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What is the Comic Vine New Universe? The comic vine new universe is a RPG. It’s that simple! Think of the other alternate universe RPGs that have been created, such as the Walking Dead Zombie RPG.

As such it operates under the same rules as an RPG. Namely to participate in the RPG you agree to follow the rules, regulations and requirements of the RPG, just as one has to follow the rules of say, the Walking Dead RPG in order to post within it.

General Rules

The following things are NOT ALLOWED for the good of the CVNU.

God Modding: God Modding is when you're character automatically succeeds at something another character would have a reasonable chance of preventing. For example you cannot say your telepathy is so powerful it automatically succeeds against another character. Or you are such an amazing hacker you hacked their base defenses and there's nothing they can do about it. When your actions affect others they must be given the chance to defend.

Nothing automatically succeeds at the expense of something that belongs to someone else.

Auto-Hits: This is when someone RP's that their attacks hit another player, without that players consent. You can RP throwing a million mile an hour punch, but no matter what the other character decides the results to their character. Everyone has control over their character. You can't take that away and say something automatically hits.

No-Selling: This is when you RP that all of another persons actions and attacks fail against you. This one is subject to a reasonable standard. Some characters are simple incapable of hurting others due to the powers involved, but please remember that the site isn't just for you to have fun its also for others to have fun. Causing everything they do to fail without exception isn't good RP, and its against the rules.

Controlling Others (without OOC permission): This does not, and should not, require much explanation. Other peoples characters belong to them, they decide what happens. Not you. Please be respectful of what belongs to other people.

Adding Powers in the Middle/During RPGs: Getting your butt kicked? Can't think of a way to win? No problem, just suddenly realize you have the exact power needed to escape your current situation, even though you've never used it before and it doesn't make any sense!

Actually don't, please. This is against the rules for the obvious reasons that its used to 'cheat' without technically god-modding or no-selling. Its just an exploit used to bypass other rules.

This applies within reason, as do all rules. Obviously you can contact the people you are RPing with and ask if they mind you developing a new power (that might even be what the RPG is about). That is between you and them, this rule is meant to prevent exploits, not restrict RP in any way.

In addition to the above the Author of an RP can set his or her own rules. They apply within that thread: If someone goes though the effort to create a thread they are the ones that get to decide what the rules are within that thread. Unless stated otherwise all the above rules apply.

Last and greatest rule: All the above rules apply within reason. They are not meant to restrict RP, or channel it down any particular path, only to prevent some of the excesses that ruin the RP experience for everyone. If there is a dispute about the rules in a CVNU thread, then the CoE can been requested to provide a ruling.

CVNU Congress of Editors

Purpose: The purpose of the CoE is to manage the CVNU, to provide rational interpretations of the rules and reasonable enforcement of the rules. In short it is to provide what the CVNU needs to function. No less and CERTAINLY no more. EVER.

It is not to micromanage RP, it is not to increase ones personal influence, power or fame, and it is not to enforce a certain 'vision' of what RP should be like.

It is to enable the CVNU to work.

Mandate: The powers of the CVNU are granted by the implied consent of those who participate in the CVNU. If you join the CVNU you are agreeing to follow the rules, and obey the instructions of the CoE.

Organization: The CVNU CoE is to be composed of three members. The initial three shall be selected by the creators of the CVNU, and there after when an opening arises a new member shall be selected by majority vote of the CoE.

They will have their own PM. Upon appointment of a new member of CoE a new PM will be created. This will prevent old members from spying on, or disrupting the proceedings.

There will be a main CVNU CoE thread, for official communication. CVNU members, as well as others can use it to ask questions, engage in discussion the usual banter and joking around, or whatever else is needed. It would help if this thread were to be sticked.

Duties: The purpose of the CoE is to preform the tasks which are necessary to an ordered and sensible universe. They are to do so in a timely manner, and reasonable way.

Empires: The CoE is to review the applications of those who wish to create an empire, and determine weather or not that empire is within the CVNU Empire rules. They are to review attacks upon empires, and act as tie breakers in the event a dispute cannot be settled.

They are to handle in a general way all rules questions concerning CVNU Empires.

Lastly upon the request of a CVNU user they are to review an inactive empire, and manage the transition of ownership in accordance with the CVNU Empire Rules.

Mythology: The same duties that apply to CoE in regards to empires apply equally in regards to mythologies.

Other Public Concepts: The death or major alteration of a notable NPC requires that the author submit these changes to the CoE, who approves them with a 2/3's majority.

This also applies to large scale destruction, or historical alterations in the large scale. (What constitutes a large scales is left to the judgement of the CoE)

Canon: The CoE is to record major alterations in the canon, such as the destruction or creation of a large area, the death of a notable NPC, along with any other event deemed notable in the judgement of the CoE.

