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LC stands alone waiting for his rival the darkness of the night is all but consuming his very soul will he not show his face ? he waits alone quitely murming to him self a lighting bolt flashed but it had no effect .his legs get tired and he starts to walk the ground is moist and spongey the air smells of decaying plants but still he waits

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Drake rode up on his oppenent with his motorcycle. His opponent had been an old friend but they had rown far apart. The bike stopped and Drake flipped off of the bike. He then walked towards LC

Shall we dance

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we shall LC waved his hand and a gaint rock flew at drake in break neck speed ...drake my power knows no bounds who are you to challange me ..his eyes glow gold as he forces power i am a god you shal know true pain this day he lifted his hand and another rock flew his way. the wind was hot and the ground was wet the night sky shown with a stary light as the two power houses faced off today is a good day to die.

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I laugh at gods

Drake used his telekemetics to lift the motorcycle near LC. He then pulle dout his pistols and shot the gas tank. The Bike exploded. Drake shot more bullets at LC

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lc took a hit and it was bad he could feel the blood oze from the wound but he fought on he waved his hand and his body was shrouded in darkness were he once stood ther now stood a huge black snake as fire came from its mouth he lunged twoards drake with hate in his eyes theres was nothing but him and drake now he would know pain and lc would be his teacher