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Getting to Know Our Heroes


In an attempt to connect with the people that WAL has sworn to protect they decided to invite reporters from all over the world to conduct a team wide interview. The purpose of this interview is to get to know WAL so that people can feel comfortable knowing that they are protected by the best of the best. The stage was set in front of the WAL HQ in Los Angeles. All the current members of WAL were in attendance along with Dr. Hope. They sitting around a table all organized by Mr. French and the rest of the staff. They also had top notch security measures in place to ensure no outside interference would occur.

Once all of the members were sitting down and the camera crews were set up the press conference began the the rest was as they say history.

Mr. French was assigned to act as a moderator to keep order among the eager reporters and all of their questions. Their was a overweight and balding man standing in the very front of the crowd of reporters. He looked very impatient and aggressive. Mr. French spotted him knowing he was going to be a pain, and said while pointing at the man, "you sir may begin".

"Look we all know that you guys are heroes and have all these great powers, but who the heck is that guy?" he asked pointing at Kurrent.

Kurrent looked at the reporter and said, "I'm Kurrent who the heck are you?"

That brought a few chuckles and smiles to the crowd but the man didn't seem to like that so much. He was a famous reporter known to get under the skin of the people he interviewed.

"So what are you even doing up on the stage" he asked. "I heard that you have no powers at all. Are you some type of marksman or olympic level athlete."

Answering quickly Kurrent said "No to all the questions. You are correct, I have no powers, I have no trust fund, I'm not some marksman or olympic level athlete, but what I do have is a particular set of skills; skills that I have acquired over a very long career. Skills that make me a nightmare for people that do wrong" The reports all laughed at the quote Kurrent used from the film Taken. It was meant to be a joke and he was glad they got it. He didn't really want to be having a press conference because he preferred to keep his matters private since he was here though he might as well have a little fun. Before the man could ask another question Kurrent spoke again, "ohh yeah, I have "lightsaber" and guns that shoot lasers"

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The crowd of people had gathered around the WAL heroes as if it was storytelling time,and it kind of was for the premier defenders of earth in the premier city. Clutch stood behind in the cluster of costumed guardians as if he was invisible to the mass collection of flashing cameras and reporters itching to dig out answers from them. He always wondered if this was his true destiny,being sent to this timeline just to parade around in front of the people he was trying to protect,his mind went off on tangents from there with his eyes halfway shut behind his indigo glasses but he was brought back to reality once a reporter called him out.

"You sir,with the trenchcoat. What is your name?" A female reporter stared down Aiden,using her eyes to bring him to the front of the pack. She was obviously smitten by how handsome he was,in fact all the females in the room were. Clutch began to answer her questions with a sense of calm,he didnt really want all the attention.

"Aiden Wave also known as Clutch." he smiled awkwardly and the reporter continued.

"You just gave us your government name,I thought superheroes protected their identity. Why dont you?"

" I'm from the future of an alternate reality,in my homeworld there are no heroes. Just men like me defending justice."

"Men..exactly like you..?" everyone in the room kinda laughed and swooned at the reporters flirtatious question,Clutch just smiled once again.

"No ma'am,not exactly like me. My powers and skills set me apart,I'm known as an elite defender at home and wish to earn the same title here."

The women reporter was just about to ask another question but was interrupted by a young male journalist who somehow seemed annoyed with the woman's questions. "That's all fine and dandy sir,but what exactly are your powers?"

Aiden looked around the crowd and camera flashes where produced heavily as he stepped back from the podium and pushed his coattails back with a thrust.

"I'm the Iceman..." Clutch lifted his hands and let out a concentrated beam of ice into the air,creating a dazzling display of snowflake fireworks that awed the crowd. He then left the podium with a huge smile.

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Her breath huffed out as the reporter began, the first question aimed at Kurrent made her giggle. If they had no clue who he was, there was bucklies chance they’d know who Chevie was. Her body shivered the urge to hide from all these lights and these people making her want to turn into a fly and buzz out of there. She’d promised them though, promised this team of amazing heroes that she would stick around and try it out. Clutch was next. She peered over at the guy, he was young and attractive, but something about him made her nervous. She too was surprised he offered up his name, she raised an eyebrow, wondering if perhaps she'd misjudged him.

