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CVnU Stats













Fighting Style:



Group Affiliation:

Short Bio:


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Codename: Kurrent

Name: Jayden M. Salvador

Age: 26



Height: 6'2"

Weight: 205

Hair: Brown


Transportation: Dodge Challenger SRT-8

Weapons: Kurrent uses several hand held weapons customized with the laser formula he stole. He has successfully constructed a sword with a laser like blade, two beretta's and an M-4 that shoot laser

Powers: No Powers, Superb Intellect and Deductive Skills

Fighting Style: Boxing/Street Fighting

Alignment: Good

Team: We Are Legend

Group Affiliation:

Short Bio: After graduating college with a degrees in Electrical Engineering and Science. Jayden had a hard time finding his niche in the world. He loved what he had studied, but he didn't want to be stuck in a lab all day. After working several odd jobs he joined the police academy passing with the highest of honors. This also satisfied his need to make a difference in the world. As a rookie he was assigned to a dirty prescient. The chief was league with a super powered villain known by the street name The Professional. Jayden caught wind of this and began his own secret mission to bring them down. After a month of planning, Kurrent was about to execute his plan to set up his Chief and The Professional, but he came upon a weapon making formula on the chiefs desk. The formula intrigued him, so instead of planting evidence like he intended he stole the formula and decided to use it for his own benefit. After several tests Kurrent perfected the formula then destroyed it. To his knowledge he is the only person alive with that knows how to create the Kurrent formula as he likes to call it.


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Those bastard Jedi! They aren't sure what he wants, so they dump him on Earth as a little experiment. 

"Well, if he's really bad, at least it's not our hides!"
And then I imagine all the old men and people having a party with alcoholic beverages and dancing in their robes.

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And then Ult Az killed them all(old jedi aint got sh!t on the twilek look alikes) and stole their tea....and jenatonic ^_^ lol. On a more serious note good job Kurrent a little lacking on the creative side but im sure youll twist it into something bad ass n your own :)
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@614azrael: She better! Yeah! Right!  Bastards, wanna go dump unstable people on Earth. You mess with us, you get the. . .strange alien people who might seem to like us some bit if she's willing to kill you for dumping an unstable guy on us.
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CVnU Stats

Codename: Custodian

Name: Milton B. Wheatley

Age: 42

Monikers: Blue Mage

Rank/Title: 'Boss'

Height: 6'1

Weight: 215

Hair: White

Eyes: Variable

Transportation: Hydro-golem

Weapons: Book of Kings, God of the Word

Powers: 'Superpower' manipulation

Fighting Style: Brawling/Fracas

Alignment: Evil

Team: Unaffiliated

Group Affiliation: N/A

Short Bio:

He was a normal teacher who was loved by his peers until a freak accident changed his life permanently. His life was spent in foreign lands to explore himself as he was wandering the earth to find answers, in europe he met interesting friends. In his new life he started a secret yet somewhat active criminal outfit, sorting out things between other gangs and stabbing them in the back later on. In his activities, he has amassed an odd group of people who are subservient to him. They have no singular base, and they keep moving around as nomads, wandering under the word of one man. At this point he is making enemies with very powerful people, and so far he is doing great in the underworld. He contributes a new element within that area, a bit of his red to compliment their black world.


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@614azrael said:

And then Ult Az killed them all(old jedi aint got sh!t on the twilek look alikes) and stole their tea....and jenatonic ^_^ lol. On a more serious note good job Kurrent a little lacking on the creative side but im sure youll twist it into something bad ass n your own :)

I was actually going for no creativity at all...haha just wanted a revamp and went the Star Wars route. I'll make up for it with twists and turns as I get time to post in stuff, but yeah I was really just going through the motions with this.

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Srite! >.> granted she would likely just do it to for the lols not some noble cause lol
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@614azrael: Hey. Even better. Just means when I come to hurt people, she won't be after me.
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Nice Rumble Man...see you on the battle field!

