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“Look how beautiful the city looks right before it rains!” Catalina said, leaning on the balcony of the Ritz Carlton watching as what appeared to be a storm forming on the Hudson. The just barley legal teen had her body and mind corrupted by Y intercept; and now was instrumental in a heinous plot to destroy the city. Her brunette hair blew in the violent wind as she watched the city continue with its circadian schedule. The Martial Arts Polymath, Quintus Knightfall, and the La Malaguena Salerosa; Ziccarra Liafador were hot on her tail the last twenty four hours even managing to capture her; but atlas the cobra proved to be far more versatile than the mongoose.

Cat knew she had a lot more work to do, Isis and Jaime Liafador were mentioned as sisters in Catalina’s diary; Zeon and Anne, Marcos, Sofia, Z and Kane; all would be gunning for her. Quintus already proved hr could counteract the toxins effects with his own antidote; but he would have to mass produce one, not only that he’d have to mass administer it; even if he did; he or her would never be able to stop her contingency New York was doomed.

“Time to see how good this girl’s twat is” Y said, dropping her wine glass over the balcony watching it plunge to the cement nearly 18 stories below. Turning around Y would complete the final stage of her unholy trinity. “Drugs…check….violence…check….sex…check” she said, entering the room; running her hands on a mammoth of a man whom was bound by a gimp mask. “Now here are the terms of our sexual agreement; you’re going to f#ck me, and if I’m not pleased, I’m going to kill you.” Catalina started out aggressive grabbing the mammoth by the collar before shocking him with her remote.

“Then, I’m going to f#ck you” she pointed to the corner of the room where her strap-on rested. The man’s eye’s bulged at the thought, but Y’s shock collar kept his attention on her and only her. As she removed her floral patterned black and silk robe; Cat’s slender frame laid on the bed with her lathered legs on top of each other. “Now would you please…come give me what I kidnapped you for hehehe” she chuckled as if she were innocent; the huge hulking figure laid down on top of Cat parting her legs on the process; her almost instantaneous moans were silence by the powerful sound of thunder that hushed the city.

Within moments rain fell, and in that hours all hell broke loose. People began to scream, their wildest horrors seemed to come to fruition after indulging in the greasy delicacies that is American Fast food. Those who willingly sold and did drug, were overrun by the emotion of fear. As Cat’s legs were pushed over her head, she let loose a pleasurable laugh as gunshots, and screams filled New York City.

New York’s finest struggled to mobilize as some of their own were tainted with this fear toxin; the prison system failed quick, dozens of prisons across NYC failed to contain their convicts, the second toxin inducing rage; a rage on the people that put them there; the Knightfalls.

Her head hit the headboard numerous times causing her to give a devious and orgasmic laugh; fire engines and ambulance scream down every street; the sound of the violence kept her libido thriving, pushing on him and spinning him in the bed, it was time for what he dreaded. “This will not be pleasurable hehehehe”

A powerful sound split the chaos the sound of someone’s pride being stripped away; as she thrust her plastic appendage with malice; she couldn’t help thinking that she won.

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Fear. The City was saturated with it. It rolled across the vaunted bastion of civilization like a tidal wave composed of pure terror, and those that did not succumb to the initial wave of horror soon found themselves drowning in a sea of their panicked neighbors.

The Demon of Silence stood upon the balcony of his hotel room, the arms of his host body flung wide, as though to catch every terrified thought that swarmed within reach. He had existed since the first sentient nightmares, and had feasted upon many such outbreaks of mass desperation, but not like this, never anything like this. It was absolutely intoxicating, this power, and it had taken him several long moments to reassert his own will and think rationally again. This event was clearly purposeful. He knew not who was responsible, nor the reasons behind this psychological attack on an entire population center, and to be honest, he didn’t care. His only intention was to draw upon this unexpected battery for as long as it endured.

Telepathically, he reached out to his Watchers, linking his consciousness to that of the leaders of his cells, scattered throughout the city. Several of them had succumbed to the fear, and the direct contact with their minds flooded his own with another wave of the deliciously intense energy. With an effort, he composed himself, and addressed his pawns. “You are no doubt aware of what is occurring right now throughout the City. I want you to uncover the source, and ensure that it continues.”

“M-my lord?” One of his minions hesitantly stammered, “How are we supposed to do that?”

The Demon focused his attention fully on the inquirer, causing the human to recoil in abject terror every bit as potent as the drug-induced kind that was ravening outside of their sanctuaries. “You simply look for anyone who appears to be trying to stop it, fool, and kill them!”

With that, he broke contact. His Watchers possessed no special talents or abilities, but their numbers might provide an obstacle to any heroes who attempted to put an end to this glorious feast, and he had no doubt that some foolish heroes would try. Reclining on his bed, the Demon closed his eyes and drank deeply of the fear that now held New York City in its crushing grip.

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"Now that was weird, now I literally know how it felt to be at somebody else's shoes"

Hazard decided to do something new, so he decapitated a man and transplanted his own head at the stump. The man is still alive, yet his head is wired up in a special socket located on Hazard's chest. His own body is in an undisclosed location with a stranger's head living on his chest, he now 'rides' a body that belongs to another man. Actually surprised that the whole process had actually worked, since it is the first time that he did something like this. The curious cyborg got the idea after a scuffle at New York with a putty monster that seems to be able to absorb bio-matter. He cannot do that, however this is his way of emulating that trick.

Now he has to remember that this new body is not as good as he cyborg one, which is made from several amalgamates of bionics and biotics. This is just a 'peak human' with several tattoos, a dreg picked up from a bar with no name. Head kept for observation and brain matter isolated elsewhere, covering up his half metal appearance he wore a mask of Obama over his face and changed his voice to perfectly mimic the speech patterns. Testing it out with a rousing speech taken from Shakespeare at the panicking head in between cyborg pecs.

"So this I.D. says your name is Juan, and to be honest I wished I could pick someone else with a darker skin tone to match the mask" the man started to scream, in which Hazard placed his finger on the man's mouth. Rubbing along his lips while giving a soft hush "Now calm down child, all I am about to do is to simply use your body and then discard it later" Hazard then opens the pants and grabbed the man's pecker while laughing. "I would say extra medium, but that is just me being generous"

Hazard takes up a knife and a gun, along with a grey hoodie as he walked into town. The head began to bob as the metal layers around it slowly crawl up his skin. Covering the mouth, before moving up the nose and then shutting out the eyes as cables sink into the back of the man's skull. Inserting themselves into the brain as the body swallows up the head. Lights fade to black as the door closes behind the masked thug, he's only brought three extra clips and a few pocket sized surprises. On the trail to find a certain someone of great skill that would not be fun if faced with his prime body, thus he 'borrows' one from a stranger to even up the odds.

In the city everything is chaotic as gunsmoke and flame cover his senses, it seemed like a bad acid trip and to acclimate himself with the current situation he went to the closest laundromat which is just on the street across. In there he found a mother clutching her baby, "Don't worry ma'am, everything will be alright. I came over from the PD and I can tell you that we have shelter."He tries to soothe her worries first "Now I need you to hand that baby to me so that I can get her to safety." which the woman did, and with that he pulls the oldest trick in the book.

He pistol whipped the mother with the handle of his gun as he throws the baby inside the washing machine. He's had tons of anger coursing through his veins before, but cruelty is a luxury. The young mother whelps as her nose and cheekbone are broken in, Hazard can smell tears and frustration as the machine began to go into its first cycle. He pulls her by the collar and slams her to the opposite machine, while hitting her again to make her silent.

A kick in the gut and pulling her hair so that she can see her baby die, from rotating motion and drowning simultaneously. Another person ran at him, with the thought that he could play hero and stop a death from happening. A shot is fired, man hits floor. Brain exits from the side of the ear. His girlfriend began to scream.

Two shots fired, one to cap her knee and the other to break her shoulder. The streets are crazy, so he'd figure that he needed to get crazy as well. Getting involved so that he can follow the flow of madness. Insanity that will lead him to where he wants to be. The heart of carnage, which is located somewhere in this city.

Like a bloodhound picking up a scent he kicked open the window as he jumps into the streets; panning left and right with peripheral vision as his gun makes the path to adventure.


read dialogue with this for more fun

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Hudson who is trying to stay alive on the busy streets, pulls out his pistol and unloads a few bullets into recently crazed civilians. He wasn't prepared for this. The contractor must have left the tiny detail out by accident right? Rare slip of moment. That didn't matter right now though, what mattered was getting to some place safe. Hudson was soon running low on bullets before he would have to reload, so he holsters his pistols and grabs the nearest maniac by the collar and with full force throws him threw the window of a small seemingly empty pub. Quickly Hudson leaps through the shattered window and finishes off the manic with a strong spin kick to the head.

"Getting too old for this shit." he mumbles to himself and then makes his way to the only closed off area of the building where he had hoped none of the rest of the crazed hostiles would find him. In this case his only options were the manger's abandoned office, which was heavily boarded up, and the bathroom which was filthy but guarded behind an unlocked door. In the bathroom it was dark and quiet except for the sounds rabid chants from the outside world. Eventually the sad and scared sounds of a man weeping in terror barely song it's way out of cleaning tools closet and was quickly followed up with the man leaping out and pointing a gun to Hudson head. He stood semi boldly and yelled "I'll kill you, ya crazy son of a bitch!" then this happened:

Hudson then knocked the guy out with and elbow to his crown and called in the receptionist at Winter Int. "The mission has taken unexpected turn and I need weapons delivered to my point." The receptionist suggested to just have more assassins sent in to clear out a path or just have Hudson evacuate, but his arrogance disagreed and got the better of him this time as he refused to have anything else other the weapons at the moment.

A few minutes go by and then a steal container falls from the sky above to Hudson's set point via a helicopter which continues to fly away. Hudson then opened the container and got out the sword, machine guns, smoke bombs, grenades, armor and mask inside. The hole in the roof the container made when it fell was just big enough for Hudson to escape out of when savages began to break down the door. Hudson left the man he knocked out in the bathroom with an empty pistol and one bullet as a crew joke.

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'And them the breaks for we designer fakes' the melody of 20 Years played from her phone, rousing the rambunctious Liafador from a restful sleep. Propping herself up on her elbow, she reached across the bed, Egyptian cotton sheets slipping around her. Leaning over the chest of her companion, Isis nabbed her iPhone from his bedside table. The caller ID read 'Daddy' and Mark, the man in bed beside her attempted to restrain his chuckle as she lounged across his chest and answered the call.


"Isis, sweetie, have you checked the news?" His voice was rough with concern. Kane Liafador new that his daughter was fully capable of protecting herself, but the extent of her in-progress training under the hands of his reviled sister Ziccarra had been wisely kept from him.

Nudging Mark in the ribs and indicating the television mounted on the wall across the foot of the oversize bed in the hotel suite, he clicked on News Channel 5. In front of what appeared to be a burning McDonalds was up and coming reporter Amanda Hugginkiss, a dedicated reporter who somehow managed to find herself in the midst of the worst this world had to offer. "This is Amanda Hugginkiss, reporting for Channel 5, Behind me is a scene of chaos and anarchy echoing similar scenes throughout the city. How widespread this is, we are unsure of at the moment. There are reports of looting, arson and other savage acts of vandalism and assault. There appears to be no rhyme or reason, no discernible pattern to speak of."

As she spoke, Isis conversed with her father, multi-tasking between the two as she switched to speaker phone and got out of bed. "How bad's the damage? Has anybody we know been hurt?"

"There are agents out collecting information as we speak, we've lost contact with two already, nothing but static. Nobody's able to tell anything yet. I want you to stay safe in the penthouse. Arm up, lock down and protect yourself."

"----Breaking news report. We have new information coming in from multiple sources across the city. Mass reports of unwarranted hostility. Mobs forming in raging vengeance, as well as fear. All civilians have been instructed to stay within the confines of their own homes." A mob began converging behind her and the cameraman whispered something indiscernible "This is Amanda Hugginkiss, reporting for Channel 5. I will do my best to keep you apprised of the situation throughout what appears to be an unprecedented incident." The camera went to black and she signed off.

Her mind immediately went to her oversize family. Ziccarra could handle herself, but it was her sister Cat that she was worried about. Due to the circumstances of their births, the two were closer in age than many siblings and had formed a tight bond for the most part. "Where's Cat, I need to know where she is right now." Silence on the other end. "Where's Catalina???" Her voice remained calm and strained.

"I don't know where she is, nobody's heard from her." His voice was full of shame as he spoke.

Isis' eyes met Mark's, one of the up and coming lieutenants in the Liafador organization and Isis's best friend. They shared a look and both knew what had to be done. He pulled her case of weapons and uniform out from beneath the bed as she quickly cleaned herself using cleansing wipes, having no time for a shower. "I'm not going to sit here and lie to you in dire circumstances, but we both know very well that I'm going out there. I'm a Liafador, we don't take anything lying down and staying safe, you taught me that, Dad. I love you and I promise to stay as safe as possible."

Hanging up the phone before he could argue, she pulled off the panties she'd slipped on the night before, replaced them with a simple black lace thong and suited up.

"Hon, you're not actually gonna go out into that...?" Mark had already geared up in one of the standard Cardinal uniforms, the red sect for Ziccarra's.

