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My life was never easy.I was called Teodor Donald King and my life started in the worst way it could have.My motherwas taking drugs,my father alcohol.He was beating me and my mother.She deserved it but I couldn't look at her with the bruises on her face.He went to jail three times because of her but every time they didn't have enough evidence to put him in jail for more than a few weeks.And with every time with him going to jail my mother became more and more a sadder person.I think the main problem for that was because when my brother was little he drowned and died.But when one day he came home drunk and hit mother with a gun and then pointed it at her - something in me snapped and I just blew his mind.

With that I got in hail.I was only 14 years old.I stayed there for ten years.It wasn't fun at all.But with the time I started becoming more and more popular and people were afraid of me.They had to.I had changed.I became a sick guy that was only thinking how to kill the guy that he meets next.It became like an instinct to me.I trained.I became strong,fast and versatile.But when I started becoming one of the most respected people there,I had to go out.

I went back home.Nobody could recognize me.That was better.I was walking around on one of my favorite streets in the town.I was excited as hell.But when I arrived at my favorite shop,the movie one,something blew up.I almost died.What I remember next was the hospital.I woke up.Eveything was fine with me.The doctors hadn't even touched me.I was healed.I ran away.

I went to one of my friends.He called himself CPU.He tried to help me,to find out what was going on.So he shot me in the hand.I healed in seconds.It occured that the explosion gave me powers.There were some weird chemicals that got into my blood.I became a guy with healing factor.But one night CPU was killed and I joined the army because of him.Because he wanted me to become something good,something that people would like.

I signed up for the army.I was 24 years old.They learned me everything they could.I memorized it all.I was one of the best.But when we had to go to war finally,I got orders from one of my teammates and I just shot him in the head.The others tried to stop me from killing another guy.I had to go to jail again.But they couldn't keep me there.I ran away.I was 26 years old and was once a soldier,one of the best.I became a killer.I knew that was my purpose in life.

I became the killer for hire King.My new identity.I forgot about Teodor Donald King and started my new life.The life of the killer that I am.So that is waht you should know about me.Now give me the weapons,so I can kill the president.

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nice start

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@Rumble Man:Thanks!

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Of to a solid start.

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Not bad son, welcome to your first addiction.......Comicvine Rpging ;)

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A genuine new face. Welcome aboard! We're all eager to tear you limb from limb to appease the dark god Zalgo embrace you as part of our tight-knit community!

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@Vrakmul:Thank you for the kind words.

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@TDK_1997 said:

@Vrakmul:Thank you for the kind words.

There is no kindness there is only Zuul You're welcome!

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Awesome dude.

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@kiddevil:I appreciate that!