It has been three years today, three year since she had given up the drugs and the lifestyle that was killing her. She was an orphan, dumped on the doorstep of an orphanage in the heart of Germany. She was already 4 years old and her parents, just disappeared. She had been reported to welfare as her neighbours could hear her crying out from the large house. The only thing from her mother that she had was a locket with a picture of her as a baby, or she assumed it was her. She’d never been adopted out, being too old for anyone to really find her cute enough to take on, and she had been a surly and unhappy child. It got worse as she grew up. Angry and desolate in her emotions, she’d been shunted around foster homes, until the day she’d discovered she could change into any organic form she touched. That was when the real issues started.

“Miss Heart” she slid out from behind Feral Nova as Mr French turned to her and gestured to the woman who had asked her a question. Mr French's face had a glimmer of kindness too it.

“Oh, sorry” she put on her smile and stepped forward as the reporter repeated her question “Miss Heart, we've information that that you were arrested once, can you elaborate?” The reporter was a smarmy teen magazine reporter, trying hard to go above her current career trajectory.

Chevies smile never wavered as she replied “Yup, for possession” the crowd gasped and started writing furiously. The other WAL members smiled at her and gave her their support as she continued “I was in a very bad place, homeless and addicted to very bad substances” she lifted her chin as she pulled out her newly acquired one year anniversary coin “I have been clean now, for a whole year, though the process started long before that” she looked over at the person who had rescued her from all this. “I’m now on a stronger path, and am using my powers to help humanity” She set her jaw at the flood of questions that were bound to follow.

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Questions and Answers

The members of the press have circled around her and her team mates, her new family in her own mind of WAL. The following questions are meant to be used as a springboard to fill people in about all of their backgrounds as much as possible. Even if she or her team members could not go into great detail, they have decided to at the very least answer as many of the presses questions as possible.

[ Camera Flashes ]

How old are you?

"Nineteen. But I was much younger when I realized I was... Um... Different."

What was unique about your childhood?

"I am not sure how to approach that question... I was born into a well to do family, and I had most of the privileges in life because of such... I was well taken care of by a loving family in which I was raised by watchful caring eyes and given a proper education at ivy league schools."

What kind of person were you?

[ More Camera Flashes ]

She giggles at the question a little. "I didn't realize I had ever stopped being a person." She says as she covers the microphone of the reporter and says whispers something to a fellow teammate about profiling.

A series of more questions are asked: How did your life change when you realized you were different? How did you meet the other members of WAL? Where is your Headquarters? Did you retain any of your connections to your home life?...

[ Even more Camera Flashes ]

Then finally one more question is asked that Angel truly wanted to answer...

What motivates you?

"Love of my fellow man... Faith in a brighter tomorrow... People... Mothers and Fathers whom love their children and work hard to provide for them each and everyday... Hard working dedicated people... Like yourself." She finishes her statement with her perfect smile on her flawless face, her baby blue eyes are sparkling like stars in the great curtain of night.The people smile at her like she is a goddess of beauty, she is loved by them. She feels the same.

[ They just can seem to stop taking pictures of these extraordinary individuals, More Camera Flashes ]

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Arius blinked at the camera flashes as he is not accustomed to these kinds of tools yet, his allies have told him that thes people meant no harm and that there is no need to be hostile. With those words in mind the pint sized hero decides to follow along and try to interact with the human world. These people all looked weird to him, tall and they are very hairy compared to his people. Some of them wear shards of glass over their eyes while others have pieces of plastic in their bodies. His seat was different than the others, sure it was the same color and shape but because of his diminutive size they had to put a baby seat for him.

Compared to other members plenty of odd looks were given, this is most likely because the fact that he is the least anthropomorphic amongst them. He has no mouth, so the fact that they can listen is through the value of telepathic transmission and hopefully they carry notes unless they have other means to record his 'voice'.


"Allow me to Introduce myself am Kevin Simmons, Heroworship.com and what is it that you can do to contribute to this team of heroes?"


Simmons as he say seems to be a very calm man, the fact that he has dark skin similar to Arius makes the little guy more comfortable as there is something that he can compare. Yet he did not full understand the question, "contribution" itself carries plenty of connotation and meaning. But he answers anyways in the definition he knows best "I help teammates and function as support role, I zap bad guys from afar"


"My name is Kathleen Fitzgerald from the Courier Express. My question is how did you end up on earth?"


