will we. The times of the ancients is gone, when hell was first born it was simple to rule, the ancients had nothing to fear until the gods came along and changed the face of the world, now they found themselves fighting for control of their home. “Hades the Greek god smiled as he recalled claiming hell as his own, the battle with the ancients had been a long and deadly battle one that he had won.

“and now we find ourselves with are own problems, as time grew again so did religion and believes until all of us, found are way here and ever since we fight to control are borders with one and other, while smaller groups expand and grow larger, we can not continue to fight on all fronts.”  Hel the Norse god spoke next, she sat tapping her finger on the table, her ruby red dress showed far to much and almost not enough “I do agree with you Fallen One, I can not remember a time when we where not at war, but is this not are destiny as rulers.”  A small laugh split the room in almost two, Osiris the Egyptian god was a beautiful man compared even to Lucifer, his smile could almost melt the heart of any goddess or mortal. “To battle is not are life, sister” Hel’s eyes flared red “I am not your sister, how dare you address me as such.” The smile remained on his face. Gods where such vicious creatures, there whole life’s they never truly knew pain or fear it made them confident almost to a fault, perhaps their only fault. “This room, will not allow the two of you to battle, and this is the precise reason we where brought here today. The wars are futile, I rule the majority of hell and have no further wish to expand” Lucifer said his voice echoing around the room

Osiris head snapped to look at the Morning Star, “then what is it you suggest.” Lucifer placed his two pale hands on the table in front of him, spreading his two giant wings he sighed “we need someone, a natural party to rule over us all, someone who will split the souls evenly, who will settle desputes between are kingdoms with no ties to any of us, so that none of us grow to become a threat to the other. Someone we all know and who knows are games in return.” It was Hades who spoke next “There is no one powerful enough to keep us all in check. Trying to prevent us all from moving is madness..” Hel smiled “You mean to give them some of are power,” the room fell into silence at the words. This was going to be the hard part, to get the most selfish people to give up part of their power to someone else. “Yes I mean to give him a third of each of are powers, nothing that will truly weaken us, but it would also add to his own, he would be more powerful then the majority of us combined, but not as powerful as all of us.”  “Encase he took the power and acted against us.” Hades said, “Yes” Lucifer began to reply, before he was cut off by the one god at the table who had not spoken. Chu Jiang the ancient god of the Chinese underworld, his voice was almost a hiss when he spoke; his emerald eyes peered out over the room.

“You said his, have you thought of a subtle candidate.” Lucifer swore in his head, this was it the moment that could tear the room apart. “I have, I have chosen the broken one.” Hel swore in her own tongue, Hades stood slamming his fist to the table. “Final Arrow, you think I will give any of my power to him, after what he did to my mind. He drove me insane for over five hundred years. Lucifer growled at Hades “And encased me in stone and took my kingdom, I know who I speak off, but he is the only one to best almost every one of us at some point in his god forsaken life.” Hades fell silent, it was the truth, and how could it not be round this table. Chu Jiang smiled “he is a good choice, his uncle was one of the ancients, his mother bore this earth, he is a very good choice, I agree.” Lucifer nodded at the man, Hel was next “Yes, I may not like the choice, but it makes sense IF we can ensure he will have some level of controllability when it comes to what must be done.” Osiris simply nodded and then it came to Hades. “Damn you all call him.” Lucifer closed his eyes and the room rumbled as he appeared in front of them, his white hair brushed back, he wore a red suit with a simple black tie and white shirt, “Well hell…o “Arrow said his crimson eyes taking the full room in, “Been along time Chu” Arrow said between his smile, “Stop, this is serious brother.” Lucifer said, for the next four hours the role of the high lord was explained to him, the powers he would gain and what was needed of him, it took two simple words to make him the high lord of hell. Two simple words to that would change the face of hell forever and make Arrow one of the most powerful beings in existence, “I accept and it was done.



Arrow sat in silence masked in shadows of his own making, back in hell numerous of his doubles where at work, keeping the peace and disrupting the souls that entered to the correct sector. Each lord of hell answered to him, but they all kept their rule over their own sectors. Arrows new found powers gave him a larger grasp on the world around him, each clone was perfect and everything they learnt he would know in return. Four of them where in hell’s catacombs learning new spells and dark arts that would give Arrow a better understanding over his new life. He watched the table around him; each person was just as powerful as the next if not more so, there had not be a gathering like this since the Hellfire Club. He listened and watched as each person made their remarks or their eyes landed on him for the briefest of moments before returning to the others round the table. Many thought that Arrow was here to see Darkchild fail, to watch his dream tumble into darkness, but that was far from the truth, the High Lord needed this to be near others, he worried if he stayed in hell away from the bounds he had made in this realm that he would be lost in the darkness forever, he would become something more monstrous then before. He would forget what it was like to be a father, a friend or an enemy. This is what gave him his dark edge that made him so feared, he knew of the emotions of mortals, how to toy with them, break them, this is what made his art so personal. The plane of attack was simple; he knew that at least three in the room could do this by themselves but Darkchild wanted them to work as a team to see how they would gel so to speak.

He did not allow himself to show any emotion as the plan was laid out before them, the sun of Drifter spoke and Arrow knew he would need to keep up the façade of old “You're going to be the one running round in circles outside getting shot at while we do all the work…..moron.” it annoyed him how he had sounded, to lower himself to the level of his former self, but no one knew of his new powers and what he was truly capable of, He wondered if Dark Child or EC had picked up on the change from within, it irritated him that he no longer cared to comment on the people he allied himself with, had he lost his sarcasm or was he to above it all to focus on empty words and games, had the last six months changed him that much that he no longer cared about any soul or was he now secure in his own confidence that he had lost himself to arrogance. As they continued to speak back and forth Arrow began to stand and the son of Drifter spoke again "We ready?" Darkchild shot a look towards Arrow he now lifted a hand opening a small line in the fabric of time and space, “I am bored” he said in an empty voice to them all, “I will come when needed not before, nor after. I have much to attend to.” And with a single step he vanished and the portal closed.   He wondered if he had seemed rude and shortly after the thought entered his mind it left again, the group of people that had sat at the table had so much power and so many ties to each other, he wondered if any of them knew their future and what lay ahead, perhaps he was to help guide them in some way. To prevent the tales of woe from unfolding. But he also had his duties to attend to, he had many things to deal with and almost no time. He would have once simply manipulated the time stream, but now he knew how fragile those trick where and what could seem only moments within time could destroy so much. But he could feel a cold rage inside him and for a moment thought of how much fun he would have when he unleashed it upon .. From the shadows they would strike, and for the first time in six months the Lord of Hell Smiled with excitement .

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At headquarters 2 months and 1 week prior. 

A conquest was in the works as Kain and DC spoke silently of the events to come.   After arguing for a time Kain agreed.   His lover would be necessary for what was best for the end result.   DC sent Lady Death to gather information on the French.   DC and Kain agreed to no one else knowing of her involvement.  She was such a new member to the evil clan none would suspect her presence. Loose lips sunk ships and the take over had to be precise.   To know the enemy meant an edge to the war.  

The mission required finesse.   Kain was too brutal and these missions did not suite him.   DC was wise in choosing Death to do this alone.   She had the ability and the patience to achieve maximum results.   Lady Death was not worried, but she did not like to say goodbye to her lover Kain.   Their parting was sweet and she knew when things were done all would be well.   She had assured him of her own safety.   Stalking her prey would be interesting.

