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Journal Entry xx Date xx/xx/xxxx
"I had to find someone. They called her the White Priestess. Generic as it sounds, her life told by others seem to be full of creation, I couldn't tell if it was from truth to false. I had to find out for myself. They say she is young but her wisdom is as old as the birth of man himself. I needed her help. I was not alone for I had Noah by me. Where were to meet in London where they say the White Witch had resided. Was she in hiding? So many spells had cloaked her face, it was by luck that I've managed to track the last remnants of her magic echoed in these areas before she effectively removed it. The mask of Impero taunts me, with lust and power. For some reason I felt as if someone was calling it..... home."

A December evening with hard rain falls clouds the sun, "Such a depressing weather." the witch commented, she enjoyed the sun in all it's glory, she missed the touch of it warming her skin, but for now she had to tolerate the rain by shielding herself with an umbrella and a large money-worth trench coat to hide her rather provocative dress that touched right above her ankles where it was one inch away from finger length. She was not in style with the weather but a girl had to do to stay nice and pretty. She had hoped Noah was already waiting at their compromised location, where the famed Big Ben cloak tower was located. The smell of smoke lingers and is fortified due to the weather, it reeked. Her nostrils were stained even as she passed the smoker it stuck onto her sense of smell.

The smell of smoke grew stronger, who knew this city housed such addictive blowers, men with strong features and large trench coat that were not particular well in what she call fashion, but it was a guess that they had the freedom to wear what they wanted. Too much thinking and staring that Sakura herself didn't know she would walk straight into another person. The soft bump between her and another man with a charm facial expression shocked her, "Sorry ma'am." the voice of etiquette compared to their American brothers, the accent was of a better structure class and no less different than Sakura's herself. Her heart was already destined and the witch herself apologized and moved on, she couldn't leave Noah waiting any longer, she was already late as it was. "Dammit that smell!" it bothered her, reaching into her purse she touched the mask of Impero, stroking it as it hid from sight inside her purse.

She reaches to the left of her bag where there was a needle sticking out of the of the end of a loose seam, pricking her finger deep enough, she felt the pain. Slight and a bit tingling she moved her right pricked finger to touch the side of her right temple. Pressuring the blood out she as her hair hid the crimson droplet she marked herself with a dot matching her print. It didn't take long as the cold wind allowed the blood to quickly dry and stain, this was for psychic measures. Across the street from her she saw the marvelous cloak tower and a handsome prince waiting for her, a charming American. The sky's dim light had fainted allowing the darkness and shadows to come and play, scorching building with it's negative luminescent and the street lights was the only fire to see through it. "Sorry Noah." she said as she walked up to him from behind, the smell of smoke swift her way again. It was odd as only the two of them were present, maybe it was the lingering touch of smoke that stayed on her from earlier "Sorry for calling you out here, but there's someone we need to see here. I'm not sure of who she is, but I had a dream..." she was beginning to sound cryptic and dull, something that could be pull off of a book. "She could help us with this mask." she revealed the mask of many history to the prophet.

"A war for this very precious mask is already set. I've had the prestige of keeping it safe, but I feel something dragging it, a call from someone. It's not Impero but another voice." the only voice left to hear now was the sound of nonstop drizzling rain and the hushes of winds flying through them. "You remember the Purifiers, right? Somehow I feel that they're connected in this mess as well. A week ago I managed to infiltrate a base of their's in Kansas. I saw documents regarding the Celestial Map and the four cornerstone of Balance... At first I thought it was all a myth but they actually found it, surprisingly." she was letting the information sink in to Noah's brilliant mind, he was catching on, wanting to hear more, "It was suggested in one of the journals I also found that it if touched with all four, they form the Celestial Key. A key which allows the wielder to transcend reality, far more power. The wielder could alter the energies of Earth." the smell of faint smoke grew stronger again... something wasn't right "They've already have three of the four objects. The only one left is called the Sword of Souls. These artifacts have been traced down upon many cultural groups with each different stories connecting them to one. I need this person whom I'm searching for to help us.... my dream depicted her as a figure of hope to help us change the course of the immediate future to bring in our favor.... I know it's a lot to take in, but I'm going to telepathically inform Impero. Hopefully you'll comply and help me find her...", turning her back she touched the dry brownish blood hidden on the side of her temple with her left hand holding a strong grip onto the mask as she now proceeded to a private conversation with her love in Spain.

"Darling I'll meet with you soon. There is another that could help us, hopefully she'll agree. I'm with Noah right now and if he agrees to help it'll make it so much easier for this search party. Hopefully I'll find her in tim-" she heard the sound of ruffling trash to her right. It was the same man she had bumped into, with his presence known he removed his failed espionage and rose into the street lights with two dozen of other men. Removing their trench coats they revealed their black gear with a the Purifiers' symbol embed on their chest and now they brought forth their mask to hide their holy faces from sinful eyes.... "We're surrounded by the Purifiers, they caught on-" she was forced to abandon her psychic voice and confront the strike of a fist coming right at her. As it flies forward she moves her head with her right hand she held grip onto his arm, with her right leg she thrust towards his stomach which pushed him back with pain. It was proven fact that they heard every detail of the conversation. She didn't have time to watch out for Noah, the duo were practically surrounded and the smell of smoke grew. She saw the burning object in their mouths, it was a sort of weakening gas and she felt it, her body was feeling woozy. She fought the temptation she curl up and sleep, hiding the mask away in her purse holding a martial art-like stance, her eyes peeking back and forth in the corner of her eye lids. She only hoped that Noah was behind her guarding her back as well as his.

Now there was no cover from the rain, she dropped her umbrella the minute she used her telepathic gifts. The rain was soaking her hair and it fell like sweat trailing down her face. There was a cold silence that only broke with the approaching foot steps of the many Purifiers. They pulled out their blade, ironically they named their tool as the "purging blade" there was nothing to purge from Sakura but she hoped to used it to rid of their own madness and ignorance. Her black ankle stiletto heels was shaking, she wanted to thrust it onto another's body like she did seconds ago. From her sleeves slips out twin sais, in both her tender palms. She swirled them back and forth trying to scare off her enemies but it failed and so she moves in for battle. The weather had made the battle dramatic, it was as if she was performing for an invisible audience with her in lead, spot lights on her.

The sound of colliding metal, grunt, and body piercings dome the area. But more and more were coming, they were prepared and was willing to do anything in successful taking the two down. Her careless fighting maneuvers backfired on her as a purifier stabs her in the abdomen, he was working in unison with his many allies, dancing in rhythm and fought like illusions, hard to differentiate. "Ughhckk." she gagged as the blade slithers in her body and out causing her to fall down on her knees then the floor. It was unbearable, the gushing flood of her blood spat out. They came for what they wanted.... the mask of Impero. With their objective complete they disperse into the four corner and off with the winds, bodies cloaked by shadows and rain. She threw herself onto Noah's chest and cried out while telepathically projecting her thought to Ishin "The mask it's gone, it's gone... they have it." she repeated the same phrase over and over like a scratched record as then passed out, falling into a slumber of darkness.

There she dreams of the doll like girl who mirrored herself awaiting to be found.

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She found him on the street; a forgotten soul without an ounce of dignity.  Flustered and distraught, a world he wasn't at all familiar with.  A futurist who was unable to assimilate with thee present tense.  And as his reality slipped away, visions encompassed an already fractured mind, yet from the shadows came forth a harmonious melody to sooth his unseen wounds.  "You are the prophet I seek?" she asked, perplexed by his weariness.  The silence that ensued only raised more questions.  How could this man be the one she sought for if he looked so disgruntled?   
On one somber November evening she caressed his blushing cheeks, whispering ever so sweetly into his bruised ear drum.  Leaning forward the redheaded mystery felt at home by her side.  His murmured wordings spoke of a chaotic life.  One which included vindictive voices and possessive purifiers.  All with the intent of using his unnatural blessing.  An ability garnered just three years ago.  A power to see tomorrow.  A tool to be utilized by whomever withheld him.  "M-My name is Noah" he whispered, softly clutching her shoulders.  
His existence was preposterous.  Survival surely impossible if these events actually transpired.  Yet, when she peered into those warm violet eyes the enigmatic madame knew his sayings were truth.  A bond forged over a common goal.  An emotionless kiss shared as if fate demanded it so.  Some would call their union an unfounded adoration but no one can possibly understand.  Without Sakura his life wouldn't be the same.  T-Together they're something special. 
"Where were you?" he said,  nauseous as the scent of smoke clouds his senses.  Every minute he waited only made him worry.  Her hurried arrival hinted at the possibility of oncoming disaster.  His concerns solidify when her attention is placed elsewhere.  Who could possibly be far more important than he who stood before her?  What descent does this Impero hail from?  For once Noah feels jealousy.  An emotion he hadn't tampered with in decades.  Nevertheless his violet eyes wander around.  Milliseconds later the severity of their mission rings loudly as stalkers so blatantly reveal themselves.  
His focus scatters as memories of mundane assaults return.  He refuses to return to the malicious voices or these monstrous purifiers.  He playfully licks his slender lips before charging forward like a chivalrous knight.  The sound of colliding metal sets him off as physically manipulated winds suffocate these would be kidnappers.  "Love!" he hollered, aware that her name must remain hidden for some uncertain reason.  Clumsily climbing up steep stairs the redheaded mystery angrily reddens upon seeing his bleeding beauty.  T-The mask was taken.  Taken from those who'd use it righteously. 
"It's gonna be okay.  Listen to me you here?  Everything's gonna be fine.  I'll fix this.  I'll fix this, I swear.  Please...please you can't do this to us."  The woman of his dreams falls into a darkness he cannot trek.  And so his tears descend onto frigid concrete.  A unique rage sprouting within his hollow heart.  They'd all pay for this tyrannical travesty.  Gently pressing his lips against her forehead the often secluded revolutionary promises to retrieve the mask.  He'd do whatever possible to cancel thee apocalypse.  "Wake up..." he unhappily muttered, whilst violet eyes illuminated quite brightly.  A vision of sorts brought onto his complex mind. A foretelling of things to come, that no matter the obstacles he would be ready.
The great thing in the world is not so much where we stand, as in what direction we are moving ~ Oliver Wendell Holmes

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Wide spread panic spilled over onto the unorthodox patio and into the tempered waters of the Bosphorus Straits, as hysterically bloodied and disheveled guests of the prestigious Hotel Sumahan on the Water, in Instanbul Turkey, desperate to escape the unimaginable scene irrupting from within, had forfeited all manner of rationality. While inside the once majestic purity of the European masterpiece had been violated by the graffiti of death. Seljuk, Ottoman assassins of Worldly reputation, had descended upon the establishment ambushing their target utilizing the proficiency their centuries old brotherhood afforded them. Cutting down Abacha Cavat's honor bound Coda Dora Milajie despite their unwavering perseverance and martial arts prowess, and although visually the Martial Arts Messiah showed nothing but indifference as the elegant frames of his female elite lay massacred throughout the hotel, inside a rage continued to intensify. Not for the actual loss or severed connection of his loyal following, but for the unforgivable insult of sending assassins to dispatch of him.

Positioned behind his back folded with a self-respecting projection of restraint, Cavat's arms slowly began to bloom. Removing his ceremonial silk shoulder cloak from his matching designer suit letting it slip to the floor with his jacket and eventually his shirt following close behind. His exclusive esoterically decorated Chi markings illuminating with power along his sculpted frame compelling hesitation to the encircling jackals of the Seljuk Brotherhood who now found their false testicular fortitude weltering in the presence of the near peerless martial arts savant. Defiant in his demeanor arrogantly refusing to transition into a defense stance. Instead returning his arms regally behind his back silently disrespecting the legendary skills of those tasked with achieving the impossible. Infuriated the assassins attacked launched in systematic unison from alternating angles. Elusively the Keijijo Oni (demon) parried with subtle sophistication still refusing to unfold his arms from behind his back. Turning right and left, ducking, sliding, and spinning, Cavat's imperceptible maneuvers serenely memorizing his would be foes.

Then without warning or hesitation the circle was empty, confusing spreading from Seljuk to Seljuk as the Keijijo Oni had inexplicably disappeared. It wasnt until a disturbing thud like reverberation floated in the air that they once again caught sight of their target. Standing behind the assassin's circle of death with his oversized hand firmly gripped around the face of an unlucky Seljuk. Feet off the ground the assassin twitched with violent convulsions while a fear inducing look of absolute apathy was displayed across Cavat's face. The strength of his chi glowing through the tribal like markings along his body orchestrating a symphony of bone crushing opera as his hand slowly constricted around the dying man's had. Immense pressure eventually buckling the Parietal bone before collapsing the Coronal structure. The lifeless body callously discarded in the crimson colored pool of his own making.

"This man's family shall know honor throughout the existence of their bloodline. For to die by my hand is a benediction worshiped in the Temple of the Midnight Garden." His deep "basso profundo" voice rich with authoritative certitude. "The rest of you I'm sorry to say, will not be so lucky." He said with sincerity, slipping his mirror plated silver ring on. The trademark insignia of his horrifying Pandora Shadow Clan glimmer underneath the florescent lights of the hotel lobby. And as Cavat turned his back, the ghostly apparitions of the undead Pandora Clan manifested behind him to extract their masters vengeance. Outside their screams coupled with other unholy terror inducing sounds captivated the emergency response units as well as the police allowing Cavat to simple walk by. His unmitigated concentration now focused purely on finding the location of the Keijijo Grandmaster, Impero.

The Pandora Shadow Clan
The Pandora Shadow Clan
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Four Hours Earlier

Harboring powerful confidence in Fan's probable capability of safely carrying the legendary Impero Mask, Ishin fearlessly makes his way to his clan's fabled Reisho monastery complex, intent on boldly confronting the disruptive Keijijo Elders. Trekking up the snowy hazardous environments of the ominous cold mountains, the Keijijo Prodigy is intent on making an arrival governed by the absence of chi. While an apparently impractical method of travel, it does ensure that his arrival will be undetected by the Keijijo Elders' ascended senses. Having temporarily replaced his iconic Impero Mask with an identical durable replica, Ishin hopes to make an insulting mockery of the Elders' spiritual expertise and their supposedly peerless knowledge of the mask they helped create.