Fitzgerald sound like food, Kathleen sounded like a cat. Yet she does not look like food nor a cat, so the little guy ponders what she is. She is not as tall compared to Simmons which is a very large man. She has fur on the skin of her head, it is very curly and it comes in a color that is similar to orange. In the WAL base some of the guys refer to that as 'Ginger'. Arius answered her in the same way he answered his friend "Teleportation mishap, bumped a telephone boxand british guy along the way"


"Hello there. Danny Lin, representative from Kids-cool entertainment. It seems that you are very popular with the younger crowd, and what is it that makes you want to help others?'


This man was shorter from the other man and lighter in comparison, his eyes were different from the other two interviewers and his hair is black yet straight and neatly combed. Clothing is very bright, shoes are very colorful (is that a swoosh on the side?) and he seems younger compared to the other two. The small critter takes a while to look at the man up and down, he seems like one of the martial arts men shown in the training room. He did not have the hair of 'Bruce' though. "I wish to help others because I don't like bad guys too"

After Danny Lin noted down his words Arius curled into a ball and stuck to his seat...

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The interview was off to a good start and several members of the WAL team had been asked questions. It was going pretty well and they were really letting the world know what kind of people they were. This team was assembled by people not only the citizens of the US can get behind, but all the people of the world.They were giving off a scene of security that was needed in a world that has become filled with emperors with hidden agendas.

As the saying goes though there is always one bad apple in the bunch and it seems like in the group of reporters it was the man that was asking Kurrent the questions before. He was obviously angry and he wanted to stir the pot and directed a question at Feral Nova....

" You, little girl, what makes you think you could lead this team?". The sound of his voice aggravated Kurrent and he didnt like what he was trying to do so before Nova could answer Kurrent said, "please Nova let me handle this". He stood up and looked the man directly in the eye. By now his cheerful nature was gone and he was all business. "Nova is a very capable leader, all of us here are behind her and Izaiah one hundred percent"

He thought his tone would let the reporter know that they had had enough of his abrasive demeanor, but he would not quit. He looked at Kurrent and said while laughing "I can't take you seriously, you have nothing to bring to this "super team" you are just some regular guy, you bring nothing to the table". It was at that moment that Kurrent decided that it was time to not only bark, but also bite.

"Perhaps you are right sir, maybe I can start "bringing something to the table right now". Maybe I can call your wife and tell her that for the past three Tuesday's your supposed lunch meetings consisted of you meeting up with her sister for an incestuous and adulterous rendezvous. Or I can tell the young lady's parents behind you that she spent the money they gave her to pay her tuition this semester on very, very naughty piercings and tattoos. By the way, they look great." Before anyone could say anything Kurrent started picking people off quickly, "Congrats on beating that cancer that no one was supposed to know about. I'm sorry about your mother, Mr Simmons. Your son doesn't want to play football Jeff, he wants to join the ballet academy. What are you goi....."

"That would be quite enough sir" said Mr. French and Kurrent stopped and began to sit down, but not before saying with a smirk visible through his mask, "feel free to edit that part out". It took a few moments for the crowd to settle down and after they did Mr. French said, "ladies and gentlemen please let us continue...."

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There was a slow clanking sound as hands clad in black fingerless leather gloves stroked a carefully mapped series of platinum blond spikes that adorned the head above the icy blue eyes. He stared at the room of reporters with a trademarked grin. As he lowered his arms, he pointed at reporter who had stood up. "You. Question. Ask me." His tone was dark, commanding, paired with a flash of emotion from his eyes.

"Thank you sir. May I ask who you are?" He asked politely. Cameras flashed on the man's arrogant face. Felix replied simply. "My name is Felix. Most call me Rhinoceros Felix." There was a ripple of laughter. "The rhinoceros is one of the most deadly animals on dry land." The laughter cut off at the flat retort. Felix looked over the crowd almost silently, his coat making the sound of metal on metal as the plates tapped against each other. Another reporter stood up and drew Felix's attention.

