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Los Angeles, WAL HQ

Zoe sat in the medical ward of what was left of the WAL HQ. After the Registration Act was put into effect the team head quarters were attacked by the government Blood still stained the parking lot grounds and shattered glass could still be seen along the tile floor. They were attacked at the foundation of their team... and yet... they still managed to survive. The team was still a bit roughed up, Zoe was lucky, only getting a few stitches and deep bruises.

"You need to take these antibiotics for at least ten days." Dr. Hope's voice caught the attention of hte young hero. "Your wounds should heal over just fine, but this is just for insurance."

Zoe nod her head, as she gave a small grin. "Thanks Doctor Hope." she stood up and walked out the door only to be met by her Aunt, Heather Johnsen, a former Feral Nova.

"Come with me." was in her newest motorized wheelchair, her last one getting demolished from the onslaught of the government. "I think Jason and I found a lead on who exactly began the Registration Act frenzy."

"Well yeah... it was those damn Knightfalls over in New York, one of them killed the Congressmen." Zoe used to have respect for the Knightfalls, they were like her, basically street level heroes making a difference, but after that... what were they thinking? "They say it wasn't them but-"

"It wasn't the Knightfalls." Heather spoke as the two entered the mission room as the mantel holder closed the door behind them. "Jason, Abigail and I have been looking into exactly who began the push for the registration act." She slid an manila envelope over to her niece.

Hesitant, the young teen opened it, what was she about to get herself into?

"The group we think is responsible are called 'The Cardinals'." she paused for a moment to allow the hero to read up a bit. "We believe the woman who runs the group goes by the name of 'La Malaguena'."

"Wait wait..." Zoe shook her head, quickly putting the papers back in the envelope and shoving it back across the table. "Why haven't you sent this information out to prove that it WASN'T the Knightfalls and get this whole Registration Act nullified!?"

"Zoe, it's not that simple, we need to make sure the information we've been stumbling on is not false... it... seemed a bit too easy to gather this information, even with the reliable contacts it came from."

"...so... what you want me to try and find these Cardinals?"

"Yes, find out what you can about them and get evidence that they are one's who killed the Congressmen and why they did so, there has to be a reason behind it other than wanting to start the Registration Act."

The teen stood silent for a moment. "I want Gio to come with me." she always felt protected by Gio, she knew if he was with her, she would have the confidence she needed to be able to go through with this and maybe even come out alive.

"No, you're going to have to go on this mission alone. If something else happens here, I'm going to need to the team in full force." she could see the worry in her niece's eyes, the fear of not just being injured but of death, the same look she had when she became paralyzed all those years ago. "You'll be fine Zoe."

"Phh yeah, just because your not putting your neck on the line." she leaned over the desk, grasping the envelope again. She didn't want to do this... but if it meant they can prove the Knightfalls innocents and get this stupid Registration Act away... "So... where am I going?"

The next day: City of Malaga, Spain

"I can't believe I'm in freaken Spain." The blond teen spoke as she walked down the busy streets of the city. Dressed in her civilian cloths, the hero began her investigation, walking around, asking questions about the Cardinals, pretending to be a college student doing research on the legendary group. But everyone she spoke to simply shook their head, walking away from her. It was as if speaking about them was dangerous... great... "Draw attention to yourself she said... it'll be easier she said..."

Walking into a bar, eyes instantly were shifted over to her. People were already talking about her, they knew why she was there. Seemed like word traveled fast in Spain, this was good. Walking up to the bartender she smiled, dropping some Euro's on the table. She began speaking, her thick American accent butchering a few words as she spoke."Perdón, estoy haciendo la investigación sobre los Cardenales para la universidad-"

"I know who are you little girl." The bartender stopped her, his thick Spanish accent was making it a bit hard for her to understand. "What I don't know is why you have a death wish."

"Thank god you speak English, I was getting tired of using my English-Spanish dictionary." she placed her hand over the money that was on the table. "Look," she looked down at her hand. "This can be yours, I just need information, these people are probably responsible for hundreds of people's deaths in the United States." she pushed her hand towards his end. "I NEED to find them."

