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Ok, so, as many of you have guessed by now, it's a Harry Potter RPG. You play as your own character in the Magical World of HP. No powers, however. Instead, you use magic in place of your powers. For Example: I would use my wand to cast ice spells, or (if I may, Gambler) bewitch cards to explode on impact. Of course, since you are a normal witch or wizard, you can cast other basic spells, you'd just be specialized in the ones like your powers. You are either a wizard (or witch) in the wizarding world, or a student at Hogwarts.

Now, some people won't like the HP things, but other people do, and it would be interesting to see what you'd do. For instance, Evil guys culd be Death Eaters. Good guys be Auror or Order of the Pheonix. Neutrals, well, use your imagination. And, of course, for people like me, you could actually be werewolf if you had such powers. But, you would be a normal HP werewolf, as in, no transofrming on command and only during the full moon. Of which time, you struggle to regain control. And, if you go t Hogwarts, you choose which house your in, but it would reflect your characteristics. Remember: Gryffindor is for intelligence. Ravenclaw, intelligence. Slytherin, evil. Hufflepuff, all around normal.

The setting is at the 5th book/movie, with the rumors of Lord Arrow(instead of Voldemort) returning. I will be playing the main character(a "Harry" if you will) named Lunick Wolfman. But, we may write our own stories.

Please utilize the OoC: Thread for all OoC: Talk, and for questions about the RPG


Any questions, post in the OoC thread or PM myself, Cryo-Wolf.


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The darkness surrounded the old house , It was an old shack of a building , Most belived it to be hunted and feared to enter the house, The moon was high as the wind slammed into the greens shutter causeing them to slam , One light came from the thrid floor on the south side of the building , A small windy road came from the front door leading to the grounds keepers house.

The small building had no electric and was lit by candle, A small kettle boiled on the stove as it began to whistle and elderly man stood, rubbing his glasses on the sleve of his cardingin , he moved to the steaming kettle and looked out the steamed window, The light caught his eyes, "Damn em young kids".

He picked up his green hunting jacket and cap and headed up the winding road to the house, the wind beat at him almost frocing him to go back but he made it to the door, fiddling with the silver keys to open the great door he entered, Slowly walking down the hall, it had many suits of old armour and pictures on the wall, He began to walk up the stair case when he hread voices.

"You have done well to get in where no other had" The voice was deep and snake like, sending shivers down the old mans back, He moved closer and tryed to peer into the door way a man sat on the masters chair and two men stood around him, One was smaller and was just as snake like as the voice he had hread, the other he could not make out.

"Thankyou my lord , I am more then happy to severe you " Something brushed the man foot , ti took everything he had not to scream as a White albino snake past between his legs, Fressing he could not find his voice to scream, the snake moved to the figure on the chair and hissed "Well it looks as if we have an audiance" No the old man thought how did he speak to the snake it cant be, "Well lets not be rude " One of the other men oepend the door, A flash of green light shot form the dark man as he sat in the chair.

The old man fell as soon as it hit him, Falling down the stairs bones cracking the wicked laugh filled the air as the night faded today.

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Photon walked out of the main Slytherin room, hurrying up to the De fence Against The Dark Arts class. He green robes suit him well, shining under the well lit Hogwarts environments.

"Hey, light boy, you coming to my party tonight?" - Malfoy yelled at him from behind.

"Don't talk to your superiours in such a way. Just because your father is a death eater doesn't mean you are." - Photon yelled back at him, hurrying to catch a staircase going to his class. A few of the portraits nodded at him, a pretty young lady giggled as she bowed while he ran by. Photon winked back at her, while jumping over to the next staircase before it moved again. The entire Hogwarts school had 142 moving staircases and Photon smiled, after witnessing a bunch of first years standing on the staircase completely confused and unaware of where to go.

He walked inside the classroom and sat down beside a girl, whose wand seemed to be crackling small sparks for a strange reason.

"Here, tie it up with this" - he smiled at her, while handing over a piece of ducktape he bought at Hogsmeade before coming to school. Some people wondered how did such a nice kid end up in Slytherin, and he could only keep them wondering.


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Lunick Wolfman's eyes shot open. He was in a cold sweat, breathing heabily in his bed. He looked up at his scar, a small crescent moon shape on his forehead. It burned. He sat up in his bed, thinking about his dream. He knew who his dream as about. He ust tryed not to think about him, as it had haunted him so. He took a shower and got dressed. Running down the stairs, he was stopped right before he could get out the door by his uncle.

