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She was trying to play with him, he knew. When she laughed, it was like a melody of music clashing to make the perfect symphony, of harmony. It was beautiful. It would be even more beautiful when he hears her scream of terror, disgust or utter hatred and most importantly, betrayal. It wouldn't matter weather she figures it out or not. All that matters is that he has her like  fish caught in a net. How interesting that angel of mystic say such words to the very human that worships them, envy's them even, thought Enyo. It's all a joke to these angels. 'It seems Angels and Demons aren't all that different from each other after all.' The thought passed as fast as it appeared because he could almost feel her lips brushing past his own. Lust was taking over and a human woman could never be as fulfilling as an angel could be, and not in the way human males take pleasure of either.

No, he would take the pleasure in skinning her alive, her blood pouring like spilled milk. Oh yesm he would defile her all the while tourturing her in the worst way possible. And that is nothing more than the physical torment. No, the real tornment lies within her mind. Ah, the beauty to simply break the mind is simply beautiful.

As her hands played with his chest, his lust only seemed to arouse him more, and what she said next only reinforced his own intuitive deductions of her. 'She's the angel of mystic corruption after all.' Oh, how ironic it would be, if the very Angel of Corruption fell to my hands thought Enyo. It would be wonderful and beautiful, crushing one of the high angels of his enemies.

However he needed to finish on other maters that are far more important than hearing the torturous screams of a woman gone mad.

'Sigh' "Alas, I must leave you. You know where to find me." He said with a smirk and a sly wink. With that he faded away into the darkness, however not before he gave her a soft kiss on the lips.

The rooftop he was standing on was high up on New York City. It was dark however lights as far as the eye could see is ever present.

“So…When will you be here?”