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#1 Posted by The Hellfire Club (95 posts) - - Show Bio

Sick of fighting with Morning Star for control of Wanda's reality, Gambler took drastic measures to bring an end to the conflict. Erasing her vision and replacing it with one of his own.

No longer shall he be plagued by Satan or hell on earth. He has created a new world, one in which the Devil cannot touch.

The NAO were all rounded up and sent to Africa which is now one massive death camp to await execution. It would seem that the Hellfire Club has won, or have they?

As a member of the NAO you must start off in Africa. Thee entire country is nothing more then a giant prison. Escape, regroup, and save the world.

Gambler is still President but has now gained control of Europe as well.

This is the final chapter in the three part series which started with Days of Future Pasts. The VV are still all dead and the Hellfire Club is still in control.

If you do not belong to the NAO then you are simply a rebel, the role you play is up to you. Create your own path.

Again, the NAO and Gambler are the only one's who remember the previous reality.

No Auto Hits

No God Mode

No Satan

*Normal Rules apply.

#2 Posted by Eternal Chaos (23089 posts) - - Show Bio

Eternal Choas awoke. His mind numb and his memory lost. He's virtually almost a baby with only knowledge of his power.

"What the hell is going on here? I can't remember anything."

Chaos rubbed his head while he looked around, puzzled as to where he was. It was night, and he knew was that he was in some kind of forest infested with wild, and deadly creatures.

"I should start heading North. I need to find out what the hell is going on."

#3 Posted by Grand Duchess (1312 posts) - - Show Bio

When Duchess awoke she felt a bit empty inside, yet oddly more powerful, she was in a spiteful, immature mood FATHER! She hopped out of bed and looked around her room, she got dressed in her bathing suit, and went outside to swim This day seems to be boing. What can I do?

#4 Posted by Jean_Luc_LeBeau (82985 posts) - - Show Bio

President Gambler made his way threw the family cemetery. Glorious statues of towered over the walk way. Magneto, Quicksilver, Wild Card, Lady Master Mind, but it was the one at thee end of the walk way that he had come to see.

"I wish you could see it. Its perfect Wanda, the NAO are all in prison, Morning Star has been dealt with the world is truly mine."

A single tear of blood ran down his face, he quickly pulled his gold and silver trimmed handkerchief and wiped it away. Rain started to fall as an aid stepped over Gambler opening an umbrella.

"I miss you sister.....more then you'll ever know. Lets go."

As he turned his back a mental image flashed in his mind, it was Wanda, with the NAO?

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Zaraki awoke from his slumber with a jerk. He sat up as quickly as he could. He reached out to shake Lucy's shoulder. He froze. In her place he felt not her skin and muscles. He patted his hand again. He hung his head solemnly and turned to look. Lucy was gone. Where she had been laid only her NAO jacket.

"All good things.." Zaraki thought grimmly. His eyes welled up, but no tears came, only one ragged breath and then he stood dropping the jacket. "Damn it, what about our deal."

Zaraki touched the air and another portal opened. He stepped through and stopped when he reached the White House foyer.

Suddenly his head felt like his mind was exploding in his head. Memories of a life he didn't remeber flooded his mind, assualting memories of what he thought was true. For a minute Zaraki knelt while his mind reeled. He didn't know what had happened, he just knew that the world was different, and he might be the only one who knew it.

#6 Posted by Eternal Chaos (23089 posts) - - Show Bio

After several hours of nonstop walking, EC wound up on a shore line. He saw the sun begin to rise.


At that moment, the sand exploded, revealing a massive Sandworm with thousands of teeth. EC looked at it and started to laugh maniacly at the creature.

"This is going to be fun!"

Chaos was swallowed by the Worm within seconds. The creature began to convulse insanely after swallowing EC. Its entire body began glowing a violent dark purple. EC's claws cut through the skin of the creature and the moment EC grabbed a hole of the worm, he tore it in half. Blood and entrails flew all over the place.

"My, that was quick. I need to keep heading north though."

EC spawned a dragon from the darkness in his heart and had it fly him across the ocean.