"And where do you think you're going, boy?" Lunick grimaced and turned around. "Out. Is that okay with you?"

"Don't get smart on me, boy. I'm warning you." He held up the spatula he was using and shook it in his hand. Lunick rolled his eyes and slammed the door behind him.

Lunick sat on a swingset. There was nothing to do without Magic. Nothing was fun. Lunick was 14, going on 15, and he attended Hogwarts: School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Underaged Witches and Wizards couldn't use Magic outside of School.

A woman called her two kids from the slide and told them it was time to leave. Then he came. Lunick's parents were killed when he was a baby, and he was sent ot live with his aunt, uncle, and cousin. The overweight teenager walked up to him with his gang now was the latter of the three, his cousin, Sean. His gang called him "S-Dawg." It was another corny wannabe rapper nickname.

"Hello S-Dawg. Beat up another 11-year-old?" Lunick said sarcastically.

"Yeah," Sean replied,"But this time he deserved it." The rest of his gang laughed.

"Where's your mom, Wolfman? Is she dead?" Now Sean had crossed the line.

"Is she dead?"

"That's it!" Lunick yelled, jumping up from the swings and running to Sean, putting his wand by his throat. The rest of Sean's gang laughed.

Suddenly, the sky grew darker. The wind picked up. Lunick looked up at the sky. The clouds were blocking out the sun, and some raindrops fell.

"What are you doing!?" Sean yelled.

"I'm not doing anything!"

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"Professer Aberdon A. Chessly" pronounes Chessly loud and clear, "and,as im sure youv figured out i am your new potions teacher." He smiled warmly.

he was a middle aged man in his late 40s. Fat and squat with balding sandy brown hair which stood from his head like there was a constant electric current flowing through his head.

"now today we will be making a.... mm, yes today we will be... where the devil is that book" The confounded profeser was rummageing through his drawers and paper work on his desk.

"agh yes i know what it is now" he stood infornt of his class book in hand, all of who where exchanging glances of misbeleif between sly sniggers at the Professers antics.

"Yes, now please open your books onto...um page one yes that will do. Today we wil be making a truth potion, now if youll please fecth your ingredeints from the shelfs, which i trust you knw where they are" Chessly chuckled at his own silly remark as a passing Ravenclaw girl rolled her eyes.

The lesson had gone swimmingly weel, thougth Chessly no major hiccups apart from a somewhat dimwitted Slytheryn nearlt blowing his arm off, but the fire was easily controled. One student in praticular had been very promising, with one touch of his potion he admitted that yes he did sleep with a teady bear.

Chessly began to reorganise his desk as the students filed out of the classroom, he was going to like it here in Hogwarts.

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Lunick and Sean rand down a dirt road, away from the strange weatherm but it seemed to follow them. They ducked into a tunnel and caught their breath. They both looked down the other end of the tunnel. The storm seemed to have caught up with them. Then it got colder. Lunick could see frost accumulating on the lights scattered through the tunnel. He saw his breath in front of him. He could only think of one thing that culd do this, and it made him grip his wand tightly.

He spun around and from the shadows came a Dementor, a cloaked creature, hovering in the air, its wretched hands curling around Lunick's throat. It made him drop his wand and pushed him up against the wall of the tunnel. TheDementor leaned in close to Lunick's face, beginning to siphon the life from him. The Kiss of Death. Dementors were usually guarding Azkaban, the high security prison for Criminals. Why one was here, Lunick did not know. He looked over to Sean. In the midst of the confusion, another Dementor had tackled Sean to the ground and was siphoning the life from him as well.

Lunick search for his wand. Then he found it, on he floor to his left. If only he could reach it. He strained and strained, until finally he grabbed it. He held it in front of him and yelled,"EXPECTO PATRONUM!" A blinding white ligh flashed away from Lunick's wand, knocking the Dementor away and causing it to flee.

Now that Lunick saw his Patronus, he could see it in its Corporeal form. An Orca. Scott's father was an animagus, he coul turn into any animal he chose, he chose an Orca. Lunick lifted his wand and sent the Patronus flying at th second Dementor, leaving Sean lying their, unconscious.