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@Kurrent: will do

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I wasnt gona label a jedi as a briliant creation I prefer to be hounest lol. I am however sure youll find ways to make it your own :)
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(NOTE: Possibly subject to change as mythology/history-grabbing is being regulated in the CVnU.)


  • Code Name • Izaiah.
  • Name • Adam Drake / Yarikh Atarxia.
  • Age • 16.
  • Monikers • The Wanderer, Son of Tomorrow, the Lord of Light.
  • Rank/Title • Xantroan Illuminated.
  • Height • 5' 11" (180 cm).
  • Weight • 150 lbs (68 kg).
  • Hair • Black.
  • Eyes • Amber.
  • Transportation • Teleportation/Time Travel, Flight (by Telekinesis).
  • Weapons • Deathbringer Blade (probably the same as the Heliopolitan Eternal Setekh's 'Dominion Scepter'; has the properties of freezing things it cuts and absorbing the souls of the ones it kills, if the wielder wishes it).
  • Powers • Regeneration/Metamorphosis, Omnilinguality, Animal Spirit Companionship, Telepathy, Telekinesis, Elemental Manipulation of Water, Frost, Light and Tachyons (Time/Space).
  • Fighting Style • None defined.
  • Alignment • Chaotic Good.
  • Team • We Are Legend.
  • Group Affiliation • The Heliopolitan Illuminateds.
  • Short Bio • In his youth, Adam Drake developed the power to teleport, but he feared the power as he had no control over his destination, so he never willingly used it or told anyone he had it.  However at age 15 he was dragged through a dream back in time by the imprisoned Lady Isis to Ancient Egypt (Amarna Period), where he found himself in the middle of a war between the Heliopolitan Eternals and the corrupt Pharaoh Ikhnaton (possessed by the disembodied Heliopolitan criminal Aton).  When he freed Lord Horus from execution and Lord Zehuti from his prison-sarcophagus, Adam was determined by the Eternals to be a potential tremendous asset due to his powers of omnilinguality and bypassing the Pharaoh's magical teleportation barriers, so they recruited him to their side.  Subsequently he underwent the Rite of Illumination, stabilizing and amplifying his powers (his 'Hekau' as the Egyptians and Eternals called them), giving him the additional power to duplicate the Hekau of five other Eternal Illuminateds (Fire from Horus, Water from Osiris, Air from Mut-Hathor, Earth from Geb, and Time from Thoth/Zehuti).  Zehuti guided Adam to find the two fragments of the old war criminal's, Lord Setekh's 'Dominion Scepter' or 'Deathbringer Blade', which had been broken once Horus defeated Setekh in the ancient past.  Adam also set out to find the missing king of Heliopolis, Lord Amun Ra, and convinced him to return to fight against Ikhnaton.
    With that power at their advantage, the Eternals won against the Pharaoh, but against their plans, Adam killed the Pharaoh (and thus also Aton) with the Deathbringer Blade (the Eternals had planned to simply reimprison Aton in Duat, a shadow dimension where the most dangerous Illuminated criminals are exiled).  As Adam returned to his home age, the Pharaoh cursed him with his dying words, to become mute for the rest of his life.
    In the present, Adam found out that his own father, Jason Drake (Azataron Atarxia) was of the same alien race as the Heliopolitan Eternals (the Nitari of Xantro), and it had been him who had accidentally set Aton free by a faulty time travel experiment, leading his superiors to exile him to Earth.  While Adam felt that with his power at his disposal, he would have to use them responsibly to save people's lives when he could, Jason was reluctant to accept this, but realized he could impossibly stop Adam from doing so.  Jason instead endeavored to help him, and the team We Are Legend, becoming their architect and technology supplier.
    After a disastrous mission with We Are Legend in Japan, Adam was severely injured, triggering his inherent power of Metamorphosis, healing him and lifting Aton's curse (with some help from Zehuti, however).
  • Appearance

