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For centuries Vampires have lived and feed among humans. The Vatican Church has been aware of their existence from the beginning. A special agreement made in blood back before the birth of Christ as helped keep the peace between the Vatican and the Seven Vampire Clans. Specially trained warriors loyal to the Pope, known as Hunters, help keep the Vampire nation in check while securing the treaty and preventing an all out war.

However a careless and ruthless Vampire from the Malkavian Clan was caught while slaughtering the British Royal family. Now the existence of Vampires have been reveled and the World is in a panic.

The Vatican has given the Vampire Nation 24 hours to surrender all members of the Malkavian or be hunted down themselves. A special meeting has been called and for the first time ever the Seven Clans are gathering to discuss the recent events.

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"...And this is what you give me!" A melodic nasal voice sounded through the halls of the police station. "Stories of macabre fancy I say! You delight in murder don't you Mr. Price?" A low gruff voice came from inside the tall grizzled man that sat bound to the chair in the center of the interrogation room. He spat blood as he talked, but did not attempt to move. "Doctor...it's Doctor Price and I'm asking you to believe me...I'm telling you that if you don't make a curfew that more people are going to die. The night is not safe in this city any more." The inspector chuckled to himself as he went to the case on th table. It was filled with various vials, papers & miscellanious other materials. "So you are saying that these ghost stories have come to life? That they some how jumped from the dark places in our minds and now run about on our streets at night? Sounds like a lot of rubbish to me." The inspector said looking hard at a small leather sack. "Don't open that." Dr. Price said plainly. The inspector looked back at him and grinned. "And why shouldn't I? Does it have some sort of wicked voodoo magic inside it? Or better yet will I be cursed or some such nonsense?" Price coughed up some more blood soaking it into his loose white shirt. "No...it's where I keep something much more valuable than any voodoo." The inspector laughed and pulled at the strings opening the bag up. He looked inside and halted. His face grew pale and his breathing labored as he seemed to be entranced by the contents of the bag. Dr. Price lurched forward breaking the chair back off with a sudden twist. The chains that bound him slipped off down to a pile at his feet and he walked over to his kit and made a count before closing it. Donning his coat and he tied his hair back into a short gray ponytail and spat blood at the inspector's feet. "It's wolfsbane, inspector. The smell is paralizing to ghouls, but completely harmless to normal humans." Reaching into the concealed pocket in his coat he drew out a long silver knife. "Sorry lad, but if you know any prayers you can say them on the way to hell." The blade slid cleanly through his jugular spilling a curtain of blood down his neck and over his shirt as Dr. Price pulled the wolfsbane pouch from the dying ghouls loose grasp and tucked it into the case again before exiting the room.

A few quick twists through security later and Dr. Price was back on the street. The smell of the city around him was thick with smoke and mildew. "Another day alive, another servant of darkness put where they belong. Every day I work to make this damned world seem right again, but no matter the light I shed, darkness keeps creeping in. Of all the things to be cursed with...I have to watch the whole world die around me." He coughed loudly and straigthened up as he strode down the cobblestone street making way to his carriage. Dr. Leonard Price, known as "Longtooth" among the werewolves for his age and "Dark Eye" among the witches since he lost his left eye in a game of cards with a voodoo priestess named Shabti when he was 24, but for his crimes against the vampiric kingdoms of the world Dr. Price gained no title. No vampire held him in regard for what he had done to them and no songs were sung of his praises. He was a marked man on the fabled "Red List" and was to be both feared and hated. Among the younger vampires he was an unknown, a whisper in legends & a tale told to frighten the weaker bloods. The amount of their kind he had hunted down and dealt with was in the thousands or more. That built him a fine mythic status among them.

He rounded the corner to where he had parked his carriage in the alley next to the Dog's Breath Pub and nodded in affirmation of what he had begun. He headed inside the pub and sat at a table to await the arrival of his companions. The Vatican was not someone he worked for normally, they didn't take to his kind of killing. They perferred it to be a little more descreet, but Dr. Leonard Price did not believe in descreet. He believed in showing the world what they had to fear and putting it to death in front of their eyes. He had taken himself outside his normal bounds when he accepted the invitation to dispatch with the murderous lot that was responsible for the deaths of the Royal Family and no doubt countless others. Checking his watch he ordered a bowl of stew and set to eating as he waited for the arrival of his brethren in arms. Dr. Price was sure that after this fight was over that a great number of the blood savoring lot would find their deaths beneath his blade.