That was almost a month ago. Lunick walked through the halls of Hogwarts, on his way to Defense against the Dark Arts class. He was in Ravenclaw, a house revered for their intelligence, and today Ravenclaw was scheduled to have Defense against the Dark Arts with Slytherin. Yay.

He entered the classroom, and many kids stared at him. He had become socially distant lately, after spreading the word of The Dark Lord's return. People thought he was crazy, but he could feel it. He sat down at his seat, unkowingly sitting on a hoopie cushion placed by a student from Slytherin. Lunick threw it to the round and said,"Ha Ha."

Lunick got his books out and readied for class.

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"Today we are learning the advanced form of the Protego charm. Turn to page 234 in your books for a demonstration of how to produce such a charm. Read on and when you are ready to try it, raise your hand." - the teacher spoke, while digging for something under his desk. Photon had already made further progress than the spell they were going to learn today, so he just raised his wand immediately.

"Yes, Mr. Photon. You already know the spell?" - the teacher asked him. Everyone turned to look at the brave fool.

"Yes. I am ready to demonstrate." - Photon replied, while pulling out the long wand out of the coat pocket.

"Well... Let's see now, how about someone from the Ravenclaw..."


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Lunick had been skimming the pages of the book. He thought he had a pretty fair understanding of the spell. He noticed a Photon from Slytherin raised his hand almost immedately. Well, He'd give a whack at it too.

Lunick raised his hand and was called on by the teacher. He got up and gripped his wand tightly.

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Johnny hated school; the others his age bullied him, the teachers ignored him, and the younger students were afraid of him. His only friends were several pet snakes. He had never told anyone that he spoke the Speech: it was his only advantage. One snake always spoke to him suggesting murder. It told him to kill them all, to take back what was his. The others suggested other things, all equally strange and usually just as cruel.

And why shouldn't an unhappy young Slytherin turn to the Dark? It was what he was best at, and his insanity was growing . . .
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Professer Marxism walked down the great stone halls , the light burst threw the windows as he walked, One of the most revered wizard of his time , He had just be appointed Professer of defence against the dark arts, It was at the headmaster request that he drop his auora duties and attend the school.

With Lord Arrow on the lose it was more dangerous then ever for the children of Hogwarts not to have protection, Mind you he always laughed when he walked down the great halls, If you broke into Hogwarts , you would be a damn fool, this place had more protection spells on it then moodys drinking bottle, He gave a small laugh to himself as he entered the class room.

His students where in charms class just now , but they would finish soon and then they would meet him some would know him for his work at the ministrey and others would not, But most of all he could not wait to teach the young wizards, for after all they where the future.

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Photon walked up, smiling at Lunick. He seemed to be nice, but in truth, he didn't really like any of the students here. As he walked up, he grimaced to Lunick while the teacher wasn't looking.

"Okay. Lunick, I want you to can't a simple offensive spell. Photon, since you say you know the charm well, defend yourself. Got it boys?" - the teacher was smiling widely.


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Professor Nathan Mendenhall and recently graduated from Hogwarts just a couple years ago, and was already asked to come back to teach. He would be the youngest teacher at the entire school. What would he be teaching? Transfiguration, which was one of his favorite subjects while at Hogwarts. When he first attended the schoole had been part of Gryffindor and always kept fond memories of it.

Professor Mendenhall walks walking up the staircase of Hogwarts on the first day of classes at Hogwarts. He could see the many 1st years gasping in shock as the staircase change which way it went. He giggled at this remembering his first time it happened. The then continued on his way up to his class room. He opened the door and found all of his stuff he had laid out the night before for his first day of teaching.

Suddenly the door bursted open with student pouring in for their first class of the year. They all had different expressions. Some were excited possible at the fact of learning these things others maybe just for being at Hogwarts. Some had a look of terror, like he might turn them into a rat or something if they mess up. And some just looked like they could careless about this class. Those were the ones that were going to give him the most trouble, he thought.

He walked out from behind his desk and said "Welcome class to your first class at Hogwarts this year and your first class of Transfiguration. I am Professor Mendenhall, any question before we get started?"

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Lunick nodded at the teacher. "Yes, Professor." Lunick saw the griace given by Photon and glared back at him. He didn't really like most kids from Slytherin.

Lunick gripped his wand and pointed it at Photon. There was one spell he knew well. "Aguamenti!" A pressurized jet of water shot from the tip of Lunick's wand at Photon.