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Jace is the cheepest son of a b_tch in Magic hes f_ckn rigged! Ehm uh I mean good job ^_^ lol
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lmao! Thanks.
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Most have a cool + ability and - ability before their ultimant. That ass hole of a f_ckn card has 0 cost abilities. Just toss 1/6th your deck to the grave. Its retarded a broken mechanic and I may have to go after you for using him lol
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lol I don't know much about how Magic is played, I'm just fascinated by the world building and characters in it.
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My best friends dad(practicaly mine ive known em so long) plays. So I kinda picked it up not all hardcore n all but I play. N I can tell you the Plansewalker you use as a look is annoying :P I hate him lol
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Loved the ancient Egypt stuff...Looking forward to seeing this guy in action

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will def work on this

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@Kurrent said:

@Izaiah Loved the ancient Egypt stuff...Looking forward to seeing this guy in action

Thanks! :D
He's not all that different from old Wando/Izaiah, though.
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I would make one.

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Codename: Petite Oiseau

Name: Lily Bertrand

Age: 17

Monikers: Petite Oiseau. Little Bird, Parkour Princess

Rank/Title: N/A

Height: 5'1"

Weight: 118 lbs

Hair: Black with a purple sheen


Transportation: Various

Weapons: Varied blades, bow and arrow

Powers: (Undecided)

Fighting Style: An unorthodox style of street fighting, Krav Maga and various martial arts

Alignment: Herself

Team: N/A

Group Affiliation: The Arashikage

Short Bio: Lily Bertrand was born into the lap of luxury. Her father was a French financier and although her mother was out of the picture, her whereabouts unknown, she never lacked for a mother figure in the form of her nanny Cecilia. However, her entire way of life changed at the tender age of 7. Her father had dug himself into a hole that he could not willingly escape and when it came for the debts that he owed to be collected, he reneged on payment. He was murdered one room over and within a year, Cecilia had succumbed to an unfortunate 'accident'.

Shuffled from orphanage to orphanage, Lily eventually wound up at the Mas-Jambot orphanage. It was here that she first heard the whispers about Jean Luc. He had been a ward of the orphanage, managed to escape the life and carve out a name for himself. One afternoon while hiding from the redient bully, Lily happened upon markings on the wall and several of Jean Luc's old journals detailing a way out and another way of life.

From that point forward, Lily dedicated herself to following the track set out by him. This eventually wound her up in the midst of the Arashikage, a group of mutant outlaws eking out an existence for themselves and using their wiles and powers for a life of crime and opportunity.


Red Robin #25
Red Robin #25
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Codename: N/A

Name: Alistair Amadeus Walker

Age: Undetermined

Monikers: Old Unkillable

Rank/Title: N/A

Height: 6'

Weight: 200 lbs

Hair: White/silver

Eyes: Grey

Transportation: Teleportation charms, various vehicles he steals


  • Stakes
  • Crossbow
  • Holy Water
  • Longsword (usually of varying origin, always made from silver)
  • Sidearm (Likewise of varying make)
  • 'Morning Star'. A grenade of sorts that emits a blinding white light upon detonation
  • One clip of bullets coated in holy water
  • Salt bullets
  • Silver bullets

Powers: Immortality

Fighting Style: For unarmed combat, a hybrid style made up of street fighting techniques and martial arts. In armed combat, he prefers to go for the quick and brutal approach, attempting to end things as quickly as possible.

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Team: None

Group Affiliation: None

Short Bio: A mutant that didn't discover his powers until it was far too late. After he was cut down, his family was butchered as he lost consciousness. He later awoke in the care of a man, who only referred to himself as 'Abraham'. The man knew his pain, and explained to him what had ripped his beloved family from him and ruthlessly slit his throat. A vampire. He didn't want to believe it, but he knew it to be true. Abraham taught him his ways. Showed him how to efficiently kill, maim, torture, and cripple the undead fiends. By the time his training was done, Alistair was ready. Tracking down his family's murderer, he brutally killed the monster. Finding himself with nothing else, he dedicated his life to the art of slaying.