Entering the gates of his ancient clan's secluded home, the enigmatic Impero is greeted warmly by several clansmen, ignorant of the situation at hand. Offering typically charismatic and composed responses, he hopes they remain ignorant to the impending division that the Keijijo Clan is soon to face. Silently making his way into a colossal tower, famed for being a nexus of metaphysical and spiritual concentration, Ishin enters the separated home of the clan's Elders. Shutting the door behind him, he finds himself in a dimly lit room, its sole source of luminosity being a ritualistic circle of candles. "Ishin!", an Elder cried out in surprise, instantly restoring competent light in the vast room. "We.. were not expecting you", indeed they weren't, to the prodigious Impero's advantage, their focus was previously being directed towards a specific urn marked by ceremonial Keijijo Geijutsu symbols. "Clearly", Ishin replied. "Why are you here?", they asked abruptly interrupting him. "Why else would I be here gentlemen? To think that I am ignorant of your plot is an insult to my intelligence", he scoffed calmly. "I admire your ambition. But your objective is abhorrent", Ishin concluded.

A controlled laugh of haughty smugness and condescension escaped the Elders as they rose from their ritualistic sitting positions. Quickly, with a simultaneous attack of coordinated brilliance, they conjured unstable chi-based clones of themselves in an attempt to further put the number's game to their unquestionable advantage. Effortlessly disposing of the metaphysically birthed clones with a series of masterful pressure point strikes, Ishin followed his initial reaction by throwing a barrage of deadly shuriken, methodically targeting his opponents' exposed vital points. As the Elders found themselves preoccupied with the lethal bladed projectiles, Ishin seizes the moment in an attempt to snatch the chi-collecting urn. Unfortunately however, he is met with a concussive blast of chi-mixed wind. While durable, his Impero Mask replica is quickly destroyed by the attack as it crumbles off his face.

Aware of his disadvantages against the Keijijo Elders, Ishin puts his famed intellect and prodigious talent to effective use. Producing enormous amounts of water from his mouth, the enigmatic martial arts Grandmaster is quick to fill the room with flooding amounts of water. As his superior Water Yoso technique grants him a compelling advantage in bodies of water, the Impero follows by resorting to Lightning Yoso, intent on using the powerful electric current of various lightning bolts to incapacitate the water-suspended Elders. Sensing the manifesting lightning-based chi in Ishin's reserves, the Elders admit to their unfavorable position. However, soon they use the urn's capabilities to absorb the ambient chi released by Ishin's techniques, prompting the Keijijo Prodigy to cease his current attacks while the Elders seize the opportunity to escape via esoteric teleportation methods. As the water disperses, a panting Ishin is left disappointed, a considerable portion of his chi reserves had been absorbed, it would take him a while for his energies to properly replenish.

The Present

Attended to by the many remaining Keijijo clansmen in Reisho, Impero continually attempts to accelerate the replenishment of his monstrous chi reserves. "Impero", one of the two remaining pure Elders bowed before his undisputed leader. "Twenty of our brothers have left to aid Nara and the rest of the rogue Elders", he revealed. "I see. It seems I'll have to enlist the help of a few allies. Zaraki, administer a Keijijo Geijutsu tattoo on my chest. One that will metaphysically seal my chi reserves. While it may prevent me from accessing more than fifty percent of my power, it will make it difficult for them to absorb my chi again". Nodding in admirable respect, Zaraki did as he was told and in time completed the requested favor. "Thank you Zaraki. I'll be heading off now. Tell the Keijijo Elite to protect you all during my absence".

Having gathered his required items, including his specialized Keijijo Geijutsu kunai, a unique scroll, along with more commonly used weapons, Ishin vanished in his trademarked flock of dark crows. Prior to his departure, the Impero utilized the advantageous zones of spiritual concentration in Reisho to telepathically alert his allies, Alezra and Kratesis, requesting that they meet with him in the city of Barcelona, Spain. Soon however, he was informed of a troublesome revelation by a telepathic message from his beloved Fan. The Impero Mask had been taken from her. "Fan my love, where are you? I'm making preparations for our objectives. I've called in some allies to help. Tell me where you are so that I may meet with you", presenting his telepathic response to her. However, if things continue to prove more unfavorable, he may have to contact his most antagonistic rival, the original Keijijo Exile, Oni. And as he waits in admirable patience, the rogue Keijijo Elders meet with their current allies, the Witch Hunters.

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Watching him was like watching a bizarre dream. Ten feet tall, bowlegged and hunched-over, his characteristic feathery pink coat, along with his orange pants and unshaven legs, made for a healthy amount of conflicting attacks on the senses. But to top it all off, the man wore perhaps the widest smile possible on a human being. His pearly white teeth shone out like a spotlight to those who looked upon him as he continued to smile as if there was nothing amiss about the whole situation.

The man had waltzed into the interior of the Keijijo Clan headquarters as if he owned the place.

Hands pocketed and head tilted, the long lanky man sighed in admiration of his surroundings. Absolute perfection met his eyes in both aesthetic and architectural brilliance. Those of the Keijijo Elite stared at him with disgust as he approached them. Swords were drawn centimeters from their sheaths, still hidden but ready at a moment's notice. They silently elected their spokesperson and he casually strolled out to meet the visitor on the steps of the inner workings to the beautiful palace.

"Two more steps and I will have to ask you to either present proper identification or feel the cold steel of our blades outsider. You are not welcomed here. This is no home to you,"

The stranger continued to smile, sending a shiver down the collective spines of those who confronted him on the subject. He began to laugh and, contrary to the physics behind the human mouth, opened his mouth to produce a "Fuffuffuffuffu" sort of sound. This continued for more than three seconds. All of that time and all of those mocking cackles sank into the man's inner being and caused him to sweat as if they drew fatal amounts of blood.

"My name is Mister Oh!" the taller man replied, removing his hands from their pockets. "I want to make an appointment with Ishin-chan,"

"You've insulted all of us by standing here, giant. Leave now while your flesh is still on your bones,"

Mister Oh stuck his tongue out and raised his hand. Strangely, the man in front of him did the same with both of his arms. Confused chattering overtook the group of Keijijo Elite behind the conflicting duo. Squeezing his pinkie finger into a coil, Mister Oh somehow influenced the man in front of him to start strangling himself violently. Those Keijijo Elite in preparation for a fight suddenly found themselves struggling to contain their brother from committing a most undignified suicide. Pressure points would not respond. Physical force proved futile. Even trying to knock him unconscious would not stop the hands wrapping around his throat and turning his face blue from lack of oxygen. All the while, Mister Oh giggled his "Fuffuffuffuffu," entertained in the most perverse and sick of ways.

"Stop!" An older man shouted from the top of the stairs.

Mister Oh reflexively uncoiled his pinkie. Swords were fully drawn now as the man collapsed under the shadows of his brothers gasped his first inhalation in minutes.

"I said STOP!" The old man shouted again, louder, and a thunderclap resounded across the foyer.

The Keijijo Elite stopped in their tracks, fuming, but with their swords kept from being drawn by sheer willpower over their pride and anger.

"I cannot guarantee you council with Ishin-SAN," the elderly man said with gusto. "But you will certainly have a better chance inside than hurting those we call family."

Mister Oh laughed under his breath as he ascended the stairs.

"Elite. What a joke. Your skills are truly second to none, but you have forgotten what it really means to sit above others in the world. It means to act as a role model, not to flaunt your superiority in the faces of those who want to be like you. Besides, now that you've had the intent to kill on your lips, you know what my chi tastes like. Tell me, I'd like to know,"

A moment of contemplation passed. The spiritually-sensitive Keijijo Elite actually broke face for a second and cracked smiles. They started to laugh uncontrollably like children.

"Fuffuffu, I thought so,"

The old man stopped in his tracks as Mister Oh walked past him and into the compound. He knew something horrible had transpired. Like ethereal cocaine, Mister Oh's spiritual presence had hit them like a ton of bricks.

"Oh yeah - here's your tip," Mister Oh tossed a folded piece of paper at the old man. "Keep the change."

Uncertain of the intent behind such a rude gesture, the old man unfolded the paper and grimaced.

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  Burrows of Prague  

There is a struggle in a dimly lit room a large burly humanoid creature voraciously scraping his razor-like teeth to skin a bound man's face like he would spoon the flesh off a coconut layer, there were no ears or nose left to eat. Against his teeth the cartilage felt like thin mushrooms, what was previously a face is now something that Ratger had just carved himself into yet another skeleton. The not so magical process of stripping flesh from bone, yet it is very satisfying as he takes opportunities to slip his tongue inside the eye socket. Violation vitreous fluids with his own brand of lupine saliva, It was not torture at all. But a consumer fiddling with its food,   meticulously working his mouth like a cheese grater.  
 He had to perforate the man on several puncture points with his nails so that the victim would stay awake for the process, sometimes they have to be disciplined whenever they rattle the chair.  A goony placed her hands on the man's back so that his face is in constant regeneration, he knows that she can stop anytime for him to die on the spot. Her mask reminiscent of Minnie the Mouse, except in a texture that resembled rust and broken glass. Ratger punched the man repeatedly in the stomach to shut him up, to force him to understand that he will die if he acts against the norm. Escape is meaningless as both legs have been eaten, replaced with doll legs for comedic value. 
Milton read about 'Chi' and is interested in the things that are connected with it , so he called his connections to 'connect' him with some of the experts in that field. So far most of them that can be encountered by simple mobs are less than satisfactory as they fall below expectation,  yet on one fateful day he snagged a powerful agent in the outskirts between europe and asia. It keeps muttering about 'Witch Hunters', yet milton did not care but seeing as how this one person managed to inflict damage upon hired (normal) psychos then it sends a foreshadowing that they are not messing around. However he is at a moment of annoyance, seeing as how most of his forces are dealing with their expansion across europe.  
He read his catalogue of 'powers' and browsed the suitable ones for the job, it seems the that most of the interesting ones won't be used for the job. He wants to level up his usage of hydrokinesis, as he has several tricks to try .Rolf knows already of what the man had to say as he sat outside the room, it is always same in their interrogations. One does the 'softening' and the other does the 'extraction', yet Ratger is amused at how many futures that the man has to act in ways that can actually ensure escape. Even more when he found out that the loss of legs only subtract a minor set of scenarios from the whole thing.  

Evoking demonic entities from the metaphysical realm to expand their clutches around the earth, sounds like a nice plan but they have the worst of luck to enact it in the same Era that Milton is alive. He wouldn't care less what happens to the earth, yet he is interested in the prospect of assimilating the powers of these creatures. He's had his fill of super beings before, in fact plenty from a variety of super origins. Yet the catch is that he needs direct or conductive contact to make acquisition. This man knows the route in his head, Ratger had his fun. The man is now useless. He is dog food.  
He was no weakling, hence why after he succeeded against the initial opener of rag and tag thugs Milton immediately sent Rolf & Ratger over. Because too many others tend to take their time with opponents, measuring them by minions on their par. In a more eventful scenario Milton would sent twenty five of his goonies over. Yet it can't be undone, as soon as Ratger is done wiping his mouth with the man's skin they will move.  
"Witch Hunters..."

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"So Lady Coven came to me today, I love what the Lord permits her to do. She appeared not in person or even through telepathy but rather projected herself to me. A mesmerising sea of aqua and crimson light swirled around her literaly becoming her. It wasn't her, shes still at the Manor and yet it fealt entirely real. Anyways I've been given a mission provided by the alienation of death Azrael. Alezra claims herself to be an alien, but I truely think her the angel shes named after. She isn't blessed like us, and yet she feels more divine then most. The way she handles a blade is supernatural. Its a miracle to be in the Coven my one biggest hope for this mission is that it helps guide others to the church.

Azrael was informed by the enigmatic evasive ominously secretive shadow Impero. I know that seems extreme but its true thats exactly whats told about him. Not sure wether I should be on high alert or excited, perhaps I should run with both. Impero informed us of his clans splintering and threat they propose. I've been told to try and obtain some of the chi they're capturing we think we can learn from this. Imagine what it would be like if we can learn how to take ones energy and convert it into the blessing for another. Of course that means following some unknown into the f*cking pits of hell...but then I guess thats why I have faith." A flash of anger passed through her near the end of her gernal entry. Her writing being stopped as one of the Hexcroft tapped her shoulder. The back door opened of the jet letting air flood the room with huricane like winds. Pink hair flowing about like crazy as she closed the gernal. Evangiline Sinclair at first hated the concept of recording her days but had slowly grown acustome to it.

The young teen from there dawned her atire, the various black and grey robes of the Hexcroft. That most elite Templar format assassins around nobody knew of them unless the Coven wanted. Methods were always taken to leave no trace of evidence around. Even if caught on camera they were unrecognizable, even when a Hexcroft roared like a dragon in an assault that leveled a nation, they would still be silent as a grave after. One of Eve's greatest advantages was that she could remove evidence with her own abilities. She was far from the exception to the Coven rule but rather the perfect example. And yet she was also one of the young and unaware, the truth of what she was remained unknown to her.

Her hair fell away soon to be swept up by the winds, it left her bald no hair to be found. Eyes went from a deep red to a glossy pale almost as if shhe were blind. There was no chance of identifying her retina signature. Fingers became slimer as the tips flattend out, perfectly smove no chance of obtaining a finger print. Lastly her skin became a light grey, pale like that of the dead or frozen flesh. This served to stop the flow of blood and falling of skin cells. This stoped any other DNA from being aquired, it also made her look like some sort of ghost. Which Evie found to be quite cool looking for what she did. With no trace left to be found and her ceremonial wear and weapons along her slim frame she stepped towards the back briefly enjoying the rush of air along her fingers and bare scalp. Then without fear, concern, or moment of hesitation the woman driven by faith stepped off the platform.

And so she fell robes dancing like flames of a falling star if only that star were black as the midnight sun. The meeting location of Spain growing closer and closer as she fell. Finally on the outskirts of the city she landed four handprints dug deep into the ground small craters in the earth. While the snow white religious assassin touched the earth as silent as a leaf falling upon the water. And from there she began to make way towards the meeting location. Upon her landing she found herself before a man assaulting a woman. Perhaps it was fate to have befallen upon the two, or maybe the blessings of the Lord brought her here. With rage the man rose picking up his bat and swinging for her head.

It was strong and swift ment to shatter her skull. Eve however saw it almost in slow motion. She moves to the right right hand grasping his almost as if wanting to dance. Her left hand came up backed by a vector, an unseen limb. It colided with the elbow snapping it out of place the crack of bone could clearly be heard. And then the right hand grasped a hilt provided by a vector. Blood flowed into the hilt and from there snapped into an acidic plasmic blade. Hex's abilities over blood constructing one of the most brutal of weapons. The lightsaber constructed of blood plasma finding way into the back of the mans head. That was her way, finding the opening and using that as a killer blow. From there the ghost like assassin kneels down removing one of the cross neclaces around her neck. The metalic emblem of the Coven being handed to the woman. "As long as the Lord is with you, your life will not be in danger."