New York airport 2 months prior 

A NATO peace meeting had finished and the French representative was on his way home.   He never suspected what would happen next.   His only aid went to the ladies room.   Lady Death had stalked these two for days trying to find a way to set into motion her mission.   This was her only chance before they boarded the plane and if she failed Lady Death would have to deal with higher security to get close.   The young aid stepped into the bathroom and an opportunity placed itself into the palm of Death’s hand.   Draining all the memories and even the look of the aid was easy.   Lady Death took her opportunity to remove a certain aid from her position.   In doing so she took her place.   The human look did not suite her, but it would do the job.   The corpse turned to ashes when she was done with it.    LD walked out of the women’s room as the aid.   Lady Death returned to the VIP station.   She now sat inches from the man who would escort her to every secret had.   All she needed was time to gather more information from other Parliament leaders and even military experts.   The plane was refueled and inspected before boarding.   The security guards escorted the French representative and LD onto the plane.   Almost eight hours later they landed in .   She hated flying that way and thought about how Kain had flown with her in his arms.   Unfortunately she had to place her own feelings aside.     was nothing new to her as she had been here before long ago.   Before the Eiffel tower was erected in 1889.   She smiled to herself as history had changed so much.   Humans were still vile insects, but they did have their moments in history.   After the long ride to , Lady Death was relieved to get away from people. 


The aid’s apartment was nauseating to Lady Death and living there for almost 2 months was torture.   Porcelain dolls and pinks every where.   She had to act perky and eager to work.    It was enough to make her sick.   Many days were spent surfing through each memory of every one she could touch in Parliament.   Nothing too exciting happened.   Lady Death collected information on all the military bases, the nuclear plants, and storage facilities for every weapon of mass destruction.   The military Generals were the most helpful.   Security in their offices was easily dealt with.   A little flirting and most welcomed her in thinking they would have fun.   LD would draw out enough energy to make them pass out.   As they slumbered the pictures were taken of every secret file.   When she finished collecting what she needed the energy was returned.   The generals were older men and it was easy to explain their passing out.   Blood rushed to fast too their head after all the excitement.   She did what was needed, but never allowed the men to touch her in a matter that would make Kain lose his head and spoil the fun too soon.   The apartment was redecorated and dolls were burned to make it more comfortable.   LD’s hellhound was beckoned.   He phased thru the wall invisible to normal humans. It was the safest way to delivery the information to DC.   The hellhound would run directly there and few could stop him.   She locked the documents and photos into the compartment built into its’ collar.   “Go to Darkchild and no one else.   Stay unseen.   Be careful my lovely pet” The hellhound took off phasing thru the walls once more.   Lady Death remained in human form even though she hated it.   She sensed her connections to such a high seat in Parliament may be needed later on.   She also sensed her love nearby.  Lady Death knew the meeting was underway to plan out everything else with the other members of the team.    

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Darkchild stood looking out a large window into the night sky no emotion on his face. Arms crossed in front of him he stood his mind linked with everyone who stood with him in his quest for purification. Each having their own reasons for joining his team whether it was to help him or to help themselves. A single darkling strolled towards him from the darkness he stood in; bowing to him it spoke in a language of the darkness. “She’s done it my master, the hound is here shall I allow it to cross into your room my liege?” Darkchild nodded no looking at his own creation; it bowed to him walking back into the darkness the hellhound strolling through as the darkling left.   It pressed its head against DCs leg showing affection for the evil and darkness he exuded. He put his hand down on its neck grabbing its collar slightly retrieving the documents within it., Lady Death performing her job in flying colors. Now his face changed completely a wide smile creeping upon his face, his white teeth showing in the darkness. Patting its head it looked up at him “We begin…go back to your mistress. Tell her its time; once we arrive kill the generals as she pleases.” The hound grinned disappearing into the darkness of the room.

With a snap of his fingers the darkness within the room fell, it was now an ordinary room. Fox walked in kneeling before him DC spoke “You will be helping the Drifters son, if he fails in his mission…do as you wish. But the others, I believe in their faith they will accomplish their missions. Do not even meet with them stay with the son.” With that Fox left the room, and Darkchild made his way to the large room they had first met up in for the debriefing. His teams were all ready in one form or another, fully prepared for their missions. Beside him stood Grey Fox and Justice “We will be leaving soon my brothers and sisters. When we arrive each of you will appear where you are to begin your missions. Be swift and be merciless.” Suddenly the rooms filled with pure darkness, all of them were enveloped one by one into the darkness. Closing his eyes he too disappeared into the darkness.

Opening his eyes he was in the middle of a meeting, the eyes of those within the meeting widened. They knew exactly who he was one of them stuttered “Bu-bu-but your dead?” a soldier went for his weapon quickly dispatched were his hands. DC slicing his hand off in an instant he looked to his right only ReEn stood beside him. “He really isn’t going to show until he is truly needed….what a cheeky bastard.” He said regarding Final Arrow, the officials sat in their chairs scared stiff. Darkchild walked around to the head of the table “May I?” the official spit at Darkchild “You will burn for this.” He glared at DC, DC replying lifting the man out of the chair and tossing him into the wall behind the chair. Sitting down he pulled the chair up to the table “In a few moments we will….” ta ta ta ta ta ta ta ta ta ta ta “Okay looks like Sino decided to act before being signaled or one of your boys fired first. Well then let’s get past the monologue shall we, tonight will usher in the beginning of my regime. “ReEn stood behind DC gripping his shoulder he spoke to him within his mind “There are half a dozen men no more outside the door. Should I take care of them?” Darkchild nodded “Then proceed in making sure the rest complete their missions. Once that is done return to this room, I think I’ll keep most of these men alive long enough for the final act of our plan to work.” ReEn left his side leaving Darkchild alone with the most important men in the French Government. Smiling wide he leaned forward on the table “Now shall we begin by discussing your formal surrender?” 