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Parkour Princess is an AWESOME name and Interesting character Zombie. I like his normal dude but I will kill you harshly vibe

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Codename: Discorda

Name: Natasya Okopulous

Age: 26

Monikers: None

Rank/Title: Ms.

Height: 5'6"

Weight: 145 lbs.

Hair: Black

Eyes: Dark Brown

Transportation: Honda Accord

Weapons: Her hands, world class martial artist

Powers: Luck Manipulation

Fighting Style: Atemi or Judo

Alignment: Neutral

Team: Suck it.

Group Affiliation: suck it again.

Short Bio: She hates her hot dogs bunned.



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CVnU Stats

Codename: Feral Nova

Name: Zoe Olesnicky

Age: 18



Height: 5'5

Weight: 120

Hair: Blonde

Eyes: Blue

Transportation: BMW G650GS- Duel-Sports bike made for not only for city use but for off rugged terrain if necessary.

Weapons: Bo Staff, torpedo's, grappling gun, flash/smoke pellets and a lighter.

Powers: Very mild pyrokinesis, is only able to manipulate fire but not to great extent.

Fighting Style: Keysi fighting method with a mixture of parkour and a twist of bartitsu

Alignment: Hero

Team: We Are Legend

Group Affiliation: The Mantel of Feral Nova

Short Bio: Zoe Olisnicky is a 18 year old teenager who is born into a long line of female vigilantes who have been known as 'Feral Nova', women who are born with powerful pyrokinesis powers that is passed down to one member of the family at a time. Now with the untimely death of her older sister (Laura who was Feral Nova), Zoe made the difficult choice of picking up where her sister left off, taking up the mantel herself. While the past Feral Nova had not only the proper training but also powers powers to be able to take up this responsibility since birth, the young teen now struggles to not only stay alive, but give the name 'Feral Nova' justice.

Appearance: Betty Kane/Flamebird

Batwoman #3
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@Discorda: Team Suck It...HAHAHA that is great

@Feral Nova: Loving the whole Feral Nova passed down thing

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@Kurrent: Nice work here man.

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@Impero said:

@Kurrent: Nice work here man.

Thanks! Figured this would be an easy way to get info on people

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@Kurrent: What can I say? Suck it.

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CVnU Stats

Codename: Rhinoceros

Name:Felix (surname unknown)

Age: 20

Monikers: The Rhinoceros, Jackal

Rank/Title: None

Height: 6'2

Weight: 275 lbs

Hair: White

Eyes: Blue



Weapons: Huge wedge blade known as the Rhino's Horn, knife


Powers: None

Fighting Style: Run in, swinging his sword like a mad man.

Alignment: Neutral

Team: None

Group Affiliation: Formerly the Consortium

Short Bio:

Rhinoceros Felix was a Jackal, one of the most deadly assassins on the face of the planet. He is known as the Rhinoceros due to his uncanny ability to charge through any danger, his blade, known as the "Rhino's Horn" hacking and slashing as he goes.

The reason he is a Jackal is due to the fact that his family were brutally slaughtered at a young age, and he himself was kidnapped. He was trained from the ground up to be stronger, faster, smarter, than anyone in the gang known as the Consortium. His favourite test of his strength was attempting to lift the wedge blade known as the Rhino's Horn. He was also trained as a gymnast, an acrobat, a hand to hand fighter, a medic, a scientist, among many other things.

He was also trained in a number of more spiritual fields, such as meditation and study of the paranormal. Through use of his training, he can survive things that would take most men to the brink of death, and only come out stronger and more intelligent for the injury. He can take multiple knives to the chest and keep fighting. Through the modulation of his inner energy, or chi, he heals moderately faster from wounds, and can take more damage than most people. Through extensive torture scenarios, his tolerance to both physical and mental pain is incredibly high. It is believed in some circles that you cannot stop Felix unless you kill him.