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The night was cool as its cold wind brushed over Sean's bare chest where his unbuttoned shirt was hanging open. Standing on the balcony the master vampire stretched languidly, his toned muscles rippling under his skin, like some predatory cat at rest. As a Toreador he was a man obsessed by beauty, both physical and on a higher plane. Nothing was more exquisite to him than the machinations of one of his plans falling into place. But that was not what tonight had been about. Tonight had been about a mortal woman. Say what you liked about deathly pale skin and eternal eyes, but there was nothing like feeling breath on your neck or warmth under your hand. Turning back into the room he stalked to his clothes, deliberately not looking at the bed where the body of his lover lay.

"It was fun my sweet. But I must be away before dawns first light touches the horizon. Maybe we will meet again in death's grey land."

The handsome vampire pulled on his knee length boots and buttoned his silk shirt. The cream fabric covering the half dozen cross shaped scars that adorned the left side of his chest. Quickly he swung his jet black jacket on, the simple cut of the garment holding a kind of perfect simplicity for him. Fully dressed now he left the room by jumping over the balcony, falling three stories to land on the gravel path leading out of the estate. He didn't know the name of the woman he had just killed, but she had a wealthy father.

He entered her room slowly, not wanting to disturb his sleeping princess. The light of day was kept back by thick, heavy curtains that didn't even leave a chink. He could smell her scent, the subtle waft of perfume mixing with the stench of death that accompanied all elder vampires. The council would be meeting in a few days and she would have to be at her best if she was to play her part. Brushing aside the drapes that surrounded her bed Sean smiled slightly as he looked down on the insane prophet.

"Hey you. Its time to leave, the council is calling a meeting and you need to be there."

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Castle Toreador

The moon was full and the night was gloomy outside Castle Toreador. In it's main chamber sat Kurrentos the clans leader, holding in one hand a goblet filled with with blood that dripped on his exposed chest as he drank. In the other a mirror. He looked at the mirror day in and day out and each day saw the same thing.....nothing. In some ways this angered the pure blood vampire that always thought With all the beauty in this world its a shame that I can't gazed upon myself and see what real beauty is.

The Chamber which he called his throne room was filled with paintings and rare sculptures. Also female vampires in little to no clothing danced to the sound of a white piano. Always in his possession Kurrentos kept his prized long sword stating that he had slain many Lycan in his younger years with that blade. Looking upon his mirror in deep thought as the music began to fade the Toreador leader spoke to another vampire who served as one of his many assistant not bothering to look at him and in a condescending tone.....

"I'm hungry, go to the dungeon and get me a girl.......wait.....get me a woman, one with dark hair, their blood is so much sweeter"

The assistant quickly rushed off and another higher ranking Vampire walked in. Her name was Katrina and she was well know as the liaison for the Toreador clan. She had a determined look on her face and seemed to be rushed as she began to speak....

"My lord, our guest will be arriving shortly"

Still looking at his mirror barely showing Katrina any acknowledgment Kurrentos said...

"Tell me why we are have the clans here again and will the filth know as the Nosferatu clan be attending"

Katrina quickly responds with "Yes my Lord all the clans must come, this is dependent on our future and..... this is... where... The Ventrue said it was going to be"

Kurrentos demeanor quickly changed to dangerously angry when after he heard the reason why it was going to be held in Castle Toreador taking his attention away from his mirror and looking at Katrina with his piercing blue eyes. For a long time he believed that Toreador was a more powerful clan and that they should be the rulers of the Vampire.

Suddenly the vampire servant walked in with a tall brunette dressed in peasant garb and stopped in the middle of the room. He held her with one hand and with the other held a towel. Kurrentos took his eyes off of Katrina and began to look at his prey. He quickly got up out of his chair putting his mirror and goblet on the table. He walked graciously for a few steps gripping his seethed sword with his hand and instantly vanished. He had used his super speed to rush behind the woman holding her by the chin with his left hand. With his right pinky he slowly caressed her neck and kissed her ear. The human girl was in total shock not knowing what was going on fearing his presence. The caressing of the pinky turned aggressive and blood dripped form he neck. Kurrentos licked the blood off her neck then arched his head back exposing his deadly fangs. With a quick jerk of his neck forward his bit into the girl sucking out half her blood within seconds.

