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This building serves as both mansion and chapel to the Templar like society known as the Coven or more so the Hexcroft. While the Coven has many churches around the world this location is dedicated to the central foundation of the pressumed religious faction. It is here that the Hexcraft recieve their training, that they are tought the ways of the Coven. And most importantly where they are given the missions to further clense the world. They believe themselves heroes in a building that is an icon of peace. Though the reality of such is likely the polar opposite.

Hexcraft Manor

Location: Near Stanton Park

Hexcroft: 614 largest recorded besides the undisclosed Haven

Ravens Guard: 30 of these warriors stand watch and are willing to kill if needed

Restricted means only for those belonging to the Coven

Off Limits means only members of the Coven given permission are aloud to enter


When one enters the Manor they obviously first step into the lobby. This is the most warm location of the manor complete with flora all around it almost feals more like a green room then a lobby. Coming here makes one feal at peace as if the gods are blessing this very sight. Despite all its beauty though one who knows the trutth knows the facade.

Library 1st Floor

A simple room for the subject of reading and studies. Filled to the brim with literature and computers its a constant hub of finding intel. If one for whatever reason can not find the book they are looking for, they have just to go to the front desk who will order it for them. Providing it the next day. Ones mind feals more open to learn when in here an aura of mental stimulation in here that seems natural but is truthfuly encouraged by the force.

Library 2nd Floor(restricted)

This is where more, classified information is. Within these halls are collections of security files, blue prints, holocrons, data files and more. A database designed for aiding Hexcroft in their missions and further advancing their skills. It is blocked off by metal and glass that has been tested even durable to the abilities of Mistress Coven, who is rare for anyone to be equal to. Much like the floor below an enchantment resides here encouraging mental fortitude. Except here it also amplifies greed makes one hunger to know all about their studies. Mission briefings are given in this room on most ocassions.

Dining Hall

With marble tables and pilars chairs of rare metals and walls of beautiful wood it is in this hall guests and servants of the lord find their meals. One is welcomed to almost anything they want and however much. The goal of its design hoped that anyone who was their fealt like royalty. It is the only room not augmented in some manor.


The Lord is their weapon, the Lord makes all things possible, the Lord is their shield and the Lord is their salvation. Those who crave belonging, wealth, power, a better world this is who you should put your faith in. This place is the one domain in which you should kneel. Their is no chairs here in this three floored room, one must stand or sit upon the ground be in touch with the world around them. Towering statues of saints encircle the round room, in the center is the tallest. One can not see a face to this person and robes disguise gender. But this is for a reason, as it is said the most grand of people can become that statue. Around the floors is a mist filled with electricity and red orbs of light it is cold and fearsome and yet being here one also feals powerful and superior to the outside world.

Dorms(restricted access)

Naturally if one is going to live in the Manor they need rooms. On the second floor is primarily the dorm rooms. A master bedroom space open entirely to ones design. This floor is rich in fealings that are given off, some may be warm, some may be cold, and some even embue anguish just being near them. One can not enter a room without the company of the rooms owner.

Danger Room Upper Floor

Located on the third floor and taking up most of the floor is the danger room. This serves as the center place to practice physical and ranged combat. Complete with a holograpthic display and real world effects almost any fighting situation can be portrayed. The single restriction to this well armed dangerous floor is that powers are minimal. Speed strength and awarness things like that are allowed but the more potent arts Coven members know can not be used. Stains of blood are not an uncommon thing to find.


First floor large room open and filled with a variety of things to do. It is here that many spend their off time. Just because one serves the lord and dedicates ages to combative expertise their still allowed to have fun. Granted traced of grim ideals do linger here.

Dead Grounds, Danger Room Lower Level (restricted access)

One floor below ground is the second danger room, meant to be accessed by only Coven members or those with a Coven member. It is here that powers are permited. For all attempts and purposes its the same as the one above just more likely to inflict serious harm.

Boundless, Second Lower Level (restricted access)

Barracks for the Guard reside on this floor same as the dorms though tending to be alot more dark and metalic. Here one can also find the Med Bay where wounds are mended and tended to with experts in medical labor and the healing arts of the Coven. The last room on this floor is the Security and Armory insuring nobody acts in a manor harmful towards the Coven.

