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Blah.. Blah.. Blah.. Is all he could hear from Dark Huntress as she gave another one of her little miss perfect speeches. She was probably right though, but he wouldn’t admit it.. if there’s one thing he learned from dealing with women it’s NEVER to admit you’re wrong or you would really never hear the end of it. He gazed at Honor Girl nervously tapping her foot on the ground for the battle to come. Everyone had their nerves on edge, even the most seasoned of heroes. But it seemed they weren’t going towards the battle but the battle came to them as the plane shook violently back and forth, flames roared around them and commands were being yelled echoing inside the plane accompanied by the crunching sound of the metal hull buckling under the relentless attacks. They tried everything in their power to keep the plane stabilized. But it seemed all was in vain as the plain dove down uncontrollably as Aiden grasped anything around him he could while looking at the window seeing the ground come closer by the second. “Crap… CRAP…. CRAP!!!!... CRAAAAAPPP!!” were the last things he yelled out before he woke up face down in the snow. Thankfully for him as it turned out it was the only thing that kept him alive since the demons thought he was already dead and found better targets. His entire body was shaking violently from the pure adrenaline coursing through his body, his head was ringing from the sheer force of the explosion and everything around him was a blur and going slow motion before finally regaining his composure.

“holy…..” What he saw was nothing that he’d ever seen in his life. Demons, dark spawns whatever the hell those creepy little buggers were, were everywhere. His teammates were already fighting for their lives and for everyone they protected. Feral Nova burst into flames reaching for the sky unleashing her hellfire in a spectacular display of power burning all those in her vicinity attracting the attention from most demons. Octagon stood to his right forming some kind of force field around himself and another person.. He couldn’t quite make it out at first but it quickly became clear it was Mistress Redhead holding something in her arms…. A girl… Chevie?! What the hell was she doing here?! Looking around him seeing everyone in battle he tried to push himself upright in the deep snow still feeling a little woozy. Suddenly a large fiery demons claw raced towards him as something dove straight into his waist pushing him out of the way just in time. “CAN’T YOU TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF FOR ONE FREAKING MINUTE?!” Honor Girl yelled straight into his ear (as if his head wasn’t hurting enough yet) rolling on the battlefield dodging demons left and right. “Gimme a break, will ya!” Right! It was time to do his hero thing as he grabbed one of his guns and aimed it at one of the demons. Unleashing several shots he saw his bullets bounce harmlessly of the demons skin. Looking towards the demon, then at his gun with a surprised look on his face to see if it was actually loaded with bullets (which it was). Thinking ‘screw this..’ Aiden ran the other way with Honor Girl yelling out behind him “WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU GOING! THE BATTLE IS THIS WAY!!!” She pointed in the opposite direction of where Aiden was running. “NOT IF I WANT TO LIVE IT’S NOT!!” Aiden yelled back until he fell over a hard piece of metal. Rubbing his shins he saw his bike covered in a thin layer of snow probably slung out of the plane when it crashed.

Normally this was the time where he’d take the bike and ride off towards the sunset somewhere safe away from the battle.. maybe taking one of those long drinks with a little umbrella in them. On the other hand.. he saw a mother crying over her child, the girl whom he had a crush on fighting demons (and she would NEVER forgive him if he left) and heroes being.. well heroes. Ugh.. times like this he really wished he didn’t have a conscience.. Raising the bike off the ground he knew he hadn’t much hope fighting the demons, but he had other qualities. If there was anything he was good at it was to make a hasty escape, and it looked like they could all use one right about now. Quickly looking over the battlefield he noticed one of the tunnels leading towards the entrance of the egg. If anything they could hold out for a little from the unrelenting attacks. Firing up the throttle of his bike Aiden released the brakes of his motorcycle with his back wheel swinging back and forth over the slippery surface. By miracle he managed to drive relatively unscathed through the horde of demons clawing away at his body armor and bike until finally reaching Mistress Redhead who was still busy trying to give her little girl CPR to breath any kind of life back into her. “We need to go!!” He pointed at the cave behind her that would provide them some cover. It seemed his words were hardly heard by his leader from the grief and shock she endured “I think I can save her…” Aiden said hardly believing his own words but he needed her back in full force. He motioned for her to place her daughter in his care for the time being, as she placed her daughter in his hands Aiden raced full force towards the tunnel as Mistress Redhead almost shot in a fit of rage blasting her way through demon after demon providing cover for Aiden and the rest of the team. Hell truly hath no fury but a mother scorned.. He look in amazement at Mistress Redhead fighting for her daughters life before snapping back to the reality that found itself in his arms. Ah crap… he promised he could save the little girl in his arms.. there would be hell to pay if he could not full fill his promise.. and this time it wouldn’t stay with community service.

“Everyone gather at the tunnel! Guard the entrance and call for the other teams to help us!”
Mistress Redhead unpopped herself once more as the strong willed leader everyone knew her as. Feral Nova worried like crazy about the little girl and formed walls of hellfire in front of the entrance as everyone did their part to contribute while Aiden placed the young girl on top of his jacket to make her somewhat comfortable. Her heart had stopped beating… they had no real medical supplies.. CPR wasn’t working… ugh, normally he thrived in these kind of situations with his creative mind.. but even for him this would take a miracle to pull off. Ripping open the shirt of Chevie while everyone looked at him with a surprised look he ordered Honor Girl to rip of the metal hood of the bike ‘But wh…” She stuttered before Aiden interrupted her with a very out of character serious look on his face “Just do it!”. Ripping out various wires from his bike he rubbed them together as sparks of electricity flew all around him. “Sarah, keep your hands on her chest and try to regulate the amount of power with your suit” Aiden said as he looked at Mistress Redhead who was still unsure if this would work, but at this point she’d try anything. Pressing the electrical wires against MR’s metal powersuit gloves a volatile burst of electricity ran through her suit as she guided it to Chevie’s chest. Her little body shocking back and forth as Sarah said “Come on baby.. come back to me..” with a shaky voice knowing that tears streamed behind that mask. The shocks kept coming, each time a little more electricity running through her heart shaking her body back and firth until a very soft cough could be heard. Sarah couldn’t contain herself as she took the little motionless body in her arms knowing that she wasn’t out of harms way, they still needed to find a healer for her but at least she was somewhat stabile for now. Aiden let out a soft sigh as he let himself drop into the deep snow behind him… “ugh… after this I resign…”.

Not wanting to disturb the happy little family reunion.. but she did it anyway. Nova yelled out “I CAN’T KEEP THIS UP FOREVER YOU KNOW!!” Demons were entering the tunnel from all kinds of crevices and even through Nova’s wall of fire. “Where is that back up!”

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Airborne aboard the Champions Jet 

Seated comfortably in the Champions of Peace airplane, with her team of four, Mantoid noticed that two other teams had entered and had taken their seats. Wearing nothing but her blue swimsuit top and black swimsuit bottoms, she turned her head and looked down the aisle. Trying to make eye contact with one of the Champions, she had no luck, as each hero was preoccupied. Erika noticed Honor Girl walking towards the on board bathroom and instinctively used her power to clean the toilet and sink before the Honor Girl opened the door. Sliding down into her chair and placing her feet up on her seat, Erika looked out of the small oval window. A sound and a symbol of a seat belt appeared above her on the ceiling, and she buckled up, even though she did not need to. Thrust back in her seat as the airplane took off, she quickly undid her seatbelt and was wanting to get to know some of the Champions better. It was at this moment that she saw an electronic video screen on the seat in front of her with a list of movies. Distracted, she pressed the touch screen with a finger and looked through the movies, selecting a documentary about ocean life. Less than a minute into the video, Mantoid laughed to herself when she saw how much the scientists thought they knew about the ocean. Half way through the video, she paused it, looked outside the plane and thought about the destination, the arctic. Closing her eyes for a moment she only expected to keep them that way for a second....

Crash above the Arctic 

Opening her eyes, Mantoid saw that she was on the ground in the arctic. A hundred yards away the airplane that they had been riding in lay in a firey pile of metal. Across the wide open arctic field were the Champions, fighting monsters of darkness. The goddess of water felt the composition of their bodies and found that they had no water in them, inconvinient. Bare skin against the ice, she was not cold, because of her ability to manipulate water in the frozen, liquid and gas forms. On the battle field, the Champions were putting up a good fight without her help, but she saw that her addition in strength, as this playing field was in her favor, would greatly benefit the team. Standing to her feet, she felt her spirit pour out it's power of love and the ice beneath her feet broke apart into numerous jagged pieces, like a puzzle. Each piece, weighing tens of tons, were levitated into the air and were propelled at monsters of darkness, which would hopefully stop them or slow them down.

Hearing a voice among the chaos, Erika ran over to Octagon Freak, who had said, "If anybody's hearing this, we need backup over here! We've got a teammate down! Repeat, teammate down!" Mistress Redhead had tears in her eyes and was on the ground, but she was not hurt. Stopping for a moment Mantoid saw a sight that broke her heart, her daughter, Chevie, having her heart restarted by Aiden by electrical shock. Erika was hesitant to get close to the electricity, as she knew that it was her weakness. Realizing that the girl must have stowed away on the airplane, Erika blamed herself for not being more alert and noticing an extra body signature of water. There was no time for those thoughts at a moment like this. Approaching after Aiden had stopped with the electricity, she said to Mistress Redhead, "Your daughter is in critical condition. I will use my power to keep her blood flowing through her and keep it from leaving her body." She followed the small group into a nearby cave.

Watching the creatures move through Nova's wall of fire, Mantoid formed a solid ice wall behind the fire wall, twenty feet thick, and was fully prepared to make a hole to allow any Champions through. Lowering the tempurature far below zero, she made sure that the ice would freeze any unwanted intruders. Watching the creatures tear at the wall with their claws, she kept the barrier up, surprised at how powerful these darkness creatures were. "We need to get the others inside." Closing her eyes, Erika took control of the vast ice landscape, rapidly increasing the tempurature and flashing it to ice cold water. Where the Champions outside of the cave stood, she formed non-slippery ice platforms that would follow their movements, allowing them to maintain the same footing while giving the dark creatures hindered movement. To maintain the complexity of her actions, she remained with her eyes closed.    
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A Week Ago

She was lost inside a dream. It felt real, but she was removed from it at the same time, it was almost as if she was seeing out of somebody else's eyes, living in somebody else's body. It was oddly realistic, yet surreal at the same time. Looking through the eyes of somebody who seemed slightly familiar. She was on a beach somewhere on what appeared to be a tropical island the sun beaming down on her skin, the sounds of waves breaking offshore in the distance. Lounging in the beach chair, her feet were dug under the warm sand and she leaned her head back against the back of the chair, closing her eyes and letting the sun's rays soak into her skin.      
A man whom she had never seen before walked out of the water and up the beach towards her. The sun was reflecting off of the droplets of water streaming down his muscled chest and she smiled to herself as he gave a small shake of his head, whipping the wet hair off of his face. She tapped her fingers against the wooden arm of the beach chair as she waited for him to reach her. It was then that the light of the sun reflecting off of something caught her eye. Looking down at her left hand she saw a diamond engagement ring.  "Who?"  Whose eyes was she looking through? Whose body was she in? Just then he reached her and standing in front of her, leaned down for a kiss. She found herself whispering his name against his lips.  "Ethan." 
She awoke suddenly from the dream, more than a little out of sorts. "Who the hell is Ethan?"  Perking up at the sound of her husband's voice, Justice looked to Darkchild. He was laying in the bed next to her, a quizzical expression on his face.  "I have no idea."  She was still a little off balance (so to speak) from the dream. It had felt oddly familiar, there was almost a sense of deja vu, but she couldn't quite figure it out. Putting it out of her mind she rolled onto her side, facing her husband.  "You look distracted, my love."  He reached towards her and placed his hand on her stomach, his fingers splayed across her skin, his hand overly warm to the touch.  "Is everything alright?"  His touch immediately sent off a wave of guilt. This hardened, evil man loved her and her recent actions with ReEnforcer had thrown that love back in his face. When he found out there would be hell to pay. Literally.  "I'm fine."  She rolled over on top of him and braced her hands on his shoulders as she leaned down to kiss him, pulling the covers over them as she did so. 

The Arctic 

She rode on the back of the Darkling, keeping pace with Darkchild and his mount. They rode through the Arctic at a fast pace, the wind whipping around them. The sun was starting to rise and was starting to cast it's reflection off the ice. Digging her heels into the mount, she spurred it on, getting impatient. The cold was a non-factor, she was completely protected due to her powers, but she was more than ready for this egg. Justice knew that there would be a fight and as much as she loved fighting, it really wasn't her top priority. She wanted that damn dragon egg something fierce.   
Flames shot through the sky and a booming noise cracked through the air as the creatures that ReEnforcer and Darkchild had sent out to do their bidding performed their tasks. As it crashed to the ground in the distance, she and Darkchild made their way ever closer to their destination, the sounds of screams and the shrieking of metal being torn apart filled the air. They ignored them and continued on their way. Dismounting as they came to a stop, he turned and spoke to her.  “Take the ones with Mistress. I have some business to attend to with Nova; once she gets here my love things are going to get very dicey. If they bring Octagon with them, their deaths won’t be as fast as I had intended. Stick to the plan my love, no stupid moves understood?”  
"Of course, Darling."  He didn't know her very well if he expected her to so faithfully follow orders. They were both known for the twists and turns that they chose to execute and he should know better than to try and control her at this point in time, should know better than her to blindly follow when she found a better way of doing things. Stepping away from him, she covered herself in Darkness itself, forming a malleable battle suit around herself. She was able to form it into any weapon that her mind was able to think of and controlled the very darkness and shadows themselves. Utilizing these abilities, she was able to stay covert and avoid detection as she made her way towards the team, with the intention of doing some surveillance, gathering intelligence on their numbers and rapport before engaging anybody in a fight.  
It was at that moment that the scent of blood struck her and she heard the cries of a mother who refused to give up. The woman's voice carried on the air as Justice entered the cave where she was currently located. She knew it was a damn foolhardy move, but like called to like and she could feel the growing child inside of her. It had been a somewhat accelerated pregnancy, she had only noticed the changes within the last three weeks, right after the betrayal of Darkchild...and she was scared. But as the child grew so did her confidence and so did her powers. She had found herself spontaneously using her powers in ways that she had never thought of before. 
As soon as she had entered the cave the Fire Goddess set up a wall of fire surrounding it, effectively sealing them in and keeping out the minions of her teammates for the time being. All eyes were on Justice and she knew that she had to act quickly. There was something in her, something that had kicked in upon hearing Sarah Lockheart's wrenching cries of pain, upon seeing the prone body of Chevie lying on the floor. That was her sister and she wasn't going to let her die.....wait, what? What was wrong with her that those thoughts entered her head? What the f*ck was going on? She may be a mother soon enough by herself, but she had no ties to these people other than Cass...that must be what this was. Some sort of residual bond or  something.  She didn't like it, but she couldn't seem to fight against it. Between the knowledge that she herself was carrying a child and the instincts that were rearing up inside of her to save this girl, something had to be done.  
Holding up her hands she made herself look as un-threatening as possible.  "I'm not here to hurt, not yet, that is. I'm here to help."  She looked at the young man on the ground, trying desperately to keep her alive after shocking her poor little heart back into rhythm and then she looked to the redheaded woman on the ground next to her.  "You're Sarah Lockheart. You lead this team. I offer you a deal. I heal your daughter. No games, no tricks, just a free and clear healing, and you give me a head start without any of your members coming after me. I want ten minutes." 
The woman was desperate and she knew that if things stayed as they were now, her daughter's time on this planet would be very limited. Kids were resilient, but there was only so much damage that they could take and her blood was already starting to turn the surrounding snow a pinkish color.  "Done. Do what you have to do, but be warned that if I find out you have played any tricks this day, I will send everything I have your way."  
Justice gave her a slight nod of understanding and tentatively watched the people in the room, making sure that nobody was going to try anything. She could sense the impatience coming from Sarah and knew that time was of the essence in every possible way. Kneeling down next to the young girl, she placed her hands on her chest and closed her eyes. She could feel a warmth surrounding them as they lit up with a white energy. Holding them over Chevie for several minutes, she concentrated and poured a rather large amount of energy into it. All of a sudden the young girl opened her eyes and inhaled a sharp breath, resulting in a small coughing fit. Her eyes lit up with recognition as she saw Justice, but before she could say or do anything other than reach out for her mother, Justice was on her way into the network of caves. She was intent on using the head start to her advantage in every and any possible.
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The icy winds blew hard upon the helm of the ship as it hovered above the arctic waters. The waves continued to pillage the sturdy vessel as the group of four continued their journey. It had been a very silent one, the emerald eyed assassin knew that they were getting close. The fact that her Lycan blood still flowed with in her might have been one of the greatest curses this young girl had to live with, yet oddly enough her link to nature remained intact even if when healing factor had not. Her fingers grasped around the wooden balcony of the ships upper deck. It was beautiful lay out one she had hoped not to compromise in their journey. As it swayed from side to side she became curious as to how Peter managed to keep this vessel under control.

As her mind continued to wander like the ocean waves she soon heard Over Kill’s voice over the intercom "Laura, can I see you in the wheelhouse?  Repeat.  Laura, can I see you in the wheelhouse?" Taking in a deep sigh she walked down toward the wheelhouse unsure of what the young man would ask of her. None of them were aware that her abilities had been stricken from her….actually nobody except for CPG, Eclipse and Dark Huntress knew fully what had happened concerning Darkchild and the young assassin intended to keep it that way. Being a sperm vessel wasn’t exactly on Laura’s “What I want to be when I grow up.” List of things but that’s how it had worked out.   As she walked down the steps she saw the young sailor who seemed slightly distressed.

  "Hey.  Our instruments just crapped out on us.  I got us pointed the right way but I won't be able to tell when the shore is coming, any ice, or even other ships.  Can I have you at the bow or even just near an open window?  You can see better than me, especially if this storm manages to hit us, and probably smell things you can't see.  Keep in contact and tell me what I can't see please?" She listened intently as what she had feared occurred. She knew that there was a reason why magical teleportation and planes couldn’t enter this circle of of this world, she guessed that eventually their guidance systems would fail them as well, yet on the positive side it meant they were nearing the Dragon Egg location. Nodding her head she returned back to her post: the bow of the ship. Conveniently there was a hanging rope among the higher scaffolding. After tightening her grip upon it she leaned out over the ocean yet her left foot clinging to outer rim of the ship. If she was to fall she was sure she’d die, if not by getting run over by the ship she’d freeze in the arctic, a death not so pleasant to the young emerald eyed girl.

As she stared outward into the misty distance a monolithic structure came to vision. As she focused doing the best with her eye sight she could she finally realized it was a giant wall of ice. The size was magnanimously distributed width wise and height, it was beyond astounding. “All Stop!” She yelled out glancing back in hopes that Peter would hear her, which he did. As her voice rung amongst the silence as the ship steadied to a slow halt. Now only 25 feet away from the structure she gazed all the way down attempting to find the end but was unsuccessful. But just when she thought they’d have to make a turn in course she noticed a small darkened half of a partly submerged hole into the arctic water.

She would have considered going around but in truth time was limited, and she wasn’t positive but the stone on her neck heated  slightly when she pointed it in that direction. Leaping back upon the prow of the ship she walked toward her group as they all stood on upper deck. “Well looks like hit a wall...literally and we don’t have time to go around it and we can’t blow our way through it.” Pausing a moment she looked at the small little gap in the ice barrier before formulating a plan. “Over Kill I need you to get two life boats inflate them and make sure they are in good condition. Along with diving gear I don’t want to take any chances.” Looking over to Ethan she tossed him a smirk “Ethan, we need weapons, heavy damagers in case we find ourselves trapped or run into unwanted company, they need to be as light on weight as possible.”

Finally with the other two gathering what she told them along with anything else they might have needed Talon turned to face The Wanderer. “I need you to get a hold of flairs, torches, matches anything to light our way, I have a pretty good suspicion it’s going to be dark in there.” With everybody getting what they needed Talon got what she needed , a few metal stakes, some rope and a metal rod. With her lacking any real power she took a couple of daggers from Ethan’s stash hoping he wouldn’t mind. It didn’t take long for the team to assemble, they had all kept their part in the bargain and gotten what they needed. As Over Kill slowly and carefully steered the vessel as closely to the hole as possible he finally let the anchor down. With that he unloaded the two life boats and set them in the water.

They loaded the small crafts in pairs, The Wanderer and Over Kill were in the raft behind Talon and Ethan. Each raft contained several flairs and other needed equipment to light the way along with the weapons Talon’s Shadow Squad member managed to put in. It was a silent  and slightly eerie journey through the dark tight tunnel. The ceiling was very low only two feet above the group, the water was steady but an ice wind blew in from the mouth of the cave. It was a narrow shaft, but Laura had hope, the fact that air was able to flow through it so swiftly meant that somewhere further on there was an exit. “Ethan, if I'm right we're probably going to find another group.”Laura whispered ensuring that the other two wouldn’t hear. “I need you to protect and distract those two boyscouts, while I….attend to find the egg.”  

She could see Ethan’s concern as he was about to speak but grabbed his wrist tightly not wanting to arouse suspicion. “I have a hunch the egg’s is deeper in the cave but I also know that if we as a group go after it we’ll be more of a target and it’s a tight space, and single file searching will get us all cornered and killed.” It was then that she heard a hissing sound as The Wanderer lit the first flair throwing it over Talon and Ethan’s craft deeper into the cave lighting the way. The light from outside was now gone as each member turned on their own flash light. The shadows upon the icy walls as they continued onward.

Finally there was some light at the end of the tunnel as hope began to rise. It wasn’t long before the rafts beached upon the icy ground of what appeared leading to an opening in the cave. They could hear screeching like that of creatures, and Talon knew they were sent from Tenebrasque In. As Over Kill and the Wanderer planted their raft Talon pulled Ethan aside once more. “Don’t you get it!” she hissed under her breath. “I’m expendable, I don’t have any powers Ethan out there I’ll get killed within seconds, at least in the cave with you and the guys along with the rest of the team drawing those…creature’s attention I can hopefully do something and find the egg.”

Taking in a deep breath she turned to The Wanderer and Over Kill with a serious look her hands folded. “Alright…I guess this is where we become the Champions of Peace again.” She paused glancing toward the light. “I just wanted you guys to know it’s been an honor working along such talented individuals as you. You’ve managed to get us all her in one peace, and you did a fine job of it.” Showing a confident smile she finished. “Now…it’s time to finally kick butt. Just remember….if any of you die, I am freakin’ resurrecting you and killing you again!” She chuckled as she dismissed them leaving them to no doubt join the battle at hand.

Over Kill stopped as he turned to glance at Laura “Aren’t you coming? Or do you have cold feet.”   “Very funny…” Laura said rolling her eyes. “I’ll be right there, just getting a few things out of the raft.” With that her eyes met with her Shadow Squad team mates Ethan as she had solemn look on her face telling that she was off. With that she grabbed the rope, metal pole, tying the metal stakes to her belt, and the long dagger she had swiped. Followed by her fire lit torch she proceeded into the belly of the cave. She could hear the battle raging behind her, she had full confidence that together as a team everybody would get through. Hopefully they’d keep those creatures distracted so she could...some how aid the team even with her lack of powers.

Yet as she found herself going deeper and deeper into the darkness she couldn’t help but wonder where in the World was War Killer. She hadn’t seen him out there, she had hardly seen him before this saga began. She missed him but she knew that there were much more things important going on that needed her attention. So much had happened since she gave birth to Jacobi most of the team didn't know and she'd do anything to keep it that way. As she continued onward the whole place started heating up, so much so that she removed her bulky jacket and now was only wearing her jeans followed with a long sleeved black shirt and dirt brown thin jacket. Each step she took she could hear the ice cracking under her feetgiving her the warning that this whole place was unstable. With that placed aside she detected that she was going uphill as the tunnel started to widen giving more room to maneuver. 

Finally she reached a section where the walls panned out and the ground was level. It seemed more like a chamber….or a tomb. Glancing upward she could see the rays of sunlight that were penetrating the thick icy roof above. Letting out a deep sigh she prepared to continue onward in search for the egg, until she heard it. An echo that ran through the whole chamber shaking the entire room, the ground cracked as stalagmites fell from the ceiling crashing into the ground beneath, splitters of ice flew everywhere as the place seemed to be collapsing. In truth this reminded her of her KOV battle with Portrait, except the challenger was much worse. The way she entered was soon closed off as the tunnel behind her caved in leaving the emerald eyed assassin trapped.

Sliding to her left violently she managed to avoid a spike of ice that would have impaled her on the spot. As the cave continued to shake she eventually wrapped her hands around the pole she had brought with and drove it into the ice beneath her. A few moments passed as the shaking died down leaving Laura breathless. Now standing firm she clutched the dagger tightly as she took on a battle stance, she wasn’t alone, there was something wanting to meet her.Tying the rope to her waist she stabbed the pole into one of the remaining walls and attached the other end to the rope on it. The ground was constantly shifting and who knew when it'd decide to give way. Relighting her torch she took in a deep breath of air as she forced herself not to shake. She was ready for it, she was prepared and taking in the words of Akwa she was ever vigilant. "Show yourself monster." She shouted a sneer upon her lips as her midnight blue hair draped over her sweat ridden face. 

 She had no powers, only a few people knew that, Darkchild the father of Jacobi, and another one whom she had done her best to avoid in her time at Tenebrasque Inn. Her one hand was tightly wrapped around the torch as shoved it forward, for supernatural darkness started to consume the cavern. Her hand was clutching the dagger as her worst fears came true. She was detected by him , she was followed by him and now in this icy tomb, if a miracle didn’t occur, she would die by him. 

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Slowly the world came back to her. Touch. Smell. Taste. Hearing. And last but not least sight. Or maybe she came back to the world. The difference was a fully philosophical one and not very important now. From a simple pinhead of light in the darkness reality expanded back into the usual all encompassing whole that she was used to. Around her the shapes of the interior of Icebird took shape. The smooth texture of the leather seat beneath her, the smell of the recycled air, the voices around her, all that combined to the unsettling picture of this world that she had never really understood but somehow had became used to. But something was different.

Certain high level telepaths explained the side effect of picking up random thoughts as something like white noise. Dozens if not hundred of voices whispering in the back of their head, the daily thoughts of all those normal people around them bouncing through their head. For Despair as the world’s probably strongest empathy it was similar. It was not voices, it was feelings that although not her own still were present as intern sources of irritation. To describe it with words was not possible, it eluded those who were not cursed with the same burden. Feel the emotions of others but still know it were not the own. Much like hearing the alien thoughts of a crowd and recognizing them as intruders in one’s head. At times it was almost too much. All the hate, the love, the envy, the greed, the jealousy, the joy, the depression, the anger, the bliss, the motional pain and a million other conflicting emotions for which man had not even invented words collided in her head, wanted to be felt at the same time, fought each other, wanted to replace her own melancholy and threatened her to crush her slender shoulders under the world that was heaped upon her in a herculean task.

But that was suddenly gone.

She vaguely felt the emotions of her teammates, the concern about her, the urge to do something but they were somewhat distant. No, not distant, they were like wisps in the moor. Burning brightly but not the soul crushing blinding light of a whole metropolis solely focussed on her. The first moment it was confusing to her, the sudden freedom of mind, the absence of the ever present slight headache from overstrained synapses, the unfamiliar ability to thoroughly focus, they were suddenly there and she felt how the light arts inside her grew stronger from her own inner calamity. She was as free from her own powers as she would never have thought possible. And then it dawned to her.

Chicago, Tallahasse, Champion City. All those were places brimming with people, cities full of life, full of bristling activity, full of the sweet and at the same time terrifying nectar of their emotions. But this was the Arctic. A place devoid of human life and thus devoid of the torment that their feelings posed. As barren as this place was, to Despair it was paradise. Out of the sudden she understood why Mary Shelley’s legendary New Prometheus had sought shelter here. She was finally free, free from everything. The three small lights that her teammates were in the darkness of the emotional vacuum around her were almost nothing, something that she could easily ignore.

As she stepped out of the transforming Jet in her wonderful completely white fur coat with the impressing collar and matching white leather gloves the cold wind whipped her right in the face. It hurt on her alabaster skin, stung in her deep blue eyes, even struck her ears under her white Russian style fur cap but it felt nowhere as glorious as on her bared pearly white teeth that parted her wide smile directly in the middle. She was free. Free.

With outstretched arms she strode down the landing ramp towards her companions who looked at her with a somewhat puzzled look on their faces but she did not care. In this moment    her arms were wide open for she could have embraced this wonderful white world in one giant loving hug that she never wanted to end. She was almost entranced, paradoxically drunken from the sweet abstinence.

Then she stood among her brethren, definitely not the biggest in height but upright and proud like a queen, emanating a deep inner light and serenity. To ease the cold around them she produced a roughly head sized globe of radiant light that gave of a comfortable warmth and flew around them like a guardian angel.

And while she let the most basic spell of her light magic take shape between her open palms, as she put more and more energy into it to protect her and her team from the harsh unforgiving cold of this place she felt something. A soft tugging, almost a whiff like the cry for help of an invalidated baby. It wept and begged for her help carrying with it the air of died adventure, unspeakable fascinating exoticness and the sweet promise of pure innocence. It spoke of an bygone age long gone but still present elsewhere where dragons, knights, pirates and fairies were still alive at the same time, the beautiful refuge of her childhood when her disease had became too strong.

Mesmerized, hypnotized, enraptured she followed the promising scent of the alien yet comfortably familiar magic that narrated of a dying hero epic. The snow melted beneath her leather boot clad feet and freed the long suppressed soil of the arctic. Grass and colourful flowers thought dead since the tie of the dinosaurs awakened from their slumber in her wake reactivated by the pure excess of life energy that she exuded. For the first time in her life this energy was there in abundance and she could give it freely as a portal to the light dimension. Flowers budded, even small trees grew in the   wake of the glorious white halo that surrounded her.

How long she went or if her team mates followed her she could not tell. She only knew she had to save this last spark of innocence. It was worth protecting. It was worth preserving.

Then she stood before them, two young men in adventurous but for this cold oddly unfitting outfits. One in a hoody was standing above the other trying to help him up. She felt a great darkness coming from him, nothing necessarily evil, just dark. As she was not always good as a representative for light he was only a natural counterpart to her, a yang to her yin, an opposite without an evaluative component of restricting concepts.

The other was the one from whom the incredible aura of adventure and fairy tales come true stemmed. Bitter tears rose to her eyes as she witnessed the miserable status that he was in, cut off from his magic realm, the source of his childlike joy and his power, even his life force. He did not deserve a fate like this. He did not deserve to die from magic starvation. Someone as him, a beacon of hope and fantasy deserved something better. He deserved to live. And Despair would give him what he deserved.

With royal elegance Despair kneeled beside him, the white light around her still glowing far into the arctic night and warming the environment around her, giving life to what hat hibernated millennia under the snow. With bittersweet melancholy of what she had forgotten since the days of her childhood, that wonderful dreamland where all wishes came true and where never ending eternal adventure awaited, she laid her hands on his chest. With loving grace she closed her eyes to focus and start the life saving transfusion of magical energy.

From deep within her it came. A familiar heat starting in her heart, the portal to the light dimension, running up and down her arms into this captivating stranger filling him with her own magic, giving him what he needed. It filled him wholly, fullfilled him, permeated everything he was as a magic being and tried to repair what this cruels world had done to him. She just hoped it was enough.

And as it filled him, it filled her as well, illuminated her from within till everything, skin, hair, bones, blood,   even her clothes, radiated with the pure light of life. As she kneeled there beside him she became a being of pure light, a new angelic Mary Magdalene who kneeled by a new Jesus.

