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City Sold!

Saving poorly financed city due to economic failure; improving its slums and beggars.

Detroit, Hell on Earth
Detroit, Hell on Earth
No Caption Provided

Population: 706,585 (2011)

Square Mile Area: 138.77

Special codes maintain stability in the new era.


  1. A vision of a future that is a corrupted (usually beyond recognition) utopian society.

Drone Free Zone


Motown. The Motor City. The D.

Whatever you call it, Detroit is a vibrant city with many fun and exciting things to do and places to visit.

You want culture?

We've got it! Detroit has a rich cultural scene, including such world-respected institutions as the Detroit Symphony Orchestra, Detroit Opera House,

Detroit Institute of Arts, Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History and the Fisher and Fox theatres.

You want music?

The hometown of such world famous singers as Aretha Franklin, Diana Ross, Bob Seger, Eminem, the Winans, and Kid Rock, Detroit is teeming with clubs, bars and concert venues that spotlight homegrown talent as well as national and international stars.

You want sports?

Detroit loves its sports and has professional teams that are a vital part of the fabric of Detroit. Generations of metro Detroiters have fond memories of star players, championship seasons, and electrifying events from teams in all four major sports leagues: the Detroit Tigers in Major League Baseball, the Detroit Lions in the National Football League, the Detroit Pistons in the National Basketball Association, and the Detroit Red Wings in the National Hockey League. Any season of the year, if you're a sports fan you can take in a game at Comerica Park, Ford Field, Joe Louis Arena or The Palace.

Throughout the year, Detroiters look forward to a number of spectacular annual events. Hydroplane races on the Detroit River, Grand Prix racing on Belle Isle, the International Freedom Festival Fireworks, the Thanksgiving Day Parade, Movement Techno Fest, Jazz Fest, CityFest, Motown Hoedown and River Days.

Come and experience all that Detroit offers. There's something special to see and do for everyone!



'Street Sweeping' are conducted from the outside in, any villains residing within Old Detroit are given aid in finally getting rid of the heroic pests that have hindered their lives for the past decades. No more will they be unable to rob banks, no more will they be unable to carry out their killings, no more will they be locked in prison. The first few heroic casualties are the non-powered vigilante types, when the horde of villains flooded in they held little restraint in their actions. Not even the child heroes are spared, the only exceptions lie with the stronger villains that are able to 'claim' some of these heroes to be used as playthings or to be subverted into their fold. For twelve hours the city was engulfed in conflict, and building blocks are flattened.

Villains are in, Heroes are out
Villains are in, Heroes are out

The heroes fought to no avail as the horde never stops, with every one villain down two more replace them. Some of the other villains are even capable of returning their fallen allies into the fight, regardless of how valiant they are they never had a chance against the face of evil that are now unified to find their new home.

No Caption Provided

Three basic types of villains that come to this town:

Starter - During the invasion these go getters litter the streets with their enthusiasm as they have worked hard to keep their career in line. Beginners and adepts or even great prospects who have come to seek a place to fully explore their capabilities. Most are new faces.

  • the rookies, going up, want to make a legacy and looking for opportunity.

Psycho - They love the idea of a city of evil and they showed everyone else why they are called villains in the first place, they would not fit in normal society and are in constant opposition with the law. Heroes hunt them down for the safety of others, they are societies great enemies.

  • the sick f*cks, going everywhere, want to do whatever and setting eyes for chaos.

Established - They are the ones with the big Ideas, the movers and the shakers of the foundation. A haven that is free from prejudice from those who distinguish based on criminal record. Generally they hold power in both a literal and non-literal way, most in the category are old timers.

  • men and women of position, looking down, want to settle down and develop a community.


A town inhabited by fallen superheroes and villains.

No Caption Provided

"...I chose the impossible. I chose... Dystopia. A city where the artist would not fear the censor. Where the scientist would not be bound by petty morality. Where the great would not be constrained by the small. And with the sweat of your brow, Dystopia can become your city as well."

It is officially bankrupt, then it is entirely bought off by a group of powerful villains in July 2013. Said villains decide to make it into a 'vice capital' where criminal elements would be free from the law and where enforcement aims its sights on different sets of values. To the average law abiding and god fearing citizens of America this entire city is viewed as an open prison, entry means certain death. On the other side of the moral fence however this spot in Michigan is a de facto land of opportunity, one such where federal law looks the other way.