Feeling as if she had saved a life, not just for today but truely made a diffrence she went to meet with Impero. A hood pulled over head making her vanish amongst the trees. As seemless with the night as the shadows of one of the predators. Untill ariving in the center of the park in Barcelona Spain, to meet with Impero and whoever else he might have inlisted. A respectful bow, slightly alien in design yet also baring the design of a cross in presentation. "Hexcraft, regretfully Lady Alezra was busy so the Coven sent me in her place. Im all yours to make use of, so long as some of the Chi can be passed over." a ghostly hand runing along three glass spheres on the assassins waist. The strange ornamentations able to take in the Chi so that in the near future the Coven could make use of it for their own alterior motives.

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Kratesis arrives with the soft pop of displaced air. Armored feet stand steady on the sands of the beach. Warm sunlight glares off her golden mask. The crashing of blue waves against sunny sands fills her ears.

Mar Bella beach was truly a lovely place.

Tourests gawked at her. She ignored them, violet robes sweeping around her athletic form as she strode up the shore. Cell phones snapped pictures, and texts flew. The mutant extremist had surfaced once again.

Once reaching the streets she broke into a run. Boots pounded the pavement, sending cracks out like spiderwebs. She leaped over cars, buses and small buildings as she went.

She swept through the city in a flash, before one final leap brought her to the park. It seemed there was a woman already there. Interesting.

The neverborn nightmare landed in a shock absorbing crouch. She rose smoothly, folding her hands behind her back. In silence she waited. Her purpose here would soon become clear.

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Eons ago the Keijijo Clan had been led by an altruistic Impero, Mei. The benefits of her leadership had been mostly forgotten. The Clan had taken for granted the originator of their elemental prowess, the creator of a flawless incorporation of chi into a fighting style entirely her own that had failed to be duplicated. But perhaps the most innocuous of her accomplishments was the appropriation of Santa Maria de Monsterrat.

Just outside the limits of Barcelona, Spain lay Monsterrat, a mountain that was host to a chi ley line, one of the fundamental metaphysical chi lines that coursed throughout the Earth. Above it, Santa Maria de Monsterrat had been built. It was never verified or revealed what it's true purpose was, although over time it had been whispered to play host to the legendary Holy Grail.

In reality, there was a chamber erected in splendor deep below ground, cut into the very rocks of the mountain itself. All the religion that had been built around this location had been in the effort of protecting the true secrets that it kept hidden beneath the surface. The white marble interior of that secret underground chamber was filled with steam as none other than the enigmatic Impero of the Clan relaxed in the hot spring that lay in the center of the chamber.

Steam cascaded from the warm surface of the water, filling the air with warm moisture as Ishin closed his eyes, arms resting on the ledge as he lounged on a natural rocky shelf built into the edge of the spring. At the far edge of the chamber, there were two marble pillars, based directly over the ley line. As Ishin soaked in the water, meditating and attempting to rebuild depleted chi reserves, symbols that had been etched into the base of the pillars began to glow.

Among Mei's many specialties was a lost art known as Keijijio Geijutsu, the ability to imbue mundane objects with chi using tattoos and symbology, or to do so on the chakra points of living things. Methodical as always, Mei had taken precautions knowing that sooner or later, she would be needed in a more corporeal form than guidance through the mask that was passed down from Impero to Impero. In light of everything that was going on and the impending machinations of Oni, her oldest and truest foe, that one day had come.

There was a metaphysical hum in the air as a spirit formed from the symbols and slowly but surely became corporeal. Standing between the two white marble pillars was none other than Mei herself. Appearing to be around 25 years old, her skin was bare and black hair hung down to her waist. Chi-imbued markings on her back glowed like embers in a fire, the symbols morphing together to form flames that nearly appeared to be wings sloping across her back. Within seconds, they faded and disappeared, only to show themselves at another point in time further down the road.

Attached to the two pillars were white silk banners. Gently tearing them down, Mei made quick work of wrapping them around her slender body. Not for modesty sake, but for the sake of pragmatism. War was on the horizon and it never paid to be caught with your pants down, so to speak.

The smooth ends of the silk that caressed her body billowed gently in the steam that cascaded through the air as she walked from the antechamber directly into the room that housed the hot spring itself and more importantly, Ishin.

Deep in a meditative trance while immersed in water in an attempt to replenish depleted chi reserves, the reigning Impero was unaware of Mei's approach. Her bare feet padded silently as she made her way towards the man whose actions she had witnessed only through the Impero mask. Truth be told, he was the best she'd ever seen.

Stuck in the meditative trance, he was unaware of her presence. This was one of the only locations on the planet where an Impero was truly at peace. Between the ley line location and the plentiful amount of chi that abounded and the fact that it was sheltered both from detection and from knowledge, it was a true escape.

With a natural elegance and fluidity of motion, the former Impero sat down at the edge of the hot spring and drew her legs up, splaying her hands out on either side. The white silk draped gracefully around her body as she tilted her head to the side, surveying the peaceful Ishin before regretfully breaking the silence and pulling him out of the meditative trance that was allowing him to rebuild his strength.

"There's a great conflict in the air, Ishin." Her voice was quiet but firm when she spoke, tinted with just a touch of sadness. "Oni, others, they're convalescing against you, against the Clan, against everything that has been built. There's an unnatural feeling in the air, a bending of the chi. It's a time for planning and a time for action. I wouldn't be here if there were any other way."

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Journey Entry xx Date xx/xx/xxxx
I was too late, I couldn't save Ms. Wilmer. I had the chance too but I didn't, I couldn't risk the use of using blood magic. I couldn't expose myself. But as soon as the others left, I revisit the morgue where her body had lay for inspection, they were to run test analysis to see what caused her death. Judging from the pierce in her abdomen and the mark of it, she was stab. Simple and easy. Her eyes were soft as so was her facial features, she was young, looked no older than I was. In a way I envied her, she died with youth, and she was to always remain that way even in death. Resurrection, the process of bringing something back from unconscious, or better yet the dead. I know this was impossible to do with magic, or was it.... it is an unnatural thing to do, no matter if the victim deserved it or not. No magic in the world could bring someone back without the fatal consequences of nature. Most witches I read attempting to perform this dark magic instead lost their lives, the irony. Play with death only to meet it. Death is just another form of freedom. Witches are not super powered beings, only a fool would think that. We are just like humans but with greater potential, but we are still humans. I'm still human.
~Life is ripe, while death is tasteless~ Amelia Frost

The dirt colored sky of autumn had fade now marking the seasoned white frosts of the coming Yule. Chants and incenses lit the room as monks interlocked hands with one another, standing in a designed position to outline the runes and glyph underneath their bare feet. Inside the large circle were a group of three seers, wielders of the supernatural, their minds were a strong collective of the many unraveling prophecies. Most of which had yet to happen. Their feminine bodies move and tips in a motion, their palms touching each other as they pool the power of magic within each other "Yes. I see her." the first seer spoke, "She hides from the pain and tragedy that magic has cause her, but she cannot escape her destiny." the second spoke after, "What was once lost will soon return, their lives will change. One will turn, one will change." the third and final witch spoke, the Chinese maidens then collapsed as the spell had ended. The monks of the east gathered around their seers and bowed their heads, recording the knowledge imposed on them.

"Are you planning on leaving early? It's raining hard outside, you might want to wait just a little longer, until it dies down dear." her fingers were exercised as she ran them at good speed across a key board, typing down numerous information onto a computer while simultaneously chatting with a blonde nurse, "Don't worry, I've lived here my whole life. This weather is just a part of life I've grown used to." lifting her platinum locks she flings them back as she puts on her warm coat. But she could see the arch of her coworker's eye brow rising with concern "Is there something you want to talk about, Amelia?" she questioned as she rolled her chair towards the nurse. Expectantly she turned her eyes and darted for the doors, walking as fast she could "Nope, nothing I promise!" she glared behind her shoulder, leaving the room with a smile.

The drops of hard rain descendant on her, the stormy night brought silence and memories. "Blood is a very powerful tool Amelia and so is your body." the sound of animistic thunder awoken her from her own thoughts, she almost stumbled upon a pole in front of her. "Thank you mother nature.." it awoken her from a grim reminder, the voice of the man who violated her. He manipulated her fragile psyche and turned her into a monster, she wasn't innocent and pure as she once was, as the puddle of water had reflected a demon inside her showing she had blood on her hands, a killer.

Leaning against a brick wall the witch cried her sorrows out. Her tears were just another copy of fallen rain touching against her face. Not a day had passed since she remembered: the moment she found out her family had died. She thought they abandon her, leaving her to wander alone in this cold-dark world, with no hope and no love. "There's no other way, right?" her voice crumble as she tried to out sound the droplets hitting the ground, reaching into her pocket she pulled out a small-sized pocket knife, though delicate in size it was as sharp as any other blade. Her black mascara and eye-liner were leaking out of her soaked teary eyes. Looking above her towards the skies, she stared at the enrage elements while contemplating on the thoughts of suicide. The soft hums of a flying bird soars past her, free in this world and one with the earth she envied the creature, she just wanted to be free, permanently to fly away. "Set me free..." her whispers were then followed as she began to place the against her delicate wrist, moving it horizontally her stomach began to squeal soft whimpers of pain left her mouth. Tightening her eyes and biting her lips she brushes the blade hard and deeper, her face was now frozen, it should no remorse. Her hands were at a pause, something held them back "No Amelia..." the faint voice of an apparition appeared before her, her eyes now opened and filled with even more tears. She had longed for that voice for so many years "Mommm... Mommy..." stuttering with an ache in throat the image of her deceased mother now flashed away with the sudden bolt of lightning and sound of thunder.

"I'm sorry." taking time to realize her mistakes she was then touched by a psychic force. Her mind was overloaded with agony and pain, the same feeling she felt when her family was dying. Drawn to the psychic path given to her she followed the trails which lead her to an injure female and a desperate male. Exchanging brief airs of panic and fear she told the man to follow her home where she would then treat the dying woman.

Back in China, the secret underground group known as The Council of Flowers which was lead by the head council members of the Lotus or better yet known as the White Lotus provided ruling in the affairs of witches and set establishing laws. "The crimson lotus seers had foretell their knowledge of the coming future. After a psychic session we learned the western Purifiers are set upon us for they too are not alone... the Elders of the Keijijo clan will share the same scale.... Bring in the puppeteer." the high priest then instructed for the summoning of a magic prodigy within their chambers: Madame Rose.

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The steaming bowl of udon left nothing to be desired , its robust flavors and lingering aromas of ancient spices gave Falcon a sense of calm and awareness that seemed misplaced in the busy yet narrow restaurant in Hong-Kong . News of widespread panic had been reaching the ears of the Paper Ronin for the last several days as if the world was coming to an end ,and it some cases it was. Century old clans and their elders were being harvested and ripped of their Chi by a clandestine organization of some sort,Falcon was unsure of the exact details but after all that was why he was here,waiting to meet with an informant of his.

Soon the man he had been waiting for arrived and bowed to the still sitting Falcon,who had immersed himself in his bowl of ramen as he contemplated the journey to come ahead. "Greetings Paper Ronin,I apologize for my tardiness but it seems that I've been followed here,they already know who you are and wish to collect you.." The man seemed distraught but calm,his words trying to signal Falcon of the impending danger but his next breath was cut short as an arrow burst through the back of his skull and out of his right eye socket. Immediately the bystanders fled in complete silence as if they knew who had come,Falcon could see the fear that sewed their mouths shut. A letter was crumbled in the mans lifeless hands and The Parchment Ninja slowly folded it and tucked it away,he was more interested in finishing his udon,and whoever it was that ruined his appointment.

"You desire what you cannot have Keijijo...Therefore,your life must end. " The Paper Ronin slowly sat down his finished bowl of broth, covered his skull faced mask of tradition with the shroud of his legendary garments and stood up to face the assailants that had their sights aimed from the opposite end of the narrow hole in a wall restaurant. He recognized the stance and threads of the Keijijo clan instantly ,and cursed Impero in his head as he launched an offensive against the men with the chopsticks he ate with. The Paper Ronin had been charging them with his Trigram Chi since the waiter first served it to him,attempting to store his explosive powers in small objects and finely control it so that it's stable until release. With deadly precision the chopsticks were lodged into the two assassins eyes ,fuming with his trigram chi, their heads exploding in a matter of seconds with the shockwave of the explosion ruining the entire store front. Paper Ronin lifted a sack of gold from his waist,its worth equal to a small fortune and placed it at the table as he walked out reading the letter his informant didn't have a chance to hand him. His eyes lighting up with a sense of adventure and excitement about using his brand new techniques.

"Impero,I'm coming .."

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Montserrat, Catalonia

Having exponentially sealed away his fearsome chi reserves with the most esoteric of Keijijo Geijutsu tattoos, the prodigious Impero had voluntarily immersed himself in an intensely difficult situation. Tasked not only with bringing about the much needed conclusion to the surprisingly meticulous plot of rogue Keijijo Elders, as well as recovering his stolen Impero Mask among other things, the Keijijo Prodigy had been left with little option but to appropriately replace the inaccessible portion of his chi reserves. Fortunately, a legendary source of near-infinite masses of ambient chi lied nearby, and as an obligation to his current duties and objectives, he was prompted to seek it out. Quickly, he had arrived in the famed mountain of Montserrat, and while mentally governed by his ambition to not only replenish his chi but to confront the exiled scheming Keijijo Elders, he harbored an unspoken concern for Fan's current situation, having yet to receive any telepathic response.

Disregarding such thoughts, he made his way into a secretive, secluded chamber in the religious monastery of Santa Maria de Montserrat. It was there that he located the intended source of immeasurable metaphysical energy in the form of a fabled hot spring surrounded by chi-replenishing steam. With his hooded clothing, carried weapons and artifacts set aside, clad only in his combat-oriented trousers, the enigmatic Grandmaster immersed himself, entering a powerful meditative state. Soon, the Keijijo Geijutsu tattoo seal on his chest commenced an erratic flickering of yellowish light, attempting to cease any potential mixing of Ishin's chi with the abundant natural metaphysical energy of the environment. Steadily, secondary chi reserves were generated by his additional chakras as he flawlessly absorbed the invisible ambient energies. Whilst in his meditative stance, an abrupt yet dramatically brief vision had startled his mind. Incapable of deciphering what he had seen, his spiritual vision was of a cryptic nature, displaying rogue Keijijo Elders bowing before an intimidating squad of powerful yet unrecognizable warriors.