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Photon saw the spell coming. I was an unusual choice, a water jet? Photon was expecting a disarming charm or something of that sort.

"Protego!" - Photon didn't even say the spell, he thought it in his mind. Spending all the time after his 17th birthday to master this, he as quite adept at it. The shield drew almost as wide as the room, pushing the teacher's desk and the nearby students away, the shield was a bright bubble that was made up of shining little octagons. The water spell didn't even touch the kid.

"Very well done Photon... You didn't have to put so much into it, but ten points for Slytherin nonetheless, well done!" - the teacher stood up off the floor after being knocked down.

"Okay Lunick, your turn. Get ready to defend."


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Lunick was a little disappointed that his spell didn't work. He had spent much time practicing it. But, then again, he was going against a seventh year.

Lunick got into the defending position and went over the pronunciation of the spell and the wand movements in his mind, ready to use the spell.

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Nny grinned a nasty grin at the other students' duels. They all looked so eager . . .

Nny was anything but eager. He knew what real spellfights were like-and fights with weapons, too. No one ever noticed him, so he could do pretty much anything he wanted to. He didn't know why he could go unseen, but he could: despite breaking rules-and even laws-he was never punished. He was a seventh year, but had already done enough to be sent to Azkaban 10 times over. He knew what fighting for his life was like, and he didn't find it fun-not at all!

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"that misierable snot. how come he's famous for no reason. well never the less i'll have hime dead for Lord Arrow. he will rue the day he opposed the dark lord and his devoted servant tomas dark."

being seventeen years of age he new how to aperate. he left the castle grounds since3 they had a spell forbiding that. he then aperated to the dark lords preacence

"Lord Arrow. it is time we kill lunick Wolfman. there is a quiditch game coming up so i'll lure him away from the castle. then we strike."

he wiated for an aproval of his plan

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His dark eyes ran over Thomas black, His father was a devoted servant and young Tomas Dark had been no diffrent, Peter Marxism had taken the young boys fatehr to Azkaban, He took the young bot into the death eater family, Twisting and turning the young boys mind.

"He must die by my hand Black and my hand alone" the dark lords eyes where full of rage at the metion of the young boys fame, The yellow snake wrapped round his legs, Liffting his hand he waved to black "But you may break some bones" , A dark smile came on his face.

"But A plan is in motion to lead him out of the castle, Then it will be time for my arrival".

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"excellent my lord. this is why you shall rule and i be a loyal subject. i figure that i keep the fool occupieed untill futher orders. i shall aquire some non-deatheater help. crab and goyal are two blitering buffons. and if making gryfindor lse the house cup then it shall be a bounus for me having slytherin achieve greatness."

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"You ready kid? I hope you protect yourself kid, or it's hospital wing for you." - he smiled, his tone friendly. Photon pointed his wand at Lunick, he didn't have to say the spells, Lunick had no idea what would come out of the wand.

"Sectusempra." - Photon calmly thought, while waving his wand in a slashing motion. If Lunick did not defend, his face would have been caught in half.


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Verona Darkmage sat interested watching the wand fight between Photon and Lunick. Verona was in Ravenclaw, Like Lunick, and a fourth year, Like Lunick. They were good friends and always hung out whenever possible. Verona's last name was something she always tried to live down. Her parents were Deatheaters, but she didn't believe in their ways.

They were locked up in Azkaban for the Cruciatus curse. She despised them for it. The sorting hat saw how different she was from her parents and placed her in Ravenclaw.

Defend Lunick! She thought.

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Lunick saw the sell coming. He waved his wan and said,"Protego!" A magical shield came up between himself and the spell, the spell battling the shield to get past.

The spell soon dissipated and Lunick gave ut a sigh of relief.

"Very good, Mr. Wolfman! Alright, both of you back to your seats." Lunick went back to his seat, noticing Verona. She must've come in late. He sat down next to her and said,"How did I do?"

"And that ends our class today, Class dismissed!" The teacher said. Lunick packed his things and waited for Verona.

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His breif case began to shake, He looked at his watch "Ah good they will be here soon" The professor was just as excited as his pupils and a bit nervious , He had faced death eaters and werewolves and vampires with out a blink, he had even tangled with the dark lord with other Aroura but scholl children they wher a hole diffrent type of magic.

