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"It is hopeless for the occasional visitor to try to keep up with Chicago. She outgrows his prophecies faster than he can make them." - Mark Twain, 1883

Chicago... It’s your kind of town. It’s the Windy City that’s packed with tourist attractions and underground dangers. It’s the kind of town that can save your life or take it with a wink and a wiggle of a hip. Its history told stories of good guys and bad, people came to this town to see where famous people were shot and speakeasys once housed. It's history dark and haunted, the blood of the soulless seeped into the towns streets and mixed in next to the hot dog vendors that peddled the best. It was a city of chaos and order; it both contradicted and complimented itself. The girls ran hot and cold and the men liked to turn the taps.

There are a million things to see and do in Chicago. Tourist attractions, sporting facilities….. and much more.


The city had a mob force stronger than any other city in the America. Its current round up is led by a force of nature called Roberto Moran. The man with a thousand bodies in his wake, and a smile that could make a panther, roll over and purr. His personal business touches many areas of the city and his hand stretches into every department of justice. He's left alone because he brings order to the city, controlling the underground world with an iron fist, he keeps squabbles within his reach and never allows innocents to be caught up in his business dealings.

Key Areas of interest:

The Coalition

A collection of the world' up-and coming metas, have based themselves in the Windy City of Chicago. Forged together by the threat of Meta-Human oppression, the coalition drives to put an end to Oppression and to usher in an age of Meta-Human Peace.

Red Curtain: A Gentleman’s club

Whatever your desires, whatever your tastes. The Red Curtain can cater for you. A club designed to arouse the senses and wrap any visitor in a warm glow of comfort and relaxation, while they indulge in the beauties that surround them.Every woman is pristine, perfect and passionate. Supermodels envy the women that work at the Red Curtain.

Only men of the highest wealth and calibre are welcomed into this club. Every night is a different theme, every desire welcomed. It is more than just an expensive brothel, there are several areas for fine dining and drinking and even a world renowned library.

There is a darker side to the Red Curtain, a side that only those in the highest orders of society are aware of, darkened corners of the mind cannot fathom the deeds that occur in the deep underground of the Red Curtain.


Undertown is a vast network of abandoned tunnels and sunken streets underneath the city of Chicago. Its entrances are fiercely protected by beings no human would wish to meet in a dark alley. It houses entrances to realms of darkness/light and power. The further you get into Undertown, the scarier the beings become. Orcs, Elves, fairies, goblins and other creatures of the world that shimmer, reside below, along with the vampires, werewolves and any other creature based in Chicago. Its entrance is deep within the tunnels at Union Station.

No one enters Undertown unless they have a death wish, or an invite.

Boomtown Books and Bar

Attached to Union Station Boomtown books is run by Jed, a wizard and ex member of the US Marines. It carries everything from your vampire romance to the Egyptian book of the Dead. All are welcome and all are asked to treat the place with the respect it requires. Meaning, don’t pick fights and keep your vengeance outside.

Underneath the small bookstore is a converted speakeasy. Dark and seedy with just a touch of light from flames dancing in the candles that cover the walls, it’s cold stone warmed by the massive fireplace. It was somewhere you could go for a drink and keep your face hidden. He serves up beer and something stronger if you need it, he does not cater for tastes of the delicate kind, you get what you’re given and nothing else.


  • This is a Location Thread for the CVnU and is open to all characters for interactions and small scale rpgs.
  • Minor destruction of buildings and property is allowed, HOWEVER destruction of major buildings/historical landmarks/points of interests etc... must first be authorized.
  • If you wish to ne recognised in the OP please let me know.
  • Please try to keep all interactions in character, for all out of character interactions please place all Ooc conversations in brackets
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Love it!

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Whoop! Chicago! :D

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@Mr_LeBeau: That new look is rather fabulous... shame Gambler isn't around, he'd have loved the Red Curtain ;)

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Well hell!

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Very nice

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@Clara Mass: @Feral Nova: @Fottiti: @Jaak: @Kratesis: Thanks :D hopefully people will use it! lol

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@Surreal SaDiablo: You are welcome!

I've got plans already hehe, it will not go unused.

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@Surreal SaDiablo: I already had an idea the moment I clicked xD

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@Eagle_of_the_East: @Clara Mass: Exxxccceeellleeennntttttt

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@Surreal SaDiablo

I plan on it. Somehow. 

Maybe an undercover cop angle. Or I'll wait and see what Clar is doing and piggy back off of that.

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@Surreal SaDiablo said:

That new look is rather fabulous... shame Gambler isn't around, he'd have loved the Red Curtain ;)

I see that. May have to make a Male Whore just to indulge my former appetite :)

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Beautiful work girl :)

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*<Translated From Keresh>*

From the night sky comes a streak of fire, headed straight for a heavily forested area outside the great city, to the untrained eye it was no more than a meteor, perhaps a piece of space debris burning up in orbit. This was no meteor however, it was a ship, a light freighter of alien design and it's pilot and sole occupant was fighting to keep it in one piece.