It attracts crime, that is fact that it is necessary evil although some may compare it to gambling in vegas or drugs in amsterdam. Once inside protection is guaranteed from the outside reaches of 'any' law, In fact most escapees run to this site. Since this new passing most crime rates out of detroit has sunk significantly.

The city coffers were overflowing with laundered money, which caused New Detroit City to rival Las Vegas. This also resulted in private local TV stations, Intranet, and regional cable stations being allowed to air unrated content. The restriction of the city limits kept Villains confined in their city of crime, but also present extreme danger if they were to ever leave - where the law is ready and waiting.

Some people view it as a city where all the criminals can go as a form of voluntary concentration camp. It ensured that the inhabitants of Dystopia could explore paths of inquiry previously deemed too immoral or controversial to follow.

Golden Law: 'No Heroes'

The new ruling class instituted a new calendar and declared the beginning of the Year I. The idea behind Year Zero is that all culture and traditions within a society must be completely destroyed or discarded and a new revolutionary culture must replace it, starting from scratch. All history of a nation or people before Year Zero is deemed largely irrelevant, as it will (as an ideal) be purged and replaced from the ground up.

Pre-existing teachers, artists, and intellectuals were especially singled out and executed during the purges accompanying Villain's Year Zero.

No Caption Provided

The city is divided into three turfs, each sizable to other famous American cities. Green, Red and Blue whereas the rest is free territory.

  1. Green: San Fransisco Block | Lorenzo
  2. Red: Boston Block | X'lipith
  3. Blue: Manhattan Block | Stinger
  4. Yellow: Free Turf | n/a

So what actually happened to all the heroes in detroitDystopia?

  • they are expunged by the unstoppable wave of immigrant villains, the battle is catalogued in the DetroitDystopia Historical Museum.

"A place for the very rich and the very poor." ; the City did not allow other nations to extradite criminals. However, it was one of the business capitals of America, with its own "Trade Center." Anybody who goes there will also become a criminal, a fate that befell several heroes.

The worst Ghettos in are walled off with no food, water, schools, police, or public services of any kind. Within this highly dense community the majority of residents subsist in conditions of abject or near abject poverty, residing in small shanties stacked one on top of another, sometimes as many as tall as 7, 8, 9, and even 11 stories tall.

The former wooden shacks have been upgraded to permanent dwellings with some modern services, and residents constantly improve their homes through a process of 'self-help'. Most houses in the Ghettos have basic sanitation, plumbing, and electricity.

They make their money from running pirate cable and internet networks, gas, transport and water connections and even some of the new government housing projects.

Pirate Utopia

Secret islands once used for supply purposes by pirates.

Data Haven

a refuge for uninterrupted or unregulated data.


There are at least seven known newspapers in the area which can be seen distributed through sidewalk newspaper dispensers, five publications of which are free of cost.The publications' names are also difficult to decipher.


Many Stores are spread throughout the city. These include movie theaters, music stores, clothiers, weapons dealers, liquor stores, car dealers, boat dealers, car mechanics, plastic surgeons, hair salons, fast food outlets, jewelers, and tattoo parlors (all of which can be robbed or broken into for money or other objects).


No Caption Provided

It is the Mecca of evil, where bad folk from all across the states and even some illegally from overseas come to see a second chance. In here they have a 'magic circle' where their growing community is kept by a shared bond of consent, it is free but in the safety of this circle they allow other villains to do their activities without interference. Villains contribute to the city's development because in some cases these labels are slapped on people who simply have a higher visionary mind compared to others that cannot accept the changes yet, men who found ways to make doors that open a path into the past or women who can create infinite energy out of styrofoam and peanut butter that decides to rob banks instead of enterprising. The previous population of detroitDystopia have to realistic choices, to join their fold or to be victimized. Most immigrants prefer to turn the previous population into toys.

  • Be a villain today!