When her work was done the Angela Atra opened her eyes in dire hope that the last remnant of her good childhood memories had not died. That once she would have been able to save someone. Fighting back the tears of desperate hope she looked down at the young man known as Starkin determined to see him breathe…
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Once upon a time Godlike extraterrestrial beings placed a barrier around a dragon's den, a barrier that would repel magic and technology of all kinds. And then, one day, The Gray Fox found himself deep inside that barrier and it was starting to kill him. With every step he took, with every move he made, a system shorted out. The stopping of his internal clock had distorted his sense of time, he no longer knew how long it had taken him to reach this place where fire, metal, blood and darkness met on the same spot near the entrance to the caverns which the barrier had been built to protect. With unsteady eyes, Fox examined the battlefield.
"There..." Fox mumbled to himself as his targeting system struggled to maintain a lock on a COP known only to Fox as Hesperus, despite this he prepared to fire one of the few dark matter bullets he had on hand from the hidden gun on his left arm and released the trigger. Nothing. The gun hadn't even loaded. Fox couldn't stay here, not like this, he would be destroyed with little effort if he did so. "The Egg...I must get closer to it...only then..." Fox turned on his heels and sprinted towards the caverns, moments after entering he mustered all his strength to leap over the COPS known as Aiden Cross, Feral Nova, Honor Girl, Mantoid, Octagon Freak and Sarah Lockheart whom were all tending to Lockheart's youngest daughter, Chevie and in the process of building an ice barrier to keep the demons following Fox into the cavern at bay. 
Not even so much as sparing them a second glance, Fox moved deeper into the caverns and that is when he came upon her. The expectant Justice, Obsidian Queen of Paese Di Tenebra and the Crimson King's secret lover. Oh yes, Fox knew about their little trysts, there was little Fox didn't know. He was the eyes and ears of Paese Di Tenebra, it was his duty to maintain watch on the others at all times in case they tried to make a move against the Obsidian King. Right now though...the only thing he was keeping watch on was the roads ahead and behind him.
"Must run faster..." Fox muttered to himself as he started speeding past Justice. "They are coming..." In time, Fox had managed to remove himself from Justice's presence and kept going deeper and deeper into the caverns, whether he was getting near the Egg was up for debate, but even if he wasn't the fact remained that with every step he was taking, with every move he was making...he was getting further and further away from the barrier's grasp. All systems were coming back online slowly but surely. 
"I only need more time..." The walls of the cavern ahead of Fox began to pan out into a large "natural" cathedral of sorts. This gave Fox pause and made him slow down for the first time since he got down there as his eyes rested on the monolithic statues of Dragons whose names had long since been forgotten and a large mural displaying the rise and fall of The Dragons throughout time. Fox became enamored with the sight of it, it contained knowledge about the Dragons that had been discarded and forgotten by the annals of history. "Those heroes will be coming soon. I must keep moving." Fox reminded himself.
Fox bolted towards the exit on the far side of the chamber, hoping he could reach it before any COPS that might have been pursuing him through the caverns could flank him and block off the only paths out of the chamber.

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Stephanie sat there looking at the stone that was given to her by Mistress Redhead, it looked almost… lifeless, she began to wonder how this thing actually worked. Holding it up she looked up at it, her nose scrunched up in concentration as she could hear others talk all around. She didn’t bother really paying attention to anyone, her mind was wrapped up into what was about to come. “I wonder… what makes you tick…” she whispered to the stone as a strong feeling came over her. Her eyes widen as she quickly looked over at Cassidy, a sense of panic rushing over her as she suddenly stood up. She was about to yell out something, but before she could get the words out, the jet was under attack! She could hear screams as the jet began to tumble through the sky, her body being forced back into her seat with a TUMP.


Suddenly the door that she was next to was torn open by one of the flying beasts, Nova’s eyes widen as she was suddenly grabbed out of the jet by the demon and flung to the side like trash. The chill of the air stung against her face as she suddenly burst into her flames, and took off into the air after the demon. She watched helplessly as the jet crashed landed into the snow, but quickly tackled down the flying demon and slammed into the snow, the impact and heat of the two beings caused a wave of water, rather than snow, to shoot up into the sky as the ground rumbled. Slowly standing up she looked down at where the demon once was, nothing but a scorched mark was left as the water that collected on the fire goddess began to evaporate.
Without wasting time she quickly made her way towards the crash site, seeing her teammates slowly gathering together, thank God they were ok… Making her way to them she sighed as she stood by Sarah. “Big evil fire demon thingy is dead.” She said with a small smirk, the wind began to blow harder as snow began to pile on her, sure… she COULD melt it… but then they would be surrounded in water… and… well… she hated water more than snow. Redhead simply nod her head, acknowledging what the hero just said, everyone was so disoriented from what just happened, all they could think was to push forward.
As the group began to make their way towards what they hoped was the dragon egg, the stones that were given to them were glowing brightly, but the blizzard began to threaten the light they brought. But the entire time they were walking… Stephanie had an uneasy feeling building inside of her, she could… FEEL something coming, she couldn’t explain it, but it was just like in the jet.
“STEPHANIE get your butt up there try to see where we are” Sarah ordered.
Without a second thought Stephanie got into a crouching position, ready to shoot into the skies, until a ear wrenching screech could be heard echoing through the sky.
“DAMMIT there back”
Nova’s eyes narrowed at the wave of fire demons flew towards them, she knew most… if not all of the members weren’t immune to not only the burn of a flame, but the effects of hellfire like Stephanie was, she was going to have to try and get as many demon’s attention as she could.
“GET READY!” Stephanie yelled out towards the other members as she looked over to the group, she suddenly felt a heavy load on her shoulders to keep the team safe. Without a second thought she shot up into the skies, her golden flames following closely behind her as she let out a feral yell and pulled out her The Honoo Tachi, slicing it right into the chest of a flying demon, causing it to roar in pain as a wave of dark flame overcame it and suddenly… was gone. This wasn’t going to cut it… she needed a faster way of taking them down. Landing back on the ground she extended her arms outward, her body still a flamed as the snow around began to melt down into water, and slowly evaporate.
“STAND BACK!” She yelled out as her flames began to build around her, gathering as much oxygen in the air as she could to fuel her flames they suddenly became a blinding white color as she then let it out in a wave of explosion of fire that reached high into the sky, pushing it forward towards the demon army. The icy ground turned into a large pool of water one second and evaporated the next as the flames slammed into the demons, the weaker ones killing them off with almost no problem as the stronger one’s pushed through.  “Damn it!” She grit her teeth as she took a moment to look around. MR, Octy, Aiden and Mantoid were off doing… hell she honestly didn’t know WHAT was going on, everything was happening so fast! As her flames slowly died down, she looked over to Honor Girl, she couldn’t risk getting the teenager hurt. “Go with the others!” she barked out at her as she looked over at Cassidy, it was time to put away their differences, and then over at Crazy, it was up to the three of them. “WE need to hold them off!” she held her now glowing blade tightly. “Don’t let the hellfire touch you, and don’t let ANY of them pass us!”
THEY were the front line, they were going to have to hold their ground for the rest of the team. The trio pushed forward, using their power, strength and natural born abilities to keep the demon’s back. Working together in unison they watched each other’s back, making sure not one single demon made their way pass them. Exhaustion was already creeping up on Stephanie as she suddenly heard Sarah’s voice roar.
“Everyone gather at the tunnel! Guard the entrance and call for the other teams to help us!”
Stephanie looked back that single moment as her heart suddenly sank, realizing what happened. “C-chevie…” Her eyes widen, she was so pale… her lips already growing blue, was she…? She could feel Honor Girl yank on her arm, telling her to move with them as it shook The Fire goddess out of shock. Moving with them she continually threw fireball after fire ball at the demons, trying to keep them away as they finally made it into the caves.
She had to do whatever she could to keep them safe! She threw up her arms at the mouth of the cave, a wall of fire suddenly closing off the entrance as demons began slamming into it. It seemed that her hellfire was strong enough to keep them out… for now. She stood her ground as sweat began to form along her brow, she could hear the chaos going on behind her, making her heart race more than it already was. Panic was starting to settle into the hero’s mind, that was… until she heard the soft cough of Chevie, it almost seemed to be silent with excitement for a second as everyone, even Nova, sighed in relief. But she, including everyone else, weren’t out of danger yet.
Stephanie was getting so tired… the demons were even crawling through her fire wall! “I CAN’T KEEP THIS UP FOREVER YOU KNOW!!” She grit her teeth, her body becoming tired, her knees becoming weak. “Where is that back up?!”
Suddenly a wall of ICE crawled up where her flames were, her eyes looked over to Mantoid as she dropped down to her knees from exhaustion, breathing heavily for a moment as she attempted to build her strength again. She could hear the screeching of the demons on the other side, their claws scratching at the ice was like nails on a chalkboard. “Thanks.” She spoke as she Aqua Diva helped her up.
But yet another feeling came upon Stephanie… something… bad… great… again! Everyone went silent for a moment as a figure made its way into view. It was honestly someone she had never seen before… or even knew. But… she had Darkchild’s energy… but… looked like Cassidy… a lot. Her face covered in confusion, she was obviously a baddy but… who the hell was she?
 "You're Sarah Lockheart. You lead this team. I offer you a deal. I heal your daughter. No games, no tricks, just a free and clear healing, and you give me a head start without any of your members coming after me. I want ten minutes."
Everyone stayed silent as eyes fell upon Sarah, everyone knew what she was going to say, and no one could blame her for it. If it was Stephanie in that same position she would have done the exact same thing, they were just going to have to move a little faster than before. Everyone was on a bit of a edge, could they honestly trust this woman? The group stayed silent as they watched the woman do her work on the small child, color began growing back into the child cheeks. She could see the relief in everyone’s face, and even felt a wave of stress off her chest.
The group watched as the woman quickly walked off into the tunnels, the demons were still just outside the ice barrier that was almost torn down, and Stephanie didn’t want to take the chance of them just sitting around waiting for them to break through. “We need to get moving.” She spoke as she walked up to Sarah, gently placing her hand upon her shoulder. “Its not safe here, for any of us.” She looked at the rest of the group, she didn’t want to split up them up already, but they HAD to get a move on, specially since that woman now has a ten minute head start on them. All Sarah could do for a second was nod her head, still holding her daughter tightly in her arms.
She then turned to ‘her group’. “We need to start heading forward, the longer we stay here, the better chance we have of those things coming after us.” She took in a breath. “Octy, you know more less which way the tunnels go, so you lead us. She looked at Cassidy.” You stay close by him in the front encase something surprises us. “Her eyes then fell upon Aiden. “You stay behind those two and I’ll stay back here, in case those little fire demons or something else come after us.” She then looked back at MR and her small group. “Good luck guys…” was all she said as her group began moving forward into the icy channel.

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Death's Door & The Fated Meeting

In a moment of pre determined destiny, the warm sea blue eyes of the young boy had finally shut themselves away from the light which had for so long filled them with hope and a sense of purpose. Encased in a cold and brittle darkness, his broken body and shattered soul coulf feel itself being pulled along by a similar presence that wrapped his mind with a failure that had cost him dearly. He could not feel it, but his inner sadness manifested itself through tears of a shadowy colour. The boy's breathing was now non existent, only small movements in his stomach revealed that he was barley alive, clinging to a small remnant of hope. Starkin's spirit was now beginning to waver, every few seconds images flashed on by of a large gate, and beyond it screaming and hellfire which burned the soul and tortured the essence. After a few more seconds, Starkin landed upon a floor, he could feel several unknown items break as he fell. Instantly his eyes looked up to notice a large black gate, decorated with broken bodies, that screeched in agony as they attempted to escape, the door handles were shaped like a three headed hound. Rising to his feet Starkin began to shake as he looked around, his eyes peering upon a floor made of bones and rotted flesh, the walls cried blood and the ceiling felt like it was closing in, suffocating him. No clue as to where he was, all he knew was he could feel a darkness, an evil beyond anything he had ever felt before, and he knew though this may be an afterlife, it was not his own.
A moment passed and then a large banging from behind the black gate could be heard, it filled the room with tremors and as they passed on by Starkin could feel that from behind those souless gates resided only one being...........No the being had escaped, it was not a figure that resided behing the blackness, not in the phycical sense but a potion of it's power. His mind began to warp itself into a frenzy of thought and calculations, trying to figure just what this place was and why he was brought here, and as he did he had failed to notice that with each knowck heard his feet had began to move his body closer to the gate. As Starkin noticed this strange action occur he could still not stop himself, he felt curious as to whatg would greet him as he opened that door. Now his hand rested upon the handle, and as he became ready to open the gate, a warm touch graced his hand and caressed him back into reality. Suddenly the scene shifted, as he was bathed in a golden light, flowers of a large variety surrounded him, their was nothing else around but he could feel a joy, an innoncence and a strong heart about the place. Looking around a young woman stood before him, dressed in a white dress, her hair sporting all the colours of the rainbow, her skin was pale and her eyes danced the colours of emotion. Upon her back where 4 wings which fluttered as they created a sound of a 1000 butterflies taking flight. He stood their for a moment before gathering his voice.
"Wh........Who are..........You?"
Each word was filled with confusioun and nervousness, everything was occuring so fast, his mind had barkey gotten used to one new thing before being plunged head first into another. He couldn't keep up, and deep down he didn;t want too. Deep down his soul just wanted some level of peace, to feel at ease and this spiritual haven was slowly doing that for him, but still his mind wanted to know who this woman was. He could feel a strange yet familiar connection with her, like he had known her all his life. Slowly the woman walked up to the young hero, her arms wrapped around him, as she embraced Starkin, her eyes closed, her soft lips touched his forhead. Leaning in closer, Starkin felt at peace, and then she whispered
"My name is Tabitha Elysium and I am your mother"
Instantly Starkin fell to his knees, as his mother fell down with him, supporting her child and holding him closer to her. He had never met her before, she had passed on not long after he had been born, though he did have one memory, a faint image of her kissing his tiny forhead when he was still a baby, it was this reason why she felt so familiar, why her embrace was so loving, why he did not scream in shock or run in confusion. The tears began to roll down from his eyes, as each drop hit the flowers beneath him they glowed with magical energy revealing thesmelves as tears of pure happiness. Starkin hugged her tighter, never wanting to let go.
"Mum........Im..........Im" He could hardly find his words as he gasped for breath "Im so happy, I love you so much, how did........How did you find me? What was that place? Oh.......My, the gate dit it open?" Starkin was beginning to rush, so many questions flooded his mind "What is this place? Am I dead? How did you and dad meet?"
Tabitha let out a soft giggle and stood back, as she looked at her child. "Just like your father, so handsome, so full of energy, full of hope and kindeness. You truly are a blessing not just for myself but for all worlds, you are a beacon of light, and your light has not yet been plunged into the abyss, I only wish your time here could have been longer, but I want you to know that I will always watch over you, and I will always love you" She once again kissed his forhead. As Starkin looked on crying, he also smiled, he did not question her, because he knew they would meet again, he knew that she wanted him to save the world, save a innocent creature from falling to that hands of evil. Starkin became surrounded by a glow of white light as the flowers and his mother faded from out of view.


Slowly his eyes began to open and close, a figure came into focus, kneeling over his body. All he could see was an outline and a glow of pure white light which took the form of angelic wings. Instantly Starkin's body shot up and his arms embraced the mysterious figure. It was an act of instinct but it felt right to do. Lookin at the girl, tears dripped down her soft pale skin. Starkin could only feel that she was also a member of the champions of peace. From the girl he could feel a powerful magical energy, and he knew she had saved his life, she had brought him back. Hugging her even tighter, Starkin wiped away her tears. 
"Thank you"
It was  a very basic response, but never in his life had Starkin felt so sincere, so thankful to one single person. His arms released themselves from the girls body and he stood up and looked down at her. Reaching out with his hand the dragon mage helped the angelic girl to her feet, and as he did he smiled at her, teeth showing, it was a smile of innocence of a hope that this world had long forgotten. Out of the corner of his eye Starkin noticed Darko looking around for any sign of enemies. The young wizard insantly realized that Darko had carried him to saftey, his darkilins were also scouting for any sign of friend or foe. Starkin also knew Darko deserved his thanks, but with the way the two men had been acting around one another, and their personalities Starkin knew the moment would be an awkaward one, so instead the celestial prince gave a simple nod of gratitude. Looking around, Starkin could feel his heart clench a little as he felt a present of the past alert him too a child who was barley clingling to life......... "Chevie...." He knew the battle would be fierce, but he had not wished that such a pure young girl would fall in battle, it only made him more determined to fight off this evil from infecting the world. Starkin could then smell them, his senses picked up their scent, their evil coiming. Starkin could feel himself begin taken over by magic once more, he summoned his sword back to him.
Starkin looked at Darko, his eyes ready for battle, as the young denizen of shadows could also feel that evil approached them, but as he readied himself Starkin placed his hands on Darko's shoulder, his hand took hold of the crystal which would help them find the egg, as he tossed it to despair. "I feel our friends need us, you two should offer them assistance, right now that egg is important, it must not fall into their hands, i'll hold these two off" As the two men came into view, Starkiller screamed out "Haha......The fuck? So little fairy you survived, GREAT Now I can show you true darkness, I will rip you to pieces with the darkside" Starkin just stood their staring at the man pitying him, the weapon in his hand seemed like it was meant to be wielded by those of honour and dignity, not by someone who acted like a child having a temper tantrum. A golden aura surrounded Starkin's body, as a powerful magical enegry began to burn away the snow, the blizzard suddenly stoped from being caught in it's presence.
"Do you honestly think im gonna let someone like you kill me, allow evil like you to plunge this world into their own twisted ideals, ALLOW SOMEONE LIKE YOU, WHO FINDS PLEASURE IN MOCKING A FALLEN OPPONENT. To get their hands on that egg, do not act so arrogant, a shadow like you will always be erased by the light, I have faith in myself, in my friends, in my team......Can you say the same thing?" Each word was filled by a roar as they escaped his lips.
"My such confidence words for a child, but their are two of us and one of you" As Starkin's head shifted slightly to the right, Rasbus came into view, the smile on his face as sinister and cocky, but Starkin too had a smile upon his face, as a winged creature sopped down from a magical portal that had opened in the air, it had the head of an eagle and the body of a lion. Tristan, Starkin's friend and trusted companion swooped down and picked up Rasbus, taking him off into the distance. Starkin stood, his eyes once again locked onto Starkiller.
"Im gonna purge your evil from this world"
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Months ago…

“My Boyscout, let me go…” Talon’s words whispered out as he gripped her arm, her body hanging off the side of the cliff of Champions Island. “No!” He shouted as his hand gripped her arm tightly, the thunderous waves crashing below her against the ragged rocks below. His eyes began to swell up with tears as he continued to grip her arm, her body dangling against the rocky cliff, darkness covering the sky as if pure evil was making its way across the land. The wind blew violently against them both as he continued to hold on to her as the ocean grew angrier and the waves higher, water splashing up as the beat against the jagged rocks below, dusting the two lovers like a mist of rain. “Charles let me go!” She screamed, trying to shake his grip. But being as stubborn as he was, he held his grip around her arm, “No Laura! I’m never going to let go!”

His eyes looking down upon hers, their bright emerald eyes staring into one another’s as darkness began to surround them from above, tears began to run down her cheeks. “Laura…what’s going on! What are you doing!” He yelled out again, his voice filled with worry and fear as he knew she was hiding something from him. Feeling her arm slipping through his fingers, her arm slipped down a bit more as gravities strain started to pull on her body more and more, her arm slipping through his hands until his hand was now grasping her own. “I love you!” He heard her whisper as her blue hair blew with the wind, beating against her tear stained cheeks as the waves splashed ferociously below her as if they were about to consume her whole.

“My Darling….I love you….” Their eyes met once more, until finally she closed them, forcing herself to look away as within a split second, her claws were unleashed, slicing through the young hero’s hand, forcing his to lose his grip and allowing her body to fall. His body dropping like a stone, his hand reached out towards her as her body was consumed by the darkness itself. Tears running down his cheeks, his hand reached out for her….but reaching in vain. “Laura….why?” He whispered as tears slid down to his face, sliding to the tip of his nose.

Getting to his feet, he looked back to find both Eclipse and Dark Huntress running to met him. Holding his hand, blood began to run down it, flowing down to his elbow before dripping off onto the ground, leaving a small puddle of blood at his feet. “Charles….what happened?” Eclipse quickly asked in concern. Charles quickly glanced backwards, seeing as the darkness that once covered the island was now fading back, “She…she’s gone.” He said as his head hung low, casting as shadow over his face, making it so his tear filled eyes were not visible. “What did she tell you? What do you know?” Dark Huntress quickly blurted out as she began to question him. “She didn’t tell me anything….” He said in a low tone voice, his eyes looking to his blood filled hand.

“He needs to know.” Eclipse replied next. “Says who?” Huntress said abruptly. “He’s her boyfriend though, he deserves to know.” Eclipse said back to her. “No he doesn’t. If he truly cared about her he would have already known and would have been there for her.” His blood soaked fingers quickly gripped together to form a fist as angry began to build as he listened to what she said. Eclipse’s voice went soft, “Hey…that’s not fair. She asked neither of us to tell him, how was he supposed to--”“WOULD YOU TWO JUST SHUT UP!” Suddenly Charles yelled out, cutting the two of them off from their arguing. “Charles, uh…we didn’t mean to make you angry we were just….” Eclipse’s voice slowly went silent as he saw the angry in his friend’s eyes. Walking past them, he clutched his fist, causing blood to gush out onto the ground, leaving a small trail of blood from where he was just standing. “I don’t want to hear it! And if anyone is going to tell me, it’s going to be her!” He shouted as he made his way down the hill, leaving them both to go soak in his anger.

Champions Tower, Now….

As he made his way down the hallways of the tower, his eyes fell upon his ungloved hand, his eyes looking upon the two scars left from Talon’s claws that were not forever embedded into his body, remembering what had accrued that day. Making his way down the hall, he quickly pulled his red glove over his hand, covering the two twin scars as he made his way towards the meeting room where the rest of the team had already assembled for the newest mission briefing. Eclipse had alerted him early that morning that Paragon had awoken, but more importantly bringing startling news with him. Entering into the meeting room, his eyes instantly fell upon Talon, who to his surprise was actually present. Ever since what had happened on the hilltop, he had not seen her since, only being in contact with her through small messages and texts, which she would use to let him know that she was alright and that she was safe…but nothing more.

As he made his way into the room, it appeared he was one of the last to arrive, maneuvering his way to the back of the room as MR began to speak. She quickly began to speak of a mental transmission that was apparently sent out to all of the former ICE Dragons, a message that was sent by a creature known as Icing Death. As she continued on, Charles’ eyes began to wonder across the room, glaring over at Laura where she was on the other side of the room. It seemed she had not noticed his entrance, but in truth he wasn’t sure if that was a good thing or not. He couldn’t lie, he was angry at her; he had trusted her with his life and yet for whatever reason…couldn’t trust him. But as angry as he might have felt, he was more hurt by her actions than anything.

“We had an inkling none of you would want to miss out on this so we have made a list, pairing each of you off with someone else, we hope this will help to keep you all safe” But as MR continued,Charles’ attention moved to the list of names for who would be on which teams she had set up for them all. He was apparently being teamed-up with Crimson Eagle, Angeni, and Boom Boom. After he memorized who he had been paired up with, his eyes fell upon MR as she began to go on with the briefing, “We have everything we need to get there, but we are unable to use our transporters, the distance is fine, but there is something protecting it, no magic or technology will get us there, we must make the journey ourselves”

 “After the meeting we will all take off, but each of you will be issued with a gem. I have been made aware that the closer we get to Icing Death’s location the stronger these will glow, follow their lead and you will get there, whatever you face along the way be safe and remember that we are a family, each of us are here with our own agendas, but the greater goal, the greater promise of a world without evil is what drives us. I know and trust each of you with my life, and hope, nay trust that we will all get through this with everything intact” MR spoke, seemingly with a hint of worry in her voice, but that quickly drowned out by her faith in her team. Finally as the meeting came to a close, MR ended her speech, “Look after each other and make sure you are safe, If I lose any of you I will personally get you brought back so I can beat you to death” As she finished, He let out a slight chuckle at her comment as everyone began to move and scurry out o the room to prepare for the mission.

Time quickly passed as War Killer entered into the hanger bay, finding his team already there waiting for him. “Alright everyone, we’ve got a long trip ahead of us so let’s get moving. We’ll be taking my hover car which should get us close to our destination, but due to the Arctic weather, we’ll have to land and make our way from there on our own.” Looking at his teammates he smirked slightly as he could tell that some of Eclipse’s leadership skills were rubbing off on him, but really he wasn’t sure how the rest of the team would feel about him instantly taking lead of this mission. Sure he was second-in-command of the Champions alongside, Eclipse. The team didn’t waste time getting their gear into the car and loading up into the vehicle, jumping into the driver’s seat, Crimson Eagle and Boom sat in the backseat while Angeni sat next to him in the passenger seat.

Putting his seat belt on, the young hero flip a switch on the dashboard which caused the car to begin to lift up off the ground a few feet, then as the wheels turned inwards, small propulsion thrusters fired out from the wheels, allowing the vehicle to ascend higher into the air, through the two large hanger bay doors, and into the clouds above. And as Charles checked everything once last time, he gentle pressed his foot down upon the petal, sending the car flying through the sky as the thrusters in the wheels sent the car into motion. After a few moments, Charles looked into his mirror to see his fellow teammates sitting the back. He knew Crimson Eagle and Angeni, but he knew very little about Boom Boom except from the little information Blair had told him about. Seeing as Angeni played around with the radio, Charles tried to ignore the constant switching of stations, wishing she would finally pick one and let the song finish, but in the end simply praying that it she didn’t leave it on a Justine Beiber song….if she did he considered jumping from the car all together.

In no time they had arrived to the nearest town they could find that was in close distance to the Arctic, knowing that the vehicle would never began to through the icy storms, they would have to reach their destination another way. “Okay team. We’re close enough for Angeni and Eagle here to fly Boom and I onwards…” he began to speak as he unbuckled his seatbelt and got out of the car, making his way to the trunk as he began to unpack their gear, “…I’m putting you in charge of our gear…” he said to Crimson Eagle as he threw him a large backpack that was filled with the gear they were going to need on this mission, “…and along with that, because of the harsh terrain and freezing temperatures, we’ve also have snow gear packed for us to use. But it’s your choice to use them or not, they are not mandatory though.” Even so, the young patriot wasn’t about to go and become a human popsicle, pulling out one of the heavy jackets, boots, and goggles; he quickly put them on, wrapping his shield around on his back.

 Lastly, he pulled out a small box that contained the gems MR had mentioned in the mission briefing, “Here are the gems MR was talking about. She said that when we start to get close to Icing Death’s egg they would begin to glow.” Handing them to each member, he finally placed his inside one of the front pouches on his belt, before then sliding his snow goggles from on top of his head and over his eyes. “Now…let’s get moving.” From there on, due to War Killer and Boom Boom be unable to fly, it was up to Angeni and Crimson Eagle to carry them from there, thankfully they had landed in a close distance to where the rest of the teams were heading, so hopefully it wouldn’t be much of a strain on the two flyers. But the conditions were much worse than any of them could have imagine, a blizzard appeared out of nowhere, making it almost impossible for them to fly in. Looking towards the ground, War Killer noticed a patch of icy land below, “There! Land over there!” He yelled out as the freezing winds beat against his face, hi goggles icy up slightly. Angeni and Eagle then let go of the two, dropping Charles and Boom Boom just a few feet off the snowy ice covered ground.

As the wind began to beat on them harder and harder, their vision was all but gone thanks to the chilling blizzard. “Dang it…can’t seem a freakin’ thing.” War Killer said under his breath as he held up his arm, trying to make his vision of their surroundings any better but still having no luck. Thinking quickly, he pulled but his gem, seeing as it slowly began to let off a dim glow that was fading, he knew that the only way they were going to make it through the storm was by letting the gems lead their way. “Everyone, pull out gems!” He shouted as he ordered his team to do so. “We’re going to have to make the rest of this journey on foot.” Looking back at Angeni, he glanced over at Boom Boom before then looking back at her, “I’m putting Boom Boom in your protection, Ang. I’m trusting you to watch over her, okay? If anything were to happen to her, Cell would have my head!” He ordered her, even though they couldn’t tell, he was smirking underneath his jackets mouth cover.

Turning back around, he held out his gem as it continued to glow lowly, using the gem as if it were a compass to guide his way, “I want all of you to keep an eye on your gem. We’re basically blind out here, but if those things really do get brighter as we get closer to the egg, they should lead us in the right direction.” Holding his gem before him, he began to make the journey through the snow, his snow boots digging deep into the iced over snow, leaving foot prints behind them only to see them get iced over once more by the mighty gales of freezing winds. This mission was much more than any of them could have imagined it would be.

After minutes or pushing through the harsh arctic blast, suddenly Crimson Eagle shouted out, “Guys, look!” Everyone quickly turned to him, seeing as his gem began to glow brighter when pointed in a certain direction. War Killer held up his gem as well, surprised to see it begin to glow just as bright. Squinting his eyes, he looked in the direction of where the gems were glowing the most, his eyes trying their hardest to make out anything in the thick snow fall that was battering upon the four of them.  “Look!” He then shouted as he began to point at what seemed to be a small cave in the side of one of the large glaciers.

“Come on, let’s go!” Charles said as he began to tread his way through the snow, towards the cave. “But we don’t even know where it leads!” Ang shouted out to him, causing him to stop and turn back towards her and the others. “Well it beats freezing to death out here. If you want to stand out here all day be my guest, but I’m going to be in the nice and cozy looking cave.” He answered back with a low chuckle as he began to push on through the snow once more. As they made their way into the dark cave, War Killer removed his iced over goggles, pulling out a flashlight from one of his pouches, shining it deeper into the cave. “Watch your head everyone.” He said to the others as he made his way deeper into the cavern, leaning forward slightly as the ceiling of the cave instantly dropped a foot or two. Coming to the end of the cave, he swiftly threw out his arms as he found himself about to walk off into a large hole that lead deeper into the bowels of the cave. Holding out his gem once more, it began to glow even brighter now, he then bent over, picking up a small stone and dropping it into the gorge. The stone echoed as it bounced off the sides of the cavern, before moments later finally echoing loudly as it hit the bottom, along with a faint sound of splashing, leading him to think that they’re may be water down below.

“Quick, hand me a grappling hook.” He said as he stood back up, look back at Crimson Eagle who was still carrying the backpack which contained all of the teams gear. After being handed the hook, he jammed it into the ground right in front of him, letting the rope that was attached to it fall down in the hole, which would allow someone to climb down with. Grasping onto the rope tightly, he slowly lowered himself into the gorge, nudging onto the rope a bit to make sure it would support his weight before then nodding off to the three as he lowered himself down. But as he got about halfway downwards, the hook suddenly lost its grip in the ground, coming lose and causing the Star-Spangled Hero to rapidly fall towards the ground below. “CRAP!” He shouted as he closed his eyes, holding his arms in front of his face as he prepared himself for crashing into the hard rocky ground below.

But just as he was inches away from his face planting itself into the ground, he felt his body slightly jerk in mid-air. Opening his eyes, he found his body hovering a foot just from certain death. Looking upwards, he was relieved to find Angeni tightly clasping onto his shield on his back. Slowly he set him on the ground as Crimson Eagle landed next to them with Boom Boom. “Uh…thanks.” Charles said to Angeni, rubbing his neck awkwardly. “I guess I own you one, huh?” He said to her again. Getting to his feet, he began to look around, pulling out his flashlight; he looked up to see where they just were. It was a pretty long drop and he’s lucky he isn’t dead, if it weren’t for Ang being there, he would have been a goner.

Turning his attention forward, he shined his light at the ground, seeing a bit of water damping the ground, which flowed forward down into a large tunnel. “Wonder where this leads--?” As he began to speak, he was quickly put to silence as screeching screams and shouts could be heard echoing deep form with in the tunnel, look back at his fellow teammates, seriousness covered his face as he pulled his shield around from his back and slid it onto his arm, “Stay close and stay together…..we’re not alone down here.” He said with a serious tone in his voice as he cautiously made his way forward into the tunnel ahead.