Isis chuckled as she secured the high-tech alloy armor on her slender body. "You've known me since I was like twelve, Mark, don't be a dumbass. Of course you know I'm going out there. When in my life have I sat back in a fight, especially when family's involved?" Strapping her energized katana's to the sheaths on her back, allowing for an easy access draw, Isis pulled up her beloved combat boots and drew the laces tight, preparing for a war that was perhaps no longer so metaphorical.

Tossing Mark a communicator she grinned, getting way too much pleasure out of the ensuing fight that they could feel in the very air. "I'll keep in touch."

Having utilized impressive parkour skills, the Liafador Ravager hunched down on the ledge of a building, one story off the ground. Sliding her phone out from the small armored pouch on her waist, she withdrew it and dialed the specialized number for Cat. Following protocol, she left an encoded message to meet at one of their hole in the wall favorite restaurants.

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"Throwing a party, would be nice, but.."


"I just have too many friends, I'd have to invite all of them. I hate leaving people out"

"Yeah, that sucks..."

The calendar's had hovered on New York Fashion Week and the first day of the exclusive had ended with the Marc Jacobs show. Shinji Tsukazaki was a reluctant front row guest to the shows and a paid attendee to the anticlimactic Marc Jacobs after party in the Meatpacking District.

Shinji indicated he was annoyed with neighboring booth's ' woe is me' conversation by shooting a moronic glare at his long-time friend and pseudo girlfriend Tessa MacIntosh. "It's been an hour of my paid time. Let's go. You've never seen my place." The Tsukazaki heir smirked at his angel haired date.

Sitting poised across the booth table, Tessa stared blankly at Shinji with nude cat nails postured over her lips. A smile spread across her face. "I haven't been over there for a reason Shinji" her Swedish parlance was mixed with a sultry London undertone, "It's apart of your tricks." Dubbed the Scandinavian Princess by Vogue Italia's editor-in-chief Franca Sozzani, Tessa was offered numerous avenues of career opportunities in the entertainment industry: Modeling, Acting, Singing--the industry cleared her a cozy space, but she turned that it all down, shy of the limelight.

"Because you still love me." he shot back flashing his strong teeth. Perfect for an acting or music career. Tessa never understood why a pampered man like him chose a life of combat, death and intrigue. The thrill explanation never cut it with it her. She smiled back, silent and broke their gaze, filtering over the after parties VIP ambiance.

The fashion models Jourdan Dunn and Cara Delavigne were vamping and juggling drinks at the bar with Rihanna dancing to the Gil Scot Heron Jamie xx dance rework, "NY Is Killing Me". All the photographers crowded the trio like vultures trying to capture $1,000 shots of the most active attendees of the anti-climatic party. Their performance was all for the cameras, the Marc Jacobs PR girl had promised them a swift exit with a sustained pay-for appearance if they shot the footage. To the the girls it was a hallelujah, to the rest of the lifeless attendees it was merely odd.

Shinji commanded Tessa attention with his voice, but she still lingered silent on his last comment. She gazed over the illuminated Beta fish aquarium displayed behind Shinji's booth seat, avoiding his Carribean blue eyes.

Tessa tuned her ears back in and heard the cuff end of his conversation: "...running with me tomorrow morning?" She blinked twice and brought her Lime Rye cocktail to her lips. "I'll meet you at Central Park, 6 o'clock." she replied finishing the small sip of her drink. "How's your Asia Society cell going?"

"It's easy, the kids are cool." he answered.

She smiled at his evasive response, running her blood red cat nails through her angel blonde hair, "I hate when you do that." She knew she couldn't speak code with him if he played dumb, explaining it could expose his sleeper cell position to a potential enemies.

From the main floor below a loud scream sliced through the thumping venue. The scream repeated and weaved through the bass until finally the music completely shut off and the screams turned out to be screams of mass terror.

Tessa and Shinji exchanged looks with one another and rushed to the VIP floor overlook displaying a birds-eye-view of the ground floor. The clubbers were wild clawing for the door exits and fighting amongst each other. "That guy's having a meltdown.." Tessa pointed out, directing Shinji eyes to an Armani suit man clinging to his own arms, shaking and pacing like a madman and sporadically screaming at the top of his lungs.

Naturally Shinji erected a protective cosmic bubble around both him and Tessa. "An air agent " he hypothesized, factoring in the sudden change of behavior over the mass crowd of people. "Someone here is under attack." He said, thinking it could possibly be him in the back of his mind.

Shinji clasped Tessa's hand and rushed for the second level exit. The door was crowded with VIP members filtering out building, pushing and shoving one another. Bodyguards cutting paths for their guarded celebrities. He made an alternative.

Unleashing a cosmic pulse through his free palm, Shinji cleared a hole in the brick wall. Shielded from the remaining rubble from their explosive exit, Shinji landed securely in the alley and uttered under his breath, "What...?" he questioned. From every direction he heard the sounds of chaos and madness: fire sirens, police sirens, shrill screams, explosions, gun fire.

"They're not attacking you, Shinji" she emphasized the telepathic link they shared ."They're attacking the entire city..." Tessa concluded, examining her Balenciaga heels. Shoes unfit for what lie ahead.

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With his head bowed and eyes closed, the Hunter sat crouched on the ledge of a large office building. As the rain beat down along the rooftops and streets of New York, it could not entirely drown out the sound of the madness which went on below. With his keen sense of hearing, William could hear thousands of voices - the shrieks of horror, the cries of madness, and the shouts of law enforcement trying to contain the situation. He could hear the breaking of glass, the screeching of brakes coming to a halt, and the clashes of metal as looting had ensued. With that, the Hunter opened his eyes and dove down into the chaos below.

Splashing into a puddle of water, William raced ahead and put his finger on his earpiece. "Damian, what's going on?!" he demanded.

"From what I can tell, it's a hallucinogen which becomes triggered by water." Damian replied over the com link. "However, it's only effective when it enters the lungs."

"Any progress on finding an antidote?!"

"Not yet..." Damian regretfully replied. "I need to do some further analysis before I-"

William cut him off and asked, "Would it be helpful if you had a LIVE test subject?"

"Why, yes... Of course it w-"

"I'll get you one." Greystoke replied.

With that, he killed the connection and began to hunt down a suitable subject for study. Racing through the streets, the Hunter followed the sound of the nearest commotion. Up ahead was a building which was undergoing construction. Its exposed sides would make it the easiest to infiltrate. Sure enough, the sounds of chaos echoed from within.

Racing up to a nearby scaffold, the Hunter leaped up off the ground and clung onto it. As he quickly scaled the structure, the screaming became louder and louder. When he had reached the top of the scaffold, he leaped backwards onto a hanging scaffold and grabbed on tightly. Pulling himself up, Greystoke raced to the edge and leaped off towards a nearby hanging support beam.

With the balance of a cat, William's feet hit the steel beam as he seized the support cable with his bare hands. Using the momentum of the leap to his advantage, he caused the beam to swing around the corner of the building. Sure enough, the other side of the building was completely bar - covered only by a large canvas tarp to keep the rain out of the structure. Leaping off the steel beam, the Hunter released one of his hidden blades and sliced through the canvas - diving through and rolling forward to his feet.

Listening carefully to the echoing screams, it took a moment for him to pinpoint the precise location of the screams. However, once he did, the Hunter immediately took off in their general direction - located three stories above him on the west end of the structure. It would be only a matter of time before the deranged lunatics tore each other to pieces, and then Damian would never get his sample.

When he finally reached the third floor, he found splotches of blood and human tissue scattered along the floor and walls. The stench of death was apparent. Turning the corner, William quickly went for cover as he surveyed the scene. Hunched over a corpse, two infected construction workers fed.

However, the screams came from another direction entirely. Utilizing his stealth capabilities, Greystoke calmly crept by the occupied workers. Silently leaping up onto a large pile of drywall, William walked to the other side where he was able to finally see the source of the screams.

High up on a scaffold, a woman clang for dear life. Below her, two crazed maniacs jumped at her - gnashing their teeth and trying to scratch her with their outstretched nails. Apparently, the woman did not appear to be infected. Quickly, Greystoke jumped from his entrenched position and raced up to the two infected beings.

With a precisely-aimed strike, the Hunter delivered a quick side kick to the side of the first infected being's knee - shattering it and disabling the man from attacking further. Spinning around, he drove his knee up into the other man's face - connecting with the jaw and knocking the man unconscious. Because they were under the effects of a harmful toxin, those men had no idea what they were doing. Therefore, the Hunter chose to spare them. However, if conditions would continue to escalate, then perhaps taking lives would be the only means of survival...

Looking up at the woman, Greystoke was about to tell her to find authorities; but he stopped short. The woman continued to scream loudly, as she too was infected. Instead of screaming due to the two men trying to attack her, she had been screaming the entire time due to hallucinations.

Leaping up onto the scaffold, William quickly grabbed the woman and put her into an arm triangle choke - cutting off her air supply and causing her to involuntarily lose consciousness. After securing the woman's hands, feet, and putting a gag over her mouth, the Hunter touched his earpiece and said, "Damian, I've got your test subject..."

Just then, the sounds of police sirens could be heard approaching. Looking out of a nearby window, William watched as several police vehicles surrounded the building. Sure enough, law enforcement had arrived on the scene and were ready to begin containment. In an instant, two teams of officers wearing gas masks burst into the bottom of the complex and began to sweep it for signs of the infected... or any vigilantes who might happen to be near...

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Holding her stomach the Cardinal Queen grunted as the attack from the assassin* Left her somewhat weak she slowly moved back towards where they were holding Catalina only to find that she was gone; not only her but Quintus too. “Would you like me to give pursuit Domina?” Her Cardinal asked staying close. “No Quintus left to do what he does naturally…save people” Z said, grunting in pain.

From the deepest pockets of her tunic, she could feel her phone ringing. “Kane” Z said, answering the phone to fully surprised but, curious nonetheless. “I suppose you see the turmoil happening in New York” his voice was hoarse, yet he didn’t scare Z. “I-I found him…” Z said, hard pressed for an emotion. Anger, guilt frustration began to build between her breasts. “Keep the bullet we’ll put it through forensics and see if we can get a match”.

Blood slowly began to creep through the small crevice in her spleen; still writhing in pain, she pressed her back against a pillar to keep herself upright. “H-How do I know I can trust you…” she responded roughly with a grunt.

“They were my parents too, but back to what I called you for Catalina;” before he could finish Z butted in. “I am aware of the situation and already moving in on it” that was a quick lie; one she knew he would easily spot.

“I’m sure, Ziccarra if Catalina dies, we will have words” his voice was hoarse again, even though his cackled voice she could still make out his concern. “Yeah, well you know I look forward to our conversations” she said, sardonically.

“Sabella…Take care of yourself” He said, before hanging up; the slightest amount of affection; her brother had shown in years. “Always…” she whispered hanging up the phone in the process. “Domina” Isabella screamed running to her master with a first aid kit. “The city everyone is going crazy” she said, packing a gauze into Z’s wound. “Yes I know, but we can’t really worry about all that right now” she said, thinking about Quintus. “I need to find Quintus, we need him to try and find what Cat’s contingency is” she said, lifting her hands up as Catalina begin wrapping the dressing around her abdomen.

Isabella glanced into Z’s eyes and then removed a small GPS device from her pocket. Feeling slightly violated Z’s jaw dropped before letting the thought pass over her. “Quintus, darling I fear the toxin is just the calm before the storm; we need to locate Catalina’s contingency before it is too late” she said, messaging him through his gps via a makeshift Morse code, by pressing the buttons.

“Before you go Domina, I had this made for you…” Isabella handed Z a tough box; opening the box Z found a pair of red boots. “Every step you take will be a step forward for the glory of the Cardinals” Isabella narrated as Z smiled at her new wardrobe.

“The red breast plate is a symbol of the Red Cardinals, the Cardinal bird is your home and you will find solace if you ever need it.” Isabella continued watching as Z’s finger tips ran across the plate. The Silver Bandles and Silver tiara represent the Cardinals during your reign and will only glow as bright as the person wearing them.

The dim warehouse light hit Z’s bracelets sending a powerful glare onto the ceiling. “Thank you Isabella” Z said, in gratitude kissing her best friend on the cheek before removing her tattered green tunic. The Cardinal that traveled with her felt this was an honor that La Malaguena decided to expose herself in front of them, Isabella had seen Z naked numerous times; this was the one time she was proud of watching her morals shift.

“Alright….we got work to do” Z said, looking radiant in her New Uniform. “Before she escaped, Catalina mentioned a contingency plan” Z said, recapping the events. “That means she expects us to stop this plan” Isabella said, handing Z her weapon.

“No the contingency was the plan all along” Z said, “Isabella find, someone whose good with hacking, I need to know every public place Catalina and her Cardinals were spotted at and how long” Z said, free running in the opposite direction.

“Domina can you hear me” Isabella’s voice rang loudly in Z’s head, Ziccarra nearly stumbled at the startling discovery but she felt it was kind of neat. “This is an ecosphere, it’s a small device embedded in the innards of your bracelet, I don’t have time to go over all of its features but you’ll find it to be useful.”

“You spoil me Isabella” Z said, doing a front summersault over a steel beam. “By your will domina” Isabella said, before channeling out.

Z wasn’t a fan of showing so much skin, but she loved the freshness of the wind blowing against her body, rather the musky feel of the tunic.