"<Come on old girl keep it together...>"

He pleaded as if it would obey, but he knew the ship was doomed. His only hope was a controlled crash. Looking out the cracked view port he could see the ground quickly coming into view.

"<Frak me...>"

Pulling up on the controls just as the craft slammed into the ground, skipping like a pebble over water for several hundred yards, taking out trees and anything else unlucky enough to cross it's path.

The sudden impact caused his head to slam forward against the console, knocking him unconscious, the harness he wore was the only thing that kept him from flying through the plexi-glass view port. The ship sat against the side of a small cliff in the woods, the cockpit sitting idly while the cargo hold farther back, a trail of fire and debris connecting the two. Emergency Evacuation alarms sounding throughout what was left of the ship.

In his near comatose state... the Runner could have sworn he heard sirens...

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Its interesting that the CVnU is more open to night walkers than mutants

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Love it

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It's nice to change things up a bit

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@Ravek: "This is Director Lees...Call off local police enforcement by order of the united nations...". This order was buzzed over the police channel throughout all of Chicago. Due to the possible alien nature of the incident, they decided to send in an agent...

Vermilion leaped from branch to branch, fully geared up in his orange and black attire as he traveled through the forest with relative ease. A front flip ended his journey as he landed with perfect balance right in front of what was left of what seemed to be a space shuttle. Drawing an arrow he pulled it back and carefully walked a bit closer.

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@_Creed_: The lone occupant, his head covered by a battle helmet with a jet black 'T' shaped visor covering his face, sat still strapped into the pilot's chair. Whether he was unconscious or dead was hard to determine. His body was covered head to toe in some sort of armor, dented and scratched from brutal combat. A nearby rack built into the wall contained half a dozen weapons of various makes, all of them alien.

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@Ravek: "Awwwwww sh!t..." He muttered silently as he saw the weapons, arrow still ready to pluck, he inched a bit closer and gently nudged the supposed alien with his foot.

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@_Creed_: He didn't budge. Upon closer inspection a wound was visible in the pilot's abdominal region, Dark red blood slowly leaking through a small hole in the armor. Control panels on the verge of losing power flickered with alien numbers and lettering. The section where the automated distress beacon was located had been removed, or rather shot. Seemingly from within the ship itself.

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@Ravek: Vermilion's agent instinct kicked in, making him grab the weapons from the rack and tossing them over his shoulder and into the winter snow just to be safe. Turning away from the alien, he spoke into his wrist comm. "Agent Vermilion archer here, I have a wounded extraterrestrial that needs an evac right away..".

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@_Creed_: He heard voices... no a voice... someone speaking in a language he couldn't understand. Slowly and quietly he unfastened the restraining harness and climbed from his seat. The individual before him was clad in orange and black, wielding a rather primitive, what caught his attention was that he appeared to be calling for reinforcements, possibly some sort of scout. Silently he pulled the knife from the vertical sheath on his shoulder plate, moving silently towards him, he had to dispose of him and get as far away as possible before reinforcements arrived.

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@Ravek: "Morning sunshine.." He said quickly while turning around with blinding speed, arrow pulled back and ready to go. Four feet was between them as the archer had him in his sight. "Look I know this thing I have looks pretty dumb to you im guessing...But I promise you im very...VERY good with it! So how about we drop the knife and raise your hands in the air ok?".

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@_Creed_: He winced behind his visor, the slug he'd taken was still in him, having been unable to pierce the armor protecting his back. His body shook from the blood loss, the knife slipping from his grasp and falling to the floor. He could feel himself going into shock, seconds later he collapsed, falling into the now, the helmet concealing his face coming off and sliding across the snow. Revealing a vaguely human face.

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@Ravek: "Oh! Uh...Collapsing in pain works too.." Vermilion knelt down after putting the arrow back in his quiver and setting his bow down. "Hey hey! Stay with me..".

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@_Creed_: He lay there in the snow among the still burning wreckage of his ship. Attempting to pick himself up with one arm while still clutching the wound, failing and collapsing back into the snow.

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@Ravek: "Buddy, what is your name? What are you?" He asked while lightly smacking his face to keep him awake.

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@_Creed_: He groans in pain, but doesn't respond. Unable to understand what he's being asked.

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Thirty minutes later, ascending up above the city of Chicago.

In a hover jet, Vermilion rolled his neck to get a crack out of it as he sat beside the alien that was now secured to a rolling bed. "Agent, care to explain what that is?" Asked the pilot while flying through the snow. "Honestly? I have no idea..". The pilot chuckled while looking at his readings. "E.T.A to the helicarrier is about ten minutes sir".

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@_Creed_: He could faintly here the sound of engines, assuming he'd been captured he kept his eyes closed to maintain the appearance of being unconscious.

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Twenty minutes later, now aboard the U.N.M.A helicarrier above Chicago.