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24 Hours Ago

Just as he had requested, Fox's new Master had given him access to the resources and tools required not only to destroy the Protectors of his own personal demons but nearly any other mechanized being that dared to stand in his way, save for those from alternate futures and such. He had decided to set up shop in the lowest levels of Tenebrasque Inc.'s Headquarters in what appeared to be a very large, forgotten subway turnaround. With pretty much everything needed to turn himself into a modern age cyborg already having been constructed by what his Master referred to as 'Darklings' some time ago, prior to Fox's arrival of course, he turned on all the computer systems and initiated the 'un-bonding' process.
Fox's screams filled the the room as each piece of his old armor was removed, tearing just a little bit of some of the rotting flesh that covered the mutated organic portions of his old body. They grew louder after his old eyes were removed and a series of drills began creating openings in his head that would make installing the new wireless communications device, the USB adapter port which would allow him to download information from Tenebrasque Incorporated's files on Earth's modern age super-beings as well as any other important data he might require directly into his mind and another unique device created solely for the purpose of storing excess amounts of data, should the strain of downloading it into his mind become too much.
With the instillation of those devices eventually completed, the instillation of his newly constructed prosthetic eyes had begun. These eyes would not only enhance his vision but would act like a data-gathering/analyzing device capable of producing visual images of stored data whenever the need to access said data would arise. Even with the silver-ish traces of integrated circuitry grafted onto the sclera, his eyes were still pure white in color and still gave off the strange red glow that had been with him ever since undergoing the first process. A replacement voice box was placed in shortly afterward, which would allow him to speak more clearly but still in a robotic impression of the Ambiguous New World (American) language.
The next procedure was perhaps the most life-threatening of all: Fox would need to have his old built-in life support system removed and replaced by something far more efficient: artificial lunges complete with a special breathing mask and a miniature arc reactor designed to fuel the electromagnet that would precede it. With an external life-support system in place to keep Fox from not dying, at least hopefully, the removal of the obsolete devices and bordering-on-corrosion wires that made up the entire system was initiated. Unlike the other procedures, save for the prosthetic eye transfer and un-bonding, which only took about an hour at the most, the removal of the old life support system and organic lungs combined with the instillation process of the artificial lungs, electromagnet and arc reactor took nearly eight hours to complete.
With the breathing mask secure over his mouth and the feeling of cool, filtered air flowing into his new lunges Fox closed his eyes peacefully for the first time during the entire course of this long, painful and somewhat difficult tech-upgrade procedure. But there was still one more procedure left: the armor bonding. Though the new suit was virtually identical to his old one albeit with sleeker, silver-y paint job, many adjustments had been made to accommodate the changes made by other procedures and, in addition, was made out of the same incredibly strong and durable metallic alloy as his modern day 'descendants'. Indeed, it would take much more than burning shrapnel from an exploding Woolsworth to tear through this suit.
The 'tin foil' trash he had been wearing for the last five and a half decades would no longer plague him with its flaws, sure...the new armor wouldn't turn him into a God-like being capable of crushing time-traveling cyborgs from 5454 A.D. or whatever time period they were pouring out from in this day and age like soda pop cans or amp up his natural ice-related abilities in any way...but it would keep his weaker interior mostly safe from harm and in the end, that was all that really mattered. And so, after three more hours of screaming, the new armor was successfully grafted onto Fox's body.
Weakened and exhausted from the pain, Fox found himself beginning to drift off to sleep, but was quick to shake it off...even if it was just for a moment. He grabbed a hold of a very long USB cable and plugged it into the back of his head and began downloading every bit of information he would need in order to prepare for everything that was to come. As it began, the weary Gray Fox passed out on the operating table.

The Next Night

It had taken some time getting used to walking around in the new armor but by the time Fox had reached his Master's private office he had mastered the 'groove'. Hearing voices within, Fox waited a few moments before knocking on the door and opening it up, there he found his Master with his back to him staring out at the night sky through a large window. After getting within just a few feet of his Master, Fox knelt and bowed his head. "You requested my presence, sire?" Fox asked.
You will be helping the Drifter's son, if he fails in his mission…do as you wish. But the others, I believe in their faith they will accomplish their missions. Do not even meet with them stay with the son.” Darkchild explained.
"Yes, Master." And with that, Fox rose to his feet and made his way to the large meeting room where he found Asesino and almost every other member of Tenebrasque Inc. who, like Asesino himself, he knew practically nothing about grouped into pairs. Before he could even move from his spot to formally introduce himself to the boy, Fox found both his Master and a stunningly beautiful young woman standing to his left.
We will be leaving soon my brothers and sisters. When we arrive each of you will appear where you are to begin your missions. Be swift and be merciless.” And with that, Fox found himself in France standing beside Asesino. He side-glanced over at the boy but said nothing. Fox scanned the area for attackers but found none leaving nothing but the awkward silence hanging in the air between himself and the boy. He side-glanced at Asesino one more time, it was apparent he had no powers but his reason for being a part of the team or rather Darkchild's reason was clear. He was the linchpin, the neutral ground upon which Fox and those who stood far above them both in power and authority, stood. Not to mention that he seemed to be an adept when it came to the art of marksmanship.
Still, Fox couldn't seem to bring himself to talk to the boy, perhaps there was more to this air of silent awkwardness than at first glance, perhaps it wasn't awkwardness...perhaps it was mistrust disguised as awkwardness. But for what reason would they have to mistrust one another or rather what reason would Fox have to mistrust Asesino? Perhaps...it was because Fox had never been part of a team before and was still getting used to the idea. Also, it had been a very long time since he had worked together with another person and the last time he did that...he was betrayed. 
Fox shook it off, The French would get there soon enough, he could feel it. Soon...the silence would end. A clear mind and a full placement of trust in his comrade were absolutely necessary if they were going to survive this.
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One might think she would hover on ideas like how she had shared an interment moment with someone who wasn't Warsman. She however shook it off without too much question, She did feel bad but nothing to take note of it was after all a subtle act why should she care. She also felt nothing about the moment with ReEn his blood had been warm like magma flowing down her throat. The taste of his life fluid was wanted she couldn't deny it. However she had no desire for the demon. She would do whatever he wanted that wasn't disrespectful to her prior allegiances his blood made that vow set in stone; she however would do nothing beyond that. She had showered armed herself and gotten ready far too quick for her own good and found herself hovering around the motorcycle she had been given.

ReEn had come by but she didn't put much into it. Her mind set was not in the world of sensuality. He received nothing more than a smile and the casual formalities as she sat around. The last hour she spent getting drunk off blood. Her teeth sinking into throats of imps she pulled from the warp. Slowly she would break skin and from there drain the life fluid of the creatures. The blood set her in the mood she craved. Her mind swam with visions of violence There was several things about this team hat spoke of hidden agendas and betrayal for Azrael though the surface was the truth behind her intentions. She was here to aid in sedating her desire for causing death. She longed to feel flesh tearing under her blades. She didn't plan on this gong subtle or quiet. The city would fall at the hands of Tenebrasque In by war or at least should in her perspective.     

Twenty minutes to the mission finally the conflict was drawing near. She really didn't understand why they had to wait. She could understand that DC wanted his intimate moment with Justice or whatever he chose to do but wouldn't that be better to save till the mission was done. The cries from Fox had been exquisite and set her on edge. She wanted to devour the flesh that she knew would have come from his old armor. She wanted to relish in his cries of agony and yet she couldn't do that either. While blood soaked her hands and dripped from her lips her lust was only peeked. Now drawing close to the time of departure she was in the main room twirling her blades and jumping up and down a bit enthusiastically. She knew her actions were somewhat childish but she didn't much care. Her love for bloodshed was more important to her then what others saw. She considered the deliverance of pain an art and now she could get back to painting her mural. It was a shame she couldn't bring the toy ReEn had given but she would make do. The others gathered and while at least half of them could have teleported themselves Dark Child chose to take them to their destination himself. Utter darkness thick inky and black swirled around the team. Black shadows took hold of them and the world went dark.  

Then the shadows parted and she found herself by Justice in the middle of a bright lit room. The walls a polished wood covered in various portraits of important figures of history. The wall in front of them had a large generator rusty and worn. It appeared to be the only aged thing in the room. Everything else was clean and sterile. Six men stood before the two. They were well equipped but that wouldn't matter. Either of them could have easily slain them all. It was frustrating that the boss in his so called greatness chose to put the two of them in what was possibly the easiest task. Why even bother killing the power wouldn't it be more fun to let them call reinforcements? Rip open the entire military structure let the power of the team be known. She shrugged away the thoughts and looked to her team member. Cass looked exactly like her and yet polar opposite. Even stranger she was working alongside this clone and yet hadn't done anything like this with her own sister. She let out a low sigh "looks like we have to share love, I call the three on the left." 

With that she lashed out, she hated the fact they had to be silent but she came up with a playful idea. With a faint hand gesture she sent flames into the air above her. Keeping the temperature cool so as not to trigger the alarms she sent the fire forward. Coils of flame went towards the men she targeted. Wrapping around them and twisting into thin wire. Soon the guards found themselves trapped in her mercy. With a hard tug the soldiers fell apart. Blood soaked the walls as their lives were taken with subliminal ease. The two furthest ones she ended with absolute dismemberment not even the chance to realize they had just met their end. The middle man though was only cut in half and missing an arm. She did this for her own pleasure as she yanked the body forward. In his last moment of life she kissed him. He coughed up blood directly into her mouth before his death. The taste of warm blood coursed through her throat and made her excited. Hopefully there would be more to come. She thought as she dropped the corpse and wiped hair from her eyes.    