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Duchess stepped out of the pool, and dried off, she felt as a loner, she had no friends, and her father seemed to busy to busy latley, without a word to anyone, she went to the mall, she walked to the mall, thinking in her head she must be the most hated person in the world

#8 Posted by The Mighty Thor (7554 posts) - - Show Bio

Thor woke up in a prison somewhere in africa. The guard came and started wipping people who wouldn't wake up. Thor was about to stop them until he relaize he was in his civilain form and stoped. Then he and the rest of the guards were pushed out of the tent and then he saw billions appon billions of people working. Then this guy came to me and said

"hey bud the name is bill and we are suppose to go on the breakfast line"

thor said

"huh o sorry my name is uhhhh" thor didn't want to give his real name but then he thought of one

"the name is Jeff and okay lets go"

then they both got on the line and waited for there food then thor saw a bunch of guards lineing up and he asked bill

"yo bill whats going on over there"

bill said

"huh o apparently that hero thor is here he was like running from hellfire but he was so injured he was easily taken down and crased landed right where that tent is with all the guards and since then a huge camp was built around here to protect it i even heard the president wasn't even able to lift it so as you can see now all the guards are trying to lift it"

thor said

"thanks man"

bill said

"no prob"

and it was a slow day people were dying all around me and being tortued but when night came thor escaped from his tent and went looking for the hammer it was of coure guard and then thor threw a rock and the guards heard of it and run after the sound then thor went into the tent and grab the hammer then the next thing that happen was a huge explosion heading right toward the sky and thor appered in the middle of the explsion and said


then the guards went after him and thor went after bill and was going to get him out then guards appered but they were no match for the guard of thunder they all were easily defeated. then thor got bill out and said

"do you have a family member"

bill said "yea my mom she lives in new york"

then just like thor and bill appered in his mothers home and bill said

"o my god thank you sir thank you"

thor said "no thank you, you told me where my mighty hammer was and i couldn't have done this without you and you know me as jeff but that is not my real name so goodbye bill"

thor spined his hammer and appered in front of asgard on the rainbow brigde and bill said

"goodbye friend"

#9 Posted by Broken Arrow (479 posts) - - Show Bio

"Ssssh, not so loud. Now, like I was saying, I ain't stickin around here waiting for my number to get called so I can be taking off and slaughtered like a sheep. Nah I'm going out in a blaze."

Several other prisoners stood around nodding there heads in agreement, but a couple seemed weary.

Why should we listen to you? Who the $#@! are you anyway.

The man slowly rolled up his sleeve to reveal a tattoo.

"I'm an original, am a Outlaw."

#10 Posted by Jean_Luc_LeBeau (82985 posts) - - Show Bio

Air Force One landed on the White House lawn, the blades of the helicopter bringing themselfs to a stop as the President exited.

Several aids and Secret Services ran up all wanting to debrief him.

Sir here are those figures you wanted and somethings happened in Africa, we believe an error in protocol was made and a member of the NAO escaped.

Gambler wasn't interested in any of that, the visit to his sister's grave made him long for his family.

"Where's my daughter?"

#11 Posted by Grand Duchess (1312 posts) - - Show Bio

Duchess bought out every store in the mall, and brought them home, with a mystic teleport Daddy, where are you? Duchess looked around the white house Father, where are you?

#12 Posted by Zaraki Ichigo (6439 posts) - - Show Bio

Zaraki stood to his feet and approached began to walk towards the prsident's office. He needed answers. He wanted them so badly, and if anyone ever had answers it was Gambler.

"Sir, you can't see the president right now, we..."

"Shut up Carl!" The second guard cut off his foolish friend and slapped him in the chest. "He's the one man you don't want to upset other than the President himself!"

Zaraki brought his hand up and grabbed the short guard who tried to stop him by the throat.

"Unless you want mw to eat your soul you will wtand down!"

The guard began to reach for his throat, gagging for breath.

"Sir! You may enter, but the President is gone!"

Zaraki stopped and looked at the gaunt man frowned.

"Where did he go?"

"To visit his family is all he said, sir!"

Zaraki looked down his arm at the man and grinned.

Ker- Sanp!!

The sound echoed dully through the hall.

"Why didn't you say so." Zaraki released the corpse neck and turned to leave. "Tell the Pressident I stopped by and plan on visiting again."

Zaraki walked down the hall, his form slowly wisping away like smoke in a breeze, until finally he was gone.

#13 Posted by Darkchild (42051 posts) - - Show Bio

DC blinked and he was next to his friend Gambler, standing on the front lawn of the White house.

