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 Mark had just gotten of his plane. He had just gotten off vacation. When he went into get his stuff he had seen the television on with the words in big black letters. SUPER HERO(VILLIAN) WAR WHO WILL WIN. Mark bolted he sped through the lines with his super speed grabbed his bag. and went into a bathroom. He put on his costume and ran out leaving his empty bag, When he got out of the airport he flew towards the direction of the war.

"What side should i pick. Well in this case i'll go with the villians they'll pay me more." He said muttering to himself.

   Whithin the next 5 minutes he was already there overviewing the fight. Suddenly someone punched him from behind. He turned around and punched the Hero across the field. He then saw someone he had noticed from there last battle on a different world. "Hmmm............ what was his name. Dynamis. He's a serious threat." Mark then followed Dynamis into a building. He used his super speed into action and bolted the doors. Mark then moved his swords out of there sheaths. and slashed 100 times with his swords at Dynamis  useing his superspeed. Bolting up the stairs as fast as he could. Then the telepathic message. "hi your move."

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Dynamis was still undercover as a hero, he was planning on killing everyone anyway so he didn't really care about sides until he seen his old nemeisis Mark1212. He knew the man had a grudge against him so he decieded to draw him away from the crowd to actually fight as his old self, the diabolical world conqueror. He would just play the hero and fight him publicly but he wanted to go all out on his foe. He drawed his opponent into a large building and watched him lock all the doors to let no one enter.

"Dance my puppet, dance." said Dynamis.

He emerged from the shadows and looked his opponent square in the eye and noticed something that he was multiple times more powerful than before.

"We can't have this now can we, Mark, you being so much faster and stronger than me would ruin the fun!"

He laughed before his opponent lunged at him attempting to use his physical superiority to take him out but Dynamis had a truimph card. he increased the gravity in the area to combat this making everything seem heavier including Mark. The increase would slow down Mark to Dynamis' level even his strength would be effected from the laws of Physics.

"Thats more like it, Mark." as he started to slow down from the gravity increase before swinging his sword a uncountable amount of times. Dynamis used his precognation to dodge the majority of the strikes but was hit once are twice causing him to bleed.

"No matter." said Dynamis in a thunderios voice as he was dawning his new outfit.

He watched his opponent run up the stairs before Dynamis began to blast at him with hundreds of Kinetic cannonballs.

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BOOM. Mark flew into the wall. Trying to remember if he had ever felt that much power. Even in the last fight that was nowhere near there last fight, Something had really changed. He didn't seem like theold  good guy ruetine. Plus most of Mark's  attacks didn't even hit. He knew something was up. Using his telepathy he reached into Dynamis's mind. It was to easy he thought. He was shocked at what he found Dynamis was trying to destroy this world and kill everyone on it. Mark made his move.

 As he felt the Kinetic cannonballs he moved back down stairs feeling very slow. He ran on the wall and flipped to the other side slicing his swords in a very fast movement towards Dynamis's heart wondering if they would hit. He moved behind Dynamis and slashed even harder using his super strength to 4000 pounds of strength as he sliced at the back of Dynamis like he was a cow getting sliced up for meat. Feeling still slow Mark tryed to run around Dynamis wondering why he had a big grin on his mouth. As mark rounded the 10 floor he felt alittle faster but not enough.

                       Finallyhe  thought of the idea Dynamis might be able to weigh him down. As he was on the 30 floor he opened the door to the roof. walking out into the rocky top he moved the whole air vent and crushed it in. Then he slowly walked making sure Dynamis hadn't caught up punched the wall's of the staircase as it caved in he felt like he was betrayed. Dynamis might actually kill him.

Sending a telepathic message he said " your purely evil, how could you. Now i might have to end your life. I am a merc but i  wasn't ready to take a life until now.That's going to be harsh but if i  do your finished.:

Not getting a respnse he put out his battle cry "no light, no dark, no bad's, no good's,no wrong's,no wright's, all there is is to be neutral. your move "

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Dynamis smiled at his opponent's attempt on his life, he watched his opponent richochete off the wall aiming his sword at the Thunderion's heart but Dynamis created a strong force field arounf him to ward off any other attacks as well, His psionic power is vastly superior than ever before.His foe suddenly disappeared, Dynamis smiled and began to laugh.

"cat and mouse, Mark,, sure i'll play your game. I'll go first, one...two...three..."

Dynamis began to count to ten to let his foe play his game. Dynamis was using his remote viewing ability to see where his opponent was going, He watched his foe run up the long flight of stairs with the gravity wieghing him down. He was toying with his enemy as he still mumbled.

"8....9....9 and a half...9 and three quarters....9 and seven eighths...TEN!!!!!! ready or not here i come!!!"

Instead of going all the way up the stairs he decieded to take a short cut, He created another force field and flew through every floor of the building watching his opponent's every move mentally, he watched him say his battle cry..."your move"

"My Move, o.k try this!"