Rogues Academy ~ Manhattan

No Caption Provided

One of America's super-villain schools where the young will be exploited and cultivated to be tomorrow's world threats. Retirees and even those still on duty dedicate their skill to pollute the minds of the youth in hopes that they can finally overtake the world from the forces of Justice. The dream where no criminal will live a life behind bars, it is nested in the heart of DetroitDystopia after the takeover as it is fitting in a place that allows crime to thrive. It is a very popular location where villains drop off their young as they study hard. Ambitions as high as world domination or destruction are accommodated, it has an outstanding curriculum in terms of practicality. Corruption, money laundering, embezzlement are core lessons taught at their classes.

Career choices range in categories such as but not limited to:

  1. World Conqueror
  2. Crime Boss
  3. Mad Scientist
  4. Alien Overlord
  5. Femme Fatale
  6. Monster
  7. Mercenary
  8. Wild-Card

So far the children of the Old Detroit have been abducted from their homes and enrolled into this place of higher education. 70% of them are thriving with this new form of conditioning, and some of them will grow up to do big things in the world.

  • Donate now!

First Church of Satan ~ Boston

Used to be a Lutheran Church
Used to be a Lutheran Church

Now they can worship his dark majesty in peace, since any religious buffoon that decides to stop the second coming ends up as sacrificial tribute. Unlike others this one holds evangelicals and occasionally summons demons to make pacts alongside with soul spending investments. There are word that they seek to make it the place of the anti-christ but that seems to be rumors because it is a bold claim taken by plenty of similar organizations. The priest is a very vocal man and at sundays they held joyous sermons that are spread within the villain community. It is the third most popular religious place next to the Cult of the Great Sea and the Space Sect.

They are developing new methods of combating the divine.

  • Add your own religion!

Dystopia Hive Branch ~ San Fransisco

No Caption Provided

Bugrom established an area in one of the 'free' areas, it is a relatively deceptive location since on the surface it is a slum but on the underground it is a very lucrative spot for gains such as augmentation or hired muscle. All and all it is a relatively new place, upon arrival the bugs help by decimating the street-level heroes especially those without powers. The bugs participate in villain cage fights and some of them contribute to the city's infrastructure. All and all they are good laborers. All and all the Hive is also a growing thing with some people wanting to get 'bugged' or augmented to fit in the system, it accommodates all comers and does not discriminate based on species.


  • Put your nonhumans here!

DIY Cloning

No Caption Provided

In Dystopia human cloning is a common place technology to such an extent that there have been thriving bootleg markets that sell various merchandise , it is one of the many attractions of New Detroit. Now people who wish to meet their favorite celebrities no longer have to wait in line because with this benefit they can have as many as they want, if little Sally wanted a clone of One Direction in her backyard she can order them by mail and they will be send over by mail to her adress. If Jimmy wants to have LeBron James to coach him in basketball he can have a clone kit or pre order a vat grown athlete. It is really that simple, although development takes time. These clones can be disciplined or mind controlled at the choice of their respective owners. 'Bootleg' because the copies are made without the consent/agreement of the original.

  • Got any other technologies to be made public?

The Clutch

If you love these people so much, you can mourn for them
If you love these people so much, you can mourn for them

The rich group of men and women who are eyeing the Rust Belt, they are set to move their hands to Buffalo and then Cleveland. Seeking to expand this comfort zone by less than legal means to achieve their ends. Their initial plan is to create a growing urban conurbation that stretches throughout the Belt, moving aggressively in the 21st century to create an alternative solutions to facing law and fighting heroes. This group cooperates with the darker elements of society so that places like Dystopia can exist, the membership is open so long as the goals are in line. So far they have been active in America, but at any time soon they will extend their partnership across transnational borders. It is only a matter of time.

Targets after Buffalo and Cleveland, Ohio [In no particular order]:

  1. New Jersey
  2. Newark
  3. Elizabeth
  4. Camden
  5. Flint, Michigan
  6. Gary, Indiana
  7. West Palm Beach, Florida
  8. Stockton, California
  9. Baltimore
  10. New Orleans, Louisiana
  11. East St. Louis, Illinois
  12. Los Angeles
  13. Milwaukee
  14. Washington DC
  15. New York
  16. San Fransisco
  17. City of San Bernardino, Calif.
  18. Town of Mammoth Lakes, Calf.
  19. Jefferson County, Ala.
  20. City of Harrisburg, Pa.
  21. City of Central Falls, R.I.
  22. Boise County, Idaho


Of all the Villain cities in the World, none was the equal of Dystopia. Dangerous, boisterous, drunken, and bawdy, Dystopia was villain heaven.