When he felt he had had enough he shoved her away from him violently to the ground and took the towel from the servant. He wiped himself off and and began to button his shirt looking at the servant saying. "She tasted good, turn her, i might want to keep her around"

Then he looked at Katrina once again and before he began to walk out of the throne room towards the dining room where the meeting would be held and said "Right then, we shouldn't keep our guests waiting"

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"A moment of your time, father?" Nathaniel asked as he walked down the empty isles of the quiet cathedral.

Father Mallory as kneeled in prayer, facing the altor with head bowed to an old wooden cross. "I always have time for my children." Father Mallory replied.

As he turned his eyes widened with shock as his hands began to tremor in fear. Before him stood the vision of his deepest nightmares that had been plaguing him for quite some time. Nathiel was the vision of perfect terror. His eyes where black as night and flesh scarred from the burns he recieved centuries ago from an attempted burning at the stake the church failed to fully carry out. His scarred complextion was covered beneath a black overtunic with a deep maroon shirt. His long hair hung in knotted strands across his face. He stood as a mockery of refinement and style.

"You should ask yourself, father, what scares you more: The fact that I'm standing before you, or the fact that your faith is truly too weak to keep me out?" Nathaniel taunted.

As father Mallory opened his mouth to speak a loud SNAP resounded from behind him as wood was separated from stone and steel. Father Mallory turned in shock as the cross he was moments ago praying to began to rise into the air, the base broken away from the stand into a viciously sharp point.

Fear overtook him, holding him in place as though the nails in Christ's hands had been taken away and driven into his feet.

"Christ died for the sins of man, Father, and salvation is given to those that accept his sacrifice.." Nathaniel began in bitterness dripping from his voice, "However, those that don't accept..."

At a speed almost inperceptable the cross came down like a spear, inpaling itself through Father Mallory's torso. "...are on their own."

Gore and blood spilled upon the ground as the cross again rose into the air, rotating on its axis until its victim was suspended inverted into the air. Nathenial stepped into the shower of vicera and blood, drinking in the Father's vitae with great thirst.

A silent scream was trapped within Father Mallory, as such pain he had never imagined before, and yet, he no longer had the lungs in which to call forth the air to scream. He wondered how it was he was still alive. Were his crimes so horrible that even in this, he would not be spared the agony of this death. Perhaps this was hell, and the man that stood before him was the Devil, mocking him with his own corrupt sense of faith. The cross lowered until he was looking into the eyes of Nathiel, who's face with covered with his blood.

"Tell that pompous ass on his holy throne that the Clan Tremere demands that he ends his hunt, or else we'll remind him of why his predecesors left us in peace to begin with. Otherwise, the next time I plunge a cross through you, I'll be sure it drives you strait to hell."

Father Mallory shot up strait in his bed with a scream that somehow finally released. He clutched his chest as deep breaths came to him in labored gasps. His head was light from lack of air. He looked around in fear for the monster, but all he saw was the unlit walls of his bedroom. It had all been a dream, or a horrid nightmare, rather. He breathed a sigh of relief at the madness of it all. His head turned down to his mattress as he put his hand down, feeling his fingers coming into contact with something cold.

On his bed was one of his rosaries with the bottom stem of the cross broken off to a jagged point, stained in blood.

Far from the confines of Father Mallory's villa, Nathaniel Rochester stepped from the Carriage and followed his escort into the grand foyer of Castle Toreador. Tonight's meeting would be one of great importance. With the cowl of his cloak pulled down to conceal the deep scars that riddled his face, he passed through the halls of the castle into the dining room. The feast laid before his eyes appeared magnificient...far better tasting than the blood of a filthy priest.

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Slight was born into the churches secret society of vampire hunter. Ever since birth he had been trained in the art of killing the undead. Growing up in the church had its up and down, for example Slight could never be in a safer place, but he could never do anything that he wanted to do. The church preists gave him orders he followed, Slight was a drone. Or so his fellow hunters thought, while they were out killing, Slight was training to become a perfect weapon.