"A question we've all been wondering," He pointed at the former Jackal, "What is that thing on your back?" Felix grinned. He loved this part; he loved it a lot. His hand tensed on the strip of leather. He pulled harder and the lengths of white bandages and black leather fell away, revealing a massive wedge blade, a huge lump of steel that had a razor sharp edge on one side and three handles on the other, one directly in the center of the sword, the other two on either side of it, for two-handed wielding. "Ladies and gentlemen, this is my oldest friend, The Rhino's Horn." There was another wave of laughter. "It weighs around forty kilos and has the ability, in my hands, to turn a human being into meat ready for the butchers in approximately four seconds." The laughter didn't subside this time around. Felix didn't like it. The reporter didn't laugh, nor did he sit down.

"Is that a threat?" The reporter growled at him. Half of the people in the room braced for a fight. Felix let out a laugh, a loud single gust of air that escaped his lungs. "HA! I don't make threats, little man." Felix replied with a grin. The two of them stared each other down for a few seconds. Mr French watched on nervously until another reporter took Felix's attention.

"Excuse my ignorance, Mr Rhinoceros, but - uh - what precisely is it that you can do?" Felix smiled warmly. "Well, sir, I'm glad you asked. Due to my training in the art of meditation and chi manipulation, my general physicals would leave most Olympic athletes awestruck. I have low-level metahuman speed, can run at up to forty miles an hour, and that translates to my reaction speed too." Everyone began muttering. Felix waited for them to stop. "My body heals faster too, a little bit. Takes a hell of a lot to put me down, if I do say so myself." The former Jackal looked around, ready to take more questions.

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All in front of me were a constant chain of flashing lights. The room of curious reporters made me feel a bit nervous, however I needed to keep my stress to a minimum. This country probably wouldn't feel comfortable with having a member on this team that gets nervous when the public speaking happens.

I'm really glad that we have Kurrent. Everything that comes out of his lips sound so everything is under control. The way he answers the question geared towards Nova is such a reassuring gesture the citizens will have.

"Now who may you be?" I look away from Kurrent to see that all of the eyes in the room are now drawn onto me. Crap.

"Cellphone Girl!" A few laughs carried throughout the room.

“How did you come up with a name like that?” There was more laughter and I even saw a few teammates staring at me curious to know as well.

“Well.. Um... The name just kind of came to me, and ever since then I just stuck with it”

"Something that all people have been wondering, but why do you color your hair Pink?" Funny story. A drip of hair dye has never touched my head.

"Just like my powers my hair began growing Pink during puberty. So it's now my natural hair color I guess.”

“How do you feel about being apart of We Are Legend?” A short female reporter with long red hair asked.

I kind of love it. It’s everything I can ever dream of. “Being apart of We Are Legend is a dream. I’m not all for the fame. I’m here to do my best to save the world, and to do that with the best people I could imagine ever working with. I’m honored to learn from the great Feral Nova, and be along side Izaiah. He’s simply amazing too.”

I almost started talking about old family memories but maybe that would have been too much information. Instead I just give my cousin a bright smile.

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Zoe stood with her teammates as the lights from cameras flashed all around the group, her nerves getting the best of her as she nervously rubbed her hands together behind her back as one by one her fellow WALlies were answer questions. The reporters seemed to have loved what they were getting so far from the heroes. Kurrent, Clutch, Cheive, Angel, Arius and CPG all had the reporters laughing, smiling and just enjoying the whole thing so far, but Zoe had butterflies the size of watermelons doing back flips in her stomach. It didn't help that aggressive reporter was there too.

‘Dontthrowupdontthrowupdontthrowup’ she thought to herself over and over again. This was going to be her first interview since she picked up the Mantel, since the former holder (her sister) passed. It didn't help that she couldn't talk about this with her teammates, she had to keep her own identity a secret from them, for the sake of the mantel.

“Feral Nova!” Her head perked up as she heard her name, a male reporter with a huge smile on his face stepped forward. “It’s obvious you are a different mantel holder from the previous Feral Nova just a little two years ago, care to tell us what happened to the previous hero and how you went about picking up the mantel?”

Zoe’s heart broke slightly at the question as she stepped forward, all the reporters stood silent, out of all the heroes here, Feral Nova was the most known, the name being around for over a hundred years, she could feel the pressure of her having to represent all the former heroes with every word she spoke.

