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Basically you can write up any news report about events going on in the nU, just make sure they are accurate is all.

"Good evening the is Candice Nelson with Manhattan channel one news, tonight, we take a look at the aggressively passed registration act and how it is effecting the city. What started only two days ago with the assassination of Congressmen Gerald Grayves, the white house has passed the bill for the superhuman registration act full tilt, making all vigilantes inhumans and extraterrestrials surrender their identities and carry with them a license to continue with their "hero" activities. Said demographics who do not comply are to be arrested or even-" Candice cleared her throat, eyes fluttering a bit to hold back the tears. "-To be executed on sight..In Manhattan alone, there have been an estimated total of thirty two deaths of violent and resisting mutants in various parts of the city. When political figures were questioned if this was the right thing to do, the press was only met with waving hands and no comments. In the midst of the urban crisis in the big apple, three specific individuals are being hunted down by the new authority, the cape killers. Two of them being what are presumed to be assassins linked to an organization of vigilantes operating here in Manhattan at this time and a man dubbed "The Rumor" by the newspapers, recognizable for a colorfully designed jacket that was also seen during the events of the central park phenomenon a week ago".

Candice was interrupted by a breaking news flash that cut to on seen footage with Channel one's on scene reporter, Norm Johnson. Huddled behind a cab with the cameraman. "Candice! I am reporting live from one of the hundreds of registration stations here in Manhattan where there appears to be a trio of vigilantes ATTACKING the office!" Norm signals the camera to peek out of cover to get some footage of the battle. Norm commentates. "From what I am seeing here, one of them is the caped man that has been seen for the past year, protecting the city! It seems he wont be standing for this registration Candice. Whoa! A female accomplice is putting down multiple cape killers and seems to be dressed much like the taller vigilante". the footage goes completely haywire and fluxes with the colors of the camera, before the static flicked back to footage of a tall and skinny black haired man shooting energy at some cape killers. "Oh my god! Did you see that!? Candice it is the Rumor, I am not sure if he killed the men or not, they seem to be seizing on the floor...OH! The ring leader is about to speak!".

Letting out a deep sigh, lowering his head while pushing back his cowl, Quintus began, "When a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same object, evinces a design to reduce the people under absolute despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such government, and to provide new guards for their future security. Thomas Jefferson." Shadows still concealing his identity until he stepped forward. "My name is Quintus Knightfall, I am not a mutant, I am not an Ultra-Sapien, I am not an alien, I am.........an Outlaw. They will call us terrorists, traitors, but let history show that when our Government failed the people, it was the people themselves that saved the nation." then suddenly, dropping one of his trademark smoke capsules, they were gone.

Norm went silent after the footage of Quintus revealing himself was shown, the entire crowd was in shock. Flicking back to Candice at the office, she too had a look of bewilderment on her face. Clearing her throat, she tapped on her lines and stuttered. "P-People of New York, this just in. Quintus Knightfall has just revealed himself as the dark caped protector of our city...Mm-more as it comes, Candice Nelson, Manhattan's channel one news...".