He was seething with power. His darkness powers continued to flow through him creating an armor.

" So my lord, these the ones who will find your little one?"

#14 Posted by Eternal Chaos (23089 posts) - - Show Bio

Shortly after boarding his beast, Chaos wound up in Africa, within the perimeter of some camp. He was looking around. A guard came up to him and began interrogating him.

Who are you and what are you doing here?

"My name is Eternal Chaos, as for my purpose here? I'm looking for somebody with a position of power. Somebody who I can pledge my allegiance to. Mainly the owner of this camp. That's who for inorder to have this camp, one must have great power."

(perhaps I can even find out what's in that hole in my memory as well...) EC thought.

#15 Posted by Jean_Luc_LeBeau (82985 posts) - - Show Bio

"Tis good to see you old friend."

The two made there way into the White House which had now been turned black. As they walked down the hall to the Oval Office a flash hit Gambler again, another vision of Wanda with the NAO. He made sure to play it off as not to give DC any reason to suspect weakness.

As they turned the corner his secretary came running up.

Sir Z was here, something is wrong with him I know it.

"I dont keep you alive to make accusations against members of the Hellfire Club, consider yourself lucky I have more pressing matters."

Just then he saw his little girl.

#16 Posted by Grand Duchess (1312 posts) - - Show Bio

Hi Daddy, I feel really weird what happened the last couple of days? Duchess looked at her father with her beautiful entrancing eyes Nevermind............can we do something together, today?

#17 Posted by Darkchild (42051 posts) - - Show Bio

DC walked along side his friend.

" So how will we deal with our problem(NAO) at the camp my lord, because if im not needed i need to find out where my son went. And if he is still alive."

If its fine my lord i would like to ask for some leave

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#18 Posted by Jean_Luc_LeBeau (82985 posts) - - Show Bio

The King of Kings put his arm around his daughter and turned, and for a brief period two generations of gods stood as one, united and powerful.

"Look at her DC, one day she will become more powerful then all of us. Your son, of course my old friend go and find him. If you need anything, men, money, weapons, don't hesitate to ask and good luck."

He turned back to his daughter,

"Do something ah? I think I have some free time."

#19 Posted by Grand Duchess (1312 posts) - - Show Bio

Yay.....let's go to the carnival Duchess looked up to her father, as an idol No what we haven't done in the longest time Duchess ran from her father, in hopes that he would chase her like he did when she was a little girl

#20 Posted by Darkchild (42051 posts) - - Show Bio

All i need is your word that if i find it was more than sinister, no matter if they are evil. That i have the ability to take it with my own hands. No interruptions.

He knew of one location he could find some info if not his son.

#21 Posted by Zaraki Ichigo (6439 posts) - - Show Bio

Zaraki stepped out of the portal and looked about. The field was like he "remembered" it, there was no proof that he had ever trained Duchess here.

"What is true?" Zaraki looked about and his eyes widened. The tombstone was gone.

"What is this!?!"

He didn't care if it was impolite, he opened the portal back to the White House and stepped out on the White House lawn. Several guards stiffened and looked for guidance from their peers.

"Stay put and you'll be fine schmucks." Zaraki breezed past the guards and walked into the foyer again. He could feel their pressure. Duchess, DC, and Gambler were together.

As Zaraki finished climbing the steps he stopped and looked at Gambler's door.

"Sir." A sleezy voice chirped behind him.

Zaraki spun about and looked at the gresy faced captain. His "memories" told him his name was Lance Marshall. He was a slimey little twirp who liked to brown nose to his superiors.

"What panty waste?" Zaraki didn't feel like dealing with this idiot.

"Sir, you have to look over the prisoner list and tell me what we should do with some of the 'garbage." The man held out his shaking hands and tried not to catch Zaraki's gaze. A lot of the soldiers were under the impression that he would steal their souls with just his gaze.

Zaraki grabbed the list and snarled. He looked down at the list and stopped after two pages. One name stuck out...

#22 Posted by Eternal Chaos (23089 posts) - - Show Bio

The guard was talking to EC still.

You helped that Thor fella get out didn't ya!

"I know not of whom you speak insect. Take me to the owner of this estate now."

You smart mouthed bastard!

More guards came out. Each one holding weapons and attempting to intimidate EC

Get inside the camp bigman and you wont get hurt

Chaos started laughing insanely. His sanity was slipping due to the hole in his memory. His cloak came to life and was gagging the 20 or so guards being it was alive and was able to shape shift.