“Yes, I am a newer holder of the Feral Nova Mantel.” She began, her voice a bit shaky as she cleared her throat. “The former hero, before me, is unfortunately no longer with us.” She paused for a moment, her sister, Laura… she should be standing here right now… not Zoe. “Unfortunately her time on this Earth was cut unbelievably short. Through much deliberation with a few of my mentors and a former Feral Nova, it was decided that I would be the one to pick up the Mantel.”

“Feral Nova!” Another male reporter yelled out. “Why is it that all Feral Nova’s have been female? Is the mantel sexist?”

Zoe couldn't help but break out in a smile. “You know what they say, never send a man to do a woman’s job.” She joked as all the female reporters began to laugh. She was now more comfortable in front of the group. "I'm just kidding." she she stood as she thought for a moment. "I really don't know why to be honest, sorry."

“What do YOU like to do when you’re not busy saving the world?”

This question caught Zoe off guard, most questions she ever gets is about the mantel, never about her.“Shopping, hanging out at beaches and watching movies with Micheal Bay explosions!"

“Upon looking at the track record of former Feral Nova’s, none of the former mantel holders have joined hero teams in the past with the exception of occasional team-ups. Why have YOU decided to break that ‘tradition’?”

Zoe's’ expression went from goofy grin to a more serious expression, she remembered what her sister told her once, when she brought up the subject of her ever joining a team. “When you work with a team, it’s the ability to work together towards a common vision." She stepped up a bit further towards the reporters. "The ability to direct individual success towards a bigger goal, like saving the world. Heroes working TOGETHER as a TEAM allows us to attain unattainable results than if we were to be working alone.” She turned to her teammates for a moment, looking at each of them as she continued to speak back to the reporters. “I am not just a 'leader' but a member of a team, and I rely on the team, I defer to it and sacrifice for it, because the team, not the individual, is what makes the Legend.”

The reporter smiled at her answer as cameras flashed around the group. Letting out a reliving sigh she stepped back with her teammates, giving them a smile and a nod.

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Gio sat anxiously in his seat, his brow topped with a few beads of sweat. He would much rather be staring down the barrel of a tank than sitting here. Everyone else had their Q an A session, he was one of the last to go. Slowly his interviewer came into the room, the door slowly opened and in an instant he leaped from his chair his skin clanking together as his mutant power burst into gear. Lifting the interviewer into the air an pushing him up against the door. It slammed as the poor Mr French was dangled against it "Wheres my mother?!" Gio screamed. French stammered for a moment scared sh!tless of the towering behemoth dangling him like a ragdoll.

Finally words formed in the interviewer's mouth "She's in the other room, being questioned as well. We need to know everything, the world needs to know about you guys." Instantly Gio calmed down, his skin still metallic he calmy walked around the room. He asked the second question "Why do this in a room alone with me? Everyone else was simply questioned in the open." French chuckled answering Gio quickly "Your different, and we know more about you than the others. Your not exactly a hard person to find Giovanni Marquis." Gio stopped his muscles twinging, no one was supposed to know his real name. He turned around and sat at the table, across from French "I'm not?" Instead of answering his question right away the interviewer began the Q an A.

"Why did you leave Ireland so quickly? What was there that forced you to leave so abruptly?" Gio glared slightly at him and answered "I have father issues." French nodded and wrote down something "And your mother? Why bring her?" Gio was even more intense with his tone with this answer "She needed to be kept safe." French smiled "Safe from who?" Gio moved a cup from the middle of the table and leaned forward "My father had deep pockets...people would of come looking for her."

Suddenly French's attitude changed drastically, he leaned over to his left and pulled a manila envelope out of his briefcase. Tossing it hard it thudded onto the table "That you?" Gio reached over an picked it up, flipping through it he found pictures from camera's he and his mother had passed on their way out of Ireland. "Yes..." French pulled another pile of pictures and spread them out. They were what remained of his father, ashes and cloths, pictures of signs of struggle in the house. Pictures taken of the splintered door and door frame, blood from his mother in pools next to the bed. French spoke again with questions "Not very good at setting fires are we Gio?" Gio's eyes narrowed "What makes you these pictures have anything to do with me or my mother?" French smiled "The tests came back on what remained of the blood in the house, most of the blood was your mothers. But she is in the next room fine as dandy, the ashes the forensics found were the remains of your late father. Any idea how that could be?" Gio shook his head slowly "Not a clue, we got out of Ireland after father had passed out drunk."

