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From the cold waters of Jamaica Bay a misshapen head arises. Followed by broad and blunted shoulders, then chests and arms. At last legs carry it out onto the shores.

Massive and tremendous, thirteen feet tall and fifteen hundred pounds of sludge, mud and slime. Seaweeds dangle from its bulk. Dim eyes glow sinister yellow, animated by some otherworldly force.

Another follows it. Then another. Then hundreds of great muddy beasts arise and stride toward the shores. Then thousands until it seems the floor of the bay has risen up in revolt against those who dare to dwell near it.

In then end roughly three and a half thousand creatures of clay march through the small woods and onto Belt Parkway. Traffic comes to an halt with the sound of smashing bumpers, curses and blaring horns.

The clay beasts, known as Terracruor to the Court, turn their evil eyes upon the growing string of halted and crashed cars. Fists form into blades, hammers, and spikes. A silence falls over the parkway.

Moments later it is shattered by the mangled screams of humans, crunch of metal, and other such destruction as the Terracruor begin their savage assault. Ripping apart any human they can lay their hands upon their eyes sparkle with evil glee.

In less then a minute those who could escape, have escaped and the Terracruor begin to advance upon the densely populated residential and commercial areas further inland.

911 calls poor in, youtube videos begin streaming, texts fly, and before two miniutes have passed the world knows of the assault.

NYC awaits its heroes.



[[ This is a OPEN RPG. That means anyone can post here, just drop in and do your thing. This is a little different style, there is no OOC thread, just this one. All the rules are contained within this OP and everything after this is the interaction thread itself. Consider it like a location thread.

Its an 'interaction styled' RPG. That means there is an opening long post, and after that its meant to be shorter, faster interaction styled posts where you RP with someone else. Of course you are free to drop long posts if you like, but don't feel you need to by any means.

Standard CVnU rules apply.

The Terracruor have three tons of strength, and reform from wounds such as destroyed legs, arms, torsos or heads. However the 'Life Matrix', a ether energy construct that animates them can be destroyed by powerful electric blasts or an explosion that completely destroys their body.

Everyone feel free to NPC the Terracruor, but try to avoid no-selling them too hard. They are suppose to be tough, strong and in vast numbers.

This RPG isn't going to go on and on. It will have an ending, and that ending will be canon to the CVnU. The NYC thread will be updated with the results, and the Court of Arcani will react to the happenings here. This ones for keeps ;-)

Have fun, and if you have any questions I will be on my 'Eagle_of_the_East' account! ]]

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Nice :) and you know I'm in hehe.

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I will drop a Molly Bomb down on this.

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@Impero: @Naamah_Obyzouth:

OOC: Great! This works like a location thread, so just drop a post here whenever you've got one ready.

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Nice, I'll drop a post soon then.

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OOC: these guys are made of actual mud, right? just water and dirt? I'm not dissing them, i'm just checking on the material subject.

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OOC: Yep yep, just like Clayface.

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Wanderer, O'chunks, The ant, Tombstone, and kommadant can be committed to this.

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Milton & Arius will be here

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kool, i'm in took then

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OoC: Wait this is the OoC thread AND the RPG thread? O_o Anyways, WAL will be there! ^_^

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@Feral Nova:

OOC: There's not really an OOC, its like a location thread because its ideally interaction based. We'll see how it works out.

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@Eagle_of_the_East: :-/ this feels kinda messy in my opinion...

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@Feral Nova:

OOC: Fair enough :-) Location thread / Team thread RP isn't for everyone!

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Does the Coven send their allie of Kratesis to further attack the world n promote survival of the fittest and taking flight to the church for safety. Or send Hex to show that the 'rightious' always triumph? Lol decisions decisions
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Ash strutted down the street, heading over to the docks to get a snack from the fishermen guys. They always had nice fish that he could cook himself. Of course, thoughts of food got put away when he saw the explosions and people running away. He needed to work off some stress right now, so he figured, why not use it to deal with these punks.

Running towards the chaos, Ash took a turn and came face to face with one of the mud monsters. Pulling out his pistol, Ash fired two rounds at its head, only to see them do nothing to faze him. He seemed to be made of a slime-like substance. Ash grumbled at that, ducking back to avoid a mace-like fist swinging his way. Getting covered in flames, Ash's temper was rising like mad. Leaping over Monster, Ash put his hand onto its skull, drying the liquids from its mud-based body. Then, with a swift kick, Ash shattered its head, not sure of whether or not that would work instead.