Born under the sign of the Gemini, Slight had two sides. There was the quiet, meek side to which everyone saw, and there was the wild insane side lying dormant inside. Slight was still in training, he could only thing of how good it would be to kill a vampire.

In Slight's other side was a wild man, desperate to be set free. Being one of the hunters was a privelage, and a burden. Like most night at the church, Slight went to the training facilities, and practiced his shooting. Every shot hit a target in a way that would instantly kill them.

One night Slight woke up from his sleep. He heard the preists conviening in the room next to him.

Preists- there has been an attack, on the royal family. It was from the Malkavian clan.

Slight knew what this meant. "Maybe it will be my turn?"

The next day everyone seemed to be on edge. The preists seemed extra cruel to Slight. "Come over here now!" Something seemed to awaken inside of Slight, it was his second side. To the preists dismay Slight gave him a dirty look that he had never seen before.

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A full Moon sat in the sky as if suspended by the stars themselves. The Malkavian compound a mish mash of houses and huts on a massive farm was glowing in the light.

Each and every member of the clan had claimed their own peace of the Farm bought for them by the venture. The Farm located over 100kms from the City was in the middle of a massive Forrest and enclosed in a huge Rock wall. The Malkavian clan were a psychotic bunch of vampires their behaviour ever erratic and never in unison. They managed to coexist in the compound only because they never seemed to want to harm each other.

The clan was made up of many vampires that were insane to varying degrees but all Malkavians were debilitated with insanity.

The Clan Leader Gwendolyn had been tortured as a child, her family kept her locked in the basement and her father would regularly rape and beat her. Gwen was imprisoned in an Asylum when her sire found her and turned her. Her sire was the Malkavian Primigon at the time.

The moon seemed to make Gwen glow, a striking figure in a long green dress with ribbons tying it closed at the side. Long white hands encased in torn gloves ran fingers through her hair twirling it as she stroked the dead cat sitting in her lap.

Gwen and ferret sat in the compound looking up to the moon. She could hear the clan behind her in the atrium of their house a mixture of screams and laughs flowed over her. Lifting the cat to her she whispered in its ear

ferret, ferret little cat how I wonder where it at they scream when they die you can hear it in their souls what pretty noises they make my clan, ferret, what shall we do with it all

Gwen had been called into town by the council to answer for their actions and she awaited the arrival of one of the Brujah clan.

There is an end to it all the stars and the moon the council of me and the Vatican too

The moon seemed to make Gwen glow, a striking figure in a long green dress with ribbons tying it closed at the side. Long white hands stroked the dead cat sitting in her lap.

oh ferret I know what you mean, the dark is ending there is light on its way but will they survive in the light of the night? they want them I know.. But is it true we saw it didn’t we my darling

Lifting the cat to her lips she kissed the dead fur, nuzzling it to her lips.

The noise inside got louder all of a sudden as the sound of a carriage could b heard a black coach drawn by four horses appeared in front of her and one of the Brujah got out and opened and gestured to her.

Come along Gwen, its time

Smiling slightly and looking at the car she raised and walked slowly to the coach lifting her dress to reveal filthy bare feet

Its time Ferret, we will find it soon She giggled as she stepped up into the coach and smiled at the Brujah.

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The man had no name for two decades now, all anyone had ever called him since he started down this dark and dreary path was the Drifter. He walked from city to city keeping to himself each and every time. It was his job to hunt down and kill the damned, the children of the night who prayed on the innocent. He didn't think himself a hero, or a savior. He didn't do this for glory or because it was the right things to do. He did it for REVENGE. Drifter wanted to kill each and every one of those creatures for the sins they brought his life.

He rented a room in a little inn and stayed out of sigh. His large black case sitting on top of the bed as he grabbed a sack heading for the window seal. Opening to sack he started to pour salt along the edge and ten stepped to the doorway doing the same. There were many dark things in the night and he wanted no one getting to him in his sleep.....again. He sat the bag down and walked to the case opening it and placing its contents out. Counting them out and making sure he had everything he needed. Wooden stakes, garlic, silver dagger, vials of holy water, holy wafers and an assortment of other items. He pulled out the crossbow and loaded it placing it next to the bed. Next he unclapsed the silver sword he kept hidden at his side. His long dark jacket and wide brimmed hat settling over a chair as he laid down to rest.