"I grow tired of playing with you. Now die!"

He charged up his third eye and fired a highly concentrated beam of energy that obliterated all of them. Not even ash was left of them. His small beam sliced a hole through reality and was so powerful the entire earth shook due to the shockwave. Everyone on the globe felt it. Prisoners of the camp stood staring at him as he put his cloak back on.

#23 Posted by Jean_Luc_LeBeau (82985 posts) - - Show Bio

Gambler began to run down the hall after Duchess, his family meant more to him then anything, it truly was his one great weakness, Morning Star had figured this out and it would only be a matter of time before the rest of his enemy's knew as well. But for now it was perfect.

He slowly crept around the corner stalking his little one.

#24 Posted by Zaraki Ichigo (6439 posts) - - Show Bio

Zaraki shoved the man out of his way and began to stalk to down the hall with one intent.

This is foolihness.

Shut up you.

You treading a fine line between...

I said shut up you idiot.

Zaraki turned a corner caught up in his own thoughts.

#25 Posted by Broken Arrow (479 posts) - - Show Bio

"Now!" yelled Kalsniko. Several inmates rushed the guards as Kalsniko made his way to the large containment building housing the power nullifier. In an all out sprint Kalsniko placed one hand on a guards head as he cartwheeled in mid air over and behind him delivering a reverse elbow to his back as he landed. This was there one shot, if he could get inside and shut off the power then the NAO would have there powers back.
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#26 Posted by Grand Duchess (1312 posts) - - Show Bio

She kept running through the halls, until she ran into a dead end, here was no where for her to go, she kneeled down behind a lare plant, and hid there

#27 Posted by Darkchild (42051 posts) - - Show Bio

With a nod from Gambler he knows his answer

DC turned and walked out of the HF base. He looks up into the sky.

His eyes roll back into his head as he scans the images he recieved from sinister while he was torturing him.

" Finally!"

DC shoots up into the sky, his destination. Genosha

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EC saw the inmates rioting. Knowing he wouldn't get what he wanted with all the chaos, he to where he saw a lone inmate run to. He appeared in front of some odd machine. Kalsniko was going to come in, but EC was guarding the machine.

#29 Posted by Grand Duchess (1312 posts) - - Show Bio

Duchess ran from her hiding spot, and teleported, but went to far by accident, she didn't know where she was Daddy? She turned and saw she was in the middle of a prison, with more than a couple of familiar faces, she called out for her father to come and save her

#30 Posted by Darkchild (42051 posts) - - Show Bio

Minutes later he comes upon Genosha.

" This used to be a wonderful place. Now all it is is a barren wasteland, perfect place for that scumbag."

He lands and begins to look through the rubble and buildings. He finds one place. " Magnus, i take it your base would be the perfect site" DC is talking to the statue of his old friend long gone from this world. The place of villany, reduced to a lab for that maggot.

He walks into the base. " I swear this place always made me feel as if i was being watched"

Figure moves along the rafters.

#31 Posted by Mantid (4632 posts) - - Show Bio

Mantid looked around him at some of his fellow NAO team mates. The chains on his fists were heavy, and uncomftorable. Mantid wore his jacket with pride, and wasn't ashamed of it. He had had some rough times with the NAO, but now he knew where his heart truly standed. Mantid remembered the good days with the team, and he just couldn't figure out why this was happening.

#32 Posted by Broken Arrow (479 posts) - - Show Bio

Kalsniko sled to a stop as the dark presence emerged in front of him.

"One way or another I'm getting to that machine."

He ran and jumped feet first trying to drop kick the villain. If he couldn't get to that machine and quick then they would surely die horrible deaths for trying to escape.

#33 Posted by Eternal Chaos (23089 posts) - - Show Bio

EC saw this inmate try to kick him and grabbed his feet. He jerked his arm to toss the Inmate back out.
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#34 Posted by GL Bertron (3710 posts) - - Show Bio

Bertron sat up and looked about. This was his chance. He could make it.

Bertron burst through his door and tackled the closest guard. His soldier's training took over and he climbed up the man to his chest, pulling his arm up. He snaps it in three places and pulls the knife from his chest holster. Bertron shoves the knife through the man's jugular and saw his way out of the front of his neck.