Forge, Third Floor (Off Limits)

The art of Magic and Echantment is located here, constructing ones weapon is done on this level here as well. This floor also houses cells for prisoners and interogation. To be the victem in one of those cells is usualy to want to convert, or to die. The followers love this floor and what it means, heretics flee at the thought.

Sanctuary, Third Floor(Off Limits)

Located near the back of the third lower floor is a door. It leads into the room of the Mistress Coven. The security to enter this room is technological and spiritual an intruder likely to be washed over with so much pain that they simply drop to the floor. A few have reached their end coming here however as the draw to power is overwhelming.

Back Yard

A open lush field simply for the Coven and guests to wonder. Near the back is a large garage filled with the belongings of Coven members as well. Taste of the religions arts mark spots around this domain.

Court Yard

Similar to the back yard but less blessed/tainted then the back. Its often seen with Hexcroft and Ravens sparring with eachother or deep in studies.


  1. Foremoest have fun
  2. Avoid restricted, and off limit areas unless given permission please
  3. Sell, the place is "blessed" or to be more exact influenced by the force. Have fun with that
  4. Try not to level the building, theres gona be some fights. Theres gona be some damage. But please don't smash by place will ya?
  5. Dont come in automatically knowing their evil or more so Sith. Its a well kept secret unless you've been told in character/discussed it with a member/are a jedi
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I am soooo gonna read this when I get the time!

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Its I think a rather epic location :) more stuff on the Coven soon to come

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@Hexcraft: We must work together O__O

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Im always game. Currently doing the finishing touches on the actual leader and blogs detailing the Coven :)
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@Hexcraft: It looks like it. I'll read it definitely.
But you might wanna explain the coven to me. Or something.
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Like the religious angle secretly portraying themselves as the good guys.

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Sauk the Coven are like Templars. Religious group consisting of knights(in this case more assassins then knights). Gam thank ya, I love the layers I was able to build around it :)
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"Today served as another moment of taking a mans life in Lord's name. I still remember that look in his eye, he realized in that moment he had always dodged rightiousness. A desperate cry for salvation filled his eyes as his heart burned away. Never show I know that longing" Hex grinned slightly finishing the journal entry. A soft hand brushing pink hair from her eyes. Best part of her abilities in her dyes being she didn't have to be bald off missions, and that her Lord seemed to never let her die.
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The refurbished transport vessel, "Dark Crescent", flies through the air above area. Titan sits at the controls inside, with Lidia sitting at the weapons system and Set in the back of the ship, watching. "Master, I believe this is the area you have sensed?" Set tilts his head, seemingly in trance. "Yes, this is where they lie. Bring the ship into a hovering state. Lidia, keep watching on the shields. I'm sure they will be welcoming us in the traditional ways of the Sith." Set stands up from his seat as Titan slows the ship. "Master?" Lidia asks as she watches him. "I'll be fine, child." He turns towards Titan. "Open the hatch." The doors of the ship's side open and the rogue force sensitive leaps from it, his cloak bellowing in the wind like the wings of a predatory bird as he falls. What was he thinking? Was he planning on battle or conversation? It would be customary for a Jedi to attempt peaceful actions, though not with a Sith. Even a Sith wouldn't be completely immune to slaying their own kind, possibly for sport. But he was not of one side. The question was how they would react to him.

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Eve watched the man fall practically from orbit, she'd been writing while in the court yard so it wasn't hard to spot. What was curious was that she felt it, felt a similar presense before her eyes saw it. She considered it the influence of the Lord though and simply waited for the man to touch earth. The skirt of her uniform fluttering from the landing. The pink haired Hexcroft avoided drawing her blade though and rather bowed before offering a hand. "Not one for subtlety I assume?"
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Set landed, surprisingly not with the breaking of his limbs. He raised his head. He could feel something. Then he turned roughly. A seemingly young girl, with pink hair. She gave a light bow and offered her hand. He could smell something on her. "Being subtle was never my calling card, miss." he said politely, though not taking the hand. "Do you have the aptitude, or is it someone else I sense?" he asks bluntly.
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"I assure you whatever your sensing is more then just one we have over six hundred servants of the Lord. All of us gifted in some exceptional way. Its Really In Polite Not To Return Greeting!!" Her voice cracking a bit in the yell "sorry still learning to get a hold of parts of myself."
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@Hexcraft: "Oh? That is interesting. I haven't seen a day in which so many were among each other. Perhaps I had mistaken numbers for power." once again, bluntly. "I'd apologize, but unfortunately when meeting ones like yourself a handshake is a death trap."
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@_Hysteria_: Kovak slowly stepped from the doorway into the courtyard, his robes flowing around him giving the illusion of some manner of gliding. He strolled towards Hexcraft and a masked individual he had never seen before, and was tempted to call his blade to his hand. He did not, but the roar of souls pounded in his ears as many screamed at him to do so. He stayed his hand and stopped before the mysterious individual, bowing his head in respect. "Greetings, good sir." He spoke in a deep voice.