  • You too can join!

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Its a cool idea, however be aware that each country counts as a separate empire under the CVnU rules. That means you've gotta invade and defeat each country separately. So South Africa and Egypt would require separate threads, as would every other country in Africa. So you can certainly take over an entire continent, especially if no one is contesting you, but it would take a lot of work. (As it should; the reward is great.)

Replace country with 'city'

Mayor Rigby

No Caption Provided

A man who embodies the core values and moral code of Dystopia, a charming man on tuesday but generally an amoral fellow. He is famous for beating up captured citizens of Old Detroit on wednesday afternoon where he makes a public spectacle, in terms of oratory he is a rabble rouser who is capable of raising crowds to follow his ideals. A madman, a loon but most importantly a man of charisma. One that is compared to the likes of men of old like Hitler & Stalin. He is always seen walking with his black cane, a memento from a time unknown.


Combination of both Jack Hawksmoor's physical power due to the size of a city with a touch of Syndablock, plus Traci 13's ability to tap into Urban magic. The larger the city, the more powerful he becomes. He has a post-human physiology and won't hesitate to brush away annoyances with a bump from an overpass.

  • He is like Willy Wonka in a sick and twisted way


No Caption Provided

Following the examples led by Maywood and Sandy Springs, Dystopia decides to outsource its public services. When the government of the city of Dystopia in Michigan decided to bring in a multinational corporation to run all of the city's services - with the exception of police and firefighting - it effectively became one of the the earliest fully privatized city in the world.

City officials last month fired all of Old Detroit's employees and outsourced their jobs. The school crossing guards were let go. Parking enforcement was contracted out, City Hall workers dismissed, street maintenance workers made redundant. The public safety duties of the Police Department were handed over to the specialist forces [Blackburn PMC].

The Outsourced workers don't walk around with company logos on their uniforms or drive around with their company stickers on their vehicles, they say 'Dystopia'. They walk, talk, smell, and breathe like public employees. They look and act no different from public employees.

  • You too can provide services!

Demilitarized Zone

No Caption Provided

The outskirts of Dystopia is effectively a DMZ as it is the last line of defense between the criminals and all americans on the 'outside', so even getting inside is no easy feat on its own but getting outside is also a challenge. It is also a method of test used by the inhabitants of Dystopia, playing 'red rover' with the border patrol to test one's worth. Surviving is basic competence, death is failure as such is the life of Dystopia. Security is tighter than Gitmo but the average competent super-criminal could find many ways to use this as their 'front door'. Investors are guarded with special provisions upon entry unless they know someone on the inside what can provide adequate services.

  • Sign up today, high mortality and high pay!

Hero Based

No Caption Provided

Not all heroes are killed, some are simply cultivated by more opportunistic villains. After a certain case it has been somewhat of a trend to farm these heroes for certain substances that may mimic their superpowers, that or things that can be developed to create even more potent mixtures. So far these controlled substances can be found on the streets, on the turfs they are refined and hold a unique signature whereas on the free areas they are more dangerous. Some are made for addiction, some are made for personal use while others are made for even more unusual purposes.

Z Day

No Caption Provided

The great event that is called at random when the upper social crust release Zombie pathogens to clean away the lower class, but now it is used for weeding out the weak and is considered somewhat of a pastime in Dystopia. It is one of the unique attractions of the city, with many people dying each time to make room for new oncoming villains from the rest of America. Also certain villains use this as a moment to test out their latest technologies, and some people are nice enough to 'return' a few of the infected back to normal for a certain debt.

Death Bowl

No Caption Provided

Death Bowl is a gameshow that is popular in Dystopia. It features people having to kill each other off all the time. This twisted and inhumane gameshow is run by Mayor Rigby. The gameshow has been present ever since the beginning of the 21st century and many of the players participate for a mixed amount of reasons. Some players are arrogant, greedy, and selfish and compete in the games so they can gain fame and money. Some other players are forced to compete in Death Bowl against their will and only kill people just to survive. The prize for winning a Death Bowl season is the right to live and a financial reward of 100 million dollars.

