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Down the rabbit hole...
Down the rabbit hole...

Meet Gabriel Huerta (status: alive), 33 years experienced in the field of justice and working as a dilligent member of renowned Interpol. Today this agent had delved into something that is not meant to be observed by human eyes, he has heard from very convincing rumors that there are an underground network of passageways that led to human sacrificial site. What seemed at first to be hocus pocus was reassured by the recent case of dissapearances found of stray women and lone children, he was supposed to have a week off courtesy of his superiors for the remarkable work he did in exposing the hidden terrorist cells supplying arms to the middle east.

It was nothing big compared to what the others did but It made the yanks satisfied so he gets a big check. What made it impressive is that he did the feat singlehandedly, because watching action movies as a child help mold him into the man he is today. He is a silver medalist for olympic shooting event when he represented his country last year, to be honest he was suffering from an illness that day and his performance dropped severely. He was always compared to a super spy although he hates to be called that, he prefers to be humble. There is no backup or no contingencies, as far as they know he is packing his bags to go on a paid holiday.

He should now be enjoying his time in france yet he is now with a sidearm, examining a cave entrance with a flashlight and walking deeper as his signal was interfered. It almost reminded him of the stories of the Terezin concentration camps made for foes of the third reich. It is very dank and very narrow, breathing has become somewhat hard. Luckily he can hold his breath better than his colleagues. He did not know how long he has been moving or where he was going to but the path behind him has vanished from his sight. He can look back but he can only move forward, as if being pushed by the shadows from behind.

He can feel the walls rubbing against his shoulders, the lights have passed him some time ago. Illumination is provided by his own sources and what defends him from harm is his trusty sidearm. There is an outline of crimson eyes behind him, he does not know but the hair at the back of his neck are standing. Swiftly looking back only to find a hollow tunnel which is the same as the one in front of him, panic is setting within yet his cross reassures him that nothing will go wrong. He can hear the sound of children in pain under his footsteps, the man took a brief moment to pause and did not hesitate to rush further. Their sounds the baiting beacon of light that will introduce this good man towards its angler.

Gabriel is on a thin lifeline that is slowly melting, with deliberate caution on his part the agent prepares hi stance as he can sense with his gut that odd things are about to happen. Call it a hunch but this man has a good sense when it comes to survival, Gabriel holds his SIG-Sauer P229R with his right hand while supporting it with the left, which holds his flashlight. By using this stance, the gun remains steady for accurate engagement of opponents outside the range of unarmed combat, the cramped area also allows him a benefit in aiming because the only way for movement is to go back or towards him.

The air from the front undulates in a wraith like pattern, as his body gradually sinks deeper into whichever the solid ground leads him. He goosebumps as silent voices follow every step he makes, his breathing becoming heavier as his mind creates a spot of shelter. A hard object crashed against his face at such speeds that he broke his nose immediately, followed by a broken orbital bone. He immediately fell back to the ground as he fumbles to pick up his flashlight. He can briefly see it bounce forwards again, so with immediate haste the man crawls to pick it up.

He can taste his own blood at his mouth trickling from his crooked nose as his face swells and breathing has become quickly painful. The vision of the flashlight itself was very blurry to the point that he can only follow a ball 'glow' in a pitch black area, he has difficulty looking at any direction except to the front. His peripheral vision is essentially screwed. He picked up his light source but he dared not look up, his entire body is telling him to scream and run away. A shock of powerful images pollute his common sense from the moment of entry to this centralized point.

There is a human shaped thing with the complexion of a pale embryo, veiny marks that resemble an alien. A 'grey' forcing itself too wear a human corpse, replacing the beige of man with carcin white. Shots fired. They did not miss. All confirmed head shots and center of mass shots. Hot feeling in stomach. Eyes blanking. All going black. Stomach pulled out...

Gabriel Huerta (status: dead)

Chamber, venue unknown

A relatively tall man is sitting on a leather seat, yet the texture of it differs greatly than that which is made from cattle. The man possess very subtle lupine features, such as extended canine incisors and overall sharp teeth. Carving a half made statue from a block of wood, tapping with the tips of his talons to chisel away small details so that he can finish his work of art. He is resting his feet on a stump of wood with very distinct etchings on the middle, foreign footsteps enter the grounds as a shower man enters the room.

The visitor is carrying a body bag, the man in the chair stood up and moved to the fridge as he picked up several bottles of red fluid "So did you exsanguinate the body as usual?" the visitor placed the body over the table, correction tossed the body of a grown man as if he is flicking a peanut. The sudden impact did not damage the table, yet it sends the plates in every direction "Nope, you promised holy blood If I gathered fifteen agent and I want them now". The man placed the bottles on the table "Here they are Rolf, as good as promised"

"I knew it, you had them all along and yet you make me work like a slave... might as well hire a were lion to do your job next time" Ratger laughs his teeth in response, their friendship really did extend through the ages "Really, did you forget what happened with the were tiger in bengal and how I had to save you from the thuggee' in India?". Rolf popped open the cap and sucked out an entire bottle of catholic nun " Right , right and anyways I got you a spanish meal" Rolf threw away the bottle and unzipped the bag to reveal a healthy man with intestines hanging loose.

"Since you are so nice today I will be in charge of preparations tomorrow, I heard there will be a new house of mainland chinamen and I know how much you like oriental food." Rolf was overjoyed at Ratger's words, he is dying to have chinese food as they have been eating too much european lately and that has been boring in their diet. With this in mind Rolf began to move again "Splendid, and boss did have that errand to gather new materials for his golems. "

The two figures left off the chamber as another body was added to their reserves, blood dripped from its lifeless eyes...

Lights out.

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@Lady_Liberty: Bodyguards for new rumbaman

inspired by Pulp Fiction

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LOL, I like how you keep it different from most of what we do.

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@Gambler: tahnx

@Impero: just wanted to have different henchmen