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Washington DC June 8th Post White House Destruction

"They should name the day after me." The self obsessed little Stark remarked.

"It'd be Stark Day, who's to say it'd be after you?" The legacy child's assistant remarked.

"Because of what I'm about to do." Natasha remarked straightening the suit she wore. She was never good at picking high market attire she left that to her assistant. She'd been treated like a princess, that's why she paid these idiots. They gave her the ideal image of a leading figure meshed with the spoiled brat most suspected her likely to be. Even when beyond expectation one had to be presented like the given part.

She stepped from the limo walking to the podium. Obviously she could not stay in the White House so she stayed in the nicest room of the nicest hotel in the area. At least so the public thought. Her bed was at Eden, in a home of five lovely sisters and Quintus. Walking through Eden's doors yesterday might raise some unsavory attention.

Behind the crimson and azure eyed teen was the remnants of the White House. It's iconic image ravaged and ruined by a event of conducted grand terrorism. The yard was full of flags at half mass and small angelic statues. Each statue a nod to where a soldier died for his or her capital. A headstone before the door listed all those who had perished in the White House. These monuments might be moved in the end but for now it painted the ideal image of someone who cared.

"Ladies and gentlemen if you would please be so kind as to take a moment of silence." She bowed her head and many nation wide followed. Many opinions and thoughts were held on her father, his assailant and the status of parliament. Almost everyone still loved the nation however, a fact the porcelain puppeteer played upon.

"Thank you. As we know this past year or so has been exhausting. The fall of Liberty, a tragedy. Continuous crisis in one local or another, a burden. Terrorism on the Pentagon, an atrocity. The destruction of Pittsburgh, a blight upon our memory. Gothic's saddening state....and finally the fall of our capital." She choked back tears, an artificial action "it's been...tedious. But we can not fault in our resolve."

"We will not leave the ruins to weep over. Our nation was not founded on graves. It was born of bold men and women who fought for their ideals. We are only human, we have mistakes and triumphs. In unity however we forge the finest nation of the globe. So on that note let us rebuild. The Stark name has costed this nation some of you may say." She smiled the next line was totally stollen from her favorite show.

"A Stark always repays their depts. I am launching the Charity for Patriots Campaign. For every dollar contributed, I and those once belonging to Stark industries will contribute a hundred dollars." A lie she wasn't paying for anything and the money was being in many cases pulled from the savings of old Stark employees. It was small fractions, all together however it'd fake the promise.

"And on that note I'd like to discuss my father, or more importantly who he has harmed and his title. Antonia, she's been targeted recently for Amaranth. I'm asking that you fellow countrymen stop hounding her with mutant equality and that our troops stop targeting for harboring a felon. Amaranth was someone no other prison would likely hold. Revolution for equality was a nice idea but the destruction caused was to far." An effort to pacify the tension, she needed to build bridges after all. "To Vengeance and the citizens of Gothic please contact me, let's make your city a ideal for brighter tomorrow not the poised domain it is." A proxy account that her aid would manage was provided for the public on a holographic display.

"Quintus is at this time is not associated with the destruction of the White House. A young Bradley Wells is believed responsible. Over the past month he'd been growing increasingly hostile, perhaps Daemon should have removed him he has the power to." A classic point finger at someone else maneuver. "Which brings me to my next point." She was enjoying this, even if nobody was listening the porcelain puppeteer loved the game she was playing.

"I beg of you. Those names with the capacity to lead this nation with great conviction and status. Please step forward to seize the throne of your home country. My fathers time is coming to a close, he was no hero....but don't let a villain take his place." The history showed the Vice President as a leader of a obviously nefarious group. If Natasha was going to boost her name it would not be in association with a man who's name and past were red flags. She could justify others, that was something she could not.