The man looked down at her hand, seeing the ring with the 'L' on it, he knew what it meant. "You are one of those heroes, the Legends." She didn't do anything but look back at him. Nodding his head, he began walking over to the back door he nudged his head, telling her to follow. Grasping the money she walked through the door as the man stood, lighting a cigar that was being held between his lips. "The Cardinals are here in Malaga, but they are not from here, this is only one Countries where they reside in." he took a puff of his cigar, holding the smoke in his lungs for a few seconds before slowly letting it out. "You have a lot of balls coming here alone little girl, even for a Leyenda."

"Where can I find them?" Zoe didn't want to hear about how dangerous they were, she just wanted to get her mission over and done with. Go home, be with the team and watch American Idol.

"You won't find them." he chuckled. "They find you, that's how they work, when they find out that you are poking your nose around, depending on how dangerous you are to them, they'll send someone after you, to kill... capture... that I don't know." he inhaled deeply. "I suggest you stay away from my bar when we are done here, I don't need the Cardinals breathing down my neck."

"Thanks..." Zoe handed over the money to the man, but he shook his head.

"I cannot take your money, this will be blood money as soon as you walk out my doors." with that he began walking towards the front of the door that entered his bar. "Take the back door out, and good luck Leyenda."

Later that day

Zoe was in her hotel room standing by the window and looking out into the city, the sun beginning to set behind the water's of the ocean. Seemed so peaceful... beautiful actually, it was almost too crazy to believe that such a powerful terrorist group could be residing within it. Now was just the waiting game...

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After receiving the Initial word to provoke the registration act, La Malaguena removed herself from the conflict all together, her focus shifted from the ever changing politics of the world; to the hunting of the Braveharts.

Malaga had been placed under Cardinal Law, the invisible empire continued to grow’ every day new recruits joined the organization for security and guidance. On this day in particular La Malaguena play host to a masquerade at her own villa; hundreds of high ranking Cardinals graced her home with family and friends to celebrate the promotion of Lethal Weapon.

Z’s home had a classical beauty, one not found anywhere else in the city. Asymmetrical in layout and sporting arched doorways, a small balcony, curved roof tiles, stucco exterior walls, a courtyard entrance and lush green natural gardens, This was one of the few homes on the hill, exhibit an alluring Mediterranean charm.

La Malaguena stood in a stunning red gown, with a glass of white wine in her hand; the Cardinals circled around her and Kelly for the promotion.

“I would like to thank, all of you for coming; Kelly’s role in the American events will not go unnoticed; it is here at this Red Cardinal ball; that I promote Kelly from the roll of admin to that of Black Cardinal; with that title she is now second command to myself and will oversee the start-up operations in Poland”

All in attendance began to applaud the efforts of Kelly, but before the newly anointed Black Cardinal could speak, a messenger whispered in her ears.

Usually all messages would be handled by the admins, rarely ever did a Cardinal bearing some sort of title move on grunt information but, tonight was different. Z caught wind of the information and retired to her family basement.

Just a few days removed from Impero’s brutal weighted training, the Red Queen used this opportunity to test her new skill.

“Kelly, I have domestic business to attend to, please attend to my guest” Z said, embracing her sister. “Yes Domina” the Black Cardinal responded, watching as the Mirage Matron disappeared with a few close body guards.

Leaping through the town’s skyline, Z landed in full gear on top of a bar. Sliding her legendary mask onto her face, the Mirage demons conjured her illusion.

The bar doors pushed open, a blinding light surrounding La Malaguena darkened her figure; the doors closed behind her with a loud slam. The theatrics` halted every heart in the room; besides the long black hair and her paralyzing Yellow dress; many of the patrons knew if Domina was here then there would be harsh consequences.

“Perdoname for interrupting your celebration, I just need to speak with the bartender” she said, with her thick Spanish accent complimenting her gown. “Twill only be a moment” She stood in silence as, the patrons rushed from the building beers in hand, some of them grabbing more on the way out.

“The way I understand it is, that a woman came here asking about the Cardinals” her head tilted to the side her eyes winced just a bit, but she was trying to gauge how truthful he was.

Behind them the door had been locked tightly, no one was coming out; the bartender took a seat with his head propped low. “I didn’t tell her anything…” he said, looking into the Mediterranean eyes of the Cardinal Queen.