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@nU_Kovak: "Greetings to you as well." he said with a tilted head. "I assume you are another servant of said "dark lord"?"
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@_Hysteria_: Kovak smiled, behind his mask, his crimson eyes barely showing any emotion at all.. "Indeed. My name is Kovak. It is good to make your acquaintance."

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"Why must our lord be catagorized as dark as if we our evil? Space is nothing but a dark abyss and yet the finest glories are out there. Sure some would say the powers we posses is dangerous but its what we do with it. I have no quarel with you, no reason to smite you. Your sense of caution by being around hundreds of blessed has only made you appeaar as rude." The voice faithful and genuine. The force many didn't know of and yet they were also far more advanced then most. One who knew the force would be drawn to the manor by its oveerwhelming sensations. But most here would label it as but a sensation. The teen finishing with a smile flashed towards the masked figure, he was like her. A pupil of the Lord with everpromising reech.
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@Hexcraft: He nodded towards Hexcraft. "And how do you fare on this fine day, m'lady?" He asked.

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I needa use this more lol
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I'll pop up when I get my Sith character done :)

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Waits ;)
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@614azrael said:

Waits ;)

LOL you don't have to anymore.

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Kovak strode purposefully through the corridors, his robes flowing as he moved, providing a kind of illusion of him gliding. His masked face betrayed no emotion, and his crimson eyes were filled with an empty void, touched, perhaps, by pity or compassion. His gloved hands stayed motionless at his sides as he prowled.

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@nU_Kovak: Spotting the equally enigmatic masked individual, the vaunted Lord Sombras shows no hesitance in calmly addressing the Masked Murderer. An eloquent speech pattern conveyed by a powerful, ominous, deep voice, the Sith Terrorist presents a proposition, "I have a subject of interest to discuss. Would there be any interest for you in acquiring a power to gift the Sith with?", he asked, taking a single poised step towards him, arms regally folded behind his back.

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@The_Blitz: Kovak bowed to the Sith Lord, a smooth flowing motion a his robes rippled. "Of course." He said. His voice was deeper than one would expect, but it was gentle, little more than a whisper. "Tell me what is to be done, and done it shall be."

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@nU_Kovak: Pleased with the readiness and composed eagerness of his masked compatriot, the mysterious Lord Sombra continued, "I've discovered a self-energy generating crystal of limitless potential", he began, "The journey itself is perilous and I will need some aid in order to obtain it for the Order".

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@The_Blitz: Kovak remained as composed as his mask made him appear and nodded. "Then where do we begin?" He asked.

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@nU_Kovak: "Come", he responded, turning away as he walked a certain direction, "We are not the only ones who seek it".

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@The_Blitz: "I don't doubt it." Kovak whispered and followed Lord Sombra.

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"Today represents the first step into a greater admitance unto our lord. It is with great pleasure I reveal to you Hexcraft has successfully fought alongside Impero and has aquired what was asked. I'm pleased to announce that Evie has lived up to the title given, a hard task as that places one as the key to the Hexcroft faction. That said I feal it's time I reveal why we wanted such spiritial energy. Why it was important to obtain such things." The only other sound in the church was of the pen in back writing everything down for Coven. It moved on its own of course, a testament to why the Covenant was superior in the religious world. She stood at the back end of the church, before her hundreds of men and women, Some were dressed in the attire of the Coven members others just regular people. The walls were mostly ornate but void of most color. Even still however the room was perfectly alight, as if the light was provided by the Covenant members. Just an illumination trick with the force, but it swayed the minds with ease. To them it was divine, and who was it to say that it was not?

"Sakura, Rayne, Markus please aproach the stand." These three were mutants, a teleporter, a blade and a brick, they served the goverment and the Coven. Each was a being desperate to get more aquainted with the Lord and yet were not capable of doing such. Guards of the Coven pleading silently to be more. "Each of you would seamingly give your life for the Covenant and yet have never been given admitance. Today that changes" Hex handed over three small orbs, made of crystal glass and carved gold. They seemed to glow as if containing a small star.