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@deathbymanga: Several other creatures turn to look at him.

Dumb eyes stare, not understanding how his clever attack had drained one of their number of moisture and shattered its body.

Letting out incoherent wails two charge him!

One forms into a ball of spikes and rolls toward him. Another makes each arm into a blade and leaps into the air, swinging the muddy blades down at the fiery hero.

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Inside the partially constructed facility that will one day form the epicenter of the Republica Industrial Park and home of the Ultra-Sapiens, Charlemagne watches on close to a hundred different streaming feeds, monitors, and screens, as New York City falls under siege. Fingers lightly spread across his chin the Authenticated Apex lightly commanded his subordinates,"Prepare my suit, and alert Doctor Frank of the current situation. No doubt he is to consumed by his work to have heard of the recent invasion. I need to know at once if any of his research has progressed beyond the initial testing phases and if so, how soon could he have them out in the field."

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Just as one of the mud men were about to use their massive boulder fists to crush a van with a family inside, *Pluck, Pluck!*. Two arrows sunk into the soft chest of the monster, making it grunt with confusion. A few more seconds and they started to beep, finally detonating and releasing a freezing compound inside it, freezing it solid. Vermilion archer lunged through the beast from the tree he was using as a nesting point and shattered the mus man into hundreds of tiny pieces. Looking over to the father inside the van he yelled, "Get your wife and kid as far away from here as possible! GO!". The man nodded in a panic and followed the archers orders. Another larger mud monster cam charging towards Vermilion from down the street, knocking cars out of it's path as if they were toys. "Oh boy.." he muttered while drawing another basic arrow and waiting for the right moment. "Just a bit longer.." He said with some anticipation for the behemoth was only ten feet away. *Pluck!* The arrow landed right into it's left eye socket, making it roar out loud while putting it's hands on it's face. This however did not stop it from charging forward as Vermilion just barely leaped out of the way of the giant's destructive path. Like a bowling ball, it crashed into a few of it's own kind and knocked them over.

"Ok so...Clay men...Or mud..Or playdoh..Whatever men are attacking Manhattan, send in a attack choppers for civil support.." Vermilion spoke into his wrist communicator. Very suddenly, he found himself surrounded by slow moving human sized clay men, groaning like zombies and moving in on the archer. "Really?" He muttered while thinking about the situation, arrows wont really do the trick in "killing" these things, so he would have to improvise. He smashed the window in to an abandoned car and quickly rummaged through the back seat, all while about fifty clay men were closing in around him. "Come on come on! Ahh!" He said with a smirk while grabbing the tire iron. Sprinting over to the fire hydrant just a few feet away from him, he swung the tire iron as hard as he could on the bolt located on the top of the hydrant. Two more swings and the bolt came flying off, water shooting up into the air like a geyser and pouring down around him. Smacking the side of the hydrant seemed to get their attention as the mindlessly got closer and closer. The closer they got, the more broken down and mushy they became from the water pouring down on them. "Yeah! Make it rain!....Ok that may have sounded a little perverted.." He said while rubbing his face from the water. Now wielding his bow like a staff, he easily sliced through the mushy monsters one by one.

Taking deep breathes he looked back at the mess of clay and mud that was once a horde of monsters. "Ok well that's a decent start!" He said with a bit of a grin while he fired his prototype grapple gun and reeled up to the nearest rooftop to eye out his next combat location.

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With interesting knowledge regarding the ensuing events in the congested city of New York, the enigmatic Impero seizes the opportunity to not only aid any probable involvement revolving around Kratesis, the deadly Keijijo Messiah spots the potential opportunity to capture an unprotected mutant with a specific X-Gene. One possessing the desired X-Gene for untainted immortality. With the ambitious intention of employing meticulous experimentation involving the hypothetical X-Gene, the vaunted Impero sees no other method that will allow for his desired learning and eventual mastering of all fighting styles and techniques to have graced existence. Armed with his unique Keijijo Geijutsu kunai array along with his several characteristic weapons and artifacts, Ishin departs for New York, contacting the Court of Arcani, informing them of his impending arrival in the city, hoping to partner himself with a member of the Court.

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The whir and whine of jet engines fills the air, and sand is sent spiraling upward in bright plumes as a stealth VTOL jet lands upon the beach. The canopy pops upon.

Asteria climbs from the cockpit of the aircraft. Taking a small bag of equipment from behind the navigators chair, and helping the navigator climb forward into the pilots compartment.