“No, of course you didn’t, you see that’s a problem; one of my informants saw her leave through the backdoor as opposed to the front” Z continued her theatrics using her hands to motion.

“I don’t know where she is…” he said, looking at a picture of his wife and kids. Tears slowly started to form in his eyes, he knew he’d never see them again. Ziccarra bent down; squatting almost to meet his eyes. “We don’t need to know where she is…we know where she will be” “You may exit…” she said, pointing to the backdoor, the man glanced into the eyes of the Malaguena with a bit of confusion.

“Next time, you will mention nothing, you will see no evil hear no evil” she said, giving him her hand. Despite it being an illusion the man ran to the back of his bar and out the door.

In actuality he ran into his bathroom; the illusion faded as the bar roared in flames, the screams of the bartender deafening in the sound of the collapsing structure. “I want every television station covering this fire…we will draw her out” Z said, sticking a Cardinal pin in one of the beams.

“Carnival” the message read, which hinted at the Malagan Carnival on the other side of the city.

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“No one want’s to talk, it’s like everyone is terrified of them.” Zoe was frustrated as she spoke into her communication ring, she spent her entire day getting shunned and avoided.

“Because your not talking to the right people” Heather’s voice was on the other side.

“No it’s because YOU want me to go around playing Marco-Polo with The Cardinals-“ before she could finish she heard sirens pass by her hotel. Her eyes looked out her window to see smoke rising from within the city.


“I’ll talk to you later.” The hero hung up the phone as she grabbed her remote and began flipping through the channels till it stopped at female reporter standing in front of a burning building.

“No está claro cómo comenzó el fuego en el bar local, pero las autoridades están cerrando toda la calle para su investigación.-“ Turning off the TV, she didn’t need to hear anymore, it was the same bar she visited that day, which to her Only meant one thing.

“The Cardinals…” she whispered as she walked over to her suitcase, pulling out her costume and equipment as she began suiting up. She could feel her living suit cling to her body as she slipped the mask over her face. Slipping her bo staff in place and snapping the Belt with all her little gadgets around her waist.

Few minutes later she was walking through the shadows of the streets, even dressed in her bright costume she managed to avoid the police, making her way towards the still roaring fire. Anger and guilt built up inside her, this was her fault, the bartender was most likely still inside. She couldn't do anything now, not for him, she had to press forward, she HAD to find The Cardinals. Turning away from the fire her eyes caught a reflection of light along a structured beam. Arching her brow she walked over it, it was a pin with the same symbol that Heather showed her that they thought belonged to The Cardinals. Ripping the paper off that was held up by it she looked at it with confusion as she read it out loud. "Carnival?" She lowered the paper from her face as she used her free hand to jerk the pin out, tucking it in one of her many belt pouches, maybe they could snag a finger print or two off when she got home.

"Usted, por allá!" She could hear voices from a distance, she had to get out of there, last thing she needed was to have WAL get pinned for this.

About an hour later

Zoe stood in a huge crowd of people in the middle of the city, people were dancing around her as loud music echoed through the street from the live entertainment. Everyone were dressed in bright costumes, some even with masks, like things couldn't get more frustrating. Of course Heather had to decided to send Feral Nova out to Malaga during their Fiestas de Carnaval.

A parade was passing through as Zoe slowly looked around the crowed, whoever left her the note had to be around somewhere. She began swaying to the music, trying to blend in with the cheerful and colorful crowed as her eyes scanned around the area.

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The streets of Malaga were crowded by flamenco dancers, hordes upon hordes of people dressed in Picasso inspired cloths for the coming of the Holy season of Lent. The Malagan soccer teams as well as mayor marched through the parade wearing the festive colors associated with the Red Cardinals. “La ciudad de Málaga, quisiera dar la bienvenida a la Malaguena!” an announcer yelled, pointing in the direction of a huge stage.

Z whom was hidden somewhere in the masses projected an illusion of herself on stage; the graceful dahlia waved to the crowd in a stunning black dress, with her trademark split of the side of her leg. The roar from the crowd for their beloved Malaguena; her family’s winery had been the staple in the city of centuries; all the while her Cardinals were the secret taskforce behind its prestige.

