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General Information:

The Hunter
The Hunter
  • Name: William Greystoke
  • Origin: Lycan
  • Age: 225
  • Height: 6' 6"
  • Weight: 265lbs
  • Eye Color: Varies
  • Hair Color: Brown


The Greystokes

The Essence of Fear
The Essence of Fear

Creatures of the night have existed for thousands of years. They are the substance of legend, nightmares come to life. Among these creatures are the lycans - immortal, shape-shifting beings who draw their power from the moon itself. Their characteristics most closely resemble those of a wolf. Of these many characteristics comes a certain "pack mentality."

Of the many various bloodlines and breeds, the Greystoke line was graced with exceptional physical and mental capabilities. Among these mental capabilities was the ability to maintain control over the beast within. Whether in the form of man or beast, their will was their own. No carnal desires overtook them; and in that regard, they slowly began to transition from man's nightmare to his protector.

King Malcolm Greystoke - 1246
King Malcolm Greystoke - 1246

However, aside from benefiting man, the abilities of the Greystoke bloodline also benefited their own kind as well. The Greystokes were able to use their minds to command their lycan kin - just as an alpha wolf asserts its dominance to control a pack. In return, lycans everywhere yielded to the mighty Greystokes and were united under one banner.

The Greystoke Patriarch, Malcolm Greystoke, took the throne as the first true King of the Lycan Underworld in A.D. 1246. In doing so, he devoted his cause to protecting mankind and ensuring the prosperity of his people. Building a stronghold in the highlands of Scotland, he called it Greystoke Manor.

An Era of War


In 1488, Malcolm and his mate conceived and an heir was born unto the Greystoke name - a son whom Malcolm named Peter. During that same year, the Lycan Underworld faced its first great threat - Vampires. For centuries, there had been an uneasy peace between the two races of immortals. Tensions had arisen concerning the existence of humans.

The lycans had been living alongside the humans in peace. Certainly, there would be the occasional rogue every now and then that had terrorized the humans - hunting them down and either turning them or devouring them. However, any attacks on humans brought down the wrath of the Greystokes. In cases such as those, King Malcolm himself would hunt down the rogues and kill them. What he did was not for the humans, but for his kin.

The humans vastly outnumbered lycans all over the globe. Collectively, their power could potentially have crushed the relatively young Lycan Underworld. Therefore, in instances where lycans went on killing sprees of human innocents, there was a potential to spread justifiable hatred towards all lycans. It benefited the lycans was a race far more to have the humans as allies, and it would keep them from the brink of extinction.

This is where the lycans and vampires had different tactics. While the lycans wanted to keep the peace and bring prolonged prosperity to all races, the vampires sought only to do so for their own; and their was no better way to do that than to subjugate the humans. Thus, they began to attack villages and storm human strongholds in Eastern Europe where they would either turn, enslave, or devour the inhabitants thereof.

At first, King Malcolm hesitated to get his people involved in a war between the vampires and humans. However, when the vampires began to attack human settlements under lycan protection, Malcolm's mind was made up and the lycans went to war.

The Young Prince in Battle
The Young Prince in Battle

By 1531, the war had already spread throughout the entire continent of Europe and to some parts of Asia. It was during that same year that King Malcolm Greystoke led and invasion into the East alongside his son, Prince Peter. Though he was forty-three years old, the prince was still considered young by most lycan standards.

The lycan force had marched its way east through Italy and had begun to enter lands of Austria and Hungary - known for being lands which contained many strongholds to the vampires. Under a full moon, the ferocious army of lycans were preparing to attack a fortress which housed a prestigious coven of vampires. Successfully destroying it would bring the war one step closer to coming to an end.

As they reached the castle and bombarded it with siege equipment, enemy reinforcements arrived on the scene. From behind, vampiric cavalry swept in and began to attack the rear. At that same moment, an army of defenders emptied from the bombarded keep. It was a trap, for the castle and vampire nobles presents were mere bait for the lycans. Trapped on either side, the lycans were pinned down with their king and prince caught in the middle.

Finally, a large vampiric noble by the name of Nostrovich found King Malcolm on the battlefield. As the two titans of their races collided, it was not long before the mighty lycan king dominated his vampire foe. Yet, just as King Malcolm was about to deliver the killer blow to his enemy, several vampires armed with crossbows took aim. Malcolm was stopped as several silver-tipped bolts pierced his body, and he fell to his knees.

From across the moonlit battlefield, young Prince Peter watched as the cold Nostrovich elder rose up and moved towards the helpless lycan king. Caught in his own fight, Peter desperately tried to break away and tear through the masses in order to come to his father's aid; but he was too late. In agony, he watched the Nostrovich elder brandish a sword and behead the Greystoke patriarch... Alas, the mighty king was dead and the lycan army began to fall back.