Lady removes a jem encrested cork from each of the small flasks, her soft hands one by one tilting the head of one of the three. They'd drink the starlight substance and hold it till all three had been attended to. Nodding in satisfaction was the symbol to swallow and each acolyte did. They dropped to knees grunting in pain, their skin seamed to radiate of warmth. A warmth that grew to be hot as sweat began to turn to vapor along their flesh. Final screams escaped their lips in a flash of light that left almost all blinking. Of course the Lady didn't blink. Her sockets were forever open but few knew the details of what lingered under the hood. "Using this spiritual energy I was able to amplify your own links, shattering dams of society, corroding the shackles of humanity. You've become a Lord in waiting, just like so many here." The captured chakra of the oni and conflict of Hexcraft Impero and the others was fed into the three. Sith alchemy and sorcorery used to fuse the spiritual energy to those it was passed over to. The life drain, soul drain, these tricks were similar in a way. Using the force in this way took awhile to figure out the logorithm to pull it off, now it was simple. Having learned the means to do such making it a reality was now as simple as a thought.

"I would like to award young Evangeline if I may, but this is not my decision to make. Nor is it hers. I ask who among you is willing to take the easy rout to lordship in the universe beyond, so that Eve may fight to become a true Lord?" Internally she was smilling, as the question was a paradox of sorts. What they heard was, they would become a Lord in the afterlife so that a teen could get closer on becoming a god in life. In truth she was asking a man or woman to let their life be taken so that Hex could get stronger. For the Lady was in truth always building for her witch of immortality and angel of death to be secretly, unknowingly stronger in the force. Part of this as insurance that she would never ever perish.

"Blessed is the Lord who lets me give myself to the more worthy. Holly are they who grant me the strength to consort with demise. Rightious is she who benefits from my passing. Gratious am I who relinquishes life for omnipotence in the stars beyond." Young, smart, strong, not bad on the eyes, and a devoted fool, perrfect. Coven signals for him to step forth he does such, kneeling before the Lady. Hexcraft is then signaled to step closer as well and of course the Immortal Martyr does so. Darth Coven places a palm on both man and womans forhead, one can smell a faint odor of searing flesh. Sickening smell thickens, and the body goes from pink to red. From a burning red it goes to a charcol black, a black which then fades to a powdery white. He falls as nothing gone from the world the smell phasing into something beautiful. This was done by hidden incense, which washed away the putrid smell and then gave off a euphoric mildly narcotic sensational concoction of otherworldly plant life. The spirit then flowed into Eve her red eyes flashing like nuclear bombs. Despite her teenage body she holds herself well, gasps in pain but never yells. Muscles spasm yet she never drops to her knees and as it yields all she does is bow respectfully.

"Thank you Lady Coven" so excepting so strong willed, a perfect specimen. A flawless back up strategy.

(Meglomania is taking forever so I sat down and just wrote this anyway. I I just cant have Hex without alchemy so I thought I would give her that lol. The original three orbs were used as plan, transfering the energy into another to heighten mutation through the force. Its suggested that she used the energy on Decaying Rose, Razors Edge, and Zombie who was part of their origin. What wasn't told is that the three can be used to make one being, which is likely a CVnU Antidoll. And I hinted some at what Coven is planing but only subtley. What good is a evil ploting Sith if you know her plots?)

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Kovak strides through the base, his robes flowing nobly around him. Although he appeared calm, his body was as tense as a coiled spring. The calls for his services were few, and he felt the need to release some of the stress which had been building over the past days.

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(should have something sometime soon, havent had much writing time)


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@Coven_: (It's all fine. Just wanted to show that this Kovak does have feelings, unlike his Vine Prime counterpart.)

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(aww he has fealesrs, I dont think Coven does lol. Above Hex and Aza just got secretly labeled pawns)

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@Coven_: (I bet she does really. I bet she nurses poor little animals back to health between running the Covenant and plotting her evil plots. Or she has a garden where she grows beautiful roses).

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(She rescues animals, to commit sith alchemy and make them horrible beasts <.< she has a garden I cant dispute that, but its home to various drugs/poisons/medicines/and carnivorous plants)

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@Coven_: (see? I knew she couldn't be all evil XD)

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(LIES! :P nefarious garden is nefarious)

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@Coven_: (Nah, she's a bundle of sunshine and happiness really.)