The greatest clue spotted in the unanticipated vision had been the Japanese kanji for "Susanoo". Unable to understand what he had been shown, Ishin's mind quickly reverted to a state of enlightened blankness as he resumed the required absorbing of chi. Undoubtedly, any increased time in this nexus of metaphysical energy will once again bring about an elaborating spiritual vision. Unfortunately, he was soon disturbed by a familiar voice. Turning to identify the source of the voice, the enigmatic Impero's eyes were surely deceiving him. For before him stood one of, if not, the single greatest Impero of the Keijijo, and the first, she was a precursor to them all. It was no illusion, his exotic senses were immediate in detecting the enormous amount of chi invisibly radiating from her being. Speechless in awe as surprised blue-golden eyes observed who stood before him. He had only spoke to her through the iconic Impero Mask, never would he have predicted a future encounter with her. Awestruck by the physical presence of the past Impero that he so dearly idolized, he remained without words.

Respectfully bowing before her, the scarred Grandmaster could no longer contain his thoughts, "... T-this is... impossible", he uttered, slightly above a whisper. ".. How.. Mei... I am not worthy", he admitted, steadily regaining his composure and charismatic certainty. He listened with the utmost respect as she spoke. While he has vowed to surpass Impero Neji, Mei is undoubtedly the one he wishes to emulate. Calmly rising to his feet, he replies, and while respectful, still he speaks with instinctive confidence and poise, "Mei-sama", he addresses her with the respectful Japanese honorific, for he admires her greatly, "I've grown aware of these events. I've amassed a group of allies to help. Before we go, I must tell you this. As I meditated here to replenish my chi, I was shown something of importance. I was presented with a vision of unknown warriors that will soon come, one of them had a tattoo that read 'Susanoo', the name of the Shinto god of storms and the sea".

Barcelona, Catalonia

While waiting in the Catalan city of Barcelona for the arrival of his lightsaber-wielding ally Alezra, Ishin was instead approached by a different Sith, Hexcraft as she introduced herself. With a respectful nod, Ishin responds, "If she sent you, then surely you must be a formidable warrior. Alezra wouldn't want to disappoint me so early. You'll be rewarded for your aid my dear. I'm a man of my word", he stated, "I am Ishin", he introduced. Quickly, Hexcraft's arrival was followed by the inevitable arrival of the feared mutant extremist, Kratesis. Not wearing his iconic mask, Ishin was admittedly surprised that his Court ally had recognized him so easily. "Good, you are all here. My other ally, Fan, is somewhere else, we'll have to begin without her, she'll contact me when she's ready", he paused for a moment, "I'll inform you both of everything", he assured. "But for now we must leave. I've stationed a chi-based clone of myself nearby, I was using it to replenish my chi reserves. But fortunately, somehow.. it was encountered by a past Impero, the greatest of my clan, Mei-sama".

Calmly placing his hands on their shoulder, the enigmatic Impero continued, "We must teleport to my clone's location at once, so that I may absorb it, and most importantly, to inform Mei-sama of everything". Quickly, through the established metaphysical connection between he and his clones, Ishin teleported to its location, along with both Kratesis and Hexcraft. With Mei's arrival, surely, a probable impending encounter with Oni is certain to resurrect aged tension.

Undisclosed Location

Elsewhere, the rogue Keijijo Elders had sent a minute group of their followers to meet with their Witch Hunter allies. In the meantime, the ancient martial arts masters gathered round their ceremonial urn as the ritualistic Keijijo Geijutsu symbols on it burned with metaphysical flames from their most recent collected chi. "Hmm... Ishin is proving elusive to capture, along with Ronin and Oni, those three remain far from our grasp", one of the Elders stated, "Ronin has recently killed some of our followers. They attempted to capture him and bring him to us. Hopefully, this will lead to a misunderstanding which could lead Ronin to seek out Ishin himself, believing that the boy is orchestrating the whole thing", another Elder responded. "Attracting Ishin's attention should not prove difficult. While attacking our former clan would surely lure him from hiding, it is too risky. Perhaps if we.. capture that Fan girl that he has discussed our plans with?", one of them suggested, ".. It is a possibility. However, I believe the Witch Hunters might capture her for us. They detest her after all", he smirked slyly.

"Attracting Oni should not prove too difficult. Above all things, the man respects power. Perhaps if we... revealed what is in our possession, he may be compelled to come to us and as powerful as he may be, not even he can face us on his own. It is then that we can absorb his chi and feed it to the urn. Zenku's rebirthdraws near, it will prove difficult to control. We must be certain that all preparations are arranged. For this, we need Oni, Ishin, and Fan the most. Oni the mind, Ishin the body, and Fan the summoner", the Elder chuckled, before detecting a metaphysical breach in the Impero Mask they helped create. "No.. this is impossible!", an Elder shouted, frustration consuming him, "Surely you all feel it as well?! The Keijijo Geijutsu tattoos on our arms! The ones we used to transfer Mei's conscious and spirit into the Impero Mask! They've disappeared!". Gasps of shock and surprise soon followed, indeed he spoke the truth. "Then this means that she has returned. Which leaves us with no choice. We must locate the Kage fukkatsu tablet. Her presence will make our initial plans impossible. Inform the Witch Hunters".

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The enthralling harmonic voices of Europe's oldest and most renowned Escolania choir filtered through the illustrious monastery nestled deep within the towers and crags of the legendary mountain. In unison their celebrated artistic melodies welcomed the awakening of the mornings first rays of light overseeing the basilica communal prayers. But as infamously famous as the Santa Maria de Montserrat was in accordance with the known World, it was its secretive chambers housed deep within the mountains core that held its true Delphic significance. Poised at the gates of this enchanted unknown World stood two hooded silhouettes. Features camouflaged by their dark cloaks, arms crossed and tucked within the exaggerated sleeves of their robes, neither inclined to move as they stared upon the imposing double doors ascending upward in astonishing fashion. Finally a subtle head gesture signaling a silent command initiated the first signs of life. Stepping forward in accordance to his masters wishes, the hooded apprentice slid his hands free from the perpetual darkness of his sleeves pushing them forward with visual strain as if met with some unseen force of resistance.

Slowly the symbolically decorated threshold began to open lightly showing a steady stream of loosened rock and debris as the duo granted their own admission into the sacred house on eternal energy. The overemphasized pathway lined on either side with architectural replications of former Keijijo Grandmasters in illustriously carved stances emanating an aura of dignified prominence reflective of the Clan's unmistakable prestige. Noticeably absent from the line of virtual nobility was the Oni Keijio, the disgraced exile who's deviant revolt against the Keijijo held had unknowingly laid the foundation for the clan's current internal strife.

Disrupting the daily ritualistic proceedings of the acolytes who maintained and protected the well of chi reserves contained within secretive Abbey, the shadowy cabalistic tandem slipped their hoods back revealing themselves to be none other then Forbidden Keijijo, Abacha Cavat, and his unknown apprentice, Cadmus Crown. A resurrected Grandmaster of the now extinct Red Wraith Dragon Clan, and General of Cavat's Pandora Shadow Cult. Well versed in the usage of Cavat's Dark Chi techniques and innovative master of the Soulsaber, a sword like weapon fueled by its wielders energy through a Nth metal tube focused into an illuminated katana of self-contained chi. The hilt was perfectly fabricated to compliment Crown's stylistic combat tendencies and dexterity highlighted by its artistic elegance. A weapon of sophistication it had been the trademark of the Red Wraiths at the pinnacle of their existence.

Pulling back the edge of his charcoal colored cloak with his right hand and summoning the metal hilt with his left as the skillfully trained acolytes cautiously began to surround the pair of intruders, Abacha Cavat intervened by stepping forward. "I merely seek an audience with the Keijijo Impero. I know he is here, in some form or another. I've sensed his energy since the moment we've arrived...." The low baseline of his voice rumbling through the catacombs unintentionally.

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"I remember the first time I was in the pressence of our Lady Coven, the savior telling us of the truth. The walls were laced with markings I to this day can not understand. For a reason unknown to me I fealt like I knew everything they said, every story they told. Yet I can't read them, I couldn't for the life of me recite the passages. Ha thats funy, life. I think I've allready overcome such a fragile thing. As my blood colored eyes read the unreadable my body fealt sensations so captivatingly unreal. I fealt more rested then I could ever be. It was if my energy was infinite, like stars were powering my veins. The Lords seem to grant a strength beyond mortal comprehension within in the comfort of our Lady. Its sublime, I am blessed."

This journal entry for a brief moment came to Eve's mind as she confronted Ishin. Something about him felt spiritualy invigorating, the meeting soon joined by another. The imfamous extremist of rightful reason Kratesis had joined them. Instantaneously she turned and bowed humbly. "The Bloodhusk speeks highly of you." The name subtley leaking of the Arcani agent Azrael. Hexcraft was almost docile in presence like a fawn, even though her image was of a murderous specter.

That was apart of the charm of the Hexcroft prodigy however she embodied the ideals as if almost a zealot allready. A calm calculating mind having looked the two over and judging them. As a hexcroft one knew what to cater to and what to strike in a instinctive way. Realizing who was friend and who was foe in a way a drone might do to a soldiers radar. Should one be seen as a danger to the Coven or threat to oneself the response was as quick as the wind was to scoop up a leaf. Aiming for a fatal strike before the heart could reach the very next beat. In the pressence of acomplices of the greater cause, aimed to bring about a more perfect order however it was the opposite. The Hexcroft becoming a friendly aid loyal as the guardian wolf and noble as a lion. And Lord have mercy upon the enemy of the friend for they were the enemy of the Coven. And to be the enemy of the Coven one is to be hunted like a priest might stalk a witch, like a crow watching the meal to come. Hex was backing these two and willing to take fatal blows to see the mission done. But what is fatal to a teen who has regrown her own head before?

"Good, you are all here. My other ally, Fan, is somewhere else, we'll have to begin without her, she'll contact me when she's ready." Hex smirked the smallest of arcs scoffing at the tardiness. "I'll inform you both of everything. But for now we must leave. I've stationed a chi-based clone of myself nearby, I was using it to replenish my chi reserves. But fortunately, somehow.. it was encountered by a past Impero, the greatest of my clan, Mei-sama". A single second flashed where the pale spectral eyes seemed to fade to an original blood red. As if a jelous hateful side of her was challenging the concept of greatest. Like a child might question whos hero was best, for the dark truth of the Coven. Was that they were gods, enslaved by emotion.

"We must teleport to my clone's location at once, so that I may absorb it, and most importantly, to inform Mei-sama of everything." The specter of martyrism simply nodded. Impero was leading this opperation she wasn't going to gauge his strategies. Only insure they were executed as precise as the assassin strikes at the heart when masked by shadow. The journal entry only fealt more fitting now as she stood in this room to replenish chi. In a strange way it fealt like a less pure touch from her Lady. As if the Lords had once walked through these magical caverns and she was in the foot print of deities. Of course the truth was that this was a tether of the force just as it was chi. Having been shaped by the Covenant this pure resevoir fealt to her like the remnants of her Lords.

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Musk lingers beneath reddened nostrils.  Slowly shifting through the crowd this ostentatious figure is astonished to see his favorite boy shedding saddened tears. A distress call so late in the night would have been ignored had it not been for a three year old debt. From the fluttering lights does he emerge, unique yellow eyes lock onto two pain stricken partners.  A smug smirk crawls upon a face so flawless whilst snapping his fingers in a good old fashion melody. 
"Can't repeat the past you once told me" he said, touching the shoulder of his former protege.  Well it's quite plain to see that Mister Zeraz isn't one for many pleasantries.   "Why of course you can!" he exclaimed rather rambunctiously, all the while his hefty bodyguards pull an injured Sakura from the trembling fingertips of Noah.  For a brief moment the redheaded mystery is stoically still.  His mind racing feverishly in hopes of solving his life's latest dilemma.  And before he can mutter ever so somberly the yellow eyed mentor slaps this young fellow silly.  
"Pull yourself together.  It seems the voices over in Chicago have shattered your psyche cause the Noah I knew wasn't such a sissy". His snark is unnecessary, and so Noah pounces forward.  With lightning like agility the young persona angrily grasps his snazzy collar.  Intensity as clear as transparent glass, Noah's adoration knows no bounds.  He won't admit it but Sakura's influence is increasingly apparent.  Who knew emotions could run through a body once believed hollow?  This young boy use to be grotesquely arrogant.  Guess time with the voices has got him singing another tune.  Oh how times have surely changed. Even so the blond haired millionaire pulls him inward and hugs his would be son.   
"I know a fella around these parts so don't you worry your pretty little head.  Your girl's wounds will be tended too.  All I request is that these rumors I've been hearing aren't true.  Purifiers aren't the kind of pansies I'd picture you chilling with" he said, nonchalantly patting his prodigy's tear drenched cheek.  No matter the time separated these two cannot stay mad for long.  Having been taught to handle situations far more deadly than this, Noah simply smirks as his surrogate father walks him to one of his sleek state of thee art limousines.  Of course he's hesitant to step inside.  Noah isn't very much trustful of those who are not him, but an earlier vision said he must step into the unknown.   
"I pleaded for your release kiddo, but they never divulged in what happened over in Hamsburg.  That's a problem we'll handle some time soon.  Until than, lets get this shit done cause it looks like we got some megalomaniacs on our hands. And as much as I'd hate to be a manipulative bastard, it seems you're the only one who can keep some sort of balance. Now tell me Noah where are we going?"   
Three-hundred and sixty-five days time three since their lives previously crossed paths.  Together again and meant for greatness.  As if fate had intended it so. Comfortably leaning back the supposed prophet speaks lowly, plans within plans blossoming beneath an emotionless face. "Impero.  A man you know well.  It'll mean something profound.  I'm sure of it".  As his eyes roll upward the world goes black.  A battle torn body had finally earned its unanswered prayers, sleep in the purest form.  All the while the vodka sipping millionaire is shocked to know the impervious Impero still had hooks embedded in his life.  Hopefully this time a lesson will be learned.  Too many times has he been scorned by the likes of Impero.  He'll reserve judgement since it's Noah's time at center stage. Maybe destiny will be gentle this time around.  "Kiddo I hope you're right; that time never really repeats itself" he murmured, watching his so called son slumber quietly. 
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After informing them they would need to move to his chi-clone Impero teleported them to his underground facility.

Kratesis could feel the potency of the place. Its chi-energies flowed in eddies through the very air. So intense was the chi that Kratesis could feel it washing into her zythium bones.