Without waiting Bertron jumps to his feet and pulls the guard's pistol. He begins to creep down the hall until he finds a guard station. Bertron makes a dive and pops up shoting the two guards in the face. He reaches inside and opens the door.

Once inside he scrolls down the list of captives until he findds the name he wants. Grabbing the key from the wall Bertron runs down the corridor until he reaches red level, holding cells for some of the strongest captives. Bertron wonders why he had been overlooked.

Bertron shoves the key into the door and turns.

"If I free you will you help me?"

Bertron pushes the red button next to the door and looks into the darkness. He sees the blonde man stand and grunts a seal. Instantly bertron sees the shackles explode.

#35 Posted by Jean_Luc_LeBeau (82985 posts) - - Show Bio

"Duchess? DUCHESS!"

She had disappeared and Gambler had no idea where she had gone. Running into his office he called his secretary in.

"Without causing to much commotion take the Secret Service and track down my daughter. Tell only those you trust, if word gets out that she is missing it could escalate the problem, GO NOW!"

#36 Posted by Kisuke Urahara (9 posts) - - Show Bio

Kisuke looks up and smiles his cocky smile. He had been patient, and now he was needed.

"Hello Bertron." Kisuke snapped his fingers and his cane appeared in his hand. "what do you need..."

Kisuke stopped and looked at his ally. He had feared this.

"Zaraki is still alive isn't he?"

Without hesitation Kisuke snapped his fingers and opened a portal to the prisoner's weapon storage. he saw the green glow of the power ring and shoved his cane through the door, popping it open.

"You'll need this if you are gonna help me face my devil."

#37 Posted by Grand Duchess (1312 posts) - - Show Bio

Duchess tried to escape, she didn't intend to run into, the NAO, or any other rebels, she ran to an exit that was sealed, her powers didn't seem to work NO! Why does this happen to me?! Duchess took off her stilleto and smacked it against the glass Let me out of here!!!!!!!!!!!!! She through a little temper tantrum, and sat down on the cool, ground DAMN!

#38 Posted by Darkchild (42051 posts) - - Show Bio

DC smells something familiar...blood.

He finds a pool of blood just past the entrance of the building. He follows the trail of blood coming from the pool.

DC stops in his tracks.

" All right you can come out now, ive known you were up their from the time i got here. COME OUT NOW!!"

The figure leaps from the rafters and lands in front of DC. A woman of a smooth body stands in front of DC.

low growl

The woman speaks with a hiss.

" Why are you here, and who sent you.?"

My my my, your a fine specimen of the old scumbags tinkering. he looks the woman down

The woman is a animal based mutant, by the looks of it a cat and a snake.

" One of his best."

And without warning the woman begins to attack DC.

" My fight is not with you, all i am here for is to find my son." DC avoids her first attacks.

" The dark one, Sinisters "son" he was taken care of along time ago, he took care of it himself."

#39 Posted by Broken Arrow (479 posts) - - Show Bio

"OH #@!$" Eternal Chaos had caught Kalsniko's feet, with one quick motion he flung him crashing out of the building and on to the ground. He rolled coming to a stop on his side, he had had his healing factor it wouldn't of been so bad, as it was though several of his ribs had been broken. He slowly got to his feet, a string of blood stretched from his mouth to the ground.

"That cough cough all you got?"

#40 Posted by Zaraki Ichigo (6439 posts) - - Show Bio

Zaraki steps out into the prison and tries to focus on the energy signals, he can't sense the two. They were there a minute ago, but he was two late. Two very powerful heroes had just gotten loose and they were neither on Zaraki's good list.

"Damn it." Zaraki purked up and looked down the hall. "What is she doing here?"

Zaraki shots down the hall and stops at a window and knocks.

"Hey, you!" Zaraki pointed in the window."

#41 Posted by Eternal Chaos (23089 posts) - - Show Bio

Chaos looked at the inmate. "I don't want to kill you. I just want to know who owns the place. Where I can find the owner of this place. That's all I want. Had I wanted to kill you, you would've been dead a long time ago. Like the moment I came here".
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#42 Posted by Mantid (4632 posts) - - Show Bio

Mantid suddenly noticed something: their were no guards around. He carefully stood up from the ground. He looked one more time to double check. "

"Oh... this is my chance, it is now... or never," He started to tip toe around, but, he had acted to slowly, a gaurd was coming. This was the time of his life, where he would risk it, or stay there and await his death.