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Codename: Legion

Name: Charles Ivan Andrews

Age: Frozen at age 28, true age not revealed to him.

Monikers: The White Star, One man Army

Rank/Title: Petty Officer

Height: 6'5

Weight: 252 lbs.

Hair: Blond

Eyes: Blue

Transportation: Mainly military aircraft.

Weapons: Nuthuorium Shield, pistol w/ explosive rounds.

Powers: Above-Human physical attributes, stress makes physical attributes increase and improve, X-Ray vision, echolocation, dormant abilities.

Fighting Style: A mixture Jiu-jitsu, defendo, Systema, Hwa Rang Do, Kalaripayattu, and several dozens of American martial arts.

Alignment: Neutral Good

Team: None

Group Affiliation: U.S. Military

Short Bio: Project White Star was a joint project set up by the U.S. and Russia to create better soldiers. It started shortly after the ending of the Cold War, as the two super powers had gotten onto steady ground. The project was officially ended in the U.S. on December 5th, 2002. It officially ended in Russia in 2006. Charles Andrews, or "Legion", was found in a facility's warehouse in a containment pod in 2010, just before the facility was shutdown. He didn't know what year it was or why he was in the pod, all he knew was that he had signed up for a military program. He was reinstated shortly afterward.


Fear Itself 7.1 Variant

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Codename: Azrael

Name: Alezra Bloodhusk

Age: 100

Monikers: Azra, Aza, Misty

Rank/Title: Leader/Queen of the Teres Morba, Wanted (for lack of better words) Criminal

Height: 5'9

Weight: 40

Hair: Normaly she has red or blue skin with tattoos and headtails, sometimes to blend in though the headtails are made red or black hair

Eyes: Yellow

Transportation: flight, teleportation

Weapons: Nedolin, Plasmis Kataris

Powers: Telepathy, Telekenisis, Motion Manipulation

Fighting Style: An advanced mixture of dozens of alien fighting styles of blade combat. It has been harmonized into a singular art form of periless finess. Fusing the mixture of blades is the thing that makes the Teres race the legend it has become and as the successor to the last Kataris(original ruling family of the species) Alezra is the prime example of a Teres.

Alignment: More likely to stab you then save you

Team: Her species, and likely not yours

Group Affiliation: None on this rock at the least

Short Bio: On a far distant world known as Teres Morbith resides an alien race. Despite its advanced technology and culture however they have thrived on the foundation of hand to hand combat. They have mastered a swordsmanship talent that is respected and feared by many. The race was led a long time by the Kataris family. The last of the line though found herself unable to reproduce. And so a new heir needed picking, the title was to be passed down to Alezra Bloodhusk a prodigy of the respected arts. After presumably mastering the skill it was left for Alezra to prove it by taking the life of the Last Kataris.

Before she could claim her mantle however she was sent on a scouting mission on earth. The small aircraft had taken fire from where nobody knows, the hit would force the ship to crash somewhere in Roswell New Mexico. She was frozen comatose and experimented on. Untill a few days ago when she woke up. And the confines of Area 51 could not contain her.

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Sideslash -swing sword like a mad man ......lmao

Legion -nice powers man looking forward to hearing more about project white start

Tanner - badass vampires are always awesome

Ult AZ - motion manipulation sound like it is going to be a pain in the ass in battle lol

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Normaly its just used to avoid bullets or curve hers. Teres have piss poor aim their all swords. Motion control is more to avoid getting shot and survive the imposible(Az here in case thats not obvious lol)

Codename: Hexcraft

Name: Evangiline Sinclair


Monikers: Hex, Evie

Disorders: Split personality, Hex and Evie are seperate, sometimes one might interupt the other.