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 The entrance to Kain’s vault was down a series of steps and through an ordinary looking wooden door with imperfections to help hide the dark truth hidden behind it. Kain quickly opened then shut the door behind him. He was immediately in a massive room, the entrance to the ultimate armory. The room was immaculate, maintaining an almost museum quality to it. The floors appeared to be made from white marble whereas the walls faded into pearl coloring. Two columns halfway between the Kain and the vault door towered, a black gate was attached to their sides. It connected them to the sides of their home. There were no blinding hospital lights as one would expect. Instead torches held by the ceiling or ominous gargoyles provided the only light. Their didn’t seem to be an end to the room, at one point it was just a black space, seemingly a part consumed by the darkness.


As the vampire advanced towards his goal, slowly the darkness hiding his armory dissipated. Before long there were two prodigious steel doors in front of Kain. The two doors were emblazoned with designs and symbols of a forgotten time. While half of it was written in the language of darkness, the other half was written in the language of light. No handle or keyhole could be seen on the doors. Only the ancient writings could be seen until the final piece of darkness had been replaced by a tall slim brazier keeping white fire live in front of doors. Phasing through the vault, emerged four harrowing creatures.

They were each twelve foot tall with long slender bodies. Their arms were especially long, reaching the area where their knees would be before their hands started. Their fingers resembled kodachis (samurai swords), dragging on the floor like chains. Lacking legs, the creatures deemed Soul Feeders levitated on smoke. They had 3 pairs of luminous blue eyes on their heads with no visible mouth. Aside from their eyes, a face could not be seen. Products of the union between darkness and light, their highly durable skin was constantly fading between the colors of their power in a vortex. The durability of their skin had yet to be fully tested, at max, Kain knew they could take multiple shots from a performance rifle, along with extreme temperatures, chemical attacks and even certain forms of high level magic. Their attacks on the other hand were more devastating. Their long fingers were used to slice either the body or soul. Soul Feeders needed to change which was the desired target simply because they were physically unable to do both at once. Soul Feeders were remarkably intelligent only they were bound by the word of their master. These beasts were common in Kain’s worlds of sovereignty; acting as his enforcers. Those who crossed one Soul Feeder rarely survived. Those who crossed multiple ceased to exist.

A silver plate in front of Kain opened up, revealing two slots. The slots were for his two most powerful weapons, the blades only he was capable of wielding; The Darkness Blade and The Light Blade. These weapons could not be unsheathed, they would have to be summoned. Thusly after a quick series of hand gestures, Kain’s blades were held firmly in his hands only to be slammed deep within the the slots before their wielder. Slowly Kain’s arms moved around, turning different portions of the the plate. The plate was actually a timed combination lock. If time ran out, the Feeders were released. If the combination was wrong on the first try, the Feeders were released.

Kain undid the mechanism without too much of a problem, a few clicks in the right places at the right times allowed him entry. The once dead hall suddenly came to life as if it were Times Square seconds after the end of a black out; enchanted blue glyphs erupted everywhere. Every inch of the room Kain stood in had Glyphs. This wasn’t just a mystic seal of protection, this was another combination lock. Kain not only needed to hit the right combination of glyphs, but the glyph combination changed every few years. This was another easily overcome task because of minor clues he left for himself in order to gain access.

The glyphs turned off once more, injecting all their light into the vault doors. The ancient writings were now lit up, it was time for them to be read. Another trick designed by Kain to avoid any from claiming his power. The secret message coded on the doors was read aloud in a language pre-existing Kain and the world itself. The language of the ancients, taught to him by the last of her kind before old age claimed her life.

Finally, the vault doors opened up revealing an awe inspiring sight. Hundreds upon thousands of different armors and weapons filled up the vault. There were shelves, casings, and displays for his weapons. One constant was that all his weapons were held up by white gold. This vault had four sections divided into three tiers each. The four sections were firearms, blades, armor/attire and power spheres. The three tiers divided the basic, from the most powerful. Kain would have to be especially fastidious with the majority of his choices. He couldn’t take anything two obvious, his power increase would need to be discreet.

The first section was the armor/attire. Armor would be unnecessary for an attack on France. All that would be needed was tactical equipment. The white uniform that originally kept his body warm was now being exchanged for a uniform similar to a SWAT team. A blue short sleeved shirt with a black tactical vest were worn. In the pockets of his vest were small explosives along with a few ammunition clips holding different kinds of ammunition. Dark blue cargo pants along with black combat boots finished the main portion of his uniform. The final additions included black fingerless leather gloves for a better grip on whatever it was he was trying to hold, and a small communications device that was planted on his ear.

 The firearm section was completely ignored. This mission would be quickly completed. What Kain felt was coming would render guns useless anyway. Instead of grabbing swords, Kain disposed of the two sheathed blades bouncing on his leg when he walked. He traded those in for two short kodachis. The kodachis appeared to be normal, their only abnormalities being the serrations and the engraving of a snake on the side. They had special traits which would soon come to light.

Kain took a deep breath before proceeding into the final part of his vault. The part that made his stomach contort itself into a knot. The vault was quiet, none other than a few Soul Feeders wandered the empty corridors. The closer their master was to the tier 3 Power Spheres, the more Soul Feeders appeared. Before long, there were dozens, nearly one hundred of them around simply watching as the vampire made his way to the final door. It was an average sized door, the only difference was what was on the front of it.

An epic battle was depicted on the door; the picture displayed two warriors of obvious opposing ideologies battling to the death. Their blades were crossed during the power struggle while sparks blasted from the blades. Above the two warriors however, was a woman. Kain looked at her longingly, with the words “Evelyn” escaping his lips. Evelyn was his mother’s name, the one name no one knew should. This was his final lock. After saying her name, the door opened to him revealing a pearl white room. The only things inside the room, were two posts, one for each hand. Grabbing hold of both posts as tightly as possible, Kain began to speak, calling upon his power once again.

“I am the heavens. Those who curse the heavens shall feel their wrath fall upon them. Those who aim a fist at the heavens shall have it returned to them. Miracles will not save my enemies from their destiny. Their deaths will empower me and I will not be defeated. I call upon the power that I had forsaken, I command you to come unto me, let us become one once more!”

With those words, small crevices in the floor opened. The power spheres glimmered. They resembled marbles floating above the ground with untold energies within them. Upon further examination, whomever gazed into them saw a swirling vortex of raw, unmitigated power. These spheres of death rocketed into the vampire’s chest, imbuing him with power he hadn’t felt in years. Instantly Kain was overwhelmed by a terrible burning sensation in his chest that only worsened because the intense pressure he felt of his ribs wanting to collapse on themselves. Horrible roars of pain were all that could be heard, the screaming was agonizing enough to almost garner a response from the Soul Feeders.

Kain bent over holding his ribs and regurgitating blood on the floor. Soon afterwards he fell down to one knee continuing to throw up blood. After a few moments, the vampire stood up staring at his hands. The new found power coursing through his veins was far too intense to deny. A black-red smoke radiated off of Kain's body in the room and like the screams of agony moments earlier, maniacle laughter filled the room.