French packed up the photo's and information and continued "So how's life outside of your old home?" Gio smiled at the question "Enjoying every moment, cant do anything better than keeping the world safe from scumbags. You ever had the privilage of saying you keep people safe?" French chuckled "Yes, I do my part by finding the lies inside the stories of criminals." Giovanni leaned forward "That what your here for? To find liars?" French replied quickly "I always find liars, even when I dont go searching for them." Finally Giovanni had enough of the questions, he stood up and made his way to the door. French stopped him with a question "Do you believe people who commit crimes should be punished?" Gio stood his hand around the door knob and thought to himself about the questions. He turned to look at French "Without remorse, so long as the crime was truly an act of crime and not self defense." French looked solomnly at Giovanni and nodded. With that Gio walked out and into the room next to him grabbing his mother saying "Were going out to eat tonight." She smiled to him, not knowing that his fathers people were getting closer to finding them.

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Sovereign Son ran into the room, “sorry I’m ….” The reporters and camera’s all shifted around to look at him “OH the press conference was today…” he made his way towards his chair and smiled at a few of the camera’s as he went, removing the bow and arrows from his back he placed them on the back of his chair and sat down. “What I miss”, Mr French glared at him and rubbed his eyes. He pointed towards the sea of hands that had now been raised “Helen” he said, a young female reporter stood and directed her question directly at Sov,” Sovereign Son”, Sov looked at her with his smouldering blue eyes and a melting smile “Just call me Sov” she never blushed but did take in his features, he was a man about twenty five with short blonde hair and a well-built body “As you wish, Sov we have a source that says you use to have connections to the armed forces and have taken part in some wet work. Is this true and can you expand on this for us.”

Mike gave a look at Mr French and turned to Helen “Hi Helen” he said with a nod of his head, “I am not going to lie and say I have not served my country and have worked closely with other western forces to secure peace in the middle east, nor am I going to deny that this work involved me getting my hands dirty from time to time. But these things have to happen in order to protect the freedom that you have come to enjoy.” Mr French nodded at the answer and went to move on, but Helen pressed again. “Sov, is it also true that you called in an air strike that caused the deaths of over twenty U.S and British’s troops.” Mike looked impassively at her and continued to smile “yes”.

Mr French lowered his head, he knew the story behind the deaths of those men, before he could continue Helen spoke again “Do you wish to explain more? You seem a little care free with your attitude, is this how you remember those men?.” Mike kept up his smile, “Helen do you know what hold the line means? have you ever been under fire? Hold the line This term alludes to former military tactics, in which a line of troops was supposed to prevent an enemy breakthrough. I have seen more than twenty men and women die and my actions that day held the line. If we didn’t thousands would have died that day. I made life and death choices, ones that I live with every day. I’m not talking about, I’ll die if I don’t see this movie. I mean real death, I understand your line of questioning wanting to provoke me into something. But you have to understand this I don’t matter.”

She seemed lost for words and an older gentlemen stood “You don’t matter?” Mr French introduced him “Andy from the times” Sov nodded at French “I know it seems a strange answer, but my job is to protect you guys and that was my job out there. To protect you and the families who were being evacuated.” He looked at Andy “You matter, I will lay down my life for you and anyone here, I can’t think like I am important or I am needed to carry the world. All that is important in my mind is saving the people around me, I was late today because I was saving a family from an oncoming train, if I had hesitated and thought of my own safety before them, I would be on time and they would not be here. That is the story of us all we do this for you not for ourselves, yes we all have history and yes some of us need redemption, but we as a group wish only one thing the safety of the people around us.”

Andy nodded “Thank you.” Andy shot a look at Helen who had taken her seat and was now very quiet, Andy turned back to Sov “Why do you do this job? You sound as if you have seen enough action?” Sov nodded in agreement “I moved to the US to start a new life and became a teacher, I saw six kids gunned down in front of me. They had no connection to gangs or drugs, these where good kids, the killers had shot them for no reason than to prove they were to be feared “ mikes smile had gone “Andy I left a warzone behind me and found another one hiding behind the flag of freedom. People should not live in fear of anyone.” Andy began to sit down “Oh and the chicks” Sov said with a laugh, “They love the tight pants.”

A laugh rippled along the reporters.