"Ayn Rand once said, every man builds his world in his own image. He has the power to choose, but no power to escape the necessity of choice. So as a nation by the people for the people. I ask will you brothers and sisters not stand by to adversity and insure our home stands taller then it ever has, rather then become crippled further?" Her efforts to rally a nation turned over for the public to chew on. The patriotic wounded facade played exactly how the little Stark had wanted.

(Sorry if messy or unclear or not grammar flawless >.> was getting my thoughts and ideas out lol)

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I loved the Rand quote, that one was a good one.

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He was no hero....but don't let a villain take his place.

That was quite cool.

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My secret identity is secret. Lol

It should be Malcolm Press. Overall nice post.

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@dark_vengeance_: Your secret identity was ruined by Closure remember? He told everybody in Gothic.

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Without evidence of any kind, he just accused me.

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He basically uploaded a list with names of vigilantes on it and their secret identities. Nobody believed them.

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Natasha throwing her hat in the political ring. Pretty cool stuff. Not sure which DC interaction to pay attention to though lol

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He basically uploaded a list with names of vigilantes on it and their secret identities. Nobody believed them.

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@_nobody_ said:

@dark_vengeance_ said:


He basically uploaded a list with names of vigilantes on it and their secret identities. Nobody believed them.

Now that was badass

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Wait, this is an interaction?

So I can write about the happenings here?

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Thank ya *bows* want a suit of armor, a limo? Dads dying soon my friend got a tad bit of money sitting around :p


Yes you can ;)

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That's interesting. Good read.

Almost makes me wish we were connected. Could've thrown in a bit about the "painstaking efforts [Darkchild]'s taken to try and get Amaranth free."

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@antonia: then let's make a connection, build bridges and the like.

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@natasha_stark: I should....but I'm already being lazy enough with the interactions I have going, backed up by busy days in outside-CV life and more piling on. And in general, though I almost hate to say this, for somewhat echoing Quintus when he started wanting to not be a hero...I'm tired of office meetings! I wanna karate chop a mofo!

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Never realized now how fcked up that was of Manhattan. He coulda just turned him into a statue or some sh!t but nah, blow him up in front of his best friend lol

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@iggy_knightfall: well then start talkin, talk here talk at Eden...Eden would prob be better lol

@antonia: understandable, that's why I'm not on No One much ATM office posts can only be so fun.

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@antonia said:

And in general, though I almost hate to say this, for somewhat echoing Quintus when he started wanting to not be a hero...I'm tired of office meetings! I wanna karate chop a mofo!

I could always attack if you wanted to shake off the rust :P

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@pyrogram: just stab her man, people like to get stabbed

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@antonia said:

I'm tired of office meetings! I wanna karate chop a mofo!

Do it. Plenty of plausible story-lines that would allow you such an opportunity.

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Quintus listened intently just a few feet away from the temporarily constructed podium. The star spangled decorations and patriotic flair were a nice touch he thought, but ultimately unimportant. And though the silver tongued heir to the Stark legacy mesmerized the endless sea of worried citizens and media personalities with her practiced endearment, the modern day Game of Thrones was one in which the Knightfall Legend had been playing for a long, long time. Waiting until the final aw-inspired sentence washed over the crowd like a reassuring tidal wave of confidence, he then slowly made his way to the microphone. Immediately camera flashes and inquisitive hands shot into the air as the newly entitled Noir Nagas took the stage. His first public appearance since his reputed death and the fall of Kamelot. Questions arose from the ocean of reporters with little concern for media protocol and order, each eager journalist scrambling to be the first with an exclusive sound bite.

"Lets give a hand to the First Daughter."his tone almost mockingly sarcastic."Before we get started I would just like to clarify a few misconceptions that have been allowed to fester for far to long."pausing, as he removed an embroidered handkerchief in which to cleanse the crimson stains lining the edges of his mouth, before proceeding. "The catastrophes of the Pentagon, the Statue of Liberty, Kamelot, Gothic City, the White House....again, and so, so many more, are the result of your own complacency. Oh yes, its true. Not one, ONE! Person has been brought to justice for any of these crimes. My own murderous indiscretions numbering in the hundreds, all dismissed with the use of a quick smile and charming tag-line."theatrically tapping his chin.

