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A pair of small forested islands provides the perfect location for a meta-brawl. Cameras located at every conceivable location, internet interest is high for Feral Nova, leader of a heroic team is fighting in this battle.

Bets begin rolling in, and the Court profits.

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The contestants begin on separate islands, Feral on the upper most island, Serena on the south. They do not have line of sight, they are aware of who they are fighting and public knowledge of that person, and they are roughly 200 yards apart.


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The Helicopter Ride

Wuppa wuppa wuppa "You're going to have to jump!" wuppa wuppa wuppa

Wuppa wuppa wuppa wuppa "What!" wuppa wuppa wuppa wuppa wuppa

"That platform is too small, I can't land here! You'll have to JUMP!"

She didn't expect this but after leaning over the side and peering down it was apparently true. With a firm grip to her skirt from both hands, the young girl took a deep breath and exhaled quickly then climbed down on to the landing skid, giving a look back to the pilot who merely smiled and nodded behind his sunglasses. "You can do it, kiddo!"

It wasn't the drop that had the teenager anxious, but she feigned a comforted look to be polite.Another deep breath and she was ready to jump but as she got into position the pilot gave another holler. "Hey!" She looked back again with a puzzled expression. "Aren't you forgetting something?" he asked as he swung his head towards the seat behind her. She couldn't hear what he said but his motion told her all she needed to know.

Of course...

He bounced in his seat, laughing under the loud whopping of the chopper blades then gave a single wave at her as she reached for the Bokuden blade. It looked majestic as it lay on the seat withits jewel encrusted scabbard and fancy embroidery. The hilt was made with gold and wrapped with leather. As the girl took the swordin her hand she gained some courage, and without hesitation, proceeded to take a leap.

The Southern Islet

A couple of fair feet touched down on the platform. The air pounded hard on the ground as the chopper blades began to pick up speed, rebounding off of the platform and sending the girl's skirt into a flapping frenzy. She glanced back up towards the helicopter fearing that the pilot had caught site of her moment of exposure but luckily he was fiddling with buttons.

"Okay, Serena." she muttered. "For the next round... you need to remember to wear some pants." She spoke to herself as if she already knew she was going to win. Off in the distance, approximately two hundred yards from her position, lay the northern islet. "The other girl should be over there somewhere. I think I'll make the first move." With care, and sword in hand, Serena navigated her way down through rough and jagged terrain until she came to a peak point. Out ahead in the water below lay a convenient path of tiny rock formations jutting out of the sea. The girl would use them to reach the other islet. "Don't mess up," she joked to herself as she jumped down, trying to further ease the pre-fight anxiety.

The Northern Islet

"Okay, I made it. Now what? They never taught us anything about hunting or tracking.... " Serena reminded herself. Within minutes the sun began to beat on her with an uncomfortable amount of heat, forcing her to take cover under nearby trees. She propped the Bokuden blade up against a tree trunk then sat in the shade just in time to catch a cool sea breeze.

"Well I made MY move. It's on you now," she thought.

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Zoe sat the small plane that flew above the ocean, the sun reflecting off of it and making the salty waters glitter like diamonds. She sat silent, her hands placed in her lap as the hero couldn't help but feel like she had something to prove in this fight. She wasn't like the former Feral Nova's before her, she didn't have the proper training or even the powers that they did... she was the weakest holder of the mantel ever recorded, she knew it. She HAD to win this, to prove that she didn't need those fancy powers or knowledge of endless amounts of fighting styles just to carry this name.

"I have to win." Zoe whispered to herself.

"Ms. Nova, you might want to pick up you're parachute, the drop off point is coming up." her pilot yelled out, motioning to the parachute next to her. Standing up from her seat she adjusted her yellow eye protectors as she walked over to the door hatch, grasping the parachute along the way and slinging it over her left shoulder, making sure it was tucked under her cape. Her heart began to pound in her chest as the thought of her first real fight was about to go down. This wasn't going to be some petty bank robbers or a high speed chase, this was going to be fighting against someone who was either a hero, villain or neutral who want's to win just as badly as she did.

'Alright Ms. Nova, time to go!'

Without hesitation she opened the door, the wind rushing towards her as the pressure of the air-plain suddenly shift, the air trying to suck her out of the plane like a vacuum. With a slight grin her pacific blue eyes gazed upon the lavish green battle field before her. "This is going to be fun." she murmured to herself as she looked over at the pilot, giving him a thumbs up as she dove out of the flying vehicle.

The air rushed all around her and was all she could hear as the came closer to her landing point, the golden cape behind her flapping furiously in the wind as her eye wear protected her eyes. She was coming close to the rocky island before her, and she didn't have her parachute on correctly to use it. Grasping each end of her cape she used it as a weaker version of a parachute, it slowing down her falling speed, but not enough so she could land safely. Waiting a few more seconds she then twist her body in the air, so her feet were now facing downward. Grasping something from her belt was none other than a grappling gun, she was coming close to a cliff, if she could aim and time everything just right...

She held her breath for a moment as she waited for her body to be parallel with a cliff side, shooting the grappling hook on the ledge. That second the line straightened out and she was swung like a rag doll besides the rocky cliff, her momentum picking back up and was now going right into the trees. Cutting the line she used her free hand to grasp onto a tree branch, the impact made her arm shiver with pain but she was now 'safe'. Hanging there for a moment she couldn't help but have a goofy grin on her face. "Well... that wasn't so bad." she huffed out as she let the branch go, landing gracefully on the ground.