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  Surrounded by living legends, before a press conference, the purpose of which appeared to be allow the public to get to know their heroes better.  Heroes.  I had never described myself as one, hence, a more cynical part of my mind told me I did not belong.  The rest of my mind dismissed this as ridiculous however, was it not partially because of me the team even existed, since my ex-vigilante parents wanted a new generation to be more properly capable of fighting the good fight, without getting themselves killed or veering into extremism (as I had, once)?   
  Where the interview was concerned, I had thankfully gone over with my parents and other present relatives about which details of our lives I was allowed to speak of openly.  I was not to reveal any of our identities (I could figure that out much, myself), I was allowed to confirm the rumor of my parents being the semi-legendary (if retired) 'heroes' Savant and Iltani, but I was not supposed to let anyone outside the team know that me and Cellphone Girl were cousins, nor let ANYONE know of my father's alien origin, nor my own contact with the ancient Nitari race in the distant past, not even the others on the team.
  So there I was, surprisingly invisible next to my teammates, even though I was wearing an oh-so-subtle light-armor suit with elements in dark blue, with metallic elements in gold, the cloak likewise, as well as a helmet with a black facial mask under it.  My 'costume' had been based on my father's Xantroan military armor, with the cloak and colors my mother had worn, whereas my insignia (a stylized Z crossing an I, in a roughhly circular shape) was of my own design.  I silently nodded along to Cellphone Girl's and Kurrent's positive sentiments, as well as the others' answers they gave the reporters.  Finally, after Sovereign Son's entrance and the insightful and later amusing answers he offered, I was addressed.
"Izaiah," said a male reporter, average looking, seemingly in his twenties. "Why do they call you Lord of Light?"
I stood up, stepping forward some.  "I expect it's because of my powers."  As a demonstration, I raised my hand, psionically forging a levitating construct of solid energy in the air above palm of my hand, clearly visible enough for the audience to see without problem.  I had made it to be in the shape of the 'Legend' emblem, an encircled L with a starburst, giving the appearance of being a cross between a shimmering water surface and an intense fire, shifting in reds and yellows.  "This isn't all," I added, "I can also make solid barriers, and constructs, out of energy. It's not all just light effects."
"Did you coin the team motto?" a female reporter asked.  I mentally commanded my photonic construct to dissolve in a flash of light.
"Light up the Darkness?" I suppose that question made sense.  "No, that was Nova. Hah, though I guess I can see where the confusion comes from." 
"It's been noted that you've been absent quite a few times when the Legends have appeared to deal with an emergency. Where were you?"
I sighed, it was a reasonable question but it made me uncomfortable nonetheless.  "I'm not always on Earth, let alone available for missions. When I'm not here, I try to help people in other places, sometimes even other planets...I don't mean to excuse my absence, but it's not without reason."  I still didn't think my answer was entirely satisfactory, but I wasn't sure if that was a legitimate piece of internal criticism, or the result of excessive self-loathing.
"Are the rumors true, that you're Savant's and Iltani's kid?" someone else on the other side of the crowd asked.
"Yes."  As this question had been anticipated, and pre-checked with my parents, there was no reason to lie about this specific detail.  Though naturally I wasn't going to tell our real names or civilian identities.
"Did you always know?"
Hmm.  I don't remember?  I recall being surprised at the revelation, though less so than the revelation of my father being of the same alien race as the Eternals of Ancient Egypt...  "Know? Can't say I did, always had a suspicion in the back of my mind, but no evidence.  So I didn't ask, but they confirmed it once my own powers manifested."  Somewhat stretching the truth, yet it was not a technical lie.
"So what are you? Mutant, mage? Something else?"  
I had anticipated someone would ask something like this.  Thankfully, me and my parents had previously discussed what to say if ever asked, what my fabricated backstory were to be.  The truth wasn't ready to be set free.  "My parents' powers were different aspects of an ancient, lost science. My powers are from the same source, even if I wasn't expected to inherit their connection to it.  How it works, exactly, we don't fully know, we just know that it does work.  So, no mutation, no magic...just something that's currently not fully understood."  By this point I'd decided that I'd said everything I needed to say, even if it meant that some unanswered reporters would have to be left disappointed.  "I'm afraid that'll be all from me."  I bowed slightly towards the press, some of them were still trying to ask me questions, and then I exited the podium and rejoined the Legends, somewhat relieved it was over.