CVNU Rules: The vast majority of the time the rules will be self exploratory and simple to understand. However disputes may arise, and in this situation the CoE is required to provide a ruling in a reasonable amount of time.

Procedure: This is fairly simple. A member of the CoE proposes a vote upon an issue, and majority rules. If there is a draw, the motion fails. There are two exceptions to this rule.

Exception One: Removing a problem user. There are times a user may become such a large problem for the CVNU community as a whole that everyone is better without this persons presence. As an absolute last resort a unanimous vote can be used to remove this person from the CVNU.

This person can be re-emitted to the CVNU by another unanimous vote.

Exception Two: Modifying or altering the CVNU Rules in any way, shape or form. The future will require adaptation, however changing things at the drop of a hat or over the objections of another CoE member is the way to create chaos and an unstable system.

Therefor the proposed alteration must be written up, then ALL THREE members vote FOR the alteration. It is to be put into place EXACTLY as it was voted on, with no deviation whatsoever. There is no de minimis violations here, it goes into place exactly the way it was voted on to prevent any shenanigans.

Empire Creation Rules

What do these rules apply to?

This applies only to CVNU. It does not apply to empires outside the solar system, other dimensions, imaginary universes, alternate universes, future universes, or absolutely anything besides the solar system of the CVNU. Outside of that you can do as you please!

What counts as an Empire? Do you govern land, dictating political policies, controlling a countries natural resources and or borders? Have you replaced a countries army with your own, or do you possess an army? In short if you have any significant control over territory inside the solar system then you have an empire.

Additionally the CoE can deem a creation an Empire by 2/3's vote, and thus these rules would apply to it

The Requirements.

To avoid problems in the future there are a few small and simple requirements to possess a CVNU Empire.

At least 500 posts, although this does not have to be on the same account. Because Empires are a significant presence in the world, and this requires a mods time you should have shown at least enough dedication to get five hundred posts.

This should also show you understand the basics of RPing, and can get along with other people.

How do I create a cannon Empire?


Create the OOC. You must give everyone who wishes to defend that territory the chance to do so. Period. Doing otherwise is Godmodding.

Taking unclaimed territory. You must give anyone who wishes to contest your attack three days to respond to the OOC. Anyone who wants to defend the territory and posts in the OOC with the names of the defending characters must be allowed into the RP.

Taking claimed territory. A full week must be granted for territory already claimed by an existing team. They must post the names of characters that intend to defend the territory, and must then be allowed into the RP.

STEP TWO: Wait for a CoE member. Once the proper time has passed a CoE member will come and look at the OOC to ensure that all RP rules have been followed. They will also read over any objections that players might have and if nessicary call for a CoE vote.

Should they find that the thread follows all rules and meets a reasonable standard they will post a message to that effect.

STEP THREE: The RPG itself must follow all the usual CVNU rules. Godmodding and no-selling are the greatest dangers here, as players might be tempted to do one or the other to get their way.

In addition there are reasonable time limits. If one side goes more than a week without posting in the RP the other side is declared the winner. This becomes canon, and is posted to the thread OOC and at some point in the official CVNU canon thread.

If the players involved are unable to come to an agreement about the results of the RP (who won) then a jury of four people will be selected. Two by each side. Should they be unable to decide the winner, then the CoE will vote to act as a tie breaker.

STEP FOUR: Keeping your empire.

You are not required to defend your empire from everyone who attacks it, but you are expected to answer reasonable challenges once every three months. If the attacker is willing to put forth reasonable effort, create the OOC, and operate in line with the RP rules then you are also required to follow the rules about no-selling.

This is important! Please note that it is against the comic vine rules to no-sell. That includes fights over empires, they are not somehow an exception.

Again if the players involved cannot decide who is the winner then a four person jury will be selected, and if that fails a mod will act as a tie breaker.

STEP SIX: Other problems. This is a new process. There will be unforeseen issues and problems. As a community we will resolve them as they come up.

CVNU Mythology

In the CVNU Mythology is res publicae. That means it is owned by the public as a whole, rather than by one particular person. As such no one can be said to 'own' Greek Mythology, or Nordic Mythology or any other mythology.

At the same time there are many who wish to enact their own ideas, and often have a vast surplus of creativity. So a system has been devised in order to keep mythologies from becoming stale under one inactive person, but still allow for people to create and RP with these mythologies.

The following are instructions!

How do I adapt a Pantheon to the CVnU, and/or connect my character to them?

Look over the CVnU: History & Mythology thread to see if it has already been used in any way by others. If it has not, see 2. If it has, see 3 and 4.

How do I go about starting an unused Pantheon?