This was a woman many held in high regard, she was a prime candidate for Mayor or even something more; little did they know she played her part in the western registration act; and had even more sinister plans for Spain.

The moment Nova was spotted the Cardinals alerted La Malaguena; known for their distinct beauty, picking out Feral Nova in the crowd was not overly easy; but not hard either. Z’s shadow cast over the young woman getting larger by the second; Z’s legs rest on a ferris wheel which amplified her shadow.

“You’ve come quite the way to do a school report…” Z said, now in front of the girl stalking towards her. The illusion of “La Malaguena” still remained on the stage; no one around them appeared to notice them.

“One thing you must remember, about entering a foreign culture; understand that you can just as easily be taken advantage of” Z said, removing her bullwhip from her waiste. “Come with me, and I’ll find out just why you’re here” she boasted.

The fox-nosed mask on Z’s face began to glow red; Z threw her hand behind her and flung forward 5 ninja stars, all laced with black mamba poison; these were to temporarily occupy the time of the young woman.

Snapping her X-intercept, Z pushed the whip forward hoping to make any amount of contact with the woman’s skin, this would induce the effects of the LSD tainted on the tips of her whip. Z’s strategy was to put the woman down mentally without too much of a physical encounter.

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"La Malaguena!"

The crowed gathered together as the booming cheers echoed through the streets at the mention of the name but caused chills go down the hero's back, this was the person she was looking for. The wave of people shoved Zoe around until she was just a few feet away from the stage, looking up at the raven haired beauty.

"Well... she's pretty, I'll give her that." The hero spoke to herself as she brought her ring close to her lips. "Heather, I found her... seems like people around here worship her." her blue eyes gazed at the mass around her, they all seemed to have put this woman on a pedestal in adoration.

"Be careful, someone with that much power over the people is dangerous." Heather's voice echoed in her mind.

"Noted." Just then a shadow was cast over her,Zoe's eyes slowly fixed upward at La Malaguena who was looking downward right at her. She knew. "...crap..." she whispered to herself as she began making her way towards her, but the crowed seemed to be still focused on something else on the stage? Wait... there were TWO La Malaguena? The crowed didn't seem to notice the one that was standing right before her, talking directly at her! Perfect, now she's a illusion casting mutant of hero @ss kicking... How else would she be able to come this close to her without the people noticing? The mask she wore began to give off an eerie red glow and Zoe couldn't help but give a nervous grin, her eyes landing on the whip.

"You know, I'm REALLY not into that kind of kinky stuff... but I have a friend at home, he would lov-" She stopped talking, watching the deadly woman reached behind her, and that's when Zoe knew... she was about to have the fight of her life.

Out of reflex the hero ducked down as the stars flew over her, embedding themselves into five random people in the crowed catching the attention of the people around her who were almost hypnotized by the illusion Everyone around her let out a shriek of panic, not knowing where the ninja stars came from as the mass amount of people began moving at once, shoving each other out of the way while Zoe fought against them to get towards La Malaguena. A snap of the whip was all she heard as she felt the sting of it against the left cheek. Finally getting to the stage she pulled herself up on it, standing just a few feet away of the woman who was responsible for the chaos in her country.

Well there was no point in being subtle about it anymore. "Who are you working for? Why did you attack the United States? We know it was you!" the sloppy hero began shouting at the woman as her eyes began to blur. Blinking her eyes a few times she shook her head, beads of sweat forming along her forehead. "Wha...?" Was she drugged? How-? She felt the small laceration on her cheek, her eyes darting downward at the whip, she freaken drugged her! "Dang you are kinky." she murmured to herself, she didn't know what was in her system right now, but she figured she would only have a few minutes before the effects would render her helpless.

"What's wrong, you knew there was no way you would be able to beat me so you had to resort to drugging me?" she smiled, trying to annoy the hell out of the woman and trying to distract her long enough as she pulled out two flash pellets. "I'm flattered that the woman who leads the cardinals would be threatened by a teenager."