Slowly the group made their way deeper into the cave, taking caution with each turn they made, knowing that they were not alone anymore. But finally they came to a stop as they found themselves facing a dilemma of a fork in the road and were now forced to choose one of two tunnels now. “Which one do we choose?” Charles whispered under his breath and he asked himself that question out loud. But before the four could even come to a decision, the entry cave began to shake and move, causing rock and dirt to fall from the ceiling above, crashing down around them. And without warning, the ceiling itself came crashing down violently between them, throwing War Killer and Angeni to one side, while Crimson Eagle and Boom Boom were thrown to the other. Moaning in pain, the young hero picked himself up off the ground, extending his hand to Angeni to help her up as well as he looked up the now large pile of rocks that blocked them for the others. Looking to his left, it appeared that the two groups were now forced to go down BOTH tunnels. Examining the pile of rock and ice, he could tell that they wouldn’t be able to get through to Boom and Ryan; knowing full well that even if they could blast through it, it would still risk causing the whole cave to collapse on top of them.

Turning his attention down the only exit they had now, he shined his light down the tunnel as he then looked over at Angeni, “Looks like we’re going down this tunnel.” He said before then beginning to make his way deeper into the darkness…
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 The Cavern began to fill with darklings, Sovereign Son ordered his team to fan out and hold the line. As their battle raged on calls began to come over the radio’s “COP DOWN” was all they needed to hear. The team began fighting harder desperate to get back to their team mates, Umbra was using his powers to his advantage giving the team a much needed break, for every one darkling they took down another two took its place. They had advanced no further forward then when they had started fighting. Mike swore loudly and for a moment he thought he saw a spark of light in between the darkness mixing into it before it vanished again. Shaking his head he got back to the battle at hand, the Darklings where small in size but where animalistic in their fighting, black claws tore at their prey, singly they were not a threat, a swing of a well-placed sword or a armoured piercing bullet would easily push the darkling back into the shadow it came from, but in sheer number they were terrifying, it turned into a wave razor claws that could cut even invulnerable skin. It seemed as if all sides of the C.O.Ps where being pushed to the limit, Mike let his blade do the talking, there was no time for orders they were all concentrating on keeping each other alive, a shot of lighting cracked a few feet in front of Sovereign Son as Umbra blocked a set of Darklings from flanking the Shadow Squad member, the boy had certainly gotten better at controlling the strikes, before he would have levelled half of the cave.

Mike felt his arms tiring, a slash opened up his back and quickly another one split his thigh. Falling to  a knee mike kept his sword cutting giving him some space; a blue mist filled the air in front of him, it slowly began to move around him, the hairs underneath his body suit began to stand on edge. Mike looked to his left at the others the blue mist had spread over all of them keeping the Darklings back, electrocuting any that dared to touch it. The sparks seemed to consume the body of the dark creatures, their bones visible from the strikes from the mist. Mike looked to the others shrugging they each replied with the same reaction. None of them where controlling it. Suddenly a flash sparked in the middle of the remaining Darklings, but nothing appeared, then the cavern flashed with a blinding light and what followed caused the sturdy leader to do a double take, forgetting his wounds he watched as the Darklings began to retreat out the same entrance they had created. In the middle of them he saw a young man with blonde hair, two silver gauntlets on each arm,   A short shelved t-shirt was covered by a bowling shirt, a dark pair of jeans finished off the look. On his feet appeared to be two silver boots that looked much like the gauntlets on his arms, Then mike saw them, the goggles that held back the long shabby blonde hair.

Stood in a ring of dead darklings, the air was fully electrified from where he had come back, the dimensional rift had finally opened and returned him to his own world. Spinning he caught a darkling in mid jump, his two metal fingers pushing into the black eyes sockets as he sent a charge down his arm, blowing the head of the darkling and that was all that was needed as the flow of the battle turned, the team took their chance finishing off the last of the dark creatures. Mike looked at the others and walked over to Magic, he had not seen the boy since he disappeared seven years ago. Magic was a member of the Vine Prodigies and had helped Sarah build her armour; he had ties to Stark industries. But had vanished one day while trying to create a portal to another dimension. MR had spent thousands trying to find him and recreate the experiment that made him disappear but with no luck, but somehow here he stood in front of them at one of their most bleak hours. Magic turned to regard the four team mates, his blues eyes where stone. Nothing like the fun loving Magic he knew, he was no longer a boy but a twenty two year old man. Magic was just as built as Mike was “Mike” a wary voice said “Yeah”   Magic towered over Mike, The man fell into Mikes arms “O my god im home, finally…” Sov pushed him away and looked at him “Bloody hell mate what happened to you.” Magic looked back, a ring on a chain had slipped out from beneath his t-shirt. “I’ve been travelling for seven years from dimension to dimension,  trying to get home…Mike the things I’ve seen.” Tears began to fill the stone blue eyes, what had broken such a strong willed person.

Mike looked at the others. “Magic we need to move, this is not the place to catch up.” Magic nodded and stood and looked at the others, “Im picking up readings above us, One I know is Chevie” Mike smiled, Magic and Chevie had been so close, then the smile vanished what the hell was his daughter doing on this mission…then the words rang in the back of his head COP DOWN “her heart rate was faint when I arrived.” Mike spans his head back to the others. “You three head for the egg. I and Magic will back up the main force. We need to make sure the egg does not fall into their hands and we can’t all get bogged down in the same place. Umbra you take point Victor…try not to shoot anyone.” After a few shared words the team split Magic and Mike started heading towards Chevies signature. “Mike climb on my back.” Sovereign Son gave Magic a look “just do it.” As soon as Mike got onto Magics back, the small cavern they were in began to fill with smoke and they began hovering.. ”Hold on” they began blasting round the caverns heading upwards, fire erupting behind them from the make shift boots Magic had made. They burst into the fighting in front of them. Magic held his hands forward blue lighting sparked from them heading towards what seemed to be another retreating horde, Mike fell to the ground heading towards his family as Magic Covered him “SARAH” Mike Screamed as he saw his wife, Magic gave small wave to her from the skies above before slamming into a wall of Ice..”Ow” was all mike heard from behind him, as Magic slid to the floor..”Im cool” Magic yelled at the C.O.P.

“Where’s Chevie “ Mike asked in a panic.

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Crazy waited patiently as they flew closer and closer to their destination, he was drinking a large cup of Mountain Dew mixed with energy pills. He was shaking with energy and anticipation, he wanted this whole thing to be over with but he also wanted to test the new suit. Suddenly the ship rocked hard the sounds of metal tearing and splitting filled the cabin. Crazy immediately snapped his seatbelt off and stood up looking around he noticed everyone damn near running around trying to figure out what was going on. Long claw marks were being torn from the ship; suddenly the door to the loading dock was torn open. Wind began to suck things out of the jet; everyone grabbed a hold of something. Through all the wind and the screams from everyone venting their own irritation of how everything was going wrong Crazy heard something faint. It was a cry his heart sank deep into his body as he spoke “Chevie?” He went to turn to see where the sound was coming from and if it was truly Chevie when a claw dug into his thigh, a fireling dug its claws into his leg. He growled at the demon “Let go!” he looked out to the opening as more and more firelings tried getting in then he focused on those in the ship. He took everything into his own hands, he let go of the seat he gripped so tightly on he flew out the opening. Grabbing as many of the demons he could with him, they tumbled out of the jet.

As he fell through the sky he grabbed each fireling, there fiery bodies burning him the heat not melting his suit so he was grateful for the suit. He slammed fist after fist into their faces, then pulling his guns from there holsters and unloaded a clip into each of them. As they fell through the sky the fierce demons suddenly let go of Crazy and took off in opposite direction into the air. He smiled in triumph “Hell yeah run away you little fuckers!!” He smiled as his body turned around then he saw what they flew away from, the ground.   His body slammed hard into the snow creating a small crater, for few moments he laid there trying to readjust his body to the injuries he had received from the fall. As he stood his body turned from stone into its normal look, at the last second Marv took control and saved his life. Crazy brushed the snow off his arm and he looked up just seconds before the jet he was on slammed into the ground, flames washed over everything in the area. His heart sank deeper into his chest as he watched, he ran full tilt Philip taking control and they were at the crash site in seconds. He looked around to find everyone for the most part was alright, he was trying to find Sarah and finally he did...she was crouched over someone…someone small.

He didn’t even remember moving but in mere milliseconds he was at Sarah and…Chevie, she had stowed away on the plane. She was covered in cuts and bruises she was broken, Crazy went into his own dark spot in his mind trying to adjust to everything going on. Fighting was going on everywhere around him, he could feel fire slamming around them the world was slowing down and suddenly something snapped inside his head. Blood began to trickle down his nose, out of his ears, and out of his eyes every one of his personalities screamed in unison but the loudest were Grendel and Zeek. His body began to convulse in spasms, as he turned from the blood that puddle around Chevie his eyes were filling with blood he was completely enraged. He opened his mouth and let out a guttural scream that echoed even in the sounds of chaos, Firelings and Darkling’s were closing in on the three even more so than the others. Nova was unleashing her own fury on the demons but it wasn’t enough, Crazy walked from Sarah and Chevie into the middle of the fight all on his own he could hear the faint screams of his teammates telling him to stop but he didn’t care. Someone had to pay, and he was going to make everyone he saw do just that.

As he made it to the middle of the field not too far from the others the ground began to shake, he lifted his hands slightly and the ground began to lift slowly. The demons looked confused looking to each other than to Crazy, Zachariah was in control and he showed no emotion on his face but pure rage. His teeth grind together as he slowly pushed his arms into the sky higher and higher, as he did this the ground began to break apart around the groups of demons that were around him. 400 feet around him the ground lifted up so fast the demons had no chance, it toppled over on itself lifting up into the sky and back down squashing the firelings and darklings in one large crunch. Crazy shook as he turned back towards the group, their eyes were wide to the power he just showed. He walked closer to the group when suddenly a small group of Firelings swiftly closed the distance; they leaped into the air only to stop mid air. Grendel was now in control his hands out in front of him holding them in place with strands of darkness that had sprung from the ground. He whipped his hands to the side brushing all of the demons to the side before he lifted a small portion of earth into the air and crushed them. Walking over to Chevie and Sarah he said in labored breathe “We need to get to cover, come on.” Those attacks took almost every ounce of energy out of him; he pulled out his weapons no longer able to force the energy for any form of powers. Blood still slowly flowed from every orifice on his face he smiled through the blood and spun around unloading everything he had into the demons, walking backwards the entire group that he was with including Nova made it to the caves.

Nova put up a shield that was quickly diminishing thanks to the Firelings, but they were together for the most part. Some of them were still out there in the fights, but he was more worried about Chevie than anyone. He walked over to her and held her hand; he wanted her to smile to show that she was going to be okay. Suddenly the sound of someone coming towards them alerted Crazy and he spun around, holding a gun out towards the person. It was a woman covered in darkness she strolled slowly towards them “You come any closer…I will push everything in my body to the man in order to bring you down.” She told him and the rest of the group that she was there to help Chevie; he didn’t trust her she was one of Darkchilds. But she said she would help her, slowly as the woman held her hands on Chevies chest she began to heal. Her cheeks turned bright red as she took her first unhindered breathe, all the emotions of rage were breathed out in one breathe inside Crazy. She was better, he turned to thank the woman but as soon as she arrived she was gone. He looked to Sarah then he put his hand on her shoulder “I’m going to make sure we stay safe.” Sarah nodded and Crazy stood up looking to Honor Girl “Let’s get going, get Chevie I will watch our back.” Crazy took a deep breath and went into his own mind as he began to walk away from the group “You all ready to do this?” The voices all nodded in unison “We keep Chevie and everyone safe…no matter what.” They said, he knew for a fact he had a fraction of his strength left in him. He never knew his body was capable of what he had just performed moments ago, something he was going to look into if he survived the now. His body slowly turned to stone, he was preparing for the worst to happen and someone to attack as soon as they moved further into the caves.

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Champion Tower 

Though Damian had grown attached to his adopted aunt during his time in the Champions of Peace, by the end of her mission briefing the young boy was developing an immense dislike of the woman who seemed to be endlessly amused by the sound of her own voice. She spoke of dragons, of heroes past and the importance of their mission. She asked if any of the Champions were unwilling to participate in this quest, and Hesperus considered raising his voice, before realizing that he would literally never hear the end of it if he refused. The buffoon, Eclipse, revealed a list of small teams that they would be split up into. Raising an eyebrow, Hesperus noted that he was to be paired with Closure. Damian did not like Closure, he hadn't even bothered to learn the man's real name. But then, Hesperus didn't really like anyone. 
As the meeting came to a close, the young assassin found himself face to face with his new 'team-mate', who wasted no time before opening his fat mouth and spewing his nonsense.  "As much as you frighten me, I must admit your the most interesting personality in this room.  We should walk to the jet now because we must find that egg.  Any sarcastic comments before we leave?"  Damian, feeling that this Closure was unworthy of any of his usual witty remarks, shook his head with a sigh and teleported out of sight in a flash of green light, reappearing in the courtyard outside the Tower, beneath the statue of Andferne. 
"I don't see what makes you so special." Hesperus addressed the statue of the legendary hero. "What makes you so much better than any of your fellow 'heroes'? Why do you deserve all this praise and adoration? You lived the life of a hero, yes, but many men do the same and receive no recognition for their actions. To be honest, I have no respect for you whatsoever. But, since you're dead, I find it much easier to talk to you than the ignorant morons I find myself allied with." Pausing as the wind blew through his hair, Damian almost felt like the sate of the Ice Dragon was listening to him. "I didn't come to this team seeking to become a hero, I came here to kill Eclipse. I didn't want redemption, and yet, I found it regardless. Throughout my life I have been taught to put myself before others, to think of my own well-being before anyone else. So why is it that I now care? Why do I care for these fools, who throw their lives away seeking to attain the illusion of peace? And why do I find myself trying to aim for that very same goal?" The child sighed deeply, before turning away from the hero he never knew. "Mother was the only one to ever understand me, but this team has changed me into someone else entirely. Now she would not understand me... Just as I no longer understand myself." He turned and eyed the inscription on the base of the statue: 'The World Still Needs Heroes'. "I'm not a hero. I don't know what I am anymore." And with that, he vanished once more, reappearing on the Champion's jet, headed to the Arctic. 

The Arctic

Hesperus was still a little uneasy, being on this team of heroes. He had given up his plans of murdering their co-leader, Eclipse, and following his promotion to the Shadow Squad, was thoroughly enjoying following his Uncle's orders and completing mission. But that was the Shadow Squad. Now, Damian found himself confronted with the rest of his team, trapped in the jet with the spandex-clad idiots who populated the other squads. There was Mistress Redhead, the strict co-leader with an explosive temper, not helped by the stress of raising two children, along with playing mother to the rest of the group. Feral Nova and Mantoid, both true-blue heroes who lived for hope, justice, peace and all that hippy-dippy crap. At least they were both powerhouses. Aiden Cross, a teenager who couldn't fight, had no powers, and was a terrible shot with his only weapons: a couple of guns. Damian hadn't the slightest idea what he was doing on the team. There was Honor Girl, Sarah's 'apprentice', who in battle demonstrated all the skill and ability of a rotting pumpkin. Closure, the needy, whining little man, always seeking acceptance in the band of heroes instead of just being true to himself. Dark Huntress, a delicate flower, a radiant gem in the-- Well, that is, an excellent fighter. Crazy Eights, a lunatic who provided Damian with endless amusement on their assignments. And finally, Octagon Freak, a new member who Hesperus was fond of, both because he already had 'freak' in his name, and looked pretty cool. 
Just as the journey was finally coming to an end, their flight was interrupted by a great claw crashing through the side of the jet. Lights flared, sirens sounded and the heroes screamed, as their plane plummeted towards the ice below. Rolling his eyes, Damian tried to use his natural fundamentalist powers over gravity to stabilize their transport, but his concentration was interrupted as a dark, tiny demon hurtled through the gaps in the walls, attempting to slice his demonic claws through the young boy's face. Strapped into his seat as he was, the young assassin couldn't move, and so instead teleported away, reappearing on the ground as he watched the wreckage fall to the ground below, the Champions on board being ejected. Glancing behind him, Hesperus noted a group of three dark creatures, accompanied by a similar monster, only composed of fire, soaring towards him. Withdrawing his twin blades, the Rayne heir sliced the head off the nearest with ease, before easily leaping over the others. As he whirled his blades in their dance of death, however, Damian found these beings were actually quite skilled in battle. He fought hard, and in the distance noticed his team-mates disappearing into the mouth of a cave, which Feral Nova soon sealed off with a wall of fire. Retreating, before the battle had even begun? 
Eventually, the young boy stood triumphantly over his foes with only a few scratches, yet the rest of the battle raged on behind him. Turning to look at the cave where the majority of his team were hiding, Hesperus frowned as he saw a woman he didn't recognize running out of the cave. Fearing what this stranger might have done to his team-mates, Damian immediately pursued her as she entered another system of caves, ignoring everything else in his path. As he watched her run, the boy was oddly captivated by her movements. She seemed familiar, and yet different, he found every aspect of her fascinating, though he hadn't even seen her face. He wondered where she might be running to, before remembering the entire purpose of the mission. She wanted the egg. Summoning his powers over gravity, Damian focused on the roof, a few feet ahead of his target. He brought the icy clumps crashing down into her path, totally blocking off the tunnel in that direction, so she would have to turn and face him. "That dragon is mine. Think you've got what it takes to stop me from taking it?"
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As the company proceed forward the Crimson King signaled the advance. After the push of a button tucked away in his armor, a wave of soldiers emerged from the still gaping portal. The horde traversed the Icy waters of the Arctic. Although the harsh weather raged around them not even a flake of snow touched the Lords and Ladies of Tenebrasque In, ReEnforcer had constructed a barrier around the precession which caused the snow to evaporate as it touched down.

The legion marched north for twenty minutes, then as they reached the peek of a large hill ReEnforcer felt them. A group of Champions were closing on their location fast. Mistress Redhead and Octogan Freak were among them. Remy looked back over his shoulder, as he was about to inform the group Darkchild said "Well looks like its begun, brother." As he finished speaking the roar of the jets engine filled the air.

Firelings and Darklings took to the air, they tore into the plane causing it to come crashing violently from to the ground. The heroes aboard were thrown from the wrecking scattered in the valley of ice before the hill ReEnforcer and Darkchild stood upon. Without delay the Obsidian King ordered the awaiting battalion of soldiers forward. Like a tsunami the army rushed over the hill overcoming the disoriented heroes. Flames over took the soldiers below as a goddess of fire covered the Champions withdrawal.

Leaving those aboard the plane to the Obsidian Court ReEnforcer and Azrael continued toward the pull of Iceing Death and perhaps the last remaining dragon egg. Continuing north through the think snowfall the Crimson King and his consort reached a large formation of ice. Standing nearly twenty feet over the Kings head, after examining the ice cluster more closely Remy discovered it was in fact the entrance to an underground cavern. “I think we've found, the door way.” He said to Azrael. “Well need to continue forward on foot the cave seems to narrow further in.

The hell hounds at their backs the Monarchs of the Crimson Court proceeded into the cavern. As the roamed the labyrinth of caves beneath the Arctic ReEnforcer utilized his mutant ability to locate other body signatures within the caves. Remy's lips turned up into a fierce grin as he felt the familiarity of Darkchild's aura surrounding one of the victims wandering the tunnel. “Azrael, I feel them. It shall not be long now.” ReEnforcer told his queen. ReEn turned down a passage to his left which descended into the cave system, his path would now intercept the one that had peeked his interest.

Several minutes later the pair entered a large dark cavern, Remy could feel his prey growing closer with each passing breath. Turning to his Queen the Fire Lord says “The one tainted by Darkchild is mine.” Holding a finger up silencing her before she fought him for the lovely morcel ReEn continued “There are more approaching, they will be here momentarily. You won't be waiting much longer.”

As the Crimson King finished he opened a large gash on his left forearm allowing his consort to drink of him. His eyes rolled back into his head as she tried to bleed him dry, however as he felt his prey enter the cavern, in a hushed voice he said “ENOUGH!” The blood taking control over Azrael she didn't break her hold on his arm, finally he forcefully pushed the Crimson Queen away. The hounds crouched low baring their teeth to the man who had hurt their mistress, low growls escaping their jaws. The flames of hell in his eyes ReEnforcer stared back at the beasts a growl of his own in the back of his throat, his anger seeped out of him. Azrael flew back through the arm then slammed into the hard stone wall. The Crimson Queen brought herself to a knee, ReEnforcer's blood dripping down her chin, “Wait, my pets.” She told the hounds of hell. “He is not our enemy.” Turning toward ReEnforcer. Azrael said “Go, I will do as you ask. My King.” As she finished she licked the blood from her chin, ecstasy filling her eyes.

The impact when Azrael struck the wall caused the entire cave to shake, ice covered stones fell from the roof of the cave sealing the passage which the blue haired woman had entered. Finally the vibrations in the cave ceased and all was quite. ReEnforcer stalked his prey from the shadows. She was young and beautiful on the outside but he could see the taint in her aura, it consumed her. A determined look in her eye the woman said “Show yourself monster.” Time seemed to slow, everything happening in an instant. ReEnforcer was upon the woman, a cage of flame filled the cavern surrounding the two. With ease he knocked the knife she clutched so tightly out of her grasp with his left arm, ReEnforcer's right hand shot up grabbing the woman by her throat and lifting her into the air. The rope attached to her tightened fighting against ReEnforcer's grip, effortlessly he ripped it from the cave wall. The woman screamed out in sheer surprised from the swiftness of the attack, her voice echoing throughout the cave system.

Gazing into the woman's eyes the demon spoke “You reek of Darkchild.” Her eyes widened with this statement. “The light of your own energy is weak, your power drained.” ReEnforcer stated a fact which his mutation allowed him to perceive. Finally her emerald eyes pierced his shell and Remy knew her from his final days as a hero. “Your name is Laura, code name Talon.” He remembered she had joined the Ice Dragons during their last days, before Andferne's will was discovered and the team was disbanded to form the Champions of Peace, in his fallen brothers honor.

After further examination of the energy which surrounded her, ReEnforcer realize it wasn't just Darkchild's aura he was perceiving. “Your his mother.” She swallowed as she struggled against the steel grip of the Crimson King. In the back of his mind ReEnforcer kept watch on the others approaching their location, they only had a few moments alone before the other heroes would arrive. “Do they know your carried the demon's spawn?” He asked her, silence answered and his grip tightened. Unable to break the demon grasp, Talon stopped struggling. ReEn pulled her in close as the first pair grew closer to the cavern. His lips touched hers and with a whimper she submitted to the kiss, her lips parting. The child's mind was so twisted by the events of her child hood it seemed she would forever play the victim, bending to the will of others.

From a passage to their left a man raced into the flame filled cavern. His armor was similar to that of Andferne, displaying his patriotism a true American hero. The man's locked on the scene before him Talon, her arms now wrapped around a tall figure in a crimson cloak his hand around her throat and their lips locked in a heated kiss. “LAURA!” The man yelled jumping through the wall of flames, before he could reach ReEnforcer, Azrael swooped down grabbing the mans large coat in her clawed hands she tossed him into the arms of the woman who had just followed him into cavern. “Angeni, we meet again.” The Crimson Queen said as her hell hounds took came to her side.

Laura's eyes shot open as she renewed her struggle to free herself from the demon's grasp. “Insolent whore!” ReEnfcer yelled smacking her across the face and drawing blood from her lip. Talon's eyes remained on the man who now stood before Azrael, Remy saw it then “Love.” He said, causing Laura's eyes to go wide. “Please, no don't hurt him.”

A wicked smile on his face ReEnforcer said “I'm going to give you a choice Laura.” “In a moment other members of your team will enter this cavern, you can stand aside while I deal with them or prince charming over there will learn of your betrayal. What will it be little one?” The Crimson King asked the blue haired girl.

Laura's eyes darted between her prince and the Crimson King, finally she made her choice throwing her left hand at the Kings face, her nails dug into his flesh piercing his eye. Blood running down his face ReEnforcer's head snapped back to the woman still hanging in mid air his fingers wrapped around her neck. “Let see how those regeneration powers are working for you, shall we.” As the King finished speaking flames consumed the woman's body causing her to scream out in agony, “CHARLES!” His name echoed throughout the cavern, reaching the ears of the young hero his cry of pain joined hers and he charged the winged woman blocking his path. “Charle's don't!” The battle ready woman with him shouted.

ReEnforcer drops the still burning Talon to the ground her body going limp as three men broke threw the caved in passage which had lead Laura to her doom. The man closet to Remy was adorned in armor a large claymore clutched in his hand, to his left a man with long dark hair dressed in dark clothing and to his right a young man with dark brown hair. “A little late to the party fella's.” The Crimson King said a grin on his face. The three men stopped dead in their tracks upon seeing Laura's body burning before the Fire Demon, tears in their eyes and anger in their hearts the men rushed ReEnforcer. Manipulating the flames still livid in the room Remy created two colossal winged beasts, they resembled the Fire Oni as he had appeared before ReEnforcer. The Fire Lord and his two creations prepared themselves for the incoming attacks.

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Hours Earlier

Out of the three others he was teamed up with, only Taiqod shared with Cly his plans for making it to the Arctic. This didn't really concern the Samurai, because he knew (or at least thought) that if they didn't talk to him they had the means to make it there without his assistance or help. Fitting his goggles over his eyes just right, the Knight was about to take off when Taiqod asked him, “Do you think you got room on that mighty beast of yours for two?” The Rider raised an eyebrow, Taiqod quickly saying, “No no no…god that came out very awkward.” Cly laughed and was about to respond when his team member said, “When we leave do you think Ez would mind if I accompanied you. I’ve read about Dragons my entire life, they are beautiful creatures and I would love if I could ride with her as well.” Answering him fast, Cly had to stop himself, "Sur...actually, hang on, I had better ask her." Taiqod began to walk away and said, “If you think she wouldn’t mind, grab me before everyone else takes off.” The Knight gave him a thumbs up. "Gotcha covered." Walking over to where Esmeralda was standing, Cly said, "Hey, ready for the flight?" Born ready! I can't wait to fly in the arctic, since I seldom travel there. "Yeah, great...oh, one more thing..." Yes? "Taiqod, he...uh...was wondering if...you know...he could..." Esmeralda rolled her eyes. Okay, Taiqod can have a ride."Sweet!"
Returning five minutes later with a bag crammed full with Cliff bars, he said, "Let's fly!" Climbing up on Esmeralda's back, he secured his goggles in place and looked for Taiqod. Naturally Esmeralda spotted him first, with no help from her full spectrum vision which allowed her to see heat in the infrared spectrum and through objects with the x-ray spectrum. Spreading her wings she rose into the air and slowly fluttered to where Taiqod was and grabbed him carefully with her clawed hind right foot. Lifting him up she held him close enough to her back so he could climb out without too much difficulty. After he was on her back, Cly stood up and maintained his balance with near perfect precision. "I can tie a rope around Esmeralda's neck so you can hold on if you'd like." Taiqod shook his head side to side, saying if it was out of the norm it wasn't necessary. "Suit yourself. Hang on as best you can, and if you fall off, Esmeralda will catch you." You boys done chatting yet? "Yup, fire up the engines." Engines got nothing on my wings. Esmeralda rose in height like a helicopter, maneuvering her wings in her own pattern, then stopped in midair, hovering. 3...2...1...Blast off! Cly had to sit down for this, and he grabbed Taiqod's shirt at the last moment. Zero to two hundred miles per hour in a second, the acceleration was fast enough to cause some people to temporarily black out. Increasing in speed until she was just below the speed of sound, she smoothed her flight out and Cly stood up, showing off his balance skills.


Feeling the frosty chilled air against his skin, the Rider would have felt a little cold but at the speed Esmeralda was moving the friction she was creating made it warm on her scales. Slowing down as they entered the Arctic valley, Esmeralda, Taiqod, and Cly saw a battle raging on below them. The had arrived minutes after the action had started and Cly saw that the overwhelming opposition force was driving the rest of the team back into nearby caves. "I'm all for fighting these monsters but if the rest of the team can't take them I'm not so sure we'd stand a good chance. We must conserve our strength and retreat into the caves like the others." Esmeralda took a dive towards one of the nearby caves, tearing through a few creatures with her claws along the way. Pulling her wings back as not to hit them on the low cave entrance, she landed and began to slide on the ice inside. Digging into the ice with her blood covered claws, she came to a stop. Outside, the monsters were making their way to the entrance of the tunnel. Cly unsheathed his sword, the sharpest sword in existence, and swung in the direction of the ceiling above the entrance to the cave.
Rumble! The ice was sheared cleanly and fell in front of them, sealing them off from the approaching enemies and trapping them inside the cave. Esmeralda's eyes glowed with light, looking in the pitch black cave. I can see in this cave void of light, because my blood is infused with light. We must meet up with the others. Esmeralda, Cly, and Taiqod went deeper into the caves, unsure of what was in their path.
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So far on the mission we only really just got here, and now where traveling deeper in these tunnels. Once we were about to take this decision the damn cave collapses splitting the team apart, quite awesome if you ask me... but I have a really bad feeling about this.... something not good lingers up ahead, i know it.. It always hides in the darkness, good thing i use my hearing instead of sight..
 Now thinking about it more though.. what exactly are the chances of the team splitting in half, something that'll happen in a movie, well in too many movies actually.

"Let's start heading down here, and if i scream anything.. listen to me." Walking down i kept my left hand on the wall, while i kept my right hand on Crimson's shoulder. Even though i should have kept it on my sword instead, but i would feel paranoid about him not being to close to me. As we are walking though i just hope we don't die of  "taking forever to look for an exit syndrome" it could be one messy problem. 
After a bit of walking i could hear something in the distance, which really meant that we should brace ourselves.. Like i do know i'm used to this whole super hero stuff, but when i have a bad feeling it stays with me. "I hope we catch up with the others.." I really hope i don't sound like a Debby Downer, not like it's possible that we might get killed or something, but i really don't want to be the one on a mission who brings everyone down.   

 Time for the Inferno 

 Is it normal to all of a sudden feel a chill when you hear a distance scream, one that also makes your teammate's shoulder flinch a bit? It's normal i guess to suddenly scream that we need to run to our right and we'll be right there. Instead of touching the walls, i have Crimson lead the rest of the way so i could pull out the sword that is against my back. This isn't going to be good, maybe fun though who could tell the future? 
Walking into the Cavern i feel my a sudden rush of heat hit my skin, a heat so intense that a drop a sweat already falls from my forehead. If i could get my sword that hot, surely i could slice through something or.. someone more easily.  
Feeling a number of eyes staring right at me, made me feel a bit too uncomfortable. Hearing.. Hearing Charles' cry.. Made me feel a feeling i haven't felt in a long time.. It's not that i care about him.. He's whole Dr. Pepper obsession is quite annoying, but since he's so close with Blair.. Basically a brother to her, someone who helped her out when she lost her shining light that should never die out.. He's the one who relit that light for her.. These ******** in this room will pay, i promise that.
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Octagon let the others take care of Mistress Redhead and Chevie while he helped battle back the strange, dark creatures. 
"These are fierce, little boogers," Octagon said as he battled them back. All the while, he made his way back to the cave his fellow Champions of Peace were moving into. Before he had much of a chance to help with the medical situation, a woman moved out of the darkness and offered to heal the young girl for a head start. Octagon almost protested, but the life of the young Champion was more important. In the mean time, Octagon regrouped with his squad. Feral Nova was sweating as she gave some orders. She asked Octagon to lead the group into the caverns. He thought maybe he wasn't exactly the right choice, but he had been studying some maps and it wasn't like anyone had any real knowledge of the cave system. 
"All right, if we're doing this, we'll probably need to keep as silent as possible. It's going to be dark down here, but if I'm in front, I can maintain the element of surprise hopefully." Octagon waited for the Dark Huntress to fall in step behind him before taking off into the dark caves.
It was still bitterly cold underground, even without the harsh winds blowing. Octagon felt perfectly comfortable in the dark though. With his radar sense, he moved easily, but he kept his pace limited so that the others could keep up without getting too far behind him. Octagon had been walking for awhile when he felt a presence in the darkness in front of him. It began moving quickly, and Octagon could see it as clear as day. It was one of the dark creatures they had been battling on the surface. He lashed out with an energy attack and killed the horrendous thing.    
There's no way that thing got past us, Octagon thought. That can only mean that...
"Guys, we have a problem. I think Darkchild must be near..." Octagon whispered.