King Peter Greystoke - 1531
King Peter Greystoke - 1531

It was in that moment, when all hope was lost, that Peter threw down his weapons and transformed into his true lycan state. Leaping across the battlefield with an unbridled fury, the Greystoke Legacy tore down every vampire in his way. When he reached to Nostrovich elder, the vampire tried to fight back, but to no avail. Peter's wrath was too strong. Striking away the vampire's sword, Peter sank his large canine fangs into the throat of his enemy and ripped it out. Then, taking hold of the head with his sharp talons, the lycan lord literally ripped the vampire's head away from his shoulders and avenged his father.

Covered in blood, Peter looked up at the moon and let out a long, deep howl. It was at that moment when the lycans halted their retreat and rallied behind their prince-turned-king. Though they were outnumbered, the lycans banded together and tore through the vampires' forces with raw ferocity. When dawn came, the castle had fallen to the lycans and not a single vampire remained alive on the premise. What few nobles had survived made their way through underground tunnels to safety. The tunnels were then caved in so that the relentless lycans could not follow. That day marked not only the fall of the Nostrovich Clan, but as the day that one king died and another one was born. Thus, Peter Greystoke took his place as the next King of the Lycan Underworld.

William Greystoke

King Peter Greystoke and his
King Peter Greystoke and his "Hunters" - 1642

Eventually, the Lycan Underworld had begun to expand into an actual empire. For over two hundred years, King Peter Greystoke increased the lycans' holdings by more than ten fold. His reign had been defined by the eternal feud between the vampires and lycans. Not only had he defended Greystoke Manor and many human settlements from the attack of vampires, but he took a more proactive approach to the war.

Rather than waiting for the vampires to make their move, he actively sought out their covens and began to hunt them down. Hence, many of his enemies began to call King Peter Greystoke "The Hunter." Over time, that title defined him and became like a mantle... an idea that resembled the spirit of the lycan race under King Peter's rule. Even his own personal guards which accompanied him on various missions and conquests were referred to as "hunters."

Yet, despite the amounts of wealth and plunder gained from the war with the vampires, Peter continued to honor his father's law by continuing his protection of the humans. The role of the lycans throughout history had been to protect mankind, not to rule or subjugate it. As part of its territorial growth, the Lycan Underworld expanded throughout the entire continent of Europe and even parts of Asia and Africa - though forever keeping its capital as the original Greystoke Manor.

William Greystoke - 1812
William Greystoke - 1812

In 1787, Peter decided that the time was right to produce another heir to the throne. Therefore, he and his mate conceived and brought forth a son whom Peter named William. Indeed, the Greystokes had become a true aristocracy as William was the first to be born into a world of plenty. Despite being an aristocrat, William was brought up with rigorous training as he was groomed to be a future king.

His training consisted of a strict regime of mental, physical, and psychological training. A typical day of study would begin with physical training, followed by academics (mathematics, language, philosophy, etc.), then more physical training before the day's end. Academics would include principles of economics, philosophy, and military strategy - highly beneficial for a future king. His physical training was broken down into conditioning and combat. The conditioning focused on balance, agility, and learning to control his powers. The combat training was broken down into unarmed combat, armed combat, and then a mixture of both. For decades, William was periodically sent across the globe in order to master new forms of combat - just as his father did before him.

Because the young prince displayed such great progression in his training, King Peter allowed William to accompany him to battle when he was fully grown. Remarkably, William kept calm in battle and handled the experience well. For twenty more years, Peter and William went to battle alongside one another. Once he was experienced enough, William was given command of his father's armies and began to travel the globe in a conquest against the vampires alone.

As time went on, the weapons became more sophisticated and the lycans adapted. Swords and shields had begun to be replaced with firearms and cartridges. Muzzle-loaded cannons had been replaced with more modern automatic artillery. In addition, the use of stealth became more and more widely used. Large battles that had once involved thousands of warriors had become small incursions involving no more than thirty on either side.

By 1930, the Lycan Underworld had become one of the most powerful empires on the planet. Yet, it had grown to the point where it interacted vastly with the economy and even the stock market. Even when markets all over the world crashed, the lycans were affected. Nevertheless, they had prevailed. In deed, their power had greatly resembled the might and glory that was once Rome.

Yet, even Rome fell eventually...


By 1940, the entire world was going to war. As the famous Blitz was executed, Germany tried to subdue the might of Great Britain. Of all the factions of the Underworld, the Lycans were still the most prevalent class of immortals. Once regarded as dogs which haunted caves and sewers, their aristocracy had become notoriously famous to those of "certain circles."

One night, William had returned home to a hero's welcome at Greystoke Manor. The occasion was his latest victory in Romania where he had eliminated a notorious clan of vampires who had enslaved the human inhabitants of the land for centuries. Yet, as he entered the great throne room of Greystoke Manor, he walked in on a meeting between King Peter, the lycan court, and a group of humans.