Z landed on the street in the middle of a police blockade next to the captain. “Captain; your men need to round up those who aren’t affected and protect them from the ones who aren’t” Z said, remembering her rival Black Solace’s words. Tranquil and Ashley managed to isolate the drug distribution to one side of the city; but that didn’t stop those who had consumed the fast food.

“Why should I listen to you?” he snapped back undoubtedly irritable from the whole situation. Z removed her X-Intercept and snapped it forward pulling a woman and her child from the ruckus with relative ease. “Ok lady you got it” he said, now a believer.

A faint shriek caught Z’s attention; her eyes dart towards what looks like a half man half robot exiting a laundry mat. “I do believe the song says the freaks come out at NIGHT” throwing her whip back, Z pushed her whip forward attempting to snag the hand of the robotic man and pull him back towards her fist”

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As he got out he saw a woman talking to a police officer, valiantly thinking that he was about to score a two-in-one. However as he was about to squeeze a slithering form compressed his wrist and knocked out the object from his hand. He can see it as the events unfold yet this body cannot seem to follow what has been registered inside the head. The lag is problematic and also the fact that he had lost a variety of options.

Poison seeping in the pores as a whip lashed against his hand, prompting him to drop the gun. His mask sliding to the side as he is retracted to a 'blind' location. He can see it coming, yet this body seems to lag with his commands, and yet this will be fun. He may have temporarily discarded his gun, but under the pocket lies a dagger, a Puma SGB Pounce.

The Obama latex cover smirked as a gleam flits out of his right pocket, where a free hand had just revealed a previously concealed item. His weapon is vastly inferior to hers, in terms of range and materials yet the whip is guiding his edge towards a soft target. Namely her liver, he aims while gripping the whip with his wrapped hands simultaneously in hopes of making a surprise comeback.

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His legs strenuously snaked around and under the various pipes and poles in the top ceiling of the premier Ritz Carlton hotel and resort, swaying upside down while digitally responding to the La Malaguena Salerosa's message with a simple location beacon. The luxury establishment one of a small number of places seemingly unaffected by the unmitigated carnage plaguing the city, instantly drawing the Knightfall Crusader's attention. After relaying his position to Ziccarra's Gps his attention was once again focused on the silent infiltration of the Catalina Copperhead's makeshift base of operations. Each floor consisting of her diabolic deaths head Shadow Guards, living manifestations of the dark obscurity implied within their names. Elite in their combat skills, their true power however resided in supernatural, able to implement, create, and traverse, through self generated shadows characteristically utilized by the ancient ninja clans of folklore.

Elsewhere in the depths of the Kinghtfall cave Mortimer, the families distinguished gentlemen butler, had been tasked with delivering as much of the synthetically made antidote as possible. Nowhere near enough to cure the entire city, what he did have however was a viable procedure for mass production. All he needed to do was deliver the formula to Doctor Leslie Tompkins of the Neurological Institute of New York Columbia University Medical Center. A dangerous mission considering the basic fabric of structured civilization was being torn apart. Unleashing the poison simply initiated a chain reaction of social disorder that had always been on the verge of irrupting it had simply required a catalyst. Cleverly the rogue Liafador had purposely augmented a strain of the toxic virus which built upon the prison populations festering hate for the Knightfalls who were responsible for their capture. Many of which had forcefully executed their escape making a direct line for the unsuspecting Mortimer and the Knightfall Museum.

Determined to put an end to Catalina's madness before it escalated beyond repair, Quintus telepathically searched the building for any trace of the villainous viper's location only to run into a dead end at every turn. Until finally the faint flash of a dying man's agonizing last moments reverberated like defying sound-waves. Visions of sexually horrific mutilation gave the Perennial Polymath a glimpse into the disturbingly depraved mind of Catalina. Disappearing from his upside down perch using the shadows to mask his movements similarly sharing the authenticated ninjustu techniques of his foe, it wasnt until moments later that the acrobatic hero swung with crashing theatrics through the bayside window overlooking the Hudson. Hitting the ground already tucked in somersault he rose to his feet while cautiously inspecting the room. Covering the gruesome scene on the bed, the fresh white linen quickly became saturated with blood as involuntary muscle spasms continued to animate the corpse. Once again using the GPS to contact Z, Quintus confirmed his earlier suspicion "Catalina was here. I dont see any sign of her now but I'll finish up and meet you afterwards. Watch yourself out there."

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So much turmoil. The streets had lost all remnants of safety in the torrential downpour. For ten days, the Tranquil Bravehart worked without rest, shaking down neighborhood after neighborhood in an attempt to stop what had occurred on this rainy winter night in the Big Apple. Crazed citizens flooded the tarmac, gun toting, cape killer-esque forces were dispatched into every borough to contain the madness. Yet it was not enough. Fear captured the millions and the masses might was immeasurable. Not only were regular humans effected by this terror induced plague, but supers felt the effects as well. C rank villains were running amok, some haunted by hallucinations, other eager to make a small fortune amidst the chaos, making Milo Archer's job that much more difficult. The weight on his shoulders was heavier than ever, and he welcomed the load.

"Zip, zap, BANG!" A flamboyant blue and yellow tights wearing male figure fired off round after round of electric based energy into the hordes of fear consumed dezidens of the Lower Eastside. A Macdonalds was currently being emptied of its food as the figure cleared the way to a TD Bank just across the street. He blasted his way through the glass doors, shards flying everywhere as the masked man charged inside. "Well this is all too easy," he said, strutting up to an atm machine and holding his gauntlet's up in its direction. Energy flowed around the blue and yellow mechanical gloves and money started to spew from the cash dispenser with no end in sight. A maniacal laugh escaped the throat if the wily super criminal. Once the final bill had fell to the pile the man pulled a sac from his pocket and began stashing the green backs away for safekeeping. With a rather jovial stride he made his escape, only to have the bottom of a boot connect with his chest. The man's body flew five feet back, into a large machine used to collect and count coins. Pennies, nickels, and dimes expelled in every direction with a cacophony of clinging as Milo stood in between the robber and his exit.

"Now, I know your thinking, "Damn, how does he find the Amp, every time?" Milo said with a cavalier attitude as the crook rose to his feet, eyes darting around the room "The Amp cares not for your tracking methods! Now remove yourself from my path before I light you up!" Energy ran an arcing path up the Amp's arm a split second before shots of lightning were trained in Milo's direction. His Air Yoso enhanced speed coupled with precognitive senses kept him ahead of the bolts as Milo carved an acrobatic path around the main floor of the bank, closing in on the Amp with a spinning roundhouse that rocked the Amp's now loose jaw. The colorfully dressed bad guy spit blood as he lay against the ground now, his sack of money far from his original position. "You may have won the battle Tranquil but the war rages on. Where will you take me? In the wake of all the chaos your justice system is failing. They can't even keep people in the jails anymore. You and all that you fight for has failed your facilities--"

Usually Milo would let the Amp finish his ramblings before incapacitating him and making his next move. But his danger sense cut into the discourse and Milo turned instantly to face a raging group of construction workers. A flying hammer was narrowly avoided but the Amp took this moment of distraction to try and reclaim victory. A surge of electrical energy struck Milo in the back, flooring him as the group advanced. His vision became clouded, and he could feel himself falling from consciousness as a shrill scream pierced his dulled auditory sense. The scream brought him back to life in a sense, a rising flail of kicks clearing out the group that surrounded him. Milo transferred from the shoulder spin to a kip up, using his hands as a spring board to do so.

The Amp had escaped, without the money, but that was the least of his worries as another insane horde pounded on a News Van, mustering up the strength to wrench the doors open. The high pitched screams resonated in Milo's mind again, causing him to take off with uncanny velocity. A powerful gust of wind flew opposite his direction as he dashed out of the small bank and into a fight with six burlesque maniacs. Foam drooled from their lips as they savagely swung at the Air Yoso Adept, who decisively evaded the wild swipes and countered with effective punches. After a short minute the opponents were rendered unconscious and Milo climbed over the sacks of flesh to the inhabitants of the van. A ravishing blonde damsel sat beside the bloodied corpse of what seemed to be a camera ran. Black streaks ran down her face as she cleared the frizzled golden locks from it. Even though she'd been crying, her elegant features had suffered minimal disruption. "Amanda Hugginkiss? Surprised channel five remained on air as long as it did. The chemical's all in the food and everything. You must bring your own lunch to work." With a warm grin Milo reached out to the woman, and she naturally jumped back at first, fearing the black clad masked vigilante before it finally registered that he was her savior. "C'mon, we have to get you to safety. Or you can stay. Your choice."

His hand was extended, yet the woman, addled by fear, wasted no time and leapt into his arms, clasping her hand around his neck. His forearms naturally fell into place at her spine and beneath her knees. Her disheveled business casual dress had became all too revealing in the scuffle prior to Milo's arrival, and the hero couldn't help but take a gander at the now exposed cleavage held together by a black bra and the navy blue button up shirt she wore. Milo cradled the woman for a moment then stepped around the corner, telepathically opening his Lennox Outfitters customized Mclaren P1 passenger side door and placing the woman inside before stepping into the 'cockpit' as he liked to call it. He turned to face her as the engine started and she seemed confused. "Something wrong?" Milo asked as the vehicle shot down the road with a thunderous roar. "I just imagined my first rescue being more, cheesy. Can't you fly?" Milo shook his head and laughed at the neophyte news reporter's fantasy. "I can actually, but you looked like you've had enough adventure for one day."

The car pulled into a seemingly vacant parking lot, then went down winding road that led deep into the underground. After to pulling to a stop in a submerged parking lot the couple exited the vehicle and stepped through a series of security doors before entering the Bravehart's New York Shelter, a place Milo had discovered during an resources search in the previous days. A supercomputer stood before his former companion, Ashley, whom he had not seen since their falling out a week prior to the catastrophe. Milo gestured for Amanda to take a seat, placing her coat around her shoulder before stepping to the Bravehart General. "I've been looking for you all week. Tell me you have some kind of plan. I've been fighting for hours and there is no end in sight." Milo pulled back his mask to reveal his handsome auburn visage, though the bags that had developed under his eyes were taking away from his youthful look. "Can we get transport out of the city, or has it been quarantined yet? And where is Samantha? You would think the Braveharts would be out in full force now."

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"Finally!" Creed shouted while licking his lips and brandishing his fork like a murder weapon, glaring down at the plate of waffles, lathered in whipped cream and syrup. "Your days are done, tasty starch!" He screamed while stabbing it with his fork and knife going to town on the dish, nobody else was in the waffle house, and Creed didn't really care, all that mattered was the waffles now. He was to busy to notice that right outside the window, people sprinted across it while screaming for help, followed with mobs of crazies chasing down helpless civilians. Suddenly though, his Iphone when off in his pocket with the tune he invented for his merc business, sighing with annoyance and wiping his hands off. "Don't think this is over you sugary son of a bitch.." He pointed at the waffles with a death glare before picking up his Iphone and answering it. "Yellllow! This is Creed, the mad merc for hire! Who can I stab for you today mam?...Uh huh...Crazies.. Cannibalism?...A dragon in your kitchen? Look lady! I think your just tripping balls! Hang on a sec I got another call.." Creed looked at the screen and his eyes went wide, seeing sixty two incoming calls. "Great ghost of something or someplace!" The mad man was surprised when a brick crashed through the window, toxins floating through the air and up his nostrils from the rain outside. But Creed would never discover the effects of the madness inducing toxin for a handful of reasons. The first being, Creed was already insane. Second being, his brain cells were in a constant regenerative flux, making the fear effect impossible to scratch the surface of his mind. "Whoa! Somebody has been cookin' something extra nasty!" Creed said while shaking his head, scarfing down a few more waffles and slipped his mask on his disfigured head. "Alright big apple, CREED IS ON THE JOB!" He shouted in a heroic pose, only to be followed with a semi truck crashing through the diner and running Creed into a wall. The driver got out with his 12-gauge and started to laugh. "I DID IT! I got that damn LIZARD! HAHA!" He cheered and cheered, until Creed's arm that wasn't trapped by the front of the truck grabbed a kitchen knife and tossed it right in the driver's throat, killing him near instantly.

"Well there is another nickel for the "getting hit by a large vehicle in an instant" jar!" He said muffled while trying to squirm out from the wreckage he was pinned in. So...What the hell is going on?My guess is that this has something to do with the goose chase we were involved in not to many weeks ago..Holy hell that actually makes sense! "Holy hell your right! I gotta call Milo!" He shouted while finally getting out from the wreck, letting his broken arm and neck snap into place while hopping out of the diner window, quickly delivering a throat punch to a crazed old woman charging him. He pulled out his phone and called Milo, tapping his foot.


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Chaos, utter and horrible chaos flooded the city. For the residents of New York it seemed as though Doomsday had come. But atop the rooftops a man in a very odd suit looked down upon the the chaos with a sense of familiarity. He knew that doom had not yet come, that this was but a piece of the puzzle that formed the future, his doomed home. A family, hiding in the corner of an alley, a father desperately trying to protect them as a small force of the mad mob came barreling down. The hero launched into the air, his jet pack sending out a plume of energy as he landed softly in front of the family. "Worry not citizens." He spoke, as the mob jumped at him as one. A single blast of pure energy, a spread shot of perfect accuracy from his blaster ray guns. The violent crowd fell in one hit. "Hope has arrived." The hero finished, a perfect smiling gleaming from behind his transparent visor. "Captain Starheart is here." He aimed his guns at more oncoming victims heading into the alley. He could sense the fear of the family he protected. "Worry not," His voice echoed with confidence as he blasted shot after shot, knocking out all in his way while calmly stepping over their bodies. "Nobody is getting hurt here, event them. My blasters are set to stun." He quickly lead the family indoors, blasting a few bits of the mad mob that headed in his direction. "Luckily they seem to be forming towards certain focal points. You all should be safe here, but block the door just in case." The didn't look back as the daughter of the family spoke. "But what about you?" The perfect set up for his line. "Simple kid, I'm going to save the world." And with that the hero set off into the dark, ready to face the deadly mob head on.