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 As Kain prepared to mount his steed, ReEnforcer caught Kain’s attention by speaking to Lyn. The vampire glared fiercely at the possessed being. It was obvious ReEnforcer knew that should he even think of doing anything with or to Lyn without Kain’s approval, Civil War would erupt and lines would be drawn between the courts.
The vampire hopped up on the flaming horse with Lyn. It looked around at all the other cursed creatures with burning red eyes. Kain watched his team mates as well, mentally preparing himself for the journey ahead. Aspirations of power clearly blinded Kain to many things, such as how powerful his foes could be. It'd been too long since an actual battle came up and it's possible Kain forgot how skilled foes may react. 

Soon, all the beasts within the room parted, heading for the Alaskan cave. Some simply flew off while others entered the darkness with Darkchild and his company. Kain on the otherhand held on to his horse with Lyn and the three of them burst through the wall. Kain's horse covered itself with a flaming barrier as fire erupted from it's flared nostrils.

The three of them ran through what was once France and recently became the homeland of Tenebrasque In. Kain passed through the rest of La Citta Delle Tenebre and in between the cut off point of Rampante Tenebres and Dreamlands. War's horse's hoofs thundered through the streets as it ran through walls, fallen structures and even the innocent standing in their way. Kain's horse was pure destruction on four legs with massive structures being broken apart, cars and vans being thrown around with ease and a blaze of fire being left in its wake. Kain remembered what it was like being a two-time horseman of War; the power, the glory. It was beautiful. 

Kain and Lyn continued to ride to the arctic leaving a trail of destruction as more populated areas were temporarily invaded. They destroyed entire buildings, blew up vehicles and kicked up the pavement behind them. It was impossible to see the three, even with high speed cameras all that could be determined was a red and black blur. Once they arrived to where the ocean seperated the land, Kain's horse jumped into the air and transformed into a monstrous dragon.

The beast had black scales with liquid hot magma running between them. It had four horns in addition to the spikes steming from it's knees and elbows. The dragon was absolutely enormous with wings capable of blocking out the sun when fully spread out. During Kain's reign as a horseman, the shape-shifting horse perched itself on a temple in the mountains with three quarters of it's body hanging off the temple. 

The dragon continued to carry Kain and Lyn across the ocean. The journey was a relatively quiet one. Kain spoke to Lyn casually, discussing his plans for the colosseum and reminiscing about their past exploits. He couldn't help but smile having her with him. He took the time to rapidly change into more comfortable clothing. He wore a short jacket exposing his arms and torso. He shortened his hair and turned it blue. 

Once land was nearby, the death from above touched down on the ice and assumed the form of a horse once more. It galloped through the snow and eventually caught up with the rest of the team. By this time, the battle already began. There were darklings and firelings already bringing hell on earth. Planes were being destroyed and blood was already being spilled.
"Children. I suppose even these youngling deserve a chance to experience the simple things. we can go and handle things for them my love, what do you say?"
Kain and Lyn continued to ride through the arctic's frozen climate. War's horse penetrated falling debris with ease although the fire disolved the land behind them. The powerful couple and their horse broke through the cave with their entrance. Tons of rock and ice slammed behind them while the song of war played on the outside. As if on queue, the horse disappeared to leave the terrible twosome was left to their own devices. Kain kept his hands in his pocket before turning and looking to Lyn. 

"We seem to have started this at a dead end designed to confuse others. I can't really say I mind all that much. With it just being us, we can explore thie cavern a little more... carefully. I can sense there being more than meets the eye here."
Kain and Lyn walked through the caverns, examining every inch of the cave. There were ancient texts written along the walls hidden beneath layers of thick ice. Kain was unable to understand the texts due to their origin. His turned to his beloved Death and asked her to lead the way. He knew she would be a far more effective navigator. Her long forgotten past was the key to this puzzle and despite his arrogance, he knew when he needed the help of another.
They kept to their path with Kain holding a flame above his head to keep the area illuminated enough for Lyn. Through a series of lefts, and rights they slowly closed in on their goal. During the journey, Kain sensed a group of enemies arriving. This group could prove to be most formidable. However he didn't want to waste time on these mortals. At most if they could prove to be worthy, they would become slaves in his colloseum.
"Lyn, please proceed onwards to that egg. The sooner we get it, the sooner we can leave and you and I get to enjoy the games. Take a group of the Soul Feeders my love. Four of them should prove to be enough of a defense for you."
Kain snapped his fingers and from thin air following a black mist, four of his Soul Feeders appeared. They were tall figures at ten feet tall with long slender black bodies. They each had six glowing blue eyes and long knife-like fingers. Soul Feeders had skin thick enough to take on a fifty-calibur round. With the abiility to move mach 5 speeds and carry tanks, they were more than a match for any who challenged them. Kain exchanged words with his Soul Feeders, explaining to them that they needed to do as Lyn told them to and that should she be harmed for them interfere.
And with that, the two of them split up. Lyn proceeded deeper into the cave while Kain sat down in the open area, awaiting the others.

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Kain and Lyn's journey to the Arctic was uneventful.  It gave the two demented lovers a choice to reminisce about the past.  Lyn was feeling the ever growing call of the egg within her soul.  Her own dragon's soul was equally yearning to get close to the egg.  The cold reminded her of her once called home so long ago.  The freezing temperatures had no effect on her cold body.  Once inside the cavern of the egg she proceeded to step off the War horses back and looked to her love.  
 "We seem to have started this at a dead end designed to confuse others. I can't really say I mind all that much. With it just being us, we can explore the cavern a little more... carefully. I can sense there being more than meets the eye here." He spoke quietly.
After looking around and trying to sense the others.
"Kain, Our powers are significantly dampered here.  This youngling is something to admire with this much ability.  I do sense other souls here, but none I recognize besides our fellow members.  I can not obtain a proper reading to tell you where they are, but I do sense a living dragon on their path here."
Lyn's head was pounding within her skull.  An equally annoying effect of the egg.  She would have to work hard to keep her senses up and be able to stop those who wish to stop her.  She walked beside Kain for a short distance and noticed very familiar pieces upon the wall.  Carvings of old.  Lyn touched the wall to read them better after wiping away some snow.  
"It is a prayer my love.  For the aspirations of the egg to fall into good hands and not to be corrupted by evil.  Too bad it won't work so well.  It is just words."
 "Lyn, please proceed onwards to that egg. The sooner we get it, the sooner we can leave and you and I get to enjoy the games. Take a group of the Soul Feeders my love. Four of them should prove to be enough of a defense for you."

Lyn nodded as Kain summoned his monstrosities.  They were unwanted followers, but to ease Kain's mind Lyn allowed them to follow.  She walked slowly into the caverns and kept an eye on the walls.  The writings told of IceingDeath.  Interesting dragon she thought.  A wave of pain echoed over her.  She stopped dead in her tracks.  As she grasped her head closing her eyes.  The egg was somewhere near and screaming for someone to care for it.  Lyn had never felt the calling this bad before.  Never once.  Just as her mind settled after being rattled so hard.  She slowly rose to her feet again.  Looking back she did not see Kain anymore and was going to move forward without him. 
Lyn sang a song her mother had sung to her long long ago in her Dragon Kin tongue to try to ease the egg as she moved in.  Her words echoed in the caverns as she sang.  The overwhelming pain twisted into something more manageable.  Lyn kept her hand on the weapon the Dragon's Tail in case someone was there.  She could not rely on magic or powers at the moment, but she was a well off fighter she did not worry.  
The calling tugged at her dragon's soul drawing her closer.  She continued to sing her song as she moved and watched for anyone else in the cavern.  Which ever arose first Lyn was ready to attack or seek.

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"Here it comes...let's go and let it go. This is..."
The machine body that had once housed his consciousness stopped in it's tracks, with one foot out the door and the other planted firmly in the mural room. The light from its eyes went out and the sound of every working system died. Fox hadn't told them nor would he ever have the chance to, that he had been on another quest at the exact same time he was performing this one. In addition to helping his teammates capture the Dragon Egg, he had been helping Omega Justice halt the destruction of The Multiverse entire and had just given his existence up to save everyone on every Earth in every Universe that ever existed. 
Fox had hoped though, that, if he were operating in two bodies simultaneously, he would be able to escape the inescapable fate that awaits all who venture beyond the End of Time. He was wrong and now he is gone. For moments, the entire suit just stands there, frozen in a single moment and then...activity. All systems begin rebooting, the eyes flare up and the joints unclench themselves. "Data transfer complete; a new consciousness has been uploaded to this body and installed. Warning: Not all systems are fully active yet. Proceed with caution, Sovereign 004578."
"Noted." 004578. A FoxBot manufactured in Junon by The Gray Fox himself while he was still establishing his rule over the land had been elevated from the status of Guardsmen to Right Hand a few days ago. In the time before his Creator had left to save all of Creation from a madman who called himself Solace, 004578 had been given a secret Prime Directive: In the event of permanent deactivation, 004578 would take Fox's place not only as The Sovereign of Junon and The First Obsidian Bishop of Paese Di Tenebra but also...Fox himself. He would no longer be just another number. "And C.C., you will no longer refer to me as 004578. You will refer to me as "Sovereign", just as I once referred him by."
"Apologies Sovereign, I did not mean any disrespect." The feminine voice of Junon's Central Computing System or "C.C." for short said.
The new Gray Fox responded only with silence as he exited the mural room and made his way through the tunnels leading away from the area. As he continued onward, the echoes of a soft melody drew his attention to a nearby corridor. Thinking the song's singer to be an enemy target, "Nu-Fox" pulled out a couple of throwing knives and slowly made his way through the corridor. He came to a jarring halt when the singer's voice grew nearer and waiting patiently for whomever this siren was to make her appearance. Suddenly, C.C.'s voice rang out through his mind. "Sovereign, do not attack to the approaching female."
"Inquiry: Why not?" He asked, keeping a tight grip on the knives.
"All voice print file data stored in The Prime One's memory banks matches the females voice with that of Lady Lyn Trancedigaeth alias Lady Death; The Ivory Queen of Paese Di Tenebra and consort of the mighty Eternal Chaos, the Ivory King of Paese Di Tenebra. She was an ally of The Prime One." C.C. explained.
Nodding in silence, Fox put the knives away and slowly stepped out of the corridor to greet Lady Death. "Lady Lyn Trancedigaeth...greetings. I am lucky that C.C. managed to match your singing with the voice print files I have stored away in my personal memory core, I nearly assaulted you, but now that I have your singing voice on record I can distinguish you from all other singers. Inquiry: Do you mind if I accompany you on our mutual journey to find The Dragon's Egg? I believe our chances of reaching it first will increase substantially if we stay together rather than go our separate ways once more." He suggested.
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 All she could do was continually tap her foot on the ground as the jet soared through the air, she didn’t even pay attention to Aiden’s and Cassidy’s little fight. All she could think about was… who would tell her mom what happened if she does get incinerated? I mean… crap her mom didn’t know she ran off to play superheroes! She thinks she’s at a private school getting a better education! Ugh… maybe it was a bad idea lying to her mom, maybe she SHOULD have told her, or someone, at LEAST her brother! …well… maybe not her brother… he was never around long enough to start up a conversation with anyways.
Her blue eyes finally looked up for a moment as they settled on Feral Nova, even SHE looked nervous, and she was a Vet when it came to this kind of stuff! She then noticed Nova’s green eyes suddenly widen, as if something was wrong… oh crap... was something going to happen!? It was almost on cue, the jet shook violently, a scream escaped from her as she could hear Aiden yell out as well in fear. Then almost a second later, the door was ripped open by a demon like claw, it ripping Nova out of her seat and throwing her out of the jet! HOLY CRAP! DID THAT REALLY JUST HAPPEN?! She could see the jet get closer to the ground, in a panic she undid her seat belt, her body was sucked out of the jet by the wind current and almost as if on its own, her cape began to glide her down to the ground as she watched the jet smash into the ground, snow being kicked up like a tidal wave as it skid along the now crash site. Landing hard into a pile of snow, she did a tuck roll, quickly getting back up. A rumble in the ground could be felt as she watched Feral Nova tackle a demon to the ground from the skies, holy crap that was awesome! But she couldn’t think much about it, she pushed herself towards the other members of the group, she watched as one by one they began to gather around, but someone was missing…
“Aiden?” She whispered to herself, she couldn’t see him! Where did he go!? HE BETER NOT HAVE RAN AWAY!!! She began fumbling around in the snow, looking for the blonde haired teenager as a screeching roar echoed through the blizzard like storm that surrounded them.
I TOLD YOU TELL HIM she could hear Alice speak to her through her helmet.
she yelled back as she watched in shock as an army of flying flaming demons were making their way towards them. “Wha-?!” Her eyes widen in fear as she saw The Fire Goddess shoot into the air, the first one on the attack, but the demons quickly made their way towards them as one came rushing right towards Nicole! Its deformed scrunched face let out a screech as lava like saliva spew from its mouth, its claws reaching out for her as she quickly jumped back, her training kicking in as she threw an honor-rang at his head, only to have it sink into the fire formed creature and melt down into a goop of melted metal. “Well… this sucks…” The demon then blew out a wave of hellfire at her.
“Ack!” she yelled out as she ducked under the wave as a fireball from Nova smashed into the demon, killing it upon contact, dddaammmnnn… she wanted powers like THAT! Her eyes then caught something… a figure standing around… STANDING around?! “Aiden!”  Her shout of joy was drowned out by the roars of the demons but her feet quickly pushed forward, her feet sinking deep into the snow as she made her way towards him.
Alice told Nicole as her eyes looked off a bit to the side, a demon caught eye of him! She had to move faster!  
She threw herself forward, her body slamming into Aiden’s, the two fell into the freezing snow, he was clearly disoriented still from what was going on. But she couldn’t help herself, the first thing out of her mouth was… “CAN’T YOU TAKE CARE OF  YOURSELF FOR ONE FREAKING MINUTE?!”
She ignored Alice, she was busy trying to stay alive right now thank you very much!
“Gimme a break, will ya!”
He yelled back at her, as she heard bullets fire, she was busy trying to find an Honor-Rang that would actually WORK on the demons, so far, she ruled out razor rangs, freezing rangs, and electric rangs, UGH what the hell!? How was she suppose to take these down!? Before she could figure something out she saw Aiden run right pass her, in the opposite direction of where the battle was. Oh no he didn’t!
“WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU GOING! THE BATTLE IS THIS WAY!!!” She pointed where everyone was busy fighting for their lives.
UGH! Why the hell did she like him again? She couldn’t even figure it out right now, not like she had the time to anyway, the SAME demon was busy trying to kill her still! Its claws reached out for her as it managed to scratch her right arm, the hellfire it was formed from actually MELTED through her suit, burning her skin as she let out a cry of pain that surged through her entire body, forcing her down to her knees. This time she pulled out an exploding rang and chucked it at the demon, the explosion upon contact ACTUALLY killed the beast! Causing it to combust and vanish, leaving only black smoke behind.
Looking back down at the wound, she watched as her Nano-bots quickly formed back together.
“I-I’m fine, it just stings a bit.” She spoke in a panic, she wasn’t sure what the effects of hellfire was on a human, but she didn’t have to think of it, she had to move forward and get with the rest of the team. She could see them gathering around… someone… she couldn’t see from where she was. “Whats going on?” she turned to Feral Nova who seemed to be busy trying to keep the Demons at bay.
“Go with the others!”
Stephanie barked at her, it actually made Nicole jump up a bit, she had never seen Nova in hero mode before. She simply nod her head as she began to gather with the other’s, and then she realized what was going on…
Chevie?? Omg Chevie! She must have snuck onto the jet, oh no, no, no, no, no, no. She was laying lifelessly in Aiden’s arms, her tiny body was so pale. Out of everyone… Chevie dying here was LAST on her mind. “Alice…” she whispered silently.
I’M NOT REGISTERING A HEART BEAT. The computer AI spoke to her and shock swept over. BREATH NICOLE. Alice reminded her as she took in a sharp breath.
“Everyone gather at the tunnel! Guard the entrance and call for the other teams to help us!”
Everyone quickly got up and went on the move to the cave while Nova was suddenly frozen in shock. She had to snap out of it! They needed her right now! Nicole ran up to the Fire Goddess and yanked on her arm. “COME ON! TO THE CAVE!” she yelled out at the fellow hero, bringing her back for a moment as she nod her head and began following the group to the cave.
Everyone gathered around as Aiden held the little girl in his arms still. “Nicole, rip the hood off the bike.” He ordered as he ripped open the shirt of Chevie.
Her blue eyes widen as she looked down at him, confusion rushing through her mind. “But wh…” She stuttered before Aiden interrupted her with a very out of character serious look on his face
“Just do it!”
It was weird to see him take control… but she quickly followed the orders, gritting her teeth she ripped off the hood and tossed it on the ground as Aiden suddenly tore out wires that were running through it, holding them tightly in his hands, was he about to…?
She stepped back as she watched Aiden use his bike as a defibrillator bring the small girl back to life. Everyone was silent as they watched the electricity surge through Chevie’s body. God if your up there, please don’t let this happen… she doesn’t deserve this! She’s too young! She turned her head away, she couldn’t watch this, tears were already forming in her eyes as she suddenly heard a weak cough breaking through the silence. Everyone sighed in relief, but knew that she was far from ok. They needed to get her into a hospital, and… by looking around… there wasn’t going to be one around here.
“ugh… after this I resign…”.
She smiled down at him and chuckled. “Stop being a big baby.”  Playfully she smacked his arm as she was about to take a seat next to him, only to hear Nova asking about backup. She couldn’t remember… did anyone even call for back up? But before anyone could respond to Nova… a woman walked into view of everyone, it seemed that Sarah, Cassidy and Crazy knew who she was, everyone else… seemed lost. All Nicole do was assume she was from the other team. She was pretty though… and… looked… strangely familiar. Talk about not wanting to fight, but actually HEAL Chevie was spoken. No way… there was no way Sarah would trust the likes of her! They could take her! All of them together could kick her @ss! No questions asked! Nicole got into a defensive stance, pulling an honor-rang out of habit, knowing full well that it would absolutely NOTHING to the woman. But what really got to her was… Sarah AGREEING to allow this woman to heal Chevie… AND the terms that came with it! I mean… yes Chevie needed help, but from the enemy!? Couldn’t Mantoid heal with water? There was ICE all around them! She could have used that! How the hell were they suppose to trust someone like that?! For all they knew she could have been putting an evil demonic spirit into the young girl! Or worse… brainwash her into thinking she was part of the other team! Different scenario’s ran through the spazzing teenager’s mind as she stood on the side watching what was going on.
Then… as if nothing, the woman got up and walked away into the caverns, and what did they do? STOOD AROUND AND WATCHED! I mean…. She understood, Chevie needed healing, she needed help, but… I mean… come on! They’re heroes, they fight these guys, kick butt and take names! But she didn’t say anything, she stood there, looking down at Sarah who was holding onto Chevie. Then Nova stepped up, breaking the stillness around them. They were about to split up into the teams assigned to them, and she watched as Aiden walked over to his group as she stayed behind with Sarah.
NICOLE YOU SHOULD- she banged her helmet, telling Alice to shut the hell up, she didn’t her voice in her head right now.
Nicole turned to her group, looking down at Sarah, she couldn’t look over at him… that would mean that she cared for him a lot more than she thought… but… ugh! She couldn’t help herself, she turned her head to look back at them, and she caught glimpse of Aiden, just one more time before walking into the icy caverns. “Good luck…” she whispered as she turned her attention back to Crazy.
“I’m going to make sure we stay safe.” She heard him speak, she was actually really hesitant to work with him… she’s… heard some crazy stories about him while Sarah and Sov Son were in Section Eight. His eyes then looked right into her own, causing her to stiffen in up surprise, she didn’t even know he knew she existed! “Let’s get going, get Chevie I will watch our back.”
Nicole nod her head as she gently knelt down to Sarah’s level. “I’ll take care of her Sarah.” She spoke softly as her mentor seemed hesitant to hand over her daughter to her student. Chevie did look great, a lot better, but still seemed weak, her strength still coming back to her. Taking off her cape she wrapped it around the young teenager. She then got the girl to climb on her back, as her suit’s strength began to kick in, Chevie didn’t seem heavy at all. Wrapping her arms around the girl’s legs that clung onto her waist for leverage, the teenage hero began walking towards Crazy, she knew staying close to him, she knew he would do anything to protect Chevie, which automatically meant that Nicole was going to be watched over as well. She got ready to make her way deeper inside the ice cave as she watched everyone else prepare themselves for what waited for the group inside.

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"Guys, not to rush or anything but we really need to head out." It was the truth, and for some reason this mission was starting to remind me of the one that happened after Moonglow's funeral. It was absolutely something you'd love to see in a movie or a comic book. It all began with War Killer, Hotaru, and I in a plane on the way to an island to save Eclipse's life. Him feeling bad he went to something really stupid, and i'm guessing not to many people know about this mission.  
Well on the way there we were all on the VT jet, which i really liked and getting close to the island a missile came heading towards us. I made War Killer and Hotaru go before me, and since i had no time to jump before the missile hit i made a shield of light around me. I barely survived it since my skin had a few burn marks, that obviously went away, and left me unconscious while War Killer saved me from drowning by jumping in the water after me. 
Long story short though, he went into the place where Madros and Eclipse were. By the way i really don't like Madros, i'm against killing people but if i saw him i wouldn't step back from putting him into Coma or worse. So then we saved him, and then the placed was destroyed after we made it out.  

Let's go 

Now, because i know if we don't that egg won't be waiting for us anymore. Raising my hands in the air a spectacular deep blue light came pulsing from my palms, a minute later it was surrounding the team. I haven't really done this Invisible Woman trick, but it shouldn't be too difficult, i'll just need to concentrate, and now we were off the ground in a giant blue bubble.  
It was really cool, on the inside of it i added a little bonus by having it see through, and no one on the outside would be able to see us. Though.. I guess it would have been smarter for it too be invisible.. but whatever, i'll do that next time. 
From how fast this thing had flown by it took us only a few minutes to get to the entrance of the caves, then as made the giant bubble dissolve i looked at each member of the team, and headed into the caves leading the way.  
I'm glad i'm not scared off the dark, of course there's always the chance of seeing a vampire, demon, ghost, burglar, or murderer in your bedroom while waking up, but not exactly in the caves.. well.. with the people we are up against.. scratch that idea.  
While leading the way i used my sonic hearing for any sounds that we be a good to be notified of before it's too late. Also i had my right hand glowing a dim yellow just so we could see somewhat, even though Scion could have had that covered.  
Hearing a woman's voice made me suddenly stop in my tracks, i held my left arm out to let the others know that there is someone not to far from us, and that we need to be ready. Now.. there was another voice.. "Sh!t.. Guys.."  
Walking closer and closer made my heart accelerate, the adrenaline pouring through out my body made me on the edge. On there i thought of multiple attacks, and defensive moves i could do. I don't know if anyone else knows but no matter if we win or not i'm going to make sure that my main priority will be to protect my teammates. Also, i will not let those three out of my sight.  
As we make the turn to the right i could see a figure in the distance, and i'm sure in about five seconds they will notice me as well. I really don't think they would have any time to talk, so i really might as well start this off. A large ball of light dazzled from my fingernails at first, then my palm, the rest of my right hand, until it engulfed my wrist. Then like to was an epic baseball i throw the ball as fast as i could, and let's just say that i was kind of amazing in soft ball during high school. This would catch the two off guard.. hopefully, then it'll be time to let hell loose.
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 It was the only question on Aaron’s mind as he watched his squad mate, Blair, lift the team into the air and transport them to their destination. They were moving through the air inside what seemed to be a construct made of almost hard light. It was an incredible experience to be flying, but to know that he couldn’t do something like that with his own powers was almost as disheartening as how he felt not too long ago When Despair almost effortlessly saved the life of a fellow COP member with her own light-based powers. The incredibly quiet girl appeared almost as divine as the people he grew up worshiping in church and for a brief moment he felt like he was staring into the light of heaven itself. To see her in action was a truly beautiful and awe-inspiring sight to behold, but since then he wondered why he wasn’t able to save lives or create constructs with his own light-based powers.

Aaron had more than enough time to think about it when Paragon tried to comfort him during the trip, doing his best to make the new hero smile, which he did. It wasn’t just the battle against the twin gods that hung around in his mind though, it was everything. Ever since he gained his powers the spirit Shamash had only taught him how to use the power in combat. He was never taught how to heal wounds or create constructs, only how to fight. And even then he had to rely on trickery and guile to win his fights, something that he wasn’t used to doing at all. In the end he felt like maybe he wasn’t taught those things because the spirit couldn’t teach him, but because the spirit wouldn’t teach him.

This distrust for the entity that granted Aaron his powers felt like a knot in his stomach that mixed with the nervousness of the upcoming battle for the egg, creating a painful concoction that made him feel partially sick. When he finally noticed this Aaron bit his thumb until he felt a twinge of pain, trying his best to take his mind off of the nervousness and focus on the mission ahead. It would be hard enough without his doubt slowing them all down, and the last thing he wanted to be besides weak was a burden on the only real family he had left. The Scion of Light closed his eyes and took a deep breath before exhaling, trying to meditate during their little bubble ride.

It wasn’t long until they had reached the caverns, which were almost hidden amongst the snow, and Aaron opened his eyes to watch the construct land. After safely landing, Blair got rid of the construct and led the way, an air of confidence and fear about her, bringing them all into the cave in a way similar to how Aaron imagined she led her old team into action. Once in the darkness of the caverns she also created a light to show the way, something that Aaron decided to do as well since in his opinion you couldn’t have enough light.

The caverns themselves were almost just like any other cavern; dark and damp, but there was also a feeling that Aaron couldn’t shake off during their whole trek through. It was like something was reaching out to them all, and he could only assume that it was the egg itself, calling out to its potential masters. To have such power at your disposal was something that Aaron coveted, but knew that he shouldn’t have it. It would be far too much power for him to responsibly handle, and the mere idea of any one person with the dragon was frightening.

As their travels through the cavern continued, Blair all of a sudden raised her arm to signal for them all to stop moving.She slowly led the team forward and to the right, where Aaron quickly noticed a pair of individuals speaking to each other. He couldn’t get a good read on either of them, but Blair seemed to know what she was doing since her attacks came swiftly. A large ball of pink light-energy went shooting forward towards the two, and Aaron knew that it was time to strike. He was ready to prove once and for all to everyone and himself that he wasn’t useless! With great agility he moved around to their side and charged towards the man-shaped figure. With a loud battle cry he quickly halted his charge and released a large concentrated flash of light directly towards the two mysterious figures….


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 As Starkiller went to search for Rabsus, Darko ran towards the fallen Starkin.  Darko's face was still numb from the mighty blow that the Sith had just delivered.  The boy looked back nervously as he picked up Starkin.  He wasn't the strongest young man but at the behest of Obi Wan Kenobi, he had began strength-training and had increased his strength and stamina.  The young boy could barely stay on his feet as he trudged along in the thick snow with Starkin on his shoulders.  He tried to pick up the pace, knowing well that if Starkiller caught up to them, both he and Starkin were as good as dead.  Darko looked back, scanning for any sign of the murderous Sith, when he did not see a tihng, Darko looked back up to the front.  He stopped dead in his tracks when he saw her.   
It was a girl, one he had definitely seen before, but who's name he just couldn't recall at the moment.  An incredible aura emanated from her body.  A visible halo of light lit up the lifeless world around her.  Darko's mouth opened involuntarily.  The light coming from her such almost blinding, yet Darko could never in a million years dare to look away.  Before he realized it the words, "You're incredibly beautiful," slipped from his lips as he kept staring at the girl.  She was light incarnate, he was the Prince of Darkness.  Thy were a stark contrast to each other, polar opposites.  Darko knelt and let Starkin fall onto the soft snow.  The soft skin of the girls cheeks was like a magnet to his eyes.    
The young boy watched intently as the girl knelt beside the fallen hero.  Starkin's eyes were all white, his eyeballs were rolled to the back of his head and he was spewing colorless foam from his agape mouth.  The raven-haired girl placed her hands on Starkin's chest and closed her eyes.  As the wind began howling ever more wildly, her focus on the task at hand seemed to never waver.  A light, stronger from the one already present began filling her body, running down her arms and into Starkin's body, and then, something truly magical happened.  Starkin stopped shaking and his eye lashes began flickering, as his body once again began to fill with color.  Starkin shot up and hugged the girl tightly.  For the first time today, Darko wished he was Starkin.  "Thank you," Starkin said with a voice that was still audibly weak.   
Starkin seemed once again back to full strength and stood back up.  He gave Darko a slight nod, as the Darko nodded back.  He still wasn't a huge fan of his, he felt that Starkin hadn't carried his own weight today but he was still very thankful that Starkin was now alright.  The young hero placed his hands on Darko's shoulder and looked straight into his eyes, "I feel our friends need us, you two should offer them assistance, right now that egg is important, it must not fall into their hands, i'll hold these two off"   
Darko shook his head.  There was no way he would go anywhere and let Starkin face Starkiller, and possibly Rabsus, alone.  Starkin had already faced Starkiller once today and had almost died.  Before Darko could open his mouth and protest, he was interrupted by an all-too-familiar voice, it was the voice of Obi Wan Kenobi's mortal enemy, Starkiller. 
"Haha......The f#ck? So little fairy you survived, GREAT! Now I can show you true darkness, I will rip you to pieces with the darkside.  
Darko quickly turned to the beautiful girl who had healed Starkin.  Thanks a lot for that.  You go ahead with the mission.  Me and Starkin have some business to attend to.  As Starkin's body was covered in a golden aura, Darko's was covered in darkness.  He could feel the heat coming from Starkin.
Starkin roared in anger at the Sith,   "Do you honestly think im gonna let someone like you kill me, allow evil like you to plunge this world into their own twisted ideals, ALLOW SOMEONE LIKE YOU, WHO FINDS PLEASURE IN MOCKING A FALLEN OPPONENT. To get their hands on that egg, do not act so arrogant, a shadow like you will always be erased by the light, I have faith in myself, in my friends, in my team......Can you say the same thing?"         
Darko couldn't help but smile upon hearing Starkin's angry words.  All this time he had thought Starkin was nothing but a whimsical fairy boy, but now he knew he was much, much more.  He was a warrior and a strong one at that.  He had been in death's grasp and at a time when many a mna would have given up and gone home, he was now standing defiantly toe to toe with a master Sith. 
in the distance, Rabsus came into view, one large, threatening blade in each hand.  There was anger in his face.  He had been embarrassed one too many times today.  Darko smirked as the alien got closer and braced himself for a fight.  He had already beat him once, and he was sure he could do it again.  But before Darko could muster up the energy to summon up his darklings, a huge creature came flying through a magical portal overhead.  He didn't get a good look at him but from the smile plastered on Starkin's face he figured that it was in fact an ally.  The winged creature swooped down and picked up Rabsus,  taking him high and into the clouds.    