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Kovak strode the halls, seething with rage. Without warning, he seized the closest individual and pulled him close. The man stared fearfully into Kovak's eyes. "Give me your soul." Kovak whispered, a mental command all it took to rend the man's soul from his body. Dropping the corpse, Kovak's anger was somewhat subsided,

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@nU_Kovak: "Im not about to tell you not to use your powers. I promote constant growth in ones talents. I would however implore you not kill our own." Her silk voice coming from behind the soul stealer. It was magestic, almost unreal how sudden she seamed to apear. Killing someone in her home a very dangerous game for any being.

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@Coven_:"Mistress." The voice was haunting, a rasping whisper from beneath the mask. He bowed respectfully, but the anger did not leave his eyes. "I humbly beg your forgiveness. My outburst was uncalled for." He gestured at the corpse. "I will do whatever you deem necessary as penance for such a sin as this." Although he was seemingly the picture of placation, he would draw his blade at a moment's notice should an attack be sprung.

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@nU_Kovak: "Why would I punish you for his failure?" The masked eyes looking down at the body. With but a thought the being was reduced to nothing but glowing ash. Incenerated by flames and heat generated from the force that coursed through the universe. "Erik Corsen there was supose to be learning how to master the formations of bariers and going intangliable. He died because he was inferior to you. My lecture is just informing you that hes kin. Are powers are rightiously spent on the mortal world, wasted on ourselves. Why my dear would we take the lives of pawns like Erik before atleast exploiting them?"

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@Coven_: Kovak bowed deeper, far more respectfully. "Quite, my mistress. I assume I have leave to reflect on this lesson?"

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The mysterious leader of the religious sith cult had been silent for quite some time. In fact the actions of the entire sect had been rather scarce for some time now. Instead they’d just been building numbers and training. Now however things had come up that caused a reason to once again surface. Alianette had called her through telepathic communication brought on by relaying messages through the tether of universal energies that bonded the two. To Coven Ali was like a daughter, her prodigious talents only making the heart grow fonder. Of course how much of this emotional bond older sith questioned, After all an intuitive mind of the dark side no’s one thing is certain, a siths first love is themselves. Many even knew that counter steps to evade death had been made in many of the cult members. However today she was just the ‘mother’ of a necromancer who was meeting up with the ‘father’. While sleeping the night before the blind force wielder was visited by a vision. A dream that told of one of the futures possible. In that future a bond had been made with Ishin culminating in a unique outcome of monumental significance. An outcome the precognitive being wanted to come into fruition.

Her black and crimson robes concealed the majority of her milk white skin and yet even then contoured her body perfectly. Masked almost from head to toe in flowing garb and yet still clearly having grace and a form that embodied perfection. For that was the dark side that had after all ensnared Coven. She craved to be everlasting and unrivaled and as such it showed.

Water flowed downwards in a DNA designed pattern and then flowed upwards. This fountain clearly altered by the force had caught the meditative attention of the Sith at the moment. She looked onto the fluids relishing it for what it truly was. The force allowed her to see things in a way that nobody else could. It was here that she awaited the previous Impero’s presence. A discussion of futures to be made the predicted turn of conversation once it began.


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@coven_: Presently driven by a recently constructed objective of futuristic necessity, the Keijijo Legend seeks out the elusive Lady Coven with frenetic rapidity. Ethereally originated teleportation enabled his physical manifestation within the architecturally distinct interior of the Hexcraft Manor. An immaculately sculpted frame of perfected muscular features found itself clad in dark-hued post-Impero attire, the esoterically documented alabaster mask, absent from his being. Innately, Ishin had always admired the enigmatic Coven for her uncanny hold over a faction of unmitigated power and the composure and poise with which she implemented it. Unaware of Lady Coven's apparent knowledge of his recently formulated proposal, the former Impero's controlled steps direct him towards the object of his current obsession, locating the peerless Sith in approximation to a Force-manipulated fountain. Momentarily gazing upon the unorthodox allure of Lady Coven with unapparent appreciation, Ishin offered a wordless greeting of respectful gesture, briefly bowing before the Force Master's elegant frame prior to rising to the pinnacle of his physical height. Golden-blue hued eyes sharply glancing towards Lady Coven's approximated subordinates, Ishin soon returned ocular attention to the one he had sought out. "It has been a while, Lady Coven", he began, "I have come with a proposal", Ishin continued, "I will be blunt. Ali-chan's progress speaks volumes of what one could accomplish with skill over the Force and chi. I am certain that even you have realized that together, our shared DNA can create a child without peer", the verbal implications of his statement all too clear for one Lady Coven's escalated mental faculties and enlightened potency. "I need someone by my side to ensure the future of my clan", a momentary pause overtaking him as he takes in his ambient surrounding, "And of course, the future of the Sith". Respectfully extending his right hand towards the Dark Mistress with the quasi-chivalrous intention of taking her hand for the incipience of a walk that would see their transition into an area of more appropriate privacy.