Faithfully taking his place at his father's side, the prince listened to what the humans had to say. Though he did not know which group they represented, they spoke of the current situation of the world. Sure enough, mankind's greatest war was on the horizon. The representative spoke of the aftermath of the war, saying that the world itself would be in a state of shambles. Furthermore, he said that the world would be ripe for the taking. He then extended his hand towards the lycan king and offered an alliance. If the Lycan Underworld were to join this "Order" of his, then they would share in the ownership of a new world.

King Peter wisely declined, stating that it was not the lycans' purpose to dominate men; but to make sure that no one else would. The human thought for a moment, then stated that those who did not stand by the "Order" would stand against it. Immediately, William moved forward to strike down this mere human who dared to threaten his father; but King Peter placed his hand on his son's shoulder and kept him at bay.

As the humans left, William turned to his father and said, "Why did you allow them to leave?! They threatened you! They threatened us!"

"True." King Peter replied. "But time will tell if these humans reveal themselves to be an actual threat, my son."

"Who were those men anyway?" William asked.

"Templars..." Peter replied to his son.

"Weren't the Templars down away with? How does a dead society expect to wield any real power... especially against our empire?"

"Trust me, my son... That society never died in the first place..."

With that, William was told to ignore the matter and attend unto his reception. Late into the night, while his father and the other members of the council dealt with more pressing matters, William Greystoke celebrated with his friends and comrades. After drunken bouts of sparring with his lycan kin and carousing with several females, William and his peers fell asleep in the great hall.

The next morning, William awoke naked on a table with two females wrapped in a tablecloth next to him. He paused as he heard a distant rumbling and humming sound in the distance. Just as it became louder, a large explosion rocked the hall. Large bombs filled with shards of silver nitrate were being dropped down upon Greystoke Manor by airplanes.

Immediately, alarms were raised and the Lycans took their positions to defend Greystoke Manor. From the sky, dozens of bombers rained down explosives packed with shards of silver. Upon detonation, any lycans that were hit by the shrapnel could not heal properly. Therefore, normal explosions dealt far greater damage. To make matters worse, it took place during a time with there was a new moon in the sky - meaning that the lycans were already in their weakest state.

Across the sea, large battleships fired their massive guns at Greystoke Manor from miles away - cutting off an escape by sea. Cutting off the land routes was a massive army consisting of nearly fifty tanks and nearly a dozen heavy artillery units. During the onslaught, Peter found his son and told him to take a group of survivors and escape through hidden passages into the mountains.

As William gathered survivors, King Peter led an attack to divert the enemies' attention. Meanwhile, William assisted members of the council and other survivors to get to safety. Nearly an hour later, there was barely anything left of Greystoke Manor. The cannons had ceased fire; and amid the smoke and fire, King Peter finally emerged. However, he was chained down like a dog. His body was covered in gunshot wounds and a tight moon shackle was secured around his neck - preventing him from transforming into a more powerful state.

Behind him, the same man who had been in the lycan court the night before kicked King Peter down to his knees and yelled, "DO YOU SEE YOUR KING?! This is what happens to those who oppose the ORDER... I thought this mongrel had a SON... Come out now... Your father NEEDS you..." With that, the man pulled out a Webley revolver and put it up to the back of Peter's head - no doubt loaded with silver nitrate rounds.

From a far off distance, William watched as his father's suffering. Every fiber of his being wanted to race back and tear off that man's throat; but an older member of the council stopped him, stating that it was a trap. If William rushed in, both he and his father would be killed - destroying the Greystoke Legacy and thus leaving the lycans scattered and leaderless. Therefore, he was forced to watch as the man emptied the revolver's cylinder into the back of Peter Greystoke's head - killing the lycan king. With that, the man gave a signal and the bombardment concluded. In a matter of seconds, the once glorious Greystoke Manor was reduced to ash.

Divided and leaderless, the lycans scattered. William Greystoke had become a king, but the cost was more than he could bear. His family and friends had been completely obliterated. Together, the lycans presented an easy target. The best thing for the lycans as a whole was for them to break off into smaller packs and clans, rebuild their numbers, and then for William to take his place as their rightful king when the time was right.

Banished, poor, and homeless, all that William Greystoke had left of the once powerful lycan empire were a few of the elders from the council and a handful of his father's old relics (saved by one of the elders). On that day, William's entire world came crashing down. All that he had once held dear and all that he knew had been torn away from him. He vowed revenge on the ones who had done this to him... the ones who had destroyed his family... his home... his people...

More coming later... Trust me, it's going to be good.

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Nice to see you stuck with your roots

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Nice to see you stuck with your roots


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nice man, bad mouthing templars to lol somebodies spoiling for a rumble with the Knightfalls.

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