"Well that's one problem gone.  Now we can focus on you, Starky."      
Starkin gritted his teeth as he looked at the Sith,  "Im gonna purge your evil from this world" 
Starkiller, acting as if nothing had happened,walked calmly towards the two heroes.  "One man versus two boys, I like my chances." Immediately after the words escaped his mouth, a veil of anger and hatred descended upon the Sith's face.  The bloodlust was obvious.  Starkiller wanted to murder them both.  The sith yelled as he extended both his arms ouitward intot he howling wind.  Electricity began shooting up and down his arms.  In anticipation of Starkiller's Force Lightning attack, Darko shielded himself with a shield of darkness and braced for impact.  However, as Starkiller charged up his attack and his yelling got louder and louder, Darko felt the ground under him shake.  The snow began shifting under his feet.  The young boy lost his footing and tripped as the shaking got stronger and stronger.  Finally the snowy floor gave way. 
Darko, Starkin and Starkiller fell through the snow and landed with a bang on a cold, hard surface.  Darko immediately stood up and began looking around.  There was no sign of the Sith anywhere and Starkin was by his side, trying to gather himself.  He couldn't see an end to the cave on either side.  The Prince of Darkness summoned up five small darklings, knowing well that they could easily maneuver through the dark.  "Ok guys, go find the others, when you see them.  Come back to me and lead me to them."  As the darklings ran towards different directions looking for an exit, Darko turned to Starkin.  You okay?  You have light powers right?  How 'bout you light up so we can see what we're dealing with here.  
Starkin held his arm out towards the darkness.  A dim light collected in the palm of his hands and steadily got brighter and brighter till the light illuminated the whole cave.  When the cave was illuminated Darko realized that his darklings had not gone anywhere they were still right there next to them, each road leading out from the cave was being blocked by a larger darkling. 
"Those..those aren't mine."  Darko said nervously.as he took a step back.  The young boy clenched his fist as a puddle of darkness began collecting at his feet.  From it sprang fourth seven more darklings, each one filling the cave with its growls.  "Attack!" Darko yelled furiously.  The small darklings ran towards the larger darklings at full force and jumped at them, clawing and biting at them.   
Darko once again looked at Starkin as the his fist was consumed in dark matter. "Let's do this, elf-boy." 

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The advance was an awe inspiring one in scale. Blair could look in any direction and spought darklings or firelings. It was pointless for any of the other members to summon soldiers of any kind when the two kings alone had formed an army rivaling anything seen before. Even if their numbers were fewer than the COP she was confidant they could out match them in strength. Snow desolved into water and then evaporated entirely as it touched down on the barier her 'king' had created. The power display and freedom to not worry about holding back was a key reason she stayed with the team. Not many others charged into battle with creatures of hell at their backs and rideing on a variety of monstrosities to get to their destination. The titles slightly bothered her however, king sugested that all were beneath them and that she was second. The idea of being considered second was not one she was big on.

Azrael bushed her thoughts aside as ReEn and DC spoke. The Champions had arived and soon enough smoke billowed into the air. The servants of the crimson and obsidian courts had taken to the skies and ravished the large carier. As metal colided with earth and ice more soldiers on foot charged forward. The heroes scattered about from the crash were quickly surounded. It was obvious the heroes would come out alive in the end but the distraction would be enough to get to the cave before the champions. The cave would be ideal for this type of fight where they were out numbered. The limited room would make it dificult to get a beed on Tenebrasque In without risking another hero's well being. They would take some blows willingly but the numbers would be a disadvantage now and the time taken to be percise would transpire for the oposing side while Azrael and those with her could fire at will. The thought of it alone excited her.

It wasnt long before the two had found the entrance and advanced into the caverns. The doorway and caverns towered high above them giving room for anything under the size of a dragon freedom to pass on through. As they got deeper though the path got tighter narowing and leaving less room for manuevability. Continueing onward the Crimson King spoke. He could feel the presence of the Champions that had made it into the cave. The king herself and the trio of hell hounds all seemed to grin with the same maniacle ferocity at the upcoming confrontation.

He claimed dibs ob one of the prey that would be entering soon. She didn't care, far as she was conserned a kill was a kill any heroic fool would suffice she just wanted the blood. Murder was the art the battle that led to the final strike was the master piece the individual was just the canvas if you wanted something to relate the violence to in her mind. As they waited ReEn cut a gash into his arm allowing Azra to drink of his blood and indulge in the sweet mix of the coppery tasting blood and burning sensation that came from being possesd by the Fire Oni. She found herself eventully flung into a wall so she would part from the wound. It was in her nature to love bloodshed and violence it was the one thing she had always known she failed to see the forceful departure as anything to get worked up over. ReEn should have done it in the first place rather than use words in her opinion. Like she would really follow an order that told her to refrain from her addiction. Brutality was how you cleared her mind in the mist of desstruction not the use of ones toung. She ordered the halt of the hounds cleaned the blood of her lips and went to wait for the fight to start.

Her collison with the wall sealed the entrance that a blue haired woman entered. The swiftness in which ReEn was there to confront her was nearly instant. From the passage near where she stood a man broad in stature ran outwards calling for Laura. Hearing the words between the possed king and Talon she wonderd if this patriotic fool knew of the womans secret. The scream of Laura's name spoke of the love instantaneously, how would he react if he knew that his love had a child to DC the perverse horror that so many people despised. He charged forward to try and save his blue haired princess, a arrogant move in Azra's eyes. He left himself open and in responce Azrael took flight and dug her claws into the back of the mans jacket barely missing his throat. She twisted around and threw the man towards the body of another woman entering the cavern.

"Angeni we meet agin" Blair smiled, she couldn't recall where she had met the woman but she had somewhere. That and it was simply obvious her origins, angels and demons didn't need any special ability to recognize their own kind. What ever the woman's past she was definently of the opposite breed. Blair wanted the womans gore to stain her blades as soon as she saw her. Azrael taped her foot in aticipation as she watched Charles look on in horror at what was happening between Talon and the Crimson King. From the corner of her eye she saw the woman in black clothes with blue hair go up in flames. Fire washed over clothing and hair first those being more flamable. Then came the flesh. Her cries echoed through the room as did Charles as Talon met her demise. Perhaps she could come back through healing abilities or some miraculouse surgery but as far as Az knew and aparently the others hear she had died. The patriotic hero now had a clouded mind billowing with anger. Blair licked her lips in anticipation as others entered and the time of siting around came to an end.

Charlie undoubtedly would want ReEn rather than her. So she would briefly play nice and let him run around her. She wanted him to turn his back on her and then realise the error in thinking anything other than first Az had to be tackled before he could confront the killer of his lover. Whether he did as she predicted or not she would throw a volley of spears plucked from the earth at the man. They were set to detonate a second after impact. If the spears managed to puncture armor and skin the pain delivered would be exquisate. If they failed to dig in hopefully they would at least soften her challenger.

Azra couldn't make out where the third woman had came from. Presumably she must have been behind Angeni up untill now. She was a bit of an anigma, but obviously a swordsman that much was clear by the blade at her side. She seemed the least threatening of the three and a test of her skills seemed in order. With a node of her head she sent the hell hounds to confront her. The hounds would likely perish but it would allow Blair to get a feel for the womans skills and give her the time she needed to put this over zelous woman named Angeni into the ground.

Her main target for her first move was the woman Angeni. She was the one that cought her eye first. Not only this but the way it seemed she was likely the power house of the trio. This fight was well balanced in strength she thought but the odds could have her out matched if she wasnt carefull. Every move needed to be aimed to be fatal, her chalengers needed to be dropped before they could gain momentum. To acount for this she took more rocks from the ground and coated them with hell fire. Each of her attacks would be followed by three or four of ths small explosives. Should her blades or kicks fail to hit then perhaps the body would be riddled with burning shards that was the after shock of her flurry. Twirling the chainsword tonfas into position she charged forwards. The first blade in her right hand was aimed for the throat the second would follow shortly after as she ducked and aimed to carve open her abdomen. The way she saw dual wielding was that you make chaos a aluring dance. The blades never aim for the same apendage. Rather each is aimed to strike an opposing end of the previous so that in a single move you can either deliver to blood sheding blows, or have one blade alredy in place to defend as the second blade digs into flesh.    

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Darkchild watched as his army of ultimate warriors ran down the hill and into the fray watching as the darklings and firelings did their jobs and lowered the enemy’s numbers. Finding out that Chevie was one of the casualties of this war brought a smile to his face. He wanted nothing short of total annihilation of their moral and right off the bat it was hit with a devastating blow with the child’s demise or so he thought. Darkchild stood on his steed atop of the hill watching as the Champions in desperation fought with more virility than he had expected any of them to perform. He watched as once useless and less powerful members of their team pushed their powers to the limits in the force of great tragedy. Nova herself wasted no time in making the numbers of the demons much smaller; scorching the earth of his army in one fell swoop she took out battalion after battalion of his demented warriors and darkling’s. Darkchild watched in glee as she performed so many unbelievable acts. He watched as his own were pushed to some of their limits, he wanted to even the score slightly.

Darkchild looked out for the child that was brought down only to see where she was, a puddle of blood was all that was left. They had retreated to the caves for safety. He looked around for his wife and finding her nowhere in sight he chuckled thinking she had gotten into the caves before them ready for them. Suddenly the little girl’s energies spiked showing that she was back into the fray, Darkchild balled his hand into a fist blood trickled from his palm. From where he could pinpoint the girls location was Justice, she was near them. She wasn’t killing anyone she simply was there and then she was gone from their location. He knew he needed to teach her a lesson or ask what went on after this war was ended. Darkchild stepped off of his steed petting Marvin’s crown and speaking softly to him “Return home, protect Jacobi he will be very angry if you are harmed. Now return through the portal and make sure the base is protected.” The Darkling nodded its head and got down onto all fours and walked slowly away.DArkchild flicked his wrist and the Bow of The Father appeared from a small void of darkness, he took aim pulling back on the string. An Arrow appeared in his hand as he pulled the string back he took aim looking at the entrance to where the Champions had retreated too. The entrance was horded with darklings and firelings who were getting nowhere. He knew something had to be done, pulling as hard as he could on the string he let go the arrow flew through the air as if it had a mind of its own, landing in the ice barrier that one of the Champions had erected. A mighty explosion erupted taking with it most of the cave entrance with a smile Darkchild took to the air and landed at what remained of the entrance. Sliding the bow over his back he walked into the rubble destroying all that stood in his way of debris.

No one was in the cave; he could smell every one of them. Mistress was to the North while others had gone in other directions. He closed his eyes looking for one person Nova she had a scent he could find anywhere and he found it quickly. To his amazement she was not alone Huntress was with her. Along with an old friend of his Octagon Freak and one more he hadn’t met before but his scent smelled of the one known as Honor Girl. Darkchild snickered as he took flight hovering just over the ground he weaved through the tunnels until he was right behind them. He could see the flames coming off of Feral she was still in the zone with the fight she was on edge; he loved how she wore her emotions on the outside. With a bright smile he pulled back his right arm and let loose a bolt of hellfire aiming at Octagon and the new man. He spoke loud and clear as the blast neared them “Hello my little girls, it’s been so long Huntress. I missed the smell of fear that you give off. Even now with these people I still can smell it.” Looking to Octagon he smiled “Looks like you grew your head back from the last time we fought huh?” Mocking the three he looked to the new one “Well looks like we have a newbie to the group, he’s the only one who hasn’t tasted the sweet bitter taste of my touch. Well I’m never one to leave people wanting…” Darkchild created a Sword of Darkness and held it out in front of him. The sword began to glow before it fired blast after blast of darkness at the group.

Darkchild followed the volley of attacks by moving in closer going for the weakest of the group Aiden; he shimmered then reappeared behind Aiden towering over the man. Before Aiden could turn around to his attacker Darkchild pulled his fist back and then thrust it forward going for Aiden’s spine, if the attack hit he would be down for the count. 

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The Caves


The cave came crashing down and a sounded like a clsh between thunder and lightning. Ryan jumped to push Boom Boom out of the way. The rubble completly separated his "mini-team." Ryan placed his two fingers near his built -in comlink located in his mask, War Killer. Come in, it's Eagle, is everything alright on your side? There was no response, just static. Angeni? Is everything alright? Again, static. Crap, no signal down here. Thought Eagle. He soon realized that the backpack he was assigned fell during the collapse and was now under rubble. This is great, Eagle thought, I lost the back pack and my team is split up. Eagle then heard Boom Boom say, "Let's start heading down here, and if i scream anything.. listen to me."      
Listening to the young girl, Eagle went with her down the tunnel. Despite being on the Young Champions squad together, Ryan never really got to know Boom Boom. Then again, he never really got to know his team, since he was always training or playing video games. The most he knew about his team were their names and origins. Ryan soon felt a hand on his shoulder, he turned his head and sees Boom Boom guiding herself along the wall and using him as a guide as well. Oh yeah, Ryan thought, she sees by hearing not seeing. He soon heard Boom say, "I hope we catch up with the others.." Ryan looked at her and said, "Yeah I agree, hope everything is-" There was a loud scream from a distance that interupted Ryan and even made him flinch. The knowledge of someone getting hurt was felt even to Ryan right in the heart. With no time to waste, Ryan grabbed Boom Boom's hand and ran to the other side of the tunnel. Something big was about to happen. 


Ryan and Boom Boom made it to the other side of the tunnel. There was an opening but it was blocked by a wall of fire. The intense colors and heat made Ryan wish he were outside again. The Crimson Eagle saw multiple events through the fire. Talon being burned alive by ReEnforcer, Charles lokking on in rage and charging towards the villain; and finally Azrael grabbing Charles by the jacket and soon set her eyes on Angeni. Ryan turned to Boom Boom and said, We should-. Boom Boom caught on and rushed through the flames. Not backing out of this mission, Crimson ran through the wall of fire and soon saw the flame filled cavern. The red, yellow, and orange burned bright around the cavern and in it were the members of Tenebrasque In and the Champions of Peace. Ryan knew very little of the villain team, but he knew enough that they were going to be a challenge. 
Looking on, Azrael looked as if she was torturing War Killer by blocking his way to Talon. Not realizing the other things surrounding, Ryan was tackled by a huge dog. The hound bit him on his upper right arm and tried to rip it to shreds. Holding off the pain, Ryan yanked the dog off the arm and tossed it aside. Loooking at his bloodied arm, Ryan saw that the dog bit right through the armor and ripped his suit as well. Looking up at the dog, he sees that it was chewing his armor as if it were gum. What the? What is that thing? Ryan thought. He soon noticed that Charles needed to get to Talon. So he rushed towards the hound, grabbed it's filthy neck and threw it at Azrael. She was knocked aside and soon saw who threw her pet at her. Seeing how she had dried blood around her mouth and the rage in her eyes, Ryan knew that this was going to be tough. Ryan was taught to never use weapons in battle unless truly needed, but this time, he needed it. Eagle reached to his utility belt, took out his retractable bo-staff, and extended it. He then put himself in a position in which he can either attack, defend, or his favorite, improvise.

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The event happened in moments, one second she was standing firm, brimming with confidence as the world around her seemed to collapse, yet a moment later that confidence was snuffed out like a weak flare. Pillars of flames appeared out of nowhere as they sprouted to the ceiling surrounded the emerald eyed assassin.   Almost overlapping the previous event she soon felt a strong force slap her dagger out of her death lock clutched. The knife spun into the air before coming blade down into the ice, and lodging itself into its icy clutched far out of her reach. Next his hand tightly grasped around her neck slowly tightening it, sheer fright coursed through her veins as the prospect of being mute again occurred to her and she wouldn’t have it! Her lips parted as she let out a banshee like cry that echoed throughout the tunnels and air shafts of the cave.

As her scream traveled the whole icy chamber shook as small daggers of ice fell lodging themselves into the ground already littered with broken stalactites. Finally the young girls struggling ceased as here emerald orbs locked with that of the fires of hell. Her breathing was shallow as her throat became course and dry. “You reek of Darkchild.” He said staring at her in disgust. Her eyes narrowed at him as her brow raised lips curling provocatively “Your point?” she said in almost a chuckling tone but as she did his grip tightened on her neck causing herself to cringe in pain as she could feel his nails slighting digging past her pale flesh.  Blood stained the tips of his fingers as her own crimson wine trickled down her neck upon her shoulder.

“The light of your own energy is weak, your power drained.” Rolling her eyes she attempted to let out a sigh but due to her wind pipe being choked it turned into a congested cough as some of her own blood now dripped down her lips. Her midnight blue hair laid over her face as her emerald eyes seemed to glow in the darkness, though death was waiting for her at the door she continued to stare he opponent down harboring her fright and fear, attempted to conceal it for the time being. She had known this man, though they had never exchanged worlds she had heard of the great ICE Dragon ReEnforcer, she had seen him during her temperamental era on ICE. Those days seemed like mere ash of a great dynasty now.

Yes as their gazed continued to be locked she noticed something, in his eyes. For a split second the fire died down, and for a moment the hatred and demonic fury subsided as for a moment she honestly thought she was staring into a part of his soul. “Your name is Laura, code name Talon.” He said his voice slightly absentminded causing the young assassins curiosity to be pricked. Shaking her head in agreement she didn’t dare say a word, there were greater forces at work, and dark powers that raged around her, she was lucky to still be alive...not she was going to stay that way. “You’re his mother.” The light at the end of his eyes vanished swiftly as his demonic tone reinforced his words.

Twisting her body and reaching for him she attempted to loosen his grip but with no avail. “Do they know your carried the demon's spawn?” Knowing the answer full well she remained silent. Exhausted and breathless sweat staining her brow she relinquished her fighting spirit and hang by his grasp. Her midnight blue locks stuck to her hair but her burning emerald eyes could be seen behind the veil. Her breathing shallowed as his grip slowly tightened around her neck causing her to choke, but she did her best to hide the desperation surging through her veins.

Yet without warning her slowly pulled her close their lips slightly brushing against each other. At first her mouth barred not willing to be another pawn in a bigger game. But as she felt his tongue slid against her dry thirsty lips she couldn’t help but let a slight whimper pass through them. Yet as her lips parted ever so slightly she was helpless as his slimy tongue slid past them and into her mouth. She couldn’t help but feel like a broken record, she had been used by everyone, it was sad actually; Darkchild, Gambler, King Hyperion, Mr Sinister, The Hunter and now ReEnforcer how coincidental. But as the kiss continued onward and the passion rose above the states intended like always the voice of truth managed to pull her back with a single call. As he called her name her eyes flashed open as the hideous action she had just committed occurred to her.

Once again the struggle was renewed as her arms bashed against his shoulders, clawing for any way to break free. She wouldn’t have the young hero face this alone, he was going to die, she needed to do something. “Insolent whore!” he yelled as his hand slapped across her face, the force was so hard that it pierced her lip as blood ran down. Though she didn’t care her eyes was focused upon the man now staggering to his feet. With the star spangled colors around his legs and chest, and shield tightly in hand she knew even with that he wouldn’t stand a chance. “Love.” She heard coming from ReEnforcers lips as she turned to him “Please…don’t hurt him.” Her voice was that of a small child desperately clinging to the false hope that everything would be alright, well everything was not alright and she doubted it would be.

“I'm going to give you a choice Laura.”  He said as a smile creped upon his lips ever so subtly “In a moment other members of your team will enter this cavern, you can stand aside while I deal with them or prince charming over there will learn of your betrayal. What will it be little one?” Her eyes went wide out of shock, she couldn’t stand by and watch, War Killer would never forgive her but she also knew she couldn’t endanger his life….but she could endanger hers further. In a brief moment her emerald eyes managed to locked upon Charles’ as she gave him a serious stare mouthing the words “I love you”. With that she reverted to glaring at the Crimson Kings face once more before she used her hand like a whip and dug her nails into his flesh and continued to slide them.

“Let see how those regeneration powers are working for you, shall we.” He said with a sickening smirk as in an instant Talon felt her body ignite in flames, the burning sensation beyond anything she had ever felt. As her body fell to the floor she could the cracking of ice beneath her as the ground around her due to the heat gave way. Her body fell for a few moments before coming in contact with the harsh icy ground. Her spine snapped on impact as she was astonished that even as a human she could sustain heavy damage, but knew that the damage had far surpassed her limit of resilience. She could hear the battle continue onward as her body continued being mauled by flames scattered around her, some had been snuffed out but the majority still remained burning upon her flesh.

“ I won’t die.” She said her voice whimpering as she could feel her heart rate slowing down. The pain was beyond comprehension something she had never felt before and her body was paralyzed by the fall, hence why she couldn’t feel. But blood gushed out from every limb that was twisted, as she could only move her neck and right arm. Slowly turning her head from staring at the battle now miles away in height she turned to her left only to see something amazing. In uncontainable sapphire with the moonlight piercing form above a orb sat anchored in a nest of ice only a few inches from her. Her breathing picked up as blood gushed through her throat causing her to convulse slightly. Calming herself she didn’t dare scream, or else Tenebrasque In would be swiftly upon her with no mercy.

Moving her right hand inch by inch she stretched it as far as she could go, but it remained still an inch away from the tips of her reaching hand. Unsatisfied to give up she attempted to move her body but failed in that action. Her legs were now mere ash for the flame that was burning up toward her face, she didn’t have time. Stretching her whole body underwent inexplicable pain and she let out a slight cry before tightening her lips. Breathing heavily as her body still light shook she continued to stretch her hand further and further. Cringing in pain the egg almost in grasp she tried once more as the flames from ReEnforce began to consume her face. Now the things that occurred are obviously self afflicted and though technicalities might be desired at this current moment in time, they are not required.

A sapphire light appeared from nowhere lighting up the whole dark cave bouncing off the glassy edge and reflecting its own brilliant light. It could be seen shimmering from the whole that Laura’s body had previously fallen in. As the light finally died down a figure could be seen. Her whole body consumed with the light that had only moments ago blinded the cavern. Laura stood or more so hovered above the hole that had once consumed her. Her hair was white hung over the right side of her face gleaming with blue illumination that spread around her own body. Yet the thing that casted all eyes upon her was not her recent resurrection but infract the egg like thing she clutched in her hand. “Remy…we’re not done here yet.”   She said snickering as she held the egg to her breast. “Icing Death” she whispered a moment “Thank you.”

Now the dark lord and Talon stood on what appeared an equal battle field. Azreal glared at her Talon could see the blood thirsty warrior wanted to clash blades with the emerald eyed assassin but that time was not yet. Laura’s emerald eyes for a moment stared down her opponent before glance over to the trio she had, had the honor to get here with. Over Kill, Ethan Stark and The Wanderer. Talon gave Peter the look and he knew what to do using his powers he created a force field around the group and used his energy projection to cut through the ceiling of the chamber causing what would eventually occur as a cave in but it gave her three partners the perfect get away.  

Looking over to Angeni she gave her the look too follow, she was unsure what the female goddess would do but either way the egg was the main priority it needed to be protected. And With the whole Ice island falling apart the road back toward Peters boat would be tricky. Finally her eyes glanced over to Crimson Eagle, and the female he had with her, he had seemed to put up one hell of a fight. She smiled lightly and gave him the same heed. This whole place was falling apart the best change they had would be to get out now back to the boat that had taken her here. It was their best way to get out of here in one piece and Talon would create the diversion. Clutching the egg tightly she didn't feel comfortable retaining it and would have just given it to one of her team mates if not for the fact that it would be too risky.

Clenching her fist the blue fire glowed brighter as her eyes took on it in similar form, her hair still draped over her face as she glared at ReEnforcer. “Insolent whore? I do not think so.”  With that she charged energy her blue fire toward him only to distract him while she locked eyes with her lover and whispered “Gemini.” 

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The Journey

 Angeni listened quietly as Sarah Lockheart also known as Mistress Redhead continued to brief the team on their new mission, it was not so long ago that Angeni and the Champion's defeated Phobos and Deimos who are now probably healing from their wounds, planning on striking the team yet again. "We had an inkling none of you would want to miss out on this so we have made a list, pairing each of you off with someone else, we hope this will help to keep you all safe" Helena continued to listen as Sarah began to pair the members for the mission. It was finally announced that Angeni, War Killer, Boom Boom, and Crimson Eagle will be pairing up together in order to find the Icing Death. Angeni raised an eyebrow and shook her head at the people who she was paired with, even though she saw her teammates as family she couldn't believe she was going on a mission with the three mortals who didn't have powers, it was not that she didn't think War Killer, Boom Boom, and Crimson Eagle will be capable for the mission she just didn't want them to get hurt and be the blame for their death's if they shall ever fall during this mission. Angeni sighed and continued to listen to the briefing. " We have everything we need to get there, but we are unable to use our transporters, the distance is fine, but there is something protecting it, no magic or technology will get us there, we must make the journey ourselves. Helena shook her head yet again and sighed, she knew she couldn't use the sandals of Hermes for this mission since it was kinda like magic, and she only had one pair for herself and not for the others since she gave the extra's to Chevie who she really saw her as a younger sister. 

"After the meeting we will all take off, but each of you will be issued with a gem. I have been made aware that the closer we get to Icing Death’s location the stronger these will glow, follow their lead and you will get there, whatever you face along the way be safe and remember that we are a family, each of us are here with our own agendas, but the greater goal, the greater promise of a world without evil is what drives us. I know and trust each of you with my life, and hope, nay trust that we will all get through this with everything intact". Angeni smirked and nodded. " I'll make sure we get through this...... no god, mortal, demon or family of mine will barricade my way and my fellow teammates." She mumbled to herself. 
After a couple of minutes went by Sarah ended her speech. " Look after each other and make sure you are safe, If I lose any of you I will personally get you brought back so I can beat you to death". Angeni watched as everyone in the room laughed while she was confused, it was only because she was still learning how to be like everyone else. After the briefing was finally over, Angeni got up from her seat and went into her room where all her weapon's hung on the wall like a picture frame, she wondered what weapon should she tale for this mission, but then her eye's suddenly darted toward a large sword with a bluish light in it's blade. This sword was created by Zeus, forged of the heavens and the earth during the Great War to banish the Titans to Tartarus. The beautiful long blade was known as the Blade of Olympus, Helena smirked and took the sword from the wall and slid it down her back and into her sword holder. The princess of Athens then grabbed her shield which looked like a shape of a door, and now she was ready for her mission using her favorite weapons. The Blade of Olympus, Bracelets of Victory, The Shield, and the Boomerang Tiara.  
As time quickly passed, Angeni was already waiting in the hanger room along with Boom Boom and Crimson Eagle. As the three spoke about the mission, War Killer finally entered the room and approached them. "Alright everyone, we’ve got a long trip ahead of us so let’s get moving. We’ll be taking my hover car which should get us close to our destination, but due to the Arctic weather, we’ll have to land and make our way from there on our own. Angeni nodded and entered the hover car sitting in the passengers seat next to War Killer, while Boom Boom and Crimson Eagle sat in the backseat's. Angeni watched as War Killer flipped a switch on the dashboard which caused the vehicle to begin to lift up off the ground like the Hippocampi. The Hippocampi were massive beast of Poseidon that were depicted with a horse like head, arthropod limbs, and a long serpent like tail and they were used by Poseidon as a chariot. The Hover Car wheels then turned inwards, thrusters fired out from the wheels, allowing the car to ascend higher into the air, through the two large hanger bay doors, and into the heavens which were also known as clouds but in Athens they called it the heaven's.
While War Killer drove the hover car, Angeni out of boredom began to play with the radio, switching through stations looking for songs that they sung in Athens. " You mortal's have bad taste with music. I never heard such strange horrible music before." She said while giving up on the radio and laying back on the seat.
But as the goddess was about to shut her eye's and fall asleep the team had arrived in a small town close to the Arctic. " Okay team. We're close enough for Angeni and Eagle here to fly Boom and I onwards..." Angeni nodded and got off the hover car with the others. Angnei watched as Charles began to unpack their gear for what awaited them forward. " I'm putting you in charge of our gear......." War Killer said to Crimson Eagle and threw him the backpack. " And along with that, because of the harsh terrain and freezing temperatures, we've also have snow gear packed for us to use. But it's your choice to use them or not, they are not mandatory though". Angeni thought if she should use these gear, but she was trained for stuff like this since she was just a child so she really didn't need them. Helena watched as War Killer pulled out a small box and looked up at his team. " Here are the gems MR was talking about. She said that when we start to get close to Icing Death's egg they would begin to glow." War Killer then handed each member a gem. " Now...... Let's get moving". Angeni nodded and picked up War Killer by his waist and flew into the sky with Crimson Eagle who was carrying Boom Boom. As the beautiful princess and Crimson Eagle flew towards the direction carrying the other two heroes, the weather then began to go horribly bad a blizzard appeared out of nowhere, but to Angeni this blizzard felt like fighting Typhon the Titan. Helena knew a strong goddess or not this blizzard was making it impossible for her to fly any more farther. " There! Land over there!".  War Killer yelled out. 
Angeni and Crimson Eagle then let go of the two, dropping War Killer and Boom just a few feet off the snow. As the four heroes walked a little farther the wind began to get more stronger, making them hard to see where they were going. As the four heroes continued their journey kinda blinded from the blizzard, War Killer finally shouted. " Everyone, pull out the gems". Angeni quickly pulled out her gem from her breastplate without anyone noticing, since she didn't wear any of the equipment. " We're going to have to make the rest of this journey on foot". Angeni eye's darted toward War Killer who was looking at her, then glanced over at Boom Boom before then looking back at her. " I'm putting Boom Boom in your protection, Ang. I'm trust you to watch over her, okay? If anything were to happen to her, Cell would have my head. " Angeni smiled and nodded looking over at Boom Boom. " Her care is safe with me, War Killer."  
Turning his back on her, she watched as he held out his gem as it continued to glow, using it as a compass to guide his way which was a smart idea. " I want all of you to keep an eye on your gem. We're basically blind out here, but if those things really do get brighter as we get closer to the egg, they should lead us in the right direction." The four heroes then began to continue their journey through the snow, could this mission really be worse then the journey on the Aegean Sea? Angeni thought to herself. 
After long minutes of pushing through the arctic blast, Crimson Eagle shouted suddenly. " Guys, look!". Angeni and the team quickly turned to him, seeing his gem began to glow brighter when it was pointed in a certain direction. " Finally! could this mean freedom from this dangerous weather?". She said while dusting the snow off of her shield. " Look!". War Killer shouted as he began to point to a small cave in the side of one of the large glaciers. 
" Come on, lets go!". The young teenage leader said as they all began to tread their way through the snow, towards the cave. "Wait..... but we don't even know where it leads!". Angeni shouted out to him. War Killer then stopped and turned back towards her and the others. " Well it beats freezing to death out here. If you want to stand out here all day be my guest, but I'm going to be in the nice and cozy looking cave". Angeni smiled and shook her head. " Caves like these are known to be dangerous and tricky." She laughed. 
As the four made their way into the dark cave, Angeni pulled out the Blade of Olympus from her sword holder and kept her shield close to her, she then used the bright blue light from the Blade of Olympus to help them see better even though War Killer was using a flashlight but that wouldn't help enough, especially if it's human made. " Watch your head everyone". War Killer said to the team as he made his way deeper into the cavern. " Watch your step like I said before these caves could be dangerous." She said loudly enough for everyone to hear. 
Finally the four heroes were coming to the end of the cave, Angeni still holding her shield close to her body and using the blade of Olympus to help the others and her see better watched as War Killer walked off into a large hole that lead deeper into the bowels of the cave. " I told you.....". She chuckled. War Killer then picked up a small stone and dropped it into the gorge. The stone echoed as it bounced like a ball off the sides of the rocks, and then finally it hit the bottom making a splash sound, meaning there was water down there.
" Quick, hand me a grappling hook." War Killer said while being given the grappling hook by Crimson Eagle. Angeni watched as her team leader jammed the gadget into the ground right in front of him, letting the rope of the object fall down in the hole. " Hm..... I'm guessing we're going to climb down." She said while giving a look of unsureness. The goddess continued to watch as her leader grasped onto the rope tightly and slowly lowered himself into the hole, but as he began to go in deeper the young teenage hero lost his grip in the ground. "CRAP!". Angeni quickly flew into action and caught War Killer by his shield. " I shall not allow a fellow family member die on me..... not again......". She sighed thinking about all her Athenian soldiers who died on her in combat. Slowly the goddess set him on the ground as Crimson Eagle landed next to them with Boom. " Uh..... thanks." War Killer said to Angeni, while rubbing his neck. " I guess I own you one, huh?". Angeni shook her head and patted his shoulder. " You don't own me nothing my fellow friend." She said while smiling. 
As everyone cooled down for a second after what had happened, they all began to continue their journey deeper into the cave which now water was flowing forward down into a large tunnel. " Wonder where this leads--?". As the young hero began to speak, he was put to silence as screeching screams and shout's could be heard echoing deep within the tunnel. " Stay close and stay together....... we're not alone down here." War Killer said with a serious tone. Angeni now knew it was time for action, something or someone was in these caves with them, and whatever it was....... it was gonna go down hard.
Now slowly the group made their way deeper into the cave, Angeni kept her shield to her face and blade ready to strike whatever popped out in front of them. The four heroes then stopped as they found themselves facing a dilemma of a fork in the road as they would call it here, Helena knew they would come to face with a tricky cave sooner enough. The beautiful princess sighed and tried to pick out a cave, but before they could make a decision the cave began to shake and move, causing a large rock and dirt to fall from the ceiling above. " Enough of this foolish game! I'm busting our way out of here!". She shouted but before she could react the ceiling itself came crashing down between them, throwing Charles and her to one side, while Crimson Eagle and Boom Boom were thrown to the other side. Angeni who was covered with scratches and dirt all over her tried to get up but for a second she couldn't into War Killer who she had saved extended his hand to help her up, taking his hand she got up from the ground and nodded. Angeni and War Killer looked over towards Boom Boom and Crimson Eagle side to find now a large pile of rocks that blocked them from the others. The beautiful goddess sighed and shook her head." I knew, I should have brought my gauntlets of Hercules with me". She said while rubbing her head. " Looks like we're going down this tunnel." War Killer said and now the two heroes made their way deeper into the tunnel of darkness. 