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John F. Kennedy International Airport, New York City

"Cardinals were spotted in New York she said, go there and look for them she said!" Zoe yelled to herself as she smacked a security guard in the face with her luggage bag. It was a mad house in the airport, as soon as she stepped off her flight she was immediately attacked by one of the airport janitors! She had been trying to protect the people who were on the same flight as her, but the fight was overwhelming. She had to lock them in one of the restrooms of the airport terminal, telling them she was going to go look for help. Instead, she kept finding more people needing help than actual help. The teenage hero knew the only way she was going to be of any use was to get her costume, and now that she had it, maybe they would actually stand a chance.

Rushing to a janitor closet she slammed the door shut as two security guards came running behind her, locking it as roars of anger were heard on the other side. The two guards began pounding their fists on the door as Zoe pulled out her newest costume from her bag.

'You completely had your old costume destroyed when you went to Spain, there was no way we would have been able to fix it.' she remembered heather telling her. 'But instead we created you a new suit, I think you'll like the features we put on it.'

Quickly she put her suit on she felt it hug tightly around her body, slipping on the amber gauntlets and placed the mask over her face.

'The suit will increase your strength'

The pounding was still heard on the other side as she stood ready, letting a slow breath out she grit her teeth as she stomp kicked the door, it violently swinging open and smacking the two guards in the face, knocking them down to the ground. She needed to get to a security room, she needed to call for help.

'It'll increase your reflexes and agility,'

"GET THE HERO!" she heard a voice yell out as a group of flight attendance began to surround her. They attacked like a pack of rapid dogs, each of them rushing in at her at every direction. She didn't want to harm them, something was obviously controlling them, but what? It was almost as if the hero was dancing around their attacks, spinning away from their kicks, ducking under their punches, she couldn't keep it up forever and there were more coming at her! "Sorry guys!" The hero pulled out a pellet from one of her many pouches, slamming it on the ground as a thick cloud of knock out gas surrounded the area. Leaping out of the smoke one by one the attendance fell on the ground unconscious. Not turning around to make sure they were really down, she kept pushing forward, she had to move faster.

'give you some durability when something does hit you'

She skid across the ground as she turned a corner, only to- 'SLAM!' her back hit against the wall, her suit actually taking in most of the shock from it as she shook her head. Looking up to see two janitors standing with a broom or mop in their hands. "You wanna fight like that? Ok." She reached behind her to pull out two, golden, escima sticks.

Two men came in for the attack at the same time, both of them swinging their broom and mop as if they were baseball bats. Using one of the sticks to block one attack the other smacked her right in the stomach, causing her to grunt a bit, but no serious damage done as she used her other escima stick to smack the janitor in the face, forcing him to stumble back, dropping his mop and grasping his now broken nose.

Pushing the other Janitor away from her she thrust her arm forward, her blunt weapon hitting the second janitor in the gut, making him heave over in pain as Zoe ran up to him, slamming her short staff behind his head, knocking him out.

Looking up she saw the security room, just a few more feet!

'and the last feature, you'll love.'

A group of citizens began to make their way to the hero in overwhelming waves, she knew there was going to be no way for her to be able to hold them all off herself. Putting her fighting sticks away she threw out both her arms, aiming downward at the ground where luggage's were scattered all over the place. "STAY BACK!" she yelled out as the gauntlets on her hands began to glow, a sudden blast of fire shot forward, Zoe using her power to be able to manipulate the flame to aim it towards the luggage, causing them to light up. The people gasped and yelled out as they began to scatter away in every direction, none of them ready to die by fire.

Letting out a huff of air she ran towards the security office, shaking the nob, it was locked! Taking a step back she kicked the door in, people screaming in fear as the men in the room came rushing towards the hero with things from luggage's to a fire extinguisher.

''WAH HOLD ON STOP!" Feral Nova held up her hands as the group stopped in their tracks. "I'm Feral Nova, I'm here to help you! She yelled out as she stepped into the room, closing the now broken door behind her.

"How do we know your not going to kill us?!" One of the women yelled out. There was probably a group of twenty-five in here.

"Um... I probably wouldn't have told you to stop... and said 'I'm here to help you'... seeing as most of the guys out there can't even speak two words without throwing a punch." She walked up to the radio's, changing the stations to try and get through a police line.

"We've been trying to call for help for the past hour, but we can't get through anyone, our cellphones are useless too" One of the men walked up behind the hero. "Do you know what's going on?"

Zoe shook her head, "I'm just as lost as you are right now, but don't worry, I'll get us through." Taking off her gauntlets to work a little better she pulled the panel off the board, messing with the wires inside.

"Are you sure you know what your doing?" One of the kids in the room asked as he wiped his nose.

With a weary grin she looked over at the little boy, he was probably seven or eight, wearing a T-shirt with the WAL logo on it. "Of course I do, I am a hero after all." she lied through her teeth, she had no idea what she was doing as a shock went through her arms as she leaped back a bit. "ouch!" she yelled out as the kid laughed. Giving him a slight glare she put the board back in place and turned on the radio, going through the stations as the police scan finally was heard. "Told you I knew what I was doing." she chuckled as the kids in the room cheered. Bringing the transceiver mic to her lips she began to speak.

"This is Feral Nova, I have two group of civilians in the John F Kennedy airport that need extraction NOW. We are under heavy attack from citizens of the city that seemed to have gone crazy. There are women and children, please help."

Just then the door was beginning beaten on as people on the other side could be heard laughing and yelling out. "Sh-" she looked down at the kids. "-oot." she corrected herself as she ran towards the door, slipping her gauntlets back on her hands. "Everyone stay behind me! One of you guys keep trying to get a hold of the police or anyone who isn't crazy." Pulling her duel sticks out she stood in front of the door, her eyes focused as she took in a deep breath, she had to protect these people.

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Amidst the mass chaos that roamed the streets; Catalina walked briskly down 5 ave, in a pair of aviator sunglasses, and a huge black umbrella. The Rainy streets didn’t hinder her strut at all, rather than to encourage her to whistle “Singing in the rain”. The longer her mind plagued that of the young Liafador the more and more Catalina’s mind continued to embed its self into the body of Y.

This meeting with Isis opened up a potential contingency for Y; though she herself didn’t know what Isis was capable of; she was slowly getting used to Catalina and that in its self was making it dangerous. The entrance to the restaurant was boarded up; however the glass windows had been broken, someone made an effort to escape the chaos only to be shot down by the owner.

Stepping over the dead body Cat let loose a wicked smile and strutted towards the counter. Gunshots and more screams flooded the surroundings streets and yet the young beauty, stood impatiently at the counter tapping on the service bell.

Taking a seat in the far corner of the restaurant, she waited the arrival of Isis; knowing full well that this meeting could turn at the slightest whim, Y readied herself by casting a sentient shadow opposite her in the booth.

“Let me tell you how the world works, those who fancy themselves as the elite” she was speaking to herself, essentially explaining why she decided to go through with this plan. “They sit in their little offices, wearing their business suits deciding on what’s best for those who don’t have anything” she continued, watching as a mother protecting her young knifed down a teenager who got to close.

“And people like sheep purposely accept what these “elite” tell them; they obey useless laws, they obey useless rules, but when these rules get broken; people question those around them…not the elite” Cat said, staring into the cold eyes of her own shadow.

“Racism, Fascism, Communism, religion in general…all created to divide the people” Folding her legs, the beautiful Catalina pressed her back in the seat awaiting her sister. “So…I had to show them what a world without their powerful government is like; and at the same time showing the government what the power of freedom is like”

Her ears twitched a bit, Isis was close; she could tell, that was one thing about the Liafador family, you could always tell when another was near. Readying herself, the young Liafador called upon her shadow guard to surround her; not completely sure of what Isis was capable of.

Black Solace

Ashley was deep into her work; using intercepting protocols to listen in on both Z and Quintus’s conversation. Believing the Queen of Cardinals was on to something she worked arduously to locate every public location Catalina had visited. The task was harder than it sounded, most of the surveillance protocols across the city were down.

“Samantha is out with the rest of the Braveharts, trying to quell the situation” Ashley’s answer was filled with layered animosity; she didn’t even bother to steal a glance.

Dropping a capsule; a syringe emerged, taking the needle in hand she gently applied the shot to Amanda. This was so the muckraker didn’t reveal the location of the HQ later down the line; the emerald clad beauty returned to her computer trying to decipher what the best way to administer a mass cure would be.

“n!gga you think we need to be out saving people from other people?” Ashley started, her voice was cold; she spoke as if they were strangers to one another. “What point would that serve as to only get ourselves killed; we need to take it out right at the source…the people” Ashley said, taking note to the components of the toxin.

“This toxin effects the brain and is activated through the lungs, so maybe the cure should do the same” she said, taking note to the gigantic blimps within the city. “Bingo, found our distribution point” turning to face Milo she let loose a deep sigh before continuing. “We need to get to that location and secure it, it might be the only hope for NYC”

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@_Creed_: @Black Solace: "First, you give me the whole no killing hero spiel. Then you tell me there's no time for heroics. We're not a thing, you don't have to act batsh!t insane all the time." Milo eyed the lavish LED monitor, taking note of the blimps and their approximated location. Reaching them wouldn't be a problem, but he was curious as to how Ashley expected to get there. Or if she was even coming.

"So what? We pump the antidote through the fuel vent? Do you have enough of that stuff to cover 465 miles roughly?" Milo was getting more and more tired by the second, apparent in his drooping posture. "You know what? Doesn't matter. You coming along? If not, just point me in the right direction," his bravado shined in the last statement, though his voice was weathered.

His eyes dropped to Amanda, who'd fell asleep amidst the discussion. Her snoring was becoming a bother on Milo's nerves as he retrieved the vibrating smart phone from his pocket. Creed's masked guise flashed on screen as Milo slid the pressure sensor to the left, answering the call. "Yo? Tell me you followed up those leads I gave you and didn't forget and go eat waffles instead?"

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@Tranquil: "I..Uhhh...Look I was really hungry ok!" Creed was on his moped now, putting along the middle of the empty road while speeding towards Milo's location. "What the hell is goin' on here Milo? It's like happy hour at my mom's house out here!".

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'There sat a new test/Much harder that you bought in/As for the unseen/Just take care of what you will/Light the silent alarm/We never think that/We're missing much/'Til'...'

The heavy rock beat of Chevelle filtered through Isis's earbuds, getting her in a pumped mood. The view from the fire escape across the street from 'Luigi's Italian Family Restorante' afforded her an enhanced view of the mayhem that was coursing through the city. Surprisingly, she seemed to be in a momentary epicenter.

Stepping off the ledge of the railing, Isis performed a neat front-tuck and landed gracefully, the reinforced soles of her boots hitting the ground and causing a rat to scurry off into the gutter.

Reaching back, her hand gripped the hilt of one of the swords, prepared to draw should she need to as glass crunched beneath her feet, sadly symbolic to the crushed spirit of the city. Nonchalantly strolling into the restaurant as if it were any other day, Isis took note of the placement of every overturned piece of furniture, every splintered shard of wood.

In the corner sat her sister, younger by a mere four months. Born of different mothers, they'd forged a tight knit bond in the face of all adversity. Guarding her were a veritable force of shadows, a use of her powers that Isis had not seen in action before. Surrounding the sides of the booth like an armed guard protecting their treasured queen, they were at the moment, of no concern.

Plastering a jovial grin on her face, the usually serious faux-brunette tucked a strand of hair behind her ear and slid into the booth. Leaning forward, she rested her forearms on the table, propping one hand underneath her chin and leaving the other free for a quick draw.

"Cat." There was a smile in her voice and a flash of mischief in her eyes. If there was one person in the world she trusted at her back in dire circumstances, it was Catalina. "This place has lost some of its.... ambiance, huh?"

Trailing a finger through a wisp of shadow that hung in the air, Isis's brow furrowed as she switched over into a more serious mode. "The city's a disaster and nobody really knows what's going on." Words couldn't encompass what was happening outside their doors. The atrocities that man was committing against fellow man. "Got any brilliant ideas?

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All across the city of New York, chaos reigned supreme in the minds of denizens, controlled by fear and anger. In the city of Detroit, Michigan, however, Anthony remained unaware of the opening act. He sat in the safety and comfort of a mechanical lab in the basement of his home, at a safe distance a few states away from the conflict. Sifting through multiple new weapons designs on a screen in front of him, charts and graphs from various business ventures on another, and a few digitized contracts on another, the city was beneath his notice. That is, until his admittedly mostly absent-minded sifting through channels on the television brought something particularly interesting to his ears. A somewhat panicked voice, nearly inaudible due to background noise, but he was pretty sure he made out the word anarchy.