"The Vice President floated an entire island into New York City and decimated my company with zero regard for public safety. Complete contempt for human life, and how was this act received? With a cushy governmental position of the highest order and rank. Oh oh, but he's a changed maaaaaan. That was before..."parodying concern through comical satire. "Fck that. He's the same power hungry little parasite now as he was then. Only difference now being he attempts to conceal his poisonous posture beneath a wardrobe of cheaply acquired suits and ties. And you all ate it up the same way you always do. In fact, you were all only to eager to dine at Ms Stark's banquet of unbridled bullshit just now. It must be true because she told us it was. Too scared to ask questions, too inept to pay attention, too lazy to care. Well, sorry, as much as I would love to allow this moment to forever scar Daemon's legacy, I can not, will not, allow anyone else to receive credit for my work."Letting the crowd digest his exact meaning."I attacked your fabled White House. I attacked your President. And given half a chance I would have killed him on the White House lawn for the entire World to see."raising his arms up high. A self-congratulatory look plastered across his disdainful face.

"I am done with the monopoly of manipulation. The effortless ease in which your court of laws can be twisted and justice forfeited. I am done bleeding for you people, done allowing the lambs to rule the lions. Your age of democracy is over. It died along, long time ago and nobody bothered to bat an eye. Today marks the day in which you take your rightful place beneath the heel of your evolutionarily superior cousins. Today marks the Age of Superiority. The Age of the Fittest."

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"Shut. Up,"

A voice that went unheard in more than a week spoke out from the middle of the crowd. He marched forward, his iconic gear flashing in the sunlight. Many believed he was dead. In fact, he was more alive than ever, and the fire in his eyes burned with a passion undreamed of. He cautiously removed the gleaming shield from his back, gripping its reins tightly. Someone in the audience recognized the initial stages of what was about to happen.

"Everybody out, now!" the rallying cry for an evacuation went into place, carried by soldiers and guardsmen of the city of Washington DC. Still, James kept walking.

"A lot of people look up to you, Quintus. Too many,"

He approached the final few feet separating them now, his heart racing in the moment. He could die here. He could die anywhere. His years of service taught him that. Yet, he would never allow a punk like this to just declare sovereignty over a battered and embittered nation, over a world that suffered the same fears and concerns. Now more than ever, humanity and mutantkind needed peace - not another tyrant fanning the flames.

"What they see is a man who isn't afraid to speak out for their community, someone who won't shudder at the thought of bending a few rules to get what he wants. I knew someone like you once. His name was Richard Nixon, and just like him, you're full of crap."

Not a step backward.

Never surrender.

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Offering a mocked slow clap the Noir Nagas pacified the stern and expected commentary with little concern."You're a symbol of everything I've been talking about. What? You think dressing up like the American flag makes you a hero? Makes you different? Where were you when Gothic burned time and time again? Where was your sovereign indignation when the Statue of Liberty fell? I dont recall your back being among the few who stood in a circle against the overwhelming wraith of evil that day. How about after it fell? How many perpetrators did you round up? Any? No, I thought not. Save your hollow lectures for the cameras and pickpockets. You'll find little reception here, not with me. The only thing you truly stand for is a misplaced sense of entitled glorification, of yourself. Proven by your impeccable timing. The White House is already burning, the President is already on the run, and now you arrive? Now you make your grand entrance? You're not a champion of the people, you're a fraud."

Taking his own step forward, Quintus silently responded to the American All-Star's physical display of defiance. Calmly calculating a series of anticipated possibilities with cerebral coronation. Working from the end of each plausible altercation back to the beginning. If needed, the renamed Black Mamba would sentence the nation through the disgraced defeat of its most symbolic hero, Allegiance.