A moment was spared to examine the pale woman who had joined them. Of average height, thin, and with skin that appeared youthful, though Kratesis found her lack of hair odd. A pair of hilts hung at the girls belt, certainly a melee energy weapon. Briefly Kratesis glanced into her skull, memorizing the microscopic synaptic patterns and recording them for future retrieval.

Impero of course was the same as always. The depth and tone of his chi glowed like a star in the night sky. Although there was occasionally variation in his degree of energy, it had thus far nearly blotted out the energies of anyone around him.

Yet she detected another energy source, not the chi clone who's energy signature was of the same frequency as Impero's.. but one who also possessed immense chi-energies. Perhaps another member of Impero's clan?

Letting her violet robes settle around her athletic frame the fractal fighter remains silent.. and waits.

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There was a stirring in the air, among the very foundation of the chi ley line itself. The energy the whirled inside of her went dark and twisted as her head snapped up. Rising to her feet in a singular motion of unparalleled grace for such a small little motion, Mei smiled down on Impero. "Ishin-san. There are trials that lay ahead of us, as you are well aware." Bending over slightly at the waist, she bestowed upon him a respectful bow, one Impero to another. "I'm afraid that we don't have more time to converse at this moment."

Seconds later an acolyte slammed against the door, coming to a full stop after a mad sprint. "The devil walks among us." It was a secret pass code as old as Mei herself. Translated from language to language, it's meaning was always the same. An enemy of the Keijijo Clan had encroached on sacred territory. It explained the off-putting feeling of disturbance in chi that was currently coursing through her veins.

"They're looking for the Impero." Mei's pure gold eyes met Ishin's as a thousand words passed between them with that single look. Neither needed confirmation as to who 'they' were, the disturbance in the air gave that away. Oni had arrived.

Stepping outside of the sacred chamber accessed only by one who bore the title Impero, Mei greeted the acolyte. "Give me your robe." Her voice was soft, but every word spoken with the authority that was present in every motion she made. As the acolyte disrobed, she slipped the voluminous article of clothing on over her silk-clad body. Adjusting her waist-length hair beneath it, she pulled the hood up and obscured her features.

Closing her eyes, her body went completely still as she focused on all of her inner chi and essentially turned it off. It was a technique that was not taught, nor even talked about, one that had been forbidden. The fear was that once you shut off your access, you would never be able to retain it. Mei suffered no such fear and cutting herself made her presence nearly indetectible. Able to re-access at a moment's notice, she had no fear. For a brief moment her eyes burned their unnatural gold color before fading to a more tame shade of honey.

Five acolytes descended the staircase of marble cut into the mountain itself, walking down to quite possibly meet their doom. Fanned out in a V-formation, Mei walked with them at the back right flank, carefully watching the two creatures who had deemed to sully a sacred place with their nefarious nature. Peeking out from beneath the cover of the hooded cloak as she approached every closer, she had to train her body not to move with its natural grace and instead as one only remedially schooled in the martial arts.

The acolyte in the lead, Brother Franco, gently swept back his hood, revealing an older face worn with the lines of a life well-lived. "I'm afraid the Impero is otherwise disposed." It was the politest version of fck off that existed. The other four behind him stiffened their posture, prepared to take an elaborate attack stance. All acolytes had limited chi-control and all had been accordingly trained with it, should the need to defend their sanctuary ever come to rise. Not one suspected that they were in the presence of Mei herself.

The acolytes who had circled around the deathly duo from behind all took a step back, providing space to maneuver should the situation devolve. Mei herself intently monitored the two imposing interlopers. Abacha Cavat, Oni. It was the first time she had laid eyes upon him since his defeat at her hands more years ago than anybody cared to remember. His twisting and turning of everything that she stood for, of everything she had built for the Keijijo Clan was a physical ache inside of her chest.

Mei was a benevolent leader until it was time to lay down laws. If you wronged her or the Clan, she went hunting...this man, this creature, had done so much more than that. He had twisted the entire meaning of her life and would have used every good thing about her clan for his own nefarious goals of conquering, power, glory and death. Clenching and unclenching her fists obscured by the oversize sleeves of the cloak, she aptly watched Abacha's accomplice, waiting for one of them to make a move.

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Montserrat, Catalonia

Manifesting before his identical chi-birthed clone, enigmatic Ishin was quick to re-absorb it into himself, acquiring all of its brief memories and meditatively collected chi. With his formidable allies, Kratesis and Hexcraft by his side, the ambitious Impero offered quick introductions between the deadly feminine duo and the former Impero, Mei. "Mei-sama, these are my allies", he revealed, his soothingly calm, deep voice echoing in the metaphysically significant chamber. "Kratesis, Hexcraft. This is Mei-sama. The first Impero, an even greater one than I", he admitted with undeniable respect and admiration for his ancient counterpart. While compelled to relish the opportunity of meeting her and possibly bonding with her, more pressing matters required his attention. "My dears, I promised to inform you of everything but it seems that it must wait. An unwanted guest has arrived", clearly referring to the original Keijijo Exile, Oni, Ishin requested that they ready themselves for a potential battle. Returning his attention to the elementally innovative Mei, he stated, "I'd attempt to conceal my presence but its useless now. Undoubtedly, he's detected my chi by now. He knows that I'm here. I don't intend to hide", he admitted, "Oni is no fool. He and I are nothing if not equals, and while I sense that he's brought with him an ally, even he is not arrogant enough to assume that he and his clown can stand against us all".

Ishin's plan however, did not focus on a cataclysmic physical confrontation with the feared Keijijo Oni, unless utterly necessary. His intentions were potentially convincing his morally twisted ally to temporarily ally himself with him, for only together will they be able to confront the rogue Keijijo Elders. "I don't plan on fighting him, unless I have to. There are more important things at hand than killing Oni. A fight involving us all will possibly generate the chi that the Elders need to complete Zenku's rebirth", soon however, a cocky smirk briefly manifested on his scarred face, the charismatic Impero revealed, "I must admit though. A part of me wants to fight Oni now. I'd like nothing more than to show him that I'm the best, that I am the Keijijo Messiah and that his choice of forsaking us all was his greatest failure", indeed, the pride and self-confidence of a prodigious warrior lived within him, certainly, this was a feeling that Mei understood without fault. With a calm nod in the now hooded Mei's direction, he concluded, "Kratesis, Hexcraft, Mei-sama, don't disappoint me", he smirked briefly, wordlessly conveying his unshakable confidence in their ability and unparalleled fighting prowess. With his personalized Keijijo Geijutsu kunai a mere fingertip away, the prodigious Keijijo Messiah waited in composed silence and patience for his inevitable confrontation with Oni and his unnamed associate.

Immersed in a tense period of silent waiting, Ishin briefly seized the opportunity to produce yet another telepathic message intended for his beloved Fan. Asking that she respond, he simply hoped that she had not been captured, it would present a colossal advantage to the Elders, as one of their primary targets would have been within their grasp. Returning his attention to the situation at hand, he briefly glanced towards Mei, meeting her altered eyes for a brief moment, a genuine smile manifested on the scarred face of the Keijijo Impero, never would he have anticipated that he would be on the verge of fighting side by side with Mei, the sheer focus of his respect, admiration and compassion. Kratesis, Hexcraft, Mei, himself, Oni and his crony, it was unmistakable, there may be no greater concentration of sheer martial arts talent and mastery in the world.

Undisclosed Location

Having sent a small portion of their elite cronies to retrieve the Kage fukkatsu tablet, the rogue Keijijo Elders commence a studious period of observation, witnessing the unfolding encounter between the two Imperos, their allies and Oni from a metaphysically conjured pool of transparent supernatural liquid. Convinced that their original plan had been somewhat disrupted, the Keijijo Elders opt for a meticulous alternative. "Should they present a difficult obstacle for us then we will have no choice but to recreate an incomplete Zenku", one of the Elders suggested, "There will be no need for that, brother. With the Kage fukkatsu tablet in our possession, we will be able to achieve our goal as well as more". A skeptical nod was offered in response to the previous claim, "We cannot be too certain. After all, the tablet is well-guarded and difficult to locate. But should we find it, perhaps we should halt Zenku's rebirth, the monster will be difficult to control.. and the Kage fukkatsu tablet will allow us to resurrect the-", quickly, interruption followed, "Enough! Do not divert from our cause, brother. Zenku is to be reborn. The tablet will only grant us control over 'them' and while greater than even the Seven Daimyo... need I remind you that Zenku is one of the progenitors of the chi in the world.. the primordial entity, the one that came before chi, the source of where our chi comes from!".

Approaching the opposing Elder, he placed a respectful hand on his shoulder, "I do not mean to dismiss your suggestion brother. But without Zenku, the tablet will only render us mere puppeteers. But Zenku.. will make us gods". Abruptly, their discussion found interruption as the ceremonial Keijijo Geijutsu urn rumbled monstrously, the rampant symbols across its physical form burning with ethereal flames. The various burning symbols fading with every passing minute, "Time draws near. Tell the Witch Hunters to bring us the Impero Mask. If we cannot have our initial targets, then the mask and the tablet will ensure our progress". Orchestrating an abysmal plot intended to reward them with unmatched divine might, the Keijijo Elders themselves had one of their own, Elder Shin, depart to locate and capture Ronin, alive. Contacting the Witch Hunters once again, the Keijijo Elders demanded that they capture and bring Fan to them in exchange for additional aid in location their targeted items of magical power. Hoping to draw out Ishin, Mei, and Oni, the Elders were soon prompted to cease any continued observation and formulated a plan to attract the concentration of gifted Grandmasters to their location. Collectively approaching the ceremonial urn, they very gently placed their aged hands on the various glowing symbols, quickly triggering an immense metaphysical shock-wave of the collected chi across the world, one that would surely stimulate the esoteric senses of Mei and co. compelling them to seek out its identifiable source.

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Montserrat, Catalonia

It's okay to despise what you have inherited, to feel dead in a city of pulses.  Having since been released from thee conspicuous clutches of enigmatic voices the redheaded mystery known as Noah finds himself drawn to a locale unfamiliar to his glimmering violet eyes.  His scuffed white sneakers leave mud trailing as curiosity consumes a heart once hollow. Hesitantly stepping inside such an ominous structure does the trained combatant conceal himself beneath comforting shadows. Vivid color schemes tingle his unnatural abilities.  Destiny demanding his absolute concentration.  Brought here from afar the nomadic prophet clenches his fists as mundane visions abruptly return. 
Open your mind.  Face your demons.  Prevent disaster.  Find Impero!  Noah instinctively blots his perspiring forehead before leaning against a fractured pillar. Memories of tomorrow and yesterday flooding his beautiful mind.  He's very much new to these unique powers.  Whether these abilities are a blessing in disguise or penance for previous sins has yet to be determined.  Until than he'll just have to deal with nauseating side effects.  Briefly peeking out of blanketed darkness the youthful revolutionary is caught by surprise.  His millisecond emergence discovered instantaneously by a peaceful looking individual.  Preposterous!  Immediately falling onto his back the frazzled brawler is physically stunned.  
Your eyes reflect a crooked language no one likes to admit they know all the words too.  No other word can describe this emotion he feels so heavily.  A feeling his soul has never ever felt before.  Fear in the purest sense.  On this wrinkled floor he lays innocently paralyzed.  His bottom lip faintly quivering.  Words on the tip of his tongue unable to flow outward.  His life on the brink of extinction and the touch of love simmering asunder.  Noah is seemingly indifferent.  His dearest Sakura tended too by trustworthy allies.  Yet, his often silent heart murmurs a silent saying.  Fight.  It tells him to fight against paranoia.   He's too young to accept defeat. He mustn't falter because fate has other intentions. 
I deserve everything.  Surrounded by emotionless monks is the prophet without religion.  Their bodies poised in a manner solely meant for death dealing.  They're are rather dangerous for supposed reclusive living.  He's pulled upward by his dingy tank top.  Eight eyes examining his every feature whilst he mentally returns to reality.  "W-Who are you?"  He's softly shaken as questions are asked.  Noah can only sluggishly retort his first name only.  Violet eyes flickering vibrantly as the allusive combatants converse between themselves, deciding whether or not he should live.  "W-Why are you here?"  
Open your mind.  Face your demons.  Prevent disaster.  Jerking backwards the rebellious outcast pulls out his favorite adamantium dagger. "I'm looking for the latest Impero.  I have a message for him" he said, exhaling dizzily.  Glances are only shared among intellectual experts.  Astonished.  Noah isn't at all trained for this sort of combat.  He can already tell their eyes are analyzing different methods of anterior as well as posterior trauma. "You have the gift" they spoke in unison. Prepped for any form of tragedy the violet eyed fore teller charges forward.  His adamantium dagger centimeters away from a regal throat.  However, blood isn't shed.  Instead his chiseled frame stiffens upright.  It was undeniable.  This fellow withheld a blessing that cannot be ignored.  "He will see you soon..." the wisest one uttered, his frigid fingers caressing the prophet's reddened chin.  
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An agitated sigh of impatience eased from Cavat's lips, his bloodlusted companion visibly eager to dispense with calculated chaos. His desire to bath in the blood of the dogmatic acolytes causing fluctuating flashes of luminescence throughout the chi veins webbed along the inner sanctum. "I have no appetite for shepherding the foolish into the afterlife, but continue to attempt to pacify my passage and I will be forced to suffer your intolerance no longer." Though calm, the Oni's bass filled voice resonated with authoritative convection. Slowly surveying the loyal strong willed postures of the sanctuaries religious protectors instantly informed the disgraced Keijijo exile of their resolve, but he could not allow their interference to prevent his advancement. For although arrogantly proud and self-assured the Oni understood all to well the extreme danger he now faced in the apostatized Keijijo Grandmasters. For even he could not hope to content with their combined combat brilliance and methodical martial arts intuitions.

Stylishly rolling his shoulders backwards alleviating his body of its hooded cloaked burden revealing the silver tinted illuminated hue of his tattooed chakra's, their energy acting as the metaphysical counterpart of the bodies Endocrine system secreting unknown esoteric chemicals through his nervous system, and enhanced by close proximity to the mountains well of chi reserves, the true evolved form of the Oni Keijijo was published. "So be it." His right hand placed regally behind his back while his body shifted subtly to the side extending his left arm, hand turned upside down with technical pronunciation. Suspiciously his head hung low gaze fixed upon the ground while Cadmus Crown took a more rudimentary stance in his brazen crudeness sliding in back to back with his master igniting his Soulblade savoring the battle to come.