“Hey, hey! Woah! EYEDEA, play that back.” Swapping the channel to the news story which had become something of a national concern.

“–ooting, arson and other savage acts of vandalism and assault. There appears to be no rhyme or reason, no discernible pattern to speak of.”

“Hey, who’s the lady?” Raising an appraising eyebrow, paying equal attention to the physical figure of the reporter as to the chaos. “[That would be Miss Amanda Hugginkiss]” the Artificial Intelligence responded in its matter-of-fact, robotic way.

“Wouldn’t mind having her for PR,” Anthony mumbled under his breath before seriousing up. “Hey, where’s my AEGIS?”

“[Still on the operating table, where you left it. No one knows of it but you and I, and I have no purpose for moving it. That leaves you as the only viable candidate to have done anything with it]”

“Yeah, okay. Don’t patronize me, or I’ll make you a girl. You could use a change in voice anyway. And remind me to get you a personality besides ‘snarky and sardonic.’ “

“[I’ll appoint a time for you]” it responded once more, this time completely serious and actually making a note. Anthony, meanwhile, made his way to a piano in the corner of the room and pressed on a sequence of keys, then to a bookshelf where he removed a hardcover bible. Inside, most of the pages had been cut, a rectangular shape in the center to make room for the small device he stored between the cover. Yet another code went in on this device, which, in tandem with the piano, opened the bookshelf up to reveal a safe, voice activated. ♫ Guantanameeeeraaa ♫ he sang lightly, and the safe opened, revealing an elevator which took him down to yet another lab beneath that one.

“[Sir, you’ve never properly tested the suit in the field]” EYEDEA warned. “No time like the present,” came the retort. “[What purpose do you, a weapons manufacturer, even have for going there to halt this? This does not line up with past behavior or the motive of profit. Are you sick? Shall I schedule an appointment with a doctor? A psychiatrist?]”

Anthony continued on until he came face to face with the armor, positioning himself so he could get inside, with the aid of a number of machines. “Well if it’s that kind of answer you’re looking for – start sync with the suit – if it’s that kind of answer you’re looking for, let’s see…” [Synchronizing] “I make weapons so people can use them to take care of situations like these. Guess I can’t make profit if people don’t know it’s me, though. You’re right on that one….Tell you what, throw together a box of rifles, have ‘em shipped off to the riot police in New York. And stick my name on it with some hearts.”

[Synchronization complete. All systems online and tuned for compatibility with the AEGIS. Now departing for New York. ETA, fifteen minutes.]

“Good. Can I get a view from the traffic cams, satellites, of the situation, so I know what I’m getting into?” The last bit meant as more of a command than a question, and so it was done. Taking a moment to relegate the feed to a small corner in the periphery of his vision, the piston-pumped holding system shot Anthony and the AEGIS off through the ground where he travelled until a reasonably safe distance away from the complex, and emerged into the sky, taking to high altitudes and blasting off for New York.

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@Rumble Man: The dagger penetrated her flesh tickling the outermost portion of her liver, being completely absent of metahuman powers and augmented strength; La Malaguena leader of the Cardinal fell. Hitting the ground hard, Z’s weapon fell beside her, she lost her grip on the weapon she used so expertly. Blood escaped her side something that would be overlooked in a city where blood flowed so effortlessly in the streets.

Z used her elbow and forearm muscles to pull herself away from him. It was here in the face of death that she realized her dependency on her illusions. Her vision blurred disorienting her a bit; the raining causing her hair to stick to her face didn’t help either.

“Quintus.” Z said, taking a deep pause, she didn’t want to give off the impression that she was in stress; but she knew that’s what she did by inadvertently pausing. “No matter what happens to me, save the people…it’s what you do” Z said, passing out before the feet of the mechanical killer Rumble Man.

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His left hand is broken, and he cracked the fingers back in position which will deteriorate again as this body does not possess any enhanced healing faculties of the sort. Normally he would leave her and move on, yet he feels great potential within this one so in that regard it would be a shame to let her bleed out. He observed her and picks her up over his shoulder, there is a clinic a few blocks away where he could probably find a willing doctor.

Scanners Indicate parts of her body which are injured, a puncture wound to the liver and noted that bleeding from the liver injury ceased spontaneously before operation in 41% of the cases. The chest, stomach and extremities were the most common sites of associated injury. In 36% the liver was the only injured organ. The liver injury was managed with simple surgical techniques in all but three cases. The mortality rate was 4.6%, and only one of the six deaths was directly attributable to the liver injury. Stab wounds of the liver are relatively benign and the great majority can be satisfactorily treated with simple surgery.

While she passed out at the initial collision he manages to pick up his gun before picking her up, reminding himself that he carries a Glock 18 with high capacity magazine (33 rounds now 30) and two extras. So far the firing mode is set on single shot, as he remembered putting on on an eager boyfriend and two on his girl. For some the weapon can be hard to control and has no real range to speak of. Accuracy is limited because of high recoil and ammunition is expended quickly. It’s just a fun weapon to have.

He'd also recall carrying some grenades.

Vine Medical Center

As the current situation appears there have been a 'breakout' in the hospital as well yet this time the cyborg assassin did not want to waste precious shots as he enters the fray in melee. One patient on his shoulder, one busted up hand and three functional limbs which tore plenty of patients. It was shorter than expected and finally the masked cyborg found a doctor hiding conveniently in an operation room. He revealed a gun and gave a few subtle cues that emanates a nice warning of imminent death. She understands that unnecessary movements will result in a carefully placed shot flying through the back of her skull.

It was negotiation without words, a judo of instincts where his had just overridden her survival senses. It was not a power yet an acknowledgement of a lesser specimen towards a stronger one, he with that in mind he carefully placed the the stab victim on the table. Gently. Her weapon is currently worn as a belt, yet he leaves his gun besides her, specifically on the table on across her current position as the doctor began to aid her wounds.

"Madame, I would like if you were to take your time and carefully perform the operation on my friend here. She had a run in with her knife, and I have a gut feeling that she needs a few stitches"

Slowly and surely as Hazard keeps on guard, the doctor knows of a fully loaded gun located near the patient. Yet she did not pick it up, her body subconsciously knows and warns her that the figure waiting outside can remove her jugular faster than she can aim. The cyborg questions himself as to why he had saved this woman, the fact that he went to a police blockade alone is not unusual considering the fact that he had picked the body off a peak human. Yet the fact that her carried her as he threshed through a field of police is odd, in some ways she saved him by giving the cops doubt by becoming an involuntary hostage.

A human shield that he did not use, a human that he will guard.

Meanwhile there seems to be commotion at the doors...

He sheathes his knife.

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"You can't stop hiding who you are...."  
"We know all about your after work activities..." 
The clock's constant ticking had grown increasingly irritating, and after hours of waiting for further interrogation, the chained suspect found himself elated.  His inability to attend some lackluster party would have a reasonable excuse.  And so he comfortably leaned back without a tinge of regret.   
"You're relaxing?" His yellow eyes darted upward as the briskly voice of this so called officer shattered such soothing silence.  Mister Addams instinctively gestured a pleasant smile.  His posture indicated an obvious nonchalance about this current situation.  And as the son of Lower Manhattan's most profound politician, there isn't much necessity for wiriness.    
"Why are you wasting my time?" The prince of power shook his chained wrist jokingly.  His inability to muster any resemblance of respect only bothered this Latin born lawman.  "We both know my father has been looking for an excuse to tear this department apart."  Aliased the holy child by the city's dirtiest players, Noah has avoided innumerable accusations erected from New York's finest. He's escaped charges like drug trafficking, robbery, public loitering, public indecency, driving under the influence, premeditated murder, basically anything even remotely heinous.  And so anyone who withholds common sense should know there's a reason he won't quiver under pressure. 
"..Because even your father can't save you from your latest failure at life."  He retorted quite confidently for a man nearing obesity.  His risque words infinitely echoed within the Addams's beautiful mind.  Surely his sayings were false.  If even Evander Slade couldn't pinpoint grotesque crimes onto his back than how could this grizzly bear achieve such an accolade?  For the moment he acted entirely unaffected, his curiosity genuinely piqued.  He awkwardly laughed, still wondering if the party he reluctantly ditched was as boring as last year.   
"The entire city is in panic and I know it has to do with you."  Officer Ramirez concluded, whipping out his handy dandy gun without a moment's hesitation.  "You're gonna pay for the panic you're causing.  Do you understand me?"  He aimed his prehistoric weaponry between the unique yellow eyes of one precocious prince.  His actions withheld no probable cause in the eyes of actual law.  These actions were indecent for a man in his late thirties.  Someone should really get him a psyche exam pronto.  Nevertheless the level headed bachelor played along convincingly.
 "I didn't do anything I swear!" He pathetically exclaimed, whilst his pretentious mind infiltrated the weak telepathic walls of his would be murderer.  "I don't even sell drugs that make people go crazy.  Whatever's going on outside is an entirely different genre.  I sell drugs that make people feel relaxed.  Don't you want to relax?"  Noah inclined his aggressor to lower his gun.  "See that's good.  Now unlock this."  Ryan Ramirez obediently obeyed like a good boy, he didn't even talk back.  "There's so much going on right now.  I get it. You wanted to be a hero and that's understandable."  He patted the squishy chest of the gun totting basket case, his hypnotic voice calming his already tense nerves.  "However, this city needs a hero far more...dashing."  Mister Addams simply grinned before leaving his lovely acquaintance with a sincere hatred for fatty foods ingrained in his ever so gullible brain . Now that's a hero without a doubt. Someone who selflessly aids others with whatever circumstance hinging their unsatisfactory lives. As for the cries leaking onto formerly barren streets, well that's an inquiry worth further study.   
If you are lucky enough to find a way of life you love, you have to find the courage to live it ~ John Irving 
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@_Creed_ said:

@Tranquil: "I..Uhhh...Look I was really hungry ok!" Creed was on his moped now, putting along the middle of the empty road while speeding towards Milo's location. "What the hell is goin' on here Milo? It's like happy hour at my mom's house out here!".

"This is the result of that drug we failed to stop from spreading around the city. Where are you? I think I may have a mission outlined for you." Milo looked to Ashley, whose gaze was still focused on the supercomputer screen. "Find the girl's body. She's sure to be out among the chaos, reveling in it. When you find her contact me. We need to take her down before this gets any worse. I've got a bad feeling this is only an appetizer and the entree is on the way."

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@Tranquil: "Im in little Italy right now, surprisingly there is no decent pizza places...Lame. Anyway! I hope this mission of your comes with some moolah, cause you know a merc needs to eat!" Creed turned the corner, only for a crazed man to knock him off the scooter and on his back. "Hey! Foul ball!" He shouted while stille holding the phone, dodging a few more crazed swings from the bat before finally blocking at the man's wrist, disarming him, followed with a brutal uppercut to knock him out. "SHORYUKEN!" He yelled while in the air, landing to continue his call. "Anyway, what price you throwin' down?".

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@_Creed_: "Are you serious? You know what, just cause your my bro, I'll give you my penthouse up in L.A.if you help man. Comes with Isabel" A bit perturbed at the fact he had to bribe the merc, it was a trivial matter at best. Milo was leaving his home to join the Impero anyway, the house as well as Isabel would go to waste if not for the crazed mercenary. "Now get moving, time is of the essence." Milo ended the call, and began doing an inventory check on his person. "Ashley, before we get started, I need to restock."

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The city was going crazy and even New York's finest were running around lighting up the streets. Standing by her window the dangerous Latina watched as people created chaos in her city, a city she would do anything protect, even used some methods that the NYPD found 'too violent' and causing her to temporarily be put on probation. For the most part she had been able to comply with the heavy restrictions on her probation... but tonight she felt like was the night to break the rules.

Walking over to her closet she pulled out her tactical gear; blackhawk hellstorm gloves, neoprene knee pads, elite omega vest, tactical pants, everything was being put into play tonight. Just then her home police scanner went off.

"This is Feral Nova, I have two group of civilians in the John F Kennedy airport that need extraction NOW. We are under heavy attack from citizens of the city that seemed to have gone crazy. There are women and children, please help."

With a smirk on her lips the brunette power house picked up the mic, holding it close to her face as she threw a tactical helmet and goggles on. "Feral Nova this is Office Castillo, It's going to take me a while but I'll get to you guys asap. In the mean time keep those people safe. Castillo out." She threw the mic on the side as she picked up her X-2 Gauged CO2 Pistol and x-caliber gauged co2 rifle, sadly because these were citizens who for some reason have gone crazy, Castillo had to make sure to use non-lethal force, and lucky for them she had more than enough darts and CO2 to take out a city. Strapping on a metal baton, gathering some smoke and flash grenades followed by a taser gun and some mild explosives in her bag, JUST in case, she opened the window of her apartment, standing on the second level she looked down below to see a car parked below her.

"Time to f#ck some sh!t up!" The officer yelled as she took a step out of her window and plunged onto the roof of the car, the roof sinking in as land, pulling her baton out with one hand and the CO2 pistol on the other, the adrenalin rush that she loved so much beginning to run through her body. "Who want's a taste!?" Her voice seemed to echo in the chaotic city as dozens of people with a pissed off look began rushing towards her. "LET'S LOCK AND LOAD B!TCHES!" She pulled out a flash grenade, ripping the tag off and throwing it to the crowed as she covered her eyes, the entire area lit up as she leaped off the car, kicking a woman in the face as she smacked a older man behind the head before she landed. People began scattering away from her as she began to open fire with her tranq darts, bodies beginning to lay along the ground, passed out from the drugs.