Drawing a Greek styled titanium sword from the bag of equipment, as well as several hard ceramic javelins. The javelins she attaches to a mag-lock on her back, the sword in her right hand she waves to the pilot who lifts off.

She turns her focus to the battle beginning in the beach. Her tiara would allow her to take mental control of the Terracruor, and mentally contact her stealth jet through the psychic power of the Choir of linked minds the Court maintained.

A glimmer of pride in her eyes, she begin to walk toward the parkway. Perfect mutant form eating the distance in long, nearly airborne strides.

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@Eagle_of_the_East: (perfect form indeed)

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@Eagle_of_the_East: Ash wasn't nearly satisfied after that first match, so he was all for bashing heads with more of them. Running off to the side, Ash avoided the leaping mud man with his own superior speed, enhanced by his flames. Leading the rolling ball behind him, Ash made his way to the corner of a parking plaza. The wedge created by it would split it in two. Of course, when Ash leaped up avoid being crushed himself, he saw that the ball had only been split down to the middle. Dropping onto it before it could reform, Ash began drying the moisture out of it, preventing it from molding its body. Even if it was still alive, it was now stuck in this broken form.

As the second mud man came charging after, Ash leaped at him, performing a double hammer kick. The fire engulfing his feet brought shattered, dry mud all over the ground as his feet came right back onto the ground, splitting the monster in two.

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Focusing her powerful mind through her psycho-reactive crystals embedded in her tiara she accesses the Court's communication network, contacting Impero. "This is Asteria." Her striking tones ringing out like a bell through the radio transmitter.

"Welcome to the invasion."

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OOC: @Eagle_of_the_East: are you leading the invasion or fighting the invasion?

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OOC: Leading ;-)

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OOC: @Eagle_of_the_East: ok

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A pigeon flew towards a blond haired lad of middle school age even as he examined a 3DS with unusual curiosity. "Remarkable...primitive...but remarkable." The boy said before a data stream from the pigeon was uploaded into his head. "Geoform life? Silicon based life forms? Curious." He responded in a tinny voice before one police officer moved up to him. "Hey kid, where's your folks?" He asked as the wanderer turned to the pigeon as it transformed into a spider drone. "What the f-" The officer managed before the drone leapt at his face, turning into a mass of grey goo and rapidly breaking down his body into more nanites, with a bird sized mass leaping off before the nanites reformed into an exact replica of the police officer. "Find out more of this invasion, my interest has been piqued." The boy commanded, prompting the officer drone to slink off as the child started up the nintendo system.

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Not much time. I better hurry.

Correction: Not any time.

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The luminescent thought based HUD display continued to stream a live news feed of the unexpected and unexplained invasion in a small bordered outline in the bottom corner inside the suits helmet. Loosely moldered after the original Cape Killers oversized Mech suits, Charlemagne's experimental prototype was more streamlined but was still sacrificing his natural illusive agility in favor of durability, flight, strength, and arsenal. Having arrived on the scene a series of targeting scales began analytically collecting data on the clay-animated creatures ranging from height, weight, and composition. Informational anomalies hindered any substantial intelligence as the slow moving Earthly creations were seemingly evolving through an unknown process with each attack and not unlike ordinary clay there were several variations. Flashing his armored arms forward firing two streams of temperature accelerated blasts, the Ultra-Sapien began polymerizing the nearest mountain of clay. Backing it from the outside in until finally halting its advancement and rocketing through its midsection exploding it into a million shards of cooked clay.

Several heroes and or concerned vigilantes had already begun to engage the onslaught of mindless animations along with re-enforcements from the Meta-Human Affairs Agency. But as mindless as the groaning invaders initially may have appeared, something, or one, had to be orchestrating their purposeful advancement.

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Manhattan New York

The echo of people's cries flooded the air around her, she had never seen anything like this before, these creatures, just randomly attacking people, destroying anything in their path, it was insane! Her blue eyes darted back and forth as she stood on the ledge of a building, where would she even start? Out of We Are Legend, she was the first to arrive, as soon as she heard about the attack on the new's she came right over, before the team was told by Heather to go in. "This is Feral Nova, I'm at Manhattan, these things are EVERYWHERE and attacking EVERYONE." Her eyes focused on a group of mud men going in to attack an elderly couple. With a push of her legs she leaped off the building, dive bombing right into one of the filthy creatures.