With their own talented chi machinations boasting their abilities several disciples attacked the Oni head on. Swift and direct with almost no visible motion and impossible for the average human to follow let alone comprehend the Martial Arts Messiah struck out with one hand. Neck, instantly severing the right brachial plexus and in turn its plethora of short branching arteries, Acolyte dead. Forearm block, shattering the elongated Ulna bone, Acolyte temporarily incapacitated. His motions strung together with rapid continuation transitioning from offensive to defense, from lethal to debilitation, accordingly. Escalation perpetuating more supernatural assaults as the Acolytes' performances elevated over time. Bending the Earth beneath Cadmus feet opening a large enough void to swallow the unsuspecting apprentice, his students sudden but expected defeat serving little consequence as Cavat continued cutting down his adversaries.

Unleashing his own violently perfected methods of oracular martial arts, chocking two opponents with little more then a concentrated thought. However the deeper he dare delve into the forbidden techniques the further his control over his rage faltered. "IMPERO!" His anger clouding his original purpose. For only in a unified coalition could they obtain a decisive victory over the Dark Keijio but empowering evil was steering the Oni into an irreversible bloodlust. If left unchecked the release of his walking undead, the Pandora Shadow Clan, would make any solidification of the two factions impossible.

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Montserrat, Catalonia

While immersed in a patient period of anticipation in readiness for the approaching confrontation with the Keijijo Exile, historically known as Oni, the enigmatic Impero finds himself briefly overcome by instinctive warrior's pride. The prospect of possibly facing his primary rival and the greatest enemy of the Keijijo Clan is quick to excite the Keijijo Enigma's inherent desire to do battle against a competent challenger. Quickly glancing at Mei and his collective allies, he sets upon himself to halt the needless slaughter of the protective Santa Maria de Montserrat monks. Silently gesturing for his allies to follow him from behind, the prodigious Impero calmly moves towards the vivid chi-based signatures belonging to Oni and his unknown yet surely capable protegee. A composed yet cocky smirk briefly manifests on Ishin's prominently scarred face as he halts his poised steps, his presence instinctively conveying wordless commands that compel the surrounding monks to step aside and forsake the situation, it was beyond their capabilities.

Standing several feet from an undoubtedly enraged Oni, Ishin arrogantly folds his arms before his broad chest, briefly examining his lethal ally's fearsome crony, the Cadmus Crown. "Oni-san", he begins, his cool, deep voice resonating his poised, charismatic self-control. "I'd lie and claim that I don't want to fight you. But I do. I'd like nothing more than to methodically pick you apart", he admitted, "But it would be a fool's game. A battle between all of us, wouldn't it generate the chi necessary for the rogue Elders to complete their ritual? Surely you must have realized this... if not, then well, I may have overestimated your capabilities", he taunts. Indeed, not only would an ensuing battle generate the desired metaphysical energy necessary for the unimpaired completion of the Elder's plotted rebirth of Zenku, but as presented by their current situation, Oni appears to be immersed in an apparent disadvantage. He would be forced not only to engage Ishin and his allies, Kratesis and Hexcraft, formidable warriors in their own right, but he would be forced to confront the newly resurrected Impero Mei, his longest standing rival, and the only individual to have ever defeated the Original Keijijo Exile.

Seizing the opportunity to observe Oni's evolved form, he smirks, "The rumors are true aren't they? That you've been occupied with mastering forbidden techniques", he pauses, having previously realized that in their current zone of infinite metaphysical concentration he would be capable of resorting to his personal esoteric and forbidden Gaibu Dengen fighting technique without falling victims to its excruciating drawbacks. The ambient metaphysical energy would act as an infinite source for the massive chi-consuming fighting technique, enabling the enigmatic Impero to resort to the usually suicidal choice of accessing Gaibu Dengen's complete and total power. Simply by unlocking all eighty of the body's seemingly specialized inert chakra-points, Ishin would enable the colossal overflow of his monstrous chi, granting him power and speed, surpassing all past Imperos, the ultimate fighting technique, one that would usually result in the user's death should all eighty chakra-points be relied upon. Fortunate to be in a location of surplus ambient chi, Ishin was free to employ the overwhelming high-speed combat of Gaibu Dengen to its full extent.

"Oni-san, for this one moment, do not oppose us. Help us. It will benefit you as well. The Elders, they want to bring about the rebirth of Zenku, the demonic corporeal progenitor of the world's chi. If they succeed and Zenku is reborn in its complete form, we will be unable to stop it", indeed, the various fables and legends of the Zenku entity were well known by those as knowledgeable as the Imperos and the intellectual Oni. Deemed a mere myth by the modern generation, Zenku's potential rebirth threatens to shatter the illusion forged to prevent any probable resurrections of the demonic manifestation. "Do help in putting an end to this madness.. or do you instead want to accelerate Zenku's rebirth by providing it with the chi necessary for the ritual? Mind you that you, my friend Fan, and I are the Elders' primary targets". On the verge of uttering yet another sentence, he feels it, his senses detect it, a colossal metaphysical shock-wave, one that signals the impending return of Zenku, something undoubtedly felt by Oni and Mei, and even those who are insensitive to chi would sense the sheer raw power radiating across the globe. Managing to pinpoint the location of the shock-wave's source, Ishin is soon approached by a monk, unaware of the current discussion.

Informing the enigmatic Impero that a seemingly clairvoyant individual had come to meet with him, unknown to him that he was mere minutes away from the inevitable encounter with the man that knew of his dearest Fan's location, Ishin simply nodded towards the monk, gesturing that he allow this mysterious individual to meet with him. Perhaps his cryptic visions could be of use to the group, anything to strengthen their chances of attaining victory.

Kage Fukkatsu Cave

Quickly meeting with the departing group of their rogue faction's devoted followers, Elder Shin orders them to abandon their initial task of retrieving the Kage fukkatsu tablet, instead being told to seek out Ronin and capture him alive. Believing that retrieving the supernatural tablet was too great a priority for anything less than an Elder, Shin departs, making his way towards the fabled Kage Fukkatsu Cave, the mysterious location of the highly coveted tablet of mystical significance. While his plotting Keijijo brothers focused on tending to the treasured Keijijo Geijutsu Urn, the metaphysical container of Zenku's chi-devoid physical form, Elder Shin had entered the hazardous cave of legend, fearlessly seeking out the desired item of power. "Where is that dreaded item?", he questioned, prior to spotting the large stone tablet on a candle-lit altar. With exercised caution, he approached it, suspicious of the lack of traps or keepers. "Strange. Legend speaks of impossibility in retrieving the tablet", he murmurs, approaching the item that rests mere inches from his fingertips.

Quickly, Elder Shin finds himself standing several feet from the Kage fukkatsu tablet, a strange occurrence given his previously close proximity to it. "What?", he questions, a moment ago he stood no more than mere inches from it but currently finds himself several feet away from the desired artifact. Approaching the tablet once more, again he finds himself returned to his initial position. "What is this?". The various supernatural properties of the cave instinctively triggered its nigh-flawless defense, preventing all from touching the tablet. By the cave's strange properties, the rogue Elders had been placed under a poorly understood loop of conscious events. His actual body remained motionless, his mind however, found itself trapped in a powerful illusionary loop of recent conscious events, forever trapping him in this undesired state unless he formulates a solution. The legendary defense mechanism of the Kage Fukkatsu Cave, capable of driving even the most mentally formidable individual into the very depths of complete insanity.

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The pale ghost like figure that was Evie bowed in humble respect to Mei, like Impero and Lady Coven she could naturally feal a sort of strength and connection to them. Informed that someone was coming the alabaster eyes of the religious monster closed. Moving into a silent meditation still aware but in prayer and peace finding herself. This enemy didn't frighten her no matter the skill. It was Lords grace that she not perrish she would follow Ishin to the depths of the darkest nightmare. For she was truelly fearless. Then the scarred face said not to dissapoint him which made a hollow giggle escape Hexcraft.

"The Coven does not dissapoint, I am a instrument of your will to seeing this mission through. No foe will slay me and as such they will perish." The way she spoke made it sound almost as if it had allready happend radiating with pure confidense.

As Ishin desided to head for the man coming for him in a boost of pride the ghost followed. The assassin of a church as at peace as a old woman in a garden. She was in solace writing as she walked at the back of the group. "I feel a sense of encouragment in here. I am always faithful and ready this place though makes me feel unconquorable. I can feel myself radiating of a confidense that seams almost supernatural to me. And I can't help but ponder the source behind it. Does the Lord deside to finally bestow me with a greater understanding of the universe.?" It was at this time of writing the discussion between Impero and Oni came to a halt. A wave of energy seamed to wash over her.

It was baffling, like nothing she had ever experienced truelly endeering. In the pressence of Mei and Impero she fealt as if the universe was before her in the form of two doors. That knowing these two could open a chance to explore the secrets of all. When around the Lady Hexcraft fealt as if she had gone through the door walking into the anals of the galaxies to learn. This however was like a sudden strike, like a tidal wave crashing along her small frame. It was as if energy of the Lord had just plunged into her heart and then left. A soft moan escaped her ivory colored lips in excitment something she could not respectfully verbalize. "Lets just chose which its going to be can we?" Hexcraft didn't know it but her body was fealing more in touch with the force then ever. Subconciously she was emiting a moral and physical amplifying effect known as battle meditation. It was pushing a allies abilities to their peek in all catagories possible. While at the same time trying to dampen the will and drive of the enemy. And conciously she was itching for a battle almost drunk with maddness fueled by the chi and force like elements here. Closing the book sized journal and resting it on her back two hilts came into her hands. Red streams of blood spun around her in beautiful arcs, the acid in them ruined any chance of identifying whos blood it was. Her composure was fading in some ways though she was containing herself.

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Diary Entry XXX Date XX/XX/XXXX
"I lost control, I thought I was god. But I was wrong. I'm just a doll and god's pulling the strings now."


Nonverbal communication echoed inside the minds of the Purifiers as the Elders of Keijijo clan recalculate their plans and ask for the both the mask and the witch known secretively as Blossom. "Sir, they asked for the witch that we've wounded and left for dead in the streets hours ago... it seems the witch herself is a vital gem to their plans... They're promising an elusive contract." the offer itself seemed unreal the Elders were not fools in this game of balance between the scales of light and darkness. In every spell or wish there was a loop hole to be taken advantage of, no promise is ever solidify unless loose ends were tightly woven. "Very well.... tell them we have her within our grasps, their method of scrying cannot for see our actions. Let the high father know of our next motive." the high priest within the group then fleshed out a artifact that he has kept with him through out this whole time. An oval shaped jewel with an unknown strange sigil marking inscribed across the surface layers. Silence within the crowds of witch extremest faded as their body was now clouded by the ensemble of darkness.

Contessa's Tale

All seemed well but deep inside the witch no longer pulls the string, she is simply a marionette for a puppeteer to simply toy around with, "Yes, master. I know the girl we all seek, I will bring her safely. The interference that the Purifiers have caused will not disrupt our goal. Balance will be ensured and enforced " lifting her scarlet hood to to cover her head, the Voodoo Queen of the East leaves the temple of enlightenment and seeks the witches of nature as she is order to kill them by the manipulation of the Purifiers. Moving through the snow that the heavens sent down seasonally her minds blacken as she falls into a deep state of sleep, no dreams had entered, for she only saw the black sphere that encompass her mind trapping her inner psyche which restricted her freedom.

As she reopened her eyes she found herself in an unknown location. Moving her head rapidly to observe her environment at a quick pace, the acent of men and women whispered in her ears as their eyes looked down upon her as if she was a crazed woman. Her body rushes and stumbles against the crowd as she tries to move out to a more a quiet area. Screaming and crying for answers, the frightened civilians moves out of her way as her tears were replace with blood. As she moved through the crowd she found herself in an alley, where she found peace and quiet. Wiping her "tears" from her face she saw the blood on the back of her palms, stumbling back to the ground she glance at a mildly clear puddle which showered her a reflection of her outer shell, her clothing had changed to match the normal civilians and the drippings of blood tears from her eyes, "Where am I?".

Grabbing onto a man walking by, she asked him the very same question she asked herself previously "Where am I?", the man stared at her in confusion reminding her that she was in London. "London?..... Wait how did I get her-" the psychic dominance of the Purifiers reasserted their gifts and shut her off, as a different persona was now in charge. Smiling seductively at the man, she moves her hands across his clear complexion "I've been very stress lately. Will you be so kind to help me with my problems." running her fingers down to his pelvis area she began massaging her targeted area. She was insinuating a sexual desire and hinting for something he was now aching for, causing the man to harden underneath his pants. Taking her hand he now guided her to his apartment where the fun between the two would blossom.

Upon reaching his apartment she threw herself on him, lips touching and hands groping as they strip one another, before the intimacy could go any further the seductress pulled out a blade hidden in her boot hiding it behind her back. "I have a surprise for you." she teased while pushing the man the on to his bed, "Just don't scream, it might hurt." a smile of challenge appeared on the man's face "I love pain." he answered back, "Good." with a devious grin she sat on top of him, twisting the blade back and forth as she kept it hidden. Moving her delicate fingers from her left hand across his chest, his eyes rolled back adding more blood rush towards his private part, giving her the perfect moment for the kill. Lifting the blade, she rams it onto his throat, silencing him as he chocked on his own blood, with the use of her gifts she restrained his body from any movement as she then cast a spell to immobilized his pain and keep him sedated. "Shhhh, I thought you love pain." leaning towards his ear the soon murderous witch whispers her taunts while patching his wounds.

Piercing multiple points onto his chest she carved a pentagram, using the man's body as a sacrifice for higher played magic. Lifting her body away from her sacrifice, Contessa moves over to her purse to extract small white candles. Using her telekinetic gifts she began moving them randomly across the room in an uncoordinated fashion, scattering them across the area in preparation for her ritual. As she sat beside the bloody lifeless body she began commencing her spell, with the high father engaging Blossom in astral combat by trapping her mind, her mortal body was lifeless in it's coma like state. Knowing that other's would attempt to interfere with the psychic battle, Contessa began to device a series of dangerous spells at her disposal, the candles began to light up with high intensity flames rising signifying the magic was at play and she was channeling the raw energies of the elements as well as using the blood from her victim as another medium. "Stirips fo erutan dnib meht, stirips fo erutan mrah meht, stirips fo erutan pots meth! Stirips fo erutan dnib meht, stirips fo erutan mrah meht, stirips fo erutan pots meth!" her chants grew quicker with each succession. From afar she was to attack Impero and his allies from progressing forward using the elements of nature and the spirits to halt their movements.

Her body shook as the energies traveling inside her brought a feeling of pure comfort and joy. It was her drug, her addiction.

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Diary Entry XXX Date XX/XX/XXXX
"Let me live."