"Aw where are you guys going!? AREN'T WE HAVING FUN!?" she had a huge grin on her face as she began marching deeper into the burning city, heading towards the Airport

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As her older sister sat at the booth, Cat’s attention was focused on the events unfolding right outside the window. Y felt a bit weird it was as if, Cat’s body naturally responding to the presence of Isis. Isis was beautiful and intelligent; what she lacked in experience she made up in resourcefulness. Y couldn’t stop the natural feelings of Cat’s body, sort of a sister’s bond. What she wanted to say and what she actually said, came off as two different things.

“I know…you shouldn’t be here…” Y a feeling of nervousness ran through her stomach; feeling her with guilt; or maybe it was Cat’s body trying to warn the highly trained Isis through abnormal movements and gestures.

Letting loose a deep sigh, Y’s guilt hit a fever pitch. “Isis, I stole the fear toxin from Z; I distributed it in the cities food supply, I created the Fear Town” Cat gave a devious grin; the feeling of letting loose her guilt made her less nervous and more confident in demeanor.

“I know, you’re probably need a moment to process all this” at that moment, Cat’s body phased and darkness and took the form of the shadow guard behind her. Clasping her sister’s shoulders the Liafador Legacy slowly massaged the shoulders of her older sister.

“I saw this city for what it actually is; the command center for world elitist; all the major business comes through this city; it is the epicenter of human control” Cat said, still very casually massaging Isis’s shoulders.

“So, I will destroy it and build a new city in its spot; and then I will be the epicenter of human control”

“As we speak there is a train loaded with 50 pounds of C4 on a remote detonator; at midnight tonight the train will make its night owl rounds. When the train finishes its 33 stop run…New York City will be destroyed”

Her attention was taken again, this time by a woman replacing Amanda Hugginkiss; whom was reporting incidentally, on the woman who Cat stole the toxin from, Z. The Malagan beauty had fell in the street bleeding out at the hands of a masked figure.

Cat couldn’t help but chuckle a bit, phasing inside a shadow appearing right in front of her sister just lip distance away. “Isis, I need to tell you something” Cat’s lusty Belizean accent swaying Isis’s hair just a bit. “I am not your sister…so it’s perfectly ok if you want to f#ck me” Y said, letting loose a cackle right in the face of Isis before; trying to use her dark force to push her across the restaurant.

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Ashley glanced at Milo with little interest before placing her hood on, the jaded dragon walked over to the body of Y intercept and hoisted it upon her shoulders. “Those blimps are our best bet, but no one knows where the cure is; or if there is even one available” Ashley finally said, her voice switching from her natural Jersey accent and her Zulu parlance.

“I believe that even if we cure this damn toxin; that something bigger will destroy the city.” Ashley’s emerald gaze fixed on Milo as he restocked himself. “In this matter you have to ask yourself Milo; will you lose 100 people to save a million?” she said, pressing a button on her watch. This activated an auxiliary cave which revealed a Black 2013, Ferrari Italia a personal vehicle for Ashley with her initials in the ornament.

As she revved the engine, the clandestine televisions came down from the ceiling; news of The Cardinal Queen’s defeat sort of shocked Ashley but, didn’t deter her from the goal. “If I’m correct, we need to get to those blimps before they get overrun by maniacs”

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It's felt like hours since Zoe stepped foot in New York, the fight between her and the crazed citizens were starting to tire out the young hero, it was like an endless wave of people rushing at her in every direction. She was standing just outside the security room, trying to protect the people while worrying about the other's she left locked in a bathroom across the terminal. BAM a suitcase slammed behind her head causing the blond hero to fall on the ground. "Damnit." she grumbled to herself as she looked up to see a swarm of people hoovering over her with devious grins on their face. The people in the room behind her watched trough a window as their only hope was about to go down in flames."Some hero you are." A man stood before her with a fire extinguisher in hand, raising it up and ready to slam it down on the heroes head.

But before he could, it suddenly exploded in his hands, a cloud of smoke from the extinguisher covered everyone as a woman leaped right in the middle of the action, dressed in heavy tactical armor.

"NOW this fight is even!" She yelled out as she began swinging around her metal baton,smashing the faces in of the hostile individuals that seem to come in waves at her. "Get your #ssup woman!" She yelled out at Nova.

Doing a kick up the hero began her own assault, grasping a woman by her shirt at each shoulder, lifting and placing her right foot on her left thigh and began falling backwards, throwing the woman up and over her in a sacrifice throw, the woman flying into a group of other people. By the time she stood back up the Officer who came to her aid was standing on a pile of unconscious citizens. "Officer Sarah Castillo at your service." She gave a smirky grin towards the hero. "And I'm assuming you're Feral Nova." she walked over, shaking the hand of the teenage hero.

"Y-yeah," She was still amazed at how a woman with no powers was able to plow through all those people with little to no effort. "Thanks for the rescue." Officer Castillo nod her head as she walked up to the security room, opening the door. "Alrightpeople, my name is officer Castillo, Feral Nova and I are going to get you all out of here safely,but there are a couple of things you have to know BEFORE we take off." she held her baton firmly in hand as she stood tall before the people. "When we say run, you better run, when wesay don't move you DON'T move and when we tell you to shut up, you all better shut the hell up."

Even Zoe felt a bit intimated by the demanding Officer. "Officer Castillo, is there an evacuation center or safety zone where we can take these people to?"

Sarah turned around, taking off her tactical goggles for a moment. "Yeah, it's actually not too farfrom here, maybe three blocks? Before I met up with you here, I cleared out an area to the parking shuttle area, so we have a bus waiting for us so we can drive them out of here."

"I have a question..." Zoe asked out of curiosity. "How did you manage to clear the area on yourown?" She wanted to know what would give the woman and edge that she didn't seem to have.

Slipping her goggles back on the officer gave a sly grin. "Nothing that a few tranqs, a baton andbuilt up frustration can't take care of." Turning back to the people she threw her taser to one of the men. "Here, in case we have to split for some reason, you get to carry a weapon, if you loseit, your @ss is grass, understood?"

The man nod his head nervously, holding tightly onto the taser.

"We also have to go across the terminal, I kinda left a group of people locked in the women's bathroom..." The hero spoke ashamed of her actions.

"Alright then..." Castillo turned back to the group. "We are going to do a rescue attempt to find another group of citizens, so the rules I told you before, will be more important, stay close to use and do as we say and we'll keep you safe, understood?"

The people nod their head in unison.

"F#cken fantastic, now lets go!"

Few minutes later

Surprisingly most of the way was clear, it had seemed most of the crazed people had walked out of the airport to find something else to demolish. Just the occasional people were seen roaming around the area, but the group didn't have much trouble Reaching the bathroom Zoe ran forward as she knocked on the door. People could be heard stirring on the other side.

"Just be quiet, they'll leave." she could hear their voices.

"This is Feral Nova, I'm here with Officer Castillo, we are going around the airport finding people who need our assistance please open the door." She yelled out to the people as she looked behind her to make sure nothing was going on around them.

"How do we know this isn't a trap?!" A voice called out.

"We don't have time for this!" Sarah yelled out as she ran up to the door, drop kicking it open, the door flung open as the people inside began screaming in fear. "Get the hell out and follow us if you want to live! " she yelled at the terrified people as she began marching away, Nova almost laughing at what just happened.

"I told you guys to just open the door." Zoe shrugged he shoulder as the people began making their way out of the bathroom.

The group of people seemed to have doubled now, which meant they were a bigger target for anyone who might be on the attack.

"I'm going to tell you newbies what I just told my group of people earlier. When I tell you run, you run like hell, when I tell you stop you better stop what your doing and if I tell you to shut the hell up, you shut the hell up, understood?"

The new group nod their head, all of them staying quiet with fear in their eyes.

"We'll all make it out of here, but we need to make sure you all understand that you need to follow us if it's going to work."

The group began walking through the airport terminal towards the shuttle bay, the sooner they could get there, the sooner they could all get to safety. But they didn't know... was that a hunter was lurking about the airport...

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$300,000... free money for the taking and all the Homicidal woman had to do... was hunt down the hero, Feral Nova. Homicide had been trying to track the hero, but was having a hard time, maybe was in a current hiding... but when the assassin caught wind of the chaos that was going on in New York, she knew the young hero would be in the mist of it, trying to correct the disorder around New York. But it almost seemed hopeless, the entire city was too disordered to try and hunt anything down, until...

Walking by a group of abandon police cars the deadly female caught ear of what the transmitters were picking up.

"This is Feral Nova, I have two group of civilians in the John F Kennedy airport that need extraction NOW. We are under heavy attack from citizens of the city that seemed to have gone crazy. There are women and children, please help."

A maleficent grin appeared on her face, it seemed destiny wanted the two to meet. In a blink of an eye, the killer suddenly vanished.

Hour later

Homicide stood in the eerie shadows that lingered around the airport, stepping over the unconscious citizens that laid along the ground. It seemed the hero had been busy trying to keep the people with her safe. Which means she would sacrifice herself to save them... this was already too perfect.

"We'll all make it out of here, but we need to make sure you all understand that you need to follow us if it's going to work." The woman dressed in the black and amber outfit standing next to an officer in full tactical gear. Excitement began flowing through the villains body, this was going to be fun.

Waiting till their back was turn, the assassin threw a smoke pellet, a white thick smoke covered the area as people began screaming, darting around in every direction as Officer Castillo tried to regain order around her. Homicide rushed into the smoke as she spear tackled the hero to the ground who let out a grunt as the two made impact on the ground, skidding along the slick surface until they hit a wall.

"Homicide?!" Feral Nova seemed to have instantly recognize who she was.

Not saying a world, she threw a punch forward, the hero dodging her head to the side as she kicked Homi off of her. Leaping to her feet she grabbed a child that was running out of the smoke with one hand as she pulled out a gun with her other hand, cocking the gun and holding it against the boy's temple of his head.

The cloud finally faded away as the group of people gasped in fear, the cry of a mother was heard. Officer Castillo stood her ground as the hero quickly stood up to her feet. "NO WAIT!" Homicide smiled, she knew what the hero was about to say before she even said it. "Let the kid go and take me instead." Bingo, that's what she wanted to hear, heroes... so predictable, that's what she loved about them.

Homicide Threw the kid off to the side where the crowed was standing, he ran off to his mom as the two held each other. Standing there, Cassandra's eyes never moved away from the hero who simply nod her head.

"Castillo, take those people to the safety area, I'll meet up with you guys in a few." This hero... so confidant, it would be her downfall.

"I'll see you soon Feral Nova." Sarah spoke as she looked at the people she was now responsible for. "Let's go people!"

The two were then left alone, hero and villain, in a stair down. "Why are you doing this?" The masked hero asked in frustration.

Homicide smirked as the Vernichtung Klingen showed their teeth. "You don't know?" It was amusing, how could she not know there was a heavy price on her life?

"Know what?" Zoe's eyes widen slightly from the site of the blades, it seemed the legend of them have reached the ears of the hero.

"You have a bounty on your head, and I'm here to collect!" With that the killer took off in a sprint, her feet pushing her forward as she leaped upward, she brought her leg up and forced it downward in a mid-air axe kick, only to have the hero block it, forming her forearms into a 'x' as her foot hit against them and pushed the assassin off of her to counter attack with a gastrizen kick to the chest, forcing the assassin to stumble back, holding her chest. But instead of getting frustrated, she became excited, she loved the challenge.

"Bounty!?" The hero yelled out in fear and surprise in the girls voice. As she then went on the attack, it seemed anger was coming into play now "Who put a bounty on me?!" Anger was good, anger makes a person blind. The hero came rushing, doing a round house kick to Cass's side. But the assassin was already on the counter attack. Using her forearms she blocked the attack, stopping it in it's track as she wrapped her left arm around the leg while she used her right hand on her chest and at the same time, using her back leg to preform a back leg sweep to force the hero forcefully on the ground. The hero's air was knocked out of her as she let out a grunt of frustration, doing a reverse neck roll out away from Cass and getting to her knees, pushing both her arms forward.

Just then a wave of fire escaped from her golden gantlets. Homicide rushing through the flames, unharmed thanks to her phasing powers. The heroes eyes widen in fear as she stopped the fire and leaped off to the side as Cass slammed her blades into the ground, it slicing through with no problem. Jerking her arm up and away from the ground she stood up and turned to Feral Nova, only to have her already on the attack.

Zoe managed to rush the villain grasping tightly on to her as she began to preform a double leg take down. She lift the villain off the ground with the help of her suit and as she began to thrown her back down to the ground, Homicide teleported out of her grasp, only to appear behind her, her right arm wrapped around the heroes neck in a choke hold as she wrapped her legs around her, clinging to her like a snake. The hero jerked around, trying to get the villain off her only to finally fall to her knees, gagging for air as she slumped over. Breathing heavily Cassandra let the hero go as she kicked a bit at her body, showing that she was now unconscious With a devious grin she grasped onto the girls shoulder and in a blink of an eye... vanished with the hero.

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Hudson quietly traveled in the dark by rooftops and momentarily abandoned alley ways. All the havoc at the moment didn't exactly make finding his targets any easier to find. On a regular basis he would have at least been within pointing distance with his target by now. The 14 million on the Knightfall's heads made Hudson nervous, that kind of tag made the family more than just another target. Though as long as Hudson could get to the target first he figured he could still go home with the prize.