Rank/Title: Imortal Martyr, Religions Assassin


Weight: 115

Hair: Pink or Bald

Eyes: Crimson

Transportation: Whatevers conventional

Weapons: Plasma Blades

Powers: Vectors and Blood(hers is acidic) Manipulation, Charmed Palms(see bio for details)

Fighting Style: Deffence and Counter Oriented

Alignment: Up for debate

Team: It's secret be gone with you!

Group Affiliation: See above

Short Bio: Evie was possessed as a child which has led to a split personality. Upon the exorcism and brief death her abilities were manifested and because of this she was taken away from her home instead of given a chance at life. The church took her in and began to train her to be their weapon of choice. If they thought there was an issue, or she herself thought there was one she was authorized to use whatever force fealt exceptable. Upon conclusion of mission the church that hired her would pay for the cover up. They give her the essentials to get by and some luxury money as a way to pamper her. Keeping an otherwise potential psychopath at bay. Evie acts on a principle of heroics but her nature leaves her responses sometimes on an extreme end.

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Codename: Brick House

Name:Giovanni Marquis


Monikers: Darkchild, Fire Born



Weight:210 Regular Form, 450 Metallic Form

Hair:Brown untransformed, Black Transformed

Eyes: Blue, Transformed Grey

Transportation: 1967 Black Chevy Impala, with Hard Top


Powers: Metallic Skin that surrounds every inch of his skin, Ability to drain the life essense from anything living around him. Either redirect it to heal, or kill

Fighting Style:Self Defense Taught or learned from mother


Team:None at the Moment(hehehe soon though)

Group Affiliation:

Short Bio: Ten years ago Gio's powers manifested when his father was beating his mother, in a fit of rage he drained his father of all his life to heal his mother. Now ten years later he travels the world searching for somewhere safe to call home, keeping his mother safe is his sole purpose in life. And he is willing to do this in anyway possible, not a fighter by heart he always finds himself in those situations that need him to fight. He simply hopes that New York will prove to be a home for him and his mother.



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Codename: Tremble

Name: Jonotan Jacobs


Monikers: Ghost in The Darkness

Rank/Title:Colonel, Commander


Weight: 195



Transportation: Jeep Rangler

Weapons:Wrist Gauntlets that amplify his powers, and channel the energies

Powers: Vibration Manipulation, able to manipulate and control anything that moves or vibrates, creates a vibration etc etc

Fighting Style: Ugandan Para-Military Training



Group Affiliation:N/A

Short Bio: After becoming Ugandans first Mutant Leader at the young age of 15 he began a country wide scale eradication. He eradicated any and anyone who sought to bring his regime to a halt, many times dirtying his own hands in their blood. After twenty long years, every country in Africa knows his name. Tremble shakes the hearts of those he has yet to touch, as a vicious leader he is also kind and many in Africa see him as a God of War. One who only punishes those who are wicked. After amassing a small army of followers, Jono has set his sight on the US. Preferably New York City



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Codename: Synapse

Name: Adrienne Regan Synn ( nee Reinhardt )

Age: 39


Rank/Title: Doctor of Psychiatry

Height: 5'9 1/2

Weight: 148 lbs

Hair: Blonde

Eyes: Silver Blue

Transportation: Toyota Prius Hybrid ( Light blue )

Weapons: Her mind

Powers: Neurokinesis ( The ability to manipulate the brain's biological impulses and chemicals to cause euphoria or pain )

Fighting Style: Strategist

Alignment: Good

Team: None Yet

Group Affiliation: None Yet

Short Bio: Doctor of Psychiatry based out of Philadelphia, PA. Husband named Seth Synn ( retired DEA Agent ), sister Marla Reinhardt ( Kindergarten teacher ) Oh... And she's secretly a closet lesbian.



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@Kurrent: I try.