With that she began her own attack, smashing the pellets on the ground, a blinding flash engulfed the area, the lenses of her mask shielding them allowing her to rush forward at the woman. When close enough she slightly turned her body to the side as she snapped her right leg into the air, putting her weight on her left leg as she rotated her body as she preformed a spinning high kick towards the woman's head, or at least she hoped it was her head... she couldn't tell if the drug was beginning to effect her fighting just yet. Struggling just a bit to keep her balance from the spinning kick she then leaped upward into the air as she attempted a wired fu kick, using the momentum of the jump she thrust her left leg forward towards her chest. Landing back on the ground she could feel her body waver slightly to the right. Correcting herself she knew she couldn't let the woman know the drug was already effecting her like this. With a grin she nod her head.

"Come on, hit me with your best shot."

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People began to run and scream for their lives, Z’s face never altered; she had already achieved the desired effect. The purpose of her casting an image of La Malaguena on the stage was to give off the impression that Feral Nova attacked her. Having an extensive knowledge in poison and its effects it was easy to tell that Zoe began to feel the effects of the hallucinogen; despite the effects the woman still had fight left in her.

She lost visual on Zoe, thanks to the blinding factor of the flash pellets; Z was left guessing where the young hero’s next step would be. Still disoriented, Zoe’s foot cut through the smoke hitting the Mediterranean Goddess dead, Z’s body flipped sideways from the impact of the kick; she landed elevated on her shoulder just a bit. Z pushed off the ground, only to be knocked back down by Zoe. The powerful kick sent la Malaguena rolling on her spine, the graceful Spaniard had the wherewithal to land in a crouched position.

“Impressive…” Z said, lifting her mask just a bit to spit out blood that pushed through her teeth. “I despite kids” she whispered, watching as the young girl motioned for her to attack. “You really think, I won’t kill you because you’re a child?” Z asked, giving a paralyzing stare with her fox mask. “The moment you set out on your journey, you lost the right to be called a teenager. You may not be an adult; but you can at least die like one”

Z dashed forward, the mask instantly conjured the illusion of an elephant stampede; the dust and debris the huge beast kicked up were enough to shield the Toxic Malagan until she were right upon Zoe. “I’ll admit it” Z started whilst moving to attack. Standing vertically with Zoe, Z quickly pivoted downwards towards the girl’s thigh; attempting to strike with two fingers to lock the pressure point resulting in a Charlie horse like pain which would limit maneuverability.

“The way you came here, and commanded information; even your battle confidence…outstanding” Z said, transitioning quickly from that downward strike to a handstand, pushing her legs behind her she attempted to handstand kick the young girl in retaliation from earlier.

“However you are in way over your head here” Z removed a canister; and tossed it on the ground in-between them; hoping this laughing gas in addition with the LSD effects would render the girl unfit to fight early on.

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Score TWO for Zoe and zero for the evil masked woman! Zoe was feeling a bit over confidant after her attacks landed, standing with a plastered grin on her face as she listened to the woman speak. She could feel the drug slowly course through her body, it was getting harder and harder to focus with every minute she stood there.

Her stomach began to turn while her heart began to race as she began to develop anxiety in the middle of the fight. ‘Dontfreakoutdontfreakoutdontfreakout’ she thought over and over again as the Cardinal leader began her own assault.

It seemed literally out of no where an elephant appeared! “Holy sh-!” She felt like she couldn’t move! Her legs were as stiff as bored and felt like they were cemented into the ground. Throwing her hands up she braced herself to be trampled down by the massive beast, only to have to phase right through her. Zoe opened her eyes and was about to sigh in relief until she felt her right thigh cramp up. Gritting her teeth she looked over to the side to see the La Malaguena next to her. “When did she-“ Before she could finish the deadly Spaniard’s foot slammed underneath her chin, her teeth clashing together with her tongue in-between, causing a gush of blood to instantly fly out of her mouth. The force of impact caused Zoe’s body to become airborne for a few seconds before falling flat on her back, the air knocked out of her as a pool of blood continued to gather in her mouth.

“No…” she grunted as she spat the blood from between her lips. “I think you won’t kill me-“ she sat up, as she saw a can of gas being thrown before her, it looked like… a pink color was coming from it? Oh man… the drugs were starting to hit her hard now. “because your fascinated by me.” She began to feel a tickling her abdomen and throat as she chuckled a bit. “and killing me, would be just too easy, you want to see me struggle.” The hero couldn’t hold it, she began laughing as wrapped her arms around her stomach. “You- hahah, you want to make me feel like I’m helpless and make me fail as a hero!” she threw her head back as she fell back to the ground in a giggling fit. Different colors began to blur her vision and the laughing wasn’t helping. What could she do? It was so hard to focus, so hard to think, she felt like she was about to pass out from the drugs in her system.

