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Violent war commences with the careless spilling of blood as screams of terror and pain run rampant in the cold air. Tasked with leading an elite squad of elemental Keijijo clansmen into battle, Ishin is quickly contacted by the Keijijo's trusted spies, informing him of their enemies' impending plot to invade the secluded Reisho monastery complex. With invaluable information in his possession, the prodigious Keijijio takes his men to the open battlefield where they aid in the intense clash of unmatched combat forces. "Do not engage in close combat", he ordered, intent on achieving success with nonexistent casualties. As enemy opposition fearlessly march towards them, an instinctively confident Ishin orchestrates his squad's attacks, "All of you, envelop the enemy in a thick cloud of dust. Next, disrupt their flow of chi to confuse their senses". Rendering their opponents in a temporary state of vulnerability, Ishin then orders his squad to lay waste to their immobilized opposition with a colossal wall of collective flames.

Burned to ashes, the first wave of enemies was methodically destroyed. Relying on his esoteric Shinwa-Sei technique, the Keijijo Prodigy conjures a single black crow from his right palm. Sending it in search of any approaching enemy forces, he turns to his squad to discuss potential tactics. "Our enemy doesn't have knowledge of chi techniques. That's why they intend to invade Reisho, to obtain our knowledge. What they do have however, is numbers. We will fight smartly, conserve our chi and use the most effective strategies", he demanded strictly, "The next wave must be dealt with stealthily. We will use Wood Yoso to erect a very large and dense forest here. We will use our elemental prowess to merge with the trees as our enemy approaches. Unable to detect us, they'll be easy for us to assassinate stealthily. The forest should make it difficult for large numbers to pass through". Within half an hour, the nearby crow detects approaching enemy forces, instantly alerting its conjurer. With a nod, he along with his squad, erect a colossal forest of dense flora, intended to not only limit the movement of their opposition, but to provide an environmental damage as well.

As masters of Wood Yoso, they are famed for their legendary ability to bend a landscape's relief and appearance to their absolute will. Gesturing for his men to elementally merge with the surrounding trees, they wait for the inevitable arrival of their opponents. Hours pass and soon enemy forces trek into the chi-infested forest. Utilizing this advantage, the Keijijo make short work of their opponents, suffering little causalities as they stealthily assassinate them. Quickly however, the future Impero is telepathically contacted by an alarmed Impero Neji, "Ishin my brother! Come quickly to my location! I am on to the east of your location. I can sense your chi, but I fear that mine is waning", he admits before his telepathic link is abruptly disrupted. With the knowledge of his Grandmaster's unfavorable situation, Ishin instructs his squad to follow him as he heads for Neji's location, unknowingly selecting a course of action that will forever change his cryptic destiny.

Finally arriving atop a cliff that oversees Neji's location, Ishin, to his horror, sees the articulated slaughter of Neji's severely diminished squad. And while they attempt to defend themselves in vain, the opposition's immense numbers were simply too much. Once celebrated as a god among men, Neji has sadly been rendered no more than a pathetic shell in his old age. Mentally and physically, he has slowed down. A sight that somewhat shocks and perhaps even induces fear into the heart of Ishin. For if Neji, the Keijijo's most powerful Impero in all of history with chi reserves unmatched since the Seven Daimyo themselves, has been defeated so clearly by the sands of time, what hope is there for a mere prodigy?

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This sh!t should be a movie

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@Amaranth_Strix: @Mr_LeBeau: Thanks guys :)