Deeper Into The Caves- Action Time!

 Angeni and War Killer walked deeper into the tunnel still hoping they could regroup with Boom and Crimson Eagle they suddenly heard more of the screams from earlier. Angeni looked around wondering where the noise was coming from but then suddenly as the goddess turned back towards War Killer she saw him running towards the screaming noises. " Charles! Wait......". She called out after him but he didn't turn back so the goddess decided to just follow him. " Mother....... hear me out. Please help me and my family just this last time. I know Zeus has banded you from talking to me, but you must help us just this last time." Angeni said while chasing after War Killer who kept disappearing in the darkness. 
As, Angeni finally caught up her ocean blue eye's widen at what she saw. Talon being burned alive by the villain known as the Crimson King, War Killer charging towards the villain with rage and then being suddenly grabbed by the demon known as Azrael by the jacket. Angeni with anger entered the battlefield, her body covered with scratches and bruises, her eye's filled with hatred towards the enemy, her hands tightening the handle of her sword. Azrael then finally glanced up at the goddess and spoke. " Angeni we meet again." Azrael smiled. Angeni glanced over at Boom Boom and Crimson Eagle who finally arrived also, but then her eye's returned back towards Azrael. " You dare......touch my family, Azrael?! I shall send you down to the depth's of Hades where you belong!".The goddess roared with anger like nothing before, her shield in a warrior defense form and her blade which was known as the Blade of Olympus in a attack form.
Azrael then took some rocks from the ground and coated them with hell fire. Angeni already knew this demon would be more trouble then any other demon, creature, warrior, or villain she has ever faced. The demon then suddenly began twirling her chainsword tonfas into position and charged forwards. Angeni quickly analyzed where the blades would be aimed for and it seemed these blades were going for her throat and the second one to her abdomen. The goddess then quickly used her shield as a weapon. The central raised portion in the middle was forged from one piece iron or bronze and was not only used as protection for the left hand, but also as a weapon. She then suddenly blocked Azrael's first attack which was aiming for her throat with the shield. Using timing and skill Angeni quickly jumped back as the second blade of Azrael tried to slice her abdomen. Helena then finally used her shield as a weapon for the second time in her life, the goddess suddenly launched her shield at the demon, planning on thrusting it into her face, causing severe injury and disabling her for a second. Then Angeni thrust her sword forward planning on slicing the opponents body.



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Lady Death felt the air sizzling with the amounting energy charge.  She stopped to get a better read on the energy.  Just before she could turn to see what it was the cry of the egg caused more than enough pain to kill a normal person making her drop to her knees.  She screamed in pain as she grabbed her head with one hand and the other hit the ground.  The blast of energy launched over her as she knelt down.  Her screamed echoed in the cavern.  Just as quickly as the scream echoed Lyn felt something beneath the ice.  A very familiar sense.   Her scream now silenced.
Lyn looked at Fox.  "Give me time and I can make their day a bad one!" Lyn spoke sternly as she moved to a better position.  
She was all to familiar with energy below the surface of the ice.  The dead dragon lay beneath them and with the right amount of time.  Lyn could bring it out to play.  She began to chant in her ancient Dragon Kin words as she placed her hands on the ground.  Within seconds the ground shuttered and shook.  If only her powers were not taken down a notch by the egg.  She spoke in her ancient tongue once again in a whisper.  She was telling the unhatched egg to calm itself and then went into the chant to raise a brethren from the dead. 
 "Sh!t...Someone has the egg in hand.  Hopefully one of our allies."
Lyn used her death powers along with the ancient chant to bring the dragon to undead life.  All she needed was time.  Hopefully Fox could give it to her.  IceDeath was right beneath her.  It would be an unwelcomed greeting to those who oppose the Tenebrasque In, but at what costs.  Lyn knew she could control the undead dragon easily enough.  His flesh frozen by the ice and bones still held together.  It could definitely work.  The cavern continued to quack as Lyn was commanding the frozen beast to rise.  All he had to do was break free from the ground below with the assist of Lyn's power.

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The Cave’s

As soon as Sovereign Son gave the order the four Champions bust into action. Their battle raged on all front’s, the Darkling’s were easy to beat but in such a confined space Michael found it hard to use his powers effectively, he could use barley any of his powers than were related to his weather manipulation and he wouldn’t dare use his probability powers or he would have collapsed the cave. Settling on Lightning bolts Michael blasted his way through Darkling after Darkling until he heard a message broadcasted over their intercom “COP DOWN” hearing this Michael and his team-mates even more fiercely. Taking a gamble Michael stirred up a wind to block the oncoming army of Darkling’s, Each hit the wall of wind and bounced a few feet backwards “HA How’d you like them apples”

Blocking one side of Darkling’s from attacking them gave the team a better chance. Each was fighting their own mini battle with the Darkling’s. Sov Son though was distracted and a Darkling had snuck up on him, still keeping the wind barrier up Michael threw a bolt of lightning at the Darkling striking it dead in the chest it fell in a smouldering heap on the ground. Fighting on the Darkling’s spilt into two as one was killed soon there numbers started to overwhelm them until something strange happened a Blue mist spread over Michael and the rest of the team’s bodies, despite this strange occurrence the Darkling’s still clawed and attacked them but once they were near enough the mist protected the heroes electrocuting them as soon as they touched it.

Looking at Sov Son for an explanation he seemed as puzzled as the rest of them. Before the mist could even be mentioned a white light flashed in the cave sending the Darkling’s packing and blinding Michael in the process. Once the light subsided in its place stood a guy with goggle’s and metal boots and gauntlets Michael wondered *who the hell…..okay this is getting too weird even for me*

All was quiet for a moment and then the boy spoke “Mike” turning his neck round to Mike he replied “Yeah”. The guy walked over to Mike and explained something about travelling from dimension to dimension for years. Standing up Mike and Magic as he was called looked at the rest of the team and spoke “Magic we need to move, this is not the place to catch up.” Magic nodded and looked at the others, “I’m picking up readings above us one I know is Chevie” Michael though *Huh Chevie...but she’s back at…..* the sudden realisation dawn upon all of them, the message earlier “COP DOWN” thinking to himself *Oh god it’s her*. Mike turned towards them “ You three head for the egg. I and Magic will back up the main force. We need to make sure the egg does not fall into their hands and we can’t all get bogged down in the same place. Umbra you take point Victor…try not to shoot anyone.” Looking at Victor Michael laughed a little.

The five of them spilt up Magic and Sov headed towards the others while Victor, Edward and Michael made their way deeper into the caves for awhile nothing happened until he heard a BOOMWhat the HELL was that” Michael’s question went unanswered as he heard an ear piercing scream eco through the cave. Running as fast as he could towards the scream Michael and his team-mates made there way deeper. Finally finding the person that screamed he heard her say “ Sh!t...Someone has the egg in hand.  Hopefully one of our allies.” The cave began to shake; the pressure from the fighting going on had taken its toll on the old caverns. Turning his attention back towards the woman “If you think you’re getting that egg well you sadly mistaken my dear” and to prove it Michael threw a Lightning bolt straight at the woman.                      

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They flew over the snowy ground soaring through the skies; Taiqod gripped a hold of Esmeralda tightly. Every once in a while she would look back as if saying “Could you ease your grip there a bit?” and Taiqod would smile wide an do as she asked loosening his grip on her back. Soon they arrived in the Arctic Circle behind the rest of the Champions, his weapons hummed with what Tai thought was anticipation, but soon he realized full well what it was. Soon the skies were filled with Darkling’s and firelings snapping at everything that came in their path. Taiqod held Bianca high in the sky and stood rather than sit on Esmeralda “Champions!!!” He screamed as Ez dove down avoiding the debris from the jets that were torn apart. Watching as the planes fell to the ground he prepared himself for his friend and himself to be attacked, an soon his preparation was returned with veroisity. He then realized it was fear that his weapons were showing, not of what was going on below and in the skies but fear for the two men and their friend Ez that they would be washed away like the others had been.

A group of demons swooped in close to Esmeralda, Tai didn’t wait for cly to give the orders Tai brought his arms in towards his chest and thrust them out. A wave of light energy shot of in around them vaporizing the smaller darklings. He screamed to Ez “Dive!” she looked to cly who nodded to her, Taiqod knelt down gripping tightly onto her skin as she dove towards the ground. As they inched closer and closer to the ground she swooped and just barely cleared the snow below them. As they flew over the ground Taiqod unleashed beam after beam of light energy at the groups of Darkling’s that were attacking his friends and teammates. He watched as the blasts exploded with darkling’s scattering further away from the group, he was exhausting himself using his powers but he knew more needed to be done. They lifted higher into the air and were faced with a group of 50 darkling’s hurtling towards them as they rose higher into the skies. He gripped Bianca by the hilt an twisted, she went limp and her blades detached slightly as they turned into a whip, swinging the wipe sword around in a wave of beautiful moves he sliced through the first bunch that they passed. As they circled around he wrapped Bianca around his waist, she hummed wanting for more but he tapped her in a loving way and pulled out Mariah and twisting the middle of the small weapon it extended into a long bo staff. He looked to cly “Catch me.” He said with a smile and dove off of Esmeralda towards the ground below; as he fell the slammed his Bo staff into the demons as they flew towards him, then spinning it in hand it too went limp and turned into a three sectioned staff each section a blade popped out. Cutting through the demons he worked with everything he had inside him, he knew their fight was a meaningless one but he wanted to help as much as he could.

Sooner than he thought the ground came quickly, closer and closer to it he fell hoping that he wouldn’t die in such a idiotic way he lashed out at the remaining few darkling’s that were attacking him, there claws digging deep into his skin tearing his uniform to ribbons. He screamed out slamming his weapon into one of them right in the face, he gripped onto it hugging it almost and smiled “If I’m going so are you little buddy.” The ground was 50 feet from him and at the last moment he heard the sound of wings smiling wider he spoke “Well this looks like your stop.” He chuckled as Esmeralda grabbed him and he let go of the darkling. It was now moving at 120 mph and hit the ground with the same force splattering on the snow. Cly finally spoke up telling him that they were doing nothing to the numbers, that they should follow the rest of the Champions into the caves. They did as he was saying and flew into the caves; the entrance came down behind them as Cly brought it down.

Soon they were in a dark tunnel with no light; using a small dose of his powers he let the light within him shine bright showing the way. Breathing slowly he felt his weapons more Bianca call out to him as if telling him and cly that there was something in the very tunnel they were in. Soon they turned the corner and standing before them was Eternal Chaos, a man of many things but power was the first thing that popped in Taiqods head. His power was nothing compared to Eternal Chaos but he knew he needed to stop him anyway possible it was up to them to keep him distracted so the others could get to the egg, Eternal hadn’t noticed them yet so Taiqod spoke silently to Cly “Come on cly we got to find a way of keeping him busy, I’m going to go in from the right and distract him. If you come up with anything let’s see it because this guy is…scary strong I can feel his power from here.” Taiqod slowly walked towards Eternal’s right side he pulled out Tai his rapier and slowly moved in closer to Eternal Chaos hoping that EC wouldn’t notice him until he wanted him to, as he neared him he prepared to strike.

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Despair was a girl who just kept surprising Paragon. First, she teleported an entire jet full of people across a quarter of the earth, then she kicked her habit of looking constantly crushed by overwhelming emotion and danced around in the snow like a normal girl having fun, but the most surprising one of all was how she had brought another team member back from the brink of death with only a thought. It was after that, Paragon decided that Despair was someone he would prefer to have on his own team. 
He had a lot to think about during the ride in the bubble created by Cellphone Girl as they flew toward the entrance of the cave where the battle for the egg had already started. He though about how the two boys they had left behind were doing against the psychopath with the lightsabre. Sure, they had asked to stay, but if they had come with the rest of them, they could have just left the Sith in the cold Arctic snow to freeze to death. He thought about the rest of the Champions and how they were doing against Reenforcer and Darkchild's band of lunatics and murderers, and which ones they might be facing. But what he thought about the most was how once again, he wasn't traveling by his own power. It was bad enough being teleported by Despair, and riding in the robot, but this was the icing on the cake. The way he saw it, he was trapped in the bubble, like a rat in a cage being carried by an unseen hand. He hated it and kept mumbling about how he could just run there faster. Of course, Paragon knew that would make him a terrible example to the young heroes, but it was also his way of dealing with his dislike of being moved around.
As the bubble touched down, Cellphone Girl instantly lead the way into the caves. Paragon had been on enough police busts to know this wasn't the most tactical approach, but figured he could react fast enough to get the kids out of there before any of the Tenabesque could do any harm to them. Both Blair and Scion fired up their light based powers, creating a glow in the darkness of the cavern, but it was barely enough to pierce through the blackness. As they walked deeper and deeper into the cave, the darkness seemed to swallow all of them, and grab at the heroes as they passed through it. Paragon wasn't one to be scared of the dark, but the eerie thickness of it made him unsheathe his katana cautiously.
The pink haired girl suddenly stopped ahead of them before whispering "Sh*t! Guys!" Before anyone could say "What" she created a ball if energy and threw it toward two figures off into the darkness. Scion also sprung into action, charging down the open chamber of the cave, firing blasts of light at the targets.
Just as Paragon was about to follow suit, he was suddenly tackled from behind. "He he he." laughed the creatures, as they crawled all over him. Paragon instantly recognized the creepy little things. Darklings. Demented children of Final Arrow, controlled by Darkchild with enough power to make even some of the best heroes sweat. This was why Paragon couldn't shake the uneasy feeling in the dark. They were stalking the group from the moment they entered the cave. Paragon threw the one off his body and quickly returned to his feet, and turned to protect the back of the group. With a lightning quick slash of his sword, he sliced one of the Darklings in half, making it seemingly die in a puff of smoke, only to have more appear out of the darkness, lunging at the heroes around him. How did he not see this coming. Fighting Darkchild without having to deal with his own personal brigade of freaks would have been like him getting a non meta-human case back at work. It rarely happened. As Paragon cleaved through another batch of darkness, the cave began to shake. "Ummm... Guys?" he asked, turning around, seeing a hulking, frozen, undead dragon claw explode through the ice. "Scheiße." he swore in German. A group of Darklings took this moment to blindside him and take him down again, this time knocking his sword from his grasp. Paragon struggled under the mass of squirming darkness on top of him as they clawed mindlessly at his armour, trying to break through to his soft skin. Managing to break his right arm free, he did the only thing he could think to do in a moment like this. "In case of emergency: Break glass." he said, reaching into his pouch and slipping on his Green Lantern ring. 
Green light exploded across Paragon's body, sending the Darklings flying in all directions. "That's what I'm talking about!" he said, as he grabbed his sword from the frozen ground, and blasted a group of Darklings with his ring.
As Paragon sliced and blasted his way through the horde of Darklings, forcing back away from the others, he heard another rumbling. This one was different. It wasn't coming from the chamber where the others were fighting. It was heavy footsteps echoing off the cavern walls. Suddenly a blast of fire exploded down the corridor, incinerating the remaining Darklings, and almost stripping Paragon of his ring's forcefield. "Who dares to desecrate the sacred halls of IcingDeath?" Boomed an inhuman voice. Looking at what had caused the fire, Paragon wasn't sure what he saw. They were four red dragons, but they walked like men. Dressed in elaborate armour, and wielding huge weapons both ancient and beautiful, they were nearly twelve feet tall, and massive beasts of pure muscle. "Prepare to feel the wrath of the Fire Guardians!"
"Double scheiße." Paragon swore again, before taking off down the cave toward the others, careful not to break the sound barrier, as it could take the whole cave down on everyone. "Guys! Trouble at our six o'clock!" he said as he ran up beside the others, as the ground beneath their feet cracked and shook under them, and a mighty roar could be head from below. "And our 12 apparently... Triple scheiße."

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The journey from the Blackhawk was eventful to say the least. The harsh winds pushed against the team making the trip a slow one. The weather was chilling, the saliva on Victors lips had begun to freeze. He was extremely greatful to Sovereign Son for the insulated battle armor. Victor's suit was very similar to the one his favorite comic book hero wore, the only difference was instead of a full face mask Vic's suit had an open face with pair of goggles which allowed him to see somewhat better in the storm. Even with Umbra using his powers to clear the way, visibility was still all but nonexistent. The group used the stones Sarah had handed out at the meeting to find their way and eventually came to the entrance to a cavern.  

Mike led the way into the dark depths below, "Anything could just be waiting for use down there." Victor thought, "I mean we can see down the center of the tunnel but there are so many pockets of pitch black darkness." As he finished his thought something very obvious occurred to Kincaid. "You know." He said addressing the group, "This would be the perfect place for them to set up an ambush." As soon as the words left his lips a horrible screeching echoed through the cavern. It seemed as though the darkness was beginning to converge on them. The four men turned to meet on coming darkness placing their backs toward one another. Suddenly dozen's of glowing red eyes filled the advancing darkness. As they continued to advance the creatures emerged from the shadows. Their skins was a deep blue, they had two rows of razor sharp fangs in their mouths and claws that could shred flesh like paper. "Tha....Thump, Tha...Thump" The sound of victor's accelerated heart rate beat in his ears as the  dark creatures advanced. "Darklings." Victor thought as he remembered Darkchild using them against Sovereign Son in one of his comics. 

“Their powers are based in darkness.” Vic thought, “And whats the one thing that dark being fear?” As Victor asked himself this question he thought of how Blair seemed to dance around her multiple opponents, bending light to her will and using it with such precision that she was able to overcome a mass of armed guards. Holding his right arm out Victor pictured a blade with a razor sharp edge, a bright blue light cast the shadows away. The light came from Vic's arm which was now surrounded with an azure energy and resembled a sword.

As the light weapon came into existance the Darklings advancing on the Young Champion froze, their eyes drawn to the weapon. Seeing the creatures hesitance Kincaid went on the offensive. Dashing forward he took the first Darkling by surprise carving him in two, it was a clean death. Victor's brutal attack jarred the other creatures from their haze. Three of the fiends were upon Kincaid in an instant, attack simultaneously. Vic was able to parry the slashing claws of the first and the strike the second down in mid air as the thing dove at the hero, but the young man wasn't fast enough to fend off the third child of darkness. “Ahhhh!” Victor yelled as the little monster sunk its teeth into his thigh.

Instinctively Kincaid's body called upon the impenetrable stone skin of Crazy Eight's, as his skin hardened the monsters teeth cracked unable to handle the strain. No time to rest Victor continued to strike against the overwhelming numbers of the Darklings. The light sword was a very effective weapon to use against them. It seemed if it touched any of the creatures they were slain, not that it made much difference for every Darkling that was put down two more took its place.

As the battle continued seconds felt like minutes, minutes like hours. Sweat dripped down Vic's face, his heart beat still pounded in his ears, then they heard it “COP DOWN!” The cry rang out over their communicator's. Victor's group increased the fierceness of their attacks, trying to push through and reach the rest of the team. Knowing he couldn't keep relying on Blair's abilities Kincaid focused on the group of Darklings Sovereign Son was battling to Victor's left. Time seemed to slow, the group of Darklings rushing toward Victor moving at a crawl. Mike slashed at the creatures but they didn't go down they simple backed into the darkness and came back, the wounds gone like they were never there. “High speed regeneration, and darkness manipulation.” Victor said to himself.

Almost instantly tendrils of darkness crept across the cavern drawn to Victor. Wrapping around the Young Champion. Kincaid looked to the various red eyes in the surrounding darkness. He could feel them there now, as the shadows engulfed the teenager Victor called on the powers of Cellphone Girl once more this time shooting bullets of light from within his veil of darkness. Darklings started dropping left and right but their numbers never seemed to abate. Victor had to change the Darklings he was drawing power from several times as they were either killed by one of his team members or fell over in exhaustion from the strain Kincaid was placing on them.

As the strenuous battle raged on, Victor and his team mates began to tire their attacks weakening, their reactions slower. A mist filled the cavern surrounding the group of heroes, the mist acted as a barrier barring the Darklings entrance, it held an electric charge that fried any who approached. The sound of battle still echoed through the cavern, along with the crack of electricity. As the mist cleared Victor saw a boy standing amidst the Darklings a ring of corpses surrounded him and he held one fo the creatures in mid air, gouging its eyes out as its brethren retreated into darkness.

The immediate threat lifted Victor released Blair's powers, hoping he hadn't caused her any fatigue. Mike approached the mysterious stranger, as the man turned he said “Mike.” The two appeared to be old friends reunited after a great time apart. After the reunion, Mike got down to business he would go with magic to meet the rest of the team while Victor, Michael and Edward would venture forth in search of the egg.

Tempest lead the trio further into the cave system. Victor had seen some of Michaels display against the Darklings, he had used his powers with deadly accuracy striking down the creatures one after another with miniature bolts of lightning. A few minutes after leaving Sovereign Son the group heard a woman speaking. Her voice was unfamiliar, Victor readied himself for battle. The woman was early beautiful with white hair, skin and eyes. She said someone had the egg, "How could she know that." Victor thought. Smiling Victor was about to answer his own question when Tempest shot a lightening bolt square at the pale woman's chest.

As his teammates engaged their enemy Kincaid prepared for the coming battle, observing their opponent. She was on one knee her hands placed on the grounds. Consumed by a constant flow of words of a language alien to Victor oblivious to Tempests incoming attack. As Vic was concentrated on his foe, he felt an immense power building within himself. As soon as he had taken the power into himself, Vic fell to his knees, at the same time the cave began to shake, a roar echoed throughout the cave. The power was still there but something was hindering Victors use of it."Must be magic." Kincaid thought remembering that there were barriers in place around the egg."What's with the quake?" Vic asked, as he braced himself and rose to his feet.

Sifting through the arsenal of powers Victor had taken into himself, he found he could sense the multitude of energy signature throughout the cave. Advancing on the woman still kneeling on the ground, Victor held his hands palms out as electricity ran the length of both of his arms. "Enter Wraith." Kincaid said using the name he had recently chosen to take as his own for the first time. As Wraith and Tempest approached the woman of Tenebra the skull of a dragon head breached the ground beneath ivory woman. She now rested upon the beasts head looking up just as Tempests attack was about to take contact.

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It was all happening so quickly, the light the dark the fighting, Chevie and now Magic appearing. Sarah’s heart raced as she watched the woman who had healed her child dash off down the long stone hallway carved deep into the ground. Looking at the others with her she still cradled Chevie in her arms as they dashed up and started dealing with their environment; it was all noise to her. Like a loud hum that echoed through her brain. Ice seemed to dwell in her blood, she was freezing cold, her body shivering as she watched them all, totally in shock, their movements ant like to her, the only sound that of her daughters breath against her arms. They pulled at her, Crazy’s voice washed through her mind as Nicole picked Chevie up out of her arms and started to run down the hall, Mike calling out after the girl as he assessed her safety and let them go, turning back to protect his wife, he and Crazy formed a unit around her, Hesperus and the others were well ahead dashing off to begin to destroy the creatures attacking them.  The sounds of fighting splashing around them. She could not move, could not breathe, her eyes stared unblinking at the others, she barely raised her arms as Nicole took her daughter now alive the young woman whispered calming words, almost treating Sarah with a patience of a lost child, her eyes followed them as they ran down the tunnel and safe out of the way of the oncoming attacks.

Crazy was still near her his eyes sweeping the area and covering Nicole’s exit, she felt the cave tremor around her, waking her up, it seemed to rip her form the shock as her heart began to beat again, faster as the adrenalin swept through her blood coursing rough and hard tingling against her muscles she stood carefully, bracing herself against the wall as Crazy moved slightly ready to support his old friend she waved a hand and swore at him slightly. Mike’s eyes kept one on the cavern as it shook and one on his wife as she stood, Magic moved to stand beside her his calming presence helping to elevate her out of her reverie. She looked up at the boy she knew, his eyes and his skin changed, he looked older and wiser but the sparkle was still there, reaching out a hand he guided her upwards as Mike and Crazy began to bellow orders, the others from Mikes group were near him, she had no idea where but she could hear their voices nearby, Kincaid and Lazy, even Umbra;s voice seemed to echo from somewhere, but she did not trust her slowly recuperating brain. The shock of her daughter’s death rang through her, for a moment she wondered where her eldest, Cassie was, but the thought shifted as quickly as sand against the sea, her focus more on those of her children who could not defend themselves.

Reaching out a hand she gripped Magic’ shoulder as another shudder rang through the cavern, rocks and debris flowed down upon them as Mike hollered orders at those near him, she thanked the goddess for her husband once again as she stood taller and firmer releasing Magic’s arm for a moment as she picked up the com on her shoulder praying it still worked she called to all the teams through the device.


Her voice reached out to all the comms in the cave, a wash of power from their leader as she awoke to lead them once again. Motherly instinct overtook her, she pushed her middle finger into the device on her hand as the nanobots once again sprang into action, their tiny bodies flinging out across her form and shaping the hardened material of her suit, as her eyes began to adjust to the dust she spat on the ground next to her as the helmet shifted up behind her she spoke “Crazy, its time to go kick some ass” the helmet shut across her face as she began to follow Nicole and the others into the mighty cavern that contained the egg. Stopping for a second to stare back at her husband, who nodded and whispered "be safe my love" before disappearing to find his own team, safe in the knowledge that his women were safe. 

Entering the massive cavern, shock washed over her for a moment as she witnessed the scene, it was like a catalyst had awakened her team, each of them fighting for their life against foes that seemed to spread evil wherever they walked, admiration for all of her people forced her forward as she almost smacked into the back of Honor Girl who stood at the lip of the cavern her eyes wide as she stared back at her mentor, who’s own eyes were hidden behind the mask. T

Sarah raised a hand and placed it on her mentee’s shoulder gripping it gently she picked up the form of Chevie and slid her into a crawl space behind them, turning to Magic she spoke through the device in her mask “Take her back to the CoP tower, now and keep her there, or all hell will reign on you boyo” Magic nodded sternly as he picked up the now waking form of Chevie and slung her over his shoulder, running out the back of the thin dusty tunnel. Sarah turned back and scanned the gigantic room, creatures spun around them all, huge dragons that seemed to hover walking on two legs and shimmering in colours of the earth, fire and sky, her analytical mind put them in their place before searching for Hesperus she cursed when she could not find him and spun about to peer back into the caves, she could not see the woman who had saved Chevie and she had a few things she wanted to say to her. Cool breath appeared behind her as Mantoid joined their team, finally united the four as one, Sarah nodded to the water goddess she stood beside Crazy, Honor Girl and Mantoid and looked out across the cavern, so much going on she knew they only had one hope of  protecting the others from her actions, she knew what she wanted to do and nothing was going to stop her.  She had no idea who had the egg or in this mess even who was engaging who, but she saw the creatures protecting the egg and she wondered if that would be their one chance, they had to do something, something to show that they were ready for this.

Turning to the others she was about to speak before a force smashed into them, hurling all four of them into the fray below Justice and Hesperus battled behind them, the force spun all of them hurtling into the mass below, Sarah had a moment to twist and catch Nicole protecting her from the fall as Mantoid and Crazy managed on their own before staring up at the pair joining them from behind, cursing under her breath Sarah quickly issued orders “Mantoid, Crazy you back up Hesperus and keep that woman from coming after us” turning to Nicole she grabbed the girl by the arm and threw her behind a boulder large enough to protect her from the fray “Nicole, you need to help find the egg, I have no idea who has it” her voice was halted by a slash attack from a darkling behind her, twisting to protect her mentee she belted out a blast pulse and sprayed the creature blood across them both, before turning back to face Nicole “your trained for this you can do this, I have something to do on my own” 

 Flying up and above the battle, her pulsating suit lifting her high enough to be heard as the Guardians of the egg roared and bellowed around her, raising high she could not see the object of her attentions but knew he would hear her as she called for his insane soul, the voice of a powerful mother her voice elevated through the noise calling out the one man she knew had started all of this and nearly destroyed her family.


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She woke up after momentarily losing consciousness, only to find herself laying in the snow. “What the hell happened here?” It took a moment for everything to come rushing back to her. The Darklings had attacked the plane, causing a fatal systems error with the result of the plane crashing into the . Looking around frantically, she tried to piece together what had happened. There was smoking debris from the jet everywhere and people strewn about in the snow. This had been more than a distraction; it had been a direct attack. Things had gone from bad to worse and they had gone there quickly. There were Darklings everywhere, there was no escaping them. They were running through the creeping shadows and causing mayhem. It was complete and utter chaos as everybody regained their senses and starting fighting off the horde of dark creatures. Cass looked around, trying to find her weapons; first things first. The guns were secured in her shoulder holster and the kukris were safe in the sheaths on her thighs, the katana however, was an entirely different story. It was missing from the sheath strapped to her back and that simply wouldn’t do. Looking around, her keen eyesight caught site of her sword, the flames from the burning plane reflecting off of the shiny metal blade. Rising up from her prone position on the ground she crawled five feet across the packed surface of the snow and laid her hand on her weapon. It was at that moment that her mother’s heart-wrenching cries ripped through the air. 

Everybody who was available converged on her mother and sister, covering them as they made their way to the caves, per Sarah’s orders. It was tough going with Nova carrying most of the weight as she fought off Darklings. Sarah stood in the middle of it all, trying to breathe life back into Chevie’s frail little body. “Everyone gather at the tunnel! Guard the entrance and call for the other teams to help us!” Thank god that only three of the teams had been in the plane. There were much less durable members who would have been grievously injured…speaking of less durable members Cass quickly looked around, trying to get a visual on Nicole and Aiden as the group fought their way to the tunnels, closing ranks around Sarah and Chevie the entire time. Feral Nova went on the offensive and for the first time since she had known her, Cass saw her for the hero that she truly was. She was a powerhouse, that was undeniable and she lit up the sky like a firecracker.

It was a long and sweaty process, but they made it to the tunnels relatively unscathed. It was when her eyes finally rested on her little sister as Aiden leapt into action that it really and truly hit her. “What the hell?” Her voice was laced with tears. “Why is Chevie….” Her mind immediately went to the little pep talk that she had given her sister before leaving. Had that somehow lead to this? If Chevie was anything like Cass, then it very well could’ve. F*ck. F*ck. F*ck. Was this all her fault?