But wait, gas!

Struggling she rolled over to her side, reaching behind her and pulled out a small lighter, stretching out her hand she continued. “But… hehehehe, I won’t go down without a BANG!” With that the lighter turned on, with the small amount of control she had left she pushed the flame forward, an explosion BOOMED between the two, the force of the explosion strong enough to push Zoe off the stage and onto the ground. Whatever was left of the stage was caught on fire as the hero continued to lay on the ground, giggling to herself as the color of the fire seem to change from yellow to green, then to blue. Even the crackle of the flames gave off a purple color. Half her mask was missing, her gloves for the most part were gone and the left leg was completely exposed, it looked like she got in a battle with a lawn mower and lost.

Laying there she couldn’t even get up, her body rendered helpless as her ears rang, scorch marks all along her body and suit. An occasional giggle pressed pass between her lips as she laid there. She was struggling to just try and sit up, the drugs were overwhelming in her system. It took a couple of minutes but she managed to plant her hands on the ground, struggling to push herself up from the ground and into a sitting position. Using one hand to hold herself up the other hand held against her head. Blood stained her lips as she chucked a bit, her head throbbing in pain. The adrenaline now pushing through her body has managed her to gain some sort of control over herself… well… sort of. She was still seeing different colors all around, bright neon, and anything that made a sound, had a color of their own while things seemed to almost be going in slow motion.

Finally she struggled to stand, stumbling over her own feet as the world around her felt like it was about to spin out of control. She looked like a woman who had a few too many drinks as she finally reached a light post, leaning up against it to try and make her world stop tumbling around her. Now… where was her friend?

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“Wait…” Z whispered from behind her mask, trying to prevent the youth from doing something idiotic; but it was too late; the young girl sparked the light which ignited the gas. A huge explosion ripped through the area; Z’s body landed harshly on a carousel. Blood poured through her mouth in a curved manner like a water fountain. Pain shot up her spine on every point of movement. The once dirty green tunic that she wore had been reduced to ash. Her Victoria secret spring catalogue evening wear had been exposed.

She could hear her young opponent starting to stir from a far; using the palm of her hands to press up against a ceramic horse; Z glared at the girl through her mask which switched to a half mask to preserve itself.

The Black Rose Blade appeared in her hands, ready to serve Z through the climax of their fateful encounter. Finally channeling her aching bones, Z rose to her feet with blood dripping from the cuts and bruised pores.

Z’s eye’s flashed to the lonely Shepard, Pai Mei, master of the White Loutus her first Sifu; his tutelage; conditioned Z to gain the upper hand even in the toughest situations. Struggling to bring her weapon up to form, La Malaguena proved herself only to be human; but a Queen in terms of heart. “Para ridiculizar an usted antes, lo siento”. (For ridiculing you earlier, I am Sorry).

“Aquí viene todo” Z’s mask flashed red again, this time the illusion was made so that she and Nova were on a fast paced carousel.

“You are an amazing girl; to be your age and to have accomplished so much is a god send” Z said, extending her sword outward towards Z, not with the intention of attacking just yet. “You are right, I do not want to kill you” Z said, spitting blood from her throat compliments of the young woman.

“I don’t even want you to suffer, you came here fighting for what you believe in, and it’s not your destiny to die by my blade” Z was taking note to the most notable weak points in her body. She knew that pretty much anywhere she hit would deal a substantial amount of damage thanks to the recoil of the explosion.

Z’s speed had been cut significantly, obviously the side (The right side) was the weakest and the slowest, and it was where Z had used her Charlie horse technique. “But you will pay for your intrusion” moving as fast as her body would allow her to go, Z cast two illusions; one that created an afterimage of herself to confuse the already drugged heroine, and the other caused the carousel to spend faster than reality itself.

The patience of Z’s Wing Chun training aided her here, keeping a leveled head; Z spun towards Feral Nova elbow first in an attempt to smash her hard bone upon Nova’s trying to break the guard. Using her non- dominant hand; Z from close rang attempted to pull Nova’s eye from it’s socket.