Vermilion stood looking through the one way mirror, the doctors about to examine the alien body. Director Lees himself walked into the room and stood beside the agent. "Agent Breda.." He said in his professional tone. Nathan simply nodded as he removed his orange shades and sighed. "So..Aliens..." He said with a bit of surprise in his voice, this was his first op that involved such. "Don't be so surprised agent, aliens weren't along much longer after metahumans became public..".

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@_Creed_: His armor had been removed from the waist up, along with his equipment belt. The surgeon had injected him with some sort of sedative, but his physiology was negating most of it's effect.

"He's similar to us, but scan indicate his organs are positioned differently, and he's different on an molecular level as well. If our primary tests are correct, he's well over two hundred, maybe even three hundred years old."

The lead doctor said, speaking through an intercom. "We'll being the operation shortly."

Roughly thirty minutes later the surgeon held up the mangled slug that had wedged itself in the aliens abdomen.

"There we are. Now we just have to... close..."

Realizing that with the slug removed the wound was beginning to close itself.


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@Impero said:

Beautiful work girl :)


@Mr_LeBeau said:

@Surreal SaDiablo said:

That new look is rather fabulous... shame Gambler isn't around, he'd have loved the Red Curtain ;)

I see that. May have to make a Male Whore just to indulge my former appetite :)

I am sure Surreal would find a place for him ;)

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@RumbleMan_Exe said:

Its interesting that the CVnU is more open to night walkers than mutants

I've only done that in Chicago, it seemed NYC was heavy on the mutant front, so wanted to make a place for us "fantasy" fans.

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 Will have a reply when I get up :) wanted sooner but RL wont permit it. Just a heads up that il eventually join lol
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The Queen of Killers strides down the long dark streets. The windy city whips and cracks her cloak, casting shadows that twist in mad abandon against the wall.

Her hands are clasped behind her back. A thousand thoughts stream through a mind of quantum perfection.

This city would prove.. useful to the mutant messiah. More so then any could yet dream.

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A man poured over his computer, Kyle West, another in a long line of unwashed conspiracy buffs whose weight could be unfavorably compared to a hippopotamus. He had obsessed with theories of steampunk knights from space and doomsday cults with a fetish for the colours red and black. But currently, he and his thinner than a rail line friend were pouring over details, noticing discrepencies in some local figure's behavior, and how a certain kid with the exact same appearance kept on popping up in newspaper backgrounds all over the world. "I'm telling rodriguez, this kid is everywhere...at the same time" Kyle said as he stuffed some doritos into his mouth.

"Maybe he just has a lot of lookalikes?" His hispanic friend responded. "No wait that's dumb, this kid showed up in Japan one day, right in the background of a photo of the tsunami, then next day, bam in Serbia while there's some ethnic cleansing." The skinny one responded as he adjusted his glasses., bringing out some newspaper clippings. "I heard some people call him the lone wanderer, no parents, no records, just one day a kid with his face goes missing, and then bam, this guy." Kyle responded as rodriguez nodded. "Alex Howard, mutant, dad claims he's half alien." Rodriguez pointed out as he brought out some files on their laptop before an unusual clicking noise went through the air, then Kyle's bed morphed into the child they were discussing. "I'm not fond of sleuths." he responded before his hand flowed into a blade and sliced off rodriguez' head.

As blood fonted out, Kyle tried to scream, but Alex was on him and moments, and with a single uppercut, Kyle's head and spine came out in a mass of blood. His bedraggled mother came in to bring in some washed clothes just as alex vanished, and she screamed as she walked in, but the wanderer was long gone, smirking as the screams left the house. The suburbs of chicago had just been struck.

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@The Lone Wanderer: Keen ears detecting the sounds of violence and the screams of survivors. Altering her direction somewhat Kratesis soon finds herself at the entrance to the house.

The scent of blood fills her nose, and for a moment she struggles with the impulse to explode into a frenzy of mindless slaughter herself. But she does not. Instead she peers about for what she might discover.

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A kid who wasn't there just moments ago walked on by, putting up his hood as a more masculine wail of shock and sorrow filled the air, the father had just found out the bloody mess in the bedroom, the mother, maddened with grief, held the ripped off head and spine of her son, vainly hoping that he wasn't dead even as the father punched in 911, frantically calling the police.

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@The Lone Wanderer: Hands folded behind her back she falls in behind the child, following him to see where he goes.

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A spider dropped down from a web above as he entered an alleyway, whom the boy caught with a hand as he absorbed it into his body to receive the information it had, as he deactivated it's wireless function for purposes of stealth. If he was aware that he was being followed, he gave no sign.

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@The Lone Wanderer: Her eyes peer through the intervening wall, observing the absorption. She takes a moment to examine the child on a microscopic level.

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Billions of cells seemed to form the body just as any other being, along with cloth fibers, but for brief moments, the cells and cloth would have minute glitches so to speak, and the cells were much more densely packed than they would be in humans.

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@The Lone Wanderer: Recording this data for later study before continuing to follow the child.

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"It's impolite to snoop you know." The kid said without turning to face her, hands in pockets.