He found himself on the abandoned balcony of a trashed hotel room. He was really on here to gather his thoughts and come up with a solid game plan. A few seconds go by and he does come up with a good plan, but before he began to go hunting again he looked back into to living room of the hotel.

That's when it hit him. The fact that the flood of insane people was not just some random obstacle. Through horribly shredded blinds he could see the room covered in the fresh red blood of what was an ordinary family at some point. The family had apparently gotten involved in the insanity too and each person turned each other and fought until they where just cold mangled bodies messing up the pearl colored carpet that held the room together. The youngest daughter of the dead family (who couldn't have been any older than six) was still alive though and she clawed at the locked door of the hotel. At some point she notices August on the other side of a glass slide door and ran at him like wild boar. She got as close to Hudson as the door between them would allow and clawed at the fragile obstacle in front of her. Though there was little to no force behind her attempts to get out so she wasn't going anywhere or getting to anyone else. You could see the the confused frustration in her blood shot and innocent eyes as they filled up glimmering tears.

Hudson let out a tired sigh and lit a cigarette before leaping off the balcony. He mumbles to himself "Now's not a very good time to let what shred of conscience you have get in the way August." As he fell threw the air he shifted his attention from the desecrated family back to the knightfalls. *Work first personal conflicts later* he thought to himself as he landed on another rooftop with agile persistence.

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@Tranquil: @Catalina_Liafador: Creed watched the two outside the window of the restaurant they resided in, his hands pressed up against the glass as he mocked a dog panting for breath as he watched the bizarre foreplay ensue, but then shrugged and turned to the bag at his feet. "I don't wanna set the woooorld onnnn fiiiIIIRRE...I just wanna staaaart, a flame in your heeaaaart...Ok and maybe set the world on fire!" He yelled while grabbing the bag by the handles and tossed it through the window, it tumbling on the ground and let a few pounds of the ten of plastic explosive that was in the black bag roll out, set to blow in a literal instant, the entire building would be engulfed in flame.

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Little mannerisms were off, mannerisms that you didn't even notice one had until they were no longer there. Suspicion hung thick in the air between the sisters as chaos ensued outside, remarkably void from the direct vicinity.

Every instinct was on edge as Isis schooled her body language to remain nonchalant, giving away no cues other than that feeling between sisters. As the words of doom rained down upon them, the demeanor switched within seconds. Isis went into battle mode, her sharpened instincts kicking in. She had no idea what the fck was wrong, but this was not the sister that she knew and loved.

"You're a sick bitch, lady." A shiver shot up her spine, the hairs on the back of her neck and arms standing on edge as the psycho in her sister's body got all up in her face. The scent of red wine drifted across the air as Isis turned her head slightly to the side. In the proceeding seconds, Catalina's powers were unleashed against her sister with a ferocity and force never before encountered in their sparring sessions.

The force of Cat's darkness manipulation threw Isis across the room, slamming through tables and bouncing into the air. With the strict discipline that she was beginning to cultivate over her own body, she landed on bent knee, the suit having protected her from too much damage. "That's it... You may wear my sister's body, but she knows damn well better than that."

Spitting out blood on the wooden floor, she reached and slid the two katanas from the sheaths on her back. Indenting a special switch on their sheaths, they became coated in what appeared to be a glowing green light. They were covered in hard light constructs, intentionally fabricated for the purpose of counteracting her sisters powers.

With deadly intent in her eyes, she took a running start. Her booted foot landed on the seat of a chair, giving her air as she completed a spin in the air. Rotating her body as the reinforced sole of her boot aimed directly for this mysterious woman's chin, Isis flipped her grip on the swords and aimed to cut through the shadow force that surrounded her, aiming directly for either side of her 'sisters' spine.

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As the rest of the city slowly killed itself below, Anthony marveled at the sheer scope of the event, which gave a feeling of serious underestimation on his end. “EYEDEA, what’s the general status down below?”

[Heart rates ranging from one hundred fifty to one hundred ninety beats per minute. Given individual histories of most scanned individuals, this is highly irregular, a sign of extreme agitation. I would not recommend descending unless you are willing to use proper force.]

Noting the suspicions from the artificial intelligence, he also noticed a rank of police in riot gear failing miserably at trying to maintain order and keep the crowd at bay. He shot a light warning shot from his palm to get everyone’s attention and once he had created some space between the two groups, he landed with a clank between them. Everyone fell silent for about a second, looking at the man in the shining armor with bright lights on the face and body, which must have looked a lot worse to them because they panicked again. A large wave of them fell back, running the other way to get away as fast as possible. A second wave, driven by anger, took its place and rushed forward, brash rioters moving in to assault him. The first couple learned their lesson about swinging on a metal suit full force when they broke their hands against the headpiece. After that the entire crowd joined in grabbing him, shoving and pulling on him.

“Ah! Grrr…I need an idea!” he shouted to his AI partner.

[Are you being hurt?]

“No!...It’s just….Really annoying!” And just as he said that the crowd let through someone with a metal baseball bat, who brought it down over the back of his head. It was still more of an annoyance than anything, but Anthony had found his breaking point. “Alright that’s it.” He grabbed the man with the bat and tried to shake it from his hand, but the assailant held on tight. Seeing its ineffectiveness, the armor-clad businessman rocketed skyward, separating himself from most of the crowd. Still a few held on to him, so he did a rapid spin until they’d all been flung from his persons. He cringed at the impacts of their bodies against the street and sidewalk. All had fallen unconscious and x-rays showed a number of broken bones, but none were dead.

“Let’s try and keep that from happening too much. Hospitals are already going to be overrun as it is. So what now?”

[Biological scans indicate high amounts of a new and unknown foreign substance in the bodies of the rioters. No known cure exists in the database.]

A terrorist attack, obviously. But why? Deciding that trying to deal with all the rioters would be an exercise in futility, a diversion at best, Anthony snatched up one of the unconscious victims and crudely stored him on a rooftop for later analysis, binding him with a thick chain.

The next step being the hardest, involved him trying to find the ones involved in any way. If a cure existed, they would likely have it. If not, he’d have to try and devise one later. Either way, someone needed to be stopped before anything worse could be done. A long and likely tedious process.

“EYEDEA, isolate the presence of the drug and scan for those without the toxin in their systems. We’ll start from there, then find the only people not upset about all this.”

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Even though Y’s mouth never moved a voice could be heard speaking overhead. “Who here is the hero? Is it you Isis? Are you saving the people from the evils I conjure? Or are you leading them straight to an institution of slavery”. “People in this country have been screaming about terrorism since 2001, and in their vigilance, they have become terrorist themselves.”

As Isis’s body did violent tumble over a few tables and chairs much to the chaotic delight of Catalina. Isis’s tactful recovery made impressed the Immortal Dragon. “Oh yes, she does; but I’m not her” Y hissed back with a satanic chuckle.

Isis sprung forward; Y instantly moved to counteract; being caught under the chin by an aerial spinning heel kick. The blunt of the Renegade’s foot pressing her chin backwards; causing blood to slip through her lips. The jarring impact knocked Catalina onto the adjacent window, cracking it a little on impact. “oooooh….there’s the fight, fight fight!” Cat said, allowing the blood to drip from her chin.

The relentless assault of Isis continued with a light based strike; a portal opened up beneath Cat and swallowed her whole; depositing her where her sister previously crash landed. Picking up a salt and pepper shaker, Cat tossed them at the cracked window, the impact shattered the glass. “I didn’t do that for any particular reason; I just hated the way it looked.”

“People are often too divided by the miniscule things in life; race, religion, politics; never do we focus on the thing we all share in common. We don’t remember everyone dies, we don’t remember everyone breathes, we don’t remember everyone fears…we simply don’t remember; however at least in this chaotic world I have created, humanity shares the same common denomination of chaos….fear”

Spitting out her own blood, Cat dropped from her higher position on the table back down to the floor. She wore a stunning red and black Cavalli dress complete with black Choos; her demeanor was much like their aunt; serene and graceful, but she harbored the soul fit for destruction. “Well then…here we go” she said, taking off towards Isis. She was at a disadvantage because of her footwear, but it wasn’t something she saw as an immediate problem.

As she drew within three feet of Isis; the dark force over took her and she fell face first on the floor, dissipating before her sister. The unorthodox ruse was used to gain access to the rear blind side of Isis, Y brought her right elbow across attempting to throw a recoiling elbow (She’s attempting to use her right elbow to knock her head one way, and then knock back the other, whilst resetting it). Quickly following her basic strike, she attempted to follow up with a swift kick to the abdomen, which she would use to transition into a cross arm bar; If she were successful in her attempt Y would complete snap Isis’s right arm.

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Rikers Island Prison Complex

The thing about fear and anger that makes them so special, so delicious to those who do revel in it, is that they are both malleable. Take a look at the Holocaust and World War II. What happened after 9/11? Anytime you have someone who's scared, or angry, and without a cause, they only need that fear to be shaped and pointed somewhere. But I couldn't have my army runnin' scared like little bitches. I needed to turn that fear into anger. Anger that they'd be willing to die for.

Felipe Amaru Rojas had spent the last year in prison, the last three months in solitary confinement. A punishment, necessary for the fact that he was considered one of the more raucous of them all and he had a way of stirring up trouble in the others wherever he went. Solitary was meant to keep him confined to one place, to cut off his connection to his allies and informants, but what wasn't accounted for was the presence of crooked officers who would remain loyal to him if only for their own benefit. Put simply, he was a mover, a shaker. He could make things happen in that prison, and rather than try and quell what was pretty much a natural occurrence, authorities complied with him on the grounds that they could receive some benefit as well.

"Some way somehow, for some unknown reason, the prisoners are rioting all over. It's a hard time, really But the most important part is that the warden is getting a helicopter and he's going to fly his ass out of here, leave the rest of us to eat each other alive." One of the inside informers let him know while releasing him from his cuffs and cell. Most people would kill to be back in there right now.

"So let 'em have it! I got bigger and better things to do. Hell, you can go in yourself if you want, say I locked you in there and threw away the key!" The officer eyed him strangely, finding it odd that he could keep a joyous disposition after what was going on. "You have anything to do with this?" He inquired, more in amazement than anger or anything else.

"You of all people should know, Kesner. If I need something to happen, it's gonna happen." His response was deliberately cryptic, avoiding a straight answer. While he wasn't actually responsible and had next to no idea what was going on with the cause of it, he knew enough to get what he needed, and he knew the officer's mind would assign him the credit even if he had straight up denied, only adding to stories of how mythic his methods were. He had no idea that his solitary confinement and deprivation had been what saved him from becoming another one of the mindless drones, but that didn't matter anyway, not now. Armed with two M4 carbines for protection, they went through, releasing the others on solitary and them in turn releasing others with exponentially increasing quickness. Like a virus slowly killing a cell, filling it with its DNA. And when the cell bursts, more of the virus is released. And they infect more cells, which burst, releasing more, and so on.

"Aight," the cunning Afro-Cuban drug prince addressed his fellow men. "This place is out of control, so now I'm putting YOU in charge! We are going to move around and spread as much of this as possible! We hold the advantage of what's already been done, but there's still some of OUR army that's afraid of THEIR army! If we want full control, we need solidarity, and we need to make sure EVERY ONE who isn't with us is dead or in a jail cell! I want you to picture the meanest and most cruel motherfucker you know in here, every dirty deed you can scrounge up on him, and get the population going! Go on! Move out! We got work to do!"

Following the spread of the other prisoners to do as they were told to gain absolute control of the prison, only Rojas and Kesner remained. A knowing glance was exchanged between them and they knew what the next step was: The warden. While inmates and officers alike were fighting over trying to gain control of the prison, the warden would be making his escape via helicopter. Felipe realized this, and unlike the other mindless drones, he remembered a prison is still a prison. Worst case scenario, he saw the island being completely isolated and maybe even bombed if order wasn't restored. He'd make it out.
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@Black Solace: "Well isn't she a feisty one one," The chaos in the city stirred the kitsune Isamu's curiosity. Talk of a cure was nothing without any physical support. Just when he believed the blimps were his best bet, an ominous inquiry was posed by Ashley as she stepped into her italian sports car. Though the natural pilot in him felt the urged to drive he stifled himself and slid into the passengers seat.

"You've got some nerve. I kill people, its bad. I stop killing people, and people die anyway. Maybe if I had--" He caught himself there, no longer willing to indulge in a pointless battle. They needed to cooperate if anything was going to get accomplished. "Nah, We ain't losin' nobody,"

As the tanned skin vixen dashed through lanes in a chaotic city the tranquil remained quiet. He was contemplating the options and its led his mind to one question, "How are we supposed to reach blimps, in a Ferarri?" Masked veiled a cheeky smirk before he rolled down the window, the high octane winds pounding into the interior. "Open all the windows and speed up," he directed. With effort the Air Apparent was attempting to use the aerokinetic forces to lift the car up into the sky and and guide it along the currents.

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@Tranquil: “Ahhh Wind Travel” Ashley said, breaking her tough gaze with an impressed smile. “So you can do more than just look pretty” she said, watching him guide them through the city towards the blimps. “Wind is nice, but sound is better” leaning back in her seat, she let loose a seductive smirk. Her eyes glazed over just a bit; channeling the sound from the wind gale; the Ferrari sped up to a sonic boom. Becoming completely eclipsed in sound energy; the accelerated pace quickened their arrival to the blimps.