Surrendering was never an option
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"I'll admit I'm a failure,"

Allegiance felt the sting of Quintus' reply, each syllable digging into his back, lacing his flesh and sowing salt in the wounds. He could never make back the debt he owed to countless lives threatened and destroyed in his absence. With the Victories, it was so easy going to and fro, operating in a large group, tackling obstacles as they came one after another. Now, he was just one man. Just one man in the midst of an inferno, watching everything burning around him. He stamped out what he could, but more kept springing up to slap him back down, bury his face in the mud.

Remind him of his faults. His misdeeds, and his misjudgments. Needless to say, James never once stopped shoving those mistakes back into his face. What Quintus accomplished did not exist in the realm of the extraordinary. James already hated himself, despised everything he did, kept shoveling the disgrace on his back, tried to cover the shameless ploy he wore on his costume.

But it shone through the blood, dirt, and pain. Just like it always did, and he began to hope again. He dragged himself out of the trenches, and back up the damned hill. This was just like Nam. Take a hill, lose it the next day, bleed again and again and again until you can't bleed anymore.

Then, just. Keep. Fighting.

"I'm a dreamer. I'm a loser. And I'm a punk. But that's not going to make me quit anymore than you being called a tyrant, fiend, and a madman is going to make you quit,"

Leaping forward, he landed on top of the stage and glared face-to-face with the mutant dictator-to-be. He shoved the podium aside, smashing it apart on the grassy lawn. Their battlefield had been chosen, and cleared. Now all that remained was first blood.

"Let's go."

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Sorry if I'm a bit rusty. Been a while since I was on this account.

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This is popcorn-worthy

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@allegiance: Nah man, I thought it was great to be honest. Really dug how you exposed the depths of Allegiances sorrow. The whole, "I am what I am and yet I fight on" vibe was brilliant.

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You killed my podium!...I liked that podium :,(

Awesome stuff lol

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Hours had passed since he had been notified of the destruction of the White House and the disappearance of Anthony. He sat in his secluded office within Serenity, Quintus had arrived and made Grant stand his ground and speak with the killer of thousands. He made Daemon proud of how he stood his ground and spoke his mind with the very man who had almost pushed Daemon too far. The very man who had almost pushed him to the point where he could eradicate the humans then and there. But now he had pushed too far, Stark was not a friend of Daemon in any sense of the word. But the two had a equal ideal of what had to be done to make the world better. Now he was gone, disappeared and for all intents and purposes dead. HE had to now do something, either make a stand or leave the world to burn like Gothic City had.

White House Lawn

Daemon stood in the crowd, a glimmer hiding his own appearance from all around him. He listened to the child of Stark, she was strong and could prove to be more of a Stark than Anthony himself. Her worries were right, Daemon should of been here to stop all of this. BE more of a VP than he had been, used his newfound powers of policy to stop this from ever happening. But he didnt, and now he had to pay the price.

Then Quintus came out of no where proclaiming that this world needed to be changed physically, the rage inside Daemon was slowly coming to the surface. His glimmer disappearing slowly as the anger fueled inside. But just as he was about to burst, his comrade Allegiance had broke his silence and spoke his mind. Leaping onto the stage and confronting Quintus. Daemon took the moment and squeezed, disappearing in an instant and reappearing beside James his voice boomed as he spoke. "No! Quintus you are not the lesser of two turds, what you have done people know very well. They fear you such as they should, and they will NEVER be the people that will change this world. This world needs more than me or you! It needs someone like this man.." Putting his hand on James shoulder "This man knows what our actions have caused, he will not stand idle and watch as you destroy this world through fear and chaos. HE will be the one to stop you, and I will stand beside him." Daemon turned to the audience that stood on the lawn and to the cameras "All of what they have said is true. I like all of you know was a killer, a man who thought such deeds would be the means to an end. I have seen first hand that all those actions bring is death and heartbreak, it wont bring me or anyone closer to Paradise. No, what will bring this world towards a more peaceful state of being is people like this man." Daemon pointed to Quintus "For all the lives I have effected through my actions, this man has done twice more. HE needs to be stopped, not by me or James he needs to be stop by YOU!." Daemon looked to Natasha and his attitude and tone transformed into a more calmer state.