"Hey you, come here," Mantid called at the guard. "The hand cuffs are kinda tight, would you mind if--" "Crack" was the the sound that came out as Mantid snapped the guards neck. He strated to move slowly and then, he was near the gates, hopefully this would go smoothly.

#43 Posted by Grand Duchess (1312 posts) - - Show Bio

Z, get me out of here!!!!!!!!!!!!! She looked to the ground, ashamed to look at him God, why does this always happen to me She got up and waited for Z's help, she brushed off her skirt, and fixed her top, she was ready to be scolded by Zaraki, she knew only that he was a cold heart

#44 Posted by Broken Arrow (479 posts) - - Show Bio

Kalsniko slowly walked up to the man,

"Well why didn't ya say so in the first place. Okay this place is run..........."

In one quick motion he spun around EC charging the power nullifier, he lowered his shoulder and

The unit exploded sending the building up in flames. But he had done it, now all across Africa the NAO had there powers back.

Emerging from the fire Kalsniko's metal skeleton shown in areas where his flesh had been burnt off but was slowly healing.


Six metal claws shot out of his knuckles,

"Now, lets try this again."

#45 Posted by Zaraki Ichigo (6439 posts) - - Show Bio

Zaraki punched his fist through the glass and then finished shattering it with his forehead. As the last shard fell he looked at Duchess and sighed.

"Still not using you spells huh?" Zaraki levitated down to the ground. "Come little one. We have to make sure you get out of this."

Zaraki held out his hand.

"The hard way."

#46 Posted by Grand Duchess (1312 posts) - - Show Bio

Duchess was drawn back by Zaraki's statement, she put her hand in his, and let him take her away What did you mean the hard way? She looked away, and still focused on Z

#47 Posted by Eternal Chaos (23089 posts) - - Show Bio

"Heh, this might be fun! TIME TO DIE!"

Chaos had charged himself up with the darkness. He began charging his third eye, the same eye that shook the earth. His tail came out and his cloak became armor and he created his army of darkness.

"I can tear you apart if I choose to. But I like to have fun."

Chaos than created his gauntlets and ejected his claws. He walked towards this brave inmate.

#48 Posted by Jean_Luc_LeBeau (82985 posts) - - Show Bio


President Gambler slammed his fist down breaking his table.

"Not again, not now...WHERE'S DUCHESS!!!"

He couldn't worry about her now and he knew it. If the NAO escaped it could spell hope for humanity. With DC gone and EC having no memory there were few options.

"I will deal with it personally."

#49 Posted by Darkchild (42051 posts) - - Show Bio

Darkchilds eyes burned red and his body turned black he grabs the woman by the throat and slams her against the wall.


The woman is paralyzed with fear. " The master took his body over their, he mounted it."

DC drops the woman, and walks over to the back of the room. To be stricken with sorrow and rage.

" My son?" *he weeps uncontrollably. He turns around with tears still his eyes and rushes the woman again, although this time only towering over her not harming her. " Was Sinister the only one here? TELL ME NOW!"

The woman studders with her words " N-N-N-o. A man dressed in Black by the name of Eddie Brock. He spoke as if he had two voices talking at the same time. Also another was their. A man in red speaking in the same way Cassidy?"

He turns from the woman and walks toward his son. He pulls him off the wall and holds him in his arms.

With tears in his eyes " Do you have any powers?"

I-I-I can teleport and i am strong?

" Then take me to the former White House"

Minutes later

They arrive at the HF base.

He finds Gambler

" SHOW ME TO THE GRAVEYARD" still holding his son.

#50 Posted by Zaraki Ichigo (6439 posts) - - Show Bio

Zaraki pulled Duchess up and looked into the holding cell.

"That's the hard way." Zaraki opened the portal on the other end. "we just have to get through them is all."

Zaraki unsealed his Zanpakuto and walked down the steps. Many of the prisoners stopped when they saw Zaraki. His black coat furled behind him, and his mask slowly crept across his face. It smiled in a sinister snarl. He wasn't happy and he needed to work out his frustration.

"Come young lady, you lessons have started."

As Zaraki reached the bottom of the steps he grabbed the closest inmate on the end of his Zanpakuto, throwing the man into another group of men.