“I can handle this Milo.” She said, phasing the car directly into the blimp. “I need you to focus on something else. The only person known to doctor a cure for this is Quintus Knightfall; considering I broke his ribs I don’t think he’ll allow me to get close enough; the only person to receive the cure is La Malaguena.” Ashley paused for a moment, hopping out of the car noticing the staff of the blimp were unaffected.

“I can’t get close to her given our history, and her relationship with the Knightfall. I need a sample of the cure…or a sample of Z’s blood doesn’t matter… can you do that for me?”

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@Black Solace: The bronze skinned beauty was not without her own surreal ingenuity. Milo couldn't help but be impressed at how she was able to further augment the speed capabilities of the wind carried vehicle using a not so subtle form of sound manipulation. There skills in tandem were quite powerful, something Milo would keep in mind when things got lethal.

"Quintus Knightfall and the Cardinal Queen?" He's never met Ziccarra Liafador, but considering his association with the Braveharts, she was his sworn enemy. Quintus, brother student of Impero Ishin, was one whom Milo had not seen eye to eye with on many occasions. But they were not enemies and in times like these Milo was sure he could count on the Perrenial Polymath. Once inside the blimp Milo stepped out of the ferrari, eyeing Ashley intently. This was the second time he'd seen her intangibility at work, and it was a breathtaking ability. One that if faced with in combat, he was not sure how to counter. This made the Bravehart general all the more capable, as well as intriguing.

"Of course I can do it, but I expect some compensation when this is all over," A wink followed an hasty exit, using the air yoso technique he called the air step Milo was jettisoned back into the open sky. As his body plummeted to the ground below Milo recalled the information in the news casting about the Liafador being defeated and brought to Vine Medical for treatment. With police by the hundreds guarding one of the last standing treatment facilities it would be all but impossible to get to her. The Tranquil reached his landing point 2 miles away from the blimps, a rooftop five blocks down from the Hospital in question.

"Quintus, tell me your in town," Milo said telepathically, a gift exclusive to those with the Keijijo esoteric mental chakra training. "Why didn't you tell me you were dating the La Malaguena? You know how long I've been after her. Look we can settle our difference at another time but right now, we need to get your chick out of the hospital. A partner of mine has come up with a way to spread a cure over the entire city in minimal time and I know you with all your resources have one. Meet me at the Union Square if your hearing this."

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"It seems that those PIGS managed to spit out word before they die, now I gots a couple of hundred to kill while she recovers"

Hazard leaped out and tagged the closest officer outside the hospital, blooming the first flower of blood. Arterial spray triggering an aggregate response from the rest of the flock. This body is 'only' peak human yet his head and processing capabilities enable him to effortlessly aimdodge and decide the next course of appropriate action. His gun is still besides the woman, yet her whip is on his waist. Necks began to laugh as throats gape open with the aid of his knife, men and women fell by the digits at the hands of this bestial man .

Killing off what may be the last remainder of the police force, Deflecting shots with his head while he rams through droves of armed personnel. Picking up a nightstick and re-arming his empty hand with a complimentary weapon, getting more dangerous by the moment as the field of corpses began to blossom. Moving snake-like, hook-like by tearing and ripping whatever his hands may reach. Cracked skull left, punctured skull right, broken spine back, disemboweled woman front. All angles and all directions he lashed out, creating a cyclone of carnage.

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@Tranquil: @Rumble Man:

Closing his eyes manifesting a telepathic response, Quintus temporarily took his attention away from the disturbing display of psychotic carnage. From the roof of the Vine Medical Center the Knightfall Ninja had arrived just in time to witness men, woman, officers, and anyone else unfortunate enough to come in contact with the unknown villain. "I'm afraid I wont be able to make it brother. There is a situation developing here outside the VMC. Meet me here." stepping to the edge as the mental projection evaporated. With gymnastic level technique the Martial Arts Polymath rapidly flipped off the roof landing just a few feet behind the trophy decorated antihero. "What ever happens from here on out, you'll not harm another innocent soul." Confidently posturing his body into a defense readied stance.

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Becoming aware of his situation he ditched his Tonfa for a better alternative, a human shield. Now a blood knight armed with his knife and a meat shield will face what might be the greatest challenge yet, he is susceptible to decapitation as his head is the only strong part and the rest is simply peak human. No hostage needed here, just a guilt amplifier which can also serve as a bludgeoning weapon when needed. Noting the variables of the battlefield itself, so far there are no data on this opponent yet the recording session starts now. Keeping in mind that his body is not the one that can cripple kryptonians, and that he is more open to harm. However his opponent does have a good body, this will be a test to see if it fits as a replacement.

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@Rumble Man: Darting across the unforgiving pavement Quintus speed blitzes his unorthodox opponent. Transitioning into baseball slide targeting the madman's ankles only to disappear revealing the entire performance to be but an illusion. From directly overhead he reappears free falling with accelerated speed positioning his left hand back along his waist grabbing the horizontal hilt of his katanna. Lightly freeing just an inch of the metal instrument of death with his thumb as he prepares to attack. And again the cinematic display evaporates into nothingness, simply another mental projection made real for the intended purpose of disorienting his opponent. Before finally the authenticated article drives forward from behind seemingly out of the shadows wielding a concentrated dagger of purified telepathic endowment. In one swift and fluent strike of superhuman aptitude the Knightfall Ninja struck, looking to plunge the purple hued exhibit deep into the base of his adversary's head.

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@Quintus_Knightfall said:

The attack struck Hazard square at where the parietal lobe would be, an affirmative kill-shot. Only if that was a specialized knife, and only if he were using a humanoid head for foundation. Fortunately for him the adversary had struck a surgically clean location, machine like precision that had buried the tip of the ethereal blade deep into the servos. Should have aimed a little lower, his fault is that his attack is too perfect and too clean where the margin of error is non-existent. Hazard retaliates by shifting his head backwards, where the telepathic blade went through to connect the back of his skull which belongs to the original body to the 'fragile' hand of the opponent. A sledgehammer to the hand of an infant would have been kinder. Telepathic energy is also absorbed, yet it is problematic as the circulation must be centralized on the head unit as the body does not act as a good container. Disengaging after his counter offense, the headjack tumbled around the body. Now pointing the shield towards the assassin.

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@Rumble Man:@Ziccarra_Liafador:@Tranquil: An empty void in place of human consciousness, an immediate identifiable marker allowing Quintus to tailor his assault accordingly. Instantaneous reflexes coupled with precognitive combat intuitiveness allow the Perennial Polymath to slip his hand back free of harm. Again the two parties separate while Quintus mentally walked through the confrontation from ending to beginning searching for repetitive patterns or weaknesses unable to fully comprehend the mercurial machinations of the murderous man, machine, mutant? He wasn't sure. But what he was sure of was he had bought enough time for the civilians yet to be harmed outside the hospital a chance to escape. Prompting the Living Weapon to retrain his focus. Firing a gas propelled grappling line into the side of the hospital Quintus was suddenly and gracefully yanked off his feet. Sailing up several stories the Knightfall Crusader crashed through a window landing with his fingers spread along the hallway floor in a semi-crouched position. It wasnt long before he was able to track down the Spanish Savant, Ziccarra, laid up in a hospital bed a result of her injuries. "Milo..." he called out telepathically. "I've found her. Hurry!."

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@Rumble Man: @Quintus_Knightfall: Quintus' chakra was a beacon for Milo, who navigated the rooftops with surreal speed. Civilians were pouring out of the museum by the dozens. Burn marks lay on levels of the facility, signs of fire and explosion. The last sanctuary had fallen. The cure needed to get out soon before recovery became an impossibility. A wide gap separated the Keijijo Bravehart from La Malaguena and the Knightfall Ninja's location. He took off in a sprint, leaped off the edge of the building and sprawled out into a free fall. The Air Yoso Protegee effortlessly carried his body along the currents in the sky, his body soaring through the window. Upon contact with the ground the air apparent rolled onto his feet, turning to his rival. "I sense another, he's close,"

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@Quintus_Knightfall said:

That was a very interesting experience and he is amazed that the opponent did not break his hand after the contact is made. However his own capabilities are significantly hampered as only the head is mechanical. Everywhere else is as fleshy as a glorified meatbag, With that man Hazard can learn. Thus he is 'locked on' with a special marker on Hazard's HUD, marked as 'worthy opponent #1' which will haunt the man in times to come. His movements are good yet they seem awfully rehearsed since the fluidity and delivery seems as if he has been doing the same repetitive movements for different scenarions. As if, he knows what is about to happen. It is a first crack at deduction with his perceptive mind, dead bodies are still everywhere and he can still turn the tide. That superior speed is very troublesome though, then the man zipped through with a line of opportunity. Vanishing from the battlefield and reappearing inside the broken window of the hospital, Hazard keeps in mind in the next confrontation he might have to resort to crippling the man in order to restrict his movement. Because that one cannot simply be underestimated by all means. He dropped the meat-shield with his blade and picked up whatever gear he has, fortunately he was a policeman. The same had been done to all his victims, he had scavenged their goods.

Now he's looking at something which reminds him of spring-heeled-jack, but with a knife in hand and another recording he is confident. Plus he has her whip.

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@Tranquil: @Quintus_Knightfall: @Rumble Man: The commotion around her gradually hit her senses, in just a few moments she was able to make out the setting of the room, but she could tell that the situation had not improved. Her concentration and focus was so clutch in those moments of her injury, she was able to completely ignore the pain to her liver; feigning death with the legendary sleeping Phoenix technique.

The whole time she had been laying on the table, Z could clearly make out Rumble Man’s presence, her acute ears compensated for her lack of sight. She identified the hospital from the smells and sounds of the EKG.

People still loitered the streets attacking each other in fear; fear nullified all the other senses especially rationality. Y intercept understood the human mind so well; she could accurately predict the pros and cons of attacking certain chambers of human paranoia.

Rolling from the bed she was placed in, the Cardinal Queen dropped to a knee, her eye’s struggled to accumulate to the current light settings.

Whomever tended to her wounds did a mediocre job in clotting the area; Z figured this was due to the severity of the situation. “Quintus…” Z whispered affectionately, rising to her serene statured still a bit disoriented. Both Quintus, and what appeared to be an associate of his stood defensively in the room.

“Isabella, I need a record of all of Catalina’s major expenses in the last four months” Z commanded not wasting anytime. The feeling of guilt swept over the Liafador Heiress, as the symbol of power for her nieces, Z never really intervened in their affairs. The admiration Catalina had for Z was never returned; which allowed Y to sink her teeth into her niece.

Upon Milo’s suspicion Rumble Man could be heard storming the halls enraged again. Clasping her Black Rose blade, La Malagan beauty released a relieved smile; before turning towards the hallway. “Hit me with your chi…” Z said, quickly glancing back at either Quintus or Milo.

There was hesitation in the eyes of Quintus; but Milo acted accordingly. The chi (Or Chakra) pushed towards Z, only to be blocked by her knee pads. The strike mechanism within her elbow and knee pads activated.

Now increased by the power of the Keijiko energy, Z moved faster and more focused than previously. Storming Rumble Man for round two, Z attempted the first of her Cardinals skills, striking towards his strategic pressure points within 20 seconds she tried to cause his body to faint after 100 steps. His mechanical head wouldn’t be effected, but with any luck his host body would give out.

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@Ziccarra_Liafador said:@Tranquil: @Quintus_Knightfall:

Again yet another shadow approached him upon contact with another adversary. Sensing a familiar presence like what he had encountered before in the laundromat. More fierce, more dangerous and in that context more fun. Now he changes his footing to create space for both of them, at the very least he has peripheral vision that covers sudden movement.

Taking into consideration that average reaction time of a human is between 0.2 s to 0.25 seconds. which may be affected by other factors such as age, gender, intelligence, fatigue, and distraction. Then something went wrong.

Increased blood pressure and heart rate; Sweating; Numbness which started from his left hand have finally taken hold. Ephemeral flashes of hand movement expanding as a plumage of oblivion. Normally he would be able to tumble away and counter, yet this sudden effect would make it impossible with the current body. The physique which lags behind the perceptive mind, the imperfect defense susceptible to harm.

Yet with his database on combative forms and perceptive mind Haz used a minimum amount of movement applicable in his current position to narrowly shift his bodies. A shiver and a sway to redirect the contact points, some successful while a majority is not. Hopefully it will lessen the potency of her blows.

As she is close the head injected chemicals to force the body to connect with a bear-hug. Tremors around muscular contractions as he pushes the body towards its ruin.

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@Rumble Man: The close proximity left Z wide open for a close range attack, this was the case as the cyborg managed to grab Z from the rear in an almost paralyzing bear hug. She could tell this was a desperation attempt as; his movements weren’t as crisp as they were before. Feeling the pressure on her spine and lower back, her face reached a florid climax. Her plum purple cheeks told the story of possibly fainting again.

A headbutt from this close was futile; his metal exoskeleton would make a usually effective tactic, obsolete. Tapping her side her poisonous claws slipped through the slits of her gauntlets; in desperation Z attempted to jab him with her claws which would draw blood if hit and inject black widow poison into his host bodies blood stream.