His mind started to drift like every night. As soon as he was asleep the nightmares started once more. Ten years ago he had given up this life and settled down with the woman of his dreams. He had found her on accident one night saving her from one of the dreaded abominations. Together they lived a happy life and he dropped off the radar, never picking up a sword or weapon again. He bought a farm and tended the fields as she cooked and cared for him. Life was simple but it was great, but then they found him.

One night he was awakened by a scream and he shot up in bed. His lover was not there beside him, he quickly jumped up and ran to the living area to see her strewn up in the rafters. He skin had been peeled and her blood was dripping down to the floor. He screamed out in rage, his eyes crying out for her as he tried to find a way to get to her. A quick glance he saw the dark figure leap with uncanny speed out of the window, the only mark he found was that of a vampire house etched into his lovers heart once he got her down.

He heard a scream and shot out of bed. It was time to go to work.

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As Devlin Gracey made his way through the labs beneath the Vatican, he could hear the screams of the captured vampires in the cages lining the walls. They were like music to his ears.

Devlin was Hellseeker, one of the few select hunters that was allowed to hunt on their own and of their own accord. He had been waging his war on the vampires since his father left him in the church to look for his mother and sister. That was over fifteen years ago. Few of the hunters had as intimate a knowledge of vampires as Devlin. His hate for them had driven him to take more chances than his superiors would let him, but he was known for getting the job done.

Just the thought of vampires made his skin crawl. He turned toward the cages and smiled as his captives clawed at him. and cursed his name. They knew his name. Good, Devlin would have had it no other way.He wanted them to know the fear that was in his mother's eyes as they carried her off. He was only eight at the time but he could remember that day like it was yesturday.

His family was walking home from a farmer's market when a man with skin as white as alabaster, and dressed like a royal walked up to them. He smiled at Devlin and handed him a coin. Devlin was saw happy with the coin that he didn't notice the other three men behind the man who gave him the coin. Then like a pack of wolves they were on his family. He watched as two of the men made off with his sister. He kicked and screamed as his mother's hand was pullout of his grasp and the other two men were off as well. His father was knocked out by the roadside as people came running toward them with torches lit. It was then that he first heard that acursed word. thae word that would give his life meaning. Vampire.

It sounded like such a simple word, but in time, Devlin learned that it was much more than a word. It was a pox on mankind. A demon hiding in the tainted flesh of a dead human being was what he was taught they were. a demon with two faces. One used to blend in with human, and the other was their real face. A mask of death that they only showed before they ate or fought.

As he pulled out his pocket watch made from the coin that changed his life, he saw that he only had ten seconds left until midnight, and then he would have his show. As the watch ticked away the seconds, Devlin waved at the caged vampires as a set of sprinklers came to life at midnight washing the vampires in Holy Water.

Devlin laughed over the sounds the dying vampires made as their once beautiful bodies turned to smoking piles of ash before his eyes. He wished he could live in this moment forever.

As he put his pocket watch away, Devlin walked out of the room and locked the doors. The night was young and he had more vampires to kill.

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Disclaimer: Written for Babs by Shadow Huntress

-click click- The sound of sharp stilleto heels softly grazed the ground. The lovely Ventrue woman walked in such a rhythemic fashion. Her legs so graceful; almost like a dance as she walked. Esther combed a few dark strands of brown hair behind her ear. With a soft sigh of displeasure she opened up the great doors that led to the dining room. She entered the dimly lit room with waxy candles, facing a mahogany table where pale figures sat seated. Waiting for her arrival.

Esther smoothed down her black dress down as she announced before seating herself at the head of the table, "As most of you should know. I am Esther, Leader of the Ventrue." A few murmurs drifted through the table among the vampires. Esther leaned foward, taking a wine glass filled with thick crimson liquid. Parting her delicate lips she took a sip of the rich liquid. Her glassy eyes lit up with excitement to the taste. After another sigh, Esther sat the wine glass back down onto the table. Beginning again, "The Vatican Church now knows of our existance due to a certain member of the Malkivian clan. And they have asked for the entire Malkivian clan to be turned over to them," she rested back into her chair's headboard, "Now I highly disagree with the Vatican church, as do the rest of you. If we allow them to get their filthy, holy hands on the Malkivians then they will eventually attempt to destroy the rest of us. And our clans. We will not stand for this, comrads!"