Alias: Kovak

Name: Kelyv Denran

Age: 23

Monikers: Kelyv, Denran, KD, K, Masked Murderer

Ranks/Titles: Silent Saint

Height: 6'2"

Weight: 195 lbs

Hair: Black

Eyes: Crimson (turn yellow/orange when angered)

Transportation: Anything that is present

Weapon: Sword of the Pure - A blade of pure energy, it is designed to burn through any matter it comes into contact with. It is claimed to be the sword of a powerful angel, and Kelyv often refers to it as the 'Hand of Metatron', however, this may be exaggerated, as there is no evidence to link it to Heaven or any angel.


Soul Drain - Through years of focus and training of forbidden occult powers, Kovak has the ability to drain the soul of anyone he comes into contact with. These extra souls provide him with enhanced physical abilities and the power to escape death by sacrificing souls to keep himself alive.

Strength - Kovak's strength, amplified by drained souls, is constantly in flux. As of his first appearance, he possesses comparable strength of a class 20. By exerting his impressive strength through his legs, he can leap incredible distances as well.

Durability - Kovak has impressive durability, capable of taking blows from a 75 tonner with no ill effect. He is also very durable to heat and cold, seemingly walking through fire with no harm, and breaking free from a block of ice that froze him solid.

Telepathic resistance - Due to his incredible willpower, and the multiple personalities in his mind, it is difficult for a telepath to successfully read his mind or predict his movements.

Fighting style: Offensive, based around using technique and powerful skills to open foes up for a soul drain.

Alignment: I tread the path of the true and righteous.

Team: My superiors shall remain anonymous

Group affiliation: I am not at liberty to discuss it.

Short bio: Although I would rather that no record of the existence of our society is in existence (loose lips sink ships), my superiors request that I keep a journal. My divine mission is far too pivotal and crucial for me to be wasting my time with this! My name, is Kelyv Denran, and I am an assassin for a certain group of religious zealots. I, myself, am merely a footsoldier in this war against the unrighteous and unworthy, but, unlike some of my colleagues, I recognise the need for self control, for anonymity. That is why I wear the mask.


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Codename: Agent 13

Name: Unknown- offical secrets act

Age: 30

Monikers: N/A

Rank/Title: Commander

Height: 6 "2"

Weight: 210 lbs

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Brown

Transportation: Various tricked out supercars

Weapons: PPK pistol, selection of gadgets

Powers: Peak human/Olympic level stats.

Fighting Style: Firearms and mixed martial arts for personal defence, with added gadgetry

Alignment: Britsh Government Blue/Grey

Team: N/A

Group Affiliation: MI-X

Short Bio: One the highest ranking secret service agenst in the UK. Specaily trained from a yound age in counter espionage techniques including seduction, interogation and all forms of combat. Served queen and country for 8 years and international known as the UK's go to guy by his agency title of agent 13 though his pyshical attributes and name still reamin a mystery to all but MI-X.



Will expand at a later date

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@EdwardWindsor: I always see Eddie as

X-Men: First Class
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@Sideslash: good shout ,hes a little small though. Eddy's a tank , however that profile stuff ( agent 13)^ isnt Eddy

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@Sideslash: i do like the idea , not using Eddy in this verse. I will consider the look for mainstream verse though mainly since he will have telpathy gifs

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Codename: The Arcadian

Name: Maxwell Kingston

Age: 31


Rank/Title: Prince of Gaia

Height: 6'4

Weight: 215

Hair: Black

Eyes: Brown


Powers: Superhuman strength, speed, stamina, Invulnerability, Super hearing, Flight

Fighting Style:

Alignment: Hero/Good

Team: N/A

Group Affiliation: N/A

Short Bio: The Anthromorphs would travel to different planets and study their inhabitants for research - believing Earth to be somewhat unique, Max was sent to study humans more closely, although his life became that of a regular being. Only when Max had become the Arcadian he realised his true potential and destiny, believing that he was sent to earth to become something more.


