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Her name was Mia Johnson. She lived in Oakland, California and was 14. She was considered a goth, emo, socially inactive. The reason...well that's exactly who she was. She had dark black hair, black lipstick, and usually wore black clothing. Her mother was a fast food worker barley gaining enough money to support Mia and herself. Mia never saw her father although he called Mia from time to time to ask how she was doing. Since her parents got divorced Mia never was the same. She was suicidal, and attempted to runaway several times. The crazy thing is what make many people insane made Mia would feel useful and powerful.

Day 1: The Beginning A New Life

Mia was on her way to the bus stop and noticed that her nail was turning black. She wondered exactly what was happening. She didn't feel any pain but was worried. She then continued to go to the bus stop and decided to ask the nurse when she got there. When she was on the bus she looked at her nails again and noticed that they were normal. She began to worry even more and wondered if she had somehow got ink stuck in her blood stream or was dying. Mia went to the nurse and found that nothing was wrong with her but she should go to a doctor. When Mia told her mom she said that she was probably still tired and that she should get some sleep.

Day 2: Our Destiny has Come to a start

When she woke up the next day her nails were normal. She said to herself that she would put it aside. 2 hours later there was a disaster in the world. The evil M.A.R.S was an international terrorist robot that created The Iron Menace. A machine that could mimic abilities and had superhuman strength as a given. The president stated a warning to the east bay that The Iron Menace is coming and all military defenses have been destroyed. Mia called her father frequently to ask if he was okay. Mia’s mother had pulled Mia from school and when they got home she said they needed to talk. She told Mia that her father didn’t leave because of relationship issues, but for her safety. Mia asked what she meant. Her mother said that her father was a mutant with the ability of space-time manipulation. He went to the future and saw one that included me and your father’s murder. We didn’t want you to suffer through losing a mother and father so he thought the best thing for you was to leave and that it may somehow help the future. Mia asked if her mother had any abilities and she said yes. She said she was a shadow walker which was a rare ability to let people control ones shadow. Mia was about to tell her mother about the nails but a man in a suit broke in and asked for Mia.

Day 3: Kill Count: 2

The man in the suit came rushing at Mia until her mother interfered. She went tried to go into the man’s shadow but he stuck her with a needle. She passed out and fell to the floor. Mia enraged sw her nails turn black and sharpened. She lunged at the man and stabbed him in the heart. Then, another man came in and tried to shot her but she dodged the bullet and slashed his throat. She looked down at the men and then at her mother. She took the phone and called her father. The phone was out of service. She came to the realization that this was the future that her father saw. Her mother wasn’t passed out she was dead. She decided to try and find the men who killed her parents. That day she became The Menace.

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Mia Lockheart? Mistress Redhead?

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@menaceforever: The name Lockheart is already taken by Mistress Redhead and her character's family.
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Ok i will change her name to Jordan

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Anyways nice stuff

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Mia ran off onto the streets. She was confused and clustered. On her cellphone her father called back. He said that Mia needed to listen to him carefully. He told her to say the words "Azsur Serut Mesta". When she did she found herself at a mansion. In front of her stood a man who had dark hair, was tall, and a sharply built muscle structure. He claimed to be Mia's father. All Mia could do is cry in his shoulders and hug him tight. Mia slept in the mansion that night. The next day Mia's father said told Mia that he had to solve the Iron Menace problem. He said that he could teleport to another timeline. Mia begged for him not too but he said that she mustn't let her motherand his soon to be death cloud her judgment. The last thing Mia said to him was "Who we're the men" he responded to her with a look that said you will be heartbroken if I tell you who. So Mia waved goodbye. Then, her father teleported away too destroy The Iron Menace.

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2 Hours Later Mia found out that The Iron Menace was destroyed by her father. She looked in her fathers library. She saw shelves full of books.

When she picked a book entitled Offensive Spells #1 she recited the words "Tsunami Recrate" from the book. She found herself drowned in water and spininning. All of a sudden, a woman dressed in a black dress as if she was going to a ball said the words " Acumnate Recess". The water dissapered, and Mia stopped spinning. The woman yelled "Who are you and what have you come here for". Mia explained who she was and what she was doing. The woman said her name was "Cam". Her brown skin, skinny waist, and giant hairbun made her look normal. Mia knew that Cam wasn't normal, by any means.

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@_Pick said:
@menaceforever: The name Lockheart is already taken by Mistress Redhead and her character's family.
You can't copyright a last name.....lol
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Cam helped Mia from the ground, "You are the Shadow Walker's daughter, excuse my manners. So, where is your mother?"

Mia shed a tear, "Dead."

Cam's expression changed greatly, "No, this cannot be...grab the book you had off of the floor. We must seal the walls, quick!"

Mia picked up the book and ran after Cam, "What is wrong?"

Cam pointed her fingers in the air and chanted, "Spectacles." A somewhat holographic image appeared in the air, it showed millions of soldiers attempting to invade the palace, "Your parents were our strongest assets, they were not only magicians but meta-humans as well, giving them powerful abilities. People will try to overtake our empire due to them being out of the picture."

Mia raised an eyebrow, "What is this place exactly?"

"This is a sanctuary of magic, we hold some of the most powerful magic artifacts here. Objects that many would like to have in their hands, without your parents, all that is left is you and I. This means we must work together, if we don't then all hell will break lose." Cam took a deep breath after she finished talking and opened the front door, "The book, open it. Turn to page 35. It should have a list of spells relating to water, I need you to make a river surrounding the palace. Find me when you are finished."

"Wait! How am I supposed to find you in this place!" Mia asked.

Cam smirked, "I gave you a spellbook, use it." Cam then shouted, "Asteria!" She turned into a small star and disappeared.

Mia looked in the book, she saw many variants of a river spell, she choose the one that sounded the simplest, it stated for the magician to rhyme in order to create what they desired, "In order to decide the palace's fate, I call upon a river, create!" Suddenly a giant river appeared in place of the ground around the palace. Mia thought to herself, "Wow, I'm pretty good at this. Now, time to find Cam."

Mia looked through the book until she founded a page for finding someone, "Alright, a little more difficult. I should be able to do it though. Let's see..." Mia traced her finger under the lines, "Alright, this one is pretty simple." Mia closed the book and placed it on the ground, she rubbed her hands together and lifted them into the air, "I call upon the god Hermes! Help me find my way!" The sky turned black and lightning stuck down upon her, sending her flying backwards until she hit a wall. Cam came rushing down the stairs toward her.

"Child, please don't tell me you called upon one of the Olympians!" Cam pleaded.

"Is Hermes an Olympian?" Mia asked.

Cam shook her head, "It takes much skill in order to call upon the Olympians, I couldn't even do so. You must be more careful."

Mia hopped up from the ground, she rubbed her head, "Trust me, I will.


I know it's bad, but I really wanted to revive this, lol.