In excitement the Gangrels knew what this meant. "A bloody party! A feast!" They shouted in excitement at the end of the table. The Grangrels clanged their glasses of blood sharply together.

Once more Esther announced, "The Vatican Church will be sending their best hunters to destroy each and everyone of us. Every clan must be ready to take action. As we speak my lieutenant is already searching for Vampire Hunters to bring back to me. But tonight everyone, prepare yourselves for a glorious feast!"

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The moon’s pale light gently cast itself upon the lone carriage as it made its way up the twisting ridge line towards Castle Toreador. A sinister laugh rained down on the small village below sending a chill through the body of even the most hardened of men. At first glance the coachmen appeared ever the gentlemen. His top hat was in prestige condition, his monocle reflecting the moon. But upon further look a nightmarish truth would be reviled. For both top hat and monocle rested upon a head that was not visible, upon a face that was not there.

As his whip cracked the thunderous gallop of the jet black horses picked up. The cold night air rolling out of their nostrils with each grunt. As the carriage arrived outside the main doors of the illustrious castle the passenger door swung open allowing those inside to exit. Several figures dressed mostly in black quickly made there way inside while one remained behind giving a subtle nod to the coachmen before following the others.

The inside of the castle was filled with one of a kind paintings and sculptures. Of all the Vampire clans the Toreador valued beauty above all else, and their leaders castle was a reflection of such. Diamond chandeliers, exotic weapons from lands on the other side of the world, and carpets custom made for Persian kings all graced the halls and rooms of the majestic castle.

Count LeBeau and his Tremere clan however where more interested in the art of magic and science. An insolated clan they remained loyal to themselves as opposed to interacting with the other clans. But recent events had forced their hand and now a meeting had been called to order. One that could decide the fate of the Vampire nation as a whole.

Pushing open the main counsel doors, the Tremere arrived just as Esther of the Ventrue was finishing her speech. Nonchalantly throwing his hat and cane to a near by butler, Count LeBeau took his seat while arrogantly grabbing a grape from the center of the table.

“So, have we decided on war yet?” he said with a smirk.

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John was late. Why the Dogs Breath Pub he had no idea. He rounded the corner, instinctively looking on the roof sf the building he passed for a vamp. He had been trained since he was 10 and this was just routine for him. No one knew of his secret training because no one knew of vamps. The monks had trained in all ways in case they turned rogue.

He patted his black overcoat's pocket for his book on vampires. He always had to have in case of emergency. The pubs sign popped into view and he saw Price sitting twiddling his thumbs and looking at his watch.

"Hope he's not mad." James thought hoping it wouldn't be horrible confrontation with his old pal. He made sure his stakes and atomatic crossbow tipped with holy water of the very church he was from on his were hidden from vision. He tucked in his special suit as well.

He stepped through the door. Light poured over him and he began to walk to Price.

"Your late," He growled.

"Sorry, didn't want to be spotted." James returned. "And calm down. Don't let them hear you. A couple over in the corner might here. Surprised you hadn't noticed them."

"Oh, oh.." Price said.

"Just be calm." James said putting his hand on a stake. "And I need a beer."

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Slight walked down the moonlit corridoors of the church. "So wonderful it would be to destroy one of those demonic vessels" It was not his place to act without permission despite any urges he had.

Slight kept walking untill he heard a voice. "Come my boy, it is time" With haste Slight ran down the hall in the opposite direction to the forbidden room of the church preists. In the room was a council. The man sitting in the center of the long tabe was undoubtably the Pope. He began to speak in a language that Slight couldn't understand. His mentor preist translated

Pope- words in a language I dont know how to write

Translation- "There has been an attack on one of the royal families of England, we have dispursed many of our best hunters and we think it is time that you get a chance to show us what you can do"

Elated Slight hung his head in gratitude and bent down on one knee. While his eye were closed his ears, could hear even the heartbeat of the decan at the end of the long council table. Crank, crank, cran, Something was moving in the distance.

Slight jumped up and opened his eyes to find a that a bag of sand was falling with great speed right down ontop of the pope. Out of instinct he jumped, and took the bag out right before it hit. Claps

The council conviened one more time and came up with the definitive answer, "Slight you are indeed ready to be a hunter"