“Cassidy! I could use some help here!” Stephanie was damn good and Cass was gaining more respect for her by the minute, but they were being overrun at this point and she couldn’t handle the Darklings by herself, she couldn’t protect everybody in the cave as they worked to save Chevie’s life by herself. It pained Cass to leave her sister’s side, but she was of no use to them just standing there. At least this way she’d be able to do something. Nova used her wall of fire to block off the Darklings as they came and working in unison Cass took care of anything that made it through. Using her telekinetic force field she forced it through the gaping mouths of the creatures and expanded it outwards, resulting in them exploding leaving small scraps of dark matter on the light dusting of snow on the tunnel floor. 

 All of a sudden a new ambience graced the cave. One of shock, trepidation and suspicion. A chill crept up her spine as a new presence was felt in the room. She heard the words being uttered by a voice so similar to hers and she couldn’t help but look over her shoulder, taking her attention away from the battle. This woman was taller than her with more muscle and redder hair, but the resemblance was undeniable. She had met her and learned her origin from Darkchild on a previous occasion, but she had not expected to see her here. She had not expected to see her ever again. “Cassidy! Hold the line! If any of those freaky dark creatures get through while Chevie’s vulnerable like this, there’s gonna be trouble. I need your focus!”

“Screw focus.” She lashed out with her telekinesis, bursting all the darklings that were in the vicinity of the tunnel, taking care of the immediate problem, but leaving the ones still outside the wall of fire and ice. “I’m done being focused for right now.” Turning her back she walked over towards her mother and sister. The abomination known as Child of Darkness had just struck her deal and entered the tunnels and frankly, it left a bad taste in her mouth. She understood why her mother made the deal, she would have done the same, but she didn’t trust Justice’s motives by any means and couldn’t help but feel like this was going to come back to bite them in the asses. Kneeling down next to her mother she placed a hand on her shoulder and slid a finger across Chevie’s cheek as she inhaled and exhaled slowly. “I love you guys.” The words were said quietly and with a hint of remorse to them. She had no idea how this battle was going to go, but she knew that she’d gladly give her life for either Chevie or for the death of Darkchild.

Turning to Nova and looking around to Aiden and Octagon, she wiped a smear of soot off her cheek, trying to hide the single tear that slid down it. She didn’t like emotional displays such as this during fights. It wasn’t the time nor the place, if she had to break down she’d do it in Ethan’s arms when she got home, she couldn’t afford to do it here and now. There was no room for it, no time. Nova’s words snapped her out of her thoughts. “We need to start heading forward, the longer we stay here the better chance we have of those things coming after us. Octy, you know more less which way the tunnels go, so you lead us.” This was the Feral Nova that she had heard about. The Nova who was a true blue hero, who took charge, who took action. This was the Feral Nova she had always wanted to meet. Their eyes met as Nova turned to her and Cass couldn’t help but smile. They were in their elements. Fighting and leading. “You stay close by him in the front encase something surprises us.” Looking to Aiden, she continued. “You stay behind those two and I’ll stay back here, in case those little fire demons or something else comes after us.”

With that, they were off into the tunnels; the cold, dark, icy tunnels. Cass was trying to use her empathy to reach out to the creatures that were inhabiting the place, trying to get a read on where the dragon was. She had been able to sense things before; she was hoping to be able to pull that trick out of the bag again this time. She was about to turn to Nova and whisper something about how she had senses a fleeting something, as if the egg was in turmoil already, but she was interrupted by an ambush attack. Releasing a blast of hellfire aimed towards Octy and Aiden he spoke. Taunting as always. “Hello to my little girls, it’s been so long Huntress. I missed the smell of fear that you give off. Even now with these people I still can smell it.” Her mind blanked out on everything else that he said, focusing only on the sword that he manifested and the attack that came out of nowhere.

Cass acted quickly and erected a telekinetic shield to block Darkchild’s punch. He would be met with an immovable force. “You think you know me. You think you know my twists and turns.” She gestured to Aiden, whom she had just saved, motioning for him to get clear of the fight that was about to happen. He worked better in covert ways; this fight was going to be brute force for the most part. “You don’t know anything about me anymore.” She had “borrowed” the teleporter in the a week past and without anybody knowing, had used it for an excursion to , to Darkchild. She had been trying to gain closure, trying to fully put that part of her life behind her. The rape, she had finally healed from it both mentally and physically, or so she thought. It was something that she would live with forever, but she had finally made her way past it. She was living a happy life, a good one. Or at least she had been until that trip to . One of Darkchild’s teammates, Lady Death; she had sensed some sort of energy output from Cass. Upon further questioning, it turned out that Darkchild had left part of himself in her, he had stained her soul and she would never be rid of him, ever.

It helped to explain the personality changes that she had undergone lately, or at least she liked to believe that that’s what was responsible for it. Cass had been questioning herself lately, her motives, who she truly was. What she truly was. Part of that was her natural insecurities and she was beginning to believe that part of it was the building darkness inside of her. She could literally feel it on her soul and she knew that she had a few choices. She could ignore it, embrace it temporarily or find a way to get rid of it. The first option never crossed her mind and the last wasn’t currently open to her. So she chose door number two and unleashed the monster. Pulling her katana from its sheath she held it in front of her, staring down at it with bright green eyes. Focusing, she coated it in telekinetic energy. Normally her force fields had a blue tint to them, this time; it was purple, much darker than usual. There were swirls of black mixed into it, the Darkness itself. It seemed that her soul was not the only thing he tainted; it was her powers as well. Raising her head, her eyes met his. They were no longer green; they were midnight black with no discernation between the pupil and the iris. There was a bloodthirsty look on her face as she raised her katana in a ready position. “This is what you’ve made me. You’ve given me more power than I ever had. You turned me into this. Now learn to deal with it.” She was in complete control of herself; she owned her own actions. There was recklessness and a darkness there that hadn’t been before, but at the root, Cass knew what she was doing. It was more than likely going to take somebody to pull her back from this, but it was going to be worth it. No pain, no gain. Unleashing a burst of telekinetic energy mixed with Darkness straight towards Darkchild’s head she leapt forward into action, swinging the katana downwards towards the joint of his arm.

It was at that moment in time when she heard her mother’s furious voice echoing through the air. “DARKCHILD SHOW YOURSELF, YOU ALMOST KILLED MY CHILD, WE STAND NOW” She didn’t know if she was happy that her mother and sister were without a doubt okay, or sad that it looked like he was going to be fighting somebody else. There was no better closure than attempting to beat your attacker to a bloody freaking pulp.

“You really know how to piss people off, huh?” The question was asked mockingly as she sneered at him.

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Edward zipped around in the flurry of darklings smashing through their ranks like ancient glass, sending barrages of devistating punches  at the ones who got in his path trying to take as many down as he could before they got  to his fellow champions. Piles of the little wretched monsters filled the floor around him laying broken and lifeless, Edwards hands shaking from the adrenaline surge and the inpending swelling from thousands of heavy punches thath he used to take the monster minions out. Looking across to his teammates he could see Umbra scattering whatever resistance he saw with brilliant bursts of lightning, toasting the litle bastards before they could do him any major harm. Kincaid was forming quite a darkling pile of his own also with the seemlingly never ending waves of the damed liitle monsters that clawed at them all viciously, with Mike Lockheart now away with the mysterious Magic the team was now now just the three of them holding the hordes of darklings back. As quickly as their waves came a sudden break in the sea of darklings appeared. 
The ground begain to shake and the walls began to let out loud cracking noises as the ice shattered and began to fall in sections behind them, the three champions moved quickly further on into the tunnel to avoid the potential icy coffin of a cave in. Kincaid pushed foward to front  the group taking point with Umbra taking the back, Edward contined to also advance between his two aliies checking his footing as the floor contined to rumble suddenly a pale skinned women appeared ahead of the team. Umbra launched a burst of lightning at the women who Edward could now reconise as Lady Death from the COPs Criminal database. As the lightning bust from Umbras hands the floor cracked open with a burst of great enegry and everything moved in slow motion , something was forcing its way out. Lady Deaths figure was raised  off the ground as the epicenter of the quakes slowly revealed itself , Now standing ontop of a great dragons head. Edward was shocked to see a fully grown dragon here, this was certainly not in the team briefing he was only expecting an egg.  Rocking back onto his heels as the ground continued to shift  Eddy noticed the dragon hadnt emerged any further since it broke the ice what was it doing?, would Umbras lightning attack on the beasts head mounted allie spark the great winged creature to life.
Pulling his sword out ready and finding a stable piece of ground Eddy waited for the the effects of Umbras burst of of lightning prepared to dash into the battle and hopefully subdue the threat to the egg and his teamates as swiftly and direcly as he could.  

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Starkin's eyes were filled with rage, they gleamed with determination but most importantly they sparked hoped. The very same eyes glances towards his partner, both men embraced themselves for the dark lords sudden outburst of anger fueled lightning which came fourth and arked it's way through the air, their opponent screamed in anger, which only served to increase the potency of the man's attack. To his right Darko had erected what seemed to be a powerful shield of darkness. Starkin had to react just as quickly as Darko had done, but he had to be smart about how he played his next move. The logical choice would be to increase the light which flickered around his body, but a sudden increase in the sun's energy would weaken Darko's darkness. Grasping his blade, Starkin altered it's form into the sonic energy blade. Using it's powers the wizard formed a shield of sonic energy around itself which reflected the sith's lightning back at him. 
It was clear that Starkiller was not amused by his attacks sudden failiure, and as his hands began to charge up, Starkin could sense this attack would be even more powerful, filled with more rage, but as Starkiller prepared to let loose all of his darkness upon the duo, the ground beneath them began to rumble, before finally giving way. As he began to fall, Starkin formed a rune symbol which cushioned his fall. Standing up he peered around, to what looked like a large network of cave systems and intertwining pasages. The cave had very little light, and as he looked around, Darko had already began to form a few Darklins to scout the area, and suggested Starkin to use his light powers to illuminate the cave. Starkin smiled and created an orb of light large enough to help them navigate the caves, but small enough so it wouldn't effect Darko's powers. 
Suddenly from the shadows which appeared in the corner of their eye's, a large number of Darklins appeared before the pair, snarling and ready to attack. Starkin did not need Darko to confirm what he already knew, these darklins were significantly different to the ones he had created. They were darker, more savage. The darklins began to jump at Starkin, clawing and biting at him. They were small and lacked real power, but the sheer numbers and ferocity more than made up for that. Starkin was beginning to get pissed, he enjoyed a good fight, but this was just annoying. "Screw this!" Utilizing the orb in his hand, Starkin began to increase it's power, but kept it compressed. He smiled as the darklins once again began to charge, dropping the orb on the ground a large explosion of light rippled through the caves, destroying any creature of darkness which stood in it's path.
The light was blinding, but once it had died down, it's after effects seemed to brighten up the entire caves. Starkin could then sense something greater approach them, instantly he recognized the footsteps to be Starkiller's. He knew the sith would not stop searching for them, would not stop hunting them down. Starkiller was approaching down a corridor in the cave, he was yet to be in sight, but Starkin knew he had to think quickly, and then a plan came to him. Starkin began to form runes around the corridor which Starkiller would soon enter, as well as runes around were Starkin and Darko were and runes inside the other corridors which surrounded them. Starkin made sure to keep the runes invisible. Once the sith stepped on just once a chain reaction would bring that area of the caves crashing down upon him, while the other runes would serve as support beams, ensuring the rest of the caves didn't suffer the same fate, but Starkin still knew his opponent would suspect a trap, so he purposely placed dud runes inside the corridor, which would have no effect other than tempting the sith to take steps which would make him think he was avoiding danger. Darko was looking at Starkin as he began to form so many runes, as he did Starkin explained what he was doing. "Woah" Darko said. Starkin looked at him. "But that's not all" Starkin created two clones of light which resembled himself and Darko perfectly. The clones would act as bait, playing on Starkiller's anger and will to end their lives. The real duo entered one of the corridors, and using Darko's powers hid themselves in darkness. Even if Starkiller could escape Starkin's trap, it would still leave him somewhat shocked and confused, something the team of light and shadows could capitalize on.

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 Kain stood within the cavern and pulled out a cigarette to smoke. He waited for his competition to enter the area. Beneath his feet, molten hot liquid magma bubbled like the belly of a beast calling out for a fresh meal. It was a shared sentiment between them. Kain paced back and forth within the cave with his impatience eating away him. The continuously bubbling lava was the single sound keeping Kain company within the open area of the cave. 

Soon, Kain heard footsteps within the cave followed by an interesting smell. His eyes hastily shot around, scanning for the source of these new sounds and smells but it was to no avail. Kain didn't want to alert his enemy to the fact he knew of his presence. The vampire closed his eyes and focused hard on his other senses. The sensation of the moving heat, the sound of air being sliced in half rang in Kain's ears like an alarm. He shot his left arm up to his right side faster than lightening. Using a barrier of darkness, he was able to block the blade with his hand.
Kain turned his head immediately and grinned arrogantly at Taiqod. He lowered his body to have eye level with him. The vampire forced his claws to come out and swung his right hand diagnaly to open Taiqod up. At the same time Kain started his attack, he started a sentence as well.
"Nice try, boy. Next time you may want to run instead of choosing to combat an enemy of my caliber."

After Kain's hand shot out, he jumped back a few feet. He hopped around on his feet much like a boxer and swung his hands around back and forth a few inches at a time. He smiled again, this time baring his fangs to show his superiority. His energy levels were off the charts however he kept them at a lower level than normal specifically so he could enjoy battles instead of ending them far too quickly. That sword swipe gave him enough of a clue as to how much to drop his energy levels. This would be a most enjoyable battle.

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When she was ripped from him she still felt his warm embrace and the gentle kiss of bittersweet loss that he had placed on her forehead. And then, as she sat in that light bubble of her team mate Blair, hands desperately pressed against the transparent wall that was luminous in all breathtaking colours of the spectrum like a wonderful pearl she shed a single tear for the cruel knowledge of having lost the wonderful safe haven of her childhood again. Back then, whenever she had felt bad she had retreated into this wonderful paradise of dragons, knights, kings and fairies where the old codices of honour were still intact. Later on the heartless medications had barred the way to this utopia from her and even after abandoning them she had never found the way back again. Now that she had found an inhabitant of her dreamland she had to leave him again just to see him in his fabulous pirate outfit standing up against the dreaded Sith in the red glowing of his dual lightsabers.

But that was not everything. There had been something else. A presence that she had felt from the first moment she had entered this uneven fight. Something dark, something sinister yet still not evil. A dark yang to her bright yin, something that countered her in a natural way. And more. A deep, honestly felt love buried under the rough skin of abuse and the need to behave like a tough man. She had not seen him with normal eyes, just through the lenses of her light magic where he had looked like a moving giant cloud of darkness but even now he remained in her mind and his dark, soft voice still echoed in her ears as she was carried away from this place that she did not want to leave.

Although she knew she was needed elsewhere she did not enjoy leaving the two boys in a fight in which they had already proved inferior before. As her tear exploded on the bottom of the bubble and reflected the colours from the outside in a tiny kaleidoscope she could only hope they would survive. She could not afford loosing either of him, neither her past in mental unity with Exfairya neither the enigma that posed her future.


The thoughts still troubled her, bounced around in her thoughts like mischievous kobolds and made her uneasy while she let her fingers slide against the miraculous ice walls of the grotto just not to loose herself, to use the stinging pain of the cold in her fingers to keep focussed. To no success. The upheaval in her mind stayed, grew and grew like a vortex that sucked every other thought into it. Where they okay? Would they survive? Would she see them again?

The consequences of her own thoughtfulness, her own carelessness, the danger that it had posed to her and her team were revealed to her in a bright flash. It blinded her, let colourful spots of light dance before her eyes and dazzled her for the first few moments. Nearly blind she stumbled back and sought support at the icy walls of the cave. The nearly comforting chill of the cold substance cleared her head and after a short wipe over her eyes that warped her artful makeup into a mockery of its former beauty she looked out of tearing eyes to see her teammates fight for their lie against the deadly member of Tenebrasque In commonly referred to as Lady Death.

Heedless as she had been Despair had missed CPG’s warning of her attack and had missed to cover her eyes as the young pink haired girl had fired an enormously   powerful energy ball at their enemy. Scion had followed a few seconds later. Not being an amateur the Crimson Queen had dodged both and like in bullet time Despair had witnessed how her slender but strong muscles worked under the pale skin as the Death Incarnate jumped, tumbled and bent to evade both cunning attacks.

And as she was still moving the Angela Atra felt s rumble from deep beneath, more on the emotional level than the actual physical. It started small, like a twitch but it grew quickly till it made her bones shake. Ice stalactites fell down and were smashed on the ground in a miasma of chaos and destruction. One of them crushed down only inches next to her. With a shudder Despair thought about what a projective of this   size   would have done with a petite girl of her built. But the true terror was still to come.

In an explosion of ice and rotten, decayed and mummified frozen dead flesh it came to the surface from deep down where it had slumbered in its burial chamber. A bygone beast of eons past, once a terror of the skies and a threat to all that was evil but now nothing more than a servant to the Evil Queen’s will. Through holes in its once impenetrable skin whole patches of deceased flesh and dead sinews were visible, a once proud creature had been turned into a parody of its own, a true nightmare. Jagged, partly broken teeth threatened everyone stupid enough to fight it with a quick and cruel death in its stinking maw between mighty jaws. A dragon. Still only its head was out but Despair was sure the rest would not be hidden for long.

“Get all behind me! Now!”

Her high, clear voice, normally trained to sing classical operas, echoed through the frozen chamber as she erected the globe of light around them to protect them against the newly risen threat. Hastily her mind sought for the ban formula against undead. How could one do something as terrible as the desecration of a dragon’s body? The shock written in her face she turned around to hold council with her team just to be hit by a scaly fist. While she had fought with her own terror of the dragon she had once more neglected the ongoings around her and missed the arrival of new attackers. While still falling and while a small stream of blood flew from her mouth she witnessed her own mistake.

Now some of those strange human-dragon hybrids were trapped with them in her own force field for a barbaric close quarter fight. And one stood above her his two handed sword lifted to deal the finishing blow…

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The first blade missed as Angeni leapt backwards and to the side the teeth of the weapon just barely cutting through the air. As the second blade came down aiming for the throat the demi godess used her shield to counter the attack. Rather than the chainsword ripping through the metal or Azrael managing to rip open flesh both attacks were blocked proving that perhaps the woman was the threat she preeched about being. Angeni followed the attack with one of her own as she jumped backwards and twirled in the air, the jump gained the needed distance while the turn generated momentum for the thrown shield. Perhaps the godess had been through wars or maybe she was simply trained well either way her skill in combat was aparent. Raising her arms into an x formation Blair outstretched her hands to stop the shield with her control of metal and then block the blade that would surely come soon after. The shield came to a halt in mid air and then dropped to the ground, the control over blessed items only went so far. Born of opposite worlds Azrael failed to be able to redirect the make shift weapon. As the shield fell Angeni charged and followed up with a vicious attack, if Azrael didn't have her guard up and her opponent wanted then the attack could of cleaved her in two. Instead however the three blades clashed a shower of sparks erupting in response.

The two woman pushed off of eachother useing eachothers strength put behind the blades as an aid to kick off frome. The manuveur put some distance between the two so they could prepare for the next flurry. As Azra landed from the corner of her eye she saw something heading towards her. Turning on her heal she cought sight of another challenger one she hadn't seen before standing beside the raven haired woman she had sent her hellhounds to attack. The womans blade dripped with the deep moroon like color of the hounds blood while the other man was clearly the one who had just tossed the hound. The ear screeching howl was only amplified by the closed in space. The demonic creature was wounded, clearly a fragile little pest who had failed to meet the queen's standards. Bringing her sword in a downward arc she tore trough the hounds rough back, the spineal colume snapped as the teeth of the sword cleaved trough the creature. A fresh fountain of blood splashed across Azrael's chest plate as the upper half of the creature strook her chest. Clearly the two were also ready to go at it, the new comer pulling a bostaff into position. A motion that made the crimson haired devil scoff. A wooden staff against someone useing chainsaws she wondered if this brave champion was simply an idiot who had a hero complex rather than a ticket to the short bus.

The stair down between the treo and her was broken by blinding light. Looking behind her revealed that Laura was some how revived. The blinding light dissipated and for a brief moment the two locked eyes, the emerald eyes of the woman that now seemed luminous met with the blazing emerald eyes of Azrael. She was entrigued a part of her hoped that ReEn wouuld fail near the end of his fight leaving this revived woman as a target for her instead. ReEnforcer failing wasnt encouraged in the long run but if this could end with Laura and her that would be exilerating. First however came the other tree people that were her imediate prey. You couldn't move on to another kill leaving the others out of the picture."You know if u send me back to hell your doing me a favor its like a second home. You three on the other hand i plan to have walking plains of fire for what feels like an eternity. Stripped of flesh and tendant time and time again so that should you ever be fortunant enough to get out you'll be no more then a husk, a hollow shell of your past self" The demoness remarked with a cruel smile.

The ground beneath the demon began to bubble as fire built up around her feet. Dropping into a low sweeping kick she aimed towards the direction of the two people who could potentially make things difficult if they got near. As her foot passed the location of the two opponents all the fire she had built up traveled through the earth. As it reeched the location of where the duo stood when she had first started this move a large column of magma would erupt. About fifteen feet in diamiter Azra looked forward to hearing agonizing screams as flesh burned, armor melted and large rocks yet to be melted shattered bones. If they lived she would need to take a more direct aproach however she felt confidant this barrage would kill them or atleast soften them up enough to put to rest with ease.

The main focus was Angeni presently and so as Blair rose to her feet she then took off in a charge at the woman. As she ran small spears of earth followed her as she manipulated the earth to her will. Her right blade came across her chest prepared to try and cut the demi godess in half while the left chainsword came back prepared for a thrusting motion aimed to impale the woman. On the last second of aproaching Angeni Blair opened a brief portal, useing the warp to allow her to attempt to teleport behind the young warrior. The brief moment where she was not in the physical world left her in the unknown of what would happen. A volley of spikes aimed at Angeni from the front, and two devastating swings that at the last moment were redirected behind the champion seeemed like enough to gain victory however. Every move Azrael made had to be agressive and aimed to kill, get on the defensive and she doubted she could come out on top.    

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Lady Death smiled wickedly and laughed only as an evil woman would.  The decaying flesh of the dragon rose from the ground.  An unholy minion under control.  She saw as bolts flew past her as she now rested upon the beasts skull head.  
"Foolish children you throw the very thing I can control, but I'll play nice and let you have your shot.   Only to return it to you ten fold."  Lady Death smiled.   
Each vertebrate was stuck together to give it an undead life.  It roared as is rose out up to his shoulders.  His arms and claws would remain under ground.  The undead dragon was too big to bring up entirely.  The rotting flesh smelled horrible and reeked from time spent under ground.  Lady Death's power held his bones together and gave him undead life, but it did not stop the rotting flesh from falling to the wayside.  He was now the blockade to the egg's hidden keep.  Whoever was further inside the cave would still have to get past the stench of the rotting meat.  Lady Death looked down upon her prey seeing each of the varying energy levels.  
It was glorious sitting upon the beast, but deep down she felt a small amount of remorse for the dragon.  He was her kin.  Unfortunately this was a battle and Lady Death could not falter.  She looked closer at her foes only to notice each of them she recognized them from photos collected by Darkchild's devious Darklings.  Paragon, CellPhoneGirl, Despair, Scion of Light, and Umbra Sorcerer.  Each a formidable foe and not to be taken lightly.
"Foolish children you throw the very thing I can control, but I'll play nice and let you have your shot.   Only to return it to you ten fold.
"  Lady Death smiled.  
The guardians of the egg turned to face the undead creation only to be slowed by the ancients words spoken as she pointed out the foes she now faced.  ** "I am Lyn, Daughter of Tiferia Hystorm, the keeper of the blizzard storm.  I too protect the egg.  Do not sway in your duties.  Punish those who tread into your domain."** The protectors evidently did not care, but she figured it might not work.  She commanded the undead dragon to do her bidding.  With its' mighty jaws it lowered his neck swiftly to take a protector into its' massive fangs only to shake and tear the creatures apart.  What was left of the body of the protectors who came near were thrown towards the Champions of Peace.  The undead dragon roared as he was taking out the protectors left and right.  
Lady Death however had her eyes set on the Champions of Peace.  Her pet would deal with the protectors.  She looked around to see a strange energy flow in the cavern walls.  The energy was very familiar.  All too familiar and she could not help ,but smile.  It was ancient dragon magic.  She slid down the back of the undead dragon and reached for the wall.  Quickly drawing in the very fibers of the energy.  It helped her a great deal to understand what was to happen next.  
She whispered ever so softly.  "Let's see if they like alittle dragon magic."  With a quick summons she sent bolts of dancing lightening toward each of the enemies before her.  Making the largest one for the Scion of Light.  It was the Scion's of the past who had her people slain before her and she despised them to this day.  Scion of Light was the first name on her list to die here.  The blue glow of the lightening lit up the cavern in a bright iridescence of the brightest shades of blue.  The bolts danced off the ice and rock only to continue on a path toward the targets.  Lady Death could not target them precisely, but directed the lightening in a generic direction of each member.  Most of her power was keeping the undead dragon animated.

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War Killer and Angeni made their way further into the dark cavern, not sure where it would lead but at this point having no point but to move forwards. Walking next to Ang, Charles wouldn’t help but wonder if the whole cave was about to come crashing down upon them, he knew that there was a battle raging on elsewhere in the cave and this his fellow Champions were most likely battling to protect the dragon egg they were sent to retrieve. But in truth his thoughts weren’t on his teammates, but solely on Talon whom was wondering these same caverns as she was with her own team. But suddenly another screech could be heard echoing through the tunnel; not thinking twice, Charles dashed off down the tunnel towards where the scream was coming from. Charles! Wait...... He heard Angeni yell as she tried to get him to wait for her. But ignoring her cry, he continued to press on, because that wasn’t just any random scream, it was female’s voice….it was her!

His heart began to beat faster and faster as he raced down the tunnel, seeing an opening up ahead only to watch as a wall of burning fire blocked the exit. Not slowly down, with a quick jolt forward, the young patriot leaped into the air, curling his legs inwards as he held his shield in front of his body as he jumped through the flames. His body rolled across the caverns icy floor, extinguishing the small patches of fire that littered his body as he rolled up back onto his feet. His eyes quickly locked onto Talon as he now found her in the hands of the one known as ReEnforcer. His eyes filling with rage as he found their lips locked with the others as they shared a deep passionate kiss; ‘forcers hands clasped tightly around her throat. “LAURA!” Charles yelled out in anger as he saw this, his anger over taking him as he arrogantly charged forwards towards the creep as he continued to lock lips with his girl.

But without warning, he found himself stopping dead in his tracks as his body was suddenly tossed into the air. His jacket being ripped completely off his back as his body rolled violently against the rugged ice floor, only to come to a halt as his back slammed into one of the sides of the cave; his mouth opening as he let out a sharp cry of pain as he felt the rigged rocks dig into his back. Looking up, he saw his attacker, the one known as Azrael now about to engage in battle with Angeni who had followed him into the cave after him. “Insolent whore!” He then heard ReEnforcer shout out as he smacked Talon, who was now struggling to break from the monsters grasp, across the face with his hand.

Seeing this, Charles jumped to his feet. Seeing as Azrael was busy dealing with Angeni, he charged forwards once more, his hand gripped his shield tightly as he prepared to show the demon exactly what happens when you lay a hand on the woman he loved. But as he did, his heart suddenly stopped as he froze in utter and complete horror as he watched Talon’s body instantly combust into flames, her body becoming completely consumed by fire. Laura looking at the young hero one last time, seeing as she mouthed out the words “I love you” before her whole body was then engulfed with fire. “NO!!!!” Charles shouted out in terror as he watched the girl her love burn alive, her body dropping to the floor, causing the icy ground to crack as her body fell through the ice, falling deeper into the cave’s dark abyss.

Falling to his knees, his eyes wide as tears began to build and slowly run down his battered face. His eye lids quickly shutting as he tried to hold back the tears. Gashing his teeth together as his eyes slowly reopened and looked up to the monster that just took the woman he loved away a way. “I’LL KILL YOU!!!” He shouted in pure rage as he leaped to his feet, not even caring about the two fired creatures ReEnforcer had just created and the other members of Talon’s team who had just arrived on the scene; no, instead he simply focused on wrapping his hands around the Fire Lord’s throat and strangle the life out of him….whether it killed him in the process or not. But without warning a bright light beamed up from the deep cavern, lighting up the whole cave as the light shined brightly from down below.

Raising his arm up slightly, shielding his eyes from the intense light, his eyes grew wide as he saw none other than Talon rise up from the hole. Her body now glowing brightly with blue sapphire light that consumed her entire figure, causing her hair to become white as she shined while hovering over the crater she had just fallen into. “Oh thank you, God…” He whispered under his breath, thanking the Lord as he continued to stand there still both astonished and relieved to see her alive. “Remy…we’re not done here yet.” Charles couldn’t help but chuckle as he heard her.

But most surprisingly of all was that in her arms she held the dragon egg they had been sent there to find! Not wasting any time, he looked over at Over Kill as Talon gave him a look. Using his powers, Earth’s Mightiest Mortal swiftly threw a force field up around them all, while simultaneously cutting a hole directly into the ceiling of the cave that would lead up to the surface. But due to this, the whole cave complex began to come crashing down around them. Large boulders and chunks of rocks started to rain down from above. Knowing it wouldn’t be long before the whole freakin’ cave would collapse completely, they had to evacuate quickly.

Looking around, seeing Azrael and her pets being dealt with by his team, along with ReEnforcer who was standing before him along with his own beasts, he knew that they weren’t going to get out of this cave easily. But as the cave began to break apart around them more and more, rocks and chunks of ice shattering all around, he knew the only way for them to get Talon and the egg out was to fight their way through. Taking in one final deep breath, he quickly let out a loud battle cry, “CHAMPIONS UNITE!!!” He shouted as he held his shield up high, pieces of rock and ice falling all around him as he held his stance. “I want everyone to form up around Talon, clear a path for her so that she can get out with the egg and once she’s cleared, follow her lead! We’re evacuating right now!” He ordered everyone, his eyes then looking over at Talon as she continued hold the egg tightly in her arms.

 “Talon, I want you to get out of here! Take the egg and get as far away from this place as you can!” He ordered her, even though he knew she would probably disobey him, he prayed that for once she would do as he asked of her and leave the fight to him. But turning towards ReEnforcer, using her newfound power, she fired a blast of blue fire at the demon, distracting him as her emerald eyes locked onto War Killer’s as he heard her whisper the word, “Gemini.” His eyes looking right into hers for a moment, he gave her a devious smile as he knew what she was telling him.

He had always wondered what had happened to Gemini, the last time he had seen the sword was when he first met Talon all the way back in Vine City. After that he never saw her use the blade again, but it wasn’t until when she was injured while saving him that he was somehow able to call upon the same energy as Gemini to heal her that he began to wonder if he had somehow been given ability to use the power of the sword himself. Closing his eyes, he began to focus as he let out a small whisper, “Gemini, come to me.” Suddenly a blue aura, like the way that appeared around his hands before, engulfed his whole body. And with a bright flash of light, within his hands the blade of Gemini made itself known.

Opening his eyes, a serious look could be seen glaring out from them as they zoned in on ReEnforcer himself. His body consumed by the blue aura that Gemini was giving off, he charged forwards towards the Fire Lord. His hands both tightly grasping the hilt of the blade, he held it up high over his head and he leaped forward, letting out a short yell; plunging the blade of the sword into ReEnforcer’s back. Driving the sword deeper into the demon, War Killer’s eyes quickly fell upon Talon one last time, “Laura….please. Get out of here! I’ll be right behind you, just take the egg and get out of here while there’s still time!” He begged of her once more as he continued to hold ReEnforcer at bay for as long as he possible could, knowing that in a few minutes they would soon be buried alive…that is if he wasn’t burned alive by then.