Impact was made but it was like diving into a puddle of mud, no real form, no way to actually grasp them. Her body was being held inside the monster, she was kicking and waving her arms around frantically as she could actually hear it chuckle. Reaching for her bag she pulled out a flash-bang pellet and the monster's stomach suddenly explode, Zoe's body being thrown out of him like a rag doll. Now covered in mud she stood up, looking at the elderly couple she spat some mud out and took in a sharp breath. "Get out of here! I'll hold them off!" the two people went away as quickly as they could as four of the creatures surrounded her. With a smirk she pulled out her trusty bo staff, twirling it in her hands in a taunting motion. "Who are you, and why are you attacking New York?!" She yelled out, only to get grumbling noises from the geo-formed creatures as they began slowly surrounding her. "Or... you know, we can just do this the old fashion way." with that, she began her attack.

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@Eagle_of_the_East: Was thinking of having Jaak go after you. That alright?

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OOC: Come at me!

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@Eagle_of_the_East: A singular form hovered far above the chaos. This was the habitat he had been designed for. Not bustling city life. Erratic, bloody combat. It brought an odd sort of calm to his mind, a strange serenity that emerged from the discord. His sorrow, his confusion, it all settled into the back of his mind. Instinct took over, bringing out a side of him that grappled with the disconcerted portions of his mind. It didn't win out. Not entirely, at least. Instead, it brought about a weird sort of neutrality. A state of mind that allowed the alien to prepare for combat.

With a loud boom that echoed out across the skies of New York, he flew off at blinding speeds. Strategy dictated that the golems below, while high-profile threats, were but footsoldiers. Attacking them would do little. He had to find commanding officers, and dispatch them. When he got to what he perceived to be the origin point of the invasion, he stopped to observe. An odd vehicle of some sort landed on the beach below. Out of it stepped a woman. His mind deducted that since she was not like the muddy beasts, she must be one of the ones responsible for this. That was all the convincing he needed.

There was no boom as he took off this time. In fact, one could scarcely track him with their eyes at the speed he was going. And he was headed directly for the woman strolling towards the bedlam.

(Nice touch using the VTOL, btw. )

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@Jaak: The young genetic experiment impacts with Asteria, sending her flying through the air. Bouncing several times over the sand before rolling to a halt.

Asteria stood. Rolled her neck and met the boys eyes. "Strong. Fast. Tough."

She brushes sand off of her shoulder, and points her blade at Jaak. "Come then."

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@Eagle_of_the_East: "Vul." He spoke in a low whisper before launching himself into motion. Opening up with a burst of speed, he aimed his right fist at her shoulder. Upon contact, assuming it wasn't made to withstand blows of his titanic strength, it would be practically liquefied. Of course, not relying on a single blow for the opening assault, he let off a concussive beam from his eyes. Forsaking the obvious direction, he shot it at her blade, hoping to reflect it off the metal and hit her skull with it.

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@Jaak: Legendary skills, and experience enable the master of mutant physiology to read the young fighters intent before he throws his powerful punch. Crossing her extended arm at a ninety degree angle in front of her body, to meet his incoming fist with her Inert Zythium bracer.

The unique energy reflecting properties of inert zythium alter the fundamental rules of reality. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction, however in the case of inert zythium there was no action, instead that energy was reflected into the reaction. In effect should her parry successfully find his fist the force of his blow would be doubled, and channeled completely back into his body.

However this motion places the blade the perfect location for his concussive eye beams, and they rebound from her sword and impact her skull. The tremendous impact knocks her sideways, head over heels.

She grunts at the sudden thunderclap of pain, feeling her superhumanly durably skull ache with the intensity of the impact. Legions of years of war and a stoic warriors heart stiffen her resolve, and she recovers in mid air, turning the tumbling flight into a elegant flip.

Which she lands, boots sinking into the damp sands.

Casually twirling her sword at her side, stoically refusing to show any signs of pain she observes the effects of the encounter upon her superhuman rival.

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OOOC: can i have an update? i'm not very sure of what my role in this is exactly

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OOC: Sure, right now Jaak and Asteria are fighting, and a lot of clay monsters are running around. Most people are still in their 'intro posting' phase I think.

I guess your roll is whatever you're wanting to do here.

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OOC: alright, so i guess what i'm going to do is just keep brawling with these claymen, as my guy doesn't care about helping innocent bystanders.

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@Eagle_of_the_East: @Jaak
(Mind if I join in?)
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@Surreal SaDiablo:

OOC: A typo hehe.