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She could detect his approach instantly, especially sense his absence for some time. He was different as well she could tell. Even however if Ishin was a mediocre fraction of the man he was though Coven would of thought him a marvelous specimen. And indeed she did see Ishin as just a specimen a fine one, worthy of admiration but never the less a tool. Even her old apparent children were like toys to the old Sith. To be in the presence of Mishelia was either admiration, equal respect, or fear. Much to her appraisal the previous Impero took a stance of equivalence and respect. As such the Sith lord greeted the man in similar fashion, treating him as being just as capable as herself. With a simple telepathic ‘leave’ being vocalized to the Covenant the estate was hers. Put simply any Covenant member would vacate the near vicinity of Coven if she came their way. Thus granting her the complete freedom to tend to her guest as she chose. It wasn’t the first time measures like this had been taken the Covenant catered to the wishes of its members no matter how young or old. “Not sense that Civil War have we truly done what we do best. And it’s been months sense the final coronation of Alianette. Marvel of a child that one.” The notion of addressing the idea so soon would have been shocking if not for the obvious foresight she possessed. “I’ve indeed contemplated the concept. Not every outcome though is a positive one. Your mixing the chemicals of a nuclear bomb more or less in a kitchen.”

“I feel it very crucial I make that clear. This child would be seemingly unrivaled in both the force and chakra abilities. He or she would also likely be born with a alpha or omega level mutant ability. The reason I feel I need this point to be clear is because of the danger it could possess. Both art forms delve into some dark regiments. Some chi users are virtually demons and the darkside has turned some people into monsters. Being born with such exponential levels of both he or she would be naturally drawn to those sides. In short this future could quite possibly become nothing more then chaos and ruin. The Covenant is not grounded to just this world and the afterlife. My concern is little I’ve prepared for many futures and many outcomes. Your clan however is in a sense of danger, and even if the situation with Milo goes over well many threats I believe are yet to come. You would be bringing quite possibly a even bigger danger into your own home if you chose to go through with this.” She paused to allow any questions and so on. That and while willing to aid Ishin her clan and of course herself, she liked to do things on her terms and time.

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@coven_: "Those predictions are plausible", issuing a subtle inclination of the head, apparently agreeing with Lady Coven's suggested outcomes. "But I have had time to consider these outcomes in the other realm. I know what must be done. This child could become a monster. But, it won't", the certainty conveyed by verbal response implicitly highlighting the Keijijo Legend's preparatory scheme. "Keijijo Geijutsu. Tattoos that will assure that the child does not turn away from us", momentarily unveiling the aesthetically appealing tattoo's enveloping his left forearm. "You already know my answer. I intend to go through with this. Do you?", instinctively meeting her eyes upon the conclusion of his voiced query.

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“There more then predictions using the force one can take glimpses into the future. Generally it’s a rarity but through years of practice I’ve made it accessible as I please. Through this I’ve had many chances to peek into the future of those around me. It’s in consistent flux but there is layers of truth in each one.” The distinctive abilities had been used constantly for sometime as the Sith tried to insure she had plans for any given outcome. Likewise however she as well had considered the risks worth while after all she could just leave the planet if she really wished. “That won’t contain him forever. The child’s timeline is a mystery even in looking into my own the glimpses are few and consistently changing. What I can tell you for sure though is that at some point the seal breaks. At that point how he’s raised and how he responds decides an outcome. That said I care little for this world and except the dangers this proposition carries.” Her smile was cold and calculated she was as prepared as she was malevolent. “Is there any way you wish to go about things on this evening. The place is ours at this point in time after all.

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Glad to see this back in action