“Wake up wake up.” Something as soft and mellow as the touch of feathers underneath her head, she could hears the voices inside her mind trying to awaken her, bringing her back to life. The witch’s body remained frozen and still but she was still alive, thankfully. “Where am I?....” she saw her physical body lying on top of a king size bed, from the looks of it she was wrapped and knitted professional and kept safe, slumbering like a true beauty in Chinese silk of baby pastel pink and purple colors, two of her favorite shadings. Trying to reassert her spectral form back into it’s physical shell she was shocked by some sort of electrical impulse that prevented her from entering. The pain of the containment shield made her remember: just as she was stab by the purifier, her life was slowly slipping away from her, in a risky attempt to live on; she ejected her astral form while placing her physical body into a coma. She also remembers Noah, but he was no longer in sight.

Something strange within the psychic sphere weakened her unknowingly; she blamed the physical repercussions as fault but the enchantress would soon come to realize that another on the mental plane, watching her with a lustful smile waiting to shatter her psychic form. She felt helpless in her phantom –like state, she needed to be place back in order to help her Prospero and seek reassurance that the corrupt elders would not seek to express anymore volatile attempts against the world. With several failed attempts to trying to revert back to her physical form a series of chuckles and laugh resonated in the mental level, unaware of his presence she was confronted by a foe whose revealed power brought back feelings of familiarity “That feeling… the same one I felt months ago from a Purifier.” The puzzles weren't complete yet, she still wasn't attuned to the problem she was to face. “Don’t you recognize my essence, the mental echoes?” a male voice asked in question, speaking as with utter superior and dominance, “Little Witch of the East, I've been watching you for quite some time. As your body lay helplessly by works of the mystic arts, your mind is mines for the taking. Would you care for an astral challenge my dear enchantress? Or are you too afraid to lose your soul to death in the process?”

There was no escape from his offer of death, he held the cards in his hands and it was her turn to draw. With the speed of thought she constructed her elaborate combat wear; she gave off no words but mimicked the cold silence that her body too gave off. “Be careful for what you wish for.” The astral fight now began, sparks of exchanging psionic energies were bounced back and forth, two formidable psychic fought for control, their powers evenly match or so the witch thought. “Killing you would be such a waste, the Organization would welcome you back with open arms, if restrained.” His devilish grin widened her eyes “The Organization?” questions began flaring up and she needed answers, but in order for her to gain them she needed to subdue and relinquish her current obstacle, against the psychic predator.

The slightest distractions were filtered from her mind like a dream catcher but one continue to push through her psychic net it was from her dearest Ishin. She could hear his mental callings but she couldn't respond, she felt mute in an ironic way. Ever since their last contact had gone awry and interrupted she could sense through their partial psionic –link that he was growing weary and consume for her current status, he was blind from any contact with her. In the fluid and shifty terrain of the astral plane she felt alone and isolated, her spirit dwindling in strength as every second passes the battle was draining her, never in her life had she ever encountered a vast psychic demon with limitless power. “Don’t sleep yet my sleeping beauty.” Psychic tendrils emerged from his minds as they traveled just as fast as he brought them in form, evading all but one, the psychic tentacle caught onto her right leg like a lasso rope. “Get off of me!” she resisted by counteracting the psychic construct with one of her own in the form of a rapier, slicing the tendrils in half thus breaking the psychic bonds. “Can’t hold on much longer… too weak and tired….” Her eye began to feel droopy, a sign of weaknesses, meaning she was going to lose the match and so her very life. “Phasmatos Tribum, Nas Ex Veras, Uenes Fes Matos Et Somnos. Ex Totum Ex Um Maleo Matos” a voice speaking the same phrase into a series of chant like prayers, it was not her voice speaking it but another. The spell’s language and incantation was familiar, a witch from outside the astral plane was to disrupt the battle sequence and set Fan free. Before the psychic devil could swift through with his final killing blow she heard about the mysterious artifact known as Swords of Souls. The final of the four objects, by intercepting the psychic link between her foe and his companion, a female’s voice discovered it’s location. Thanks to the unknown spell-caster, she was saved from death and Fan’s astral form forcefully returned back to her body. In a way it was a relief, another chance for her to live and stall the match for another encounter she knew that wasn't far from coming; she would soon meet the psionic demon face to face again.

Swiftly rising up from the soft-silk bed covered bed she turned to see that the girl from her visions was right before her “Your friend Noah left hours ago to meet with another.” Her voice was as gentle as her caring personality, she held a bright and glorious aura that shimmer around her body. “I know what your going to ask, and I’m prepared for the consequences. The Sight has already inform me of the current disturbance and the secret war.” Her explanation saved Fan from explaining every detail of what was going on, thankfully through the girl’s own gifts she caught on.

Closing her eyes she banish all fears of the demon lurking within the astral plane, she reached her mind outwards in a bid attempt to contact the renegade warrior Ishin also known as Impero. But her every slightest attempt rejected her, it seemed that her opponent earlier hindered her psychic gifts from informing Fan’s allies of the now discovered blade. “I’m blocked. We need to make way for Barcelona immediately. The last celestial weapon has been found.” Glancing at her purse which sat on top of the night stand, she opened the large bag and pulled out a leather outfit which was now deemed appropriate for the circumstances, as her mini dress and long coat were stained and torn from her confrontation with the Purifiers. As both girls adjust themselves to the battle they walk off from the housing and enter forth the streets of London, both unaware of the mystical hexes already set and place upon Impero and his allies.

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Montserrat, Catalonia

A potentially disastrous battle was on the verge of eruption. Uncontrollable emotions and terrifying rage had been reborn as the circumstantial encounter between former Impero Mei and the Original Keijijo Exile, Oni, was on the verge of escalating past any possible halt. Fortunately however, after a chaotic moment of overwhelming tension, a regrettable situation had been avoided. Sense and logic had returned to them as enemies were temporarily rendered unorthodox allies in a disadvantage situation. Ancient veterans of the Keijijo Clan, Mei and Oni, would undoubtedly, for the final time fight alongside one another.

Having too calmed himself from nearly engaging in fierce battle with the manipulative Abacha Cavat and his supposed crony, Cadmus Crown, the mysterious Impero would attempt to depart from the secluded chambers in Santa Maria de Montserrat. Unknowingly, a series of elemental and spiritual hexes had been mystically established by an unknown entity attempting to delay whatever progress is accelerated by the enigmatic Keijijo Legend. With his esoteric senses elevated, he detected the forces attempting to prevent an escape. "It seems as though we'll have to find another way out", Ishin pointed out. Indeed, with the virtually infinite source of metaphysical energy present in the steamy chambers, the most effortless alternative would be to simply overpower whatever opposed them, surely their combined efforts with the limitless chi energies available would render them a nearly unstoppable force.

However, such a course of action would certainly result in the undesired generation of raw metaphysical energy that would readily be absorbed by the rogue Keijijo Elders' distant urn. Not wanting to accelerate the rebirth of the primordial demon known as Zenku, Ishin issued an alternative method of escape. Asking that everyone place their hands on each other's shoulder, Ishin relied on the self-developed teleportation technique of his Keijijo Geijutsu kunai. With it, he briefly dissolved the barriers between physical and metaphysical existence, teleporting from unknown dimensions to reach a destination that he had hoped Oni would never have to set foot in.

Reisho Monastery

Arriving at a location all too nostalgic to both Mei and Oni, Ishin was not hesitant in voicing his opinion of Oni's presence on sacred Keijijo ground. "I was hoping you'd never have to come back here", he admitted quite coldly and honestly. Having detected the source of the previous metaphysical shock-wave generated from the rogue Elders' ancient urn, the Keijijo Prodigy along with his allies made his way into a room of great metaphysical and spiritual concentration. From there he channeled the collective energies generated by the room and managed to teleport the entire group to the Keijijo Elders' location for their final confrontation. Issuing one last telepathic message to Fan, asking that she follow his psionic-signature, he vanished.

Undisclosed Location

Manifesting inside a vast dimly lit room, Ishin briefly turned to his allies, making sure that he had left none behind. Soon however, his heightened perception spotted a group of four elderly men, ritualistically surrounding an unknown light brown urn, the various Keijijo Geijutsu symbols on it glowing frantically. "So you have all come", one of the Elders began, turning round to face their opposition. "You cannot stop us. Had you come earlier... perhaps. But you were occupied weren't you? Petty disputes and rage.. it was all quite entertaining. I had always taken the Imperos for level-headed individuals", he taunted, referring to both Ishin and Mei. Turning his attention to the rest present, the Elder chuckled condescendingly, "It seems that you have brought your friends with you. Quite the amusing lot. But Oni-san... I would have never expected you to ally yourself with the people you have sworn to destroy", attempts at coercing the Keijijo Exile and into joining their cause had commenced.

"Do you not desire power? We can promise you all the power in the world. Simply join with us, accelerate the revival of Zenku. Transferring the monster into your person will grant you unimaginable power! Think of it!", he shouted with enthusiastic excitement, "You will be made into a GOD!", he paused, retaining his initial composure. "Oppose us, and your death is ensured, much like the rest of you lot. Mei-san, we expect you to understand. This is the only way to ensure that our people are never destroyed. Only by reigning supreme will we ensure our survival". While their initial plans seemed to have failed, it seems as though the Elders will have to commence a premature rebirth of the Zenku entity. As Elder Shin has yet to return with the Kage fukkatsu tablet, the revival of an incomplete Zenku will have to suffice in order to confront their opposition.

An ominous rumbling had commenced as the urn began to slowly crack, an eerie black liquid seeping through the thin cracks. Abruptly, a demonic multi-voiced, high pitched roar escaped from the cracking urn. "It is coming. This is your final opportunity to see the light. Join us", he paused, adopting an ancient stance of the Keijijo's Naibu Dengen martial art with the other present Elders, "Or ready yourselves for the wrath of the legendary Zenku", in an instant, a gigantic black claw of smokey darkness emerged from the urn, soon to be followed the complete emergence of an ancient demonic manifestation of untold terror.

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"I don't understand this man having been so enraged how can he shut down so suddenly. I could feal the tension in the air thick, would take a sledge hammer to break it down. The battle to come was so promising, so intoxicating in what it could become. Then the tension was just waved aside, how escaped me. How one can be so spiteful and tense and then say "we'll have to find another way out" so passivly escapes me. I personally would of reached to kill them a thousand ways kill them in that second. We didn't need to fight them just end them. You strike so that they go to block and then you seize that opening like the strike of a cobra. But whatever." This journal entry was being writen as the various figures argued and came on the verge of war. As unfathomable tension died off however the group was soon teleported away. And soon after they were in the mysterious domain of the rogue Kejijo.

The room was poorly lit filled mostly by candles and soft lighting. Within the center of the room were four men aged and wethered. But one who is tied to chi or the force is not as fatigued and week as one might think of an old man. However they were still old, almost instantaneously the mind of a assassin was ploting their deaths. Analyzing to find weak limbs, ploting counter blows tof pressure points as well as vulnerabilities to those of older age. Such as lungs, to cause a short of breath, or the bladder which would make focus hard to maintane. Sometimes the most apaling tactic was the most sound, the kill mattered more then the how. So began the preaching bs of an old coot about how they could not be stoped. Because after all they were only old flesh who could harm that. About how they were in disputes and being occupied arogance making these fools think they knew the gravity of the situation. He found entertainment in the fact they were there. "Know whats more amusing, the soft pop of your spine being plucked from your withered back." The killer remarks under her breath but not so quiet.

Regardless the old sack continues to go on so arrogantly and bostorus, they said they could promise power. Power was obtained by hand not by old men praying to a urn. He said they would be made a god, changed into one. The path of the Lord however, turned one into a god. A medamorphisis making one more powerful then logic could comprehend. Then came the death threat, how they were doomed if they didn't join. This was a salvation effort the man tossed in, how supremecy was the way for them to go on living. Then the urn began to crack and come undone. The mighty creature they summoned was coming crawling free of the urn slowly. A roar came that annoyed the Covenant assassin with ferocious rage. More sermons to follow, to ready for the fight with a god like being of energy.

"You promise godhood, but by changing ones self. My very existance suggests I can rise to a height you never will. You ask for submission, I've learned that through blood and sacrifice one is much more grand. Bend over all you get is a hand on your ass, only by a straight back do you rise. But what would a eldar hunched over know of standing tall. You say where dead, I say you don't know me." The assassin spoke with an animalistic ferocity as she withdrew her two blades. Red beams of energy snapping into focus, this was her decision. She didn't care if the others followed, Hexcraft had made up her mind. These old men were fools, dead ones to be exact.

The pale ghost of a killer charged in at the one who spoke both blades at the ready. She went for a cross aiming at the neck to cleave the head clear off, the old man would go for a leap back or duck, or perhaps a block. The duck would bring blades down, a counter designed to cleave both arms free. A jump back or block would bring the blades in a thrust for the lungs. She then would go for a knee to the groin, crippling and perfect. Hit or miss it was the perfect cover for the vectors. The four invisible limbs would snatch up the other blades and strike at the mans back. Like the strike of a viper, and it sought the shoulders and heart. Crippling and fatal, no mercy, no forgivness, fluid and bloodthirsty. Such was the style of the Covenant.

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Such posturing was the usually reserved for lower level warriors. So when the unknown assassin started spitting venomous verbiage towards the revolt minded Keijijo elders, all Abacha Cavat could do was arch his brow and shake his head. Even if her unfounded claims of unprecedented abilities were true making it know to thy enemy before battle seemed hubris at best. Still, the Martial Arts Messiah's attention was more centered around their intriguing offer to join them. But before he could mentally back trace a decision from ending to beginning enabling a true course of direct action, the pale skinned Convent zealot attacked. Charging with proficient swordsmanship. Successfully piercing and slicing apparent vital organs of her target before his body shimmered and faded. Unison laughter soon began to rain down upon the group as her victim emerged in full ceremonial garb in a meditative seated position. His esoterically cultivated spiritual form having served its purpose. "Foolish" smirked Cavat. "I accept your offer Grandmasters. Consider this an offering of my unwavering devotion." Looking over his shoulder to his apprentice and nodding. Without question Cadmus Crown knelt down placing his hands in his lap. Leaning forward he offered the Dessert King his neck. In a clean cutting motion the chi infused hand of Cavat sliced through flesh and bone with surgical execution. A cloud of karmatic essence began to swirl from the bloody opening floating towards the black gleaming ring on Abacha's hand. As it entered the extravagantly glass mirror finish, Cavat smiled and began to turn it. Releasing the deadly members of the Pandora Shadow Cult, the walking dead, the deceased Grandmasters of a hundred clans. All ready to do their masters bidding.