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@_Legion_: I'm fine with it if Eagle is.

@Eagle_of_the_East: Sorry about the delay. Things took my attention away from the computer, should have something up in a bit.

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@Eagle_of_the_East: The force that slammed back into him sent his body flying back a good couple yards, but he recovered. Grabbing his shoulder, he rolled it, taking note of the reaction. In a sudden movement, he slammed his hand down onto the ground with immense force, sending a shockwave in her direction. Following this, he predicted a trajectory and clapped his hands together in that direction, sending out another.

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New York City was somehow still the same as it was in Aiden's future,just less technologically advanced. People still traversed its long streets like a colony of ants working for some common goal of earning,living, and breathing. It was still the mecca of exported/imported goods,and a hub for criminals to make their marks under the veil of overpopulation. It seemed to Clutch that cities like this would always be the same for as long as people continued to thrive,and he would protect them for as long as he could. As he watched over the city from a skyscraper his WAL communicator began to flash and soon conveyed a message. " New York City is under attack, All operatives engage in rescue missions and destroy the targets."

There was finally some action available for Clutch as he stood up and summoned his Dimension Armor which was somehow in the amulet that hung from his neck. He was ready.

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OOC: I'm game!

@Jaak: The paired shock-waves once more knock her through the air. Pain shoots through her ears, and only her stoic resolve prevents any sign from appearing upon her perfect features.

Now familiar with the experience she transitions smoothly into a flip and landing in a crouch.

Blood drips from her nose, inner tissues traumatized by the power of the shock-waves. She ignores it, rolling her neck and locking eyes with the younger fighter.

Covering the ground between them in a casual leap, she sweeps her right foot out in what seems to be an attack, but is instead the kind of masterful feint only a warrior with thousands of years of experience could perform. A brilliant maneuver, but non the less a trick.

A trick designed to lure his attention and body out of position for a perfect hand-clap on against his ears. Intending to inflict staggering pain, disorientation and loss of balance by disrupting the function of the inner ear.

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@Eagle_of_the_East: Pain erupted from the side of his head when the clap hit home. Unfortunately for his opponent, it didn't stagger him as much as she most likely imagined. Pain tolerance was programmed into him at one of the earliest stages of the experiment. While he was disoriented, he was still cognitive enough to swing out at her side with his forearm. If successful, he could drive her back to begin a renewed assault.

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The caterwauling of abominable mud creatures is followed by the shrieks of frightened citizens and the roar of gunfire. The cacophony of chaos seems to continue in perpetuity, making its way across brick structures, crashing against walls, pouring into doorways and windows, rushing into the corridors of empty alleys, and building momentum until there is nowhere left to go but up.

Appearing over the city is a shrouded monkey man, carried by a cloud. He is awakened from his peaceful slumber and prompted into alertness after hearing the hullabaloo coming from below. Crawling to the edge of his cloud, he peers down What's this? The mud creatures ravage the urban residential area, consuming whatever lay before them. Earth demons. Odious creatures. Springing to his feet he gives himself a stretch and directs the cloud to descend as one of the mud creatures rips a young boy from the arms of his mother. "Aiieeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!! My baby!!!"

The shrouded monkey launches an energy disk at the mud man from his cloud, severing its arm, then swoops in and catches the child. "Bwawrrrrrgggghhhh" Odious, and stupid. The monkey hands the child over to his mother, keeping his face down, then lunges at the mud monster with a heat charged staff pointed directly at its chest. The staff goes through like a hot knife through butter but has no apparent effect, at first. "Grrraaawwwwrrrgh" The monster shifts an arm into the shape of a boulder and swings at the monkey man who simply runs up the creature's front side, releasing his grip on the calescent staff before kicking off of its face into a back flip. Wait for it ... A brief moment of silence as he lands on his feet, then, BOOOOM. The mud man is reduced to a pile of crusty chunks of earth.

The shrouded monkey surveys his vicinity, taking a head count of all the mud men and citizens ... Twenty earth demons, Twelve humans ... then reaches behind the cloth wrapped over his face and plucks five strands of hair This should be enough. He blows them out in front of himself and waits as they morph into monkey men Punish the demons and save the humans. The monkey men nod and proceed to carry out his will as he summons the cloud once more. He will continue onward and investigate.

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@deathbymanga said:


OOC: alright, so i guess what i'm going to do is just keep brawling with these claymen, as

my guy doesn't care about helping innocent bystanders.

OOC: Haha. That's awesome.