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Name: Shane Lincoln

Age:Unknown exact age, appears to be 20 years old

Monikers: Beast, Subject 52




Hair:Long Blonde

Eyes: Emerald



Powers:Healing, Predator claws and instincts, Ability to call upon Ghouls and Ghosts, Cast Illusions, Intangibility

Fighting Style: None, yet fights like an animal

Alignment: Neutral


Group Affiliation:

Short Bio: After escaping his prison within a Governmental Laboratory he has been on the run since along side his "sister" Lucy. Always running he has had numerous incursions with law enforcement officers. Making a name for himself as the BEAST within the woods of Canada. Making his way south he continues with his sister Lucy, trying to find somewhere where they will be left alone. A place the government will never touch them.

Sabretooth by Chris Bachalo
Sabretooth by Chris Bachalo


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Codename: Enchantress

Name: Amora Huntington

Age: 24

Monikers: Amora

Rank/Title: Magic Prodigy

Height: 5'9.5

Weight: 120

Hair: Blonde

Eyes: Blue

Transportation: Teleportation

Weapons: Sorcery

Powers: Sorcery, superhuman physiology

Fighting Style: Non-physical

Alignment: Own agenda


Group Affiliation: Phoenix Academy

Short Bio: Born in Mooi River, South Africa, Amora Huntington was raised by a family of aristocratic witches and wizards. Known worldwide for their affluence as well as politic and arcane prowess, Amora was quickly delved into a world of corruption and manipulation. After graduating from the prestigious Phoenix Academy of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Amora used the vast mystic knowledge she obtained from school as well as a cunning mind and omnipotent allure to work her way through the business and political world as well as being regarded as one of the top sorceresses in history.

Appearance: (Candice Swanepoel)

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Codename: N/A

Name: Michael Clinton Caldwell

Age: 30

Monikers: N/A

Rank/Title: N/A

Height: 6'2

Weight: 200 (Muscular/Athletic Build)

Hair: Blonde

Eyes: Blue

Transportation: Unknown/Varies

Weapons: FN Five-seveN 5.7×28mm Handgun with a built in Suppressor, Various Gadgets.

Powers: Precognition, Limited Healing Factor, Peak Human Physiology, Super Human Accuracy.

Fighting Style: Engages at a distance, closing with the target to switch to hand-to-hand

Alignment: Himself

Team: N/A

Group Affiliation: N/A

Short Bio: An Olympic Archer and Marksman turned CIA Operative, betrayed during a covert operation in the Democratic Republic of Korea, after a length chase through the harsh, mountainous country and inevitable capture, Michael 'Mike' Caldwell was held for two long painful years in a detention camp, regularly starved and tortured by his captors. After two years of planning, watching and waiting, he finally overwhelmed his guards and broke free, making his way north and slipping across the border into the Russian Federation. After a shower, a shave and a few days sleep, the newly freed agent placed a call to his former employers, who were quick to congratulate him and offer his old job back, only to have their former asset tell them where they could stick their offer. In the years sense, Michael has made a name for himself as a contract hitman, intelligence broker and occasionally as a mercenary.


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Codename: Darth Coven

Name: Mishelia Starend

Age: I didn't become this for age to matter

Moniker: Lady Coven, Lord Coven

Rank: Lead Priest of the Coven

Height: 6'0

Weight: 121

Hair: Varies

Eyes: None

Transportation: Whatevers conventional

Weapons: Cane concealed lightsaber, concealed pistols

Powers: The force, with more stamina to put to use then most would think possible

Fighting Style: The style is based primarily on fighting with gun or saber, and then using openings for the other weapon

Alignment: Sith

Team: Sith Covenant

Group Affiliation: Coven

Bio: Mishelia is the lead figure of the Coven the founder of all it stands for. She uses natural senses with the force to see and hear, her hair and atire be it glasses or a hood are used to mask the fact she has no eyes or ears. Not much is known about her, not many live to speak of her. Mishelia is a hidden figure amongst the world and prefers that to be so.