After locking up the vault, Kain reappeared in Prague with his eyes hidden behind black glasses, a small necessity because more often that not, Kain's power could be seen through his eyes. The others were prepped and ready to go. Lyn was still nowhere to be seen but she could be sensed. If Kain could sense her, she could most definitely sense his recent power enhancement. Her presence was more reason to finish this task quickly. Darkchild was saying something to the team but it was of no consequence to Kain. Refusing to wait for further orders from Darkchild, Kain allowed himself to fall into the darkness. Its cold dark embrace felt like something he could only dream of. It was the same breathtaking feeling he received when in Death’s presence. This was his calm before the storm.

Before long, Kain was in front of the French headquarters. There were definitely far more soldiers than previously expected. Either this attack was anticipated, or the French suddenly became paranoid. Made no difference to Kain, just another pile of bodies. He showed up before anyone else and that’s how he liked it. The slaughter could begin and end faster than expected.

Taking a few steps forward, spotlights fixed themselves on him immediately. Spotlights weren't the only things to be fixed on Kain, laser sights covered him like spots on a leopard. Every gunman in the immediate area was aiming at Kain. The clicking of the guns was clearly audible. Almost as if on queue, a voice rang out over a loud speaker. "Freeze! You are in a restricted area! Exit immediately or we will be forced to fire!"

Kain pulled out one of his handguns and began firing at the snipers. With perfect aim, he was able to take out the first two snipers on the left before they were even able to to fire off the first round. Almost immediately, a shower of flaming steel came at Kain. Due to his experience alone, Kain knew exactly where the bullets would be coming from. His muscles instinctively dodged the incoming barrage. Kain’s speed was demonic, as the bullets came at him, he didn’t run, he simply dodged to the side resembling a teleportation. Navy blue and black mist was everywhere as he dodged. With every dodged attack, Kain took out another two sharp shooters. The secret to his aim was firing down the laser's path, leading to an instant head-shot.

With all the snipers dead, Kain darted towards the front door. He arrived too fast for the first officer to even react. Kain ejected his claws and with one monstrous swipe, he tore off the man’s jaw. Blood splattered across the face of another guard. The man collapsed on his knees, his tongue was just hanging down on his neck. He went into shock before laying on the floor in a pool of blood. The guard's partner was too busy analysing what he had just seen to react at all.  Rising from a crouching position, Kain shot a scythe out of his left forearm. The scythe sliced the guard from his ribs to his collar bone. A crimson flash dyed Kain’s face. He took the assault rifle held by his victim, then fired the rest of clip at the other soldiers down the way. Kain turned away from the door and looked up to see four helicopters flying in with more spotlights fixed on his location. A grin slithered on Kain’s face until a loud boom rang out.

Two feet away from him, an enemy sentry opened the door behind Kain only to fire an automatic shotgun at the back of his skull. Buckshot blew the top of the vampire’s skull clear off. All that was left was his lower jaw. Brain, bone and blood was smeared all over the white wall. The guard stood fixed on Kain waiting for his kill to collapse. Unfortunately for him, that didn’t happen.

Slowly a long red tongue slithered out to clean the blood of the back of Kain’s neck. His skull began to regenerate immediately. The grotesque sound of growing bone and brain was enough to turn even the strongest stomach upside down. His skull was crunching and crackling back into place. The sight of his head coming back was sickening . The shooter was stuck, the shock of what he was seeing rendered him incapable of moving. The rest of Kain twirled around to face his attacker. His face was almost completely regenerated, with exception of the area around his right eye that was still just muscle with tendons slowly pulling everything together again.

“You sneaky little sh!t. I’ll give you credit for trying to kill me. So I’ll end this fast.”

Within less than a fraction of a second, Kain put the guard’s skull through the wall only to crush it in the palm of his hand. Pieces of skull oozed through his fingertips while a lone corpse crumbled to the floor in a pool of blood. There was carnage and blood everywhere. Corpses littered the ground. Both from the roof where the snipers were and where some of the other soldiers were. Kain stepped out of the doorway only to be shot at by the helicopters. Dodging the bullets, Kain jumped up into the nearest helicopter. The other two choppers accidently fired at the chopper Kain was in, killing the pilot and sending it down to the ground in a violent tail spin. While the chopper fell, Kain launched himself into the second whirly. After throwing the gunner off the helicopter into the fire down below and popping off the pilot's head, Kain forced the chopper's blades into the final helicopter, slicing it in half. The vampire jumped out of the falling vehicle onto the ground in order to finish clearing the entrance.

He cut down the last two guards with ease; the first one had his arm broken with the sharp part of his forearm being jammed into eye socket his while the second one who received lacerations to all his major arteries. During what would normally be a slow painful death, Kain forced all the blood in the fallen foe’s body into his mouth. A new technique he learned to feed from a distance. With all the dead bodies, the doors were finally breached. Kain slowly walked back to the door. He was waiting for Somniac to come meet him so he could handle the guards on the inside. Kain did his job. He no longer had a reason to be there. His fingers reached into his pockets, pulling out cigarettes. He popped a lit one in his mouth. The taste of the smoke entering his lungs felt good. It was unbelievable relaxing for the vampire. However, before would go off into his own little world, a quick call had to be made. He turned on his headset and called in to Darkchild.

“The front doors have been taken. I’m heading out to rendezvous with Death. Copy?"

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ReEnforcer paced the room making further observations of his team mates as he waited for Darkchild to signal the start of the mission. Remy knew Darkchild was awaiting a signal of his own, one he hadn't informed Remy of. The Dark Lord would not delay this mission simply to play with his new two no matter how tantalizing that toy was. Gen Esis had something else up his sleeve, Remy was sure of it. An hour and a half later Dakrchild returned to the main hall, Justice stood to his left, Fox to his right. "Finally received the message he was waiting for" Remy thought. "Be swift and be merciless." Darkchild said as his team address came to a close. Darkness emanating from Gen Esis engulfed everyone in the room, when he could see once more ReEnforcer stood before a gathering of dumbstruck French leaders, and their armed escort. “Bu-bu-but your dead?” One soldier said as he pointed his weapon at Darkchild, his hands shook fiercely. Before the soldier was able to loose a single round Darkchild had removed his hand, his rifle fell to the ground. 
ReEnforcer proceeded forward beside Darkchild.  “He really isn’t going to show until he is truly needed….what a cheeky bastard.” Darkchild said, referring to Final Arrow. "Cheeky bastard..." Remy though, "Damn English bastards and their hideous slang." Remy finished the thought, remembering that he was connected telepathically with DC and he had surely heard it. After a moment Remy shook it off, not caring if Gen Esis had heard the thought or not, it was the truth. As they reached the head of the large rectangular table Darkchild gazed down at a rather plump statesman asking ever so politely “May I?” The man replied to the Dark Lord's politeness by spitting in his face and tell him he'd burn for this. After the last word had left the man's lips he was raised out of his fair and flung towards the back wall. In order to make the man eat his word's ReEnforcer set the man ablaze before his skull was crushed when it impacted the wall. 
Darkchild proceed to take the man's seat and addressed the room, ReEn stood behind DC grasping his shoulders. Remy could hear that everyone's perspective mission's were underway, the exterior of the building was a cacophony of gun fire. Using his mutant ability Remy was able to pick up on every individual in the room and the group the was preparing to come crashing through the door from the hall way to his right. “There are half a dozen men no more outside the door. Should I take care of them?” Remy addressed Darkchild through their telepathic link. Gen Esis nodded “Then proceed in making sure the rest complete their missions. Once that is done return to this room, I think I’ll keep most of these men alive long enough for the final act of our plan to work.” The Dark Lord said. With a slight bow ReEnforcer vanished, causing several of the politicians in the room to gasp. An instant later he was hat the concealed door, his body ablaze the wall melted away at his touch and he simply stepped threw to greet the reinforcements.
This mission was cake for any of this stacked team to take on single handedly, hell even Aesino, using a bit of stealth assassination could take down the French leader's. Knowing this Remy didn't bother getting fancy he simply burnt his adversaries to ash, leaving one alive to have a bit of fun with. The hardened soldier dropped his gun to the ground and fell to his knees after seeing his comrade's killed by an attacker who didn't even need to touch them. The man bean to wimper, knowing that his life was about to come to an end. However he didn't beg for his life, Remy could respect this in a man even one who lay crying before his wrath. ReEnforcer held his hand up to the man and slowly began to heat up his body, after a few seconds the man's skin began to boil in less than a minute his blood vessel burst and his body exploded as he screamed in agony.
Covered in his victim's remains Remy proceeded to check on the rest of the teams progress per Darkchild's order. Using his super speed ReEn remained undetected while he did this. Exiting the building through the main entrance Remy saw that Eternal Chaos had completed his mission, Remy proceeded to circle the building taking note that Aesino and Fox had the French armed forced well hand. The various soldiers attempting to call for help on their radio and only getting static told the demonic speedster that Justice and Azrael had taken care of the communications. Confident that the team had things taking care of ReEnforcer quickly returned to Darkchild's side. Placing his hand on Gen Esis's shoulder Remy sent him the message "Everything is going as planned."