"Your right Natasha, I was not here to stop any of this. I was away trying to make connections to keep just this kind of thing from happening. I was foolish to think those connections would ever make a difference. So...I step down as Vice President, these people deserve more than what I can do for them as VP. I can help them more without being the Vice President, but I do not believe you yourself or Quintus can help them. They deserve someone better, someone not effected by bitter hate like you or I." Daemon looked to James again "You may not be the first person to doubt me, but I am here now and for the rest of my life to keep these people safe. My past sins will never be redeemed..." Now turning back to the audience, he saw the fear in each one of them. He was forever going to be just like Quintus...feared. But he knew even though they feared him, he would continue to try and make this world better. He stared at Quintus and stood tall next to James, he would allow his actions to make the next move possible. He would stand next to him no matter what, he was the worlds new Shield for good, there protection the very thing the good people would stand behind. He raised his hands high and spoke loudly "Let men like James be the Shield that protects us, not the viper words of men and women like Quintus!"

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Aphasic did not appear. No his physical frame was elsewhere, shielded by the protective architecture of an undisclosed location. He came to the ideologically radical Noir Nagas in the form of a quantum soul. The quantum information that constitutes his consciousness, transposed into space-time geometry, enabling his peregrination throughout the globe as an aforementioned quantum soul. An entity incapable of direct interaction with the physical world, invisible to those lacking any extraordinary perception of the quantum realm. Instead, an unnervingly calm, male voice cut through the atmosphere like a knife through melted butter. "You've always struck me as the most polarizing Knightfall, Quintus". A mystifying suavity accompanied the unsettling, ominous air of the voice as it spoke, but only for Quintus to hear.

"I look forward to our inevitable encounter. It will be... interesting to assess your family's rumored propensity to dying". The predatory promise coupled with the hypnotically smooth articulation of the male voice cultivated an almost physically uncomfortable aroma. "Humans, mutants... primitive apes squabbling over a fabricated sense of entitlement to inherit this dying world. The behavior of animals is... truly fascinating", the voice remarked. "This, Mr. Knightfall, is not the Age of Superiority. This is the Age of Indoctrination. Conceptualize it as a disease, and us? The bacteria that spread it".

"Diseases have a poor reputation. For being filthy, and chaotic. But really, that only describes those who have been afflicted by it. Disease itself? Pure. Single-minded. Bacteria have only one purpose: divide and conquer. That's why Mr. Knightfall, in the end, they always win". A warning in it's purest form. The voice was no more, but the message was clear, the Third Society would soon rise to claim the world, and eradicate all deemed to be organic degenerates birthed by the mistakes of evolution.

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One thing Cassius knew more than anything else is once his brothers mind was set it was going to happen. He had no idea what it was but the crimosn Knightfall knew that he had to be in Washington. Something was going to happen and knowing Quintus it would be something big. Whilst he had changed alot as a man his training was to hunt Knightfalls and stalking his brother whilst causing a slight confliction in him personally was a simple task. His brother moving towards the white house.

Stark, Cassius knew the man and had come on a similar mission to what he assumed his brother had today. He had fired a shot at the president himself from nearby but today he was just hear to make sure Qunitus got home so he could discuss this with him. Finding his former perch from which he fired his own shot at the commander and chief he set up his riffle and looked down at the white house spotting the tell tail form of the elder Knightfall circling with someone he had yet to met . Smoke coming from a section of the whitehouse behind the two. Cassius eye on his brother his breath steady waiting for the shot should it be needed.

I'am watching Brother