[Kábítószer Lords Tower] ~ Manhattan

No Caption Provided

The building is over one thousand and five hundred feet tall every inch owned and belonging to the Raimaker, however the building is not unique several exact replicas have been built by Cerberus forces for the Rainmaker each bearing a symbolic reference to the Villains resources, this magnificent tower is a base of operations for Rainmaker beings who wish to contact him go to the tower which not only offers a place of business but also some protection.

Thanks @_cerberus_

  • Go for employment here


  1. THUD!
  2. Mike Elroy


1. Rainmakers team of elite took out a hundred strong or so biker gang that stole their munitions, it ended up with Jen talking her way inside in clearing the area all the fighting however attracted a very large heard of zombies, the biker gang HQ was located under ground so POW! blasted up the ceiling which began a chain reaction already causing the unstable HQ to collapse however Rainmaker forces sent in a small group of helicopters to E-Vac them out and pick up the under ground bank vault (which carried the munitions) up into the Sky, since Jen was too big in her combat however she was left behind

2. Jen however survived the collapse and herd of zombies only to come across a new enemy, a brick type mutant gang leader with the ability to replicate himself it turned out that the first group of people Rainmaker's elite dispatched (some meta's that provoked them) were associates of this brute and thus theleader has been spamming replicates and made a warzone attempting to take out/kill Jen for over 24 hours (one news reporter team died)

3. POW!'s new partner has moderate time manipulation abilities via a suit.]

[The Hives] ~ Boston

No Caption Provided

Garou has lived underground among foul and cancerous children of Detroit for decades. His lair's, he calls Hives, are nestled amidst labyrinthine sewer systems, most of which are filled with industrial waste and monstrous things. At the heart of these Hives often holds radioactive Bale-fires, and toxic sludge. You can usually find Garou wallowing in these elements during the day-time hours, as he retreats to his Hives during the day, for he detests sunlight and mostly sleeps during these hours.

Thanks @garou

  • Not to be confused with the hive branch

Did you know?

  1. That the Rogue Academy uses live humans for the practical part of their curriculums, most whom are taken from the Old Detroit
  2. Captured superheroes are crucified after death and mounted across the borders
  3. Owning a 'house' by itself is considered a great feat in this town
  4. If people are missing, they are most likely dead or 'eaten by the locals'

Urban Characters (NPC can be PC'd, just ask first)

No Caption Provided

Four Eyes Ernie: The typical evil genius from superhero lore, it all started with an old man who wanted a bunch of kids off his lawn that eventually led to him creating a mini singularity device to send the brats off to the broccoli dimension. It eventually got to the level where he was dabbling with the type of science that would make most magicians vomit in disbelief, the kind of technology that needs an LSD acid trip just to see that it makes sense. A man from a Silver Age that has grown up to be a mad tinkerer. He is famous for his immense hate of all children, in the 90's he is found dissecting them for portals to the dream world. Despite the nice elderly appearance he is quite a shocker, but past a certain age limit this man is a good friend. He believes that gnomes run a galaxy wide conspiracy to turn planets into gelatin.

  • Seen in the parks playing chess with different people, usually more than fifteen at once
No Caption Provided

Hector "Handsome" Rodriguez: Death Bowl legend, or better yet known as Apocalypse on Legs as he is a villain from an era of so called 'martial arts' heroes. He has started with the 80's craze of flying kicks, high pitched screams, bad dubbing and flimsy kung fo chops but it was the the whole asian anime/manga craze that elevated him into the man that he is today. Unlike most villains Hector actually went and killed the 'hero' in his setting, who is a child that is a prodigy at a super version of karate.

  • 'Hell's elbow' is one of his infamous moves, often compared to WMD's


No Caption Provided

The Rainmaker is a being of incredible intellect but uses it for his own selfish reasons, not only does the Rainmaker practically have super human intelligence he also has Omega-Class Telepathy which he stated allowed him to work up the food chain in his universe as Meta's were extremely rare and counter measures against them were too few, his methods of gathering resources are several a large portion comes from an organization known as Cerberus others include funding from his narcotics exportation which sell regular drugs and irregular super drugs, another method of funding is buying firearms at a low price and selling them at a higher price.