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Crazy as the thought was the French officials sat looking away from the very man who would very likely end their lives tonight. None of them looked into his eyes, they simply sat waiting for their inevitable end at his hands. For those few brief moments that Reen was gone Darkchild sat legs outstretched on the table looking them all over, he grew bored and leaned forward “So your all willing to die for this miserable country of yours? No one is willing to side with me?” Suddenly the air within the room went stale almost as each man thought to themselves. One slid his chair out from its place and stood “Im not going to die with the rest of these fools. I live to serve you.” Darkchild grinned wide holding his hand out to shake his hand, taking the mans sweaty palmed hand in his he spoke “Kill him.” He said with a wide smile.

From the corners of the room Darklings crawled grabbing the man by the feel and pulling him into the small shadows that stood within the corners of the room. He screamed for mercy begging for his life to be spared as he was dragged into the hellish dimension Darkchilds children lived. The room filled with gasps then went silent once more, until one of the officials stood up straightening his tie “Your going to kill us either way aren’t you? No matter if we surrender or not.” He was a strong willed man to stand and look death in the eyes. Reen appeared speaking to Darkchild telepathically, the team was all in place each have finished their missions or in process of finishing. Eternal Chaos came over the coms telling DC that he was returning to Death, he knew the mans loyalty laid entirely with that woman. That seductive beautiful woman, maybe one day she shall be his. This is what Darkchild thought in the back of his mind, but he dismissed it standing and walking over to a large TV screen. Snapping his fingers the shadows that scattered themselves around the room came to life as Darklings emerged from them “Children hold these men in their seats please.” His children did as their father ordered, holding them men down in their chairs. Walking over to the one who addressed him moments before he spoke “Yes you will all die tonight, but I still am a man of my word. If you issue a formal surrender, those within this country will not have to follow your deaths. They will be treated with kindness, those who surrender to my rule that is. But I can be a caring man if one of you can give me an idea to why I should spare even those who go against my rule then I shall do it.” The men looked to each other then nodded to one another, a piece of paper appeared through hellfire over the table before slowly falling onto the table. Each man signed it, and the President himself who until now had been ever silent he too signed the paper finally voicing his opinion. “There are still those within my country who will follow the one known as Jean L-“ Darkchild snpped his fingers at him “Get to the point.”   The President saw Darkchild hated that mans name so he continued “Those who follow him….you can have them. They are few compared to the greater good of my country. If you take them out the rest will fall under your rule, and obey you.” Darkchild knew the president was trying to buy his people time hoping that Gambler would come to save the day. He smiled nodding “Fine, the few die for the many. Sounds good to me.” Suddenly the tv turned on above the fireplace showing the officials around the table. One of the Darklings was recording, it was live and thanks to his two vixens they now were being viewed all over the France.

Darkchild stepped into view “Hello my fellow….awe screw it.” He turned around “Kill em all but him.” Pointing to the president, suddenly his children began to feast upon the French Officials in mere moments the table was covered in blood and gore. “Today I take full control over France, the President himself signing his soul over to me. But don’t worry my people, he didn’t do it willingly he knew that it had to be done or you would all have been washed away in a fiery blaze.” He walked over to the President “Lets thank him. Because as of today, those who follow the former President of France Gambler will be sought after and brought to me to be dealt with in a fair fashion. Any attempt at my life or taking me down will be met with swift action, I can be a loving and sensitive man. You don’t all have to die.” Grabbing the president by the hair he pulled his head back exposing his neck “My first action as president, removing the former from his seat.” Lifting him up by his hair he brought him from his seat then over to the camera “If you have children in the room, you might wish to turn their eyes away from the screen.” A sick and twisted smile came to his face as he stretched the Presidents neck as far as it would go before pulling his head off his neck. The blood soaked the camera, then it was done the telecast was finished Darkchild smashing the camera. He looked to ReEn who had the same twisted smile on his face, Darkchild synced his mind with everyone on the team “Welcome home. Kill everything…every single thing.”

With that the base was swept clean of anything or anyone who wouldn’t side with Darkchild. The military were the first to join reluctantly but they were the most intelligent knowing that if they didn’t they would have been wiped out. Then the service within the home were dealt with, only four survived and sided with Tenebrasque stating “We are FRENCH!” before they were dealt with. Darkchild knew the next few weeks were going to be troublesome in that the people would revolt, but soon they would bow down. Knowing that their savior was not returning to France, he was never returning. But that didn’t mean his people couldn’t return to him. In the coming weeks, those who worked for or wanted Gambler to return escaped France returning to his side. Taking refuge within Chambre De L, the new house of Gambler.   Now Tenebrasque had France, the very place Gambler held dear in some part of his darkened heart. Soon they would take everything he held close to him, they would take the new House of L then they would take his life because this was only the beginning. 

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Lady Death smiled as her hell hound came back to her with a yipping of excitement.   It meant only one thing the humans in the capital were dying.   She could sense EC move into action.   Her instincts had once again lead her in the right path.   As the aid she filed paperwork to be on leave for the week of the invasion, so that none would know of her existence among the living.

There was blood and fear in the air.   This was the type of day she loved to wake up to.   She despised humans more than most.   Lady Death rose out of bed and showered to greet her new daily plans.   Plans to fulfill killing every last General that she made contact with.   Each had a different way to die and it was their time.

She dressed provocatively to lull them into a false hope of something else, but they wouldn’t even dream of the nightmares that will enslave their souls.   First on her list was the lowest ranking Generals and then she would move up the line to the big kills.  

Lady Death twisted the energy around her Parliament leader’s mind making him call for a false meeting in the nuclear bomb warehouse at precisely 1800 hours.   It was not eight o’clock.   She had plenty of time.

The first kills were simple throat cuttings.   The next were burned in his own home alive.   Lady Death took her time and calculated every move.   She made the killings look like the militia had done the crime.   The French Militia wouldn’t mind having a few General’s wiped out in there name.   She had to avoid anything too flashy.   It would lead to her discovery in the plot to overthrow the French.   She was the only wildcard DC had in the field at the moment.