Tossing her sword aside, Z dashed towards Nova; the eye slits of her mask still a crimson red; blood drip down her half naked body as she began her fast pace assault.

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Her eyes landed on the mistress of manipulation, she seemed in bad shape, just like herself. She spoke words, that didn't register with Zoe, but then her whole scenery changed when the light-post she was once holding onto, turned into a carousel horse. The LSD making things even worse as the two stood on the spinning ride. Turning over to the side, brown emesis spilling on the ground.

She had to really focus to understand what the La Malaguena was saying. She... really DIDN'T want to kill her? or even see her suffer? Wait... this woman, the one who was in control of the Cardinals, the one who personally attacked the United States had a heart? The hero was confused, she didn't understand. Confusion was written all over her face, she just didn't understand.

Then she took off, the drugs making it look as if she was running towards her in slow motion, the tripping teen let go of the horse only to feel the carousel go faster and then saw a double appear before her. "Oh gawd I think I'm gonna-"

She heaved over as Z's elbow made impact with her abdomen, pushing upward on her diaphragm and causing her to up-chuck again, green bile drizzled from her mouth as she landed on her knees, her hands firmly placed on the wooden carousel floor as she jerked her head away from the villains deadly grip, her hands grasping onto what was left of her mask, ripping it off her face as Zoe crawled in-between the standstill horses, grasping on one of them as she pulled herself up. Her body throbbing in pain as she saw her rushing towards her again.

Punch, kick, even a knee to the chest, all made impact as the hero flew back after the last attack, landing in a sit still bench, her back slamming against it as she yelled out in pain. Her body was slumped to the side, bloody, bruised and throbbing in pain she struggled to keep herself from falling off the carousel.

"Come on Zoe..." she whispered to herself, giving herself a little pep talk, wiping the blood from her lips and nose. Her left eye was beginning to swell up, she could barley see out of it, great... she probably looked like a raccoon with her black eye. "You can do this." She tried to push herself up from her seat only to feel a wave of pain shoot from her rips, feeling as if they were shifting inside her chest. "Sh!tsh!tsh!tsh!t" she murmured to herself as she wrenched in pain. She stood up, her body trembling from the pain as her hair seemed to fly around in different directions thanks to the speed of the carousel, blinking a few times to try and clear her vision from the dozens of colors that seem to obstruct her view she gave a smirk. "If you weren't so evil, I think we could have gotten along pretty well." She took a couple of steps forward, her left hand wrapped around her chest while the right hand grasped onto the nearby horses, trying to pull herself forward. "So what, are we just going to keep fighting till one of us, preferably you, blacks out?" She gasped in pain for a moment, stopping in her tracks, she needed to stop joking around.

Reaching in one of the compartments of her belt that were still intact, she pulled out a smoke pellet, throwing it as hard as the ground as she could.. A thick white smoke engulfed the area, hoping to get a couple of seconds she needed to push herself right now. She pushed herself forward, each step sending a shock-wave of pain up her spine, she stumbled a couple of times as she finally reached Z. "How about we just call this a draw and grab some vino tinto?"

She couldn't try to do anything fancy, just something quick and could do damage. The smoke had already cleared by the time she reached the illusionist. Balling her fists together she began her own rain of assault. Almost falling over she threw a roundhouse punch, completely missing Z as her momentum threw herself into a moving horse, slamming into it as she grunt to herself in frustration. Picking herself back up she spun around, trying not to completely fall over again and began thrusting her fists forward over and over again, hoping to land her wing chung punches, she was trying to aim towards her chest. But the LSD and the spinning of the carousel she could feel her gait off. She needed one more, just one more attack. Bringing her arms vertically together, pulling them downward she staggered forward a bit, trying to close the distance, pushing her fists forward like a piston, trying to land her hanuman attack right under her chin.

Every movement she made her body screamed in pain as she began backing away from Z, only to trip over that damn sword! She fell back, her body flipping over a standstill horse and flew right off the spinning carousel, rolling hard on the ground from the momentum of the ride. Dirt kicking up around her until her body slammed into a turrón stand, dozens of packets of the Spanish deserts falling over her body as she moaned in pain. Pushing the deserts off her she grasped onto the stand, pulling herself up from the ground, shallow breaths being done to try and reduce the pain from her broken ribs. "Well... THAT was embarrassing..."