Thanks @_cerberus_

  • Work for him and get your head cleaned!
No Caption Provided

THUD!: Dumb as a brick house but very strong and durable, used to be a hero in another town but lack of sensitivity and muscular control leads to many friendly fire accidents. He is shunned from his town after breaking the spine of an elderly woman that he had just saved from a burning building, it was unintentional but normal humans are too fragile for him to hold. His strength is his curse, but compared to other super strong types he is nowhere at the top. Just fit to be a henchman at best, or a receptionist at the complaint's section to shut up annoying customers.

  • He can fold subway trains into origami
No Caption Provided

Mike Elwood: A 'Starter' during the street sweeping period of Dystopia, unlike the others he is not keen on killing but he is a villain in one way or another. He is a thief, from a small time shoplifter to blitzing entire crowds to make out with several wallets before anyone can even bat an eyelash. He carries a balisong for self protection, selfom used because he is the type to run away. In rare cases he will take on hard or irregular jobs to earn a better income.

  • Push him hard enough and you will laugh with your neck


No Caption Provided

Extremely dangerous or vastly unknown things even by the standards of super-villains. They are the oddities that exist within the city, some are ludicrously strong that no system of measurement can hope to calculate them, so unusual that the very knowledge of them can cause immediate mental disintegration or simply just there. These are the great 'unknown' which are best kept secrets or things which are simply best left alone.

  • people are known to give offerings

[Were Rats]

No Caption Provided

Were-Rats: A type of changing breed. Like Were-Wolves, only of a rodent verity. The Were-Rats used to help control the human population inside of large cities by eating food and disease, until they were forced underground by old world heroes and forgotten about... Until now.

Were-Rats are still very distrustful of mankind, and will attack almost anyone or anything that is not one of their ranks. They live in vast underground tunnel systems that their ancestors had created centuries ago, that stretch down well bellow the sewer systems of the city. However there are a few secret entrances here or there, and if someone is was to wander off the beaten path they will find themselves welcomed by a swarm of angry rodents.

The Were-Rats ranks are divided into eight different aspects:

  • Knife Stalkers: Honored Assassins of the Were-Rats that work by contract only.
  • Shadow Seers: Shamans and Spiritual guides.
  • Tunnel Runners: Spies and scouts, they are everywhere... Chances are you have met one and not even knew it.
  • Warriors: Fighters and killers, the first combat line.
  • Engineers: Scientists, inventors, and tinkerers.
  • Munchers: Swashbucklers, they are crazy.
  • Plague Lords: Spread disease wherever they go.
  • Twitchers: Anarchists among anarchists, Twitchers are nutters and they are unpredictable demolition men.

And last of all... But not really considered one of their aspects is their Sovereign leader, Great King Rat. He is the eldest and most vile of all of their ranks. He is the ruler of their primary nest... Nestled deep below the ground is the city of R'Ghoul. It is populated by an almost uncountable army of Were-Rats, and seated in the thrown room located in the center of R'Ghoul is the the Sovereign. "Tweeky the 3rd."

Thanks to @garou


  • Villains have it easy here, so if you are one feel free to roam about. Heroes are treated with utmost prejudice and will be hurt on sight, the animosity levels are high and it is zero tolerance. Neuts are accepted but as second class 'lower' citizens.
  • Infiltration is possible, but note that the place is literally swarmed with various criminal elements of varying levels. Some may be easy, others are roughly equal but there are those that are very strong. Tread carefully, you can treat some as fodder but for every three that are killed in that way one has to be sold.
  • Destroy a building carefully, you never know what is inside. If you destroy landmass you must give idea of an alternative to be put in its place. [notify me first]
  • Oh and If you want to add a feature to the city please do, feel free to suggest these things by using the @feature to notify me in this thread. So long as they are in line with the spirit of Dystopia or villainy, we allow greys too.
  • You can put this in your bio if you want or tie origins here
  • Keep the mood up, this ain't Gotham. Think GTA/Saints Row

How to get in?