Once she had sniped out the lowest of the low in the General’s she made her way to the meeting place.    This would take more precision than the other killing jobs.   She made her way to the roof and lowered herself down from an opened sunroof.   She carefully linked up her energy manipulation into the very core of the nuclear bombs.   It made her skin feel like it was burning, but the end result would be well worth the effort.

As the last few General’s arrived, Lady Death smiled wickedly.   Controlling every atom of the nuclear bombs was rough.   The General’s began to scream in agony as the toxic radiation seeped into their pores.  The radiation was aided by her own powers to speed up the killing.   The men tried to run, but were overwhelmed by the burns they acquired.  

Lady Death closed her eyes and took a deep breath as she returned the radiation back to it’s containment within the bomb shells.  

Foolish humans and their poisonous toys too bad it back fired this time.”   She smiled wickedly as she lowered herself to the floor and looked over the bodies.   Her face went into a scowl as she noticed the perverted General was not among them.   She grunted in frustration.   This killing spree was supposed to be quick, so she could meet up with Kain for crepes.   Lady Death grabbed the codes to set the nuclear bombs into action.

Lady Death sighed heavily as she looked up at the clock.   It had become immobile from the radiation.   She cursed to herself as she pulled herself back up the rope.   Before she evacuated the area she caused a leak in the bombs core to help explain the deaths below.

Lady quickly made her way to the last General’s home.   Upon investigation from the outside he was found in bed sick.   The poor man had lost his wife to a car crash a few years back and since then he preyed upon younger women for his delights.   He was asleep in bed.

Perfect timing she thought to herself as she crept into his home.   LD put on a plastic suite over her self as she went upstairs to his bedroom. Silently she tied him up to the bed in a spread eagle fashion and gagged him with his own dirty socks.   Once done Lady Death sat at the end of the bed with a skinning knife.   The General awoke screaming in a panic.   Lady Death just smiled.  

“Do you wish to die like the others or do you wish to die slowly?” Her voice smooth as silk as the words rolled off her tongue.   Somehow him not being at the bomb facility made her day better.   She could really punish this one for placing his hands on her bottom and saying rude things.

The General jerked and moaned loudly as he tried to plead for his life.   He even began to sweat profusely and cry rivers of tears.   Lady Death was not moved by his actions in the least.  

Sinceyou won’t tell me.   I will choose for you, but first I must say this.   I will not show mercy. I will not show sorrow.   When you are gone I will not cry over your grave.   I will however be thankful.   I get my revenge on one more scum of the Earth human.”

She wanted to hear him scream, so she stabbed the skinning knife into his right foot.   He bellowed in pain as his back jerked up from the stab.  

Lady Death dragged the blade up his leg and into his torso.   Blood ran onto the bed staining it crimson.   He was barely alive when she completed her task of skinning him.   Wiping the blade clean she walked into the kitchen and grabbed a large container of salt.   She walked back into his bedroom and poured every last grain onto his flesh.   His screamed in horror, but soon that died down as the shock and fatality went into effect.

Lady Death was not one to make nice when it came to killing those who offended her and she had fulfilled her part.   All of the General’s were dead.   She looked at the time and cursed at the now recently dead General.  

You made me late for crepes. Ugh.”   She tossed out the bloody plastic suite and went into her car outside.   The hell hound meet up with her and she placed into its’ collar the activation codes for all the missiles for DC to hold.  

The streets were silent as she drove downtown to the café where she would meet Kain.   From the glove compartment she drew out a communicator. She forced her voice into a more manly tone to speak.     

Death is on schedule.   The codes are on their way. ”  

She tossed the communicator back into the glove box as she parked the car down the street from the café.   A short walk from her destination.    

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 “Are you impressed with yourselves?” the voice had a sadistic undertone that seemed to seep at the very air it touched. Two crimson eyes tore into the darkened room, death still hung in the air between them. Arrow was wearing a fine tailored suit, with a long jacket and a cane sat comfortably in his hand, the long black shaft seemed too be made of the darkness that surrounded it. He stared at Darkchild and ReEnforcer , the energy in the room would be enough to drive a human insane, he pushed one of the seats aside with the tip of his cane and then flicked the bottom of his jacket so he could sit with some comfort.  Darkchild looked at ReEnforcer and then back to the High Lord, “such a pathetic display, to get his attention, you are like a child chasing the coat tails of an older brother, always cast in the shadows.” Arrow was now smiling “Be careful” Darkchild said with gritted teeth, his eyes a balze, “Even in the face of  death some of these mere men still stood with him in pride and all you could manage to do was kill them…all so threatening.” His head snapped up at DC the chair flew back and shattered against the back wall as he stood. Arrow turned his back on DC and headed towards a near by window, “YOU DO NOT TURN YOUR BACK ON ME, NOT AGAIN” the room rumbled at his voice, the darklings swept across the floor only to be humbled in the presence of two small creatures, they stood no higher then a toodler and had pale white faces, they had no hair or ears, only two crimson dotted eyes and smiles that sprawled across their faces, they where the perfect mimic of their creator. They let out a giggle that would have chilled the most monstrous creatures, Arrow had not even moved from his spot at the window, his eyes focused on the massacre outside. “I did not come to fight; if I had would be nothing but a dot by now, a memory that had been forgotten. I came to speak and I came here for you to understand.”  Turning he looked towards him, “You have died and for a moment you knew of peace, You know what I truly am, you know I am forever immortal, my body may pass but I will always be. Neither of us can change that. I have come to accept this and embraced a role that some would say is befitting to my talents. You no doubt have noticed a change in me, a difference that you can not place?.”

The Darklings and The Children of Arrow where now pulling faces at each other, Arrow rolled his eyes and continued, “You have no doubt heard of what I have become by now, well I can tell you it is true. We no longer are playing the same game, you and I, I have responsibilities that far way out anything that I hold important to this world and that includes your flare for the dramatic, It would be worth it if you only had a point. I transgress; let me get to my point, Walk way, take your people and walk away now. There is more then your pride and the Lebeau legacies being played at this moment in time , There are things that if you cross into them, you will force my hand to raise against you.” Darkchild listened, “I have faced your hand before and I still stand here.” You have faced a shell an empty vessel that had no real task in life, you have never faced me. Take my words and heed them for once if your god forsaken life.”  Darkchild smiled and placed a hand on Arrows shoulder “When have you ever known me to listen to advice brother. If we must face each other so be it, “Arrow knocked the arm away, and pulled out the small box that Gambler had handed him, he opened it and inside sat a single white feather. “I thought I brought him back, but I was wrong and he is more then aware of the protection that he is now under, You know of how he came back, you where one of the people there. But ask yourself something, something I have only come to realize with my new role. How can you kill something that someone else created….” Arrow dropped the box and began to vanish, “The answers is…only if they let you.” And with that he was gone from the room, The children of Arrow bowed their head and vanished along with him.