Trying to smooth out her ruffled hair she looked around, trying to find signs of the woman she was to battle, but nothing so far. Zoe honestly didn't attempt to seek information about this 'Serena Death' she was told to be fighting. The hero heard some of the WAL members speak about her, but other than knowing she had a sword... she didn't know anything. It was more fun not knowing what she was up against.

"I need to get her to me... make her play on my grounds..." she looked around a bit, trying to figure out a way to draw her opponent to her.

She then got an idea! Pulling out two flash-bang pellets she held them in her hands for a moment before pulling out her grappling gun and aiming upward at a tree. Being pulled up she stood on the tallest branch, one holding onto the tree, the other holding the pellets in hand. "Ok... this should do it!" with a grin on her face she threw the first pellet in the air, then about a second later, thew the other one, it colliding into the first one and causing a blinding flash in the sky for a few seconds. Thankfully the yellow glasses protected Nova's own eyes from the flash, and she figured that the other woman on the island would have been too far away to have been blinded by it, this was more of a way to get her attention, to draw her over towards Zoe.

Staying silent in the tree's she hoped her opponent couldn't fly, as she sat and waited for her to come to her.

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A loud bang, similar to that of gunfire, accompanied by bright light, rang out from above, startling Serena. In a single motion she swiftly jumped to her feet and faced the forest with the Bokuden blade in the secure grip of her left hand, darting her eyes from side to side in a squint. Adrenaline coursed throughout her body, causing her to tense up but all was quiet and calm again on the island within moments.

"Okay... you didn't shoot me. I guess you wantmeto come toyouthen," Serena deduced.

She continued to gaze upon the forest and thought, "I'msuchan amateur." But she was right. Upon her arrival at the resort on the main island Serena expected all of the fights to take place on the beach, where there was sand and water. She even expected some of the other contestants to show up in swimwear. "Blame it on the arcade fighting games," she joked. "Huhkay, Serena, focus. You're about to have your first fight outside of the Institute. The other girl is probably fully trained, unlike your peers at school, oryourselffor that matter. So this is practically the real deal. Hmm..."

She began a perambulation into the forest, somewhat nonchalantly, placing full responsibility for her safety on the Bokuden blade. The sword, being mystical, possessed a conscience of its own and provided its wielder with heightened awareness but also gifted them with enhanced physiology. As Serena traversed the uneven terrain of the island forest that trust in the Bokuden blade proved to be appropriate when a precognitive buzz warned her of the opponent's nearby presence. Serena remained calm, however, and feigned ignorance.

"Let's see what you're made of," she thought.

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Balancing on the branch in a crouching position she sat silently as the chirps from the wild birds echoed through the air. Her pacific blue eyes slowly scanning the area over and over again, trying to find any sign of the ‘girl with a sword’ she was suppose to fight. Her right hand was holding onto a smoke pellet while the other holding firmly on her bo staff, she wasn’t sure exactly what the skill level of her opponent was… but she was going to have to assume that she was a master of her weapon and a skilled warrior.

Suddenly, rustles of some bushes could be heard and her ears perked up, careful not to make any sudden movements that would attract attention. Her brows collided with each other as she took in a deep breath, waiting for the swords master to show herself. Then… she saw her… a girl, didn’t seem too much younger than Zoe walk forward. Was this her opponent? A teenage girl in a skirt with a sword? She couldn’t tell if her look was suppose to lure herself into a false sense of security, or if she was as new to the fighting sense as she looked.

But she didn’t want to take the chance, she had to make the first move, catch her off guard. Pushing herself off the branch falling downward towards the fellow teenager and throwing the pellet downward towards the earth at the same time. The pellet made impact with the ground before Zoe did, and in an instant an eight by eight foot radius was covered in a dense white smoke. Just a split second later the hero landed on the ground, using her bo staff to do a quick leg sweep to try and catch her opponent off guard. If this worked she would then stand up and lift the staff above her head before attempting to slam it into the girls chest to try and knock the wind out of her.

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Another bang rang out in the forest sending a current of fear throughout Serena's body and soon smoke had enveloped her immediate vicinity, preventing her from seeing the opponent coming with a leg sweep. The precognitive ability bestowed upon her by the Bokuden blade only allowed her to sense the presence of potentially threatening presences, not the attacks from an opponent. One moment she was walking, the next she was gasping after being knocked off of her feet, falling through the thick cloud of smoke with a light breeze brushing against her cheek. The sword remained secure in her grip, pulsating. Time seemed to slow down as she lay suspended in the air and the sounds of the forest stalled like a record stopped in the middle of play, silence loomed as the mystical blade re-activated the heightened state of awareness in her. Then, creating a rift in the smokey cloud above her was the tip of a bo staff. With its emergence, time accelerated back to its normal rate and the sounds of nature resumed. Serena thrust the cursed blade forward, still in its sheath, bringing her right hand to grasp the other end and was able to block the staff but the force coming down on her only made her fall harder. The air escaped from her lungs causing her to release an awkward breath of pain.

Keeping in mind that this was no practice session, she wasn't expecting the other girl to give her time to recover so she quickly rolled out of the smoke then sprang on to her feet and drew the sword from its sheath in one motion. Invoking the Sword of the Wind consciousness, she sent several waves of wind slashes sharp enough to cut through flesh into the thick cloud. She was attempting to buy herself a brief moment to regain her breath.