If you are a villain then waltz right in, those border patrol are just America's military and if you die then this place is not for you.

  • This is your El Dorado

Neuts, you can pay off the border and get inside or infiltrate. If you are bored you can always kill the patrol before entering for villain points.

  • Invest, Profit and Plunder

Should you be one of those morally right law abiding upholders of justice then you should 'infiltrate', some of the villains are dumb as potato sacks while some who are not so dumb would allow you in so that they can hurt you. Heroes are rare.

  • Bring Old Detroiters out, rescue heroes in peril and don't get killed

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this is epic man!!!

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@darkchild: oh and feel free to add/suggest villain locations like bordellos or drug facilities and other things :)

still work in process

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woah this is intense

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@pyrogram: If you are a villain property is easy to get, If you are a neut you can escape authorities here, If you are a moralhag then it will be mogadhishu for you

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Dibs on an abandoned factory!

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@warlock360: suggest an Idea of what to do with that factory, build something

contribute to the city of crooks

where we kill people with morals

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@strongarm: I'd use it to refine my abilities, find out new ways to use my power, put my nanomachines to work. Basically build stuff from scratch from there on. Could also spread out to the rest of Detroit if so wished.

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@warlock360: Nanites seem cool, an accesible nanohub seems amazing since all the crooks can now use that new technology to kill more heroes when they go out of Detroit to other cities.

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I'm abandoning my mutant mission, and making this a priority.....

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@the_last_arashikage: you can make mutants here, you look like someone who would help in the takeover of the Rust Belt actually

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The city is now open!~

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@the_last_arashikage: If you want to add anything to the setting feel free to do so, be part of the mythos and explore

add an a npc, be part of the group that bought detroit and have fun

I made this as a location where people can add stuff

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@strongarm: (permission to base one of my villain npc's here as a notable figure please?)

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@_cerberus_: (pm me the details and I will put them on the opening post)

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@strongarm: (before I pm the details I need to know what restrictions you want me to put on him? [I wanted to him to be top drug exporter and top weapons importer if that is okay with you?)

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@_cerberus_: [no problem, but instead of no.1 it would be better to put him/her as one of the top in case anyone else wants to make competition]

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@strongarm: (alright cool and thanks, I'll send you the details soon)

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I want to meet Eminem...

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@strongarm: Oh sh*t. This is legendepic. Because legendary and epic is not enough.

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@strongarm: Rainmaker stood outside the Kábítószer tower looking at his recently hired mercenaries load in a small group undead into a trailer they had wandered into the parking lot "Hurry up loadin those biters up boys, were saving a fortune using these little devils instead of a security staff" the sixteen men nodded using equipment usually made for capturing crocodiles on the zombies

Rainmaker turned his head and looked up his tall magnificent tower ignoring the snarling of the undead resisting capture "I never get tired of my baby" Rainmaker said proud as he walked up and touched the glass door

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Mayor Rigby greets the newcomer in the lower side Manhattan Block, it was a good day as usual in Dystopia nothing like the sound of man on fire to wake him up from a good night's slumber. Four eyes ernie is making a machine to switch people with colors, so far he turned a man into the color indigo while Handsome Rodriguez had just killed yet another exotic zeno. The hustle and the bustle of the city never escapes him, in the slums three boys are curbstomping a disabled man. It was too funny as they killed the mute who cannot scream.

The man walks down an invisible staircase when he sees the new meat on his town, he greets with a bow and a tip of his hat. Showing courtesy and setting up defenses should one of them fire at him or use odd powers, he lost a leg once to a newcomer.

"So to whom does this building belong to?"

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@strongarm: Turning his head the well prepared Rainmaker tilted his head downwards ever so slightly acknowledging the Mayor's presence "That would be me, Rainmaker at the cities service" crossing his arms he continued to speak as his men successfully rounded up the last zombies with out incident "I'd like to thank you Mayor Rigby for letting me build my pride and joy here" Rainmaker said in a emphasis that mean the building "I suppose you are here to collect taxes on the property no?"