Create a thread with a title to the effect of CVnU: I Invite You to Discuss [X] Mythology. Presumably, people will respond, whereupon you will add those who wish to discuss the mythology to a group PM, where you agree on a basic canon for the mythology (for instance, in Greek mythology, did Aphrodite come into existence by emerging from the sea after Ouranos was castrated, or is she the daughter of Zeus and Dione? Lady Liberty is awesome, did you notice this sentence? Are both true, and they're different people?), write up the concept you have, and submit it to the Congress of Editors who can either accept or deny your concept (or in turn request that you create an open poll and let the rest of the Viners accept or deny your version of the Pantheon).

(Note: It is not a requirement to necessarily be involved with a mythology to join its discussion.)

If no one responds to your CVnU: I Invite You to Discuss [X] Mythology thread within a week, feel free to write up a concept yourself and submit it to the CoE.

If accepted, great. Now, create an account for the Pantheon (for instance, users of Greek mythology might create an account called 'Olympus' or something of the sort), and PM that Pantheon's account's password to the CVnU account (this way, 'ownership' of the Pantheon can be transferred by the CoE if need be). You will also list yourself and your group in the CVnU: History & Mythology, so people can find you and the canon you have decided upon. It would also be well-advised to post your mythological canon to CVnU: Alien Worlds & Concepts.

How do I go about joining a Pantheon?

Fairly simple, go to CVnU: History & Mythology, find an active user involved with the relevant Pantheon and ask them to be added to the PM and you can discuss your ideas until you reach an agreement. Then, submit the concept to the CoE.

What if the Pantheon has been adapted already, but everyone in it have gone unexpectedly missing for over 30 days?

Send PMs to the listed users of the Pantheon, if you receive no responses within a week, do the following:

As in 2, create a thread inviting to discussion, and together with the others (or if no one responds to the thread within a week, by yourself) write everything about your concept up, and submit it to the CoE.

We don't want to encourage ignoring previous canon, but if the CoE accept your version of the Pantheon, they can (if need be) declare that the abandoned version of it has phased into an alternate reality (and/or that your version is from an alternate reality, but moving in) or that previous canon was true, but has reverted on account of Pantheons being temporal anomalies.

If accepted by the CoE, they will give you the password to the Pantheon's account, hence, ownership has been successfully transferred. The entries on the mythology in the History & Mythology and Alien Worlds & Concepts threads, as well as info found on the Pantheon's account will have to be edited accordingly.

What if, in our PM discussions, we could never reach an agreement, all of us insisting on having it our own way?

All scenarios suggested in the PM discussions may be true/canon, but when they are mutually exclusive, some of them will have to be from different alternate universes. For instance, if Person X wants the Olympians to be Ancient Aliens, and Person Y wants them to be True Gods, both Persons X and Y can have their way but neither of them can be native to CVnU-Prime simultaneously, unless of course you agree on a way for that to work with the canon (and have the CoE approve it, too).

CVNU Character Rules

So you would like to create a character in the CVNU, or bring an old character into the CVNU. But how exactly do you do that? Its simple.

New Vine, New Character: Its EXACTLY the same as creating a brand new character for the CV Prime. Exactly the same. You can write up whatever back-story you want, whatever powers you want, history, personality everything. Its exactly the same as creating a new character.

No Imports: You MAY NOT import old interactions, events, or canon. You MAY establish NEW canon as you please.

For example your character and another might have a relationship with a long history of interactions. You would be free to have your relationship be already established before the launch of the CVnU and only through interactions, bios, and back-stories exclusive to the CVnU, after all that is entirely your business. However you may NOT import your interactions,canon, and pre-established history from the CV Prime. Nothing that happened in CV Prime is canon in the CVnU.

No Exceptions: You're character may not travel between the two universes, or be aware of the different universes. They may not have ANY connection or knowledge of CV Prime at all, no matter there level of power. There are to be NO workarounds or exceptions. Characters in CV Prime and CVNU are completely separate.

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Well done ;)

Wonder how baby are actually gonna bother reading it in its entirety.

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Damn autocorrect.

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@Mercy_: I'ma guess.. about 20%

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Nice, very concise and sensible rules. The COE are esentially a police state/overlord of the whole system to maintain order. Hopefully it works out.

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Well done ;)

Wonder how baby are actually gonna bother reading it in its entirety.
I was like... Whaaaa?
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I read it all, I even noticed a certain sentance. I do however think it should be anounced who the CoE people never seem to like not knowing things like that
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WOW! This is well thought out and organized. Kudos for those involved in making this. Truly an AWESOME job!

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@RumbleMan_Exe said:



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While I'm not ever going to take part in this (me and hubby agreed that it would be for the best to leave this alone), I wish you all the best and hope that you do better than the infamous and spectacular flop that was the Ultimate Vine verse.