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It was the thrill of battle that excited him, the normally peaceful Aaron, and when the being known as Lady Death not only dodged his attack, but retorted with a surprise in the shape of an undead dragon it made the young man’s heart pump rapidly in joy. Blair and he struck the first blow, but now they had to take the defensive as the large undead menace tore through the caverns in a controlled rampage. Aaron leaped back to try and gain an idea of his situation before making a sign of the cross and gripping his sword tightly. This battlefield would be his to claim, but it would be a glorious fight to take it.

“At least it can’t get any worse than this.” He muttered to himself with a smile, and almost as if waiting for him to say that he heard his other team mate Paragon warn them all of an even more mysterious danger. Aaron quickly whipped around to see Paragon become overwhelmed by a blaze of fire, and when he looked for its source he was once again bewildered. There were four creatures that seemed to be a hybrid of both man and dragon, walking almost gracefully as they decreed it their mission to guard the great egg. While the undead dragon was a walking nightmare, the guardians were what Aaron imagined a dragon to be like; letting off a sense of nobility as they strode across the battlefield.

Aaron felt a strange respect for these guardians since their only care was to preserve the order and protect the life of the egg, but if they would fight to hurt his friends then he would have to fight them with the full extent of his skill. As he charged forward to engage the guardian attacking Paragon, he was flanked by one of the other guardians and knocked into a nearby cavern wall. He struggled to his feet slowly, using his sword as a crutch and taking a few deep breaths, thanking both God and Shamash for his enhanced durability.

“Get all behind me! Now!” the voice of Despair rang through the battlefield, and Aaron ignored the pain as he rushed to his team mate’s side, her creating a shield around all of them. As he made it to her side he saw Despair get assaulted by another of the guardians, its fist sending her to the ground and drawing blood from her mouth. Now it was no longer respect for them on his mind, but a great battle-rage that wanted to reduce the guardians who would strike his friends to cinder. As the guardian moved its sword to deal the finishing blow, Aaron rushed forward to defend her, his sword clashing against his opponent’s, the sound of striking steel echoing among the sounds of the battle.

The creature’s attack was powerful, causing his leg’s to buckle under its strength, but when he released a mighty flash of light at the beast’s face it was caught off guard. Blinded, the beast was helpless to stop Aaron from striking at the back of its legs, bringing it to its knees and at the young man’s mercy. With a series of strikes the dragon guardian was brought to the ground, its life extinguished. The blood of a dragon staining his blade, it was appropriate for Aaron to then turn, see the mighty Lady Death with her undead beast, and make them his next targets. He turned back to help Despair back to her feet before returning his gaze to their true foe.

“Are you alright? Stay here and the others will come to check up on you, but for now I have a couple of beasts to slay.” He quickly moved out of the shield’s protective covering, charging towards the most powerful opponent he’s ever faced.   Even from so far away he could see Lady Death charging up a powerful spell, and quickly a series of lightning bolts flew towards him and the others. The lightning was almost beautiful in how it danced around the rocks and made its way towards its targets, Aaron’s being the biggest one for a currently unknown reason. He could feel the adrenaline pumping through his veins and a desire to preserve order filling his mind, making him careless, but it still wasn’t enough to dodge the powerful attack. Aaron quickly moved to the left, but the lightning still caught his leg and sent a powerful shock through his body. The pain sent him to the ground and caused him to convulse, straining to stay conscious as the pain wracked his body.

“Oh God!” he muttered over and over again in a weak voice filled with pain. Aaron had never fought such a powerful magic user before in his life, and it was apparent now that maybe he wasn’t ready to as he began to slowly slip into unconsciousness. He gripped his sword as tightly as possible as the energies from the attack dispersed from his body, and yet left him a smoking crumpled heap on the ground. It was a true struggle to rise to his feet, and yet it wasn't enough to stop him, his determination sending him first into a limping gallop, then back into a charge at Lady Death and her undead horror. He would quench their chaos from this world, or he would die trying...



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The lighting sizzled through the air toward Edward in a deadly yet beautiful symphony of white and blue light, knowing his usual rush out the way method wouldnt be the best method on unstable ice he had to use his agilty and creativity to escape its impending threat. Focusing quickly Edward creates a concave telekenetic shield around the center of his body hoping to divert the attack into the floor, tucking his head in behind his shield Edward cartwheels as he takes the impact in his chest just as he hoped. The floor lets out a large cracking sound as Eddy gets back to his feet he notices the floor is even more dangerously cracked " great " he thought thats just made the floor issue awhole lot worse. As Edward regains his balance thanks to his boot spikes he sees he fellow champion struck by the lightning on the leg. Seeing his teammate crumple to the ground in a smoky heap Edward charges at Lady Death his sonic Boom as he hits full speed echoing off the walls making icilces from above shatter and fall to the ground like icy daggers.
Edward dashes across the broken ice feeling it fall away behind him he jumps up onto the dragons head alongside Lady Death knowing that hes speed would  render him practicaly invisble he unleashes a flurry of mach 2 punches aiming at the ladies joints. He couldnt afford to pull his punches he had no idea how injured Scion could possibly be and there had all ready been one champion down and he wanted to do his best to make sure there wouldnt be any more if he could help it. He had to hurt Lady Death or at least get her attention for long enough for one for the others to put her down and the team could get back to the job at hand rescuing the egg.  Eddy's  punches rip through the air toward his target as they zone in first on her Elbows then her shoulders before ducking low and unleashing a sweeping punch across the side of her left knee. Remembering his training his attacks are aimed several feet behind the target in order to create as much blunt force as possible. 
Hoping his unconventional attack strategy would be enough to get the ladies attention  he prepares for the first of his impendIng combo of speedy and heavily forcefull strikes to impact upon their target. He shouts aloud as his fists approach mere millimetres from contact " Lady Death Say hello to my friends Righty and Lefty"

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The whole cavern shook as Over Kill unleashed a powerful beam of energy, spikes started falling from above shattering the once clear smooth surface of ice that The Champions of Peace stood on. Blood stained the floor and the deep chasm that Laura had fallen into still remained, awaiting another victim. This place had turned into a death trap. With pillars of ice collapsing everywhere it was hard to gain a foothold upon the ground, due to the fact that in truth the ground was breaking apart. ReEnforcer stood strong a tower of fire seemingly untouched by the chaos that loomed around him. Paragon, Over Kill, CPG they were all here fighting, and if they didn’t leave soon there’d be no victor. But amongst the murmurs and battle cries from her team mates, one rung loudly and clearly “CHAMPIONS UNITE!!!”

The voice of her lover she could hear echoing loudly above the collapsing cave. Her eyes then dashed over toward him, as she couldn’t help but break a smile. It seemed like yesterday he was a fumbling idiot, among Vince City, in a simple fray he couldn’t handle. But Gambler, the Skrulls even being targeted it had made him a man. And she was slightly saddened to see it; her little War Killer had grown up, and turned into a leader, everything she knew he would be. Shaking off the nostalgia she resumed a fighting stance clutching the egg. After the distraction she caused she had ignited the anger already burning with in him seemed to seep out via the flames that consumed his whole body.  

But before she had time to fully think up a plan she could hear War Killer’s voice shouting across the room. “Talon, I want you to get out of here! Take the egg and get as far away from this place as you can!” He ordered as he locked eyes with her for a moment, and with in that moment, there seemed a still to the chaotic battle raging around them. Then within moments a bright blue illuminated from the mortals hands as he called upon the power of Gemini. Laura gasped in astonishment for she had never seen the Boyscout harness this power in person. With that he broke into a desperate sprint and plunged the blade into ReEnforcers back, and as he did the Lord of flames created an ear shrieking cry.

“Laura….please.” she could hear Charlie’s desperate words “Get out of here! I’ll be right behind you, just take the egg and get out of here while there’s still time!”For a moment the emerald assassin stood frozen in place, but as she saw the desperation in her lovers eyes she slowly took a few steps back, and slowly those steps turned into a sprit toward the mouth of the exit that somehow was still gapping open in the midst of the falling chaos. As Laura ran briskly toward it she could pick up a slight burning sensation in the egg, at first she didn’t think anything of it but as she got closer and closer to the cavern exit. But as she made her way closer out of no where one of Azreal's hell hounds leaped in front of her. Standing still she looked the beast in the eye a moment preparing to engage but then out of the corner of her eyes a figure raced before of her she knew the young girl, her consume mimic that slightly of Nightunter and Mistress Redhead. It was Honor Girl one on of the younger Champions, but her age did not account to her battle skills.  

"Sup Claws, we're you're back up." she heard another man say as he came up beside her fists up. Her brow only raised as she held her tongue from making insult at the young man. "I can handle myself." she insisted glaring at Aiden "Sure you can, you can handle a couple of hell hounds, a few demon spawn, a crumbling cavern and not to mention a few people with not to good bed side manors oh and did I add while doing this you're holding an egg?" Talon stunned but he was right she wouldn't get out of here alive with out aid. Some how some way the girl wonder able to divert the attentions of the hell hound by brining a part of the ceiling down upon it crushing it underneath. "I can handle anything." Talon continued in argument but as Aiden was about to open his mouth Honor Girl turned back and gave them both a spine chilling glare telling them to get moving.

 As the three of them continued to run avoiding daggers of falling ice the egg started burning her flesh, by now her attention was absorbed on it, as her hands didn’t dare let go. “What are you….” She whispered under her breath. Getting to the exit Laura instantly stopped as her eyes shifted to War Killer who was still locked in the epic struggle with ReEnforcer. Out of no where she felt HG's hand on her shoulder, and turning around she found herself staring into the young girls eyes. "He'll be alright Talon." she said trying to reassure her. But just then as the egg continued to heat up Aiden and Honor Girl both noticed it along with Talon whose hand was in utter pain at this point. Gnashing her teeth in pain she still didn’t let go, she knew what it was like to be stubborn and she wouldn’t let this baby dragon get the best of her. “Icing Death! What is it!?” she almost yelled now standing right before her get away. But just then as her voice echoed off the side of the cave the whole egg burned with blue fire. "Oh my..." Aiden said but couldn't finish. "Talon let go of the thing!" Honor Girl yelled in fear. 

All three of them now stared at the burning egg that seemed to consume Laura's stubborn hand that wouldn't let go. Yet as they  stared deep within the outer shell the whole thing began to glow, but this time not with the burning sapphire flame but with a reddish tinge. As it did, the egg itself became slightly less opaque as she could almost see the small figure of the dragon wrapped with in it. Talon's eyes grew wide as the head of the creature turned to look at her, Honor Girl, and Aiden for a moment.

Not much can be said what was shared in those moments, what happened or what exactly too place, but something did, and it caused the assassin to make a choice, one that she would be hated and questioned for. Talon looking nerviously at her two brave team mates let out a deep sigh as she cringed in pain, before asking a question. "Guys can you trust me?" she said. Aiden shook his head violently no but Honor Girl dug her elbow into his arm. "Yes?" she said cautiously. With that Talon looked out to the battle ahead “Forgive me Champions….” She whispered a moment before clutching the egg in her burnt right hand as she prepared to cast it across the room. Slowly her head turned as her emerald eyes looked the young dragon in the eyes once she nodded her head before setting her sights on where she’d aim it. While the tips of her fingers seemed to leave the egg as it took on its own flight it appeared as if all Champions eyes suddenly focused upon it, hopefully not noticing who caused it to take that motion.

As the rest of the team and opposing team struggled to get their hands upon it, just before any other person’s fingers could graze it with the same flash of sapphire the egg disappeared. Laura stood there a moment as she moved her right hand up staring upon the scare, the eggs flames had left on her hand. Her midnight blue hair brushed over her jade eyes as she could have sworn it almost looked like a dragon. Then glancing at both Aiden and HG's face she shrugged with a worried look on her face as she observed the state of the cave "You guys have to trust me, but I'll take the blame but you guys have to get everybody out of here NOW!" Laura said urgently shooting a dead serious stare at both of them. "This cave is about to fall in and if it dose we'll be trapped here! Get everybody to evacuate now! I'm counting on you two." With that she once again turned to the battle field. 

“War Killer….” Her mind screamed as her neck snapped up and eyes searched the whole area. There! In the furthered right corner of the room where the floor was shattered she saw the patriotic hero clutching upon the blade that had sunk into the back of his oppressor. She could see the rage in is face, the anger he was doing this for her. Not really caring what occurred from the battles with in this room, she made her way toward him. Dodging and leaping over large fragments of ice that were still raining from the ceiling. Her breathing turned into gasping for air as she realized the wounds caused from her fall were not fully healed, nevertheless she sprinted forward relentlessly. Finally with her body several feet from the due, ReEnforcer now struggling to get War Killer off his back Laura crouched her legs down before springing onto them both.

Her hands dug into the shoulders of the star spangled hero as she attempted to pry his body off this monster. The heat was surreal, one moment she was freezing to death the next she was signed with head. Charles tightly clasped his hands around the blade with both hands as finally the young assassin managed to get both hero and weapon off the fire lord. Both teens fell backward, Talon’s back absorbing the force a War Killer fell on her. The blade Gemini once leaving the searing flesh instantly disappeared in a puff of smoke. For a moment she just laid there next to War Killer, as she had so much to tell him, but as she heard ReEnforcer cry out of anger she forced herself to sit up. “Go…I’ll be with you in a-“ but then her eyes caught the annoyed glare in her boy scouts eyes the kind that says. “You didn’t listen to me so why should I?” Shaking her head she said “Fine….you…you’re impossible!” she shouted before running to the fiery lord of hell.

“Gemini, I don’t care if you hate me I need you now …please.” She thought to herself as the same blue glow lit up her hand before she leapt into the air her body soaring for a moment before she landed on the back of ReEnforcer. Forcing her palm against his burning flesh she let out a slight cry as it was her same right hand doing the dirty work. Her hand burned bright and the circumference burned blue fire as she shouted over the cries of battle. “Remy…I don’t care how far you’ve gone if you’ve gone too far to come back, I don’t care! If you can hear me then just know,  I won’t leave you like this.” With that Laura experienced the same sensation she did several months ago in Vine city when she healed young War Killer’s wounds on the day they first met. After the dagger wound healed Laura back flipped in the air and turned so that her body landed facing War Killer, and crouching slightly on the ground.

Breathing heavily, she denied the pain running through her body and slightly staggered to her feet. Not wanting the young hero to worry she broke a weak smile before her jade eyes lowered to her right hand. The whole thing was consumed in blood as it slid down her wrist to the tips of her fingers. Taking in one deep breath followed by another she could see Charles’ nervous expression on his face. His golden locks was a mess as she could see the dried blood strikes that had run down his arm due to Azreal. Having no words to say Laura wrapped her arms around him and pulled him into a tight embrace as her eyes filled with tears while she tried to muster the simple worlds “I’m sorry…” but her throat was so chocked with tears it suffocated all her attempts.

It was a funny thing, Talon would have guessed that the moment she’d do that he’d pull away, want an explanation, probably just say he hated her, but he didn’t. He hugged her back. Finally she pulled away and once again they were looking at each other. Half of the emerald eyed assassins midnight blue hair was over the right side of her face hiding most of it from sight. Knowing this Charles slowly extended his hand in attempt to brush it out of the way, but as she saw his hand reaching for her swiftly her left hand grabbed his wrists, as her eyes formed more of a frightened expression. Holding his wrist tightly in her hands she swallowed deeply before letting go and taking a few steps back. “We…we must leave.”

By now most of the Champions had made for the exits now that the egg no longer was present, and some were still getting out. But time was limited and the cave was now on its knees ready to just implode.  Looking War Killer in the eyes she grabbed his hand before breaking the star and taking off in a sprint, she didn’t care if he was tired; she was exhausted, but that didn’t matter. What mattered was that they needed to get out. As the two lovers exited the large chamber and made for the minute pathways of ice she did her best to get a holding on the ground. She could literally hear the cave collapsing behind them as they kept running. Finally the midnight mercenary stopped dead in her tracks, as War Killer seemed puzzled for a moment until he saw it too: A dent on the road, no doubt due to a large stalactite falling.

Hand in hand Laura turned her head as she found The Star spangled hero’s emeralds staring back at her. “Do you trust me?” she whispered over her heavy breathing. “Yes Laura, I do.” He replied confidently. “Then don’t struggle.” She finally said taking a few steps further back. Her jaded eyes remained locked on his as she did her best to hide the pain behind them, she wasn’t going to get out of here alive. With that thought she broke in a swift sprint toward him her eyes focused on his body. “Charlie your back needs to face me and when I say jump, jump into the chasm!” The young hero did as he was told and finally Talon let out a cave crashing scream “Charlie Jump.”

With that he obeyed as he literally jumped into the dark hole below. Seconds passed as his body started falling but before any damage could be done Talon unleashed a violently powerful kick and due to his already positive momentum canceling out her negative it sent him flying to the other end, and landing safely on the floor. Though there was a downside no matter how powerful her kick was it only had enough speed to lunch the person being kicked, meanwhile the person kicking would fall due to already being halfway there. It was sad really, images of that cliff point she had jumped of flashed in her head, of falling down into the water and Darkchild saving her. As her body started falling she could see the horrified look on her lovers face as he realized what she had done.

Tears filling her eyes and her body falling deeper and deeper into the dark abyss “I love you!” she shouted finally before her whole figure was engulfed in darkness.

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Oh crap. As the Hell Hounds headed towards me i knew this wouldn't be good, at all. I could hear their foot steps, and their loud barking as they came closer. "Sorry pup." I raised my sword and strucked the Hound in the heart as he leaped towards me in the air. As i did that i heard the other dog being thrown somewhere.  
I need to do something now while she is really distracted, because if i really wait any longer it may possibly be too late. As the lady in red fought Angeni, who i wouldn't even battle because damn she's an amazing warrior. Anyways, as the two fought on i raised my sword again, but felt some of the blood pouring down onto my hands. Ew. Trying to focus on just the noise coming from two other people was hard enough when a bunch of people in same room were fighting for their lives.  
Then i began walking faster and faster dragging my sword across the ground, waiting for when would be the right time to surprise attack. Would i hit her? I don't know, hopefully. Would she end up blocking it? Most likely. "Crimson stand back for a second" Grabbing a flash Grenade from my belt i throw it towards her. "Angeni! Close your eyes!" Could a Goddess be blinded by a flash? Well if she didn't close her eyes i would find out, on the other hand i really Ms i will literally rip your throat out didn't hear what i said. 
As the small light surrounded the two i ran in there, hearing the sound of Az's voice i aimed my sword at her, but by the sound of Talon's voice calling to the other Champions to run the hell out of the place i stopped myself. I could have probably killed this evil woman. Grabbing Angeni by the arm i dragged her along with me. "Everyone listen to Talon, we need to leave!"  
I knew my bad feeling about this mission was correct.
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The group walked silently, everyone was on edge, even Stephanie as she tried to light up the darkness around them with her golden flames, the curvy ice tunnel’s were lightly dripping with water due to the Fire Goddess’ fire, it sizzling against her skin as they continued to walk. Octy seemed to know where he was going, which was great, because she had no idea where the hell they were right now. Aiden looked to be nervous as hell and as for Cassidy… well… she was just hard to read overall. But everything seemed to be going fine, just peachy, until Octy’s whispered seemed to echo through the empty channel.

"Guys, we have a problem. I think Darkchild must be near..." Octagon whispered. 

It was that very second Nova felt a twinge inside her very soul, her blood began to burn inside her veins, Darkchild WAS near. Attempting to keep her cool she could see the fear grow in Aiden’s eye’s, and as she parted her lips to speak a blinding wave of hellfire rushed towards them. Stephanie quickly outstretched her hands, controlling the flames and dissipating them before they could reach Octy and Aiden. Then… HIS voice was heard, like nails on a chalkboard, she grit her teeth with every word he spoke, that maleficent grin on his face that burned a hole into her soul.

“Hello my little girls, it’s been so long Huntress. I missed the smell of fear that you give off. Even now with these people I still can smell it.” 

Nova’s eyes diverted towards Cassidy, she knew she had a history with the demon, and she knew how hard it was to keep control over one’s self, when someone who had ruined a part of life was standing right in front of you. She watched as she took her own control of the situation, ignoring everything else that was going on around her and spitting words of poison at Darkchild. But Stephanie had to think of the safety of her team, from a distance she saw Honor Girl suddenly dash behind the chaos that was going on around everything, where was she going? And if she was there… where was Mistress Redhead and the rest of the team? Her eyes fixed on Aiden as she stood protectively in front of him. 

Slightly turning her head towards him she whispered, “I want you to go with Honor Girl, follow her and watch her back, I’m not so much worried about the egg right now… I’m worried about her safety, make sure she’s SAFE Aiden, and you as well.” With that she looked at the direction where she saw the young teenager rush off to as she turned her attention to Octy while Huntress was still unleashing her rage upon the demon as the Icy tunnels began to tremble, another war was going on, not too far from the group. “We need to get out of here… this isn’t safe anymore… is there another way out of here?”

But before she could hear his response, another wave of intense energy came into the room, one that was familiar with her own demonic aura. Her eyes adjusted back to Cassidy, who’s back was turned to her, her katana was outstretched, a eerie dark purple glow coming from it… it was the energy of darkness… a power that was all too familiar with the fire goddess. 

she whispered to herself as she watched the young teen unleash a untamed attack upon the man responsible for ruining the lives of not only them… but of millions. She had the same look in her eyes, the same raw feral energy that she herself had when she lost control over herself. 

But her concentration was shifted when the feral roar of a raging mother echoed through the cave. “DARKCHILD SHOW YOURSELF, YOU ALMOST KILLED MY CHILD, WE STAND NOW” Sarah’s body landed forcefully on the ground as she landed before them, her armor, it seemed to distract Darkchild for just a second, and that was all she needed, she quickly walked up behind Cassidy, gently placing her hand upon her shoulder, squeezing it lightly to get her attention. 

“Cassidy… be careful with what your doing… I know how you feel, you want to kill this demon with the very powers he cursed you with, you want to see him suffer, bleed and die by your hands… but… its not worth it if your going to lose yourself and your humanity in doing so… trust me, I should know.” She released her grasp upon the girl, she knew whatever she chose, was going to be something she was going have to decide for herself. Her words were spoken with truth, she knew how the fellow COP member felt, being nothing but a ‘toy’ to the demon, tortured by his hands, his power… being cursed forever by a single encounter with him. Even standing here, trying to keep herself calm and collective was a battle within herself, her eyes were already slowly beginning to change into a crimson red as she struggled to keep her demon blood in check. “Don’t make the same mistake I made… and regret.”

Her blood red eyes re-adjusted themselves towards Darkchild. “It seems wherever you go, you leave a trail of pissed off women behind.” She gave him a smirk. She wasn’t about to engage in battle, but she knew she couldn’t just leave Redhead and Huntress behind with him by themselves, and she but she couldn’t leave Octy either. The cave then shook more violently, whatever was going on through the other tunnels… was causing the entire ice cavern to tremble without mercy. “You need to get out of here Octy…” She knew what she was saying. “You need to get out before its too late, I can’t leave, not while Aiden and Cassidy are down here.” She could see the disagreement in his eyes with what she was saying. “Fine, if your stick around… then you need to find that egg, you’re the only one who can find it, I know nothing about this dragon egg or where it could be… and I know for a fact, with a past like mine, I’m no where near worthy of being trusted with it like you are. You have more of a connection with it than I do, it'll trust you.” She placed a hand on his shoulder. “Go get that egg, and if you need back up-“ she held up her communicator with her other free hand. “Just give me a yell and I’ll be there in an instant.” She gave him a playful wink as she turned her attention back to Darkchild, she knew he had a plan, he wouldn’t just walk into a fight like this without something planned out, but what?

She stood on the sidelines, ever second that passed her veins pulsated with her demonic powers, she could feel the want… the NEED to dig her hands into the skull of the man that turned her into this… creature that was no longer human. But this wasn’t her fight… no… she had her chance a few months ago, and she failed, this time it was Cassidy and Sarah’s turn… she was just there to make sure things didn’t get out of hand, for both sides.  

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While Kain hopped around on his feet within the depths of the cave that held the dragon egg, he sensed a disturbance deep within.  His belief was confirmed by a terrible rumbling and violent waves molten lava jumping up to the platform where he and Taiqod stood. It was clear what was happening. The cave was beginning to collapse on itself. Kain stopped hopping around, slowly raised his hand in a fist and shot his middle finger up. His lips curled into a grin revealing his fangs.

“We’ll have to finish this another time. I don’t like having mountain ranges fall on me. It cramps my style and I have an appointment to keep. You should come to France and pay me a visit in Eternus Obscurus. I have a lovely little Colosseum and I would be honored to kill you in it. Nothing like breaking in the audience with their host performing the first slaying. Hope to see you soon, boy.”

Once Kain hopped back on his front foot, he performed an immediate 180 degree turn and shot through the cave. Lyn’s safety was the number one priority with escape coming in at a close second. Instead of gracefully navigating through the cave as most would do, Kain became an unholy, unstoppable juggernaut. The walls of the cave were torn down by Kain, the vampire was walking destruction. Wall after wall came crumbling down, only speeding up the inevitable.

Within seconds, Kain was only a few short feet away from Lyn. He saw Lyn’s enemies standing around, each unleashing an attack on her. Defensively Kain knocked away any and all attacks aimed at his beloved almost effortlessly. He hunched over and wrapped his arms around her before ejecting his wings and before anyone could react, they were off. Kain’s incredible leg muscles propelled he and Lyn skyward through the cave. Kain’s massive wings broke through the cave, layers upon layers of stone, earth and bone rained down on Kain however he used his immense power to get through everything. Once Kain and Lyn were free of the cave, Kain’s monstrous dragon swooped in under them and provided them with a much desired ride back to France, back to Eternus Obscurum, back home.

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ReEnforcer stood tall his two flaming constructs towering at his sides. They faced three Champions, the charred remains of another at his feet. Stepping over Talon's body the Fire Lord approached the three men. The one known as Over Kill unleashed a earth shaking battle cry, a large red beam escaping his eyes and striking the demonic elemental on ReEn's left. The other construct was engaged by a dark haired young man known as Ethan Starks. ReEnforcer was about to attack the third champion until the bone chilling scream echoed throughout the cavern. Turning his head to the right ReEnforcer saw War Killer, Talon's love interest.

“I'LL KILL YOU!” The heart broken lover shouted. The Star Spangled Champion leapt to his feet charging the demon, his hands held before him. ReEnforcer turned toward the man ready to knock the human clear from the cavern, then his body froze. “What is this?” ReEn said through clenched teeth as Charle's hand wrapped around his throat stealing the breath from his lips.

“Kazan.” A deep voice said within ReEnforcer's mind. “Iceing Death.” Kazan said the name like a curse. “You have tainted a man who was the epitome of good. Leaving him as a shell of his former self.” The ancient Dragon explained. “Now you shall experience what it has been like for Remy, to be trapped in a body you have no control over, to be at the mercy of someone you despise.” As the voice finished a feral growl escaped Kazan, pure rage filling him.

Rendered powerless under the Dragons spell all the immortal demon could do was watch the events unfold. To his right a blinding blue light erupted, at the epicenter of the light stood a revived Talon the dragon egg clutched in her hand. “You, you did this.” Kazan said to Iceing Death, the Dragon simply laughed. “Remy...were not done here.” She announced.

Talon proceeded to signal Over Kill and the others, the Champion erected a barrier around him and his companions. Raising his hands high above his head Over Kill shot another beam of red energy through the cave roof, tremors rocked the entire system of caves causes large stalagmites to come crashing violently down. Over Kill had damaged the caves foundation, and soon the entire place would be buried under thousands of pounds of rubble.

Kazan fought the Dragons hold on him, once free he would destroy those puny mortals and escape with the rest of Tenebrasque In. The young man before ReEnforcer pleaded with Laura, begging her to escape with the egg. “Gemini.” She said to him. Puzzled the Crimson King watched as the boy summoned a sword radiating a blue aura. The boy scout held the sword high above his head loosing a battle cry he then plunged the glowing blade into the back of ReEnforcer, piercing his heart.

ReEn looked down at the blade sticking out of his chest, finally he broke the Dragons hold able to clutch both of his hands around the swords blade. Anger filling his soul the fire demon tried to push the blade from his body but the humans strength was too much in his weakened state. The blade still clutch in his hands the demon sent searing heat down the blade and into the hilt in order to burn War Killers hands om hopes that he would release the blade.

Laura having heeded Charles plea's was at the cave exit, but she paused the egg glowing and pulsating in her hand. She gazed at the egg as though she could see through it, then she tossed it into the air. “NOOOOO, Someone grab it!” The Crimson King ordered, as he doubled his efforts to free himself from War Killer's grasp.

The boy scout refused to release his grip on the sword. Suddenly Talon was upon them she pushed her lover and his sword from the King. ReEnforcer fell to his knees blood oozing from his chest, rage running through his veins ReEn lifted himself to his feet turning toward the two lovers. He was struck by Talon, she placed her right and over the wound in his chest and said “Remy…I don’t care how far you’ve gone if you’ve gone too far to come back, I don’t care! If you can hear me then just know, I won’t leave you like this.” When she released him the wound was healed. The cave collapsing around him the demon was stunned, he couldn't understand why she had done it but the man could and it was he who held Kazan at bay, “Go.” He said to Laura and Charles.

The egg and his prey gone, the Crimson King unleashed a pillar of flame, breaking another hole open in the cavern roof. Upon a cloud of flame ReEnforcer was raised into the air, “Finish them then return to Paese Di Tenebra.” The King told the followers of darkness. As he soared out of the cave and made his way back to the capitol.

Hours Later

Darkchild and ReEnforcer stood upon the balcony of the Dark Lord's kingdom. The streets of La Citta Delle Tenebra were filled while they were chasing after perhaps the last ice dragon egg thousands of new followers had arrived ready to pledge themselves to the darkness. “Welcome to the newly founded Empire, Paese Di Tenebra.” ReEnforcer said addressing the gathered masses. “I present your Emperor.” The First Lord said turning the affair over to Darkchild. The crowd cheered for their leader. As the two forces of evil smiled.

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 Angeni couldn't believe her own very eye's as the demon halted her shield in mid air and dropped the shield to the ground like nothing. How could this be possible? The shield was crafted by the goddess of wisdom and was given magical abilities, but it seemed that this demon was not affected by it somehow. As the shield fell Angeni did what any real soldier would do, she charged and followed up with a vicious attack, but Instead the three blades clashed a shower of sparks. 
The goddess and the demon pushed off of each other using each others strength and giving each other space for a moment. Angeni kept her ocean blue eye's on the demon, she had never faced someone so strong before, and this woman could even surpass the great Titan, Kronos. As, Angeni was about to strike yet again she noticed the young hero Boom Boom who she swore to protect with her life. The tip of the young hero blade was dripping from the Hellhound's blood, and it seemed she had something planned.
Angeni then turned back towards the demon and she knew it was time to take this villain out once and for all but as Angeni was about to make a move, Boom Boom shouted. "Angeni! Close your eyes!"Helena quickly listened to the young hero and closed her eye's tight and suddenly, Boom Boom threw something which smelled like smoke. After a few seconds the goddess opened her eye's and noticed that the demon seemed to be blinded for a moment, this was a time to throw a perfect strike at the demon and send her to the depth's of Tartarus. As the princess was about to impale the demon with the Blade of Olympus, she was suddenly stopped by Boom Boom who grabbed her arm and began dragging her towards the portal."Everyone listen to Talon, we need to leave!"Angeni shook her head. " Why must we coward away? We could have ended them right here and right now". She said while the young hero and her disappeared into the portal.