He laughed as he thought what do I have to worry about, well the fact you may have put half of their days in azkaban, may pop up he thought.

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"You did great, Lunick." Verona packed up herthings and walked with Lunick out of the classroom. She noticed different people scowling at her and Lunick as they walked down the halls. She leaned in close to him and said,"Don't worry, I believe you, about," She gulped, anf for the first time she said his name out loud,"Lord Arrow."

She and Lunick headed for the new Professor Marxism's class.

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"Well, thanks. I'm glad at least someone beleives me." He and Verona entered Professor Marxism's class and sat down in a front air of chairs at one desk.

"Good Morning Professor."

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Wow he looked just like his farther, He wanted to say something but it was best not to then he caught her eye, Oh he had put Veronas parents in Azkaban, He nodded at the two of them and waited for the rest to enter, when they all took his seats he smiled, "Okay class my name is Professer Marxism, Now would you all put your text books away and follow me to the great hall".

Nano walked between everyone and started marching to the great hall, his class close behind them he could hear them muttering behind him "wahts he doing, " , "he's an Aruroa, Put his dad in azkaban he did" Peter kept on walking to the great doors.

With a flick of his wand the opened the great hall was empty of the house tables the roof above them looked like a normal blue sky, "Now who wants to take a guess what we are doing here,"

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Verona knew of Professor Marxism. He put her parents in Azkaban. She wasn't angry at him, not in the least. In fact, she admired him, looked up to him. She had seen the horrors her parents had comitted, and was grateful someone had done it.

She followed him to the Great Hall. Once inside, she leaned to Lunick and said,"Do you have any idea?"

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Lunick leaned over to Ghoul,"No clue."

"What are we going to do, Professor?"

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"today we will duel,! He pulled his wand it was made out of dragon bone with unicorn hair and was 11 inces long," I would like you to each pick a partner, But I dont want you to say the spell, I want you to first think about then feal what you want it to do, Imagine what it will do, Really feel it"

This was a hard task but he wanted to see if they could do it as a display he span , his form was perfect a simple flick of his wand, and a flower spurt from the air, his lips had not even moved, It slowly floated over to Verona and he nodded, "now begin".

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Without even thinking, Verona's hand shot into Lunick's. Then she realized and pulled her hand from his. They had always been partners, so the two of them faced each other, and bowed.

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Lunick thought of something. There was one spell he knew well, and he had just learned of a new one that could help.

He went over the wand motions in his mind, this spell was new to him. In his mind he thought,Avis!

Then, in his mind, he thought of the spell he knew perfectly,Oppugno! The flock of birds gathered together and flew towards Verona to attack.

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"Perfect , Lunick 10 points to grifondor" Lunick had been the first to cast a spell with out words, He flicked his wand and the birds where gone," shall we, try somehing harder"

He looked at the class, waiting for a response.

He smiled at Lunick so much like him he could not belive it, so much, anyway "So what do you say".

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Verona clapped her hands for Lunick. Now she wondered what was the next thing they would learn. "What is it, Professor?"

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"protection spells, I want to see if you can use the same, idea with protection spells, it can mean the diffrance between life and death, I will fire a weak curse at the who ever comes forward and they must block it."

He waited for some ones hand to pop up, Who would be the first to step up , "Now dont be shy , I will go easy on you".

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Verona looked around and saw that no one was raising their hand. She shrugged and raised her hand.

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Tomas went into the defence against the dark arts class.

"why are you late, yelled the professer, i will deduct five points from syletherin"

"i'm sorry head master i was running a eran for professor snape."

the proffesor was also in line with lord arrow. since tomas had an aliance with him he protects him from losing house points or anything else that he may need in order to overcome the the lords nemasis.

"i'll be ready to show the new spells i have learned proffeser."

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Nny was also late, but since no one ever noticed him he wasn't reprimanded or even looked at.

Which was especially odd because he was holding a bloody short sword that flickered with dark energy. Or course, the only reason he could carry it was because he was unnoticed by anyone at all 'in power', but it was weird. It bugged him, too.

What the teacher would've heard him say if class hadn't already started (and he was able to listen to Nny at all):

"On a crowded street, I could drain a man of all his blood and not get caught! People would scream and run and call the police, and yet I would somehow walk away unscathed. I could do that!! . . . oh, wait . . . I did do that!!!"

Nny sits in front, but is never called on. Strange, huh?