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The conclusion of the unsought misadventure was approaching its inevitable climax. Rogue Elders determined to bring forth the realization of a desired demonic rebirth, confronted by an uncanny band of the world's premier martial artists and combatants. Convinced that it was their premeditated destiny to be the direct catalysts to Zenku's complete rebirth, they inherently swore to decimate all opposition that stood before them. Their first opponent, a dual-lightsaber wielding warrior with a ghostly complexion. Unknown to them, her name, Hexcraft. Elder Shin was undoubtedly her primary target, his smug belief in the twisted ethics of his progressing orchestration having triggered her anger perhaps? Having previously adopted the esoteric Naibu Dengen fighting stance in preparation for the impending battle, Shin surprisingly lowers his guard in the presence of the approaching bladed assault.

Instinctively dodging the initial swing that aimed to cleave his head off, Elder Shin was quick to restrain himself, confusingly succumbing to the violence of his attacker's assault. Bloodied and brutally disfigured, his heart having been targeted by the dangerous Hexcraft's blades, Shin musters his remaining physical strength, no longer harboring any reliance on his body's chi reserves for physical augmentation. Struggling to speak, he somehow utters weary words, a defiant smirk smugly plastered on his weathered face, "Such a *cough* brutal fighter", he commented, lying bloodied on the cracked ground. Ishin watched in curious silence several feet away as Shin continued to address the alabaster Hexcraft, "Thank you child. You have saved me the trouble of finding a sacrifice", aware of the present impossibility regarding Ishin and Oni's capture, Shin had mentally formulated a cautionary plot to ensure Zenku's complete revival. With no word from the other Elder searching for the Kage fukkatsu tablet, Shin was left with little choice, a victim of circumstance.

Directing his optical attention away from Hexcraft and towards his fellow Elders, Shin gestured mysteriously towards them, his life waning as he did so. Abruptly, the demonic claw that had emerged from the pulsating arm made a violent grab for Shin's now bloodied corpse. The fundamental requirements for Zenku's complete rebirth, the sacrifice, the body, and the soul. Having previously intended to use Ishin's lover, Fan as the primary sacrificial catalyst for the revival, Shin instead resorted to his own body, using it as the sacrifice. Quickly, the urn burst in a violent explosive wave of blackened red chi energy. From it, emerged Zenku in an incomplete state. Merged with Shin's humanity, its form had been altered. A nearly faceless smokey pit-black humanoid silhouette, a sole large demonic red eye taking up most of its face, eight large clawed demonic hands sprouting from its back. Quickly, Zenku's attention was directed towards Ishin and his companions. "Help me kill them Oni-san, we need this, imagine the power of a god in your grasp". The Zenku spoke, influenced by Shin's remaining humanity within, a disturbingly deep voice speaking in unison with Shin's humane voice, generating an unnaturally eerie effect.

Prior to the commencement of a potential onslaught, a large wave of scorching hot flames was employed as a distraction, its source unknown. Soon however, an ancient man clad in traditional robes, holding a wooden staff appeared. Requesting that Ishin concentrate on battling Zenku with the aid of his allies, the arriving Elder Zaraki revealed, "I will battle Oni-san", he stated, optically studying the army of deceased Grandmasters under Abacha Cavat's influence. Elder Zaraki, predating the Imperos and functioning as the teacher of each. With little time to address Impero Mei's presence, he instead confronted the immoral Oni, "I have waited thousands of years for this opportunity child. To punish you, give you the beating you so desperately deserve for betraying your kin". Instantly, the Original Guru dashed towards the Keijijo Exile, pulling his fist back, concentrating a mass of chi in his hand. Thrusting his large fist towards Oni's targeted face, he executes an explosive jab, precisely releasing the concentrated chi with pinpoint timing. Aiming for maximum external damage, Zaraki follows his initial attack with a chi-enhanced hook, targeting Cavat's jaw with the power to plow through a mountain.

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@Elder_Zaraki: (badass!)

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"I dare not question my choice, bound by faith I lunged into the conflict. I knew I could be potentially the only one to act against them. Or that the allready fragile aliance with the associate of Impero's might be broken. I would not however allow myself to sit by and be lectured by an old man. To follow the words of those we faced. I reveal the truth if one fails to realize that fault is their own." Such having been wrote in a later journal entry reflecting on what had come to pass.

With every act Impero's foe showed disaproval, he would turn she could almost see it coming. And come it did, as the man turned against them offering up even his apprentice in sacrifice. The act was not appaling to Eve at the slightest. One should chose the path that would bring about the best future. The most profitable outcome, if betrayal or killing an ally was the call then so be it. The fault was choosing old men praying to a more dead then alive thing in a old vase. From the actions of the traitor many opponents arose. The walking dead, men of great prowless most likely in the past. But dead they were which said it all. No matter the greatness of thhe corpse a corpse it still was, it had fallen allready.

As quick as the wind the zealot assassin had aproached Shin in a flurry of attacks. Her mind even in rage a complex mechanical like strategist. The initial blow went wild, the smell of burning ozone filling the air. The following strike piercing robes, flesh, muscle, bone, heart and finally spine. A comment escaping the dying mans tongue, a thanks soon following. To which Hex can't hep but smile "you had it coming." She knew it was likely do to her soon aiding the resurection of the mythical 'god'. Never the less the Undying Martyr would not allow the man a sense of acomplishment over her. The bloodied dying man soon ensnared by the demonic being. The urn exploded in flashes of black and red light. An almost blinding display of power, the result being the form of Zenku.

More spectre then person, with a glowing single orb reminesant to blood the 'god' spoke. "Hmph why aim for godhood in your reach when alone it could be in your hand." Her faith guiding her words even though she cared not if the man turned back now. Oni had desided his fate, if he layed on the gravel in his own blood. His own organs chocking the life out of him as eyes began to fade the essence of life begining release. If such was his condition and Oni were to say his single last wish was for the Lord's mercy, she would only poke his wounds with a demmented giggle. The traitor who fails, is but a husk to watch burn. Such is the ways of the Covenant.

Another acomplace to the mighty Impero comes to aid, swearing to deal with the traitor and his undead pets. Thus leaving Impero Mei Kratesis and herself to handle the fiend. "I assume stabbing him wont be sufficient?" In the heart of combat, when all the stealth was lost, when words had ran their course, each Hexcroft was left with two things. A faith that made them capable of almost anything. And the spirit of a warrior most alive in battle and blood, forged by greed, hate, and a ferocity ment to shake the stars.

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Leading with his shoulder stepping to the inside towards the armpit of the oncoming jab allowed Cavat to elusively evade the deadliest part of the strike, the fist. Grandmaster Zaraki having funneled the balk of his esoterically derived power into the end of his arm and fist meant the safest place to dodge the attack would be right up close into the body. Angling his own transitioning counter attack predicated upon the legendary Keijijo elder's flowing uppercut. Rolling along the opposite side of his opponents body with an inhuman rate of motion towards his back. Attempting to slip his left arm underneath Zaraki's chin locking it in the crease of his right executing a rear naked choke. His chakra's igniting his dark chi in hopes of unleashing an electrical maelstrom that would engulf the head of his fearless opponent. Simultaneously members of his Pandora Shadow Clan were converging stabbing out with a plethora of open handed finger tip strikes targeting the over abundant series of chakra and pressure points. Their goal simple. Unleash a violent and ruthless barrage of chi blocking proportions.

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Indeed, the brutal Hexcraft's assumption regarding the eerie Zenku's nature was factual. Physical attacks would be virtually useless against such a metaphysically birthed entity. With a calm nod, the enigmatic Impero elaborates on what little knowledge he harbored of the primordial demon. "Stabbing and physical attacks in general will do virtually nothing", he paused, pondering the implications of such a situation. The tides of destiny presented before them, an impossibility, a cruelly difficult task. "Legend has it that there are two ways to defeat it", he began, "The first is to seal it inside an object. The second is.. riskier. It entails transferring the monster into a host", while Shin had done something similar, he opted instead to fuse with the Zenku entity, an inevitable manner of corrupting his soul. "Use energy-based attacks against it. Currently, Zenku is incomplete and merged with Shin. While still monstrously powerful, it is far weaker than its complete form".

In an abrupt loss of inherent humanity, Shin briefly loses his consciousness to the primordial demon, roaring mindlessly towards his opposition, generating a fearsome gust of wind and chi. Instantly, the Zenku thrust one of its palms forward, discharging a colossal blast of raw Yang Chi. A variant of metaphysical energy, Yang Chi was the fundamental energy of higher metaphysical entities, naturally inaccessible to 'mortals'. Granting its wielder mastery over the forces of death, Yang Chi however, was no deadlier than an ordinary energy in Zenku's possession. A mindless entity, it lacked the necessary intellect and consciousness to appropriately employ Yang Chi's true effects. Narrowly sidestepping the approaching blast, Ishin was forced to evade the following attack, a barrage of destructive energy targeting every single one of his allies. Repeatedly struck by a portion of the barrage, a wounded Ishin directed his attention to Mei, having formulated a plan.

"Mei-sama. I'll need your help for this. Engaging that thing in close combat would be suicidal", he admitted, "We're the only ones here who can use Keijijo Geijutsu", he pointed, Elder Zaraki had immersed himself in a confrontation against Oni, he would not be available to facilitate the meticulously developed plan. "I've brought with me a scroll. I use it as a medium for the various symbols I create. I will need our combined chi to create a Geijutsu symbol that will seal the Zenku into the scroll. We'll need time to gather the needed chi and prepare the symbol. But once done, we should succeed. The monster is no more than a giant unstable chakra-point. It is incomplete and weaker than in its original form". Returning his attention to his comrades, he requests that they use their combined efforts to distract and temporarily battle the entity, time was needed to plan its defeat.

Meanwhile however, Oni and the Original Guru did battle with one another. In a display of athletic agility, the politically influential Abacha Cavat cleverly dodged the experienced Elder's monstrous strike. The exiled Keijijo was quick to follow his reactionary dodge with a counterattack, a technically employed rear naked choke that had temporarily restrained the usually tranquil Elder. Ruthless, Oni proceeded with an electrically-reliant assault, attacking Zaraki's exposed head, briefly stunning him. Quickly retaining his focus, the Original Guru had fortunately anticipated the impending ambushed attack by deceased grandmasters. "Enough!", he shouted angrily, relying on his technical martial mastery and imposing strength to free himself from Oni's grasp.

Retaliating against the approaching ambush of decaying masters, the Fire Yoso Demon employed technical footwork to rapidly spin himself round and round, an enormous, outward flailing wave of scorching hot flames explosively bursting from all around his body, intending to incinerate Oni along with the decaying grandmasters. Halting his graceful spinning as a vast blaze of intense flames were released, he pulled his right arm back, quickly thrusting forward with a thunderous palm strike, accurately releasing the concentrated chi in his hands along with the powerfully produced sonic blast of his strike's sheer speed. Targeting the esoterically brilliant Oni with his devastating attack, the Forbidden Master realizes the potential necessity of using his personal weapon, Tsue in its truest form.

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Having vanished into her mathematically developed invisibility matrix some time ago the cybernetic slayer had waited. Silent and still, sinister like a spindly spider. Her ears heard, and her eyes saw. And what she perceived she fed into a meticulously developed formula, created by the observation of the internal chi systems ofthe Impero and his chi powered allies.

Now, however, she observed the monstrous chi demon from behind her veil of technologically derived imperceptibility. It was truly horrible in both form and function, a leviathan of energy, a terrible divine punishment upon those who dared to reach above their station. The cosmos laughed at ambition, and this thing was the immaculate echo of their cruel cackle.

There was no hesitation. She knew her purpose here with absolute certainty.

She was created as a weapon. Born as a weapon. Lived as a weapon. Eventually, she would die a weapon. She-

-teleported behind the horrific host of chakra energy, the black blade of SLAKE screaming through the empty air, an arch of utter annihilation. Aiming for the fabricated neck of the vile beast, having no illusions about slaying the singularity of chi in a single strike, but instead aiming to disrupt its metaphysical processes and decrease its overall power.

Construct illusions.

Her invisibility matrix falls.

And she divides, seven times. Each of the seven a construct. Each a perfect replica of her form, and each imbued with energy constructs that mimic her energy signature down to peerless levels of quantum perfection.

Some teleport away, some fly into flawlessly formulated attack patterns.

Exotic arrows rip through the air like rain, sword and shield slice like meteors through the sky. Most, mere illusion.

Some, however, were the terrible truth.

Kratesis was teleporting from illusion to illusion, her body matching the projections with perfection, a sword stroke that started as an illusionary assault, became real, a shield smash that was false, became true. The arrows remained false.

All except the last. The last arrow was no arrow at all. An illusion like all the rest, at the very last moment Kratesis teleported into the false construct of Kratesis who was drawing the bow. She too drew her bow, and unleashed the ultimate arrow.


It streamed through the air, one of thousands of false arrows currently airborne as part of her illusionary blitz. But at the heart of it was the great anililator, tearing, and clawing at reality with its sheer emptiness. The void personified, aimed for the very heart of the chi monster.

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"At first I wanted to clock the guy in the face. The plasma blades are energy damn it! He was right though, physical attacks were not the best call, to advance with melee was foolish. I would need to do something else if I wanted an impact on this deity." A following part of Hexcraft's journal on the battle that was taking place.

Kratesis, the assassin and mutant liberator Alezra knew made her move. An impressive run on trying to fell the demonic intenty before her. Eve had to admit the woman was impressive. A furious ballad of movement that was impossible to keep track on. Even in these caves where Eve fealt more alive and aware of all suroundings it was impossible to keep track. Simply put the ruby eyed Hexcroft knew that Kratesis was beyond the magnitude of skills Eve herself possessed. As a strategist however while she admired the dance of attacks, Eve also readied her own attack on the mighty creature. A complicated process carrying about in that moment of time.

Evangeline's wrists opened as if the air had forced them to open up. Flesh peeled up and veins severed, healing forcefully being stoped by the woman. She sat cross legged at perfect ease with what was happening. Blood pumped from wounded veins, flowed in microsized rivers ooizing ichor more and more. Gore seeming to siparl around the ghost like assassin. As if she was the sun and the bloody streams were planets within the orbit. Content with the amount of blood the rivers of glittering crimson flowed together. Forging into a bubble of a three foot diameter. Blood started to change and alter, going from liquid into energy. The oversized bubble begining to pulse as it was forged into pure plasma. Ruby light flashing from the orb before it was pushed towards the god like being. Behind the storm of arrows released from Kratesis came a large orb of plasmic energy.