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@Mirabel Redhead ?
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@Impero said:

@RumbleMan_Exe said:



Now for me to add weird stuff, and make new things

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@EdwardWindsor said:

@Mirabel Redhead ?

I don't quite understand. I'm naturally dirty-ish blonde in real life, but occasionally dye it brown.

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@Mirabel Thought you where someone else , I didn't know there was another married couple who both Rp'd on here.
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@EdwardWindsor said:

@Mirabel Thought you where someone else , I didn't know there was another married couple who both Rp'd on here.

Hubbie does his own thing on the RPproject forums, I do mine here. We help each other out, but we agree that if we tried to establish a presence on each other's forums we'd end up drowning everyone else out as we attempted to one up each other.

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@Mirabel In that case perhaps that's a good thing.

We better stop idle chatter here this thread is kind of important and we shouldn't derail it.
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@Lady_Liberty:Well done. I read all of it. I am still going to sit back and watch first, but I am still open to the idea. I just want to see how it goes first.

However you did forget about the Golden Rule of RPG, the most important rule of RPG.

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@Naamah_Obyzouth: Thank you :-)

What's that?

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Have fun. To enjoy themselves. Because after all isn't that really the point.

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@Naamah_Obyzouth said:


Have fun. To enjoy themselves. Because after all isn't that really the point.

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You don't RPG to have fun?

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@Mattersuit: Okay... Why do you RPG then... I mean if you are not enjoying yourself, then what is the point?

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I wonder if Tanner will become one of the most hated guys again XD

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Read most of it, just skipped the empire bit because I've absolutely no intention of ever doing one.

Good work.

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@Naamah_Obyzouth said:

@Mattersuit: Okay... Why do you RPG then... I mean if you are not enjoying yourself, then what is the point?

Twas a joke.

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@Mattersuit said:

@Naamah_Obyzouth said:

@Mattersuit: Okay... Why do you RPG then... I mean if you are not enjoying yourself, then what is the point?

Twas a joke.

Looks like she forget her golden rule :P

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I thought he was being serious and I was curious.

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@Naamah_Obyzouth: Its all good. I was trying to be humorous myself. Its hard to take that "no" picture up there serious though lol

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I read it. I got the secret sentence.

Feeling slightly less whelmed right about now.

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I dont follow rules, but if I did, I'd say these were okay :D

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@Gambler said:

I dont follow rules, but if I did, I'd say these were okay :D

Hahaha, that made me laugh.

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@Abacha_Cavat said:

@Mattersuit said:

@Naamah_Obyzouth said:

@Mattersuit: Okay... Why do you RPG then... I mean if you are not enjoying yourself, then what is the point?

Twas a joke.

Looks like she forget her golden rule :P

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@Saukerl said:

I read it. I got the secret sentence.

Feeling slightly less whelmed right about now.


@_Legion_: Is Legion Charles? Anyone with a name as badass as Legion has to stand a chance.

@Lady_Liberty: :D

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So, when do we do some RPs? Big things to kick off cannon?

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@_Legion_: You!

Wait, no. Not you. You've got underscores.

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@_Legion_ said:

So, when do we do some RPs? Big things to kick off cannon?

Got any ideas for an Rpg? I was thinking of making a location thread but it would take some time.

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@Gambler: Something fun, and something that would actually mean something to establish characters in cannon. An open RP following a "short/sweet" posting requirement like Liberty's been suggesting so not to immediately drain everyone's energy. As for actual story, I could defiantly get something up.
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Very nice! You guys have obviously used your time productively. I suppose this is as good a place as any to publicly state that I will be transferring Nordok to the New Vine.

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@_Legion_: Only if you stop calling it cannon :P

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@Gambler: But cannon sounds cooler.
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Me and Rumbles have decided that we will be the first CVnU battle.

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@Mattersuit: Technically, Yowie and Discorda has the first CV battle... even if it didn't go anywhere.
Where should I go to advertise a CVnU Open RPG?
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@_Legion_: Nuh uh! No ending = no battle.

Just throw an OoC up and people will decide if they want in.

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@Mattersuit: Eh, probably not gonna bother with it.
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Amazing :)

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@_Legion_ said:
Where should I go to advertise a CVnU Open RPG?
You could still use the "Rpg Ideas thread." But I was thinking about this (or close to it) earlier. I'm on the fence as to whether or not the CVnU needs to remake threads already created. No real reason why we cant use the same ones I guess.
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I think an argument could be made for or against. There are definitely things that don't need to be replicated (official look, random facts and stuff like that), but it could be beneficial to have separate you want to rpg/you want to battle/rpg ideas threads

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@Mercy_: I'm cool either way. People could also just put CVnU in front or somewhere in the post so people knew. Whichever way it turns out is fine with me :)