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Her toxins plagued the young girl’s body like Z knew would happen; the combination of LSD combined with the poisons her body took; had her body fighting a battle on two fronts. Z’s condition was not that much better; blood gushed from her mouth, while her posture was hindered by her aching lower back. The usage of Wing Chun; sparked a fire in the master. Grimacing a bit as she pushed forward Z folded her arms across her sternum.

“You used a wing chun style, one that I use fluently, remember my words; hero of justice. If you ever find yourself in this position again Wing Chun is a relaxation style. Keep your breaths short and focused, listen to the sound of your opponent before striking; defense first offense when necessary” Z said, spitting out blood.

The young girl dropped a smoke pellet; her vision was lost; but when injured the body gives signs of such. The movement of her feet hitting the ground; gave away her position. Z knew she was close because of the proximity of the steps.

A wayward strike hit Z in the face; her blood splattered face grew red instantly, in the small moment of time she managed to let loose a proud smile. Using her own advice, Z’s head patientially weaved left and right; whilst matching Zoe’s strikes with open palmed counters.

Z’s feet shifted outward, and Zoe came inward; a powerful strike sent spiraling off the carousel onto the harsh cobblestone ground beneath them. Z once again landed on her lower back; which sent a near paralyzing pain up her spinal cord.

Using her hip flexors and all the abdominal strength she could muster; she made it to one knee. “You are very impressive…” She said, revealing her face from underneath her mask. The illusions that were cast prior to their engagement ended.

The park had been emptied quickly, a few dead bodies lay on the ground; dead from the poisonous stars that had hit them intended for Nova.

“I was hired to initiate the Registration Act; the International Bankers wanted to gain control of super-humans in an attempt to maintain human dominance” Z admitted extending her hands forward for her blade.

“I concede defeat” she said, standing to her feet, slightly slouched to oneside.

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“You are very impressive.” She watched as she took off her mask, showing Zoe exactly who she was fighting. Showing her identity to the hero could mean one of two things… she was about to do a super powerful attack that was either going to kill or knock out Zoe… or give up… she was praying it was going to be the second one.

“Thanks, but it’s just mostly stubbornness, I’m nothing great. But you… you’re an amazing fighter… but I’m sure you already knew that.” She couldn’t believe she was actually having a small conversation with the woman who was just kicking her butt.

Breathing heavily Zoe stood on her weak legs as she heard the Mistress of Manipulation speak, confessing of why she had her cardinals attack the United States, why to start the Registration Act. Nova was leaning against the desert stall when she then heard Z… give up. Her good eye widen, in shock, she gave up? But why? A heavy sigh escaped her lips as she slid down to the ground, her back pressing against the stall as she finally let her guard down. It was like her adrenalin rush was suddenly shut off, or if she just finally started listening to her body screaming in pain, throbbing along every inch of her.

Tears began forming in her eyes; she was so relieved that this fight was over. Even though the graceful fighter admitted she had never intended to kill Zoe… she couldn’t help but wonder if that was a lie, or if she had a change of hart during the battle looking at the corpse laying on the ground with the ninja stars embedded in their bodies. But then again… why would she change her mind? “Thank you.” She huffed out, short of breath. She looked at Z for a bit, she was more than capable of defeating the teenage hero, yet she stopped, admitted defeat and gave her the information she asked for. She sat there for a few minutes, she didn’t want to get up, she just wanted stay in that spot and fall asleep, but then again… she was pretty sure to have had a concussion… and sleeping wouldn’t be the best idea. She needed to get moving. “It wouldn’t be too much to ask you to not send your Cardinals after me while I go back home… would it?” she couldn’t help but gave a small grin as she struggled to pull herself up from the ground while one of her arms were wrapped around her ribs.

She could feel the bones shift in her chest as she whimpered in pain. She began limping away, her right leg dragging behind her. She needed to get out of the country and back to Los Angeles to give the information to Heather, the next step needed to be taken. Looking back over at the Cardinal she stopped for a moment. “Thanks by the way… for the Wing Chun tips.”