He stopped on the 28th floor and created a large psionic blast, its hue was a dull white and was about six meters in diameter and launched it through the floors aiming it directly under his opponent. He then closed his eyes and began to use his telekinesis to move the rocks on top of the building as bullets making them fly directly at him from multiple angles. He made more pressure in gravity attempting to bring down the floor and put his opponent infront of him after the attacks.

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Mark felt the pain .He flew into the air he was probably already 600 miles up.When he came back to he flew back down not towards the building but instead at the side. Moving his arm to his face to wipe of the blood from his mouth. He picked it up. he looked for thoughts and found Dynamis on the 28 floor. "good luck now" he said.He slowly nelt down and picked  the whole building up. Trying to lift it on his shoulder's he hit it reapetedly against the ground. Moving the building towards the fight he slowly uses the building like a sweeper  stopping the hero's and villian's from killing each other virtual stopping the fight just like that.Noticing he was getting slower again he flew up towards the sky thinking of we're to drop the whole building useing his strength of 5000 pounds of pressure.

           Noticing a giant spectator of abandon buildings Mark threw it instead of the floor he threw it at the buildings. Now the buildings looked like mashed potatoes. "have fun." At 1000 miles an hour he used his super speed to punch 1000 times at the buildings and stomping on the floor.Looking around wondering if his new found enemy had seen this coming.Walking around for a while until he was sure he wasn't followed. Still making sure he was not being followed he ran up a tall building and looked for a great spectular view.

"I am done your time is now . He'd my warning if you want what's coming to you come and get it."

Telepathicly "loser you might of beat me the first time but i've changed it's my turn to save this world not your's to end it."

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Dynamis watched the man lift the building, he began to laugh at the thought of him dying from a mere building crumbling atop of him so he let Mark preform his stunt. The warrior lifted it several times before smashing it against the ground and just for sport Dynamis let his force field down just so he can get injured. The walls caved in several times smashing into the Thunderion, His body was strong and durable he had be hit several times harder than this before. Glass gased into his back, rocks buried themselves into his flesh before the whole biulding was casted into more warehouses and manufacturing plants. Fire started to burst from every conrner of the landing site as his nemesis continued to stomp atop the remnants.

"loser you might of beat me the first time but i've changed it's my turn to save this world not your's to end it." said his foolish enemy telepathically.

Dynamis was bloody but still continued to laugh under the rubble, he was already starting to heal as he waited to rise from the ashes, a new, similiar to the phoenix of legend. He waited until he was 100 percent beforeriasing himself up from the burning dust, like a deathless soul breaking through earth, he stood to his feet. Dust and debris still piled atop his shoulders before he slowly walked forward and spoke.

"I have changed as well and not meaning to spoil your nice and dramtic speech but this world will crumble in my grasp and you will meet your end by the end of this day."

Dynamis telepathically lifted 750 tons of debris and increased the gravity to weaken his opponent greatly before he wiped the rubble forward to smash it into his foe. He then decreased the gravity around him and flew at his foe at top speed right after the last bit of debris flew attempting a powerful face grab to grind his foes head into the concrete.

He would then use his telekinesis to attempt to wipe his opponent around the area several times.

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Mark was not surprised. Deafeting his nemesis here would be to easy.But still he wasn't ready for the pounds of rubble that hit him. But he was ready for the rest of Dynamis's attack's and easyly dodged them but was caught under the pounds of rubble. He woke up probably 10 minutes later. He had already healed but felt the blood around his face. Now it was game time. He punched his way out of the debres and flew as high as possible probably 900 miles high seeing his nemesis like a little dot. Wiping the blood of his face he twitched his hand  away and the blood  fell to earth's surface.

Putting his mask one, he finnaly decided to bring out his secret weapon. He had planned for another fight with Dynamis. Flying to the moon he grabbed his Dimension Gun. looking to make sure it was charged he loaded it up.Strapping it around his shoulder. He flew down infront of Dynamis. Firing his gun his nemesis flew into the portal.After unstrapping his Dimension Gun he went into the portal knowing it would close after him and only open for him. When Mark walked in he left the portal gun on the other side.This earth was untouched totaly alternate to ours this is where the battle would be for the rest of the durability of  the fight.After seeing Dynamis the portal shut.

"Your not getting out of here until your seriously hurt and I can transport you to your home world where you'll face the judges."
              Moving at his top speed Mark un sheathed his sword and sliced all over at Dynamis moving around him and slicing. finally Mark stopped and loaded his gun using super speed he unlaoded his gun and filled it with 5 special bullets he had gotten from Dynamis's homeworld.

"This should do the job." BAM BAM BAM BAM BAM. tick tick tick tick tick.

              Mark then ran as fast as he could to the other side of a mountain punching it making a sort of tunnel. Reloading his gun he set up at the back looking for someone to come infront of the hole "make your move."He said.