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"No, tax is not until next month and since you are a newcomer I advise you to watch out for safety once you venture to the odder parts of town" Looking down at the man from his stair in the sky, he takes a glance at the building to map out the interesting bits. Everything looks good, and some parts are very evil so it is perfect. It seems that these folk will be ready for the upcoming Z day festivities, the plan is to unleash zombies into the mutant ghetto for fun and joy. "As it is said that the city eats people up"

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@lordhazard: (I can't write a good marshall mathers/slim shady unless you want to add him as NPC)

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@strongarm: Rainmaker nodded understandingly "There are somes subject I'd like to talk to you about"Rainmaker gave a short pause before continuing " One I'd like some extra security for my tower and two I'd like to begin my weapons slash narcotics export in this city as fast as possible"

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"For a man with money such as yourself it would not be hard to procure some goons, in this city there are plenty of those who are willing to hire out their powers for the right price" Rigby then did a somersault to meet the man on eye level, both feet now on the ground from several feet in the air before. "Also I am merely an observer of fun things, you might have to see the turf leader for extra protection"

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@strongarm: Tilting his head slightly to the left as he stared the major with killer eyes he replied "And who exactly is the turf leader of Manhattan?"

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@_cerberus_: "Stinger, and before you start invading or taking over you might want to reconsider." Rigby recalls the street sweeping where three groups are formed "In this city omega levels are not a surprise, since most heroes have villains stronger than they are in large numbers. Many of them gather in this city, people who at the lowest level are able to march through US military without so much as a hindrance" her skill is renowned by those above and below her "I heard she controls bees or something like that"

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@strongarm: Rainmaker laughed softly but it what some what ominous "I have no interest in taking over the city or Manhattan territory, I just want to make a name for myself a few new drugs here and there the worst I would probably do is enter a competition war with the drug and weapon dealers here maybe kill a few to show I serious"

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Targets after Buffalo and Cleveland, Ohio [In no particular order]:

  1. New Jersey
  2. Newark
  3. Elizabeth
  4. Camden

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@_cerberus_: "The drug market is open and fun, it is good to welcome a new player into the game" the mayor points to a single glass pane in the man's building to show an image of the drug game in the manhattan block. The latest craze is reptil, which turns the user to stone and crumbles them to make more 'reptil' but it gives them the feeling of pigeon p*ssy.

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@strongarm: "Well. you're welcome to come visit me anytime Mister Mayor and if you need anything just drop by" Rainmaker raised his hand for a handshake having no bad intentions.

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@flucks: joisey discussion thread is up

@_cerberus_: "So what should I, Mayor Rigby call you newcomer?" Rigby shook the man's hand while paying attention to his surrounding, since he lost an arm with a handshake not a long time ago.

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@strongarm: "Rainmaker" he rolled his eye beneath his mask as they shook hands "don't ask about the name please" Rainmakers men began to leave the area as it began to get late "well, I have to go now Mister Rigby pardon me if I sound rude but its getting late and I don't want to deal with any hoodlums right now"

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@_cerberus_: At a totally different time then that bear sitcom like interaction. Creed waits in the room just before Rainmaker's office, digging through the glass bowl of M&M's for all the yellow ones and flicking them into his exposed mouth. "Mmm! Free chocolate goodness!"

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@_creed_: There are others next to him in the same room, waiting for opportunities to be employed. Most of them are the 'brute' type, the guys who are often dressed in mammal suits who flip mack trucks with their abs and ram through buildings with their heads. One of them gave the man a funny look before eating his burger, they had just killed some marines earlier and they felt good.

@_cerberus_: "I will be back next month, see you later Rainmaker" and with that the mayor hops off into the sun

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@strongarm: Sitting among the goons in the waiting room was POW! A villain who was pretty well known in Miami but not in this hell hole, and this hell hole had tons of cash.

@stratagem: Super power: Having white hair annnnd calling people names XD

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@lincoln_protocol: being so grumpy that all hair turns white :)

Next to pow is THUD!, he chose an onomatopoeia for a name since plenty of good names were taken already and it is the sound that he makes when he drops his elbow to the back of somebody's spine. THUD! could have been a hero if he hadn't accidentally hug that elderly woman too hard. She died due to a broken spine. THUD is sad...

meanwhile 'Fred' the all american Utahraptor from Utah is outside, chasing a chinese man who claims to be a martial arts expert, and is about to bite the man's neck.

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