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The sun’s light was barely able to penetrate the thick winter clouds and the crisp winter air. What little did get through was mottled and choked by the snow in the air and the trees. The smell of frost and pine trees was enough to keep the memories of blood and murder back. At least for now. They always came back.

Felix had never learned to be a killer. When he was younger he had written any deaths off; they were just bad guys. Later he just became so caught up in things. There was always some mission that needed to be completed, so person to be saved or lab to be broken in to. It kept him focused on something other than the collateral damage.

But there weren’t any missions anymore. There were no teams, there were no friends, there were no lovers, and there was no saving the world. There was just a head full of bad memories, a body full of scars, and a chill in the air.

He had seen more than one future where he ended up being the villain; Adolph Hitler on a whole new scale of gruesome. His friends hadn’t looked at him the same since then. They didn’t trust him anymore, and how could they? In a few years he could become their enemy. Again. No, this was going to be his last act of heroism, to make sure that he would never hurt another human. At least, that’s what he had called it three years ago. He wasn’t entirely sure of anything anymore. The days had blurred into weeks, until trying to remember why he did anything was like looking for the sun in a snow storm. It all seemed childish to him now. He should have just stayed dead.

The wind shifted, and a new smell met him. Burning wood and gasoline. Manure. Roast beef. He was close to other people. It would be smart avoid them altogether. But he had been wandering for a long time now, and the chance to rest wasn’t something he could really pass up. He walked for a few more minutes before the farm came into sight. It was a bit rundown, but it would do. Whoever lived in the farmhouse wouldn’t be bother, as long as he didn’t make too much noise. But as he stole past the warm house towards the barn, a familiar face caught his eye through the window. He stopped and did a double take. It was the face of… His old teacher? Kiara Sullivan. One of the greats, though she had switched sides more often than an attention-seeking teenage girl. There were words splashed across the bottom of the screen, just below the picture. They were tough to make out between the snow and the frosted window pane, though. I took him a moment to decipher it. He regretted looking immediately.


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"You'll come back safe to us wont you?"

"Of course, Zora. I always come back to you, my love. Take care of our children." Lips brushed away tears as arms wrapped around bodies. For just a few moments they could forget the world. For just a few moments they could be one. But in just a few moments he was gone. Replaced by darkness, a void that seemed to fill the ethereal light of day.

She woke with a start. Sitting straight up in bed she felt the hot wetness that streamed down her face. Even with the cold bite of winter streaming through the window she was burning up. This was how it always was. Every time she slept she dreamed of him. Every time she closed her eyes she could almost smell him. Even though it had been three years since Diego Delgado had disappeared. Three years since her entire world had fallen apart. That final day together haunted her mind. Haunted her like nothing else. She had been so upset at him for going. She had just given birth and already he was leaving her. But she knew the duties of someone of his caliber. He had to go, he had to protect his family. And Diego had always taken care of them.

Trying to shake the weight that had settled upon her shoulders she stood slowly. Her long legs propelled her forward to the adjoining bathroom. Ignoring her reflection she washed her face and tried to prepare for what was left of her day. She had grown used to the gaunt woman who stared back at her each day. Her ghostly white complexion and her dark circled eyes were a constant now. That full figured, ebony haired beauty was long gone. She disappeared the same day as Diego.

That shadowy waif that used to be Zora Arrow moved through her home and felt the emptiness deep inside her. The sounds of laughter were no where to be heard on this day. The Delgado children were with their Aunt Illyana. Zora had no desire to play pretend and be happy. And that was what this day was about. Pretending to mourn the death of one of the World's most notable figures. Sure some mourned Kiara Sullivan. But Zora had no desire to pretend she would miss her mother. It was a tragic loss. She would give the world that. But to her it was just another death in a long line of more to come. It phased her none.

At least that is what she told her self as she dressed and headed out of her home. It was meant to be a drive to clear her head. But eventually she ended up at the Cemetery where her mother's remains where buried just the day before.