  The room was made from the same stone that hell was carved from, a dark grey, within each crack there was a dark orange that seemed to bring light into the darkest places. Arrow had built his crocked home in between the fractions of hell he now ruled over, a twisted home for the high lord of hell. In the room sat a single throne it seemed to have no start and merely was forged up from the floor and fashioned into the chair. No windows sat in this hall no elegant wall pieces or paints, this was the hall of judgment. Arrow pale complexion stood out against the blackness of the chair, the orange veins pulsing where his flesh met stone. Hell was different for demons and the ancient creatures; to them it was a solid world, a place of stone and fire, built of fear and pain. To them it was a home, to humans and non-demons who found their way into the pit, it was a living nightmare, they did not feel stone, nor see it. As soon as their souls found their way to the jaws of which ever devil they believed in hell was a living nightmare, they saw and felt only what they feared or what their devil did to them, here a minute was ten years to those without demon blood or the power to see past the lies, you think you know pain, fear; some even think they can face it, but you never know…never truly until you have looked into his eye and if you ever found your soul in the hands of the high lord then I will pray no matter how futile because perhaps one day your god will have pity on you, because no one knew pain and terror like the High Lord. A small creature entered the room, t he demon had black scales, a few of his species had made it to earth, you may have seen them at freak shows, lizard boy was a favorite tag line most used, he had deep green eyes and a long forked tongue . “Sire” the small demon was easily a thousand years old and his voice sounded like stone scratching on stone. “Tell Lucifer I require his assistance and remind him that I am not one to be kept waiting.” With a small bow the demon “Yes my lord” w ithout a nother  word the demon turned on the spot where he had been and began his long walk back to his station he could not use his magic while in the high lords home no one could but Arrow himself.

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The silence ended with the sounds of sirens, the screeching of halted vehicles, the Earth-shaking trotting of the soldiers pouring out of each vehicle, the loading of guns and the shouting of orders. The French had come out in full force to save their precious leaders only to find themselves unprepared for what they'd find standing between them and the front door.

A door they would never reach and never did. Fox had lost sight of Asesino amidst the chaos but he had faith that the boy would be just fine. As for Fox, The French were proving to be a little troublesome now that their VR-trained cyber-soldiers had entered the fray with weapons easily capable of damaging and, in some cases, piercing his armored hide.

Their strategy was simple: think as one, strike as one and kill as one. For what seemed like an eternity, Fox and five of France’s newest “toys” held each other in a brutish dual. Swinging weapons, punches, kicks, flying ice daggers, heavy streams of ice shards and searing plasma beams. Their strikes met his counters, his counters met their parries, each and every blow was delivered with inhuman, crushing strength.

“Welcome home. Kill everything…every single thing.”
Darkchild’s voice echoed in the back of Fox’s mind, it took a moment to process what his Master had just said, in which time Fox left himself wide open for attack.

“I hear...and obey.” Fox whispered, seemingly unaware of the soldier descending from above with an axe raised high up above his head. But just as he was about to bring it down on Fox, the techno-organic assassin teleported away, reappeared behind the leader of the group and snapped his neck. Fox teleported away again and found another high ranking officer to break. It was time to finish this fight and shift all focus onto more important matters.

One by one the generals heading this assault fell at the hands of a constantly teleporting Fox. Once their subordinates realized what was going on, the signal for retreat went up, but there was no way Fox was about to let any of the soldiers still present escape death by either his hands or those of Asesino, whom he had still yet to locate amongst the rabble. But he could not focus on that now, the French Military Forces who dared to defy the will of his Master needed to be dealt with promptly and so he teleported away once more, this time into the heart of the battle itself.
It was not long after that the breaking of bones and the dying screams of enemy soldiers began to fill the air.

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Arrows words rang through to Darkchild, he knew that if he was to do exactly what he had been planning on doing this entire time…he would be in for a world of hurt. From both Gambler and Final Arrow, but also the people of France. These people know exactly what Darkchild is capable of but they still fight, he could see them fighting in the streets against his darklings. They tore through the city with little effort, but that effort sent a shiver down the spines of the people showing that even the tiny have a say in how things work in the grand schemes of things. The hound that LD had sent with the codes arrived soon after his former brother in arms had left, whining to him. He knelt down picking its collar off its neck then returned it back when he got what he wanted. “Tell your mistress her affair in this scheme was very well done, she will be rewarded.” The hound looked to Darkchild then left into the shadows.

Now few weeks have passed since he took control of France, Darkchild looked out the canopy standing his hands on the edge he peered down, the people were screaming to him. Cursing him and his people, soon ReEn approached him “Now what Genesis, where do we go now?” Meaning now that they had control of France what was next, Darkchild looked out into the streets below then without turning he spoke “Leave me, my discussion with Gambler gave me the answer I wanted. We begin tonight, prepare yourself and the others.” He looked down to his belt pulling out a small device, a large red button sat on top of it smiling at him. “Get as many of Gamblers people into Paris, push them into the middle of the city. Then make haste because tonight, we burn it. We burn Paris to the ground, turn it to ashes.” ReEn nodded then leaving Darkchild to question his next steps. Was it really necessary to do this, he could simple confront Gambler, but it would mean the downfall of one or more of his people. Gambler held in his grips many people who would do his bidding, Darkchild knew even without destroying his precious city he would lose one if not his whole team.   He stood thinking then he called out to Justice, she appeared moments after he summoned her “My little Justice, I want you to know that after tonight. After tonight things will get very bad very quickly, nothing I shouldn’t be able to control or manipulate but its going to get crazy.” Recently after being tossed away by Talon he has come to realize that Justice is someone he loves, so he must protect her “I want you by my side every moment possible. Do not move far from my side.” She looked to him in a way he didn’t think she knew how to express; she put her head on his shoulder “By your side I will stay my love.” His head rang for a moment; ReEnforcer was trying to contact him thinking very loudly so he would be heard.

“Sir, the ones we could find they are all within the city perimeter now. Few of them actual with blood ties to the Cajuns clan, they fought for few moments before we got control. We are moving out now.” Darkchild nodded to ReEnforcer then spoke “Get out of the city completely, its going to be horrendous the fallout. Get out of there.” With that he could feel that the ones he brought with him had left the city limits. The blockades were erected so that the ones trapped would not be able to escape easily, some would of course but it wasn’t necessarily the people he wanted to kill. It was the city; Paris was Gamblers baby besides France itself. He looked to his lover “You ready for this? I leave it up to you Justice, do we destroy this city. Or do we simply run away now, mask ourselves as best as we can from Arrow. Leave this all behind, what is your decision?” He stood looking at her; she smiled taking his hand with the device. Wrapping her hand around his with one hand, then with the other she put his thumb on the button then put hers on top of his. “We burn it all, Burn it all to the ground.” With a smile he looked out in front of him then they both pressed the button together.

The military salvo of missiles and other weapons of destruction wurred into life, suddenly the skies above Paris filled with smoke and hundreds of cruise missiles. The skies were for a brief moment nothing but missiles, then they all one after another hit the ground and buildings. Scores of people trying to escape the blasts were taken when debris shot from the explosions. Watching Paris fall together Darkchild and Justice the Child of Darkness stood wide smiles on their faces. Only thing that remained half standing after the last missile hit was the Eiffel Tower, they both looked to each other then flew over to it. Holding hands they reached out forming one large mass of energy merging it into something enormous, then it was fired. The force of the explosion from their intertwined hands blew back Justice’s hair. Then it collided with the Tower, it was almost magical how the energy wrapped around what remained of the Tower then it all disintegrated into ash, the fallout of their attack encompassed the remains of the city in one large blast. The remains of the city were nothing but brick and mortar, soon the world would know of this disaster. But even sooner one man would come looking for retribution.

Gambler would stop at nothing to destroy Darkchild, this was what DC wanted. With such determination in the death of Darkchild he would let things fall into place. Darkchild didn’t worry about Gambler, he wasn’t afraid of him; the one man he did worry about was Arrow. But even then, he knew if things got too much for him and Justice he would simply disappear. Everything was falling into place, now he waits with his team of Darkness.